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Sunday, May 19, 1996

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Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Jene (Rudy), Guin (Sophia), and two new individuals, Becky (Kyle), and Gail (William).

Elias arrives, slowly, at 7:45 PM.

ELIAS: Good evening! (Smiling) Welcome to new essences!

In continuation of our subject matter, I offer you information of your mass events, for this allows you the opportunity to be evaluating accomplishments that you have already engaged. In this, you may view these, and you may more efficiently accomplish your approaching shift.

All of your expressions of mass events are successful. None are a failure; although you may perceive some of these mass events to be a non-accomplishment, within expression of a manifestation; for you do not understand what you have created. Many times, you engage in the action of a mass event, and you attempt to be “squeezing” elements into a single expression of an event which you view to be the entirety of your Source Event. This has occurred throughout your history. This evening, we will focus upon one of these types of mass events.

Before exploring this particular mass event, I will be reminding you also to be engaging, within your consciousness, a widening of existing belief systems, understanding the realities that I have set forth to you previously, which you at this moment continue with as only ideas. The belief systems that will be addressed and engaged, within this subject this evening, involve your ideas of right and wrong, good ... and also evil.

We shall focus upon an expression, within a mass event of your physical history, which was an attempt at manifesting the entirety of a Source Event. I have expressed previously, this is a physical impossibility. The Source Event far extends beyond any one expression within any one mass event. Therefore, obviously you create many mass events as expressions of one Source Event.

Within your history collectively, you chose to be creating an expression which manifest as what you now view to be your Second World War. Your collective and individual views on this time period are in agreement, that this was a negative expression. Atrocities were committed. Individuals were seen as being evil. The times were seen as being “bad.”

Be remembering: Engage widening your belief systems; for there is no right and wrong, and there is no good or evil. You may view, within your perception, that one element may be righteous, and another may be base. In actuality, they are all expressions of experiences.

Within the manifestation of the mass event of which we now speak, the desire to be creating an expression of such magnitude was too great for you to efficiently create within a balance and harmony of physical focus. Therefore, you polarized. You created one side, the scientific, intellectual side; and the opposing side, the religious, emotional side. In this, you each, within consciousness, aligned yourselves either emotionally or intellectually. You aligned with the new scientific age, or the traditional religious beliefs. You may view the opposing elements of the forces of Hitler as the scientific intellect. You may view the forces of the Jewish community to be the religious, emotional element. Each side, so to speak, polarized; aligning individuals, who then also aligned collectively together to be expressing both elements equally; therefore allowing the totality of an expression, but not synchronized and within balance.

You view elements to be “right” or “not right.” If you are manifest as one of the individuals aligning with the scientific intellect, what is your right? (Pause) It is not the same as the right of the religious emotional expression! (Grinning) But, if you are viewing within the idea of right and wrong, both are right. Both are correct expressions.

I have expressed to you previously, hurtfulness to another essence is never acceptable; but I have also expressed that it may be beneficial. Within physical focus, you do not always follow essence, for you separate. Therefore, you do follow beneficial.

We have used examples previously, of how you affect your weather patterns through your emotional state. You also affect your natural conditions, within your planet, through your thoughts and emotions. You affect mass events in this same manner. In this struggle of polarization and lack of balance, each element strove to be dominant; for within consciousness, you are realizing that your objective is a single direction within agreement. Therefore, one side must “seem” to be stronger. In actuality, each side plays a role; to be acting out and manifesting an expression, creating a mass event, imaginatively creating a Source Event expression. The individuals aligning with the religious emotional element chose this role.

Many individuals suffered during this time period; and within this expression, many individuals, not of the Hebrew persuasion, were affected and afflicted; but one group chose to be allowing themselves to be the focal point.

Your entire globe was affected by this one mass event. Not only were the Jewish individuals persecuted. Many, many other individuals, not of this religious persuasion, were also devastatingly affected, in your perception; but when you look to your history of this time period, you automatically focus upon this war as an expression of a conflict between the Germans and the Jews, for these particular groups of individuals chose to be the flagstaffs.

From the beginning of your known history, the individual group of Hebrew persuasion has set themselves apart, as what they term to be “chosen”; a “specialized” individual. In this, they are also initiating, aligned with our orange. (Grinning at Ron) They are initiating of many mass events; of concepts; of ideas. They are not always at the forefront of the social scenes, so to speak. They are not the builders of great cities. They are not the kings and queens. They are not the conquerors; but they are initiators. They do allow for your information of concepts. The individuals aligned with the Germans, for centuries have been known as the conquerors, the aggressors, the strong; the Zuli. (Pause)

I will express to you that within the concept, in a very simplified, limited, underline, term, you may look to your philosopher of Nietzsche, and you may more understand the Source Event of this expression, and mass event of this war. In this, you may also be more understanding of your own creations and manifestations, and how you physically manifest a Source Event.

As you move into your shift, recalling, within your memory, your historical examples of mass event manifestations offers you information, to be more efficiently and more effortlessly affecting the onset of your shift. As you widen in awareness, you begin to understand that it is unnecessary for you to create immense conflict to manifest a mass event. As you widen within consciousness, and begin to be trusting and accepting of your own consciousness and affectingness and power, you will realize that through consciousness, you may be affecting of your shift without physical conflict. As you widen, you will also become aware of your affectingness, through consciousness, of those separated that do not incorporate, so easily, your shift. (Pause, smiling at Guin) Very nice to be viewing Sophia again!

GUIN: And you as well!

ELIAS: You may engage questions.

JENE: I don’t have a question at the moment, but I would like to acknowledge and thank you very much for taking part in my little experiment in Florida. It was appreciated, acknowledged, and I just want to say thanks.

ELIAS: And I shall be acknowledging of Rudy also, in connecting with individuals through space. (Pause)

JENE: (To Gail) Now this is one of those areas that would be a good place, that might give you some information on right and wrong and good and bad, and some of the things that you’ve experienced.

GAIL: Everything that I heard has been stuff that I’ve put together in the last three years, so ... Can I ask something?

JENE: Anything.

GAIL: Are you familiar with Joel Goldsmith and his teachings?

JENE: Can I suggest something? Don’t cross your arms and legs.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) I will express to you, individuals have inquired of physically manifest individuals previously. It is, I shall express in terms you may understand, more difficult to be accessing, through realms, information of specific individual focuses; for each essence incorporates myriads of focuses. Therefore, inquiring of each individual manifest focus that you view or that you connect with is seeming, within this Regional Area, to be what you would view as one grain of your sand upon your planet; although I may offer information, if you are wishing of information, to be confirming or not, to which you have been offered. (Pause)

GAIL: I don’t think I understood that.

JENE: He wants to know if you want him to go on with an explanation or not, for more information of ...

ELIAS: If you are wishing to be expressing of concepts that you are experiencing confusion about, or you are wishing validation upon certain concepts ...

GAIL: I guess more validation for that concept.

ELIAS: (Long pause, accessing) I express to you, I am understanding of your search. I am also understanding that you incorporate a degree of lack of inner trusting of one’s self, as resulting through experiences. I am not expressing experiences outside of one’s self; only inner experiences; which has created a separation from your inherent trust of self.

GAIL: Right.

ELIAS: In this, you are quite willing to be accepting of other concepts, and viewing this to be helpful. You also will know, as truthfulness will ring within you.

GAIL: Well, it isn’t there yet! But what you said, I agree with.

ELIAS: Be noticing when truthfulness is not ringing. (Pause) Also, within this, understand that you may not hear the bell if your fingers are in your ears! (Grinning) Be trustful of yourself, and you shall also succeed. (Turns to Vicki) Lawrence?

VICKI: Yeah, I have a question. Regarding your example; I don’t really understand what the benefit of the expression of the mass event was.

ELIAS: There are many benefits, many divided benefits, throughout the entirety of the expression. The example is an illustration to you, of a desire to be manifesting a Source Event to such a great degree that you are attempting to be pulling, through consciousness, the action of the Source Event, in its entirety, into a manifestation within physical focus. It will not fit! It is not possible; just as the entirety of your essence will not fit, within one focus, within one physical body.

Therefore, when you incorporate such a tremendous surge and incorporation of energy, from the action of the Source Event “pushing” this energy into physical focus, it will polarize. It will manifest in more than one event, for it cannot manifest within one balanced event. Therefore, within what you view to be one mass event of this war, which you use this term as all-encompassing, many events occurred; and within many events, polarization also occurred; for the energy was too great for this expression. Therefore, it divided.

The scientific, intellectual energy expression manifest within one direction. The emotional, religious expression manifest within another direction; these being your main expressions of this particular Source Event, although you also splintered into many other expressions of energy. You manifest your fear within other areas. This country, that you now occupy within this manifestation, was the holder of the fear. Other areas expressed, collectively, other elements. You do not see how you in this nation were the expressors of fear; but you, within this country, were the collective power that was obliterating of the Japanese cities within an expression of fear.

Whenever the energy projected into a mass event is too great, it becomes explosive. This may not be only an expression of an entire world event within your own country. Within smaller groups, you have also viewed this type of explosive expression, as resulting of individuals incorporating together, collectively, to be expressing of one idea, whose energy possesses too much to be expressed physically within one single event, and you result with situations as your Texas; your religious individual at Waco being your most recent expression. Energy is explosive if it is compacted too tightly.

Look to your physicists. As they compress your energy so very tightly, physically it explodes. Within consciousness, the reaction is the same; for consciousness has created your mirror image of physical expression. Therefore, all of these elements that you may view, that you invent physically, already exist within consciousness, and you are already knowing of this resultingness. Therefore, within the tremendous desire, once again, as you approach your shift, you present yourself now with the opportunity, not to be learning from your mistakes, but to be learning from your accomplishments; and to be more efficiently affecting of another manifestation and interpretation of a Source Event. (Pause) We shall break, and you may ask questions when we are returning.

BREAK: 8:32
RESUME: 9:34

ELIAS: And, you have questions!

RON: I have a question about this strange energy that seems to be predominant tonight.

ELIAS: My answering of this question shall be twofold. Part One: You will be noticing, within the workings of your equipment recently, you experience strangeness and interruptions; variations of the flow. Your electrical equipment experiences fluttering. You also, as individuals, within certain individuals and your awareness, experience similar action that you interpret as heightened or different energy. I have expressed to you recently that we now move into a new area. You move into a new area of awareness. Therefore, you incorporate more. In this interaction, so also does Michael. Within the exchange of this phenomenon, you experience a similar but much reduced effect, as [compared to] our initial incorporation with you. Therefore, you experience a new influx of energy. You notice new energy, or what you perceive to be new energy; for the allowance has occurred for new energy to be flowing through. I have given a brief explanation, recently, as to new elements of this phenomenon and its engagement; this also being another element. You now notice enough to be inquiring!

Part Two: Within the incorporation of Part 1, and the allowance of a freer flow of more energy exchange, there is also an allowance of other essence energy incorporated. Therefore, those essences which to this present now have not appeared to you to be present or noticeable, now may be allowed to be known. You will be noticing of connections within energy. Be noticing also, as there are no accidents, your color scale of your game is not an accident either. Therefore, connections within energy, of what you would term to be non-primary colors, may be intertwining and joined; and you shall be noticing! Certain colors hold very close vibrational tones, and meld very easily. (Pause) Trust your intuition! (Grinning at Ron)

GUIN: I’ll ask a question, pertaining to our conversation a couple of weeks ago in my dream state. I have kind of a two-part question. One: Is the message that you were giving me still of importance? Two: I’m trying to understand why it felt so important to me, but after talking with Lawrence, I feel more like a messenger rather than it having importance to me, and that’s happened several times, and I don’t understand if there was an importance for myself, or if it was just for Lawrence.

ELIAS: Within your interpretation of your remembrance of your dream state, you are attempting to be analyzing. You have accomplished the interaction. Dream interaction, which holds what you view to be a purposefulness to you, that you are not immediately accomplishing of, you will continue. You will remind yourself within your dream state. Trust that your expression within your objective self is true to your subjective self. Your subjective self has communicated. My interaction is for your attention, and also for your continued reassurance that I continue to interact. Your information is offered to you by your subjective self to your objective self, and hence is followed through. Therefor, yes; you have accomplished.

GUIN: Why was is so urgent to get hold of Lawrence?

ELIAS: Within the connections that you have established objectively, you, Sophia, feel an urgency and a necessity to be physically connected, so to speak. Therefore, to obtain your own attention, you provide yourself with information that appears to possess urgency. In this expression, you will implement the expression. You will follow what you view to be your impression. You will also allow yourself to be trusting of your own expression. As you widen, you will allow yourself this same permission without such extremes; and I shall continue to interact, and be supportive and validating to you that you are continually connected. (Pause, one of many tonight)

RON: I’m sure that you are aware of the new game that Lawrence and Michael and I have been playing on the computer. I’m just curious if you have some thoughts that you might like to put out to other essences, concerning yourself and your concepts.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Ah! Is this not why I engage you? (Grinning)

RON: I just wanted to make sure that we were doing okay by you.

ELIAS: I shall express to you that I will not place this into the area of a new “game.” You have followed your information and your impressions, and you have initiated our new agenda. (Smiling) Do not be discouraged if you are not viewing accomplishment as you expect; for within less “time” than you are expecting, you will acquire more than you have expected! I continue, within my focus, to be “doing my part,” so to speak. There is continuous interaction. (Pause)

JENE: I have a question, or two or three, along the same lines actually, which I’m sure you already know. Would a part of this not only go over the computer, but could be categorized in videotapes for information, as a library to be shared, as a part of the purpose? Part two: Would there be or could there be a time, shortly, that Elias might have some concepts to share verbally with an audience of like-minded essences?

ELIAS: I express to Rudy, as you are aware already, that you trod the correct path presently. I will also express that you will be experiencing opposition with Michael! Be assured; as in all other areas, I continue within interaction in this area also.

JENE: We’ll get Michael a sheet! (Laughter)

ELIAS: A tunic would be nice! (More laughter)

JENE: Any particular color?

ELIAS: Blue matches my eyes, but white is much more “metaphysical!”

JENE: This is true! (We’re all cracking up)

RON: We’ll get you a blue belt!

ELIAS: Very good! (Pause) I will express to you that within this new agenda, you will experience opposition. You will experience “thickness” within energy, for individuals continue in reluctance. This will change! (Grinning at Vicki) You may be individually looking to the example, which has been set forth to you throughout our engagement together, of patience! Realize, we shall continue.

JENE: Should we pick a production name? “Sumari/Sumafi?”

ELIAS: A true Sethian, placing Sumari initially!

VICKI: So, maybe it would rather be “The Black and Blue Focus!”

JENE: Black and blue? We’re talking production company here? Or is that an indication of what I’m gonna look like? (Much laughter)

ELIAS: (Turning to Vicki) You may reincorporate my message, which was delivered to you a time previous, of title. (Referring to the title of “In Essence,” which was received months ago by Mary in a dream, and relayed to Vicki; Vicki nods, and there is another pause)

BECKY: I have a question and a comment. I’d like to acknowledge Elias for inviting me here, even though it was months ago, (laughter) and I want to know my essence name! I’ve been dying to know! Me and Guin think we have it, but we don’t know for sure!

ELIAS: This essence name resonates at “Kyle.” (Note that different individuals heard a different name here)

BECKY: Thank you. Is yellow my color? That’s what I associate with.

ELIAS: This is correct. You may enter one point! (Turning to Gail) And, William. (Pause, during which Gail appears confused)

VICKI: (To Gail) William.

JENE: William.

GAIL: Is what? I don’t understand.

ELIAS: It shall be explained to you, for these individuals are quite understanding of essence names and their vibrational tones. (Pause)

VICKI: I have a question. My impression is that the example that you chose to use tonight was also not an accident, and in one way could be very helpful to Michael regarding his issue presently. I also have an impression that I need to be careful about it, and I’m just curious if you have any information in that area. (Pause)

ELIAS: Your impression is correct. Information, presently, I withhold; for Michael engages issues presently, to which he holds the ability to be moving through. In this, the accomplishment is his. He will learn from this experience, which will be affecting of our previous discussion.

VICKI: Okay. (Sighing)

ELIAS: Once again, I shall be listening, within your physical night hours, of Michael’s complaining within dream state! (Grinning)

JENE: I’d like you to acknowledge to Seth, for me, my gratefulness.

ELIAS: Done.

JENE: And I feel a little remiss that I didn’t bring you back some Cuban tobacco!

ELIAS: I am crushed! (Very humorously) Although, as in many elements recently, I incorporate dialog with Michael on this issue also! A connecting within control issues, no doubt! (Laughter, and a pause)

GUIN: I have a question about the new agenda. I’m trying to get “caught up to speed” here.

ELIAS: Ah, Sophia! Our “Little Rose,” who is always “catching up!” (Much laughter)

GUIN: Anyhow ... (We’re all cracking up) I understand there are positions that certain essences hold in this new agenda, correct?

ELIAS: You each hold an affectingness.

GUIN: So, it’s not a position.

ELIAS: Correct.

GUIN: Have you gone into any detail of the affectingness that individuals will contribute to the New Agenda?

ELIAS: Presently, we have withheld much information of this new agenda, for issues still remain. Therefore, in not wishing to be intrusive, and also in not wishing to be harmful, we reserve information until such a moment that allowances are made, within consciousness, of acceptance. There is presently a willingness to comply. There is also a lack of acceptance. As this issue is put aside, and the urgency of this new agenda is allowed to be incorporated and flow, information shall also be presented; but within this, each of you holds an inner knowing of your involvement and your affectingness, for you are involved!

GUIN: Okay, I’ll wait. (Sighing)

ELIAS: Sophia holds no inner knowing! (Humorously and sarcastically)

GUIN: I don’t have a clue!

BECKY: Oh, yes you do!

ELIAS: She is continuing to be waiting for her key! (Laughter) Are you wishing of more questions this evening? (Pause) Shall we on to our game? (Pause, grinning) Ah, no interruptions from Lawrence with “one more question?”

VICKI: Not this evening! (Another pause)

GUIN: I’ll go! I’ve got them right here!

ELIAS: Ah! (Grinning at Guin)

GUIN: In vegetables, I would like to connect Ayla with a cucumber.

ELIAS: One point.

GUIN: In natural disasters, I would like to connect Otha with a flood.

ELIAS: One point.

GUIN: In the same category, to connect Ayla with earthquake.

ELIAS: Very good, Sophia!

GUIN: For my finale, in songs, to connect “Moonshadow” with Ayla.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

GUIN: No, wait a minute! (Much laughter)

ELIAS: (Laughing) You shall receive your point!

GUIN: Well, I know, but that wasn’t very convincing! (Laughter) I want to know what the meaning behind it is, then.

ELIAS: There exists another probability, within an answer to this category, that holds more ... “vitality.”

GUIN: Well, I accept the point, but what’s the strong thing with this song? I don’t get it.

ELIAS: Ah! Investigate your other categories.

BECKY: I think under song, under Ayla, I was thinking of “Silent Lucidity.” (Pause, with Elias grinning) Half a point? (Laughter)

ELIAS: Investigate your other categories! (Another pause)

VICKI: For Shynla; Ordin, occupations, actor.

ELIAS: Incorrect.

VICKI: Ayla, physical pleasures, yoga.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

VICKI: Ordin, physical pleasures, exercise.

ELIAS: Express to Shynla, this answer is quite general!

VICKI: Okay. Milumet, minerals, iodine.

ELIAS: Incorrect, but she is moving within a correct direction.

VICKI: Okay. Ordin, minerals, zinc.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

VICKI: Okay. For Michael; Sumafi, planets, Pluto.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: Sumafi, senses, conceptualization.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

VICKI: Sumafi, countries, Greece.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: And Sumari, seeds, an onion seed.

ELIAS: One point! (Grinning at Vicki, who doesn’t get it!)

VICKI: I have everybody’s paper but mine. Go ahead, Ron.

RON: Okay. Mass events, for Paul, Christianity.

ELIAS: One point!

RON: Occupations, Tomkin, teacher.

ELIAS: (Grinning) Acceptable.

RON: Good enough! Occurrences of nature, Tomkin, Grand Canyon.

ELIAS: Ah, once again! One point!

RON: Natural disasters, Paul, hurricane.

ELIAS: One point ... with your thunder!

VICKI: Okay. Occurrences of nature, Ayla, full moon.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: In the category of vibrational tones, with the Vold family, I’d like to connect Ayla and the Ilda family.

ELIAS: (Accessing) Incorrect.

VICKI: Okay. Sumafi, animals, panther.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: Aspect personalities, indigo, Martin Luther King.

ELIAS: One point!

VICKI: Cool! Rose, places, the ocean.

ELIAS: One point.

BECKY: For Ayla, under cultures, Icelandic.

ELIAS: Acceptable! (Grinning at Becky, who is obviously excited)

BECKY: Thank you! (She’s doing the “I got a point” dance!)

ELIAS: (Grinning at Jene) And Rudy will come to view the importance of this game! And Elias will continue to be knocking on your head!

JENE: Alright. Tomkin, spiritual leaders, Chief Seattle.

ELIAS: Acceptable! (Grinning) You will be, within your near present future, understanding that the involvement within this game extends far within your inner senses and connections, and incorporates no separation! (Smiling at Jene)

I shall bid each of you a very affectionate and warm adieu.

GROUP: Thank you. Adieu.

Elias departs at 10:24 PM.

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