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Wednesday, May 22, 1996

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“Oh, Asker Of Questions”

Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), and Jene (Rudy).

Vic’s note: Most of this session is devoted to questions inspired by an experience the previous day which involved Mary, Vicki, Jene, and Ron. Mary made an agreement with Jene to allow her to be implementing of her knowledge and abilities in the area of healing. Jene said she would like to incorporate another person in this endeavor, and Vicki volunteered. Ron’s involvement did not occur within physical presence, but he was very involved within consciousness and energy. This experience was very intense, allowing each person involved to glimpse the reality and the power of energy, and to experience the affectingness that occurs when energy is focused and merged.

Elias arrives at 8:28 PM.

ELIAS: Good evening! (Grinning) So, your experiences are provoking questions within your noticing!

VICKI: Yep! Okay. First question. Why is Michael experiencing a higher level of pain now than earlier today? (This pain started as soon as Mary saw Vicki that afternoon. Earlier, it was much reduced)

ELIAS: Ah! We shall be engaging “thinking” questions this evening!

Within an energy exchange, and within the connection of these twins, there occurs a automatic connection as you engage in physical presence of each other. Therefore, energy which Lawrence has “pulled inward,” in conjunction with Michael’s “outward push,” is tapped into immediately by Michael upon physical interaction.

JENE: Simultaneously.

ELIAS: As you are already aware, you hold great connections and abilities effortlessly, when you incorporate physical proximities. Your energies automatically, now, merge. Therefore, it is as one essence. You merge “back together” within physical connections. In your endeavor of your healing activity, you each allowed energy, which was projected outward, to be incorporated inwardly within yourselves, to a degree; very efficiently, this time, in not clutching to this energy; although also not immediately releasing. Therefore Michael, within an open state of consciousness presently, automatically will “pull back” this energy. Therefore, if it is accessible and available, it will be “honed in on” within consciousness.

VICKI: So what can I do to make it not accessible and available?

ELIAS: (Smiling) I am acknowledging of Lawrence’s participation and willingness to be moving through belief systems; for although you view certain elements essentially correct within energy, your perception is limited. Therefore, you view certain actions of individuals to be unnecessary and ritualistic belief systems; in part, this being true; although within physical focus, and your limited understanding of essence and of your power, and of the power of your physical expression and manifestation, these belief systems serve you within some purposes, just as you experience many other belief systems within your focus that serve you. I have expressed to you previously, I do not wish to be suggesting to you that you must be eliminating your belief systems, only to be widening them. Acknowledge belief systems. Be understanding of them, and widen.

This is not to say that you may not incorporate these belief systems to be benefiting of you. You do not understand the force and the power of energy; the multidimensionality of your physically manifested expression of essence. You view only in part. You view what you see; a physical body and its mechanical workings. It possesses great consciousness and tremendous power. You have limited this power to a great extent, for you have been taught, through your religious focus, that your physical expression holds no power, and incorporates duplicity. In actuality, as you open your consciousness, you allow for tremendous power to be flowing into this physical expression. Your physical expression is quite capable of assimilating this tremendous surge of energy, but you are not understanding of how to be directing of this. You may be struck physically by an immense lightening bolt, and not only survive, but be functioning quite efficiently; for your physical expression is capable of tremendous electrical impulses and energy; for you are electrical energy! You have only manifest in what you view to be non-electrical, solid matter. All energy is electrical. Therefore, in opening your consciousness, you allow a flow of this same energy, but to a tremendous degree. Therefore, your belief systems serve to be insulating you, and allowing you to be working within the “framework” of your perception of energy and its reality.

You implement symbols, but within these symbols, you reinforce your thought process; therefore creating a reality. Just as we have spoken previously, of issues of individuals concerning manifestations of possession or individual’s need for protection, essentially, within reality, protection, in your terms and definitions, is unnecessary; for no essence, other than your own, will be intrusive to you. You may require protection from yourself, (laughter) for you may choose to be manifesting many demons to occupy yourself, and also for your own entertainment! (Grinning) But in this same manner, you implement rituals that may seem insignificant, when in actuality they are a physical expression of reinforcement to your physical psyche and your thought process, which will create an element of solidity within the framework of your ideas, which are creating the reality.

Therefore, in example; if you are instructed to be ritualistically and symbolically cleansing of your hands and blocking energy at certain joints, this, incorporated into action, sends a message to your thought process; reinforcing, within action, a reality. In reality, it is unnecessary, but within your physical perception and belief systems and understanding of them, or lack of understanding of them, it is quite beneficial and useful; for then the message is relayed and logged. Another message is sent, from your psyche throughout your physical expression of your body, of your intention. All consciousness of your physical manifestation harmonizes. In this, it is in agreement: “Energy shall not be sustained within.” This would be your “step one,” although I am much unliking of steps!

Continuing: As you allow yourself to move beyond your own personal belief systems and perceptions, and incorporate action anyway through trusting, you continue into your action of your intention. As you experience through this, as we have spoken previously with Rudy, you are not always objectively aware of your assimilation of energy; for within your desire to be helpful, you also “draw in.” That which you draw in then may be directedly released into what you view to be the universe; for all energy reforms. Therefore, you deal not with negative energy to be discarded. You deal with energy purely, which will reform itself, and continue within another direction.

Energy always, underline twice, always manifests originally positive! It must be manipulated into what you view to be negative; and this manipulation requires many, many times the effort to accomplish than it requires to naturally reform and manifest according to its design, and The Creating Universal One And Whole, which is all positive.

In assimilating energy, although I acknowledge, once again, the efficiency of which you accomplished, all, in not assimilating tremendously, small amounts were, so to speak, retained. If Michael would have encountered Rudy physically within your morning hours of this day, a similar affect would have been incorporated, although not as extremely. Within interaction with Lawrence, there are no obstacles to pass. He may travel directly to the source; for your connections have grown, in objective consciousness, to the extent that you have both allowed a free flow to the subjective. Therefore, there is no block. Lawrence experiences, Michael assimilates. Michael experiences, Lawrence assimilates. It is, and has become, automatic. (Pause, during which you can hear Vicki sighing)

It is not incorrect to be assuming the expression of energy! It is inefficient to be continuing in this expression, and to be holding this energy.

VICKI: So, obviously I was incorrect when I felt like I got rid of it. That’s probably not the correct term. So, I can direct whatever I am still retaining presently, then? (She doesn’t get it!)

ELIAS: You are not retaining presently! Michael has assumed this!

VICKI: Okay. Got it.

JENE: Your belief systems are connected.

VICKI: Can Michael direct it presently?

ELIAS: Presently, no, for he is not understanding how; this being why he incorporates you! (Grinning)

VICKI: Okay. I think I understand a little bit better now.

ELIAS: I will also express to you that your assimilation of this energy was not tremendous. Your realization that you were allowing energy to be released was correct.

VICKI: Just not all of it. (Sighing)

ELIAS: You shall learn! My young apprentice here is wishing to be the Sorcerer after one lesson! (Grinning) Others are practicing tremendously, and have not accomplished to this extent! (Pause)

I shall also be inquiring of Rudy, and I shall be asking of you, in the vein of our interaction within your expression in this endeavor, I am aware of a very slight confusion experienced momentarily. I acknowledge also, though, good retrieve! We interact with color vibration, as it is quite effective; and incorporated dimensionally, is very effective. Our interaction may be slightly new, but we will also be respectful of Rudy’s interaction. (Referring to the interaction of Elias and his “buddies”)

JENE: Thank you. You can push me! That’s okay!

ELIAS: Continue, Lawrence.

VICKI: Well, the next question I have was regarding what was more and less efficient within our action last night. I guess you’ve already answered that in one direction. Is there any other information that would be helpful to us within our next incorporation of this action?

ELIAS: I will express to you that within your present belief systems, and ideas and thoughts of essence and spirituality and consciousness, you have come to a point that you have allowed yourselves to be believing that you occupy a more “lofty plane” if you are not expressing, for “evolved” spirits need not communicate, for they are “beyond” their physical expression, and their inner sense of telepathy is quite working and efficient! (Humorously)

I have expressed to you previously that within your audible expression, you affect creations. I have explained the physical actual biological and chemical workings of your body, and how they are physically expressed outward from thought into verbalization audibly, and the creation and manifestation of the thought. The incorporation of the action is intensified, for you also incorporate a combined directedness, with no allowance for variation in interpretation. Therefore, you may be more effective if you are focusing not only upon our energies, but upon the interaction of your subject that you are facilitating with; just as within your game of your TFE, the subject is needing of your direction, or they shall be drifting about the cosmos! (Laughter) Therefore, you audibly express directions. This allows a focus; a point of direction; order. You shall not lose touch with our energies by focusing your own to your subject. This may be helpful.

It is always helpful, when engaging with other individuals, to be focused upon a common direction; within your meditations, within your game, within your expressions of healing. Order is natural to you. Chaos is not. You have only been led to believe, through your teachings, that you spring from chaos. Therefore, you believe this, and this enters into your thought process in areas that you do not even see; but you are not chaotic beings, for the universe is not chaotic! It is naturally ordered. (Pause)

VICKI: Okay. What is the correlation between the physical examples of what we term healing, and the other physical examples that have been so prevalent, regarding how to communicate with another person and not incorporate misinterpretation? There’s some kind of correlation there, and I can’t figure out what it is.

ELIAS: (Smiling) First is a willingness, which you have not quite reached yet; although you believe that you are willing! Look to your examples that you have offered yourselves, within a very short time period. You have incorporated many. Look to your experience of your healing encounter. What was your intent? What was your focus? Where were your thoughts? Where were your feelings? Where was your energy? Compare to your physical interaction with other individuals. Where is your energy? Where is your intent? Where are your feelings? Where are your thoughts? Within your example that you have presented to yourself within this healing interaction, your thoughts, your feelings, your intention, your energy, are focused first upon another individual within the action. Initially, preceding the action, they are focused upon you; your desire, your willingness, your energy, your expression, examination of your expression within desire and intent. Careful evaluation has been assessed. Do you employ this same process within other expressions?

VICKI: Not usually.

ELIAS: There are many expressions and reasons for conflict; many. I have spoken with you many times of how you manifest conflict. I have spoken many times with you of how you may discontinue creating conflict. As you widen your awareness, you also widen your options. This becomes confusing!

Within centuries that you view to be past, you expressed to yourselves, “Life was simpler. Man’s consciousness was not as intellectual. He was not as intelligent. He had not as much information available to him.” Incorrect! All information was always available! Belief systems were held tightly to. There was much less of an allowance of questioning. The accepted mode was of religious belief systems, which set forth “rules.” Within these rules, you were accepting, and willingly “closed off” your options; therefore allowing for a simpler existence within this expression.

As you move into your shift, you widen your consciousness. You are widening belief systems. You are not accepting of these rules any longer. Therefore, you also open your options and your choices. You are not quite sure how to be implementing these choices. Also, you allow for more of the objective personality to be known, and to be interacted with. You place less restrictions upon your outward expression, therefore creating more difficulty within acceptance of these expressions.

Previously, you have been told, “You will think this. You will act this way. You will not express this.” Presently, expressions are acceptable. If you are expressing emotionally, this is acceptable. If you are expressing intellectually, this is acceptable. If you are expressing within idiocy, this is acceptable! You have eliminated many of your rules in widening your consciousness. You are not accustomed to interacting with each other on an accepting ... retract on; in an accepting manner; this being the issues that you presently engage to be moving through.

VICKI: So where does that leave us with our “no conflict game?” It’s not quite that simple, is it?

ELIAS: As I have expressed previously, your “no conflict game” will not always give you no conflict! You have not learned, yet, the complete no conflict scenario. You continue to hold wishes and desires and expectations, of other elements of physical focus, in every area of your existence.

VICKI: This concept of “bending” is, I think, part of the problem. In actuality, within our two physical examples that Michael and I had, possibly the least conflict scenario, in the long run, would have incorporated some bending? Is this correct?

ELIAS: (Pausing) It is a probability. (Another pause)

Be understanding, and you may express this to Michael also: I express to you that you are responsible for your essence and your expression, but you are not responsible for another essence’s expression; just as I spoke with you with regard to Catherine. If your intention is pure, in your terms, and you have been examining of your expression, and you hold no expectation, and you wish no harmfulness, your expression may be set forth if it is benefiting of your essence, and you are experiencing a necessity for this action.

VICKI: Well, I think that’s kind of the way we both felt, but we didn’t like the responses of the other individuals involved!

ELIAS: All of you, as individuals, are experiencing a learning process of communication. Are you not pleased that you incorporate none of these developments within your subjective self and collective communication within consciousness? (Grinning) Your perception is also quite influencing; for just as I have expressed previously, you may be viewing one situation in different directions, and your actions will be determined by your perception. Listen also to your intuitive sense. It is trustworthy! As you widen, you also incorporate much to be thinking about ... but little boredom!

VICKI: Very little boredom! (Laughter)

ELIAS: I will express to you also that within this same subject, you may be considering that individuals manifest some elements as an expression of drama. Essence is a lover of drama! It is a creative expression. Imagination is a creative expression. You strive, within your spirituality, to be calm, even balanced! (Very humorously) I shall not say boring; quiet. You incorporate not much drama within this expression! (Grinning) You are naturally imaginative and creative. This is one with drama. If you are not expressing of creative drama within playfulness and games, (grinning at Jene) you will be expressing of drama in other areas of your existence and interaction. Emotionally-focused individuals will create stressful situations, or emotional expressions, or misinterpretations, or “woefulness.” Thought-focused individuals will create aggressiveness, and irritation, and abundance of energy, and annoyance. You do this purposefully for your own entertainment! Therefore, this is another element that you may now view. You are not always aware, obviously, of this expression, although you may become aware once it has been offered to you, and you may allow yourself to view your objective expressions and be better understanding of these.

This is not to say that Elias has allowed you now another tool for intoleration of other individual’s expressions of these elements! I am not wishing you to be expressing, “Oh, you now are expressing drama, and I wish not to be involved within your drama!” I am only expressing for your noticing, of your own creations within your own objective expression.

There are times when your objective expression of these small elements of drama serve to your value fulfillment. They serve as a release; for if you are choosing to be suppressing of your own energy and reigning this energy tremendously, viewing this to be a more “evolved” expression as an individual within your objective self, you may be creating a slight drama, for a release expression of energy.

VICKI: It’s just very frustrating when you say something to a person and they hear something completely different, and then they have conflict. The resulting frustration in that scenario doesn’t seem to be releasing anything!

ELIAS: I was not indicating that these particular examples were expressions in this direction.

VICKI: Okay.

ELIAS: Although, (laughter) some of the individuals involved were expressing in this manner! (Grinning, and a pause)

VICKI: We’ll work on it.

ELIAS: I am quite assured that you will! (Laughter)

VICKI: It’s a confusing area. (Sighing)

ELIAS: Lawrence is incorporating many questions this evening! We shall break, and we shall return for your “second round!” (Laughter)

BREAK: 9:37 PM.
RESUME: 9:53 PM.

Vic’s note: Our break ended with a “pop-in,” in response to our lively conversation about healing and belief systems.

ELIAS: Now; I shall incorporate an exercise for you to be visualizing presently. Your subjective self stands within a field. Before you, within the distance, stands a castle. Your subjective self may see the castle. It is visually visible. The objective self may also see you, for you are visual to the castle. Between you and this castle that you wish to approach stands a tremendously thick field of briars. To reach one’s self within the goal, or the other, you must bridge those briars. Therefore, you must clear a path.

Your subjective and objective selves, as I have stated previously many times, are never out of communication with each other. There is no element “hidden” from you. Your objective self is aware, and has access ability to the information within the subjective self. Therefore, do not be viewing these belief systems as hidden from you!

You have engaged an agreement. The objective self is responding to communication from the subjective self, within a desire to be moving through your briar patch and accomplishing the goal. Therefore, you move through the “thickness” of energy which you have layered between your objective and subjective selves, but they work within communication and harmony within this endeavor. The acceptance of the objective self, within the desire to be accomplishing, has been made. The implementation of movement now engages another action. There is no conflict within desire. There is no conflict within your objective. You only were unaware, in not allowing yourselves to be “seeing” your briar patch and its thickness. Your desire to be forging a pathway through these belief systems has begun. Therefore, you shall be accomplishing.

You held energy influenced by belief systems. You did not exchange belief systems! You exchanged energy which was influenced by belief systems. Now, in offering more helpfulness, to which I am very excellently equipped to be offering ... (Humorously)

JENE: No “hoity-toity” there!

ELIAS: Actually, it is merely an acknowledgment of reality without belief systems influencing of physically focused modesty! (Laughter) I shall express to Rudy, physically express to us, within demonstration, your placement of energy centers and color vibration correspondence.

JENE: Okay. (Using her hands to indicate certain areas of the body) I use white light; indigo; blue; pink, heart chakra; yellow, solar plexus; green throughout the stomach area, intestinal area; a little lower, just before the pelvic area, orange throughout the hips and the lower back, or third, fourth, fifth lumbar region; fifth then begins bright red; sexuality, kundalini energy; and then I will use silver, gold, and white light through the extremities of the legs, and sometimes, most of the time, through the hands and through the fingers, releasing the power of the energy.

ELIAS: I shall be accepting of your implementation of belief systems concerning these energy centers, although I shall also be instructing that you incorporate information which has been offered, through these sessions, of description of these energy centers. Be altering pink upward. Be reversing of yellow to green. Each color holds, in reality, within truth universally, dimension and a vibrational quality and tone; which is affecting of certain elements within physical manifestation, and also affecting of your energy field which is surrounding of your physical body. It is more efficient if you are engaging the effective vibrational tone quality of specific colors.

JENE: Will do.

ELIAS: You may continue with your questions.

JENE: I have a question about the manifestation of cartilage, between the fourth and fifth vertebrae, for Michael and for Mary. They may be different for Michael than they are for Mary. Is the essence one with those two vertebrae, or is there an etheric body that is intact for Michael, and the physical body is in degeneration for Mary? May I use one from the other, or may we all, not me, but may we all?

ELIAS: You may.

JENE: Okay.

ELIAS: The essence encompasses more than your understanding of astral bodies. You are correct within your distinction of the focus affected. The entirety of the essence is not, and may be offering of energy, in whichever form you would be choosing to be manifesting this energy into. It is available.

JENE: I missed something. I’m sorry.

ELIAS: You need only call upon the energy of the essence to be incorporated specifically within the individual focus. It holds the ability; although the individual focus itself, Mary, holds this same ability for regeneration, within energy power; although within the briar patch, it is not quite “swept through.”

JENE: Okay. Practice, interest, and acceptance.

ELIAS: As I was acknowledging previously to you all, you have incorporated much acceptance and trustfulness of each other, and willingness and desire to be accomplishing within the forum of a common goal. More openness and trustfulness has been expressed, within this one single action, than any of you has expressed in much, much of your physical time. You have each allowed yourselves a great opening of consciousness, within cooperation; allowing a trustfulness and an acceptance. This, be noticing of; for this being also a “beginning step,” once again, to your pyramid work; for you shall be needing of this trustfulness and acceptance, within each other and your interaction, to be accomplishing within our future, engaging our new agenda. (Long pause)

VICKI: What is the connection between Ron and Jene’s friend Scott?

ELIAS: (Humorously) I think you obviously may not be investigating of this and expressing to yourselves, for your essences are so very much smaller than Elias’! (Grinning) I think not!

VICKI: Okay. New project.

JENE: I didn’t understand that answer.

VICKI: He means, investigate it for yourself!

JENE: For yourself? Well, phooey! Could you tell me what Ron’s resistance, or breakthrough, was with me?

ELIAS: This being also a part of this same action that you have engaged. I was expressing previously to you, your words of healing and of teaching are too small. These concepts are much more far-reaching than you understand. You have created a necessary link within consciousness. You hold tendencies to view an action that you choose to incorporate within one way. (To Ron) “I engage the action of healing! Allow me your finger! I shall make this straight, once again!” (Laughter)

RON: Okay! (We all crack up)

ELIAS: You think not of all of the other interactions that occur, and the connections that you express, within each action that you choose physically. Once again, I express to you: You may not take a breath without affecting the whole. Each time you implement an action of great movement, you are also affecting tremendously within the area of our new agenda, regardless that you do not see its fruits as of this present now.

JENE: Is there another term or collective energy we could use that would better fit the process that we call healing?

ELIAS: There are terms, but within your language and your accepted understandings of your masses, it is efficient to be continuing with this expression; and also to be “teaching,” or implementing your didactic ability, to be widening the definition of this word. I may offer new and improved words, but I will express that they will be quite useless if other individuals are not understanding of their meaning. Therefore, we continue to move and work within the framework of your accepted reality. (Pause)

VICKI: I think Michael’s confused about whether or not he’s still accepting the back condition.

ELIAS: Offer this information: He has created his own reality for his noticing, in allowing himself to be engaged within your TFE, to be creating of a situation, to be implementing a moving; therefore expressing to himself his own pushing and reasoning for disengaging within this condition. (Referring to Mary finally agreeing to be the subject in a TFE, and within that experience, finally viewing “what happened” in one particular developmental focus or “lifetime.” This was a focus she had “been to” four times previous, but had never allowed herself to view. This seemed to create major back pain)

You may express also: Yes, what you term miracles do occur, but they are dependent upon the belief system of the individual at the moment; for one individual may quite experience instantaneous change, in what you would view to be a miraculous situation, at one moment. The same individual may not experience the same action at another moment; for within one situation, they allow no interaction of belief systems, or they have not incorporated a belief system yet. Within another situation, they have acquired a belief system which alters their perception and acceptance of a miraculous event; therefore a working arm, a crooked finger! (Grinning at Ron, in reference to his accomplishment of healing his biceps tendon, which occurred before receiving this information, and his inability to straighten out his “broken” finger, which occurred after)

VICKI: And a back.

ELIAS: Absolutely; although as with the same manner of regeneration and reconstruction of this back, the finger may also be; although there is not the desire or motivation with a finger, for there is no discomfort. One individual views a crooked finger as a minor adjustment; unimportant. Another individual views vertebrae as an important issue. Therefore, one creates a reality of hurtfulness, requiring attention. The other requires no attention, for they do not create hurtfulness.

VICKI: Some time ago, Michael did experience a period of time with no hurtfulness in his back, and then it returned. In that period of time, were there discs in there?


VICKI: So is it ... So the hurtfulness can be unincorporated without the regeneration of discs?

ELIAS: Within your belief systems, only temporarily.

VICKI: I see. So that’s part of why it was temporary.

ELIAS: It is not “part of why it was temporary.” It is a result of the reasoning, and willingness, and acceptance. Michael creates a reality engineered to a specific structure, which he views to be efficient. As an artist, his efficient creation is to be engaging a project and accomplishing, within what he views to be a reasonable time period. To another individual, this may seem to be not enough of a time period. To a different individual, it may appear to be much too long. Therefore, it is needing of a miraculous event. Within Michael’s structure of his creations, he creates situations to be attaining his full attention; therefore allowing himself to direct his energy completely into a specific area, and allowing this attentiveness to be accomplishing quickly.

Within his structure, if he is incorporating too much of your time element, he becomes disinterested within his project. Therefore, he allows his attentiveness to drift, and he does not accomplish. Within issues that he views to be important, accomplishment is necessary, within his perception. Therefore, creations are exacted, to what some individuals may view to be extreme; although many times, within Michael’s perception, he does not view these situations to be extreme. Extreme may be death; of which there is none of! (Grinning) Death, we are aware, is needing of miraculous situations, immediately focused; no time element incorporated! (Very humorously)

VICKI: Okay. I have one more question.

ELIAS: We shall entitle this session, “Private session of Oh, Asker Of Questions!” (Laughter)

VICKI: Okay, this might be a silly question, but I’m gonna ask it anyway. Within what you were talking about before, about how I held on to some of the energy last night, and that Jene did also ...

ELIAS: As did also Olivia!

VICKI: That was part of my question. Is that partially why Olivia has been so spaced out all day?

ELIAS: Partially ... (Smiling)

VICKI: And what else would that be about?

ELIAS: This would also be a widening of consciousness incorporating a connection, within energy, with Rudy; and a cooperation in helpfulness from Paul.

JENE: Was Paul drinking coke at my house last night? (Laughter)

ELIAS: Excuse! Non-physically focused essences are not consuming of your liquids! (Grinning widely)

JENE: Well, they were spilling it all over my counter!

ELIAS: This being quite a different matter! (Laughter)

VICKI: Okay, within that, to add to that question, Rudy told us that she was aware when she woke up this morning, through physical feeling, that she had incorporated a small amount of energy. I wasn’t aware at all. Is that just a total blocking out?

ELIAS: You shall become aware, as you become more familiar.

VICKI: So then my back can hurt for a little while in the morning too, huh?

ELIAS: If you are choosing! (Laughter)

VICKI: I don’t think I want to choose that!

ELIAS: I am not expressing that your assimilation of this energy would be automatically manifesting within the same expression as Michael, for you choose the directingness of this energy. Within your awareness, within a small amount of your time period, you would have become aware of this energy presence; therefore eliminating it. You were not afforded the opportunity, for you were engaging Michael before engaging your choice! (Grinning, and a pause)

VICKI: Thank you. You’ve been very helpful tonight.

ELIAS: (Smiling) You were wishing to be within proximity. You have accomplished your desire, and now you view the resultingness! You need only learn to be focusing this energy. It is as one. (Pause)

Are you wishing of more questions this evening? (Long pause, and then, quite humorously) Psst psst psst psst psst psst psst! (Laughing at our brains working overtime) Acceptable. I shall wait upon you until our next encounter, to which you may formulate your questions. I am encouraging of your continued action within cooperation together, not only within physical engagement, but also within the element of our Agenda. Au revoir!

Elias departs at 10:39 PM.

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