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Monday, May 27, 1996

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Participants: Mary, (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), and Carol (Dimin).

Elias arrives at 3:52 PM.

ELIAS: We meet again, Dimin. (Smiling)

CAROL: Yes we do, Elias.

ELIAS: Not quite surprising! I shall be delivering information this day concerning our new agenda relating to your shift, and also to the continuation of involvement within this subject. I will briefly preface by offering background information.

All things, within an order of consciousness, manifest purposefully. Therefore, you may not individually always be aware of the action that may be occurring and the process that has been engaged, within consciousness and within the cooperation of the subjective selves collectively. Nonetheless, agreements have been initiated. You, as individuals, have drawn yourselves to each other; this being for your individual and also collective value fulfillment.

I am recalling of questioning presented to me by Dimin in another time period: “What is my purpose and mission, Elias? Where does my direction lie?” Within that now, I offered to you information that you were needing to assimilate within that now. Within this now presently, I offer a continuation of information.

It is no accidental occurrence that you have drawn yourselves to each other’s company. All things, within your creative manifestation of reality, very orderly lead you into a direction of your desire and your intent, within a purposeful expression.

I have offered an example of essences, before physically manifesting, creating agreements to be meeting within twenty-two of their physical years. In this time period of the twenty-two years, they experience no interaction. They are unknown to each other. At the precise moment that they have previously agreed upon to interact for the creation of an experience, they meet; subsequently developing an experience that is shared for their individual and collective benefit.

You also have made agreements. You have been touched by information, periodically, to be reminding you of your agreements, and to be rousing remembrances. You approach, presently, for the engagement of our Agenda.

I do not lose contact! Contact, within your definitions, was created long ago. Within your awareness, it was recently, within your time element, identified and allowed an awareness; meaning to be a time period of thirteen of your months previous to this now. You engaged me; I engaged you. There was, as I stated to you then, a knowing and a ringing true within you; an acceptance of this essence from yourself, an acceptance of your essence from this essence.

Within the cooperation of the interaction between individuals, yourself included, I have engaged purposefully, individually, with each individual connected within our direction of our Agenda. I expressed previously to Lawrence, it is not of your concern as to the connection of other individuals within this forum, for I engage a connection, and am aware. There is no brick! In this, I have engaged with you also continuously, to which you are aware. Michael, being unaware and very much unaccepting of this Agenda previously, was not ready to be informed. Therefore, within my interaction individually with him, a preparation was engaged. Individually, with Lawrence, a focus was given, with the purpose of distraction; to be unengaging analytical thought processes. Preparation, with Michael, of validation and supportiveness and trust, has been being worked; with Dimin, a removal from distraction of too much information, allowing a development of the subjective intuitive self.

I have expressed recently, there are times when you may “pull in” too much information at one time. In this, you automatically block. For our Agenda, we were needing Dimin to not block; therefore a removal, within cooperation, to be accepting, and not incorporating too much information for analyzation. Acceptance is key. Trustfulness of self is also key. It is of ultimate importance that you are accepting and trusting of your own expression, of your own ability, of your own capabilities, of your own magnificent selves!

Many elements have been set forth concerning the issue of your shift. Very many of your concepts concerning your shift are, in one respect, distortions within belief systems. Within another respect, they are symbolic of actualities. If you are viewing information available to you concerning your shift as absolute, you have incorporated a distortion. If you are understanding that these concepts are symbolic of probabilities, you are incorporating an accurate assessment of the probabilities.

In this, I restate: You hold a responsibility, within yourselves and to the collective whole of individuals of your planet, through consciousness, to be altering of these symbols. No probability is carved in stone! Your natural inclination, as you have already engaged one Source Event and manifested expression of this, is to be completing of these expressions within the guidelines that you have already created. You also are aware, within this now, that you are unwilling to be experiencing this type of trauma.

Within all of your set-forth belief systems, you express trauma concerning the ending of this “age,” so to speak. You attach developments of your atmosphere, of your earth, of your people, even to your consciousness. These may be expressed. They also are unnecessary, and may not be expressed. They may not be expressed if you are engaging your Agenda, within consciousness, to be altering of these probabilities. Some individuals have chosen ... mark these words; you have chosen to be helpful; to be moving energy, within consciousness, to be affecting of this shift and its probabilities.

As we approach actualization of manifestation of your shift, more conflict arises. More physical elements surface. You visually may view more evidences of what you have chosen previously to be creating. If you are allowing the course of previously chosen probabilities, you shall manifest turmoil. I speak to you in offering you the understanding and knowing that you hold choices and alternatives. It is not necessary to experience trauma. It may be avoided.

Within the symbolism of your belief systems that offer you explanations, you view these to be separations of individuals physically focused; some choosing to be terminating physical existence, some choosing to be what you express to be left behind, some moving forward, some complying, some not. I have expressed to you, many times; there will be trauma. This shift will occur, for you have chosen it to occur. How it occurs involves very many probabilities; although I shall qualify that also, its absoluteness in occurrence is a probability also, but it is your most probable probability. Therefore, for the purposes of this discussion, I choose the words, “It will occur.”

In this, some individuals do choose to widen their awareness. Some do not. It is not your responsibility to be focusing upon masses of individuals, and their individual choices of whether they widen their awareness or not. It is your responsibility, within your choice, to be engaging this new agenda, and placing yourself into an area of helpfulness; to be moving and influencing, within consciousness, by offering information, and by exhibiting yourselves to be the straight little trees. Just as you each trust, more acceptingly, another individual’s expression more than their verbalization, you also shall be viewed and shall be trusted by your expressions, in cooperation with your verbal expression.

Much transformation has occurred within our previous thirteen months of engagement. You have all accomplished tremendous strides. You possess what you view to be as gifts, what I express to be natural elements of your essences; but within these expressions that you term gifts, they are natural inclinations in certain actions. In this, they have purposeful expression in conjunction with this Agenda, of initiating this shift.

Now; as you have dispensed partially with old belief systems, I shall offer you more information concerning your identification of your “eleven.” (Grinning) The reasoning that you were not experiencing this is that you, within an inner knowing, disconnected from information which would have been offered and assimilated by you, of belief systems that would not be serving you; but you also responded to what you may call, within your timing element of your physical expression, an “alarm clock wake-up call!”

I have expressed to you, many times, there are not only eight Seers! There are very many. You, all being a part of the Sumafi family, also hold the aspect of Seers. You intuitively and subjectively hold a knowing, not in separation, but in understanding of direction; for within the element of the Seers, you hold an intent to be guiding. The continuation is the moving through. I have expressed, the Sumari created their expression through their engagement of their Speakers, of which Ruburt was quite instrumental in mobilizing the consciousness of this essence group, which was also affecting of other essence families to be responding. Now, within this present now, the Sumafi and the engagement of the Seers, more quietly but quite equally as powerfully, engage the “push through.”

As to your symbolization of the warriors and the battle, this is also a symbolization. Within the symbol, it is quite correct; although it is not an “outside” battle which rages. It is the “individual within” battle; the struggle of the subjective and objective selves, the acceptance of essence, the widening of awareness within consciousness, the reluctance to be letting go of physically focused belief systems. There rages a great war, which generates much power collectively within consciousness. Therefore, symbolically, you do wage a tremendous war and battle; for those, within consciousness, that are willing to be widening awareness are expressing an engagement and desire to be helpful to those who continue the inner battle.

I have spoken previously of your empathic sense. I direct individually to you, Dimin; do not be engaging this sense overly, for you shall lean toward an inclination of this action. Within your intuitive ability, you may automatically be engaging your empathic sense, and be assimilating experiences unnecessary for you. You may be greatly helpful, and you may also engage a tremendous didactic ability.

You do hold a position within this Agenda. “And, speak to me, Elias! What may this be?” (Grinning) I shall not offer a grand picture to you; for just as with other individuals, we are wishing to be non-intrusive, and not incorporating trauma before your shift! Therefore I shall, with you also, be nurturing you along with our movement, as we continue forward.

I shall offer you a partial direction. Look to your essence family alignment. You are a reformer. You hold, also, initiating abilities. Therefore, you may be quite helpful within connections that you may, through slight inspiration and interaction, be connecting with and be helpful in directing of energies connected with this phenomenon, which shall be instructive to masses. We engage small; individually; which grows to mass event, which grows to Source Event; and we are moving! Worry not! An order exists; a calmness and an assurance exists. Also, be connecting with your shared ability of Lawrence in your groundingness. This aspect of your personality expression shall be helpful to you both. It shall also be quite helpful to Michael! (Pause, grinning) Are you wishing questions?

CAROL: I had to write down a couple questions. I have a question about Jene. Why are you allowing her to work on Mary, per say?

ELIAS: I do not “allow.” Michael chooses.

CAROL: So should I just butt out of it?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) And be discounting of your “coincidences?” Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk! There is information and understanding, that you hold presently, that will be helpful. Your state presently of becoming, as an expression, will be quite helpful as the little tree. You may incorporate the action of the little tree, allowing the convoluted little tree to be observing. This is not to say that you shall engage this action and be usurping Rudy’s position; but within the expression of the little tree, there is much for Rudy to view. We continue with interaction with this individual, for this individual also possesses great ability, but holds much fear.

CAROL: I sensed that.

ELIAS: There is a willingness, within the individual, to be engaging this fear. Therefore, I continue interaction; within a different framework that was engaged with Dimin, but nonetheless, an engagement in helpfulness. Information offered to these individuals already has been serving of its purpose, for you have allowed a clarity in understanding. Therefore, your interaction holds its purposefulness; for within this present now, you already engage your didactic ability, to which Rudy still approaches. (Pause)

CAROL: Are you aware of my two-year goal?

ELIAS: Are you aware of our two-year goal? (Grinning)

CAROL: That was what I wanted clarification on, because I have this feeling that I’ve got a two-year goal, but I haven’t got any clue on the physical plane how this is gonna occur or what it’s gonna entail.

ELIAS: Ah! Much the same as your engagement of your eleven, which you have missed! (Grinning) Dimin incorporates a partial recognition of elements. This, be understanding, serves to your benefit; for if you are allowing yourself a complete understanding previous to the actualization, you shall be examining each brick, just as Michael; inside, over, outside, sideways, upside down, all over; confusing yourself and deflecting your attention and not accomplishing within the direction, for you shall distract yourself; this being, as I have stated, the area of too much information. Therefore, you quite creatively do not assimilate too much information, within an inner knowing of the importance of the accomplishment.

CAROL: So, let’s wait and see.

ELIAS: It continues. Be trusting!

CAROL: I’m trying!

ELIAS: You are accomplishing!

CAROL: It’s gotten better.

ELIAS: You are accomplishing! (Grinning) Now we shall engage Elias’ Psychological Session Number One: Engagement of Dimin. We shall repeat statement of Elias: “I am accomplishing! I am becoming! I am a magnificent being!” For, you are! (Smiling, and a pause) Are you wishing more information?

CAROL: I think one of my questions was answered when we were out on the patio, because of my sudden connection to the color blue, which I couldn’t figure out, and I brought it up, and that’s when I was told that it is your color.

ELIAS: Blink, blink, blink, blink, blink! (Grinning widely)

CAROL: Is there anything more that I need to know about that, or just accept it as the fact that you’re making sure that I realize that you’re there?

ELIAS: Very good, Dimin! I shall make my presence known ... and do!

CAROL: I think I’ve been aware of that. The big question is about the shift, and wanting to know if there’s anything more I should be doing on the physical plane. Is there anything more any of us should be doing on the physical plane together? Just wait and see?

ELIAS: You are engaging. Be connecting. Allow your involvement; for within your terms, in allowance of your involvement, it shall evolve around you, and you with it.

CAROL: I have so many other questions, but I can’t think of any of them. They’re just big questions, inside of me all the time.

ELIAS: Understood. I shall be instructing of Dimin, connect with your questions that you are wishing expression of to me. I am available. If you are wishing audience, you need be only asking.

CAROL: Thank you.

ELIAS: With this information expressed, be trusting; I shall be available at your request. Do not be discounting of this! And, I shall continue to be interacting with you, maybe until you are quite surrounded with everything in the color of blue! I shall be speaking with you soon, and I extend a very loving and affectionate adieu to you.

CAROL: Thank you very much.

Elias departs at 4:49 PM.

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