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Sunday, May 26, 1996

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“Building Blocks”

Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Jim (Yarr), Jene (Rudy), Cecelia (Sari), and Gail (William).

Vic’s note: Information was delivered tonight with an unusual amount of firmness and directness. I get the feeling we should pay attention!

Elias arrives at 8:06 PM.

ELIAS: Good evening! I must interject a correction. We do not give points for non-transition, and contrary to popular opinion, I engage in much time within conference! Very serious business! (We all crack up, as we had been joking around before the session about how Elias and his “buddies” probably play their own game with their own points)

Continuing: We shall draw parallels between the population and consciousness collectively, of your physical individual manifestation of your body and your mass events; for each incorporates a collective consciousness and action. As many of you have been recently experiencing engagement involving physical expression, you may be understanding slightly more as we explore the parallels within consciousness and actions.

First, I express to you: Thought is reality. I have expressed this to you many times. (Smiling) Within your creation of any physical manifestation, you project thoughts to be manifesting these creations many times. Therefore, visualize your “building” to a physical expression. Each thought projected is as a block. Each subsequent thought becomes another block, placed atop of the previous block; therefore creating many blocks, stacked. As these blocks build, they eventually, within an accumulation of energy expressed, become a physical reality; a manifestation that you may view and experience.

Now, I express the reverse: In “uncreating” a reality that you have manifest, you uncreate through thought, as I have expressed, by removing these same expressed blocks. You view this word of block to be an action; a “setting off.” I express to you, this word, within our context, shall be used as an object; a building block. Each thought has been manifest into a building block. As you are removing the creation to be reforming this energy into another expression, you remove each “thought block” until you have disassembled your structure. Within the disassembling of this structure, the energy is released from each building block and instructed, within consciousness, to be remanifesting within another creation of your choice. You may choose to be creating; you may choose to be uncreating and recreating; you may choose to be effecting no action. It is your choice. (Firmly)

Within your physical body, you incorporate a collective consciousness; for each cell, each molecule within your physical expression incorporates consciousness. Each element incorporates its own value fulfillment individually. It holds its own purpose, so to speak; its own function. It also cooperates collectively, with all other cells and molecules within your physical expression, to be creating of the whole expression, and efficiently moving. Within this, you hold many natural elements within your physical expression. Without the engagement of thought as our building block, many elements within your physical expression lie dormant. You view this to be harmless. Within your belief systems, you allow yourselves thoughts which are directly physically affecting of your manifestation.

We have spoken previously of the action of physical expression, through your thought process, into verbalization. I have explained to you how you chemically, physically manifest thoughts into action by expressing audibly. You create a chemical reaction as you express audibly. The actual molecules of air, that you express through your body outward, physically affects and creates a manifestation. This also occurs within your physical manifestation, for your thoughts create chemical physical responses that your physical selves respond to. As your belief systems influence your creating of your reality, this also is affecting of your physical body expression.

Within this also, you are affecting of other expressions that you have created purposefully, within physical focus, to be generating your energy for your physical expression; this being your energy centers. These energy centers, to which we have expressed information previously, hold great power in movement. They are the motivating, influencing force, within consciousness, that allows your physical expression to continue. Within these energy centers of your body, you hold elements of your essence consciousness; identification, language, knowing. These are elements that you bring with you into your physical expression. You hold these identifying elements within these energy centers; therefore, these energy centers are quite affecting of you. I have expressed to you previously, these energy centers may be affecting of you, and you may be unaware of their affectingness; but if they are not functioning properly, for you are interrupting their functioning, you will be experiencing their affectingness.

Belief systems may also be affecting of these energy centers. Within the reality of your creation, all of your manifestation is directed through your subjective self. Your energy centers are elements of your objective self. They are physical elements expressed within the manifestation of your physical expression. They are its generating power, and your connection, within energy, to your subjective self; and ultimately, to essence. (Pause)

In this, you may view your subjective self as your Source Event, upon an individual scale. You may view your individual energy centers as your mass events, upon an individual scale; for within them, they generate your mass events within the consciousness of your physical being; and they are very powerful. I have expressed, many times to you previously, of the power that you hold. You are beginning to view just how very powerful and connected you are!

I also express to you, once again; I do not speak to you figuratively unless I am instructing you specifically that I am speaking figuratively! Therefore, my incorporation of your color vibrations, and the placement therein, is literal. I also am understanding that this may be seemingly, within your objective selves, to be of little importance. I shall be instructing you, it is not of little importance; for each vibrational tone affects a different element of your manifestation, and each holds a different direction in power.

I make a distinction in expanding on information of pink color, which we have not offered much information of previously; this color being connected with your green or heart energy center, working within conjunction to this energy center. This energy center does not move upward. It vibrates upward in conjunction with the green vibration. My instruction to Rudy, of this energy center, was to move its placement within your identification in consciousness. Place this, within your visualization, between your blue and your green. It works quite well with your healing energy of green. You hold the ability to be manipulating with these elements, if you are allowing yourself your trustfulness and your own confidence. Be remembering also of this power; for your little blast will be quite slight in comparison to what you may experience! We also are quite electrical! (Grinning)

This energy center of pink holds a very calming vibration. Within your present now, and also within your future, you will be noticing that an incorporation of this particular color is being used within psychological experimental expressions, for it allows an affectingness upon agitated personalities and energy. It is nurturing; as Rose.

Your colors within your game also offer you information as to your expression of colors within your energy centers; for within your mass events and collective consciousness, they also align; just as your energy centers align as an expression, within individuality, of a mass event. Be understanding, though; within each mass event, you may be attempting, individually, to be affecting of the action, and you may incur more than you were expecting! You may be as the little boy with the finger in the dike, and you may pull out and become drowned! I am not expressing this as a warning to be incorporating fearfulness. I am only stressing the powerfulness of energy centers.

I also express to you each, as I have been within communication of Dimin, and will be soon, within your time period; do not discount this information; for although she is aligning with belief systems, as do you all, she also holds a tremendous understanding, through interaction with us, of what she herself does not engage as of yet.

As to your expressions physically; within the energy of these energy centers, and the action of their mass events of consciousness bodily, they also are affecting of surrounding areas, and all of the individual consciousness connected with the particular energy center; just as you experience an earthquake within your area of existence, it is affecting of all individuals which reside within this area. In this same manner, a mass event, within energy, may occur within an energy center, and all of those areas affected by that particular energy center will also be involved. Therefore, as you are engaging energy of one center, you will notice an affectingness in many areas, seeming to you to be unrelated. If you are reincorporating our information upon these energy centers and their affected areas, you will observe that they are not centralized to only one area of your physical body. (Pause)

You, within your physical expression, may hold elements within cells that you may view as a “virus.” Within your subjective self, you may create a Source Event to be affecting of your entire physical expression; to be rearranging your reality. An energy center connects with this intent and creates a mass event; generating energy, affecting and releasing chemical reactions within your physical expression, activating this virus; which is then instructed, through yourself and your energy, to be actualizing of your desire. Therefore, this same cell holding this virus instantaneously multiplies into thousands, and very quickly creates your expression.

Within the focus of our building blocks, your subjective self, in communication with your objective self, has been allowing thought and thought and thought and thought, building block upon building block upon building block, until energy is built to a degree to create an action of a mass event within the energy center, which releases; creating this action and affectingness, setting into motion your desire and creation. You hold the ability to be changing of this reality, as I have expressed previously, but you also re-instruct your building blocks. It is helpful, sometimes, for your awareness, to be actually instructing dismantling; although your desire, and your wishing or willingness to be dismantling of your construction, serves as your objective expression to your subjective self, which then will be dismantling your construction for you, so to speak; although you are cooperatively engaging this action. (Pause)

One final note of this energy expression: You may be discounting of an expression of a serpent within Dimin’s incorporation of explanations; for she holds, still, an alignment with belief systems in this area. Each of you hold no snake which coils upward! You do hold very powerful energy, which moves. (To Jene) If you are wishing of information, I shall be offering this to you, within helpfulness. You may ask. We shall break, and you may ask questions as we return.

BREAK 8:43 PM.

ELIAS: (Smiling) Now; I shall be clarifying to you all as to misunderstandings, as you have anticipated! (Laughter) In this, engage with me a visualization. If this may be facilitated, within your perception more easily, to be closing your eyes, you may engage this action if you are wishing. View a building block. View many building blocks. We shall transform, in this visualization, your blocks into bricks; your bricks being placed one atop another; each brick serving to be creating of a structure; not a wall! You shall be creating a building with very many rooms, with much space; a true work of art, architecturally. Each brick that has been used to compose this structure ... not wall ... has been purposefully and artfully placed to create a structure that you have chosen creatively. View the beauty of your structure. (Pause) Now; with this visualization that you have offered yourself, hold this image. (Pause) Now you may disengage.

Be understanding that as you create anything physically, you are not creating a wall! You are purposefully creating a very artful creation. In this, as you have chosen to be dismantling your structure, you are, piece by piece, brick by brick, block by block, dismembering a creation. You are not “destroying” or “blasting through” a wall! There is no obstruction! There is no barrier! There is a purposeful structure which has been created. In this, each brick is a manifestation of thought. Combined, they create the entirety of the actual physical expression. Therefore, be understanding that as you are choosing to be creating of a new reality, and dismembering the previous creation, each block holds significance to you. You have purposefully placed this within your structure. It holds no negative. It is a creative expression.

Therefore, although your desire may be to be recreating and restructuring, you may find sentimental attachments to some of your blocks. You may dwell with some of your blocks temporarily, viewing their beauty within their expression of their creation. You may hold to them, and you may express to yourself, “What brilliant color you hold! How magnificently I have created you!” Within your understanding, subjectively, of recreating a new expression, you allow the dismantling of all of the structure; but be aware, some of its elements you may hold to more tightly. (Pause) Such quietness!

CELIA: So Elias, are you then referring to, when you make an example of these bricks, perhaps our belief systems?

ELIAS: Your belief systems are influencing of all of your creations. Therefore, you may not “separate out” your belief systems from your creations, for they are intertwined; this being your mass event. Your Source Event, within your subjective self and intent, incorporates a desire for an expression. This is translated to your objective self, which will be creating of your actual physical manifestation. In this, your objective self is quite influenced by belief systems. Therefore, the expression of the creation is involved with belief systems, this also being not a negative expression; for your belief systems, within themselves, are not negative.

CELIA: Thank you.

ELIAS: Your use of your belief systems, and your choices within them, may be inefficient as an expression, for you may incorporate a more efficient and effortless expression influenced not quite so heavily by your belief systems; but within your incorporation of viewing belief systems as a negative, you increase that expression, for your thoughts are reality. They are the blocks that are creating of your structure.

VICKI: When you dismantle a brick, or a thought is released, are you, within that, then widening your belief system?

ELIAS: It is dependent upon your intent and your desire. You create structures continuously, and you dismember these structures continuously and rebuild other structures, replacing these continuously, aligned with different belief systems. If your desire and your intent is to be widening your awareness and focusing your attention to your subjective self, yes; you shall be widening your awareness. If your intent and your desire magnates only to your objective self and expression, within changed or substituted belief systems, no; you will not be widening your awareness. You will be changing your experience. (Long pause) Spinning thoughts creating many structures innerly! (Grinning, and another pause)

CELIA: So can we say then, that if we are continually changing by this restructuring through these thoughts, can we say the structures that we are creating are ourselves, in fact?

ELIAS: They are!

CELIA: So then we can change ourselves, to be whatever we have become widened enough or evolved enough to be.

ELIAS: And beyond!

CELIA: If we can continue to look at these thoughts, and the way that you said, when you take apart the structure, you look at these, each brick or each thought, and you can analyze, “Was this a valid thought?”

ELIAS: All thought holds validity. I will say to you, Sari, you may incorporate this action if you are choosing; and there are many individuals that are choosing, within their widening process; Michael also being one of these individuals, (grinning) investigating each brick, analyzing each block, inverting each block, examining microscopically! I will also express, this ultimately is unnecessary; for as you express within your objective self the desire and the intent, communicated back to the subjective self, of wishing to be widening, and you express within your objective self a willingness to be accepting, your subjective self will dismantle for you; therein being your effortless expression.

You may choose to be incorporating your time element, and you may be choosing to incorporate your effort, and you will also accomplish. You will accomplish within more of your physical time, and you will experience an element of conflict, but you will accomplish. Eventually, within widening your awareness, you will become aware that it is unnecessary to engage this evaluation; for if you are trusting and accepting of self, you will be expressing, and you will be accomplishing effortlessly; although I am understanding that at this juncture, that you occupy within your awareness presently, you do not understand. Therefore, you incorporate your “methods.” This is not to be discounting of your methods. I only express to you that within reality, it is unnecessary.

You are natural, creative, expressive beings. You incorporate an effortlessness of essence; and as you widen, you begin to view more and more of your effortlessness. I also acknowledge that you also view much that incorporates, still, effort; but you approach effortlessness increasingly as you widen, this being what you would term to be your goal; although you have no goal, for you have no purpose, for your experience is your purpose! (Grinning, and we all crack up) You are manifest to be experiencing. You are in a continuous, underline, continuous state of becoming. Therefore, you have no goal, for you have no ending, and a goal is an ending! (Pause, grinning) You accomplish continuously. You need only be acknowledging of your continuous accomplishment!

Vic’s note: The previous paragraph is an excellent example of how very creatively Elias changes the mood of our sessions when we become too serious! The next few minutes were comprised of good, healthy bantering, laughing, and joking around.

VICKI: Within Michael’s expression of conflict in our experience last night, was that a result of examining one of these bricks?

ELIAS: This being a complicated question; for within one answer that I may offer, I may express yes. Within another element, I may express no. Within another element, I may express partially; for within one area of consciousness and awareness, yes, he incorporated an action of examination. Within another element, he incorporated an action of partial examination, and rejection. Within another element of consciousness, he incorporated no examination! (Grinning)

You have experienced many elements within your encounters. You do not understand all of the elements of energy that you have accessed and engaged. Michael incorporates great confusion, for he is not understanding of the elements of energy themselves. You do not understand energy, and its movement, and its power. You believe that you understand! You may express to yourselves, “Energy moves; therefore I believe, energy possesses great power! I have witnessed this example personally, within a lightening bolt!” Correct. Therefore, energy is power. It holds movement, and it holds power. Within your physical bodies, you do not understand that your lightening bolts from your heavens dwarf to your own energy.

I express to you a reality: You shake your earth with your expression of your energy! Underline entire sentence! This is a reality, but you believe not the multidimensionality and power that you possess, within your own individual expression of your own energy centers: “I may manipulate these energy centers. They are, in actuality, spinning colors.” (Humorously) I will venture to express to you that Michael is not believing, presently, that these are merely spinning colors within your physical body! This has created a great expression of confusion, for energy has been partially, very partially, released; and holds tremendous power. It has surged within waves that have encompassed not only his own physical being, but yours also; (indicating Vicki) this being released by one energy center, very partially.

You have witnessed, with your physical senses, interaction of his interruption of one energy center, of poking lightly, (grinning) and physical manifestation of extreme expression generated by this slight action. (In reference to Mary “poking” at her blue energy center during a session , causing Elias to incorporate a coughing spell) These centers hold tremendous power. I will express this to you many times; and within your experience, you will begin to understand.

As to our statement previously; this word of kundalini is of a sleeping serpent; this, in itself only, being the belief system. I express to you, you do not hold an inhabitant of a serpent within your physical body! It does not coil! It does not rise! It does not bite you upon your head; (grinning) although you do hold a very powerful energy center, within its vibration of red, that does interact with all parts of your physical manifestation.

Look to your description of this energy center. You will be observing that this energy center holds incorporation within the entirety of your physical being. It holds great power of energy. It holds the essence of your physical manifestation. It is, what you term within your language, your ground. Just as within electrical systems, you must be incorporating, within your physical reality, a grounding element, preventing explosion, you must also, as you are energy and electrical also, incorporate a physical expression of grounding. This is not to say that you are “metaphysically planted to your physical earth!” (Laughter) It is an element of balancing, within your physical expression.

Your physical expression, this manifestation, is a reality; a very creative reality! It, in itself, holds great power. The essence of it is generated within this energy center. Therefore, energy released within this energy center is extreme. The experience of this energy center may be what you may term to be overwhelming, and quite confusing. If you are not understanding that which you have accessed, you experience confusion; for all that you may physically manifest, within your personal experience, within extreme, will be manifest and experienced through this center. (Whew!)

(To Jene) You are quite correct within your assessment of responsibility; for within your role that you have chosen to be accepting of, you hold tremendous responsibility in directing of this energy, within your ability.

JENE: Is that the ... I don’t know exactly how to put this. In the confusion in this area, in this energy center that Michael and I experienced simultaneously, but different experiences, Michael’s held confusion. Mine, for me, was a focus of direction. Am I correct? (Elias acknowledges) Okay. In my interpretation of the direction, had I ended that moment of energy without a cleansing or flowing, it could have then reconstructed the structure that was beginning to be disassembled?

ELIAS: Your thinking automatically magnates to this “cause and effect.” In actuality, you have facilitated a partial opening of this particular energy center, allowing a free flow of this energy. In this, you also experience resistance, as some of these bricks are not quite ready to be discarded. Michael is continuing to be examining and expressing, “Ah, gold! A lovely color! Scalloped edges! Inventive touch!” But within your choice to be continuing, I express to you a correctness in your decision; although be aware that within this state of confusion, as a result of flooding of energy and lack of understanding of processes, Michael will not be listening intuitively. Therefore, allow direction; which will be calming, and allowing your continuance, and an acceptance of choices. If you are not choosing to be incorporating communication, you are choosing conflict.

JENE: Okay. Verbal communication?

ELIAS: Correct. Temporarily, this would be helpful.

JENE: Telepathically, or in cooperation to me, it was very loud. The volume was very high.

ELIAS: Upon a one-way radio!

JENE: So in that, that was what I experienced as information sent to me to experience, in this way, at this time. Correct?

ELIAS: Correct.

JENE: In that experiment, well, I guess I already know the answer to that then, don’t I. Okay, we have created an opening.

ELIAS: Correct.

JENE: There has come a full circle; an understanding and an acceptance. Okay, I feel better. That responsibility was getting a bit questionable. If, in fact, the response were to continue along the lines as last night, I would have to check to see if perhaps another time might be more beneficial.

ELIAS: You are responsible only for your interaction; for your incorporation of your individual abilities, and the action of these abilities, within cooperation.

JENE: Right. Okay. That, I think I was aware of. I might have taken a little bit more responsibility for the result of the experience of Mary’s feeling tones and vibrational tones. That came in a flood, but after their departure in the physical focus.

ELIAS: The reason you incorporate this feeling is that you have not quite understood your area of responsibility. Partially, this is correct. You are responsible for the choices that you have engaged to enter. If you are choosing to engage energies within this manner, be attentive to the action. Be attentive to the resultingness of this, understanding that releasing of these energies, or the allowance of a flow of these energies, that which I describe as a flow, is incorporated within an individual as a tidal wave! Therefore, their ability to be connecting, within the elements that you anticipate, may not be quite so effective.

JENE: Okay. Makes sense. And, thank you for being at the gate.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. Another quite inventive creation!

JENE: Yes, in very creative physical focus! Much appreciated!

ELIAS: Are you wishing of more questions?

RON: I was wondering if you could take some of your electricity over and fix the computer thing I tried to put in today!

ELIAS: Ah, once again, another automobile question! Tsk, tsk, tsk! We shall rescind your wideness upon your eleven! (Grinning) He shall be catching up with Sophia presently! (Laughter)

RON: So, is energy a Source Event?

ELIAS: (Grinning) And where shall you be connecting this?

RON: Okay, you don’t have to answer me anymore. I’ll just wait until we do the game!

ELIAS: Ah! Examine your answer! (Grinning slyly at Ron) If you are wishing no more questions, we shall on to our game!

RON: Okay. In Source Events, with Elias, energy.

ELIAS: (Grinning) As the same with Lawrence, I will accept; but within anticipation of clarification.

RON: Okay. Metals, with Sumafi, iron.

ELIAS: One point.

RON: In desires, with Sumafi, to learn.

ELIAS: One point.

RON: Directions, with Sumafi, straight ahead.

ELIAS: Very good! One point.

RON: Thank you very much. (Pause)

JENE: In gods and goddesses, Sumari, Ra.

ELIAS: Are you incorporating this wishing to be aligned with Rudy?

JENE: Correct. (Elias chuckles) Actually, its clarification of another’s information.

ELIAS: (Grinning) I shall be instructing Rudy to be focusing upon your connecting categories.

JENE: Okay.

ELIAS: Ah! We spark interest! (Laughter)

JENE: Tumold.

ELIAS: Connecting categories! Be explaining, Olivia.

RON: Uh, I wasn’t paying attention! (Laughter)

VICKI: If you look on the end there, at the top, there’s categories of connecting essences, connecting physically focused essences, and connecting ...

JENE: Never mind! It’s okay!

ELIAS: (Grinning at Ron) We shall instruct that Olivia may be remaining after our class to be cleaning our chalkboards! (Laughter) Are you wishing to be participating, William?

GAIL: Yes, but I don’t understand it. I’ll get up to speed on that.

ELIAS: This is quite acceptable. (Turning to Jene) I shall win! (Much laughter)

JENE: Okay! It could be an eternity! (Much laughter)

ELIAS: Rudy incorporates much the same parallels within willfulness to Michael. Little do they each realize that Elias incorporates a greater willfulness!

JENE: I think we know that, or at least I know that. I’ll just speak for myself. (Pause)

ELIAS: Ah! Ron shall be our only participant this evening?

RON: I guess so.

VICKI: Oh, no! I’m ready. For Shynla; Sumari, musical instruments, trombone.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

VICKI: Vold, mythical creatures, a troll.

ELIAS: Quite creative! One point.

VICKI: Sumafi, plant, clover.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: Paul, hobbies, practical jokes!

ELIAS: (Laughing) I would be allowing Paul to be addressing to this answer personally, although he is lacking cooperation! One point.

VICKI: For Michael; Sumafi, art, teaching.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: Sumafi, gods, Brahma.

ELIAS: Incorrect.

VICKI: Sumafi, herbs, savory.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: Sumafi, cities, New York.

ELIAS: (Accessing) Acceptable.

VICKI: Borledim, seeds, pumpkin seed.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

VICKI: Okay. For myself; for Ayla, in the desires category, we have an entry already of connecting. I’d like to add interdimensionally.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: I’d like to introduce a category of fables.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

VICKI: And I’d like to connect the Gramada family with the fable of “The Little Red Hen.”

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Although in actuality, this being not a fable, but a small story ... I will accept this.

VICKI: Well, what the heck is a fable then? Anybody know?

GAIL: Isn’t it a story that has a moral or a message?

ELIAS: Many of your stories incorporate a moral or a message. These do not all fall into your category of fables. Investigate! I shall express, as the appointed teacher, look it up!

VICKI: Okay. To go back to that Source Event of creation, with the Borledim family; inception of the Seers.

ELIAS: I accept inception.

VICKI: Okay, I’ll keep working on it.

ELIAS: You have gone from too wide to too small! (Grinning)

VICKI: Okay. Rose, elements, raindrop.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: I’m gonna hold off on my last one.

JENE: I’d like to try another one. Otha, insects, cricket.

ELIAS: One point!

JENE: Finally! (She’s cracking up!)

RON: See, that wasn’t so hard!

JENE: No, it wasn’t, but it was really funny, because when I left last week, the cricket was literally saying, “I wanna play! I wanna play!” And I said, “Okay. Just remind me when I go, and I’ll try!”

ELIAS: Very good!

JENE: Thanks! Now, if I could just figure out what to do with Ra.

ELIAS: Shall you attempt, Sari?

CELIA: I am not ready.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

CELIA: Thank you.

JIM: Okay. Hello!

ELIAS: Good evening!

JIM: Good evening, Elias. Sumari, vegetables, eggplant.

ELIAS: Vegetables! Be remembering, you have been offered a clue previously, within color. (Ron and Vic whisper, “I remember”)

JIM: You remember? Then it would go in Zuli.

ELIAS: One point.

JIM: Thank you. Tumold, minerals, calcium.

ELIAS: One point.

JIM: Vold, minerals, sulfur.

ELIAS: One point.

JIM: Thank you. Should I go for four? I’ve never done that! In poets, Tumold, Emily Dickinson.

ELIAS: One point. Pleased to be incorporating your return!

JIM: Me too! Thank you!

JENE: I’m gonna try this again. Sumari, aligned with Tumold and Sumafi, in the category of gods, Ra.

ELIAS: One point!

JENE: Hallelujah! Thank you! Okay, I feel better.

JIM: Effortlessly, too!

JENE: Oh yeah, right! Not quite as difficult as I was making it, but ...

ELIAS: We shall be continuing with our present subject matter at our next encounter. I shall be anticipating, affectionately, the return of your incorporation with us. I shall bid you all a very fond and loving adieu this evening.

VICKI: I didn’t get to ask my last question!

ELIAS: You may! (Grinning)

VICKI: Authors, with the Vold family, Leo Tolstoy.

ELIAS: (Putting his face in Vicki’s face) One point! Good evening!

VICKI: Good evening!

Elias departs at 10:25 PM.

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