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Monday, June 10, 1996

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Vic’s note: I am attaching the following material to this transcript, as it is a continuation of the information delivered in session 99. This material was delivered by Paul, in an “automatic writing” session with Ron. This is the first time this has happened, and appears to be a direct response, not only to the previous evening, but also to a conversation between Ron and Vicki Monday morning. This conversation was primarily about absolutes and contradictions.

The discussion held previously, regarding absolutes, was confusing and misleading, in that personal issues were introduced into the fold of the conversation without thought to the non-physical aspect of the concept, therefore giving an impression of separation between physical and non-physical. Even though you believe you understand the true concept of reality, you tend to separate into categories; the farthest aspect being the nearest, and vice versa, etc. No one aspect is any nearer or further than any other. All aspects exist simultaneously; in one place, at one time.

Never expect; never assume; never imply. Your relationship with yourself is your relationship with others; your relationship with others is your relationship with yourself! Begin to open yourself to more than you have. Try to spark an emotion in yourself, in that you spark reality in all things. Only you can be all things.

Many things are taken for granted in physical focus. Many things are overlooked. This is a critical time, where many things cannot afford to be overlooked. Motion begets motion. Action begets action. Thought begets thought. Reality begets reality; and all things are interchangeable. They all work together quite nicely. They all react with each other very well. Only to notice is not enough; to react is more efficient, to think is more acceptable, to encounter is more real. An effort must be made to achieve effortlessness. That effort is effortless! In that, desires are introduced and feelings are put aside, like making sense out of impractical thoughts. (Ron’s note: Or making sense out of this!)

A lesson is to be learned here; through many hours of discussion, or through one thought. A decision is to be made here; through many hours of thought, or through one choice. Begin to experience the thought, and you begin to experience the lesson. Incorporate the discussion, and you incorporate the choice. Feel the beauty of the reality of the thought. It only is there for you to see, and to feel, and to know.

Suppose you were to land on a beautiful tropical island, and no one was there but you, physically? In that, you could rejoice in the beauty of the paradise, or you could despair at the fact that you are alone. Adding another dimension to this scenario: What if you were not alone? You could rejoice together at the beauty, or you could despair at the fact that you are alone together; and on, and on, and on!

Practically, everything works. Impractically, everything does also! Existence is a contradiction to itself, physically. Existence is a communication to itself, in consciousness. More important, widening is a natural process that is never stopped. However, it may be slowed down to suit the needs of essence. To you, physically, it slows. In essence, there is no change. Perception is a complicated concept in physical; experience is a complicated concept in general! All things contradict. All things make sense. All things are important. All things are not. All things are all things.

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