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Wednesday, June 19, 1996

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In probability, you believe that your dream life has taken over your waking time. This is not the case, for you have crossed over the dream element far enough to realize that your focus lies within your emotional element. Therefore, you cannot understand why you feel like nothing is real and nothing is right, so to speak. You must not let your thinking cloud your perceptions. They need to work together, as do your consciousness and your essence. Take time, so to speak, to gather information that will be helpful to you in being able to listen to yourself. If you are beginning to trust your own thoughts, you will begin to trust you. We, for the most part, understand your dilemma, for there are no concepts that, in physical focus, are unfamiliar to us. We know that, frequently, belief systems are very difficult; therefore, think of them not as belief systems. Think of them as your blocks. In visualizing a physically focused example, it is, many times, much easier to grasp the solid, so to speak, meaning of the concept.

You have moved quite well. You have given way to widening with minimal conflict. You do not understand how much more and widespread this expression would have been if not for the incorporation of the widening process thus far. If you allow a letting go, you will open up channels for the reincorporation. By holding on, you block the natural flow or progression of things. By letting go, you make a clear path for conflict to exit upon.

Remember always, your trust is held by you. Your fears are held by belief systems. Stretch your belief systems wide enough, and your fears will fall through the cracks, in a manner of speaking. Hold your trust. Allow choices. Widen beliefs and incorporate acceptance. Only then will you be able to let go of conflict. It is not difficult. You only make it difficult within your beliefs. If you allow fear to influence logic, you are allowing intellect to overshadow intuition. They work as a team, so to speak. They compliment each other in ways that would surprise you, like bringing focus to the surface of consciousness, letting thoughts be the buoyancy and reality be the anchor.

No thing is better, so to speak, left alone. All things must move. Action causes movement. Movement causes progression. Progression causes change. Change creates reality; for without change, reality could not exist. Within your widening, you incorporate change. This change is important, for you learn to accept through change, change being widening. In other terms, wasting time, so to speak, holding to beliefs slows the progression, in that you may need to catch up, in your terms.

Whenever progression is slowed in physical, it leaves a gap, so to speak, in essence. Essence does not slow. It follows a progression. Physical focus does, however, slow, as I stated; leaving blank spots, so to speak, in essence. The more tightly woven in essence, the more smoothly it will perform. The gaps could be viewed as scratches in your phonograph record. This may cause a skipping. To move smoothly, all parts of the machinery must be in sync with each other. All aspects of consciousness must be in progression; progression being only a term used for lack of better terminology, for in your terms, progression denotes linearity, order being linear also; but these terms would be closest, in our terms, to your terms, but not!

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