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Saturday, November 23, 1996

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Greetings, once again! We are all within a period of transition. This is not to say that this will be over soon, so to speak. This is only to say that there is great movement within consciousness as this scenario unfolds; this scenario being the bringing together, so to speak, of essences who will be greatly helpful within this widening process. These essences of Stephen and Dehl have been drawn for the reason of reception; for they may be considered, as you would term it, as antennas. Just as individuals who have been physical participants began, so to speak, as these same type of antennas, these new individuals have taken over, so to speak.

Within the information that has been delivered previously, some individuals have assimilated information and have moved into other areas of consciousness, so to speak, allowing for certain illustrations of information to be helpful to other individuals, and only within the recent past objectively incorporating this information. The reason that I term these individuals as antennae is that within consciousness, you all receive information equally. Within translation to objective reality, this information may become distorted, as you all are aware of. Within these new, so to speak, individuals, there would be less chance of distortion.

I shall give an example for your better understanding. This action would be likened to a new-born child. As the child is newly incorporated objectively, it would have no awareness objectively of situations lending themselves to distortion, for to them, all input would be taken in, so to speak, unquestioned. Therefore, this small child would be receiving information in a non-distorted manner. In turn, information transmitted, so to speak, to other individuals would have little distortion incorporated. As this small child takes in more and more information, rationality begins to develop; and as rationality develops, distortion ensues. Just as this small child, these new individuals have been drawn for helpfulness in incorporating information with little distortion and reintroducing concepts that have been discussed previously, but have been distorted to a certain extent.

This is not to say that you are not “getting it.” (quotations) It is only to say that within your eagerness to widen, certain areas have only been touched upon. The action of these individuals, that I have spoken of as antennas, will be repeated over and over as you move within your widening process. As individuals incorporate themselves, they will also become as the antennas. These redundant questions, as you would term them, are necessary for you to fully understand and assimilate these concepts set forth.

As a brief note to Stephen: As was stated by Olivia, this action of channeling, as you term it, would be available to any individual desiring this. Trusting is the key, so to speak, to the allowance of this phenomenon, if you will. As you begin to listen to yourself, you may begin to accept that you are in control, so to speak, of any action you choose to incorporate. All things objectively expressed are initially, so to speak, manifest subjectively. Therefore, within consciousness, you are already aware of all actions expressed objectively.

Essences are never intrusive or harmful to another essence; so within this concept, be realizing that as all essences are one, you shall not be intrusive to yourself. This may be appearing a bit confusing to you within this present now. However, this will become clearer to you if you are incorporating your antenna, and in turn transmitting your questions for translation and verification; for as you receive, so to speak, information as wave energy within this antenna, the information flows through the wire as slightly modified energy to the receiver or individuals with a clearer, but at the same time slightly distorted, understanding of information. This receiver in turn translates this information into a once again modified form of energy, which then travels through yet another set of wires and presents itself objectively

We shall discontinue for now, as this wave energy incorporated by Olivia is becoming scattered due to foggy weather conditions within her atmosphere. We shall speak more upon this subject and offer clarification. Until we next speak, ta!

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