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Sunday, November 17, 1996

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Greetings! Within this day, we shall be attempting to bridge this distance, so to speak, within consciousness that Olivia has created for what she terms as a “better” focus; this being a slight misinterpretation upon her part, as there is no need for separation, or shall I say perception of separation, for in essence, as you all are aware of, there is no separation.

Now; what Olivia was viewing within her meditation was indeed a manifestation of this essence of Ruburt, or Ralph, or what have you. Within this exchange, some interference, as you would term it, has been evident. Even as this would seem to you as distortion, it would only be another way of dealing, so to speak, with this particular focus. Within this focus that this essence has presently engaged, a certain amount of confusion ensues, therefore creating a certain amount of turmoil; this term being lent to interpretation, for it would not be considered turmoil, as you would term it, but merely a scattering, as my dear companion expressed.

Presently, this essence is within the process of achieving a directedness within energy, a focus; thus the term fortification, which also may be misleading. This essence is presently attempting to contain, so to speak, this energy and to control, so to speak, this energy for the intent of focus. He is aware of present difficulties being experienced by others incorporated within this small group, as well as many others that you as individuals may be unaware of presently. In this, he is attempting to remedy the situation, so to speak.

This length of time, according to your terminology, that has passed, so to speak, between interactions of myself and Olivia would be a direct resulting of this scattering of energy that we spoke of, however, not necessarily as you would interpret this action; for this energy has not been sent out into the cosmos and blown apart and scattered like so many shards of glass! Rather, it has been created through interpretation. As you are aware, all is within you and all things are connected. Therefore, this action has been created by you and known by you and also agreed upon by you, for this action is you. This may be another difficult concept. However, within your widening and your perseverance, these concepts are becoming more clear to you all the time, so to speak.

The energy exchange engaged between Michael and Elias has incorporated less of an effect within this scattering, as Michael has begun to understand this manifestation of energy and has begun to accept the concept of no separation, and in this, the allowance of focus and the allowance of exchange.

Olivia, upon the other hand, is a bit more stubborn subjectively, and is needing to be prodded along, so to speak. Olivia has yet to come to terms with her issue of control; this issue being only minor. However, it is there and is affecting of these transmissions, as well as connections within consciousness. Olivia must be accepting of trust in self, as should you all. Only in this may clear connections be made, as well as understood

A brief note to Shynla. This essence in question has been known by you for much of your time, through many of your lifetimes. You may consider this essence of Rahm as a future fragment; this being that within the present, he would be, within your terms, a splintered counterpart. However, within your future, so to speak, this essence shall be choosing to realign within fragmentation; this being the draw experienced by you and also experienced within this essence.

This essence may, within a brief amount of your time, be wishing to interact. Be realizing that within this action of fragmentation, a change, so to speak, within personality may be noticed by you. This is to be expected, for as you would term it, he will have become a new man; this explanation actually being in reference to two individuals; one being within closer proximity than the other, in your terms; one being within occasional interaction, the other, so to speak, within a great amount of your distance and seldom interacted with.

Please be realizing that due to terminology, these explanations may be somewhat misleading. However, the explanation lies within you also. Just be noticing and accepting. In this, the explanations will become more and more unnecessary. This all does make much more sense when the middle man, so to speak, is cut out!

I have enjoyed this exchange. Until we next speak, ta!

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