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Sunday, February 16, 1997

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Vic’s note: The “session of yestereve” was an experimental first attempt at incorporating interaction with Paul on the computer, in a question and answer session with Bruce. The experiment was successful, much to my surprise, but I don’t think Ron was surprised at all. However, I must say that the following discourse makes no sense to me! Vic

Greetings! This exchange may be brief or not. Concerning our session of yestereve, these concepts presented have been not fully understood by you. I shall attempt to shed a bit more light upon the subject.

This essence of Rameau indeed is fragmented from Rose, indirectly. I say indirectly only for clarification, for in actuality there is no indirectly. As you know, Rose has chosen to manifest within these nine babies. In this, much intricacy was involved; for as these nine babies manifest, many other probabilities played out. For example, this essence of Rameau, at an earlier time period, so to speak, was involved in quite another probability involving the Milumet and the Vold families. This probability also played out. However, Rameau chose to change her probability to include this family of Borledim. As this transpired, these other two families chose to unite, so to speak, in a grand effort to incorporate this essence. Rameau, being quite a rebel, so to speak, stood ground and continued in this direction of Borledim.

Please be assured, these expressions of explanation are merely this, expressions of explanation; for there are no terms, in your terms, for delivery totally devoid of distortion. This should not sound like a battle ensued between these families or Rameau, for this is not the case. In realigning with this Borledim family, fragmentation was also realigned, but only within probabilities; not to lessen the validity of probabilities, for they are as real as any other reality. This is only to say that within probabilities, all things are manifest and all things are realized. You may partially liken it to a bleed-through. These bleed-throughs are quite real. However, they entail a somewhat different make up, if you will. Similarly, this action of realignment consists of energy not necessarily familiar to you, but not necessarily foreign either.

We realize that these are difficult subjects to explain to total understanding. However, you all are beginning to expand your comprehension capabilities to a certain extent, so to speak. So in this, we are confident that these concepts shall be grasped within a short amount of your time. We have touched the tip of our iceberg, so to speak. Until we next speak, ta!

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