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Sunday, March 02, 1997

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Vic’s note: This communication was received by Ron while the rest of the group was having conversation prior to our regular session with Elias. As a result, our regular session was delayed.

Greetings! Many thoughts have surfaced and then again resurfaced concerning this hesitancy to cooperate, so to speak, with this exchange. Surely by now you may even objectively understand the connections within this small group of individuals who meet within this living space. They all have drawn themselves here for different reasons, so to speak. However, they all are here for the same reason; for the incorporation of information concerning this shift. Every individual involved within this particular widening process shall be receiving, so to speak, information about this shift. Whatever the subject of conversation may be, the resulting outcome would have many similarities to information expressed by my dear beloved. You may ask your questions within this certain time frame, but the answers have already been given and you already know them.

Surprisingly, so to speak, there are individuals who deeply desire to know of aspects discussed within this forum. Many individuals shall seek this information out. Many do; many have. To present an avenue for expressing this information would be to the benefit of individuals trying to remember things that they have forgotten.

This information is not new, so to speak, information. It has been known throughout all of your time and beyond, so to speak. Individuals have known this. They have merely forgotten. The objective, so to speak, of these essences now incorporating themselves non-physically is to be reminding of information that has been forgotten through objective distortions and misinterpretations. This process, so to speak, of widening shall be taking much of your time, within your time frame. Many concepts shall be introduced; correction, reintroduced for your remembering. In this way, you may objectively grasp knowledge that subjectively you already hold.

Be listening to yourselves and to others within this group, for in their words is a knowing of remembrance. In this knowing is a confidence of truth; a beginning, so to speak, to an understanding of intent. Through listening objectively, subjective actions may be triggered, and in this the subjective may be allowed to merge with the objective. This is not to say that this shall not be difficult, although it will not! It is to say that objectively you have many belief systems to move through as you widen your perspective. These beliefs are strong and shall take some time to recognize. This shall come to pass, as shall this widening, as shall this awareness, as shall this shift.

Incorporation of information is one of the strongest beliefs that you hold objectively. Therefore, information must be shared between individuals. Knowledge of books and magazines and television and your movies and all of your other media is important to you objectively, for this knowledge also triggers subjective actions. Knowledge transferred from individual to individual is objectively the most potent, so to speak, form of incorporation, for it not only involves physical interaction, it also touches upon the subjective through connections and agreements between essences.

These words have only partially been attributable to Paul, so to speak, for we have chosen to collaborate, so to speak, upon this one. We bid you adieu.

Vic’s note: For the benefit of new readers or folks who haven’t been introduced to Paul yet, Ron has been receiving communication through the process of writing since June, 1996. Quite often, the information offered is an introduction to our next session with Elias, a direct response to our last one, or a different explanation of a difficult concept. He uses very similar terminology to Elias, although there are subtle differences that are uniquely Paul. This particular communication also holds some subtle differences from what we generally see from Paul. For example, Paul always says Ta! when leaving, not adieu. I imagine this is attributable to the aforementioned collaboration.

I occurs to me that folks who weren’t present during our pre-session conversation will be somewhat clueless as to this particular communication, as it relates directly to that discussion. However, I’m going to include it anyway. Maybe some of you were present, and this will be triggering of subjective memory. Who knows?

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