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Sunday, September 20, 1998

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“Bird Cages & Bookmarks”

Greetings! Today we shall discuss two clear topics that you have pondered recently; one being your interpretation of beliefs within this physical manifestation, the other being what you would consider positive versus negative reaction to another individual. As we begin in this, you may choose to realize that you all are within a certain mind-set, so to speak, and within this you may wish to expand your thinking to include other incorporations of other thoughts. So to begin, a partial understanding of concepts and ideas has been presently incorporated. As we continue to express within this exchange, some of these shall become more clear to you.

Certain questions have been posed recently concerning beliefs and base or core beliefs. In this, you must understand that the questions posed have been posed objectively – using objective language – thus creating certain difficulties in answering. However, we shall attempt to clarify.

This example of bird cage has been offered as a tool, so to speak, for your understanding. It is a very useful tool, albeit a limited one, for within essence there are no tools. There is no need. This is where the difficulty stems from. We may only offer you very broad, so to speak, terms for you to connect with. You must offer your own pinpoint connections, for as there are many interpretations of this bird cage, there are also very many more pinpoints.

Calculating a stream of thought may be as simple as learning to fly or it may be as difficult as taking in a single breath. This existence that you have chose[n] for yourselves is a brilliant creation in that you have offered yourselves a great deal of margin, so to speak. Curiosity and intuition may be considered within the same moment, for they have been conceived within the same thought.

Belief systems, as you have been examining them, are not essentially systems at all. They are more closely considered as small bits of linear time in which you have placed a stop, so to speak, upon this time. Within this moment, as you stop to insert this small piece of time into your framework, you also place a bookmark, so to speak, that you may return to as you choose to re-explore this piece of time. In this, you have created what you have termed this belief. It cannot be termed so finally or so singularly as a belief, for a belief has much substance, and this small piece of time may be more easily interpreted as having none.

Apologies if this interaction is seeming to be confusing. It shall become more clear as this exchange continues.

Most of your physical life has been dedicated to conforming to your own beliefs and to other individuals’ beliefs. In this, you have place[d] many bookmarks within many pieces of time. This would be why you have instances where you may be thinking to yourself that this particular time frame is moving much too slowly, and at other instances this time shall be moving much too quickly. These insertions that you have made are quite intricate and quite well designed by you to be holding your attention in many different ways.

You have been led to believe – rather you have led yourselves to believe – that you must be enjoying your time to its fullest extent. In this, each time you feel an enjoyment, you insert a bookmark. Conversely, each time you feel displeasure, you insert a bookmark as well. Throughout your existence you refer to these bookmarks constantly, thus interrupting the flow, so to speak.

This terminology may be very easily misunderstood. Interrupting, as I term it here, is not to be construed as stopping, for it is not stopping. But for lack of terms presently, we shall use this to describe.

As was stated, continual reference to these bookmarks creates a slight interruption within consciousness, which in turn creates what you view as linear time.

Please be aware that you may be understanding these explanations far more efficiently if you turn your thought process inward and trust your subjective interpretations, using these words that are presented here upon your paper as only small recollections of concepts that you have full knowledge [of].

These words are not explanations of anything. They are merely reminders. This has been stated previously. These words, if taken literally, shall only serve to confuse, for you take these words and insert them as more bookmarks, to be adding to your collection of bookmarks, to be constantly referencing and to be distracting yourself.

Perhaps another way of perceiving this example would be to look within your seas. A great majority of the objective action that occurs upon your planet occur[s] within the depths of your oceans and seas. You think on this concept and accept it, for it makes sense to you. The reasoning for this concept making this sense to you is that you may only imagine, so to speak, this. And because these oceans are so very vast to you, the probabilities become very easy to assimilate. In this, much of your linear time has been condensed, so to speak, for you have inserted very few bookmarks into this action of thought. It has been accepted.

As these concepts become more clear, you may begin to realize that within all that exists there is a sameness that cannot be so easily identified and an individuality that may be much more evident than you realize, for within consciousness there are no bird cages or bookmarks. There are no concepts or ideas. There are no me’s or you’s. There are no curiosities or facts. There only is that which you now tend to avoid, for you consider it unknown. This could not be further from what you would consider truth.

Until we next speak, ta!

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