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Thursday, August 13, 1998

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Vic’s note: this session was in response to a thread about the acceptance of belief systems that occurred on the Elias email list.

Greetings! Allow me to add a brief comment into this very thoughtful discussion.

This idea of accepting beliefs shall not be so difficult, as it has been stated previously. However, this action shall not be so apparent to you that you shall say, "There! I have finally accepted this belief!" For as this action has been actualized, there shall be little or no objective knowing of this action being realized, for if you are truly accepting this belief, you shall be accepting with no judgment. To be aware of this acceptance is to also be placing a judgment upon it. In this, it shall be as if this belief never existed, so to speak, for it shall not be accomplished. It shall just be.

This concept is not easily put to words, for the action of acceptance is quite subjective in nature; this being why it has been stated that no individual has succeeded, so to speak, in acceptance of a belief. It is not to say that no belief has been accepted. It is only to say that none have been accepted with objective awareness. As these actions occur, there is a subjective understanding that this has taken place. Objectively, however, it is as if this belief never existed, for if you have knowledge of this action taking place, you only replace this belief with another. "I have always believed that hunting is bad. Now I have accepted hunting and no longer hold the opinion that it is bad." In this, you have still placed an objective influence upon this action, for you still believe that acceptance is "good." Acceptance IS.

Within your daily explorations of reality, may I suggest that each time you identify a belief that you have been previously unaware of, that you merely acknowledge the fact that this belief exists and not be spending much of your time diagnosing and examining and performing autopsy upon these beliefs, for they shall remain as beliefs, accepted or not. They shall be affecting of you as long as you are objectively aware, and as they are accepted they shall simply vanish, so to speak, from your objective reality.

To you all I bid good day, and until we next speak, ta!

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