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Gems of the Month

The Gem of the Month is a regular feature that provides an excerpt from a recent transcript that captures a snapshot of essential Elias.

This month’s gems are taken from the recent July group session in Chicago, Illinois:

“Presence is an awareness objectively of you, that you exist. Presence is your awareness that you are a being and that you exist in this moment. It is an awareness of the entirety of you in the now.

“Presence is not necessarily listening to your communications. Presence is not necessarily being aware of your environment. Presence is not necessarily being aware of what you are doing. Presence is not even necessarily being aware of what type of energy you are projecting.

(Speaking very clearly and slowly) “Presence is being aware that you actually exist and experiencing the existence of yourself. This is a very significant subject. It is one that is quite unfamiliar to most individuals throughout your reality. But in shifting and in the movement that is occurring in this time framework and the ease in which opposition is being expressed, it is important to be aware of your own presence.” [session 1799, July 16, 2005]

Digests: find out more about noticing self.

“There are many, many forms of opposition that may be expressed in many moments in each of your days. At times even compromise and even acquiescing can be a form of opposing. Agitation can be a form of opposing.

“The point is – especially in this time framework, as I have stated, as it is so easily expressed to be opposing – it is highly significant that you pay attention and be aware of yourself and intentionally cooperate. Cooperation may be expressed in many avenues, and it does not include compromise. Once again, compromise is another form of opposing and therefore is not the point.

“Cooperation is an action that may be expressed and does not require agreement or like. It is not necessary for you to like certain expressions. I may express to you now, it is not even necessary for you to like other individuals. (Laughter) You all incorporate some individuals that you do not or have not liked. If you have not experienced that in your focus, which is HIGHLY unlikely, I may almost guarantee that before you choose to disengage you shall encounter someone that you do not like! (Group laughter)

“But ‘like’ is not necessary for cooperation. Agreeing with another individual or situation is not necessary for cooperation [and] in similarity to agreement or liking, is not necessary for acceptance. You may be accepting and continue to hold to your own individual guidelines, your preferences and your opinions, and hold to yourself in an appreciation of yourself and your choices but not discounting differences and what you do not like or what you do not agree with.

“It is a matter of being present with yourself, recognizing that your dislike of some expression or manifestation or individual is associated with a lack of preference of that particular expression, but it does not necessarily express that it is bad or that it must be eliminated. In the appreciation and the presence of yourself, what you alter is the threat of what you do not like or what you are not in agreement with.” [session 1799, July 16, 2005]

Exercises: find out more about conflict and opposition.

“Generally speaking, there is an element of threat associated with what you dislike. In some manner, it threatens you. There is also, generally speaking, some element of threat in what you do not agree with. If you are generating cooperation and presence with yourself and an acknowledgment in appreciation of yourself, the difference, the dislike, the disagreement shall not threaten you, and therefore you shall incorporate the objective ability to not oppose it or to not oppose yourself, of which you do both.

“You do not merely oppose outside of yourselves with other individuals; you frequently oppose yourselves. You oppose yourselves in what you create, in what you manifest, in what you do not manifest, in what you cannot manifest in your perception, in what you are not manifesting well enough or good enough or fast enough. You oppose yourselves in many, many manners quite frequently.

“But if you are genuinely present with yourself, you shall know if you are opposing, for that type of awareness of your actual existence encompasses all of yourself. It is not the identification of any of those individual elements that each of you expressed in response, but it encompasses all of them. Therefore, you shall incorporate an awareness of you. You also shall begin, in that awareness of you, to genuinely appreciate the magnificence of the being that you are, for you shall allow yourself to experience your beingness in a more continual manner, not merely in situations in which you have shot your foot! (Group laughter)

“Now; I shall open to questions in relation to YOUR experiences of being present or not being present and more so – for I am quite aware that most of you do not incorporate many examples of actually being present YET, but you shall! – but more so sharing, and we shall discuss examples of opposing, for this is very significant in this time framework. Let me express to you, my friends, it matters not whether you actually participate in some mass event that is disturbing to you; physically, you are participating regardless. Therefore, it is the manner in which you are participating that is significant.

“I am aware that all of you would choose, in your common terms, in your perceptions, to generate what you would term to be the perfect world. In actuality, it is already perfect in the manner it is expressed. But your idea of the perfect world would be Utopia, one of continuous harmony, or at least one in which there is not severe violence and one in which you are not generating such severity in extremes in opposition. But masses are comprised of individuals; there can be no mass without individuals. Therefore, it is the energy of the individuals that create the mass and the energy of the individuals that ripple throughout consciousness that create opposition or cooperation.

“As you perceive extreme situations and extreme expressions occurring within your reality, what type of energy are you projecting and which are you contributing to? Opposition or cooperation? Do you cooperate or do you oppose in your interactions with the individuals within your environment? Are you cooperating or opposing with yourselves? What type of actions and interactions are you yourselves generating? For that is not merely confined to your individual environment. Consciousness is consciousness, and it is all interconnected. Whatever you express is connected to all other expressions of consciousness and is generating a contribution.

“What you do not like within your world presently and what you do not agree with presently you can express cooperation with and generate alterations. But if you are opposing in equal measure to what you oppose, you merely perpetuate that type of energy being expressed within your reality. If you express similar energy in opposition to the actions of other individuals as has motivated them, you are expressing no differently in your energy.” [session 1799, July 16, 2005]

Exercises: find out more about conflict and opposition.

“Expressing you and your preferences, being present with yourself, recognizing your motivation in each situation – that is significantly important. It is not a matter of offering yourself permission in the guise of freedom to express in any manner, for that generates allowing yourself to also be intrusive, which is not acceptable. It is a matter of being responsible to yourself. That is your greatest responsibility.

“The challenge is that you are familiar with assuming personal responsibility for every other individual within your environment and not yourself. You concentrate your attention upon other individuals and what they should or should not do, or how they should or should not behave, or how you want them to behave or how you do not want them to behave, and generate expectations of other individuals, which is a reflection of the expectations you place upon yourself. Being aware of your own motivations is significant.” [session 1799, July 16, 2005]

Digests: find out more about accepting self.

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Resources for Newcomers

New to the information? Want to share it with someone else? Here are some great pages to read and/or print out to share with friends and family:

> Introduction & Overview

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> “the secret of life”

> New & Updated! NIRAA - A Summary of Accepting Self

> About Elias

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New & Updated!

The website is a work in progress! New transcripts come out almost every week that further expand the information offered to date by Elias. New excerpts are added to various Digests every month, and new Exercises, too, when new material is offered.

New & Updated! Exercises

> appreciate yourself

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> NIRAA - A Summary of Accepting Self

New & Updated! Updated Digests

> accepting self

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Recently Published Transcripts: August 2005

Thanks to Bobbi Houle, Paul Tews, Daryl Horton, Fran Wing, and Donna Friedman, new transcripts are published weekly. If you or someone you know wants to get ON or OFF the email list to receive new transcripts, contact Bobbi H. at Please specify a preference, either MS Word or Plain Text.

> Session 1234, Monday, January 06, 2003
“The ‘Elias Family’ Session”
“Pooled Energy of Groups”

> Session 1235, Tuesday, January 07, 2003
“Scatteredness and Repetitiveness in Communication”
“Moving from One Expressed Belief to Another”

> Session 1236, Tuesday, January 07, 2003
“Just Please Tell Me”
“Self-Discovery: Your Most Important Tool Is To Be Noticing”

> Session 1237, Wednesday, January 08, 2003
“More on Projecting”
“Achieving Goals”

> Session 1238, Wednesday, January 08, 2003
“Comparison Creates a Tremendous Obstacle”
“Agitation and Frustration with Other Individuals”

> Session 1239, Wednesday, January 08, 2003*

> Session 1240, Thursday, January 09, 2003
“Choosing a Different Belief”
“Acknowledge Your Abilities”

> Session 1241, Thursday, January 09, 2003
“Interrupting a Familiar Pattern”
“Take a Walk and Offer Yourself Appreciation”

> Session 1242, Friday, January 10, 2003

> Session 1243, Friday, January 10, 2003
“Crystal Ball Questions, Psychics, and Suggestibility”

> Session 1244, Friday, January 10, 2003*

> Session 1799, Saturday, July 16, 2005
“Being Present with Yourself”
“Being Aware of Your Own Opposition”
“Exercise: Appreciating Yourself”

*unpublished by request.

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Monthly Musings - The Ten Beliefs Systems: Truth

Last month we took time out to honor our friend who passed away, Margot Reed. For those interested, please see her In Memoriam page in the Library. Also, please note that we updated our site dedications on the home page and introduction page to include Margot.

This month we return to our exploration of the ten core belief systems that Elias introduced in March 1999.

Digests of Essential Elias relationships (interpersonal/intrapersonal = other/self)
Digests of Essential Elias duplicity (morality/ethics)
Digests of Essential Elias sexuality (sexuality/gender/orientation/preference)
Digests of Essential Elias truth (relative truths/Absolute Truth)
Digests of Essential Elias emotion (emotional/feeling)
Digests of Essential Elias perception (perceptual/attention)
Digests of Essential Elias the senses (inner/physical sensing)
Digests of Essential Elias religious/spirituality (exoteric/esoteric)
Digests of Essential Elias scientific/elements of physical reality (scientific/rational)
Digests of Essential Elias physical creation of the universe, including accidents and coincidences (creation mythos)

Given that we’ve been surfing the truth wave in consciousness for over two years now, it seems appropriate to explore the belief system of truth this month. Elias has pointed out that there are essentially two types of truth, one relative to our belief systems, and one that is Absolute. However, Elias’ two truths are different from, say, the Buddhist doctrine of two truths. The latter is a nondual teaching by Nagarjuna of the Madhyamika school who showed conclusively that there is relative and Absolute Truth. The relative is limited to our physical world and perception, but the Absolute is completely indescribable and ineffable, and any attempt to describe it in words, thoughts, or symbols instantly contradicts itself because the nondual Absolute Truth has no complement, no opposite, no dualistic counterpart, and so it must be directly experienced by consciousness as consciousness itself. Anything less is inherently dualistic and relative, not Absolute.

I mention this only to show that what Elias teaches is hardly new, but forms a unique variation on the Buddhist notion of two truths. What makes Elias’ unique is that rather than focus on Ultimate Reality, nondual All-That-Is as the only expression of Absolute Universal Truth, he defines Absolute Universals as those qualities or characteristics of the action of consciousness itself that apply in some way to ALL of consciousness. To date, Elias has outlined four Regional Areas of Consciousness, but beyond them lie what he calls pools of consciousness, even wider aspects of essence.

The point, then, is that according to Elias, whatever qualities we consider as Absolute Universals must apply in some form to ALL Regional Areas and pools of consciousness, as well as whatever may lie further inward. Seen in this light, Elias has offered the following Absolute Universal qualities of consciousness to date:

> reality
> color
> tone
> energy
> vibration
> reality creation
> personality
> consciousness
> imagination
> love
> multidimensionality
> essence
> objective/subjective awareness

As you can see, these are fairly abstract concepts because they must apply within all of consciousness, Elias’ term for All-That-Is. Accordingly, wherever we are, whatever focus of attention we hold, all links of consciousness are imbued with these characteristics, and further, they form the foundation for all creativity, spontaneity, and cooperation within All-That-Is.

Now we began with Absolute Universals because they are somewhat easier to conceptualize than the relative nature of our belief systems. As such, the belief system of truth can become a slippery slope with little traction. For example, at times we say, “they’re all relative” or “It’s all point of view” and thus assume that “it matters not” means nothing matters, because there is no Absolute Universal sense of good/bad, right/wrong, or health/pathology. Nothing could be further from the truth! (pun intended ;-)

For as we’ve seen in previous Monthly Musings on the NIRAA practice, this is not what Elias is saying at all. Things do matter, and our belief system of truth, relative as it may be is still the currency with which we create our physical experience. As such, they are very, very important. And it’s important to learn to notice, recognize, address to, and accept just what our personal truths are because they have such a strong influence on our reality creation.

Here’s more from Elias on this rich topic.

ELIAS: “Belief systems are those inventions that you create to explain what you do not understand. Truths are unchanging. Reality is a truth, but your viewing of reality is a belief system.” [session 45, October 15, 1995]

ELIAS: “It matters not what each individual believes within their religious belief systems, or their political belief systems, or their social belief systems. They shall know truth. It matters not the intensity of their belief systems. The truth will ring within them. They may incorporate difficulty in reconciling themselves to a cooperation of some information as opposed to their belief systems, but they shall develop a ‘method’ to incorporate the truth into their accepted belief systems. They may rearrange the concepts, they may change the words; but the truth shall be at its base.” [session 139, December 12, 1996]

ELIAS: “You shall become aware that I speak of truths seldom, for truths are constants and absolutes throughout all of consciousness, which within any particular dimension, they are not recognized. They are distorted and not completely understood, and the importance placed on them is little. You search for truths within your beliefs and you look to philosophical areas or religious areas. Truths, within consciousness, are those elements of consciousness that are within ALL dimensions and that hold an element of significance within ALL areas of consciousness, physical and nonphysical. Their translation may be different, but they are constants. Color is one. Tone is another.” [session 275, April 23, 1998]

ELIAS: “A truth, as I have expressed, may be defined as an expression that holds throughout all dimensions and throughout all aspects of consciousness.

“Many of the expressions that you create within this particular physical dimension are relative to this dimension and NOT applicable within other dimensions or other areas of consciousness, even mathematics. (Laughing) This is not the universal language! Ha ha ha ha ha!” [session 800, March 18, 2001]

ELIAS: “Love is a truth, and the translation within your physical dimension of love is not attraction. It is that of knowing and appreciation, genuine appreciation, which appreciation is expressed in acceptance. In this, the knowing is also significant, actual knowing of yourself and knowing of another individual and expressing an acceptance which generates an appreciation. This is the genuine expression of love.

“This is not to discount your feelings and your expression in relation to another individual, for you do express affection and attraction, but there are also other expressions which are generated in association with beliefs: expectations upon yourself, expectations concerning the other individual, expectations concerning relationships and how they should be generated and expressed, how you should be expressing within a relationship, and also underlyingly what you genuinely desire in your own expression, without expectations and without anticipation of the other individual’s perception or what they generate, but genuinely focusing upon yourself and allowing yourself to express your genuine offering of energy and not denying that expression within yourself.

“A genuine expression of love between individuals objectively is the expression of allowance of yourself to generate what you want without restriction...” [session 997, January 26, 2002]

JO: “Is there an element of humor that’s a truth?”

ELIAS: “This is associated with your physical dimension. Therefore in a manner of speaking, as associated with emotional communications, it is not necessarily relevant to other dimensions or areas of consciousness, and therefore may not necessarily be translatable in another manner. Truths are translatable in some manner in EVERY area of consciousness.”

JO: “I’m not sure I want to go, then! (Elias laughs with the group) If there aren’t any laughs...”

ELIAS: “Ha ha ha ha! Another element to appreciate within your physical dimension!” [session 1167, October 26, 2002]

ELIAS: “Truth in association with your physical dimension incorporates little interplay in your expressed values. Truth is not what you assess it to be. There are many truths within consciousness, but the expression of them within your reality appears to be insignificant.

“The one truth that you somewhat value – somewhat – is love. But I express to you that you ‘somewhat’ value it for, for the most part you incorporate an incorrect definition of it as a truth; therefore your understanding of the truth of love is limited.

“Most truths that hold within consciousness you would deem to be insignificant and not necessarily valuable to your exploration within this physical dimension, for you are more familiar with the expression of beliefs.

“Is there an expressed truth in beliefs? No. Do you seek to find the expressed truth in beliefs? Yes, and this is your snare. For there is no expressed truth in beliefs, and this is what you are moving into an awareness of in the action of this shift: being aware of your beliefs, recognizing that they are not your enemy, they are merely the design of this physical dimension, and you are not singular and you are not merely this one attention. You are essence, and as essence you incorporate countless, literally numberless, attentions.” [session 1290, March 15, 2003]

ELIAS: “THAT [i.e. beliefs expressed as Absolute Universal Truth] is what is being addressed in this wave in association with this belief system of truth. You express it each and every day within your focuses. You associate with it continuously. Many of your automatic responses are associated within yourselves as truth.

Many of your beliefs are not even identified as beliefs, for you identify them as truth. Therefore they are not questioned. You do what you do, for this is true. You do not question many expressions within your environments and within each other, for you assess that they are truths and therefore they are absolutes within YOUR estimations.

This particular belief system may be one of the most insidious and one of the most difficult to identify and to notice, for this particular wave addresses to all of those automatic responses that you do not notice, and you identify them as merely truth. Therefore, they are entirely unquestioned.

You all incorporate many beliefs that you do not notice, that you do not pay attention to, that you do not question, for you assume that it is a truth and there is no other manner in which it may be perceived. This generates tremendous conflict, for it is a tremendous lack of acceptance.

This is what generates the tremendous conflict that you witness now within your planet, within your world: individuals that express their truths and their differences in their truths, and there is no bending. For you do not question your own truths, and therefore they must be absolute and they must be accepted by all other individuals, for your truth is THE truth and another individual’s truth is wrong, and it is questioned.

I expressed previously that there was a possibility that you would be addressing the belief system of emotion, and that altered. That has been altered in association with the mass expression of energy which is occurring throughout your world, not merely in this small area. But the tremendous expression of conflict which is being exhibited throughout your world has moved the collective consciousness in the direction of choosing THIS belief system to be addressing now.

In this, I may express to each of you, I am aware of the challenge that you are incorporating even identifying your own expressed beliefs in this time framework. Now it is more challenging, for you are not merely moving yourselves into an awareness of identifying your own expressed beliefs but becoming aware of what your truths are, and recognizing that they are not truths.” [session 1368, June 07, 2003]

PAT: “Does essence have its truth, or only as focuses do we have truths?”

ELIAS: “Essence is consciousness, and there are some expressions of consciousness that would be considered truths; but those are truths that are not associated with beliefs. A truth that is not associated with beliefs may be translatable in some manner in every area of consciousness, regardless of whether it is physical or non-physical, but they are not associated with what you term to be concepts or ideas.” (Laughter) [session 1496, January 17, 2004]

ELENA: “Earlier did you say that there are truths unconnected to belief systems?”

ELIAS: “Yes.”

ELENA: “Can you tell us about that?”

ELIAS: “These are truths that are qualities of consciousness. They are not expressions of beliefs and they are translatable within every area of consciousness in some manner. They are not associated with concept. They are associated with action.”

ELENA: “Like what kind of action?”

ELIAS: “Choice.”

ELENA: “Are there any others?”

ELIAS: “There are many different expressions of truths. I have offered some listing of truths previously...”

ELENA: “Color?”

ELIAS: “Yes. Tone, consciousness, reality. There are many, but they are actions. They are not concepts, for consciousness is an action. It is not a thing. Therefore the truths are not things.

“Truths that we are speaking of in this conversation are YOUR truths in association with your beliefs. They are beliefs that you have generated into absolutes, and therefore they become your truths. But your truths are not true.” [session 1496, January 17, 2004]

ELIAS: “Experience is what generates reality. If you have not generated an experience, it is concept. It is not that you may not incorporate some understanding of some expressions – you may, intellectually – but it is not reality if you have not offered yourself the actual experience. It is concept, and that is different. In this, as real as all of your experiences are to you and as right as your right experiences are to you, another individual may express very differently, and their experience and their right is equally as right to them.

“Therefore if you are aware of your own truths, of your own beliefs, of your own guidelines, recognizing that they are your truths but they are not true, therefore they are merely your truths – regardless of how many other individuals share similarities in your truths.

“Generally speaking, all individuals generally draw most other individuals in similarity to themselves in association with their truths. Generally speaking, you shall not incorporate a group of individuals in which half of the individuals are crusading for peace and for nonviolence and are harmoniously interacting with the other half who are crusading for terrorism. You shall draw to yourself individuals or an environment that is similar to you and your truths.

“Let me express to you, if you witnessed another individual being what you perceive to be unkind in association with race, if you witnessed another individual expressing harshly and what you assess as hatefully to another individual in that type of scenario, I may suggest to you that you could incorporate interaction and conversation with fifty or more other individuals that you could relay and share that experience with and they would all agree with your assessment of it.

“Conversely, another individual may view you as weak and not protective of your environment or your family and not perceiving the threat that is quite real in their reality. They may express to fifty or more other individuals in opposition to you and your position, and all of those individuals would agree with them also, for that is what you draw to yourself. That does not mean you are right. It merely means that you draw similarity to yourself to reinforce your own rightness – but it is not true.

“In recognizing your own beliefs and the lack of truth to them, you recognize that they are not wrong, they are not bad, and that they are efficient for you but they are not necessarily applicable to other individuals. It is not a matter of altering other individuals. It is a matter of you engaging your creativity to discover a manner in which you can generate a cooperation with other individuals in which you are not compromising you but you are also not discounting or opposing the other individual. Let me express to you, if you are not projecting an opposing energy to another individual, whether you dislike them or disagree with them, the other individual shall not project an opposing energy to you either, which neutralizes the conflict.” [session 1799, July 16, 2005]

Further, it’s important to understand the difference between how these relative beliefs apply to us in physical focus, but not to essence. For example, Elias said:

“Here we enter into another area of misinterpretation! You automatically move into the areas of placing judgments and misinterpretations upon this information. I offer you realities, truth within essence, but I have also stated to you many times that your physical reality IS YOUR REALITY. Therefore, within your physical reality you DO hold right and wrong, good and bad, AS REALITY. You DO hold very strong belief systems in what is acceptable and what is not acceptable. When I am expressing to you that there is no right and wrong and that all is an agreement, this is WITHIN ESSENCE. But your physical reality IS reality, and therefore you have created rules that you abide by that make up your officially accepted reality. In this, agreements, which I have stated many times previously, are not the same as what your thought process in physical focus dictates.” [session 260, Sunday, January 18, 1998]

So it’s important not to confuse the essence and focus perspectives when addressing to our beliefs about truth in the physical world. In terms of moral truth, then, Elias repeatedly states that values like good/evil, right/wrong, scientific facts, even mathematics, are all belief systems relative to our physical world, cultural contexts, and focus personalities. But again, just because they are not Universals doesn’t mean that our beliefs aren’t very important in practical terms, they ultimately are! That’s why Elias has recently begun pointing out that we won’t eliminate belief systems in the shift, but gain deeper appreciation of our own opinions and preferences of good/bad, right/wrong, and health/pathology.

So the simple practice for this month is to NIRAA our own truths in terms of good and bad, right and wrong, healthy and pathological for a week. Seven whole days. First, simply notice every time we judge, discern, or express a preference. Just notice. Don’t identify or label or analyze. Just notice. Then, during a second week notice and identify truths connected to daily actions, from the way we eat food (taste good?), wash our clothes (clean is good?), drive our car (stupid drivers are bad?), shop (sales are good?), listen to music (that song sucked?), watch TV (that person is bad?), read the newspaper (Hurricane’s are awful?), or Internet (web sites are cool?). As usual, don’t go crazy, simply do the practice for 5-10 minutes throughout each day, and let it go at that. The basic idea, as always, is to notice self in relation to others, and be consistent with the practice. With a little persistence, you will begin to notice how deeply this belief system really penetrates to the core of our being.

Finally, our impression is that the truth wave crested earlier this month, and is beginning to give way to yet another wave. But it will take some time for this roller coaster to lay its weary head to rest. And, seeing how Elias mentioned that we briefly flirted with a new wave on emotions before settling for the truth wave, we sense that Hurricane Katrina marks the ramping up of a new wave of emotion. So, we’ll explore the belief system of emotion next month.

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At this time in our world we are all asking questions of ourselves and others such as, “What is my purpose?” and “What is truth?” and “What is death?” We are questioning the validity of our governments and our religious institutions. The Shift: A Time of Change offers the answer to these questions.

First time author David Tate has waded through the voluminous information delivered by Elias/Mary Ennis to compile a GEM of the Elias material and has shaped The Shift: A Time of Change into a definitive reference guide of the most popular topics of the Elias material.

All of the readers of the popular Seth/Jane Roberts books will identify with the information delivered by Elias/Mary Ennis in that it is channelled material. Like Seth, Elias is an essence who brings forth explanations of our world, ourselves and that we create our reality. The mantra, “You create your own reality,” was originated by Seth. Seth further explained that our beliefs create our reality. However, Elias clarifies that in order to change our realities we must accept our beliefs.

In The Shift, Elias delves deep into the fundamental questions we all have concerning truth, karma, beliefs systems and God.

“You are moving to the creation of a new expression of your physical reality as you know it. In this, not only your technology shall advance and be created differently, but all of your reality shall be altered and shall be different.”


The Shift: A Time of Change is a compilation of transcripts that have been delivered by Elias/Mary Ennis since 1995. The phenomenon of Elias began in 1995 and, through Mary Ennis, Elias has given private and group readings to people around the globe. This book encompasses the gems of that information that addresses everyone on the planet.

This is the first book within a series.


    The Shift
    Elias in his own words
Chapter 1     Your Purpose Is Experience
Chapter 2     The Shift
Chapter 3     A Shifty Question
Chapter 4     Why Are We Here?
Chapter 5     Who Am I and What Is Essence?
Chapter 6     What About God?
Chapter 7     What Is Truth?
Chapter 8     A Divine Plan
Chapter 9     Intent – Desire
Chapter 10   If It Isn’t Fun, Don’t Do It!
Chapter 11   You Shall Not Betray You
Chapter 12   Birth–Death–Transition
Chapter 13   Regional Areas of Consciousness
Chapter 14   Reincarnation
Chapter 15   Karma
Chapter 16   Belief Systems
Chapter 17   Duplicity
Chapter 18   Mass Belief Systems
Chapter 19   New Horizons
Appendix 1   The Sapling Story
Appendix 2   Glossary of Terms

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