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ELIAS: “You may construct a new city, which will be belonging to you. Remember, this will be for what you term future focuses to view, and as the Seers, what do you wish to leave them? They shall uncover your city and your instructions and your imagination. What will you leave them to be finding, ruins or imagination? I would construct a living city to be discovered!

Therefore, you have many elements that you may create to be placed into this creation of this city, and you have vast leeway for imagination. Enlist the help of your essence aspects and your blinking out to help you to construct an imaginative scene, remembering that each piece that you place into this city will be added to all others, and all will be incorporated together. Therefore, do not be creating upside-down buildings hanging in the sky, for who will live there? Each creation that you design becomes a reality. Remember this.” [session 45, October 15, 1995]

Digests: find out more about the city.

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