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ELIAS: “I offer to you this exercise. Allow yourselves a quiet time frame; not a sleep state, but merely quietness and relaxation. As you move into a quiet relaxation, allow yourselves a pleasant visualization. I shall offer you an example which you may choose to engage, or you may create your own if you are so choosing. I shall offer to you:

Envision yourselves upon the top of a mountain. Quietly sit upon the top of this mountain, recognizing and visualizing all of the aspects that you may view within your actual physical reality, noticing the rocks, the plants, the sky, the breeze. Feel the air upon your physical skin. Allow yourselves to move fully into the experience of the visualization; not merely the visualization, but the EXPERIENCE of the visualization. Spend some of your time within this visualizing state, allowing yourself sense data in this state. Allow yourself to smell the vegetation around you, the earth, the rocks. Allow yourself to engage all of your senses – your outer senses – within this state of visualization. As you move into the total experience of this visualization in this relaxed state, create a moment to SNAP yourselves.

Before you enter this visualization, create a direction that you are choosing to move into and engage with. ‘I wish to visit an acquaintance within another location. I wish to visit another physical location upon my planet. I wish to engage and visit another dimension.’ But choose specifically. Be directed in your choice, for this is your practicing. Later, as you accomplish more easily, you need not be so directed in where you choose to be projecting to, for it shall become automatic and you may move freely, but initially it is helpful if you are focused and you hold an idea, a thought of a destination. This offers you more directedness, which is familiar to you. One of the reasons that individuals find difficulty in this action of projection is that it is unfamiliar to them. Therefore, they enter the area of fearfulness and they hold to their energy and they do not accomplish objectively projecting. Therefore, if you offer yourselves some elements of familiarity within your behavior, this shall be quelling of some aspects of your fearfulness.

If you are choosing to be creating or inventing of a cord that tethers you to your physical body, you may, although this is very unnecessary and is merely a projection that you create or invent to offer yourselves a feeling of safety in an unfamiliar action. In actuality, there is no thread that tethers you to your physical body, for you are not removing entirely from your physical body. An element of your subjective awareness continues to be maintaining your physical form for a period of time. Therefore, your physical form continues to function as if within a sleep state.

Now; I shall deviate briefly and express to you that this is not to say that you may not entirely remove your consciousness from your physical body in this state and that your physical body consciousness may not continue to be functioning for a number of hours, but ONLY for a number of hours without the direction of your consciousness. But we are not speaking of advanced class in projection! We are speaking of remedial projection presently, and the beginner’s course! (Chuckling, and laughter)

Therefore, as you choose your direction, repeat this to yourself several times before entering into your visualization. Offer yourself a trigger. You may incorporate a physical aspect – an alarm, a bell – to be signaling you as to your SNAP point if you are so choosing, but this is unnecessary. If you ARE choosing to be incorporating outside physical interruption of your visualization, you may set your tone, your bell, to be interrupting you subsequent to approximately ten minutes of your visualization. You may, if choosing, set this for slightly longer, but it is unnecessary. In actuality, you may move quite quickly into a visualization and hold yourself within the experience of the visualization. It is not requiring of extended time periods of tremendous ‘meditation’ as you view it, (humorously) that you must be incorporating hours of your time frame to be connecting with yourself! You automatically move into this direction, and therefore, if you are offering yourself a visualization you shall be engaging this, and it is unnecessary to be incorporating inner chattering.

As you have incorporated the experience of involving all of your outer senses in your visualization and you have moved entirely into the visualization, at that point pull to yourself your direction immediately, quickly. Offer yourself the thought of your direction. This shall be your SNAP. You are interrupting your quietness, your relaxation of your visualization, and thrusting yourself into your direction.

Once you have created your SNAP, wait ... and within this waiting you may be experiencing within very few minutes, within less than five of your minutes, the sensation and the movement of yourself into the recognition of the projection, and a new visual shall appear to you.

You shall also hold an awareness of yourself in what YOU term to be an astral body. There is no astral body. It is merely a difference in consciousness, and your manifestation of what is familiar to you. Therefore, you manifest what you think of as an astral body, for you may recognize yourself in this. You may look at yourself and see the familiar body form, and this shall not be surprising to you or fearful to you. You may move freely about, and you may also allow yourself the reassurance, once you have entered into this state, that no harmfulness shall befall you within this state.

Although you may create certain situations even within a projecting state that shall be physically affecting of your physical form, within the state of projecting you shall not hold an awareness of the physical affectingness. Example: You may choose to be moving through a field. You may create stubbing your foot upon a rock in this field, and you may return to your physical body and you may view a physical bruise upon your physical foot, for your body is affected, for it is an aspect of you. It is not separated from you. Once again, it is not a vessel! It is a manifestation, a projection of essence, and is your creation of your physical mirror image of you. Therefore, it is continuously connected to your consciousness and is affected, but I shall also express to you that for the most part individuals do not engage situations that shall be physically affecting of their physical body form while they are participating within a projection state.

Once in this state, you may freely manipulate. You may move into the area of playfulness and you may emulate your belief systems of ghosts. You may move through walls. You may project to any area upon your physical planet that you are so choosing. You may pierce veils of dimensions. You may enter other areas of consciousness. You may play with time. You may project forward, so to speak – although there is no forward – in time and visit futurely, or you may project backward in time – although there is no backward – and you may visit what you view to be past elements of your history.

It is entirely your choice in your playfulness, of that which you choose to be investigating. You may also encounter and engage other focuses of your own essence within this state of projection. This is another manner in which you may engage your other focuses beside your new game of hypnosis or meditation or dream state. This offers you merely another avenue to be investigating of different elements of yourself and your reality and all that you create.

Do not allow yourselves to move into the area of discouragement if you are not accomplishing initially upon your first attempt at this exercise, for many individuals already hold an extreme fearfulness in this area. Therefore, this is quite holding to your energy, but I shall express to you that within your SNAP, you also move into the position of not allowing yourself the thought process of fearfulness. You interrupt your fearfulness, for you are surprising yourself quickly. Therefore, you allow yourselves to plunge into the unfamiliar before you allow yourself your element of fear. This offers you the opportunity to be slightly more successful initially than you may be in attempting other ‘methods,’ so to speak, which you are all so very, very fond of and are continuously inquiring of, that I be offering you ‘methods’ to be moving through consciousness! There you have it! A method! (Laughing) Many other individuals connecting with this information of this evening shall be quite pleased at the engagement that Elias has offered a method, and we shall all cheer! (Still laughing, and the group cracks up) Appreciate this well, for I offer this very seldom!” [session 291, June 26, 1998]


NANCY: Regarding projection and being directed as to where it is you want to go, is it a matter more of unclutteredness and simplicity of mind? Where does intention come in, and what kind of impact would intention have on the equation to facilitate the process?

ELIAS: I may express to you that within your intention, this may be quite motivating and may be helpful in the regard that if you are merely whimsically creating of the direction ‘I wish to be engaging a visitation of the Bahamas merely for the reason that I choose to be vacationing,’ in difference to ‘I shall be projecting specifically to be viewing a certain area, another aspect of myself as another focus, another individual or activity within my present focus, an acquaintance, that I may offer myself the validation that I have accomplished,’ these aspects, these intentions may be more motivating. If you hold questioning in a certain area, as do some individuals – ‘I have lost, so to speak, a family member. I do not know objectively where they may be found upon the planet presently. I wish to be projecting to be engaging this individual and recognizing objectively their location.’ – this shall be a motivating factor; individuals that are separated, family members or friends, this is a very motivating factor.

Therefore, the intention does have a playing element in this action of your SNAP and shall be more motivating and offer you more successfulness than if you are merely projecting with little motivation, merely to be visiting an element of your planet that you have never physically viewed objectively within your particular focus before. Therefore, yes, it shall be helpful to you.

But the most important aspect of this exercise is the SNAP – that action which shall catch you off your guard, so to speak, which shall project you, which shall interrupt your flow during your time of relaxation and shall not allow you the objective time framework to be moving yourself objectively into fearfulness.

Now; I may also express to you that once you find yourself projecting, you may immediately project back, for you shall recognize that you have projected and you shall be engaging your fear element. But you have also offered yourself in this activity the validation that you may be accomplishing, therefore also offering yourself the motivation to continue practicing, and practicing offers you familiarity, and familiarity offers you ease and effortlessness. Therefore, practice is quite beneficial to you.

SALLY: ... We all talked together at the break, and we were wondering if you could clear up to us about the SNAP in the out-of-body experience. How do you create the SNAP so that you DO go out-of-body?

ELIAS: As I have stated, initially choose a direction. Choose a focus that you hold an intention to be projecting to. Once you have allowed yourself the entire mergence into the visualization and the experience of the visualization, offer yourself a very quick break in that experience and enter the thought quickly of your direction. Alter your attention immediately. Do not hesitate, but immediately alter your attention and place your attention from the area of the relaxation and the experience of the visualization immediately into the thought of the direction, and in this you shall be creating of a physical SNAP within you, for you are essentially altering your state from this consuming relaxation and participation in experience of the visualization into an immediate different state of a thought, and in this you create the SNAP.

Once you have created the immediacy of the thought, which moves your attention instantaneously from your visualization into a thought process, do not allow yourself to be drifting into other thoughts. Merely offer yourself the immediate thought of your direction, and then hold. Wait. Allow yourself to hold within the thought.

It is unnecessary to be repeating the thought to yourself: ‘I am projecting to my acquaintance. I am projecting to my acquaintance. I am projecting to my acquaintance.’ This is unnecessary. You need merely offer yourself the thought instantaneously once, and then hold with that thought, and within a very short time period, so to speak, within one to five of your minutes, your visual shall begin to materialize and you shall begin to feel your experience in moving into the projection.

Now; do not confuse yourselves by entering belief systems into this action. In this my meaning is, do not allow yourselves to move into the direction of anticipating certain expected activity, (humorously) such as an actual viewing of yourself moving out of your body and turning to view your lifeless body sitting or lying within your room! Do not concern yourself with this action. Once you have become more familiar with the action of projection and once you have eliminated your fear aspect, you may allow yourself this opportunity to be viewing your physical form as you project away from your physical form, but that action in itself may become fearful to you.

Therefore, do not concern yourself with viewing your physical form as you are leaving. You may instantaneously project from your physical body and instantaneously appear at your destination. You do not need to be traveling in the manner that you travel objectively physically. Physically, your movement is limited to time frameworks and to motion in the manner of propelling yourself by movement of your physical body or by a vehicle in which you travel AROUND space. You do not travel through space. You travel in and around space. Within projection, you travel THROUGH space. Therefore, it is unnecessary for vehicles, for you may instantaneously appear at your destination.

Therefore, in this I express to you to be accepting of however you choose to be projecting and your manifestation of that projection, and not anticipating or expecting a certain ‘method’ for its accomplishment, for if you are expecting a certain method, such as viewing your body and moving slowly away from your body, you shall also incorporate your fearfulness, and this shall propel you back to your physical form. Therefore, merely be accepting of however you have chosen to create your projection, recognizing that you shall choose the most efficient manner to be projecting without fearfulness.

You may find yourself partially upon your journey to your destination or you may find yourself instantaneously at your destination. You may choose to be projecting to another individual which lives within your town. You may find yourself within your projection midway to that person’s location, and you may find that you are creating that you must walk – or fly! – the rest of the way to be connecting with the actual physical location of the individual you intend to be encountering, or you may immediately project to the actual location of the other individual, if this is your choice of your direction. Be accepting of whatever your manner is in your projection and allowing yourself the freedom to continue with your movement in this.

Look to the experience once you have accomplished the beginning of the projection. If you are experiencing a slight element of fearfulness, remind yourself that this is a wondrous adventure and this is FUN! In this you shall also be stifling of your fearfulness. Be wondrous in your adventure, and you shall quell your apprehensions and allow yourself the accomplishment of your projection.

Also, do not be discounting of yourselves if you are experiencing a partial projection but you are also snapping yourselves back to your familiarity of your physical form, for you have accomplished initially. Therefore, do not allow yourselves to be moving into the area of frustration and berating yourselves and reinforcing your own issues in duplicity, but be acknowledging of yourselves and expressing to yourselves what wondrous creatures you are that you have accomplished even partially, for this offers you the opportunity to accomplish again and to be practicing more, for you have already offered yourselves your validation that you hold the ability to be accomplishing.” [session 291, June 26, 1998]

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