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ELIAS: “I understand these are difficult concepts. You have no past, as you think of it, as you have no future. You only have your present, but I shall retract the word ‘only’ as your present is all encompassing of all things, of all time, of all focuses simultaneously happening now. In my desire to help you, I came here only to instruct that you will increase your awareness of all that you are. Therefore, when your age and your focus shifts as a whole, it will already be familiar to you. You will not experience trauma.

“You all notice a change in consciousness of your world. Even those who are unaware notice a changing shift in consciousness. (1) This is a new emergence into a wonderful awareness that you have all agreed and decided to accomplish. You are moving in an age not unlike that of your beginnings of your Christian church, a tremendous conscious effort in creativity and motion which changed the focus of your world for a great duration of time, in your terms, of this planet.

“Another great shift is happening. This is because you are ready and anxious. Some are more ready than others. This focus is not one that you are familiar with. This is why we choose to help in avoiding trauma.

“This is not a religious focus, as you may be used to. This is a new emergence of your consciousness in union with its own essence – a widening of your awareness and vision. You, here, already are experiencing this shift. You are aware of yourselves shifting each day. What you will accomplish will be of amazement to you. Your essence is truly a wonderful thing, capable of more than your imagination can understand in this focus.

“You are many more things than you realize. This is why I direct you to focus with your dreams. You spend, as I have stated, many of your hours in this sleep state. Do you believe this is because your physical body needs to sleep? No, it is not. (Laughter)

(Smiling) “Your physical body may be regenerated with energy by not exercising and being quiet. It is not for the benefit of your physical body that you engage in [a] sleep state. A baby does not exercise much, but it is in a sleep state much more than you as an adult. This is because it recognizes its connection to its essence and prefers its own company.

“You, through your lifetime in your terms, have disconnected far. Your sleep state is your reconnection state. In not discounting your waking physical experience, I would instruct you though, that it is of much importance in the focus of this shift that you connect yourselves in your sleep state more attentatively. This will offer you much understanding and glimpses of what I speak to you of. You will find it will be much easier for you to understand concepts that I offer you if you are noticing the action and interaction in your sleep state. If you are experiencing difficulty in connecting in this area, you may practice in your waking state.

“In practicing in waking state, you can artificially produce similar experiences in games. You may, if you focus – excuse… (Smiling, closing and opening his eyes several times, as though listening to someone else) I am receiving a suggestion. (2)

“In contrary to only explaining, and in acceptance of [a] suggestion, I will invite you to experience a very small game now. You may focus in your thoughts of one experience. Choose something, [such] as a trip to the beach, or a Fourth of July, or a Christmas experience. Focus on the individual experience of your choice. In doing this, do not focus too intently; allow your mind to drift. As it drifts, you will notice other pictures, or impressions, or feelings related to this event that was your original focus.

“These other thoughts may take on thoughts of their own that are completely unrelated to the original thought. You will notice an expansion of thoughts. As these thoughts expand, they will appear to you to be as symbols. You may interpret them in the same way that you interpret your dreams.

(Vic’s note: here, there is a 23-second pause during which we all attempt this exercise.)

“You may practice small exercise games as this often. This will show you, in waking physical terms, how your mind expands automatically, given its own space. In this, in allowing yourself a new freedom in not holding your thoughts so carefully, you may find it easier to move through your sleep state.

“What creates ease in any situation is a familiarity. When something is not familiar, you are not at ease with it. Therefore, you do not allow its natural flow. This is true with all things – everything we have already spoken of, and all things we will speak of in future times, in your terms. (Smiling)

“Do not be concerned if you cannot interpret what is happening in dreams. It is not important initially. We were addressed with a dream of a small house. Dreams are multidimensional. Often, if you recreate a certain dream, in physical terms more than one time, you do this because you are, so to speak, getting ready to create in physical terms.

“Everything is created – energy-wise – in your ‘other-conscious’ first. We will not use the term ‘un-conscious,’ for this creates a thought and a feeling of being disconnected, and not real. It makes you think in terms that you cannot connect. You see the idea of your ‘un-conscious’ as being something disconnected from you, something you must tap into. This is not true.

“Your ‘other-consciousness’ is only another focus, but is very much connected and very [much] working within every day of your lives. Your dream state is a physical expression of part of your other-consciousness. It speaks to you continuously. You also speak to it. You express desires as a little house. Your essence responds and forms pictures. Your essence offers back to your physically focused consciousness the picture of your desire. If your desire is great enough, it will work together with your essence to focus this energy into a physical manifestation.

“This is why, when I am asked about [the] interpretation of dreams, it is much more complicated than you imagine it to be. It is not merely a movie picture in your head. Each symbol that appears may be a representation of a [physically] focused desire, or it may be a symbol of a message from your essence. It may be a recognition of a simultaneous future event. It may also be a recognition of a simultaneous past event. It may be a watching, or glimpsing, or even interaction in other dimensions. It may be interaction with other essences in this dimension, or other dimensions.

“This is why you do not understand what you dream. You automatically classify all images and try to relate them to what you are physically familiar with. You attach significance only in a physical focus. When these symbols do not make sense… parenthesis….

(To Vicki) “This is incorrect?”

VICKI: “Quotation marks.”

ELIAS: “Quotation marks. When, in quotation marks, ‘this does not make sense,’ you dismiss the symbols. You think they have no validity because you do not understand them.

“Also, you will recognize in your sleeping state, time has no reference. Events may happen backwards. They may happen in a forward motion and a backward event may POP in front of them. There will seem to be no continuity. This is reality. There is no time sequence; all things are happening at once. Therefore, it is not inconsistent for events to happen out of sequence.

“We will not spend our entire session speaking of this issue, but it is important that you learn these things. These are what is involved in your shift. When you realize the greater expanse of your own essence, you will also incorporate new experiences.

“In your small waking exercise that I have given you, you will also notice a lack of time continuity. You may think of an event when you were of your age of ten. In expanding, you may have thoughts that seem, initially, to go forward to ages above ten, in your terms. Then you may experience an impression or memory of this same or related event at age seven. It will seem… jumbled up. This is the point. Period.

“In order to understand the simultaneousness of your being, you must notice these things that are expressions of it all around you. Are you understanding what I am speaking to you of?” (Pause)

GROUP: “Somewhat.”

ELIAS: “This is indicative of confusion!” (Laughter, followed by another pause.)

VICKI: “If everything is simultaneous, then haven’t we already had this experience of this transition?”

ELIAS: “It is occurring presently. Yes.”

VICKI: “The simultaneous thing gets me all twisted up, because if that’s the way it is, then why should we need any help?”

ELIAS: “You have chosen to create, for a portion of your essences, a physical linear time focus. In this one part of your essence, you are experiencing in moments of time, very slowly, a very slow vibrational quality. You do this for the experience. Sometimes in this focus, in order to experience it fully, you disconnect from your essence so far and forget so well that you forget how to remember.”

VICKI: “I understand the forgetting part.”

ELIAS: “This creates a division of this part of your essence. This, in actuality, is a very good question because then you may think, ‘why would this small part of my entire essence merit such attention?’

“When you think of yourself, who do you think of? (Laughter) Do you think of yourself as your body? No. But you also do not think of yourself in terms of your essence. You think of what you have termed your soul, or your mind, or your self, or your psyche. All are terms for your physically focused consciousness – that part of your essence, which you have divorced for the purpose of experience.

“You only think of yourself as THIS you. You may believe in an immortal and [ever] creating soul, but somehow you even disconnect with that until you believe yourself to be dead. (Laughter) Then, somehow, your immortal creating soul becomes you miraculously. (More laughter)

(Now dramatically gesturing with his hands) “This shadowy cloud that is you in your soul ‘flies away’ and becomes part of the universal consciousness, which we do not understand what this is. But, in returning to the ‘real world’ in your waking alive state, you do not view yourselves as your soul. You view yourselves as yourselves. This is why I am here. (Laughter)

“This physical focus, although only a part, is not an ‘only.’ It is equal in importance and focus, as any or all other parts of your essence – just as each of you belongs to an essence, but is also part of The Creating Universal One and Whole.

“Energy is not separated. There is no division in any form. It may take on form if it chooses, but energy is energy. It is not something that can be divided. You cannot cut it into pieces. You cannot separate it, ever. It is not separable. This is how you are all connected. This is how we are all connected.

“Energy is everything universally, in every dimension. It only manifests in different forms or frequencies, but there is no difference and it cannot be divided. It is not an entity. It is nothing you may hold. Therefore, you cannot separate it. This will be a thought to think about!” (Laughter)

CHRISTIE: “You’re here because as we shift, we don’t want our essences to have too much trauma. I think I kind of know what you’re talking about because when I was a young person, I was scared to death of the idea of death. I couldn’t handle that at all. I couldn’t get the concept of it.

“Yet, before my father died, I began to study and read about metaphysics and reincarnation, and everything made sense to me in that respect. And the death issue was completely gone, so that when he died there was no trauma to my essence in this death. So I’m trusting that that was a shift similar to what we’re talking about now.”

ELIAS: “This was a shift. This is why it is important for you to notice – underline – your shifts, to notice all things about you, not only when you are experiencing conflict, but also when you are not experiencing conflict. It is important because it creates a basis for familiarity. In this, you will be able to shift more easily. It will be more natural. It will not be unfamiliar.

“Michael’s [Mary’s] concept of effortlessness is more correct than he even realizes. This is truly the nature of your essence. You have only complicated this focus, but you are now learning to move back to the effortlessness of your essence.

“You do not work at dreaming. This is just as much a part of your essence and your reality as your waking state. Your waking state may be as effortless as your sleeping state. We are of understanding that you are quite happy and comfortable with sleeping states. Waking states may be as easy as this.” [session 11, May 31, 1995]

End Notes:

(1) Paul’s note: this is the first time Elias used the term “shift in consciousness.’ His dissertation up to this point is also the first time Elias clarified what he would come to call his “agenda” – to provide helpful information about the nature of human consciousness during this transition period, or shift in consciousness, to reduce potential trauma.

Interacting within a group format was the best way to pursue his agenda at this early stage. It should be noted that Elias did later consent to private sessions, so his decision is best understood within the context of the group dynamics of this phenomenon’s beginnings.

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(2) Paul’s note: this is a fascinating example of the fact that Elias is NOT a singular focus, but simultaneously in communion with “others” who appear to comment and counsel as he delivers his information. Seeing this in person or on videotape makes this point much clearer. It appears as though Elias is clearly changing his focus of attention, he blinks his eyes several times, and appears to momentarily tune into an ongoing, parallel conversation that is not taking place in space-time as we know it.

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