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Wednesday, May 10, 1995

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Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Christie (Oliver), Laszlo (John), and Debbie (Catherine).

Vic’s note: This session was held at Laszlo’s house. We began, as before, with a meditation led by Laszlo, during which we held hands as an experiment. This did not seem to be very affecting. Also, we did not include any new people this evening because we were curious about an apparent difference in Elias’ energy at our previous session. We had wondered if Ron and Donovan had been affecting of the phenomenon. Again, this did not seem to be the case. Elias arrived about ten minutes into our meditation. The time is 8:10 PM.

ELIAS: Good evening. We will direct a focus to your questions. You have had many questions concerning you recently. You may ask.

VICKI: We were all talking about suicide earlier. Would you like to comment on this subject?

ELIAS: This is a complicated subject. Some essences believe that this focus is incorrect for them. They do not wish to continue. They cannot focus their energy in creating a disease within their physical body. Consequently, they make a choice to destroy their physical being.

Other essences manifest with the intent of a short duration of life. During their focus in this physical existence, they are prevented from passing in a natural way. This creates disorientation in their life. They have out-served their purpose here, and are confused. They cannot seem to make a connection here. They make a decision to pass on.

Some people focus on a cause. Many times, this will be in a group experience. This would also qualify in the area of suicide. They choose a cause to die, because they cannot find a cause to live.

Many people cannot connect with their essence in a particular physical focus. This causes confusion. It manifests physically in depression. They cannot seem to shift to correct their condition. This causes them to make the choice to end this focus.

There are other conditions also, regarding this subject. Some people have completed what they wanted to accomplish in a particular lifetime, and choose not to continue. There are some also who feel it is necessary to make a statement for attention, in addressing to a particular problem or present concern. These people, individually and collectively, also make a choice to end their lives in this focus. There are many reasons. There are always reasons, though.

DEBBIE: Are there walk-ins?

ELIAS: I would ask you, what are they walking into? (Much laughter) I am apologizing. (He is also grinning!) This is a fantasy. Another essence will not be so rude as to invade your essence.

DEBBIE: That’s lovely!

VICKI: This question is for a friend. Is the suicide experience something we all choose to experience before we choose to stop manifesting here?

ELIAS: No. They may choose to end a particular manifestation at a particular time. This does not mean they will not choose to manifest again in another focus. Some essences do not remanifest because they do not feel it is necessary for their experience, but it is not a rule.

VICKI: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

LASZLO: What practices can we do to get more in touch with our essence?

ELIAS: You must practice shifting your focus. I know I have expressed this to you many times now. I also understand that you do not understand! (Laughter)

It is a difficult subject. You need to practice in your acceptance of the experiences that you are involved in; your interaction with other people, your interaction with yourselves, your interaction with other creatures and with nature. You are connected. You view yourselves as separate from these things. You are not. You are very much a part of them. You need only understand this, and notice the things around you. Your own emotions and thoughts will bear witness to you continuously. You need only pay attention! You need to practice not rationalizing everything in your life! Then you will begin to recognize your connections. In sharing your experiences with each other, you will gain information and validation that you are connecting. All of you are together for this purpose of reinforcement to each other. There are no coincidences! (Grinning, and a pause)

DEBBIE: Elias, I need something. I need to remove doubt. I need you to tell me something that Michael does not know.

ELIAS: What?

DEBBIE: Anything that I have never told Michael.

ELIAS: I feel that we will connect in this area very soon. I feel you need to learn to trust first. We will give you verification, but when you will not expect it.

DEBBIE: Thank you.

ELIAS: (To Christie) You have a question?

CHRIS: Actually, I don’t. (Here, we all encourage her to ask her question, but she doesn’t. Laszlo “saves” her)

LASZLO: I was going to ask about healing, but it probably has to do with your focus.

ELIAS: This is correct. This is also much more complicated than you realize. This is directly involved with your beliefs. You must focus on beliefs first; then you will automatically create healing situations in your bodies. There are practices that you may physically do, but they will only deal with symptoms, not actual causes.

You reinforce your own beliefs in negative matters through your own society. You teach this to your children from the time they are born. You inoculate them when they are babies. You continue to reinforce your belief in insufficient health matters, and distrust of your physical body and its abilities, throughout your lifetime. You even go so far as to recreate your yearly seasons and rename them, in such terms as “allergy season!” (Laughter) These are incorrect!

Your body is very capable of sustaining itself. It can heal anything in it, but you do not believe this! This is why it “works,” in your terms, for people to visit places like Lourdes or Fatima; only because these people collectively have come together with great energy of belief. This is what heals them; not the place.

VICKI: I like that!

DEBBIE: Me too!

ELIAS: Do you need clarification about issues we have spoken of previously?

LASZLO: Yes. How about sexuality?

ELIAS: What is your question? (Here, Laszlo tries to verbalize his question, and finally looks questioningly at Vicki)

VICKI: Many people here have a problem with sexual orientation. Would you please comment on the issue of sexual orientation that you brought up in our last session ?

ELIAS: Your essence does not contain a specific sexual orientation. You are neither male or female. You possess qualities of both, even in your physical manifestation. You incorporate a male half of your brain, and a female half. You identify your left side as male, and your right as female. You do not “cut yourself in half” to separate the male and the female! Your body is always integrated. This is because your body is a physical expression of your essence. Just as a painter’s painting is a physical expression of the artist, so is your body a physical expression of your essence. Therefore, it does not possess an orientation naturally.

You have created this separation through your concepts of your religion and your philosophy. They are incorrect. Your natural state has no preference. You will see this in your own stories of mythology, which are of your species own creating. There was no preference to sexual orientation. This came later, with developments of religious focus. (Elias pauses, looks around, and says) I would like ... (Vicki hands him a drink) Thank you.

We spoke briefly of this subject. There are some people in your time who, in their essence, are aware of the fact that there should be no preference. They have created an epidemic worldwide, in your time, to protest your prejudice. You were correct in your interpretation. I was not clear in my words. It is called A-I-D-S. (Spelled out)

VICKI: It seems that the epidemic would make the prejudice worse!

ELIAS: Every epidemic throughout your history has been created for a purpose. At the time of the plague, your people were not focused on the victims as a “good thing.” They viewed them as bad, poor, dirty; but from this condition sprang a focus to address issues of unsanitary conditions for living. Positive developments came about through an expression of death. (Pause)

VICKI: What about your reality? What’s it like where you are? Where are you?

ELIAS: I am here! (Grinning)

VICKI: Where are you when you’re not here?

ELIAS: I am not in a “place,” as you view your world. As we have conversations, I am also presently focused in other realities at the same time. You are focused in this reality, but share a similar experience with me in a simultaneousness of your existence. This is where your lives all cross each other. I do the same thing. All things are simultaneous. I focus with other essences besides you. You are pleasant; they are also pleasant. They are instructive to me, but in a much more complicated focus.

VICKI: So this is a pleasant experience for you?

ELIAS: Yes. It is very enjoyable for us.

VICKI: It is very enjoyable for us, too!

ELIAS: We experience everything in its fullness, much richer than you can imagine; but your focus is for a different experience right now and should be viewed, at this moment, as of ultimate importance and ultimate experience. (Long, silent pause) You are all very quiet this evening!

DEBBIE: Can you tell me about a previous lifetime? One? Any one?

ELIAS: Catherine, may we have a moment? (Pause) Catherine was, in one lifetime in this particular focus, a merchant. He was very ... round! (Laughter) A kind man; and liked to chew on something a lot! (More laughter) His dealings were with brass; I believe pots.

DEBBIE: How exciting. (Sarcastically)

ELIAS: This was not sufficient for you?

DEBBIE: I was hoping to be a famous artist or something! (Note here that both Debbie and Mary are very artistic presently)

ELIAS: In the vein of art, you and Michael and Lawrence were with me in France. Lawrence had little talent! (Grinning at Vicki, and we all crack up) He was a good friend, though. You and Michael were very good friends, and shared the artistic talent and spirit.

This was repeated in another physical manifestation. This was an agreement between yourself and Michael. You were very happy to share this experience, and agreed to repeat it. This was also in another manifest focus with me. This would put you in your time element of 1880. In that time element, he (Mary) was French, you (Debbie) were English, and I was Irish. You had great appreciation for all of the arts.

You continue this in this manifestation also. It is your basic nature of your essence. This is what we spoke of in our last encounter, when we spoke of remanifestation in like time frames as a reflection of basic personality traits.

VICKI: Obviously Lawrence’s basic nature is not artistic! (Laughter)

ELIAS: (Smiling) I did not say this. I only said he was not very good at painting.

VICKI: I see. Is Lawrence good at anything??? (Laughter)

ELIAS: He is good at many things. He is very talented in other areas of artistic persuasion. He does not accredit himself enough with his own connections to it. He does not believe in his own artistic nature; but his ability to see it in other individuals should express to him that he is connecting with like spirits. Underline “like!”

CHRIS: What you said about Catherine and the nature of her essence, can you express this about myself, and about one of my past lives?

ELIAS: You had a focus in a manifestation that we spoke of once before, with John. This was a focus of sand and pharaohs; a very beautiful time element of your history. Much painting of faces in a very artistic way; very beautiful arrangements of hair; much adornment in costume. This was not John’s particular focus in his creating of that lifetime. He was more interested in boats than in females! (Laughter)

CHRIS: In this lifetime, I always struggle with what I do. Can you tell me what I will do best at now?

ELIAS: What you will do best of all is what you love most of all!

CHRIS: Can you tell me, you know, Catherine is artistic. What am I?

ELIAS: All of you are artistic. You do not believe that you possess these qualities. You only see them in other people. You and Lawrence have much in common! (Laughter) You will see that if you allow your creative expression to flow, you will be surprised at how natural it is and how well you accomplish. If you love music, you should focus in it.

CHRIS: I love music and nature. Was there ever a time when all of us were together?

ELIAS: May we make a request before answering this question? Michael’s physical body is very uncomfortable. We shall proceed shortly. (Moments pass, and then ...)

MARY: I have to pee! (We all crack up)

BREAK: 9:15 PM.

RESUME: The time was not noted, but Elias did appear more quickly than he usually does at the beginning of a session. Initially, he addresses to our conversation during the break, in which we were discussing whether or not our having eye contact with him makes any difference to him or affects the energy in any way. Note here that we all find it a bit disconcerting that Elias “listens” to our conversations!

ELIAS: We were discussing your connections, and the question of if you were all involved in one particular lifetime.

First, we are not in limbo somewhere! We are here, interacting with you. It is of little consequence if you have eye contact with me. I have my visual focus. It is not very clear in Michael’s body all of the time. Sometimes, I can physically visualize you. Most of the time, I see your essence more than your physical shape.

As to this focus of connecting lifetimes: In this lifetime, just previous for me, not Michael’s most previous manifestation but my last one, this was the focus of Catherine as an Englishman.

Michael was French, and a dear friend of mine; but not my lover. That was a connection in several other physical manifestations. He and I were never family. We were always lovers, but not in my last manifestation.

Oliver was manifest in America. I met her on a lecture tour here. She was an actress. She was very graceful. I was very impressed! (Laughter) I was not of the persuasion to be captured by her charms, but I had deep affection and appreciation for her talent.

Lawrence was also in England. John was in Ireland. He was Willy. We did not always get along well, but I loved him very much.

Catherine was of tremendous help and comfort to me in that manifestation, in very trying times. Michael was there at my passing. You did not all know each other in a physical manifestation, but were all connected to me in that lifetime. Is this sufficient in answering your question? (Silent pause)

You have made agreements in connection with me, not in this physical manifestation, but before you each manifested in this present lifetime. Is this clear?

VICKI: Yes. Would past-life regression be a beneficial or necessary thing?

ELIAS: It is not necessary. If you are of the doubting persuasion, such as Michael, and cannot accept your essence for what it is and focus on your present experience and future direction, you may find it somewhat enlightening; although Michael did not focus on that obsession for very long! (Grinning)

CHRIS: How do I put this? I have been thinking this week about the path I took to get to this place. I have done a lot of suffering with lost loves, and as I look back, I didn’t need to suffer. Do I just need to stay focused?

ELIAS: Staying focused is a very important thing. You will see that sometimes it is valuable to assess past patterns. This may help you in the present situation. In working with your beliefs, you will stay centered. This will help create an artful reality. This will also help in your drawing to you the essences and things that you need and desire.

You must also be aware of appreciating the beauty that is in front of you and within you. When you realize your own beauty of your essence, you will, like a rose, emanate a wonderful fragrance, which will attract others to appreciate your beauty. Does this help?

(Long pause, during which Christie hands Elias his drink) Thank you. Do you have more questions? (Another long pause)

VICKI: Well, if nobody else does, I do! I always have questions!

ELIAS: (Grinning) Which we shall all see is a quality of Lawrence! He always has many questions! (Laughter)

VICKI: How do we start?

ELIAS: How do you start what? (Grinning)

VICKI: How does life start?

ELIAS: How does life start in this focus, this manifestation?

VICKI: No. I mean, some people believe in evolution, some people believe in Adam and Eve, some people believe we were seeded from other planets, etc.

ELIAS: This subject, like animals, will take much time. I will give you a brief portion now. We will continue later with much more. These are important and valuable questions for your growth.

Your scientists believe in evolution. Your religions believe in superstition and stories. Parts of each are true and correct. Most are not. You did not spring from a fish! (Laughter) You also did not appear and eat apples! (More laughter)

You created this reality. You created this world. Before this planet or solar system existed, you were. You made choices to create with many other essences. Underline many! Your focus was to experience.

Your stories of your master Plato are more correct than your religion or your evolution. This is not to say that creatures and plants do not evolve. They do, as do you. You are presently evolving.

You created this world and focused your consciousness here first. It was, in a manner of speaking, a “testing out” period. We shall call this period an “unfocused manifestation.” You were only physically focused part of the time. Most of the time, you existed in a dream state. It would be comparable to the opposite of your present existence, with few of your hours in time, in your terms, being focused in this type of consciousness. Many of your hours were focused in the dream state. This was a trial period, one of becoming accustomed to creating your own physical existence and your creature existence on this planet.

You created everything here. You collectively manipulated all particles and atoms to form mountains and seas and creatures. This is why your animals do not have souls. They are not independent essences. They are of your creation. Although they have evolved and developed in their own right, you have given them existence originally. Now, they exist in their own consciousness. (Pause) We will take one more question.

CHRIS: I have a question. I know my father is with me a lot. I feel him around me. Is there something he needs to tell me?

ELIAS: This is not our focus. I will explain. There are some essences who, shall we say, specialize in connecting with individual essences. This will explain your physical phenomenon of certain people who are psychics, as you call them, being able to connect with individual essences. There are others who are not focused with this purpose. I am in a realm of teaching. It is difficult to connect with essences who are not in my focus. I can relate impressions, but I am not in a focus to relate some information.

You believe that once you die and cross to another existence, that you will automatically be all-encompassing and enlightened! (Laughter) I wish this also, but it is not reality! (Grinning)

I do have impressions that the essence that you speak of surrounds you continuously. It is easier to connect with your essences and their fragments than it is to connect with some essences which are in another focus. Is this clear? (Christie nods) Is this everything?

VICKI: It is clear, but it is certainly not everything! (Laughing) I have many questions! (Here, Laszlo encourages Vicki to ask another question)

ELIAS: Do not encourage Lawrence! (Grinning, and we all crack up) I shall bid you good evening.

GROUP: Good evening. (The time was not noted)

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