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Sunday, May 14, 1995

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Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Christie (Oliver), Laszlo (John), Debbie (Catherine), and two new individuals, Julie (Peter), and Bill (Kasha).

Elias arrives at 6:27 PM.

ELIAS: Good evening. In this sitting, we will welcome new faces. (Smiling at Bill and Julie) We will begin by redirecting the subject we covered at our last meeting. We will not spend much time with our concern on this subject. Then, we will allow our attention to your many questions! We were speaking of your origins. In this, I will direct to you a slight “game,” if you wish. There will be a subject coming in your near future. This subject will concern an issue that Michael is not versed in. It is also connected with this subject that we covered before. (Pause)

There are individuals who have posed questions in the area of such a thing as you call “star borne.” This subject is not completely false. It is not what they suppose it to be, but in a sense, it is partially true. Before you created this existing world, you were; but where were you? (Grinning) You did have a focus at that time also. We will discuss this at length later, but I will touch on it now.

You have not only created this existence. In a sense, you have created many existences. You think in terms of increments of time. You think of yourselves, in relation to other “lifetimes,” as separations of yourself. They are not! In this focus of this lifetime, you do not separate your childhood as a separate existence from your adulthood, but you do separate one lifetime from another. This is incorrect! It is merely a passing, from one phase or level of development to another.

I have mentioned before, there is no death. There is only birth. The meaning of your word birth is “an emergence.” This is true. You emerge from one developmental focus to another. In this same way, you emerged into this existence, within this planet, from another focus previously. You did not come from stars, though! This is inconsistent with creating! Why would you create a star, which is a ball of fire, and emerge from an existence there? You have created many worlds. You will create many more.

You believe, in religious terms, in the immortalness of your soul; but only in a forward motion. This is inconsistent within your focus. If something has no end and no beginning, then it always was. Therefore, in your terms, you had much time to create before this world.

As to your relationship with The Creating Universal One And Whole, your word for this essence is insufficient. Your word is God; a very small word for a very small concept! (Vicki and Bill crack up)

The Universal Whole is all things, and part of all things. In relation to creating, you are part of it, and it is part of you; but it is greater than its parts. You are creating forces. There is no higher essence than your own. Is this clear?


ELIAS: (To Christie) Is this clear?

CHRIS: Yes, it’s clear.

ELIAS: We will dispense with this subject for the present time. I only wished to clarify for you. You may now ask your questions.

LASZLO: This is Willie. Why was I born in Hungary this time?

ELIAS: Because you chose this experience! (Laughter) You have chosen this experience for certain elements of this experience, in relation to political and personal feelings. You wish to experience. You are still very focused in experiencing. You have only shifted your focus to experiencing a different level. (Pause) Do you wish more?

LASZLO: Can you tell me more?

ELIAS: In relation to your essence, and your creating, and your continuation of your life ... this word “life” I will use in a different context than you are used to. It will be meant to encompass your whole existence, not merely this stage of development. Each of you have reached a similar stage of development. This has been created over many lifetimes, in your terms. In my terms of your lifetime, you have chosen many experiences. This immediate lifetime experience, in your terms, has been to focus in relation to group events as opposed to individual concerns. You experienced them. Now, you are done with it.

LASZLO: Thank you.

ELIAS: You may not thank me! (Grinning) You created it! (Laughter)

LASZLO: Thank you for reminding me.

ELIAS: You are welcome. May I? (Pause, while Christie hands Elias a drink) Thank you. I feel there are many questions! (Laughter) You may ask.

JULIE: I’ll ask. I’m new. My name is Julie.

ELIAS: Yes. (Smiling encouragingly)

JULIE: I read in the transcripts that people of “like spirit” will be joining this group. Am I of like spirit?

ELIAS: You are here! (Laughter) It is of no concern what your biological age is in this focus. A like spirit does not recognize an age! You may be very old, in your terms, or quite young. There is another essence, very young in your terms, who will be incorporated; but this essence is not sure yet.

DEBBIE: Asks a question expressing concern for Michael, in regards to who should attend the sessions, and how many should attend.

ELIAS: (Smiling) This is very kind, and I should expect this from your essence. It is of concern to Michael. It is not my concern, but in other terms, it is my concern, because I am connected with Michael. It makes him uncomfortable. He is learning now. He will become more comfortable in the future, but for now, we shall indulge him. (Pause) Lawrence is not asking any questions! (Laughter)

CHRIS: Imagine that! (More laughter)

JULIE: Do I have any connections with anyone here?

ELIAS: This is a very repeating question. Yes, you have connections with Oliver. (Pause) Give us one moment. (Pause) There are many intertwining connections between all of you. Your focus with Oliver was recent. Oliver was Mary here. You were a close friend. He was a very talented actress. You were in this same profession. (Pause) I feel you wish your name. (Meaning her essence name)

JULIE: You’re absolutely right!

ELIAS: Peter. (Vicki cracks up, revealing later that she immediately thought of Peter in reference to the slang anatomical definition)

I will offer the information to ... Kasha (Smiling at Bill)

Also, you are wondering of inconsequential naming of this previous focus. (Smiling at Debbie) I will indulge you.

DEBBIE: Alright!

ELIAS: (To Vicki) Robert. (To Debbie) Robbie. (Pause) This was incorrect. I am apologizing. You were not Robbie. You were. (Indicating Bill)

BILL: I was Robbie?

ELIAS: This is correct. Catherine and Michael were connected as friends. Catherine was Frank. Michael was Pierre. These, you may verify. The reason I give you this information is that you may see a portion of your personalities, as a child’s portion is still a part of your adult focus. (Pause) I am waiting! (Grinning at Vicki)

VICKI: I thought maybe I should give everybody else a chance to speak.

ELIAS: They will speak, when they are ready!

VICKI: This question is for Donovan. (Elias nods) When does the spirit enter the body?

ELIAS: This is a good question. Many people in your time have many disputes of this question. It causes much conflict. I have explained to you before that you create your reality. This reality is not created at midpoint. It is created from the beginning. You form your physical body from its very first cell.

VICKI: Would you care to comment on abortion?

ELIAS: This is an individual experience. This is also an agreement made before, by the essence of the mother and the essence of the new child. This is not to say that any harm to another essence is ever an acceptable experience; but it carries no consequence, in your terms, for the reason that it was initially an agreement. This subject will also take much time.

VICKI: This question is also for Donovan. How do we choose our parents?

ELIAS: Now you make me be redundant! (Laughter) This was also an agreement. You could have answered this question for him!

VICKI: I don’t think he’d listen to me like he would to you!

CHRIS: Asks a question about a dream she had recently, in which she moved into a small house. She is wondering how we should look at our dreams, and how we express our desires in our dreams.

ELIAS: Oliver asks many complicated questions. This will not be sufficiently answered now. You reflect some desires through your dreams. Other instances of your dreams are your creations in the present. Others are creations of your future. These are small glimpses into your future, as in looking into a window of another room. There are times in your dreams that may be interconnections of your other lifetimes, in your terms. These are not past events. These are simultaneous existences that interconnect in your dream state.

I have spoken to you previously about this. I have instructed you that you may focus on your dreams and connect yourselves, to your amazement! This ability to manipulate your dreams is not as difficult as you perceive. It is only a matter of shifting your focus. I understand this is repetitive, but Kasha can explain projection of self in dreams, if you connect with her.

VICKI: The issue of protection, and whether or not is it necessary, keeps coming up from quite a few people. Would you comment on this? (Referring to “spiritual protection”; invocations, white light, etc.)

ELIAS: This is a tiresome subject! (Very firmly)

VICKI: I agree!

ELIAS: Many essences focus themselves in superstition. They are fearful of connecting with their own greater essence. They do not understand their connection with the Universal Whole Essence. They fear. This fear is then projected into their physical world. They feel a need to protect themselves, and everyone around them. This is not necessary! There is no essence that will be so rude as to invade you!

VICKI: Thank you.

BILL: You addressed me with two names tonight. Please explain.

ELIAS: Kasha is an entity name. I realize this is not important to you. This is why I did not ask if you wished to know. I also realize that my friends will be curious. (Grinning) This was not for your information or benefit. It was for theirs.

JULIE: Can you tell me more about Peter?

ELIAS: Peter is you! (laughter)

JULIE: Okay ...

ELIAS: You wish to know more of your essence? (Smiling)

JULIE: Yes, please.

ELIAS: Before we continue, may we take a brief interruption of our meeting?

JULIE: Certainly! (Laughing, as we all join in agreement)

BREAK 7:18 PM.


ELIAS: Excuse, John! I am apologizing for interrupting. (Elias came through very quickly, interrupting Laszlo’s meditation)

LASZLO: There is no need to apologize. Thank you for being here!

ELIAS: We shall continue with your questions.

JULIE: I was asking if you could tell me more about Peter.

ELIAS: We were speaking of Peter’s essence. It is only of some importance to have information of what you term “past existences.” It is of this partial importance that we will address.

Your essence has created, over many lifetimes, similar focuses for emotional experiences. Each essence has a basic nature. We have spoken of this before. We have touched on this subject in relation to how you manifest in each existing focus. In your basic nature, there are some experiences that you value more than others. Some essences are focused in very exciting experiences, in your terms. To us, all experiences are exciting! Your focus, over much time, again in your terms, has been one of emotions; creating situations in your relationships, in various different manners, to experience the depth of emotional involvement. Sometimes you view this as uncomfortable. This is also part of your choosing of your experience. You have placed yourself in other severe focuses to experience what some would classify as trauma. This was for the purpose of feeling, underline, the experience. You continue this in this lifetime now. You have created situations in your past, of placing yourself with a child in a flood. This was a very severe experience. Your reasoning in this was to experience this emotional trauma. This serves a purpose presently. This allows you to be more sensitive and connected to others who experience emotional trauma and strong feelings. Does this help you?

JULIE: Yes. Thank you. (Crying)

ELIAS: Excuse, please. We are not wishing to create an uncomfortable situation with you. (Smiling affectionately at Julie)

JULIE: No, I’m comfortable. I’m just a very emotional and sensitive person.

ELIAS: This is true! (Grinning, and a pause)

I will address to some confusion. I have said previously that there are other focuses not connected with mine. I wish that I would know all things, but this is not reality! There is a question that I may address correctly, though.

I have said that there are other essences who are more equipped to address some of your focuses. This is because they have chosen that connection, now that they are not manifesting anymore in your reality. There are many issues that I do access. In the matter of (Here, Elias starts coughing) Michael’s body is allowing itself to infection. Excuse me. (Pause, and the coughing stops)

Concerning our question: When you manifest, as I have said, you create your reality. In this reality, you create all choices and situations. If you choose to stop creating, then you will stop creating! Your physical body is an expression of your essence. Another essence, wishing to physically express itself in your focus, will do so with a creation of its own. The concept of interchanging physical forms is not correct! Please, in your notation, spell this out clearly. It is not a reality! Is there confusion to this matter?


ELIAS: Are we clear as to this question and subject?

LASZLO: Asks a question about whether or not another essence can so deplete the body as to take over.

ELIAS: No. (Very firmly)

LASZLO: Asks about the phenomenon of “possession.”

ELIAS: There is no possession! An “entity,” or essence, will create its own reality. This subject of possession is a misunderstanding. This is not a question of another essence invading your essence. This is only your perception.

You create your reality. If you choose to create another personality, or what you believe to be an “entity,” it is your own creation. This would be for reasons of fear. Fear is your only enemy, in such terms. If you trust your essence, you will see, as Lawrence will see, it will not betray you! You are all connected to, and emerging from, The Universal Creating One And Whole. There is no “negative” in it! Therefore, how can you, in your essence, be negative? (Smiling)

DEBBIE: Asks a question regarding whether or not there is going to be an end of this earth time. She referred to the many different books which discuss this, in terms of our spiritual evolvement in relation to the shift of the earth’s axis.

ELIAS: You are, as I have expressed before, evolving presently. This is not to say that this earth focus is ending! It is only evolving to another stage of development. (Smiling)

You, as individual beings, throughout your history, have evolved through many levels of understanding. You continue to emerge in this manner. You have spent much time, in your terms, experiencing physical aspects of existences on this plane. Your essence is shifting. It is becoming more aware. It is choosing to continue a physical experience, but with less barriers to itself. This is the circle. This is where you began with this focus. This is where you are connecting in your circle. Is this clear?


VICKI: Concerning the concept of time, in our terms ... (Laughter)

ELIAS: Thank you! (Grinning)

VICKI: ... would you please comment on the Philadelphia experiment?

ELIAS: You wish to know if it is possible?

VICKI: I wish to know if it happened!

ELIAS: There are many more facts involved, but it is possible for you all to supersede time and space. These are relative terms and concepts. They, in actuality, do not exist. This is why it can be accomplished. You do not need fancy experiments to do this! There are many scientific people who do not believe they can accomplish this without much measuring of everything! They “accidentally happen upon” very natural states, and then they feel they have discovered something wonderful! They try to keep this information to themselves; not because it would be harmful, but because they wish to hoard it, and they do not wish to share, and they also do not understand. You, in your focus, have the ability to accomplish the same things as they do! They only believe that these things must be accomplished in specific environments. Their problem is that they do not understand what they have done. If they were to shift their focus, they would not know what to do! Their measuring instruments would not be necessary! This unnerves the scientific community. (Smiling)

VICKI: I love that answer! That’s wonderful!

ELIAS: You have more questions?

LASZLO: Who killed President Kennedy? (We all crack up)

ELIAS: John is being very silly! This question is, underline, inconsequential! (Laughing)

JULIE: Are you aware of our choices of the duration of our life?

ELIAS: In time element forms?


ELIAS: This is difficult. When you choose not to continue in your physical manifestation, these things of time become distant, in your terms, to your essence. Time does not exist. I would not be very familiar with my own time element of existence. I may only relate impressions of short or long, young or old. It would be very difficult to recount exact years. Do you understand?


CHRIS: If one of us was not to be in this group anymore, or only came for one time, can you tell us something to help that person to continue on their journey?

ELIAS: I have been waiting for your question! (Smiling) What I will say to Oliver is that there is important information for his growth, and he should not concern himself with diverting his focus at this time. There are many important things involving your growth, but if you choose to not continue, this will be acceptable.

JULIE: Asks a question about herself continuing in the group.

ELIAS: Yes, if you wish to participate.

VICKI: Asks a question regarding the different energy levels that were perceived two sessions ago, (May 7) and whether or not the two new individuals (Ron and Donovan) affected the change.

ELIAS: I am aware of this. There was a difference in my energy. This was misunderstood, I believe. We operate on a different frequency of vibrational qualities than your physical existence. I had not acclimated to Michael’s physical body. That was the first acclimated experience. The energy was ... it could be compared to your x-ray machines. You focus an x-ray through a machine. If the energy ray is not directly focused, it will scatter through the machine. If it is directed, it will emit a single stream. Michael’s body would be compared to the machine. My essence would be compared to the energy x-ray. In not being acclimated yet to the physical apparatus, the energy was not as directed. It scattered. (Smiling)

This was the correct interpretation with Oliver, and much energy feeling in his legs. When I became accustomed to the machine, I was more capable of directing my own essence and energy in conjunction with it. This is also very complicated. This involves much cooperation, underline, with Michael. It also involves much agreement with Michael. This is the difference in energy that you may have physically experienced. Michael knew I was more focused, but did not have an explanation for you. Does this help you?


ELIAS: (Pause, during which you can hear crickets through the open window) The sounds of nature are pleasant. It is an unforgettable part of your physical experience. (Smiling)

JULIE: Asks a question regarding the loss of her stepfather, and her pain about it. Also, she wonders if this is a “consequential” question.

ELIAS: This is of consequence. This is difficult. This is not in my focus. (Pause) He emerged not long ago. This essence is still in a period of adjustment. There were incorrect beliefs during this physical focus. When there are belief systems involved at one’s passing, they do not automatically “poof away!” (Grinning, and we all laugh) They must spend some time, in a sense, detaching themselves from those beliefs. This is where that essence is.

JULIE: Asks a similar question about her grandmother.

ELIAS: What is your question regarding this essence?

JULIE: Is she also in adjustment, or where is her essence?

ELIAS: No. Give us a moment. (Pause) This essence is happy. This essence has refocused, and is not remanifesting. This essence will focus in other realities. It will not be focused in this physical reality again.

JULIE: Thank you.

CHRIS: You say that our physical body is an expression of our essence. Why, then, do I have a weight problem?

ELIAS: This is a common problem in this focus. Your physical body will express, physically, your beliefs, at given points in your physical manifestation. When you are disconnected, or are having conflict within your belief systems, you create situations that reflect your confusion. All physical manifestations are direct reflections of your beliefs. We will address the subject of your beliefs in great detail. Your entire existence, and everything about it, revolves around these beliefs. What you believe is what you will be! If you believe yourself to be healthy, you will be healthy. If you believe yourself to be vulnerable, you will be vulnerable. If you believe yourself to be thin, you will be thin! We will comment on one more thing of beliefs. Just as in passing from your manifestation in a physical existence, your beliefs do not just disappear, this will suggest to you how deep and important they are. It will also give you clues as to how difficult they may be to change. (Long pause, during which Elias takes a drink)

JULIE: (To Vicki) Do you want to ask about his name?

VICKI: Oh! What was your essence name, that you told us before?

ELIAS: Rastin. (Or Raztin?) This is not acceptable to Michael! (Laughter) This is acceptable to me! (Grinning)

VICKI: With a “T?”


VICKI: I am concerned with your mention of Michael’s infection.

ELIAS: He will have to focus more diligently. Michael has a habit of ignoring himself. This allows his physical body to run down; although you all, and Michael does too, have the ability to create healing or destruction in your physical body. They are a physical expression. Underline! They, like all things in nature, require some maintenance. Your flowers do not just grow without water or soil! Your bodies must also be maintained.

JULIE: Asks about her perception of Elias having an accent.

ELIAS: This is most probably seeming to be of an origin of some kind to you. This, in actually, is a combination of manipulating translations, and identification with my essence; being manifest previously in certain European areas many times. Most of this would be attributed to the mechanical interaction of translating, though. This translation, into your words, is much more complicated than you realize.

JULIE: I’m sure!

ELIAS: This is not on a level of translating from one language to another. We do not have language! (Grinning)

VICKI: I have a question regarding basic personality types. You have spoken of artistic personality types and emotional personality types, and I was wondering ...

ELIAS: I will stop Lawrence for one moment! (Grinning, and laughter) His personality type, which will be reinforced by verifications of previous existences, has been much in literary terms. You were correct to interpret musical talent to Oliver, not to Lawrence. Your artistic talents lie more in words.

VICKI: Thanks, but my question wasn’t exactly that. To be more specific, do we all have one basic personality type, or many of them?

ELIAS: In this company?

VICKI: On this planet!

ELIAS: On this planet?! (Expressing surprise) There are many, many, many, many different personality types! You are all of the artistic persuasion, but there are many other focuses. There are relatively few artistic personality types, per se.

JULIE: Everyone in this company is of an artistic personality type?

ELIAS: Yes, (grinning) although there is one who has struggled with this through many existences. This would be directed to Kasha.

BILL: How did I know this was coming? (Laughter)

JULIE: Where do my artistic talents lie?

ELIAS: (Smiling) You have not developed that expression yet. You have developed the basis for this in the emotional bonds, which will connect with artistic temperament.

VICKI: You all must have a great sense of humor in your realm!

ELIAS: Humor, as is color, is an extremely vivid expression with us! (Pause, grinning) Is this all of your questions?

DEBBIE: For tonight! (Everyone else is silent)

ELIAS: Then, we will bid you good evening.

Elias departs at 9:13 PM.

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