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Wednesday, May 17, 1995

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Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Christie (Oliver), Debbie (Catherine), Bill (Kasha), Julie (Peter), and a new participant, Elizabeth (Elizabeth).

Elias arrives at 6:05 PM. (Arrival time was about three minutes)

ELIAS: Good evening! (Looking around at everybody) We will welcome Mattie. (Smiling at Elizabeth) We have been waiting! I am pleased that you have made your choice. (Pause, looking around) John is absent? (Referring to Laszlo, and we all nod) This is acceptable.

We will begin a focus of beliefs. We were speaking of weight in our last meeting. This subject has much to do with your belief systems.

Your beliefs are all-encompassing. Your beliefs are also, in this focus, acquired. They are not part of your essence. We will attempt to clarify some issues concerning your beliefs.

Beliefs are, in some ways, very much like colors. You look at your heavens, and see the color blue. These heavens are of a great expanse. In this same way, you may incorporate large belief systems. They may be in regards to governments. They may be in regards to nature and your planet. This would be a very simple comparison to the size of your sky, remembering that it is only blue because you have created this color, and choose to make your sky blue. In this same manner, you have small beliefs, such as which color clothing you believe looks well on you. This, in being a smaller belief, could be compared to the blue of a small flower on your planet.

I give you these comparisons to show how important your beliefs are. They color your entire life! Everything in your life revolves around your beliefs. I can not stress enough times, you create your reality! This sentence is to be underlined completely. I will repeat this to you all many times. This is because it is of utmost importance for your understanding. The most important thing involved with your creating of your reality is your beliefs. As your blood circulates throughout your entire body, keeping the physical focus alive, so also your beliefs motivate everything in your life.

We will stop to clarify, briefly, one point of definitions. When I speak to you of your focus of your lifetime, I refer to your entire lifetime focus, in this reality of this planet. When I speak of developments, or your developmental periods of your lifetime, I shall be referring to what you term “past lives.” There is no reality in the past, as you think of it. It is all now. In this focus and understanding, we will address to developments of Elizabeth, who is simultaneously Mattie.

(To Elizabeth) This, in your terms, would be thought of as a previous lifetime. This is incorrect. This is why you speak with her. (Mattie) You only speak to another focus of your own essence. In relation to royalty ... I have not focused very much yet on this subject, but this may be sufficient, in our estimation ... you were a queen of acting; a very superb actress, from a place you do not like; a place you have not such good feelings about! (Chuckling) Your focus at that time was of Madam Bernhardt. It is valuable, sometimes, to have some information of developmental periods of your lifetime, only in so far as to understand your connection or disconnection with your essence.

Once again, your beliefs govern everything. If you fear connections with your essence, you will create physical situations to encircle you. This gives you a feeling of safety. The more you “box yourself into” a small space of beliefs, the safer you think you are. This is incorrect! Your essence will always be true to you. There is no harmfulness in it.

If I am moving too quickly, please interject. (We all laugh as we furiously scribble, trying to write down every word)

I cannot stress the expanse that your beliefs encompass; from what you eat, to how big you believe your feet should be, (laughter) to how disconnected your body is from nature; which is not true, but you do believe this; to your conception of your universe, to your beliefs of ... not God, but our Creating Universal One And Whole. These things, I understand, are very difficult for you. In your beliefs of non-physical things, you have many. Many of these beliefs are incorrect. Therefore, they create fear or discomfort. If you truly can incorporate your beliefs in harmony with your essence, you will eliminate many problems.

In addressing issues of a non-physical nature: You feel disconnected from other essences when they choose to develop further in their lifetime. This is not so. They are connected to you, always. They are not separated from you. You only do not see them physically anymore. In understanding individual essences and their choices, all essences make choices; when to physically end a focus, and when to begin another. This, if your beliefs are in line with your essence, should not cause this discomfort for you.

You do not look at a lion when it chooses to annihilate an antelope. The antelope’s existence is no longer focused with its herd, but this is natural and acceptable to you; but when you view others of your own species, this is not acceptable. This is inconsistent. This is a misunderstanding in your beliefs of nature. You move through nature as easily and as connected as the lion. We will spend much time speaking of beliefs in this regard. Misunderstandings and incorrect beliefs create all of your conflict, and confusion, and pain.

May I have Michael’s ...(Looking around for the cup, which Bill hands to him) Thank you. Do you have questions?

ELIZ: I was wondering something.

ELIAS: (Smiling) Yes?

ELIZ: Michael and I were curious as to what relation we had in past lives, if any.

ELIAS: (Pause, accessing) This would be in a focus that you would consider pleasing, in contrary to your dislike of France! You and Michael were sisters; a large family in Ireland, in the southern portion. You were very close, as you repeat now. (Pause)

VICKI: I have a question.

ELIAS: Yes, Lawrence.

VICKI: Why do we appear to manifest together in groups of essences?

ELIAS: This is much more complicated than you realize. I will try to explain. (Long pause) Each of you are an individual essence. Each of you were not always of this particular individual essence. Some have sprung from one essence. This happens often. We will use Mattie as an example, so that you may better understand.

Elizabeth is also Elizabeth’s essence name. Elizabeth has created a fragment of her essence. This fragment has now developed its own essence. As you in a physical focus give birth to your children, so also your essence may fragment and give birth to another essence. This does not discount the validity or divineness of the new essence. It is, in all respects, the same as yours; not in personality, but in quality. It is a difficult concept. This may give you also some explanation of some essences who believe themselves to be “new souls.” In a manner of speaking, they are. You, in your essence, will be very guiding and protective of the new essences.

CHRIS: Are there any among us here who are new?

ELIAS: The term new, you must understand, is relative. Mattie is very new. Some of you are new, but not as new. You have each been part of each other, in other essences.

CHRIS: Is that why we feel so connected to other people sometimes?

ELIAS: This is very correct. This is also why you will feel drawn or pulled to some people during your lifetime; because you have shared a common essence.

JULIE: Have Peter and Lawrence shared lifetimes previously?

ELIAS: Yes, of Native Americans. You were connected as a father and a son. (Pause)

VICKI: Could you talk more about the fragments?

ELIAS: Certainly. What specifically are you confused with?

VICKI: It’s a hard concept to understand in general.

ELIAS: It is very difficult. There has never been a certain number of original essences. Originally, essences, in a manner of speaking, sprang from The Creating Universal One And Whole. These are not separate entities from it; they are only focuses of it. In these focuses, which we now speak of as essences, they chose to experience in different focuses. I am having much difficulty explaining, in your language, these concepts. Michael does not have a vocabulary large enough to express some concepts. This is only because you do not have a dictionary large enough! (We all crack up)

VICKI: Do we have a brain large enough to understand? (Laughter)

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Yes! Your physical expression of your essence is large enough to understand and accept your essence, and all of its knowledge.

DEB: Are there angels, or are they part of belief systems?

ELIAS: This is an excellent question! We have used words such as guides. This is only for your understanding. There are no such essences of distinction. I am not, per se, Michael’s guide; although in another respect, I am. I focus with Michael because we are connected. He was a fragment of my essence. This is also true of Catherine and Kasha. This is why it is so easily accomplished, in connecting to each other. If you were to believe in ... (To Debbie) Parenthesis, correct?

DEB: Correct. (Although quotation marks is the correct term)

ELIAS: ... “soul mates,” which we have discussed earlier, this would be where your concept would come from. In a sense, Michael has been correct in his imagining of “split-aparts.”

CHRIS: Is anyone in my life a fragment with me? Or anyone here?

ELIAS: Yes. You and Peter are also fragments of another essence. Elizabeth and Lawrence and ... Ron? (Vicki nods) ... are of Paul’s essence. All essences are equal to each other in divine creativity. There are none more special than others.

DEB: Well, I have a lot of questions then! How about Jesus? Was he just a part of our belief systems? Or what about the devil?

ELIAS: Jesus was a physically focused essence. This is not only a belief; he was of true existence. A devil was not! (Laughter)

CHRIS: So that means if we are physically focused, we can do as Jesus did with miracles?

ELIAS: You already possess this ability. There is no difference of essences.

JULIE: Is the bible fiction, or ... ?

ELIAS: There are ... Excuse me. This will upset many beliefs. Do you believe you are ready to accept truth? (Looking at each person, as each of us acknowledges)

BILL: Well ... (Laughter)

ELIAS: Kasha is silly! (Grinning) The bible is a compilation of books, written by essences in a physical focus. In regards to its truth, as opposed to not truth, it is a story. It was a magnificent accomplishment of the collective imagination; a tremendous tribute to your creating essences.

ELIZ: So, Michael was right.

ELIAS: Michael is not sure. Michael wishes to believe, but Michael has focused very strongly in this physical development. He is trying to accept concepts that have been foreign to his focus in many developments of his lifetime. He is doing very well, though.

JULIE: You said before that my father was in a period of adjustment. Could this be because of his belief in the bible?

ELIAS: Yes. Even when you believe that you have moved to a focus in your spiritual understanding that you feel is liberated, you will find, you will still question. You will still, even when you can accept, in your thoughts, these concepts. There will still be questions. This is Michael’s focus. He can accept principals and concepts, but there are moments, when looking at stars, he will ask, “Is there really a heaven?” or “Who is really correct?” He will move forward. He is moving, and is very much evolving to a new focus.

This is also part of my interaction with all of you, and with Michael. We spoke of your circle being completed. All of you are of like spirit. All of your circles are being completed in this focus. Therefore, I am here to help in preparation, so that you will not experience trauma in transition. Is this clear? (Pause) Lawrence?

VICKI: I’m very excited! (Laughter)

ELIAS: (Grinning) We will stop for a moment for you to all rest fingers, and then we will continue with questions. This is acceptable? (We all say “Yes”)

BREAK 7:20 PM.


ELIAS: We will continue. Michael is very silly! (In reference to Mary’s request that we all close our eyes while we wait for Elias)

We were speaking of essences, in completing your circles. This completion of circle is not a “mergence into” or “absorption of” each essence into The Creating Universal One And Whole. This circle we will compare to what you term “the circle of life.” The only difference is, your term of “the circle of life” only encompasses one lifetime focus. I use this term “the circle of life” in conjunction with my definition of life.

We spoke of your beginning focus in your physical manifestation on this planet. We spoke of how you began this physical experience here. In completing your circle, you will return to this original focus. We spoke of your original focus as being more dream-like than you have been. Now you are evolving back to your essence, and creating a focus which will be more in this manner. It will be more natural to your essence. This does not mean you are preparing to die! (Laughter) This does not mean your present physical developmental focus is ending soon. You are in a transition period in your focus.

We spoke at our previous gathering of shifting your focus, and creating a new and more natural existence of reality. This is being accomplished. You are all ready to make this shift. Your only hindrances in this area are your existing beliefs. We will work with these incorrect, fearful beliefs, in preparation for a wondrous new experience! (Pause) This is enough for now. You may ask questions.

JULIE: Is there such a thing as an out-of-body experience?

ELIAS: (Smiling) Yes, this is a reality. Michael does this already. Elizabeth does this with Mattie. Kasha does this in her dreams. Each of you have had experiences with this focus already. In your dreams, you project your essence away from your physical body. You only do not realize, you are all accomplished at this already! You only need pay attention, and understand what you are doing. You only need accept and believe what you are already accomplishing. You do this many more times than you allow yourselves to believe or notice.

Elizabeth does this in daydreams. Kasha and Lawrence do this when they are listening to music. You may do this in meditation. Catherine and Michael accomplish this through pictures. Each of you accomplish this action in different ways, but you all accomplish it, just the same. (Pause and then to Christie) Do you have a question?

CHRIS: Yes, I have a couple of questions. When you talked about fragments of our essences, you told me that Peter and I were connected in that way. Is there anyone else in my life, that is not here, that I am connected to in that way?

ELIAS: Yes. You have an offspring, female, and a present sister. They also are from the same essence. Your son is not of the same essence; but has chosen his name, as did Elizabeth. (Very long pause)

We are all contemplative this evening! (Laughter)

CHRIS: I have one more question. You told Peter that his basic nature is emotional. You told Catherine that hers is artistic. Can you please tell me what mine is?

ELIAS: Sometimes, in fragmenting a personality from an essence, the fragment will be endowed with more of a particular element of the personality. This is done so that the essence may experience a concentrated view of a particular part. In this, the fragment develops its own personality and becomes its own essence. Your essence was not singularly focused in any particular experience. It was an inspiration of expanding and giving. This created a quality in your essence, of giving and compassion. It also has expressed a joyfulness, as a result of the joyous giving of the original essence. You have been endowed with artistic abilities in the area of drama and music. You will feel a great affinity for these artistic focuses.

CHRIS: Then it would stand to reason that if I were disconnected from my essence, then I would not be a very compassionate and understanding person. Is this correct? (Christie had a hard time formulating her question, but Elias seemed, as usual, to understand)

ELIAS: I understand. Partially, you will feel a disconnected feeling when you act contrary to your essence. You may also choose, in your vast amount of probabilities of life, a pull to experience something contrary to your basic personality. This will be only for the experience. This may be what you could term as your conscience; when you act contrary to your basic personality of your essence. The only clarification I will use, in regard to conscience, is your interpretation of this word. You bring with it a negative focus. This is unnecessary. There is no consequence that will happen to you, from your choosing to experience in contrary terms to your essence. (Pause)

JULIE: Is there such a thing or person as we call clairvoyant?

ELIAS: Yes. There are many individuals who have shifted their focus to a degree, to open their consciousness to their own essence, and to others. This is correct. You also possess this ability! You only do not trust, so you do not practice it. (Grinning)

DEB: You told Oliver about the essences of his children. Would you tell me about the essence of my child?

ELIAS: Your child is not of your same essence. He is connected with another, but has a much older soul, in your terms, than you.

VICKI: How about my son?

ELIAS: She is another essence of creating. She has created another fragment from herself. She is also a fragment essence, in a much older focus. Sometimes, essences with older focuses seem, in your terms, to learn more quickly than others, or to be more gifted. This is only because they have more experiences.

JULIE: Are you able to tell me of unborn children essences?

ELIAS: What would you wish to know of essences not yet manifested?

JULIE: Will they be manifested? Will I have children?

ELIAS: This is of your choosing. You have not chosen yet, although you think you have made a choice that you wish to have a child. Your essence is still making agreements. This is because your physical manifestation, which is disconnected from your essence, has not make an absolute decision yet. You have conflict in this subject. There is a part that wishes to experience motherhood. There is another part which is not sure that you will be very good at it! When you choose, you will be very good. (Smiling)

ELIZ: Sometimes, we seem to have imaginary friends. Are they real?

ELIAS: Yes. Your imaginary friends, as Michael’s also, are not of your imagination. You had friends with Kasha. They ... He was real. There were ... Excuse me. There was one other with him. He was there for your amusement. He was an older soul, in your terms. This experience had a purpose. Its purpose was for you to remember, and therefore allow your focus to connect with your essence in belief. This purpose was accomplished, in you that you have connected with Mattie. (Pause)

VICKI: I’m confused about the male-female issue. You say that gender does not exist, but you use words like he and she.

ELIAS: These are terms of your language. If I use the term of “it,” you will not view this as personal. You will disconnect from personalizing, in thought. Therefore, I choose to use terms familiar to you, and also evoke a response that is correct and favorable.

BILL: Tell me more about the essence of Kasha, please.

ELIAS: You would wish past developments?

BILL: No, the actual essence of Kasha, not the past experiences.

ELIAS: This Kasha, the one that we spoke of earlier in relation to Elizabeth, was different. This was a name of this physical focus. It was a nationality name of a child in Elizabeth’s experience. (To Elizabeth) Correct?

BILL: (To Elizabeth) You know that name?

ELIZ: Yes. (She explains this was a childhood friend of hers named Kathy, whose Polish name was Kasha)

JULIE: I know that in other sessions, Oliver and Lawrence have asked of their significant others. I’d like to ask about mine.

ELIAS: (Haltingly) others? (Laughter)

JULIE: My partner. (Laughing)

ELIAS: Your partner! (Grinning) This is ... Bodies are sometimes uncomfortable! (Laughter) Your relationship to this person; I have the same impression of this interaction as that of Oliver and John, but not in any immediate sense. This is depending on your choices. There is conflict, though; much caring, much emotional focus, much love, in very limited terms; but also conflict.

I can not ... No, excuse me. I will not express future probabilities, only because they are probabilities! You always possess choices. Also, there are many instances when a “psychic,” as you call them, or another essence, will presume to give you future probabilities. This is wrong. The reason this is harmful is that sometimes, this will set up conditions in your psyche and beliefs that will influence your choices. I wish not to influence your own choices of probabilities. You will choose your own way. (Pause)

DEB: Were you ever the physical manifestation of Oscar Wilde?

ELIAS: Yes. This was one of my manifestations in a physical focus. This was, happily, my final manifestation. It was not my most pleasant focus! (Grinning, and a pause)

CHRIS: I have a question. If, in our beliefs and shifting our focus, if we begin to believe we can change our beliefs, is that then a shift in focus?


CHRIS: So if we were to truly believe that we can do or get anything we want, then that would be a shift?

ELIAS: Yes; but this is much more complicated than you realize. You may think you believe something, when in reality, there is hiding a conflicting belief. To materialize things, you must believe them with no doubt.

CHRIS: Is that what Jesus did?

ELIAS: To an extent. He was a great teacher. He did not physically accomplish all things that he is reported to have done, but the beliefs collectively, of the people of that time, were of such strength that it did not matter whether he physically accomplished a thing or not. They created the reality for him. In another sense, he did possess the ability to create whatever he wanted, in your terms, and he did just that, by manipulating mass belief systems. In teaching truth, he did accomplish everything he wanted. Is this clear? (Pause, as we all nod)

Theoretically, if you wished to walk through a wall, you could accomplish this, if your beliefs had no conflict. In reality, your wall is no more solid than your air!

JULIE: So when people speak about ghosts ... (Elias reaches for the cup, which Julie hands to him)

ELIAS: Thank you.

JULIE: You’re welcome.

ELIAS: Ghosts? (Grinning at Julie, who starts laughing)

JULIE: I hear tell, people actually visualize spirits!

ELIAS: There is a difference. There is no ... “ghosts!” (Laughter) There is, as I have stated before, the possibility for you to see essences. You can do this, if you shift your focus.

There are also other explanations for phenomena that occurs. We spoke briefly of this, in relation to our tiresome subjects of protection and possession. The phenomena that happens, in many instances, are creations of your own essences; created from fear, and manifest in physical form.

This does serve a constructive purpose though, in the way that you can physically see how you may actually create physical things from your thoughts. They are very powerful. Your beliefs, as I have stated earlier, are so powerful that they not only shape your life and existence, but can create physical materialization of thought. Your beliefs are also strong enough to override your essence, in transition from birth to birth. They can hold you, for a time, in a materialization of themselves. When you die, in your terms, or are born, in my terms, (smiling) you can experience a period where your previously existing beliefs still hold your essence. This will pass, but these beliefs are so strong that they can manipulate you contrary to your natural state.

ELIZ: Is it typical for a final manifestation to be unpleasant?

ELIAS: Unpleasant in its focus, as it was in my last physical manifestation? (Elizabeth nods) No, it is not a rule. I will qualify my statement, of unpleasantness of my last manifestation. It was, for many parts, unpleasant. Also, it was a tremendous opening of understanding to my essence. It was a realization of great beauty and love, in a much higher expression of your word. It was an experience of tremendous revelation. I also was bound, for a time, in conflicting beliefs. This is why I speak to you so strongly of belief systems.

DEB: Asks about this higher expression of love, specifically in regards to how she feels about her partner.

ELIAS: This is not a common interaction within this human focus. It is a higher understanding of your term love. It is a higher understanding, because it is an opening of each essence to allow another essence to merge. This, when you experience it, you will understand that your word love is very limited. There is much more to this experience than many people realize. In this expression, you touch your essence.

We will address to only one more question. (Pause) Lawrence has been very quiet tonight, with not very many questions! (Laughter)

CHRIS: Can you give us something to think about until our next session ?

ELIAS: I will tell you, in conclusion, that I have given you much information to think about this evening! (We all crack up) I will leave you with these thoughts. Good evening.

Elias departs at 9:05 PM.

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