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Sunday, May 21, 1995

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Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Debbie (Catherine), Christie (Oliver), Laszlo (John), Bill (Kasha), Julie (Peter), Ron (Olivia), and a new participant, Aram (Kyari)

Vic’s note: To date, our attempts to record sessions have been unsuccessful. Ron was experimenting with a camcorder and a condenser microphone in this session, which was successful. We were not actually videotaping, as per Mary’s request; but Ron secretly flipped a button, and voila! Our first videotape!

Elias arrives at 6:23 PM. (“Time” was 45 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good evening. (Pause) Welcome back to John! (Smiling) We will welcome Ron, and a new face. This is ... who?

VICKI: This is Aram. This is my son. (Elias smiles at Aram)

ELIAS: At our last meeting, we were focusing on the subject of your beliefs. This is of extreme importance. We will be addressing this continuing subject now. There was some confusion as to some concepts. First, we will address the subject of how intricate your beliefs are to each of you. Also, we will address how your beliefs are not always recognized by your individual selves.

You have a basic belief in the duplicity of your physical selves. This is incorrect. You have created a division of your physical focus and your essence for a purpose. This does not incorporate any deceitfulness of nature. It is only a separation and a misunderstanding in your focus. You have created this with the purpose of experiencing in your physical focus. I have explained that you have created this existence for its experience. This is its only purpose. You disconnect yourselves so far from your essence that you forget what you really possess!

You are all a part of nature. This is a difficult concept for you. In this focus, you see yourselves as separate beings, from each other and from nature. This is incorrect. You have created nature, and are a part of it. I will attempt to give you a small example.

Imagine yourself in a field, sitting in green grass. In front of you is a single flower. You do not separate this flower, in its present state, from nature. Now, imagine you, on earth; this flower, you deposit it into a small pot. Do you now disconnect the flower with nature? No, you do not. Does the flower see itself differently, now that it is not connected directly with the earth? No, it does not. It sees its stem and leaves and flower head as the same. It does not differentiate. It does not disconnect from nature.

You also are a part of nature. You view yourselves as disconnected, though. Your feet are not planted into the earth; therefore you view yourselves as separate from it. This is incorrect. A fragment of your essence is focused in a physical reality, but other parts or fragments are focused in nature in other areas. Part of your collective focus spins your planets. Part of your collective essences create your weather, and your tides, and the growing of all things. You do not see these parts of your essence, so you do not believe they exist.

There was a reason you have created this separation of essence and physical focus originally. It is difficult to truly experience anything if you have prior knowledge of it. In your essence state, you have knowledge of all these things, obviously because you have created them! In order to experience in a physical focus, you chose to forget your essence. This, for a “time,” in your terms, (smiling, and we all laugh) served its purpose. It allowed you to experience in all full measure of a physical focus. Many individuals are still quite focused in this situation.

You all assembled here have come to a point where this is not completely necessary. You are completing your circles, as I have stated before. This does not mean you will end your physical focus! It merely means you will experience a fuller focus, if you wish. (Pause)

You have the ability to experience physical things, and simultaneously be aware of things of your essence. I have stated before that the only division between your essence and this fragmented focus of it is your fear, at this point.

We will also speak in regards to your beliefs; how insidious they may be, and also how you individually, in every day of your lives, reinforce your divisions. In your own simple language, continuously, you invalidate yourselves! In doing this, you reinforce an unnecessary division. When you speak with each other, you apologize for your feelings! (Laughter) You qualify your statements to one another. You feel an unworthiness of self. This is incorrect. The only purpose this serves is to create confusion and discomfort within yourself.

Many things in your physical focus are automatically and artfully controlled by your essence. Your physical bodies, I have explained, are direct expressions of your essence. These bodies are not, underline not, only vessels, as you refer to them! They are a creative, artful expression of your essence. It has the ability to create the functioning of every movement, of every cell, of every particle of your bodies.

When you are sitting in a room, and suddenly have an urge to move to another room of your house, you have a thought that motivates you. You do not think of all of the engineering factors that contribute to the accomplishment of this small act. You do not think of how you are breathing, or how your blood circulates. You do not consider, first, each movement of each muscle to move your body. Your body, nonetheless, moves! Every living cell and particle contained in it is connected, and in communication with your essence. This is where it receives its direction.

Your scientists, even now in your great technological age, do not understand the genius workings of your brains. Every molecule of your physical expression is a conscious work of art. In this way, you are not divorced from your essence. You simply do not remember your connection.

In another sense, you believe yourselves to be separate and disconnected from the universe. You see yourselves as a “being” walking around, not as a gas cloud floating through space. This cloud is no more connected with the universe than yourself. It is also no less connected.

In words and philosophy, you accept concepts of believing you are connected to what you term God, but in reality, you do not believe this connection. You feel you have learned and studied much. Therefore, you believe yourselves to be “enlightened.” You see yourselves, in conceptual terms, as being creators, and part of The Creating Universal One And Whole. In reality, unlike your concepts, you do not believe this to be true! You demonstrate this continuously. How can you believe yourselves to be connected with such an immense concept, when you cannot even connect yourselves to yourselves? (Laughter) You do not even connect with your own essence! You do not acknowledge connections, even in your own physical focus!

Your emotions are an integral part of your physical focus. They are also a direct expression, through this physical focus, of your essence. You disconnect yourselves from such basic elements as even your emotions! You do not trust them. Therefore, you “turn them off,” (laughter) and do not allow yourselves to feel them. You do not trust your own physical thoughts. Therefore, you “turn them off” also! If you cannot connect with your physical expressed focus, how can you expect to truly believe in anything greater?

This is what we will focus on together. I have expressed to you that your essence will not harm you, if you trust it. There is no evil or negative in it. It is part of The Creating Universal One And Whole. You are part of this. In this respect, there is no thing to fear from it.

I understand these are difficult issues with you all. In our speaking with you, you may conceptually and intellectually accept what I may say to you. Applying these concepts in your reality is quite different! (Pause, smiling)

We have been aware of uncomfortable emotions experienced recently. In this, we will direct a brief message to you.

Emotions or feelings are an expression of your essence. They are an experience. You create them more difficultly than is necessary. You confuse yourselves. Your intellect was created to interpret outside stimulation. It has been created to help in your understanding of your experiences and creations. It was not created to evaluate other functions that are basic to your essence. Your feelings are basic to your essence. Where you create conflict and unnecessary discomfort is when you allow the intellect to interfere with natural processes of impulses and emotion. You take two basic elements of your essence, and pit them at odds with each other. In doing this, you create confusion and conflict. Your emotions are there for a purpose. You are a social species. Your emotions are your connections. Because you allow your intellect to question them and interfere with them, you create much pain within yourselves. This is unnecessary.

I have also stated that understanding is very important; not only understanding of your own selves, but of all who interact with you. But first, you must focus on yourselves. You can not connect with another, truly, until you connect with yourselves. (Long pause, during which Elias takes a drink)

We will discontinue for a moment, to interact with any questions of this present focus. (Another long pause) You are all of tremendous understanding! (We all crack up)

LASZLO: You must have heard me yesterday. I was up with the wind, and the two kids, and exactly these were my questions that you answered. So I can’t ask them again, I guess!

ELIAS: We were aware of your non-presence in our last meeting. I am, in one respect, in contact with each of you, always. This concept is difficult for you to understand. There is only a portion of my essence focused with you, but it is quite aware. In this same regard, your essences, as I stated before, are no less, or less creative, or less able to be focused in many areas simultaneously.

LASZLO: Could I ask a simpler question? I have a personal question about my two youngest children, Matthew and Mickey. There especially seems to be some kind of extra special connection with the youngest one; my Mattie; and since I read what went on last week, I was wondering ...

ELIAS: You are correct in assuming that this creation is connected from your essence. We spoke briefly of essence fragments before. This subject is extremely complicated. There are many expressions of it.

You, as a creating essence, possess the ability to fragment. In this, you create other essences. They become independent of your essence. This does not always happen, but it can. Your baby was an essence fragment in a previous focus time of yours, in the same way that Mattie is currently an essence fragment of Elizabeth, but very independent of her essence. In a future focus, as you term it, Mattie will be born into another physical focus. In this, she will also be connected with Elizabeth, but in a simultaneous time in this same physical dimension. This is also the connection of your small one with you. Do you understand?

LASZLO: I think so.

JULIE: You say that we turn our emotions off, and I know that some people do that. I feel that I express my emotions quite well. Is this incorrect?

ELIAS: No; but although there are many people who disconnect from their emotions and invalidate their essence by denying their feelings, in another sense, you allow intersection with your intellect in thoughts that sometimes invalidate your feelings. It is a positive tool. Be open to your feelings, because they are a natural expression. It is incorrect to invalidate them, ever. Underlined! The way you invalidate these feelings is by allowing your thoughts to interfere with them. (Another very long pause)

Well, I see we are in a company of great minds! (Much laughter) We will allow a brief interruption of our session, and continue briefly afterwards. (We all laugh, as Elias experiences difficulty with the word “session ,” really drawing it out and emphasizing the S’s.)

BREAK: 7:25 PM.

RESUME: 8:15 PM. (“Time” was twenty seconds.)

ELIAS: We will continue. I will now direct to your focus. You have the opportunity to clarify. (Another long pause) We will begin with Lawrence! (Grinning, and we all laugh)

VICKI: Well, I’m just very confused about the whole first part. I don’t even know how to phrase the question! I’m very confused.

ELIAS: (Very patiently) Can you express where the basis of your confusion lies?

VICKI: I guess the basis of it lies in being able to assimilate the information in such a way that I can apply it to my life here.

ELIAS: As I have stated, your beliefs are incorporated into everything that you do. Before you can shift your focus in any matter, you must deal with your beliefs. Each time you create a shift, or better terminology, allow a shift of your focus, you affect an existing belief. In many of you, correction; in all of you, you have incorporated beliefs over many developmental focuses. You did not only acquire all of your beliefs in this particular present focus. When you feel you have a blockage in some area, you look to your influences as a child. This is only very partially correct. As I have told you, your lifetime spans many developmental focuses. You develop an affinity with certain belief systems throughout many developments. You reinforce them through these many developments.

An example which should be easy for you to assimilate into your present focus would be that in the area of religious beliefs. You repeat Christian beliefs over several developmental focuses. Even when you attempt to move away from these concepts and beliefs, they are incorporated into your physical focus so deeply that they do not just remove themselves from you. It takes much work. It takes much noticing of these beliefs. This is sometimes difficult when you are not even aware of how deeply you have incorporated these beliefs.

Religious beliefs, while being easy to identify with, are not your only belief systems. Your beliefs in how you interact with each other in relationships is another obvious belief system. There are many beliefs that you incorporate into your physical focus. These are only a few.

The first element is to recognize when a belief is creating conflict between thought and feeling. You will understand when this conflict occurs. The way you will understand is that you will have to choose between a thought or a feeling. When you are in harmony and your beliefs are not creating conflict, you will not have to choose between thoughts and feelings. This occurs every day of your focus.

You may consider an exercise this week, in your terms. Each time you experience an impulse or an emotion, no matter how small, notice your thought patterns. Notice if they are in harmony. If they are not, you will experience a pull. This pull will show itself in a manner of excusing, or invalidating, or rationalization. Sometimes, you will not experience what you feel to be an emotion. You will only experience an impulse. Do not discount these impulses any more than you would an actual feeling. Is this clearer?

VICKI: Yes, I think it is clearer. A question; then these impulses are basically the same as the emotional feeling?

ELIAS: No. I am apologizing for misunderstanding. They are not always the same. You may experience impulses without a feeling. When you have an impulse to do something, you do not necessarily feel something about it. Nonetheless, an impulse is an urging of your essence. Sometimes, you will experience a physical impulse. This would not be equated with an emotion. This does not mean it should not be recognized. When your body experiences natural impulses of natural physical functions, you automatically listen. (Smiling) If you are thirsty, you will drink. You will have no conflict with this because you will recognize, then you will act automatically, without thought, on this impulse. This is the division; when you allow conflict between thought and natural impulse or emotion. This is when you experience confusion and discomfort. Is this clear?

VICKI: Yes, that helps a lot. (Pause) To just complete the subject, I’ve had quite a few impulses to share the material I’ve been writing down in these sessions with people that I feel would enjoy it, and they want to read it, and other people feel that maybe it’s not such a good idea.

ELIAS: And what do you feel? Although I really do not have to ask you! (Laughter)

VICKI: I feel that I would like to share it with people that I think would really enjoy it and appreciate it.

ELIAS: I have stated to you all, there are many of like spirit. Many will benefit from our discussion. Michael is an excellent example of conflict in emotion and impulses in that particular subject. He has created much unnecessary conflict by allowing thoughts to conflict with natural feelings and drawings of essences together. I believe each of you all understand where he created much conflict within his own focus unnecessarily, in regards to withholding from another essence. You often will create this same conflict by not accepting another essence. You do this because you believe your beliefs are more “enlightened” than others. (Smiling) They are not, necessarily. Each essence has disconnected for the purpose of this physical experience. In doing this, they choose different beliefs. This does not mean one is better than another. Some are only more cleverly hidden.

DEB: Can I raise one argument?

ELIAS: Yes. (Smiling)

DEB: In regards to sharing this information with like spirits, I don’t deny that. But will sharing this information from those like spirits to unlike spirits, with those who are in conflict with what you are saying, harm any of us or Michael?

ELIAS: Here, we come back to our original focus, in trusting of your essence and feelings. When you are in connection with your feelings, and your intellect is not in conflict, your own essence will be correctly guiding for you. You each individually will know intuitively when you encounter a like spirit. (Long pause)

We have no more misunderstandings? (Laughter) I do understand that much information cannot be processed too quickly! (We all agree) Then, we shall close and allow you to incorporate and assimilate information, and we will direct a new focus in our next encounter. This is acceptable? (Everybody acknowledges) Then, I will tell you to all be in harmony, and no conflict in your essences, until we gather again.

Elias departs at 8:50 PM.

Vic’s note: This revision was done on August 6 and 7, 1996. In doing so, I read the transcript while watching this first videotape. What an experience! I had forgotten how much this phenomenon has changed in the last year. For example, Elias used to speak much slower; slow enough, in fact, for us to physically transcribe during the sessions. This would be impossible today! Also, he is much more animated now; in physical gestures, in verbal inflections, in facial expressions. He has always incorporated a sense of humor, but the difference in the delivery of this humor is drastic. It used to be quite subtle. Now, it is very directed, and accompanied by a lot of body language. If the phenomenon itself is interesting to you, I suggest that you come on over and view this tape. You’ll be amazed!

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