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Wednesday, August 02, 1995

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Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Elizabeth (Elizabeth), Tom (James) and arriving late, Cathy (Shynla).

Elias arrives at 6:59 PM.

ELIAS: Good evening. We will be welcoming to our new essence of James. I will be speaking briefly this evening, giving only a small amount of information and allowing for your questions. I will not be going on and on! (Smiling) I will bring your attention briefly to our subject of your psyche, in addressing to you of your present psychologists. We have already spoken of your religious belief systems, and partially have incorporated your scientific belief systems. We have not yet really incorporated your psychological belief systems.

In this age of yours, psychology has become a very large issue. You look to your psychologists for many of your answers for your daily problems and your interaction with other individuals. I will express to you that in this, you are only encouraging your separation more. You give yourselves answers for your experiences which seem to validate these experiences, and give you permission to feel that these experiences are all right. I will express that your psychological information is no more positive or validating to you than your religious belief systems, for it is also based in negative information. You, in these times, focus on information which you call “self help.” You attach terms such as “positive thinking,” and you believe that your psychologists are doing you great service by incorporating these ideas. What you lose sight of is that your psychology is based equally in a negative perception of the individual. Psychology incorporates just as much duplicity as religion. I am understanding that this will be causing conflict with Michael. I am quite sure that essences present will be supportive of this.

You believe that your psychology, in listening to you, gives you answers and helps you in your focus. I will express to you that although your psychology seems to have evolved, in actuality it is quite rooted in your Freudian concepts. If you are looking at them realistically, you will notice that your psychologists are always suggesting that some trauma has created your condition. They invalidate the individual. They do not allow for essence. What you are is physically focused in this time only, according to these individuals. They do not accept beyond. They do not accept essence. They cannot even focus as far as incorporating simple religious belief systems, such as a soul. Being based in scientific information, they offer an equal amount of non-self information, as does your other sciences.

Science in your time does not give focus to an individual, or to anything beyond what is actually physically perceived. In their perception, your world, your universe, and yourselves are a collection of erratic, chaotic atoms. They do not possess a consciousness, and they do not exist beyond physical focus. Your psychologists will incorporate the individual slightly more, but not to an extreme extent more. You will notice that the very few psychologists in your time presently who have tapped into a beyond of this physical manifestation are quite amazed and not quite sure what to do with this information. They think maybe they will write a book, (smiling) therefore sharing their information at tremendous risk to their professional careers for, “Oh no, other professional psychologists will frown on this!” This is because the established accepted ideas for psychology incorporate a basic singular focus of the individual. It also encourages the individual in these scenarios of not trusting their self.

We have discussed the importance of impulses. Impulses are a “juicy subject” for psychologists and are “very bad.” They do not wish you to be following impulses. You should be analyzing what you are doing. You should be investigating your past and all of the individuals who have influenced this past of yours. They create a situation of suspicion. Then they express to you to “think positively!” (Smiling) I am asking you how you may think positively when you are encouraged to believe everything around you is negative? Your psychologists will follow directly in suit with your scientists in expressing that man is responsible for all of the evils of the world, so to speak. Impulses left unchecked will create mass murderers, or abusers, or psychological disorders in the individual. This is all very incorrect. Impulses prevent these occurrences if they are listened to and not blocked. If your children were never blocked with their impulses and told that they should not express themselves in any given manner, you would find that they would express in small amounts, and not need to express violent or negative behavior; therefore, in growing to adulthood, do not need to express negative or unacceptable behavior to your way of thinking.

Your psychologists have been quite influential in encouraging these defects of society. It is quite difficult to be thinking positive and saying affirmations to yourself of how wonderful you are, if your psychology is expressing to you that you are all twisted up because of your experience. They also encourage each individual to not be responsible for their own focus. You do not have to take responsibility for you if your mother or your father or your uncle or anyone has abused you in your past, or if you are engaged in a relationship which is hurtful to you. Your psychologists will reinforce that you do not bear responsibility. There are many individuals, I am quite sure, who would take great issue with me. (Mary’s comment: “Me too!” Mary has, in fact, taken quite an issue with this subject!) (1)

I will express that in telling you that you create your reality, this does not mean that you create your reality sometimes. This does not mean that you create your reality when you are sixty. You create your reality from conception! You make your choices. You choose situations. You choose focuses. You choose belief systems. Psychology does not help you! It is also quite interesting how twisting around they may interpret your consciousness, going in and out and around, and you can’t even figure out who you are anymore, for so many things influence your consciousness, and you obviously have no control. You are just an over-ripened banana floating through this focus, being squashed all over! (Smiling, followed by laughter) I do not think that you view yourselves as this. It is quite easy to accept psychology. Why would it not be? It excuses you from all of your experiences and all of your responsibility, and we are all so concerned with rushing to rescues!

I will offer this as an introduction. I am aware that Michael will have many questions and arguments already. (Mary’s comment: “You’ve got that right!”) But, you may express that if he believed that our little discussion of universes was disturbing, I have much to say on this subject of psychology! As I expressed, your psychologists in their perception are very off, but I will allow him to think on these things and challenge me, for this will allow for widening, and I am always up for a challenge! You may ask questions. (Pause)

VICKI: I have a quick question, just about this subject matter. So, people that invest all this time in therapy are really just separating further?

ELIAS: They are looking for answers to make themselves feel better. They have separated already, and they are searching for some type of answer, for they are feeling “not very good.” They may not trust in their religious focuses, and their scientific element does not offer solutions. Therefore, they turn to individuals who specialize in the mind. Unfortunately, these professionals who specialize in the mind do not even understand what the mind is! They believe they do. They will express to you that they are experts on this subject. I will offer to you that they may incorporate much thinking, and they may incorporate a large vocabulary, but their understanding of reality is not very great. I will express to you that a small child of the age of three incorporates a greater understanding of reality, for they are closer to it. These individuals seeking therapy are not serving to widen. They are not receiving their answers. Their essence is responding. It is not responding through their psychologists. This is why you will see your individuals who are incorporating therapy continue for years. They are not receiving their answers. If they were receiving their answers, they would not continue. They are not necessarily separating farther. As I have stated, they have already separated farther. This is what contains their confusion and conflict. They do not understand how to reconnect, and are looking for some sort of answer.

There are some psychologists, individually, who incorporate a wider understanding, and may be partially helpful. In general, as a field of psychology, not as individuals, the concepts put forth from this science are very incorrect. We have already expressed several of their misconceptions as to psychological disorders, which they view as situations of insanity; and not being able to control or cure, they only temporarily affect by altering chemistry within your physical body, and even that is a weak attempt. (Pause)

VICKI: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. (Pause)

RON: I’d like to go off the subject a little bit.

ELIAS: This is acceptable.

RON: I feel that I came up with the fifth essence’s name.

ELIAS: We are back to our game! (Playfully smiling)

RON: I just want to get my point! (Laughter)

ELIAS: You are receiving your point! You have received your point for correct naming of the fifth infant in color of purple. And we are also incorporating one point for Lawrence for fourth infant of Mobowah, in viewing this essence, and congratulating in this situation. And we are expressing that Michael will need to try harder. I am liking this game! (Grinning) You have almost incorporated all of your pieces. (Pause)

RON: Almost, huh? (Whispering, followed by laughter)

ELIAS: Not quite! (Grinning widely)

TOM: How many pieces to the puzzle?

ELIAS: This is for all of you to find! (More laughter, and a pause)

VICKI: When dealing with a person who has not been allowed to express themselves as a child, say, and so they do express in unacceptable behavior, do you have suggestions for the best way to deal with a person like that?

ELIAS: This individual has already incorporated creating their geyser. This individual would be dealt with as you deal with yourself, in expressing information to prevent creating this geyser. I will express to you that an effective means of breaking through to another individual is not to focus on them. In being separated, it is quite natural for you to defend your space. You defend your individuality and your focus, and you have been taught that this is acceptable to be expressive, and holding to your identity as separate

and individual. You are taught that you are right by holding to your belief systems.

Therefore, in being challenged, before you even think you will automatically be defending. It is much easier to express to another individual by not expressing about the other individual. All of the principles ... (Mary unexpectedly returns)(2)

MARY: (After a brief pause) Hello! (We all crack up)

BREAK: 7:38 PM.


ELIAS: (Chuckling, and then to Ron) I will express to you now, do you understand how you do not give up your control? You always have the controlling element! I think Michael was quite surprised at his control! (Laughter) This is quite amusing, for my essence is not affected with such quick projection, although I am quite sure that Michael’s body is wondering what is up! You do not have to worry that you are giving away yourself to Paul, for this is incorrect. (Pause) I am welcoming to Shynla.

CATHY: Thank you.

ELIAS: (To Vicki) We were discussing your question, before being so rudely interrupted. (Laughter) If you are wishing a continuance of this, I am willing to be obliging. First, I will acknowledge our “little one.” (To Elizabeth, who is sitting directly behind him) Was your answer partially sufficient?

VICKI: Yes, it was.

ELIAS: I may have Michael explain his idea on this subject to you, as he was in such a hurry to rush back! I will express an explanation for those present, that in being physically very close with your consciousness to your physical body, although you may not consciously hear what is happening around you, your consciousness is quite aware. This is why you may physically react, even though you do not perceive in your consciousness that you have been aware of your surroundings. You may not be aware of the elements around you physically if you have projected farther away; but if you are in such close proximity, you only block out certain elements which distract your concentration. You may experience this same phenomenon in your meditative state. We will continue with questions, and then we will discontinue this session for this evening, for I was not anticipating a long session. (Pause)

ELIZABETH: I have a question. I tried before to focus in my dreams. I realize I haven’t tried very hard, but I have tried before to focus in my dreams. Is it just depending on the person how difficult it is?

ELIAS: You will find a degree of difficulty with many individuals. Your individual problem is that you are not genuinely trying, for you are too concentrated on not interrupting your sleep, which you believe to be completely blank in unconsciousness. You are interacting. You only do not allow yourself to remember. You do not allow yourself to remember, because then you believe you would be tired. You will not be tired.

ELIZABETH: Sometimes I feel like if I focus before I go to sleep, I won’t go to sleep. I’ll stay up all night.

ELIAS: I would be doubting of this situation! (Smiling) I am quite connected with you as an individual, and I will assure you that you will not experience difficulty in going to sleep. I will express that if you are “putting your pillow on your head,” you will be sleeping quite quickly! (Laughter) This is only an excuse.


ELIAS: You will be surprised at how good you may feel after you have interacted within your dream state. You may also be surprised at the answers your essence will give to you, in solving issues that you are experiencing. (Pause)

RON: Is the meditative state the same as the dream state?

ELIAS: It can be. There are individuals who are very practiced at meditation and who may reach a state of consciousness as deep as your sleep state, and being fully aware. In meditation this is needing of great discipline and practice. You would more likely enter into another altered state of consciousness. There are many states of consciousness which your would term as “altered.” They are all quite normal, but they are not your officially accepted waking consciousness. Therefore, you term them to be altered. There are myriads of degrees of consciousness. You may attain to them all through meditation. You may find that it is more difficult to attain the steep state of consciousness through meditation. This is why I have expressed to you to concentrate in your dreams, for it is an action that you accomplish daily, and with ease. You do not have to practice at being in this state. You only have to practice at remembering this.

RON: That’s the hardest part I have, because in meditating I seem to perceive and visualize a lot of the same things that I do in dreams, but I remember all the stuff that I perceive in a meditative state, and I don’t remember my dreams very well.

ELIAS: The reason it would require much discipline and practice to reach a state equal to a dream state in a meditation is that in your dream state, you are engaging a portion of consciousness that is quite removed from your waking consciousness. This state of consciousness is much deeper than most meditational states.

In meditation, you are still quite aware of your consciousness. This allows you a remembering. In practicing in your sleep state, you will realize that you may encounter much more than you may in your meditative state, only for you have been raised in western culture, and have not been practicing the art of meditation from a small child. This is not to say that it is impossible to attain this same state of consciousness. It is only requiring much more conscious letting go. You do not need to give yourself permission to let go in your sleep state. You do this automatically. In a meditative state, you require your permission. (Pause)

TOM: I have a question. Is there any truth to the “tree of life” and the “tree of knowledge?” And if so, explain.

ELIAS: (Smiling) This is a complicated concept. I will express to you first of all that this is a religious belief system. I will also express that all religious belief systems incorporate truth. Your religions have distorted truth, as is everything distorted in physical focus. You have attached symbolism to concepts or ideas which are explanations for questions that you have given rise to, as a consequence of separation. In actuality, this tree of knowledge and tree of life are expressions symbolically of your essence, your essence being that which contains all knowledge, which you have been separated from in physical focus.

Your tree of life would be symbolically representing what you in physical focus interpret as God, although in actuality and reality this also refers to your essence, for you are the same as The Creating Universal One and Whole. Therefore, you are all creating and all life-giving. Your essence extends far beyond your comprehension in physical manifestation. This concept, just as many other concepts in religious focuses, does contain elements of truth. The idea of man creating a situation which separated him from the tree of knowledge conceptually is quite correct, for in creating physical focus you have separated from essence, therefore creating a barrier between your physical focus and knowledge.

TOM: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome. You will find, as I have stated, that there are quite a few “truthfulness” elements in many of your religious focuses. We have not expressed in depth, to this present moment, ideas and concepts of individuals such as Jesus or Buddha or other essences, but I will express that the message that they were expressing contained more truth than you realize. It has been quite distorted. Also, elements of these individual’s physical lives, as you would term them, have been quite distorted through religious information; but as I have also expressed, this was quite purposefully done. It was an imaginative creation of your collective consciousness designed to give you an explanation of separation, and I will also express that this was quite beautifully and artfully accomplished. Are you wishing another question?

TOM: You know I am! I just don’t know where to begin. I’ll pass the floor to someone else. We couldn’t sit here long enough.

ELIAS: We have much time.

TOM: Catch me tonight in my dream.

ELIAS: I will be more than willing and accommodating.

TOM: I’ll be there waiting! Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

VICKI: I’ve got a question regarding James, because we have had some sort of a connection, him and I, and I’ve wondered often ... is that why ... does James have a lot of other dimensional focuses also?

ELIAS: You will excuse for a moment. (Pause) This essence has incorporated an interesting combination of focuses. There is fragmentation in other dimensional focuses which interact with Lawrence’s. I will also express that this essence was quite fascinated with historical development of your present country, being not involved in Indian focus as many other individuals, but more focused in the other direction, of being what you interpret as a “cowboy.” (Smiling)

TOM: I knew that!

ELIAS: Much interest in western development, and following the development of this particular country in several developmental focuses, ranging from eastern cultures of your eastern states and moving westward, growing with this individual country and expressing a great desire to be connected with its growth as it expanded into western territories. Being quite involved in calvary, and gold mining, and incorporating one focus as an exploring fur trapper. This essence incorporates a great fascination for excitement in confrontation, exhibiting great confrontational skills in Scotland, being what you express now to be a barbarian. A true Celt! This essence is quite accomplished at geysers, incorporating this situation in many focuses, although not incorporating this in focus of fur trapper. You would have like that individual, for he was quite calm.

TOM: Was that the only time? (Vicki laughs and Elias smiles) Will I be calm in this focus?

ELIAS: This is your choice! (Laughter)

TOM: I’m really trying.

ELIAS: We will be acknowledging of this, and acknowledging that your attendance in this company is an exhibition of this desire.

TOM: Well, you definitely hit that nail on the head! (Pause)

ELIAS: Shall I focus very concentratedly, for Shynla’s benefit, and find Michael’s cup? (Laughter, while Tom hands Elias the cup) Thank you.

TOM: You’re welcome. I was just gonna ask about, if I’ve been here from eastern religion all the way to fur trapping, to gold mining, to many geysers, as you put it, it goes back as far as eastern religion then?

ELIAS: This individual ... yes. You have incorporated (pause) partially, you have attempted to be skipping over Eastern India and incorporating ancient Japanese focus, this being, of course, more “stimulating,” as this is not exactly a passive society!

TOM: Geysers again. (Elias smiles) I’m gonna be looking for you tonight in my dream. (Pause)

ELIAS: If you do not remember, do not worry. Notice the energy field when you awaken.

TOM: Okay. I got you.

ELIAS: Shynla is being quite quiet this evening!

CATHY: Yes, she is. She was wondering about those little, I don’t know, brain waves or something, whatever happened to me when I was doing my taxes. I was just concentrating, and about three or four times in the last three days some weird energy flow has been going through my head. Could you tell me anything about that?

ELIAS: You are beginning to incorporate other energies.

CATHY: I thought about you immediately when it happened.

ELIAS: This is correct interpretation. In light of probabilities, you must understand, and always allowing for choices, it is interesting to see the length of time in which an individual will incorporate another essence energy; although once again, I must express that I am quite difficult to ignore! (Laughter)

ELIZABETH: Speaking of being quite difficult to ignore, I’d like to let you know that you can play with me any way you want but the time! I am late anyway! I don’t need your help! (Laughter)

ELIAS: (Laughing) You are not appreciating my game?

ELIZABETH: Play with the phones, play with my guinea pig, just not the time!

ELIAS: But you may not notice! We have certainly attracted your attention!

ELIZABETH: Only a couple times in the past two weeks!

ELIAS: But we expressing such acts involving time, and I am allowing you first hand experience with these subjects! This way you will incorporate them in your reality much easier.

ELIZABETH: Yeah, too bad my teachers don’t incorporate it in their reality! (Laughter)

ELIAS: You will be needing to try harder in paying attention!

VICKI: Well, I haven’t asked the tough question yet, so I’m gonna get it out. It’s regarding Donovan, and his wanting us, for some time now, to ask you of his medical problems.

ELIAS: I will express to you that there is immediate conflict physically, in reaction and response to this inquiry. Therefore, I will attempt to deliver an answer which will be satisfying of our friend Donovan, and not quite so conflicting for Michael. I will express to Donovan, first of all, that he is allowing his worrying to affect his physical state of being. Remind Donovan that at our first meeting, I expressed that one hundred and one was a nice age. He is forgetting of this information. He is a quite healthy individual, and is feeling lonely, and is feeling a lack of attention. Therefore, he is creating a situation physically to pull energy to himself. This is quite understandable and quite natural. His belief systems are strong, and he may create, in his present situation, a condition that he does not necessarily wish to execute presently; but in viewing his confusion, and in feeling his lack of purpose presently, he could choose either direction. He feels a strong pull to continue in physical focus. He also feels a strong pull to discontinue. He has not made a choice. He looks to his medical practitioners, but does not quite believe their abilities. I will express as a suggestion that he involve himself with Tai Chi or yoga, and even seek an herbologist. This should satisfy his need for physical evidence of affecting physical creations, and hopefully this will not be too conflicting for Michael. Donovan is not in a position yet of truly believing that he may create or uncreate his own physical conditions. He is believing that he is an old man, and his physical body is taking its toll naturally. This is incorrect, but these are his belief systems. Therefore he may incorporate easier some physical expression to be helping him, but also allowing himself some control of his own physical condition. You may also express to him, though, that he is quite capable of uncreating whatever he has created presently, and there is no reason, other than choice, that he may not be one hundred and one. I do not go farther than this number, for he does not go farther than this number, but this still allows our friend twenty more years, and he is quite arrogant enough to continue for twenty more years!

VICKI: Yes, he is! (Laughing)

ELIAS: You may also express to Donovan that essences are quite lovingly incorporating him presently. He is only removing himself, therefore feeling sorry for himself, which is unnecessary for there are individuals around him who are quite loving in their expression to him. This would be contrary to his belief right now, including also Michael. Is this acceptable?

VICKI: Yes. (Pause)

ELIAS: Are you wishing of more questions for this evening? (Pause) Then I will be expressing my good evening to you all. (To Ron) And I am trusting that my message has been delivered, and therefore you may be expecting me soon and I will be incorporating with you in our next session. (To Tom) And I will be expressing invitation for James to return.

TOM: Couldn’t keep me away. You got me now!

ELIAS: I am very good at this!

TOM: Thank you very much.

ELIAS: You are welcome. (To group) And I will interact with you all on your Sunday.

TOM: Oh, I have a question for you. (Laughter) I’m sorry. If we went to a park and sat out among the trees, could we hold our session out in the open?

ELIAS: This would be depending on Michael. (We end at 8:55 PM.)


(1) Please note that this is the first session that has “inspired” Mary to write down a long list of questions and arguments, which she brought to the next session, demanding that they be presented! The first part of this next session (Aug. 6) is quite interesting, and is a very good example of how some of this information directly conflicts with her belief systems.

Directly after the word ‘principles,’ the cat jumped on the piano keys. Mary immediately “snapped back” into her body, with very wide eyes and a very surprised facial expression! We suppose the unexpected noise caused this to happen, although in previous sessions there have been many interruptions of all kinds, and Elias never “missed a beat.” For some reason, this particular noise was interrupting, and a bit of a shock to us all, especially Mary!

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