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Friday, August 04, 1995

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Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia).

Elias arrives at 9:01 PM.

ELIAS: Good evening.

RON: Good evening, Elias.

ELIAS: You have questions this evening! (Smiling at Vicki) So, I see you are meeting our new piece of our puzzle!

VICKI: Is that who that is?

ELIAS: This would be your missing six, and your missing color also. You may express to Elizabeth that she may crawl down her tunnel farther and view this infant. (Pause) Where shall we begin this evening? There is much energy and questions floating around. I will allow you to choose your direction. I am receiving interference from Michael also, who has many questions.

VICKI: Well, let’s talk about this sixth puzzle piece, that is very present here tonight.

ELIAS: I am aware.

VICKI: How does this fit into the whole picture?

ELIAS: I will express that you and Michael are, shall we say, on the “right track” with your six, which incorporates your essences and our essences. There are twelve focuses in all, six and six, but you are asking me to give you your answers to your puzzle! (Grinning slyly)

VICKI: That wouldn’t be near as much fun!

ELIAS: This is correct!

VICKI: So, we will be searching for our sixth name, of course.

ELIAS: Correct. You will also be noticing the connection between this essence and yourself.

VICKI: I certainly have done that tonight.

ELIAS: The connection has been made between Paul and Ron. The connection has been made between Elias and Michael. The connection is being made between Lawrence and “question mark.” (Smiling)

VICKI: The green one.

ELIAS: This is correct. We will issue a point to Lawrence for green. Where you have confused yourself is in thinking that your favorite color must correspond to the essence color.

VICKI: It was a place to start!

ELIAS: This is partially correct, and partially not. There are three connecting in that respect, and three not. Our puzzle grows, and you are thinking originally that this was incorporating only five infants in little cribs with dwarf names. (Grinning)

VICKI: The other three physically focused essences involved, have we incorporated them in our focus, or can we be expecting them to arrive as somebody we don’t know?

ELIAS: In our group, are you referring to?

VICKI: Yeah.

ELIAS: Partially, although they may all be incorporated presently, or not! (Humorously)

RON: What’s the significance of the names?

ELIAS: The names are not actually significant. They are only identifications. You in physical focus need identification. This clarifies elements for you, and also makes things more interesting. Essentially, as I have stated, there is no need for names, although for purposes of connection and identification we allow for usage of names.

VICKI: It’s a good way to get a point! (Laughing)

ELIAS: This is correct. (Smiling) And Ron was believing that he was winning the game with our fifth essence name! (Humorously) Unfortunately, the game continues! I will allow you, as I have said, to choose your direction. I am aware that you are thinking of questions in regards to your energy manipulation, or “channeling” as you refer to it, and also of questions of connections, and also questions of impulses, and questions on questions this evening! (Smiling, and Ron and Vicki laugh)

VICKI: Well, I was going to ask if you wanted to talk more about Michael’s and my connection.

ELIAS: I would be pleased to express on this subject although I will express also, as I have mentioned earlier, this is a very complicated subject and it is extremely difficult to relay in physical terms. I will express, first of all, for you to be thinking in a direction of intermingling of essences; for in actuality they are not separate as you view all things, but in viewing separation and in physical terms, I will give you a comparison in a very simple manner, bearing in mind that in non-physical focus there is no sexual orientation. This has no bearing on our subject, but in physical terms this will serve as an interesting analogy. When two individuals come together physically in your manifestation and have connected quite closely, you will be aware that these individuals may generate such an extreme energy manifestation as a result of their union physically that this energy seems to join together, mingling and expressing outward from them as one expression. Are you following thus far?

VICKI: I think so.

ELIAS: In this expression, this intermingling of energy projected outward is a true expression of love for each other. In this, you have generated combined energy. This energy is not two separate energies any longer. It becomes one and extends beyond your physical bodies, thus reaching out as an expression in a single stream; this being a product of a union of intermingling between these individuals. In a manner quite different, but in the same principle, essences may intermingle to a point of such entanglement of expression of love that they may generate a stream of energy much the same as your expression in physical focus. We are speaking energy now, not physical interaction. In this expression, this energy will extend beyond the essences intermingled.

This energy is not just energy molecules or atoms flying around. It is very directed and concentrated, and incorporates personality. In this, this energy incorporating personality may, and very often does, express desire for fragmentation. In this expression of desire, it is answered by the intermingled essences. In this, it is allowed fragmentation but does not become one fragment, for it has been incorporated by two essences and is allowed equal expression of both; therefore intermingling as a wind of leaves swirling together, and eventually swirling so intensely that its leaves fly apart. It creates two essences. In this expression, the two were originally one. They both incorporate very much the same focus, just as I expressed to Michael an illustration of your physical twins which are manifest by a single entity dividing into two and possess the same biological patterns and much the same consciousness. In this expression, the essences created are much the same.

I will express to you that it is quite unusual in physical focus for these essences to be reunited in physical manifestation. They always reconnect in non-physical, what you would term “in-between” developmental focuses; they always reconnect. They do not always connect within individual developmental focuses. This is why I expressed to you this was not a favored probability. This was an expressed desire. I will express to you that this desire was not one-sided. Each of you has been aware of not wishing to remanifest; each of you in physical manifestation, being unaware through separation, of the other’s existence. The desire was still there. The essences are still connected. Just as I have expressed that Paul and I are very connected and develop or widen along very similar paths, so also is this expression with Michael and Lawrence. This is a very deep connection. You will be noticing that you seem to think each other’s thoughts, this being that your consciousness is so connected, that you do!

VICKI: Are you and Paul the same sort of fragmentation?

ELIAS: No. We have always experienced a deep connection. Our connection would be more likened to this connection of yourself and Ron, which carries through developmental focuses and through non-physical focuses. It is quite strong. We are fragmented of the same essence. You and Michael are not. You and Ron are. Are you understanding the difference?


ELIAS: This being why you feel such an entanglement and closeness and bond with each other, for you are both fragments of the same essence. This is quite a strong bond, but as I have said, fragmentation is not your only connection. I have expressed in another session, that connecting with an essence which is fragmented by the same essence as yourself would be likened in physical focus as your soul mate, which you have connected with. This connection between you and Michael, you would liken to kindred spirits. Individuals in your focus use this term quite lightly. Essentially, if they were realizing the depth of what they were expressing, it would not be flipply thrown around. You do not connect very often in this direction.

There is, quite frequently just as with your individuals of twins, a desire of these types of essences to “split apart,” to experience individually their own focuses. There are, infrequently, essences so deeply connected that they wish not to split apart, and continue in connection. I have expressed also that you have both chosen the same focus in non-physical, when this manifestation moves on. I will be cautioning to Ron, for these two essences in non-physical focus might be quite terrorizing, this being their quite impish nature!

RON: That’s okay. They already warned me.

ELIAS: Take heed of this warning! (Humorously)

VICKI: We talked about that before we ever really understood the connection.

ELIAS: For your essences understand the connection! (Laughingly)

VICKI: Well, I must express a thank-you to yourself and Paul, from myself and Michael, for such a wonderful gift of fragmentation.

ELIAS: There is no need for this expression, unless you are thanking yourself! (Smiling) All expressions of true and pure love manifest beautifully. Even in physical developmental focuses, your highest expression of beauty is your expression of love. Your manifestation of energy would amaze you, in the beauty that it exudes to the universe each time it is manifest.

VICKI: Why is it unusual with these essences, such as Michael and myself, to meet up in physical focus?

ELIAS: Just as I have expressed, many times or what you view as much more often, essences such as yourself and Michael move apart for experience. They move to experience separately in establishing independent identities. Just as in your twins who do not wish to be identified as one individual, but with their own separate identities, essences react in similar manner. This is not always the case, for this was not the case with these essences. You have not always manifest together, as I have expressed. You have always manifest within the same developmental focuses, this in itself being a continuation of connection. (Pause)

RON: Can you tell me what my connection with Michael is?

ELIAS: This connection also incorporates many developmental focuses. This essence of yours is quite connected with Michael. Just as it is connected with Lawrence, your connection with Michael would be what you would liken to be equal. They are in essence equal and almost as one essence, and your connection with them both, through developmental focuses and non-physical interaction, has been equal. You have been quite interacting and connected. You will be surprised to hear that in other developmental focuses, you have traded partners. (Smiling) You have been connected with one in one focus, and the other in another focus, and the other in another focus, and back and forth. This connection is quite strong. This will be interesting for Michael’s information, only for the reason that he has been experiencing a knowing of this connection, and not expressing this. Now, in hearing this transcript of private session, he will allow his expression. (Pause)

VICKI: Well, this business of channeling. I keep thinking that really, it doesn’t seem to be very important, for one reason because I have somebody to talk to, and that’s a wonderful thing for me, but it does seem to be very important to some other people. I guess one question would be, if one were to engage in this process, is it possible through this process to become more connected with your essence?

ELIAS: This is an interesting question. In respect to Michael, yes; for if this phenomenon was not allowed to occur, many probabilities would not have occurred either, and many connections with essence would not have been made. In contrary to this, your connections with essence are being accomplished now. You are correct in stating that it is not of tremendous importance, at least not for your growth. For your widening and awareness it is not necessary, although there is a desire for connection in this area, this creating a situation of importance. This does not mean that it is necessary for your widening, but it is wished by you for your experience. This is what your physical focus is about: experience. Therefore, yes, it is important, for any desire for experience is important for realization. Discounting of this is to invalidate the desire. This would be incorrect. I am aware that Lawrence does not share this desire to this extent. It is not necessary for you to engage this phenomenon. If you wish to try and to experience, you may. If you wish not, it is not important.

VICKI: Well, I must admit that this evening, I actually did feel, for the first time, the desire, and it was interesting to me to feel that.

ELIAS: I will express to you both that you both possess the ability. You also need only “let go.” (To Vicki) You are becoming much closer, and this evening will be validating to you in your closeness. (To Ron) I will be interested to view your interaction understanding your control, and viewing Michael at our last session. This should be validating to you that you are not lacking in any control. You may now allow yourself to “let go.” I will express that Michael’s discussion with you was very well correct, in his interpretation of the physical interaction which is occurring. He is acquiring a good deal of information and incorporating much. There is an extreme mechanical exchange. As I was expressing in our session as to the engaging this phenomenon, some individuals do not “let go.” In this respect, it is quite difficult for the essence to be manifesting energy through the individual. In practicing, acknowledge physical reactions and allow yourself to flow through. You will experience physical elements. Just as I expressed, you have created your body in physical expression. You have created every cell. Your body knows you.

RON: Do I know my body?

ELIAS: Yes, you very well do. All of its consciousness is intermingled with yours. Therefore, in pulling your consciousness away, your body is aware and does not sit quietly as you leave. It also yells to you when another essence comes in. Your body is your consciousness’ “watch dog.” It is not wishing for another essence to be there, and it is sounding its alarm when you are not home.

The physical elements of this phenomenon may range in varying degree from muscle tightness, or you may feel circulatory expressions. You may feel breathing changes. You may feel involuntary nervous system adjustments. You may feel “heavy,” or you may feel excited. You may experience confusion or you may drift. These expressions physically vary with the individual. Your body chemistries are all different. Your consciousness expressions are all different. Your physical feelings will be different, but you will experience physical feelings. This is part of the process. I will explain that if you allow your consciousness to drift, these physical feelings will not be apparent to you any longer. You may experience what you would term to be paralyzed, initially. Your consciousness is not accustomed to functioning apart from your physical expression.

This is not the same as projecting in dreams. This state of consciousness is different. You are not in a level of your dream state. In your dream state, you are in a very deep state of altered consciousness. In this state, where you may be in cooperation with another essence, you may feel you are in a deep state of altered consciousness, but in reality you are not very far removed initially. Even Michael does not remove very far, with exception of a few times of projecting quite far! (With exasperation) He may go away, but his consciousness state is not quite as deep as a sleep state. This is why you will hear an individual who experiences this phenomenon express to you that they are not sleeping. They are aware that they are not in the same state of consciousness as their sleep state. It would be likened to a very deep state of meditation. You may reach a form of this altered consciousness in hypnosis, which is no more than a relaxed state. The farther you relax the deeper you will alter your consciousness, and the more you may move beyond your physical expression.

When you experience this the next time, do the opposite of what you think of doing. You think of tension. You think of holding. Do relaxing. Do letting go. If you are thinking of questions pertaining to this subject in future times, you may express these, and I will answer.

RON: I do have one question. Michael brought up the possibility of negative energy in somehow influencing the feeling in getting close.

ELIAS: I will express in this subject that the perception is correct. The reality is that nothing will happen, although the feeling is quite intensified, this being the result of unconscious perception of fear. You fear what you do not understand and what you are unfamiliar with. This is not a conscious expression. It is quite natural. When you are feeling an intensity of energy, it does not feel familiar to you. When you are experiencing an altered state of consciousness, energy is much more available to you. You do not block and you do not separate, therefore you are more affected. I will express to you that you may feel quite confident that the essence which is around you, in cooperation with your own essence, are both quite capable of protecting your consciousness. There will be no adverse affects. You are not in a science fiction movie, and nothing will happen to you!

Michael’s perception of other energy was in actuality correct. I will be expressing to him that this was a very good perception, as he was not actually physically involved with your experiment. In this, his advice was also useful, for your consciousness was already affected and was not allowing for continuation. In forcing a continuation you only serve to block more; and even if you allow yourself to continue being within this open state, what you will accomplish is not allowing an essence to project through, but you may exaggerate the incoming energy from another individual to an extent of even frightening yourself.

Your consciousness and imagination is quite creative, and can create many expressions as an “instant” explanation for non-understanding of energy. You may not believe in devils or demons or evil spirits, but your consciousness is not limited to these creations and may create something that could frighten you even if it be in a physical expression, leading you to believe that you would be experiencing a heart attack; this not being in actuality what is occurring, but it is better to end focus and realign your consciousness until you are within a safe [place] or what you perceive to be a safe feeling environment. As I have said, even with negative energy you are protected by your own essence. You would be advised, if practicing with your altered states [and] if incorporating individuals who may project negative energy, to incorporate Elizabeth or Michael, each being quite focused and very strong in projecting in blocking. (Looking around) I will be asking for ... (Ron give Elias the cup) Thank you. I am focusing now each time I am seeing a cup, to Shynla! (Laughter) I will be needing to work on my visionary focus more concentratedly, although it seems of little importance.

VICKI: Can you hear out of Michael’s bad ear?

ELIAS: I am aware that in physical manifestation, Michael is not hearing from this left ear. It is not affecting of my sound intake.

VICKI: It didn’t appear to be. He’s been wondering. About Michael, I’m not quite sure for the first time how to talk to Michael about his present anxiety regarding his daughter. Do you have any comment on that?

ELIAS: I was actually planning on speaking with Michael tonight, for I am quite aware of this situation of distress. I will express to you that in these types of situations, be it with Michael or with another individual who is experiencing this type of a depth of emotion, that your best avenue of helpfulness is not necessarily to identify with this occurrence. It is not always necessary for you to have experienced the same elements as another individual, but you may still be supportive. In this, you may just listen and be “feeding back,” as we have expressed before, in supportiveness. I will express that in this situation, there are few expressions that you may make to make him feel better. I will also express that there are few expressions that I may make to make him feel better, this being an experience on all sides that is quite natural, that needs only to be acknowledged and sympathized with. You in physical focus may understand this type of situation, where you are faced with an individual which you are close to who is experiencing something that you view as uncomfortable but you have no control. Therefore, your only expression is to be supportive.

Michael is quite aware of all of what he views as the psychological ramifications of the entire situation. He is also quite aware that this expression of emotional focus will not be lasting forever. He is only not wishing to experience it at all. I will express to him, and also for future reference to you, that in experiencing these types of things, the more it is clung to or pushed away, the more it is there. If Michael will listen to what I have expressed before, of allowing the experience and accepting the experience for what it is presently, experiencing through it instead of pushing it away or avoiding it, he will find that it will pass much more quickly and it will be allowed to “fly away.” It is only in non-acceptance of experiences that you hold to them. I will express to you to remind him he does not wish to be creating a shrine. It is not built yet. We will be expressing we are hoping it does not take construction.

VICKI: You mentioned earlier about forcing the continuance, when you were talking to Ron. I’m not quite sure ... I got a little confused right there. What exactly were you talking about?

ELIAS: If you are experiencing an altered state of consciousness, and you are perceiving of incoming energy which is affecting of your energy, and even affecting of your physical state, it is better not to be forcing yourself to be continuing in this altered state. You may choose to do this. Ron experienced a conscious choice. He could have chosen to not say “stop.” He chose to stop the interaction. He chose to stop the exercise. He could have chosen to continue, but it would have been a forced continuance.

VICKI: Are you speaking of an unpleasant affectingness?

ELIAS: This is correct. This would not be an unpleasant affectingness from another essence. It would be manifest by your own consciousness, but it may manifest quite unpleasantly.

VICKI: I was confused because I experienced some very physical affectingness this evening, but it was very pleasant.

ELIAS: But you will also notice that you were not forcing anything. You were relaxing into it. This was not a case of relaxing into the situation. There is quite a difference. A natural state will seem easy. Even in experiencing physical alterations, it will still feel easy. It will also feel natural, and you will know somewhere inside of you that you are okay. When you do not know you are okay, then you initiate “stop.” This was a correct expression in this situation. (Pause)

VICKI: I have to give the point for green back to Michael. That’s Michael’s point. I can’t keep it.

ELIAS: We will accept this, although I must bat the ball back to Lawrence, for Lawrence viewed green first. In Michael’s expression to you of yellow, you were arguing of green.

VICKI: That’s correct. I forgot about that.

ELIAS: Therefore, I do not retract our point. (Laughter) You will find I do not make mistakes very often!

VICKI: Yeah, I think we should know that by now. So, this business of impulses ...

ELIAS: This will be a very good example of extreme connection, for Michael is on our other side going “impulses!” (Knocking on the table, followed by laughter) I am feeling that I am experiencing what you in physical focus express as “stereo!” (More laughter) Yes?

VICKI: I have a feeling that we have our impulses, but then we also have something else that we sometimes confuse as impulses, and we tend to take the things that we confuse as impulses more seriously than what are actually impulses, and I keep getting confused about how to identify those two things.

ELIAS: Where you will incorporate much confusion is by interpreting a feeling to be an impulse. An impulse is not a feeling. As I have said, it may trigger a feeling but more likely it will trigger a thought. Then you will experience your argument. Impulses do not manifest very much in feelings. Emotion is different, this being why emotionally focused individuals will follow their impulses even less than you, for they are not a feeling and emotionally focused individuals are used to interpreting feelings and experiencing feelings, and they attach feelings to everything. Impulses will more naturally attach themselves to a thought as a consequence of the impulse. If you are not experiencing a thought, you will carry out your impulse unconsciously. You will not think about it at all. If you are thinking about your impulse, you will most likely be incorporating rationalization, which will create your arguments.

VICKI: I was just thinking today, if we followed every single little impulse ...

ELIAS: You would be extremely happy! (Smiling)

VICKI: Everything would be different.

ELIAS: And very effortless. I have expressed many times, your impulses are your natural native language.

VICKI: I guess sometimes we expect them to be louder than they are.

ELIAS: Your essence is not intrusive. It is soft, and it is loving, and it is gentle. Gentleness does not force something on you. It is not pushing impulses and smacking you with them. It is gently drifting impulses into your consciousness. This is why I have expressed that you must notice. I would not be using this word of “notice” if it was not important, or if it was so easy.

VICKI: Well, I’ve certainly noticed a lot of impulses, and I’ve also noticed that I haven’t followed them! (Laughing)

ELIAS: After you are noticing, then as I have expressed, you must act. We have spoken of this also before.

VICKI: So, what if it appears to you that, well, for example, I had an impulse quite a while ago to invite a friend of mine to join our group, and it appeared that the impulses of several other people in the group were very opposite, and so I didn’t invite this friend to join our group. Are those impulses, or are those opinions?

ELIAS: Here we will make a distinction. First of all, the other individuals were not the ones who were wishing to be expressing of this invitation. This was your desire. You were wishing of opinions. You received opinions. You may act on your impulse. Another individual does not receive your impulse.

VICKI: Well then, what if when you act on your impulse, you cause conflict for other individuals?

ELIAS: You will be aware immediately if you are experiencing an impulse, or if you are experiencing only a thought or a physical desire. The difference is your essence speaking to you, for you. Your impulses will not be incorporating conflict, for your impulses will be your essence speaking to you and your essence only speaks to you in what you term a positive manner. It does not create conflict. If you are putting yourself in a situation which is creating conflict, this is not an impulse. If you are incorporating an impulse and it results in another individual’s conflict, then that individual must deal with its own conflict with itself. You are not the cause. Their belief systems are the cause.

VICKI: So, I guess the trick is to really be able to identify what is an impulse.

ELIAS: This is correct. This is why I have expressed to you, to begin with small impulses. I am understanding that individuals feeling or thinking that they are adults in their focus, and intelligent, may be viewing my expression of this as very elementary; but I am also aware that they do not even understand what their impulses are. If they cannot identify ... (tape change) Shall I be repeating of our last sentence? (Vicki says, “Sure!”) If they are not incorporating or identifying their small impulses, then they will not be trusting of their large or important ones. This will only serve to validate your psychological information that you may not trust your impulses, for those are the “base” side of yourself, this being quite incorrect. Your impulses are your language. They are your essence speaking to you. They will not betray you, and they will not create conflict within you, and they will not create negativity.

Your psychology has taught you very well that your impulses are exactly opposite to this concept. They are not to be trusted, for this is your “animal instinct.” As I have expressed, instinct being only a repeated action to the point of not thinking about this action any longer, which you may verify by “looking it up.” Human instincts are created by your twisted belief systems between your psychology and your religion and your sciences, which all teach you that you are not trustworthy. They reinforce your negative instincts, which you incorporate quite well. If you were to follow your impulses as your “baser” instincts or your animal instincts, you may even experience no conflict, as an animal.

VICKI: So, we can think about impulses and instincts as basically the same thing?

ELIAS: This would be a very tricky area. (Smiling) I would be cautious to say yes, only for I understand that you may rationally, in speaking with me in session, understand; but in your everyday life your belief systems creep back in, and your belief systems have been quite influenced by your science and your religion and your psychology, and all of these focuses create belief systems that are untrusting of impulses. Therefore, I would more express to put impulses in their own category, and not be comparing them with elements that you have already formed belief systems in conjunction with.

I will also briefly express for Michael’s sake, in regards to impulses, that he is correct. There is more to this subject than only agreements, and only experiences, and only coincidences. I will not actually incorporate this evening this subject, but I will touch on it briefly now, for this subject also will be needing of much time and will be difficult to explain and difficult to understand. I have expressed there are not levels. There are no planes. There are intermingled elements, or areas, of consciousness. I am not speaking of your physically focused consciousness. I am speaking of your consciousness incorporated by your essence, which extends far beyond physical focus. In your limited vocabulary, it is difficult to express an idea of this area without incorporating planes. You have no words to express these frameworks. I will use “area,” and I will be searching for a term to replace it officially. For now, we will deal with this.

If you visualize circles, you may see these circles not necessarily as spheres but more in the idea of discs, these being “areas” of consciousness. They overlap each other and they pass through each other, but they each incorporate a specific framework and element of action. In this physical manifestation, you experience one area of consciousness. This is the physically expressed area. Beneath this area of physical expression is another area of consciousness. In order for anything to be physically manifest, it must first be created in this other area of consciousness, this other disc. It is imagined there. As this incorporates all physically manifest consciousness, it is not only what you create in your consciousness and your manifestation, but also what all other individuals create, and this creates your interaction. Here is where your coincidences are begun. Here are where the designs are created to manifest physically, the interactions that you cannot quite figure out; how you may intersect with another individual at the precise time for a precise reason or a precise outcome.

I will use, as an example, our sessions. In this area beneath your physically manifest consciousness, this other consciousness incorporating the creative initiation begins the motion; therefore creating the situation of Michael altering life changes, setting in motion his manifestation going in one direction and each other individual involved setting in motion, in agreement and desire in this other area of consciousness which is connected, all circumstances leading each individual to a point, each individual being brought to a point for their own reasons or objectives to your metaphysical meetings; this seeming to be a coincidence, which I am understanding that you have each now dispelled as not being coincidence, but also not understanding how this all mechanically comes together to create a collective situation. (1)

This may also happen in other areas that seem to you to simply work out so smoothly. An individual is in the right place at the right time, or maybe, on a given day delayed from an appointment and therefore connecting with an individual not expectedly, which may develop into another situation being beneficial. Also, we may incorporate our “Dave” in this same type of scenario. You have each come together in cooperation with these sessions. Your involvement and connection to Michael is leading to a further connection in conjunction with me. Through other individuals, your Dave, who will be instrumental in you publishing, will be brought to your focus and interaction with no effort of our own. These are all agreements and imagined desires and creativity expressions from your other area of consciousness.

I will express that there are many other discs. (Vicki sighs) We are only touching on one, this being the most directly involved and affecting of your actual physical actions. Just as with your impulses, your essence sends messages. Before they appear to you, they pass through this other creative area, this being the impetus for all manifestation. (Vicki, after holding her breath, lets it go and starts to laugh) I am seeing a convoluted look with Lawrence! (Smiling) I will end with this. We will continue this quite extensively, for this is quite a complicated subject.

VICKI: Quite interesting!

ELIAS: Michael may find this more interesting than his psychology. Truth is always more interesting than garbage! (Vicki laughs) This will give you all much to think about, and I will be anticipating questions. This is good, for when you are asking questions you are thinking, and when you are thinking, you are incorporating.

VICKI: Are you sure? (Laughing)

ELIAS: Yes. (Grinning) I will be ending our session for this evening, and I am hoping that I have been of some assistance. (To Ron)

RON: As always.

ELIAS: I will be expressing to you both to be accustomed to individual sessions, for I will be expressing to Michael of this situation in the future. You will say that I have two agendas, and you are now ready for the next. I will be expressing loving affection for you both, and looking forward to our next interaction.

VICKI: Same to ya! (We end at 11:05 PM.)


(1) I have an “impression” that this is our longest sentence to date, and an “impulse” to express this here!

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