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Sunday, August 06, 1995

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Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Elizabeth (Elizabeth), Cathy (Shynla), Jo (Joseph), Tom (James), and arriving late, Ron #2 (Kali).

Elias arrives at 6:39 PM.

ELIAS: Greetings. We have interesting energy this evening! I must make a comment, first of all, that I am quite amused at Michael’s reaction. This is not to say that I was not expecting this; and he, being true to form, was expressing in the probability that I expected. I am aware of his presence, and that he is wishing questions this evening. Therefore, we will be continuing with our subject of the psyche. (To Vicki) You may ask. (1)

VICKI: Okay. Regarding your statement that psychology is not more positive or validating than religion, Michael says, “This is very incorrect, and how can you say that! Psychologists are dealing with people’s experiences and trying to work through them, not offering imaginative philosophies!!!” (We all laugh, including Elias)

ELIAS: I will be expressing that I am not retracting my statement that psychology is also a belief system. In regards to it being compared with religious belief systems, I do not retract this either. Your psychological framework is based on observation of experiences. This is correct. Your interpretation of the psychological meaning attached to these experiences is incorrect. He is taking issue with the idea that religion is based on imagination, which is expressing as fantasy. I have expressed to you that although your religious focuses may be distorted, they are based on truths. They are based on truths incorporating imagination, which is reality. He is thinking in the direction of stories, this being the basis for religion; therefore making a distinction of psychology, that this is based in what you term to be facts of experiences and not being imaginary. First of all, I will express that if you are thinking in this direction, all psychological elements are not based in your physical facts. There is much of your psychology that you would term as being based in imagination. Hallucinations are not what you term

physical facts. They are what you term imaginary. This is not to say that they are not reality. I am making a distinction of how you interpret them.

Your religious belief systems, being based in truths, offer you some viable explanations for experiences and thought patterns. For centuries, individuals sought out religious leaders or authorities for counsel just as you now seek out your psychologists. Essentially, you have made a new religion of psychology, only basing it more in sciences. Psychology has sprung from science, this being where Michael makes a distinction, in believing that science and religion are opposite poles having nothing to do with each other. This also is incorrect. Their direction of focus deviates in some sciences; but in actuality, their questions are the same. Religion asks questions of the individual and its universe and its connection. Science asks the same questions. Psychology, being another branch of science, is dealing with the individual and its relation to itself and its world, not always incorporating as far as its universe but at least incorporating its environment.

If he, Michael, will allow himself to stop screaming and begin listening, these concepts are not difficult. This should not be causing conflict, as it is merely another belief systems. I am sure he will not find this answer sufficient, but he may receive his justification as we follow along in his questions. I am not wishing to spend lengthy time this evening on each question that he has, or we will be here all night! (Laughter) Continue.

VICKI: His next question ... really, I don’t have his questions, I have his arguments. And again, “How can you say that!” regarding your statement, “Psychology incorporates just as much duplicity as religion.”

ELIAS: (Laughing) Discontinue for one moment. He is expressing to me that he was knowing that you would “qualify” by saying this! (Laughter) He is expressing discontentment at this statement, and saying to Lawrence, “Get on with it the way I have said!”

VICKI: “Psychology is not incorporating deceitfulness!” That is his argument in regards to psychology incorporating just as much duplicity as religion.

ELIAS: He has a problem with this word of duplicity. (Smiling) I will beg to disagree with Michael. It is easy for you to accept that your religions incorporate duplicity. Excuse. We will welcome Kali.

You believe psychology to be an intricate science of the mind, and searching for truth regarding the individual and your psyche. I will express to you that psychology, from its birth, has incorporated duplicity. Your father of psychology, as you in physical focus term him and have given him this title, of Freud has based this science in the duplicity of the individual. Your impulses are not to be trusted, as far as Freudian psychology is concerned.

You will please enter into this transcript, that if Michael is going to be chattering through my answers, that I will not be able to answer his questions!

VICKI: He’s probably chattering about Carl Jung.

ELIAS: Yes. I am getting there! (Laughter) Contrary to Michael’s arguing of Carl Jung, you will find that even to this date, almost one hundred of your years beyond your beginning of Freudian psychology, it continues to be a major focus in the study of this science; and also, in your ordinary therapy, you are encountering most psychologists who are based in this type of psychology. They are looking for your influences from your past. They are not incorporating your religious belief systems, or your consciousness, or many of the concepts that Carl Jung put forth in later years. They are still incorporating Freudian psychology. If you were to be evaluated, each of you present, by an independent psychologist, I am quite sure you would all take issue with their findings of your psychological make-up; for each of you would not be shining through as a completely psychologically stable individual, for they do not believe there are completely psychologically stable individuals. They may incorporate slight references to abnormal tendencies. These are based in Freudian psychology.

I would also express to Michael that his beloved Carl Jung was a student of Sigmund Freud, and incorporated his beliefs very much. Your Carl Jung has expanded on these beliefs and concepts, but did not eliminate the original concepts. I understand that Michael is a great fan of Carl Jung, but he does not incorporate the entire man, only what he wishes to incorporate, what you would term the “good parts,” and is throwing out the parts he does not agree with as invalid. You may, if you wish, do this with your religions; for in your belief systems, they are concepts. You may not incorporate “half an individual.” (Pause, during which Elias begins chuckling) We will continue. (Pause) I will be excusing for one moment. (Pause) You may continue. Michael may either be quiet, or he may go occupy himself! (Much laughter in response to Michael’s continued interruptions. Mary’s comment: Maybe Elias should call me Mouthful!)

MARY: You’re wrong! Psychology does incorporate a soul!

ELIAS: Do you not find it interesting that there are very few individuals who will tell an essence that they are wrong? (Smiling, followed by much laughter) I am believing that Michael would tell God he is wrong! Psychology does not incorporate the idea of a soul. It may incorporate the idea of a collective unconscious, but it does not incorporate, as a science, the concept of a soul or of anything that it deems to be attached to religious belief systems. Incorporating a soul would be a religious focus. Psychology is a science. They make quite a distinction of themselves as not being connected with religious belief systems, although they are just the same! (Humorously)

You do have some individuals presently, very few, who are in your field of psychology, who have incorporated spiritual awarenesses; and although Michael did not catch this statement as he was writing, I did express this previously. Just as your scientists also are beginning to become aware. This is just a beginning, but as you are all approaching your shift, more information is becoming available to all of your sciences. They are becoming aware that their concepts and ideas were too small to incorporate reality. I am not expressing that every single psychologist in the entire world of this planet is oblivious to a wider awareness. I was expressing on the subject of psychology as a science and its focus independent of individuals in their encounters with their clients, that there must be something beyond what they have been traditionally taught. This is why your phenomenon of what you term “aliens” is now being exposed, for the science of psychology is accepting this phenomenon and drawing attention to it. Just as with a religious belief system, there are some elements of psychology which are true and are aware. It is only its overall practiced mechanism which is “off.”

MARY: In regards to children expressing their impulses unchecked, I recently saw a TV program about children that were so violent that at ages of even four and five they were uncontrollable, and doing horrible things like burning down houses, etc. Should these children be allowed to do just as they please?

ELIAS: I will express that our key word in this question is involving impulses. These children are not expressing impulses. These children are expressing emotions, although this is an interesting incorporation. His idea in challenging may have been “off the mark,” but this will serve as an example for explanation.

There are some times, as we have expressed before, when an essence chooses to remanifest and is not allowing itself adjustment within transitional periods. In this case, many expressions are exhibited when the individual remanifests. In these cases of these small children who are expressing such violent tempers and expressions, they have been refocused in connection with the same essence as a parent, once again from a previous focus. You must understand that without the element of physical focus, time means nothing. Therefore, when I am saying that an essence is projecting without allowing time for adjustment in transition, these terms are for your understanding, for there is not actual time incorporated.

The essence only projects that part of its consciousness back to physical focus without transitional exposure; in this, in experiencing previously a distasteful relationship with the same individual, [it] exhibits these emotions as a small child, for they are still what you would term experiencing anger, and it is expressed in this manner in this small child. This receives attention from you, for you do not expect a small child to be exhibiting such behavior. Children, in your belief systems, are innocent, loving, wonderful little individuals. You are not incorporating that these small, loving, wonderful little individuals may have an essence which has been manifest in physical focus for what you term thousands of years. This essence may have many physical experiences, and as all is simultaneous anyway, the experiences are quite fresh. Small children possess the difference from adults only in being more connected with their essence, through lack of the individual focus development thus far. Therefore, it should not appear to be unusual or even unheard of that this individual at such a small age would exhibit this rage.

As far as his question of, “Should we just allow these children to be running rampant?” I will express first, impulses are not emotions. You are not allowing unchecked impulses. Emotions are another issue to themselves. I will also express that in not agreeing to participate in these violent expressions, these small individuals will not be receiving our “pay-off.” It is quite pointless, even for a small individual of three, to be expressing if it is not receiving anything. These small individuals have remanifest with these other individuals knowing that they will respond, and that these little ones will receive their pay-off. Michael is correct that there is more to this than only “it is an experience,” but it is an agreement. It is also not only an agreement, but you always have the choice to change probabilities.

The adult individuals involved in these situations perpetuate these situations. They may go on your TV for you and for Michael to view, and be saying, “I do not wish my child to be expressing in this manner, and please help me,” but they are also allowing the pay-off for the small one. I would dare say, as I have not personally viewed these small individuals on Michael’s television, that if you were to ask him, these small ones were not exhibiting this behavior on his television. They were receiving quite enough attention being in that focus, that they were not needing to be burning down houses. (Pause) You may continue.

MARY: If it is true that psychology encourages defects of society, then why do we require the involvement of psychologists with criminals in turning them around?

ELIAS: I am surprised at Michael! This is quite an elementary question. (This response makes Vicki choke on her drink) He could have figured this question out for himself! If you have created a situation you would wish to have not created, you would also not be wishing to take responsibility for this situation. So, your natural response in physical focus is to “cover it up.” What better way to cover up a situation than to express that you will “fix it?” Your psychology encourages the situation to begin with by blocking impulses. They are very willing for you to express emotions. They are not willing for you to express “animal instincts.” They do not take responsibility for creating this situation, for they do not acknowledge impulses. These are not within psychological framework. You should not be acting on impulses, anyway!

This brings us to my original point, which was, if you were following impulses from a small child, you would not be incorporating this behavior as an adult, but psychology encourages you to not follow the impulses. You are taught by society, you are taught by your parents, you are taught by your peers that your impulses are wrong. Even your religious elements express that your impulses are wrong. Therefore, your psychology is equally responsible for creating these defects in society, as you call them, and in this is his example of duplicity. Your psychologists will express to you that you are wonderful, loving individuals, and that you are good; but they will also express not to follow your impulses, which are natural to you, for those are bad. Therefore, your basic nature is bad. If this does not constitute duplicity, I do not understand what does!

VICKI: Well, even I don’t understand this one!

ELIAS: (Smiling) I am wishing for Lawrence to not make personal comments. (Vicki laughs and says, “Okay”) Then we are incorporating arguments and screaming from Michael! (More laughter)

MARY: In regards to positive thinking and affirmations versus psychology telling you that you are twisted because of your experiences, they aren’t saying that you are twisted. They are saying that your experiences are twisted.

ELIAS: But you have chosen your experiences. Therefore you may not separate, and if you do not separate you from your experiences, that will bring us back to our duplicity which we have just expressed. This also is bringing me to restate my original statement, of how can you be positively thinking and giving yourself wonderful affirmations and believing them if you are also, at the same time, being told that you are basically not to be trusted? If your impulses are your “base” nature and are not trustworthy, this concept will always return and create conflict. (Smiling) Continue.

MARY: Psychology is not encouraging you to stay in a situation of abuse. They are just shifting the responsibility to the abuser.

ELIAS: Once again, we continue with my last answer. Psychology is not shifting responsibility. It is denying responsibility. It is not holding you responsible, for it is not believing that you create your reality. It is encouraging you to be a victim, and why would it not? This creates its business! He will not be happy with this answer!

VICKI: He will go back to, “Psychologists do not encourage you to stay in an abusive situation.”

ELIAS: This is correct, but I will express that psychologists are also individual people, and they are obviously not stupid people. They are intelligent individuals. Why would they express to you to be continuing in an uncomfortable situation? You are coming to them expressly for the reason that you are uncomfortable, and wishing to not be experiencing this situation any longer. This is ridiculous to think that they would encourage you to continue in the very thing that you are coming to eliminate! They also do not actually encourage you to take responsibility for this situation. You are the victim. You have not created the situation. You are only part of someone else’s situation, an innocent party. You may be in the situation of being a victim, but you have equally created this situation. (2)

This, singularly, will be the idea that most individuals will find issue with, for in physical focus you do not wish to be responsible, only for positive action. When negative elements arise, you do not wish to be thought of as creating these, even in part. You will also see that your victims view themselves as “nice people.” “Bad people” are not victims. They are the perpetrators. Nice people do not create bad situations. Here is another area which your psychology perpetrates, in encouraging a difference. They separate individuals by labeling some as good, and some as disturbed.

VICKI: And that is how they perpetrate abusive situations?

ELIAS: The psychologists do not perpetrate the situation. The individual perpetrates the situation. The psychologist encourages the lack of responsibility, which indirectly perpetrates the situation. Are we not finished with even Michael’s questions? (Laughter)

VICKI: No. That was the end of page two. There’s only a couple more.

ELIAS: We will be getting to other individual’s questions sometime this evening! (Smiling at everyone humorously)

MARY: How can you say psychology doesn’t help you? Psychology gives you information and knowledge about yourself. Aren’t information and knowledge what helps us to widen?

ELIAS: I was waiting for this!

MARY: Ha ha ha, turned your words on you!

ELIAS: I will be expressing to Michael, yes, very good, knowledge and information does serve for widening. Incorrect knowledge and information does not serve for widening. It serves for rooting you more in belief systems, and perpetrating separation more. He is quite amusing! I will express that the ideas put forth through psychology are the best attempt at explanations, given the situation of separation. I will also express that in acquiring knowledge and information beyond psychology, you all, including Michael, will serve to widen your awareness and incorporate essence. You will not find a psychologist, even what you term a “new age” psychologist, which is incorporating essence.

MARY: Regarding your statement, “We are all so concerned with rushing to rescues,” what’s that supposed to mean? Aren’t we supposed to be concerned with other people? Aren’t we supposed to care if people are going through psychological traumas? And what about all of the people psychology does help?

ELIAS: There are individuals who believe themselves, in physical focus, to be so-called “helped” by psychologists. In actuality, they have helped themselves. They have been unconsciously, as you term this, in communication with essence and have acquired their answers through themselves, just as your medical doctors or your “new age” healers do not heal you. They may assist, they may be helpful in directing, but you, as an individual, accomplish the healing. This also applies to psychological healing. You heal yourself. You listen to your own essence. You may believe you have been helped by your psychologist, and the reason for this is that in our regional area of consciousness number two, you have put together circumstances and situations and expressions, in connection with this other individual of the psychologist, to give yourself your message. You are not listening to yourself originally for you have been taught, once again, not to listen to yourself, for you may not trust yourself or your impulses. Therefore, you transfer your trust to another individual whom you deem to be a professional and very learned in this field, and then you allow yourself permission to listen to your essence’s answer to you through the psychologist. You heal your own self.

I am also not expressing that you should not be concerned with other individuals, or that you should be walking around your planet never thinking of another situation besides your own focus. I am expressing that (3) you are crusading for causes; for you believe this gives you purpose and it also validates your idea of yourself as a “nice” or “good” person, for good people help other people and express themselves with causes. These causes do not necessarily have to be national events. They may only be private interactions. They are still a cause! (Vicki laughs) I am not expressing that you become insensitive. I am expressing, once again, that if you are trusting your essence and listening to your essence and following your impulses and connecting with your essence, you will be naturally expressing with all of your “nice guy” intentions, but incorporating yourself and your essence and eliminating conflict; and each individual that begins accomplishing incorporation of essence is one less individual perpetrating conflict. Therefore, you each make a difference! Before we are excusing for our break, I will leave you with one single thought, and we will resume for other individual’s questions! (Laughter)

You each are the center of the universe! Everything revolves around you. I am not speaking collectively. I am speaking each individual. You are all the most important center, and you are all affecting of everything!

I will express that we break briefly, and I will return for questions.

BREAK: 7:48 PM.


ELIAS: We will continue. And I am not being a munchkin, although I do believe in ghosts! (In response to break conversation) We will continue with your questions!

JO: I have a question concerning crop circles. Is that a message, possibly from another physical focus? Is that part of the shift?

ELIAS: I would express to you that with regard to your shift, it may be incorporated into this reality but not as a message. It is a viewing of interdimensional action. If you were not nearing your shift, these occurrences would not be attracting your attention. In nearing your shift, you are incorporating the reality of interdimensional encounters and traveling. Therefore in accepting this reality, you are noticing the evidences of this reality. I will also express to you that these types of interdimensional evidences have occurred throughout your history. They have been interpreted differently, in explanation of fairies or witchcraft or sorcery or also angelic message, but they are not being viewed more realistically. You are only also incorporating your own explanations and definitions of these occurrences, by attaching meaning to them in the direction of messages.

In other focuses, these may be interpreted in the same manner as you have interpreted markings in your ground for identification of certain sects. In your ancient times your early Christians were making markings on a much smaller scale, but then your reality is also on a much smaller scale, physically, of a fish, this being an identification mark of this sect of Christianity. These markings, being much greater in scale, are of the same type. They are not for your identification, or a message to you for your interpretation. They are an identification mark of sects within another dimensional reality.

I have expressed that your universes overlap. You occupy one space. I have also expressed that your dimensions “bleed through.” This is your explanation. In their reality, the imprint of this sign or symbol is not on your reality. Its impression has bled through to your dimensional focus. In their focus it also appears, but in their dimensional space and reality which physically is manifest differently. This would account for what you view as largeness in size. To these individuals in other dimensional focus, they are of normal size.

JO: Would the same explanation go for the symbols on the Nazca Plains?

ELIAS: This would be close.

JO: Similar?

ELIAS: Not exactly, for the first symbol is, in its focus, stationary and in what they interpret as being a marker. In this other situation, this is incorporated more as a “bleed through,” dimensionally, of impression.

RON: So there would actually be those same markings other places. They just only show up when there’s something they can show up on? Like, can they come up through a road or something, and never be seen by us, but they can still be seen by the focuses from the other dimension?

ELIAS: This would be correct. As I expressed in speaking of universes, many occurrences are going on all around you that you are completely unaware of. This is because you have narrowed your focus only to incorporate this particular dimension. This area of your consciousness is experiencing in this particular dimension. Therefore, to eliminate confusion, it does not incorporate all other areas of consciousness occupying your essence. As you move closer to your shift and incorporate more connection with essence, you will naturally view more interdimensional aspects, this being why I have expressed that I speak to you, to avoid trauma. If you were to incorporate all of these dimensional focuses with no previous knowledge, you would be quite traumatized in not knowing what to think. You would not understand, for it has not been part of your reality to this point.

As it presently stands, even in incorporating and connecting, you will find that if you are viewing elements of reality which are not incorporated in your physical reality, you will be quite unnerved. I will guarantee that even Lawrence, being faced physically with an alternate dimensional self or fragment, face to face, would be unnerved! These are not elements of your accepted official reality in this focus. You are only beginning to incorporate the idea that there is reality beyond that which you know. This does not mean that you accept its complete reality yet. Just as you all presently, whether remembering or not, view future events within your dreams to prepare you emotionally for coming events, you also are preparing now for what you term future events.

I will also elaborate briefly on a question connected with this subject, of if you are viewing all things simultaneously and they are already occurring, and you are already essentially aware, then why do you need help? I will express to you that you have created this physical focus incorporating a creation of time and space. You have designed it quite precisely to move in a direction and at intervals and at specific vibrational speeds. You do this for a particular experience; and in doing this, you block all other information. Therefore this area of your consciousness, which is physically focused, has intentionally forgotten essence. In this situation of forgetting essence you have asked for help in remembering, just as you ask for help in remembering dreams. You find for yourself that in concentrating and focusing with your dreams, you give yourself permission to remember and connect, with practice. This same principle applies to your request for this audience.

TOM: Elias, I’m having a hard time remembering my dreams. What can I do to remember my dreams?

ELIAS: You are not allowing yourself permission. I will express to many of you that you are creating this same situation. What you term your unconscious, which we have already expressed is not unconscious at all, chooses not to remember. Your consciousness in that area is not quite in agreement yet. It is understanding that your waking consciousness is aware of your agreements, but in holding to its identify and focus, it is not quite sure it is wishing to be accommodating. Therefore, I will suggest to you that you become aware of belief systems first of all. Your so-called “unconscious mind” is no stronger than your conscious waking mind, this being another point of psychology which is incorrect.

Psychology teaches you that your unconscious mind occupies more of you than does your conscious mind, and that it sneakily manipulates you without your permission. This is quite incorrect. There is no part of your consciousness that you may not tap that is not very present, the difference being that your waking consciousness is conditioned to be thinking in a specific direction. In this, it has taken a subservient role in some areas. In some areas your waking consciousness asserts itself as being the controlling part of your focus, but only in your waking state. Underneath this waking consciousness is a looming dragon which you call the “subconscious,” hiding in its cave, watching all that you do and being ready to strike if you are doing any thing that it believes to be in conflict with itself, or if it is feeling that it is needing to assert itself and its dominance. You are not two individuals housed in one body, fighting amongst yourselves. You are one incorporated consciousness.

In dropping a belief system that you are not in control of yourself, which you are, you may practice at opening your awareness. You may continue to be giving yourself your permission to remember your interaction in your sleep state. In this, also, you must first recognize that your sleep state is no different than your waking conscious state. It is not separated by a wall, which you enter through a door and cross over to another land. It is part of your physical twenty-four-hour day. (Deliberately) It is also a very natural part of your consciousness.

I will also express to you that your animals dream, this being a natural state of your consciousness, this also being your part of your consciousness that you have created in allowing connection with essence. In creating this physical focus, you did not cut off a piece of your essence and send it away. This physical focus is contained within your essence. You are still connected. You are not independent of it. Therefore, you still have connection through your sleep state, this being your most fluent and frequent communication with essence. Speak to yourself, to your larger self, in entering your sleep state. You are speaking to your waking self when you are entering your sleep state presently. You are saying to yourself, “I am going to dream this.”

RON: I tried that. It doesn’t work.

ELIAS: This is because you, in your waking consciousness, are separated. You must speak to you, not Ron, or Kali, or Shynla, or James, or Joseph, or Elizabeth, or Lawrence. You must speak to your larger self, incorporate your entire consciousness. You are still making separations. As long as you continue to separate, you will find many blocks in your remembering.

TOM: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

TOM: One other question. You say speak to your larger self. Larger than your essence?

ELIAS: There is nothing larger than your essence. (Long pause) (4)

RON #2: I have a different question, Elias. Taken from the Hubbell spacecraft when they took those pictures of Mars, they also found pyramids and they found that huge face on the surface of Mars. Does that mean that there were the same type of extra-terrestrial people at one time, or still, between say, planets?

ELIAS: I will express there are not “Martians!” (Humorously)

TOM: Was there life on Mars before?

ELIAS: In your physical understanding of these planets, no. In other dimensional focuses, yes. You are still thinking that your planets and your solar system and your galaxy and your universe is singularly yours, and that other universes are incorporated beyond. All other universes occupy the same space; and once again I will express that it is not unusual, and you may look forward to viewing more and more imprints and bleed-throughs as you become closer to your shift. These are not expressions within your dimensional focus. They are bleed-throughs of other dimensional focuses, but you are viewing them now for your awareness is widening. I have expressed that this shift will be occurring globally. This has been an agreement which has been made in non-physical focus. Therefore it will occur, whether you are aware of its coming or not, and all individuals will be experiencing viewing the same occurrences whether they are physically aware of why or not. (Pause) We are noticing Shynla’s energy. (Cathy laughs)

RON: Will all essences in all dimensions experience this same shift, or is it just kind of ...

ELIAS: No. This shift is incorporated within your focus. This will allow you interaction with all other focuses, but they are not all experiencing this same shift. Other areas of your essence are not incorporating a shift for viewing all dimensional focuses. They will view you in encountering you, as you will be aware of how to encounter them; but they will not be aware of all other focuses, only yours. This would be likened to if another dimensional focus created this shift and you did not. They may interact with you on what you would term to be a quite regular basis, but you would not be incorporating all other types of focuses, only theirs.

This is partially what you think you are doing now with your “aliens.” You are believing them to be separate and apart from yourselves and being a tremendously advanced culture, therefore having the technology and ability to perform interdimensional travel and interact with you. This interpretation is incorrect. If, as I have stated previously, they were so far advanced technologically from yourselves, they would incorporate much more advanced techniques involving your interactions. I have expressed to you, that do you not find this a little odd, that their advancement goes only slightly beyond what you yourselves, in this focus, may imagine? You may imagine their tools to look differently, but their functioning is the same; and in some areas your own technology exceeds theirs. The only difference that you incorporate in your imaginative interpretation is that they ride around in “space vehicles,” which must be very technologically advanced! They are not technologically advanced, they are only shaped differently; for as you are learning now, in some areas they have realized that they are not traveling through space physically but through dimensional veils, therefore not needing missiles, although they have not actually intentionally figured out either how to penetrate these veils, except accidentally.

JO: Is that what happened in Roswell, New Mexico? Did they actually penetrate, and somehow not be able to get back? They crashed in this dimension?

ELIAS: There are many instances of other dimensional focuses piercing the veil, including your own piercing the veil otherwise; and just as your own has pierced through the veil and has been left with the remains of this phenomenon, also theirs exhibit the same phenomenon. In their focus, their individuals and craft is there, just as your essence may be in two places at once. You are thinking singularly. (Smiling at Vicki) There are remnants of your travelers left as artifacts in other dimensions, but are also returned here, exhibited in both dimensions as nothing more than artifacts.

VICKI: Very interesting.

JO: I like that. Wow!

RON #2: Well, if they have pierced our dimension, and we have pierced theirs, in one respect or another accidentally, is that part of the reason why there’s gong to be a shift in dimension, because of the rift?

ELIAS: No. This is not a case of cause and effect, which I have already expressed is not a reality to begin with. This is an agreement that your essences have created, designed for this particular physical focus. There are occurrences happening as a result of moving closer to the actual shift, but it is not working in reverse. You are not shifting because of the occurrences.

VICKI: What about when people seem to disappear with no trace, like through the place we call the Bermuda Triangle?

ELIAS: This is a choice. I will express that if Lawrence or other individuals visited this Bermuda Triangle, incorporating belief systems, that you may in allowing yourself disappear with no explanation from this physical focus. We may never view Lawrence again. This is an area of your planet that you have allowed yourselves permission to unfocus within. You have quite ingeniously provided yourselves with all possible directions within your physical focus, and you have allowed for explanation and permission in all directions. If you are wishing to “poof away,” you may allow yourself permission to accomplish this in an accepted manner by society and cultures.

VICKI: But we could actually “poof away” anywhere. We wouldn’t need to go to the Bermuda Triangle.

ELIAS: This is correct, but many essences do not allow themselves permission to be doing this, for it is not in alignment with officially accepted focus within this dimension. This does not mean you have not provided some escape routes! (Smiling, and laughter) You will also notice that this area of your Bermuda Triangle allows for all kinds of strange phenomenon to be accepted. All of your superstitions in your imagination may be accomplished with the permission of this area. You may disappear or you may reappear forty years later, and be your same age.

VICKI: As in the Philadelphia Experiment?

ELIAS: This would be correct.

TOM: Why did they cover up the Philadelphia Experiment so much?

ELIAS: I will express to you that in physical focus, in separating from essence, there are many elements of your society and your phenomena that you are not being able to explain. This is not a new development. You focus on these instances, for this is part of your physical time culture now. In previous centuries, other things were equally “covered up,” as you term, for other belief system reasons. Your concepts are basically the same throughout your history in time. Developments occur, and you do not possess an explanation for them. Therefore, you do not discuss them. In other developmental focuses earlier within your history, you attributed different phenomena experiences to, as I have said, fairies or witches; and not only do you “cover up” the experiences, but you destroy the evidence by destroying the individuals. In this time, it is not acceptable to be destroying individuals on witch hunts. Therefore, you only destroy evidence.

Also I will express that this, as many other occurrences, is not officially accepted in your focus yet, which is changing as they are conflicting with your religious and scientific belief systems. Your scientists are not wishing to be looking insufficient in lacking of knowledge or that their knowledge is incomplete or incorrect, and your religions are not wishing conflicting information within their belief systems. Therefore, in being your officially accepted focus in being separated, these are natural expressions of man. You will notice that as you are approaching your shift, not only are your aliens becoming more public and accepted by all individuals, but even your witches are being accepted.

JO: So it’s generally a case of, if they can’t explain it, they deny its existence.

ELIAS: This is, many times, a natural occurrence, especially as you approach a more and more technological age in which you believe yourselves to be able to explain your universe and all that is contained within it. This perpetrates the idea of not wishing to expose conflicting information; but as I have said, this also is changing. It is becoming obvious to you that it is not necessary for you to be denying these realities. You are also, as a population, not quite as accepting of your scientific belief systems anymore, either. They are moving into a position paralleling your religious belief systems, and not posing a threat any longer.

VICKI: I have a question regarding speaking to your larger self. Last night I attempted to heal a pain I’ve had for about a week, which was very successful, and in that attempt I tried to communicate, rather than with myself, I tried to communicate with incorporated essences. Was that a little closer to the mark?

ELIAS: Yes. In this expression, you are first of all trusting, then you are also expressing a desire to incorporate more than only this physical focus consciousness. In this, if you believe that you must incorporate other essences for helpfulness, this is acceptable; for as I have expressed, you must move in steps, and as you are moving in steps, you are incorporating more and more continuously. I also have expressed that although you may heal yourselves, you may not always believe that you may heal yourselves. You do not trust your own ability. Therefore you seek incorporation of helpfulness, and this allows you to heal yourself, this expression being what you would term “moving in your right direction.”

VICKI: How about Minerva?

ELIAS: Ah! We are back to our game! (Laughter) Now we will be viewing Ron awakening, even only to view another individual receive a point! (Everybody cracks up) I will express a point for Lawrence, and I will be acknowledging of accomplishment for this, for this was not acquired by viewing in dream state, which was an incorporation of trust. That is deserving of acknowledgment.

VICKI: Thank you.

ELIAS: I will also express a point to Elizabeth in holding what now is termed our fourth infant, in green, of Marshuka, and I will also express to Elizabeth an acknowledgment of trusting and believing that which Elias was expressing to you, that if you were crawling down your tunnel a little farther, you would be accomplishing viewing these infants. Therefore, I am acknowledging of acting on that trust.

RON: Who is Lazour?

ELIAS: This being a connecting essence in helpfulness, but not part of our game. If it was being part of our game, I would be issuing a second point to Elizabeth for connection. (Turning to Ron) You may be drifting once again, now. (Laughter) I am so pleased that I am holding attention so well! (Humorously, and more laughter)

RON #2: Do each of us have a guide also?

ELIAS: I will express to you that we have explained previously this issue of what you term to be guides, or angels, or masters. Other essences align themselves with you in helpfulness, and you may term them in physical focus to be guides, although essentially there are no actual guides, for in reality it is not necessary as your essence possesses the guidance enough for yourself.

RON #2: Can we reach him? Could I reach my guide, or do I have to go to some vortex or someplace to really get in touch better with him?

ELIAS: (Very patiently) This would be incorporating belief systems; but if you are incorporating this belief system of this vortex as generating more energy to be helpful, then you may very well experience more of a connection at one of these centers, although you may connect anywhere, and I would express to you that your best guide is yourself.

RON #2: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. I am acknowledging, though, that there are many individuals who do not seem to be able to incorporate their own essence for guidance. Therefore, if you are believing that another essence will be helpful in guidance with you, there are many other essences who would be obliging. (Pause) (5)

TOM: Elias, you said James had many geysers last time. Was I uncontrollable?

ELIAS: There is no thing as uncontrollable. Everything is a choice. You are always in control of you. You choose your expressions. There is no part of your experience or your focuses or your essence that you do not control, as was briefly and slightly exhibited by Michael’s “popping back” at our last session, and providing us with an excellent illustration of control. You may choose to be in control of this situation. You have chosen not to be controlling of it, but you are becoming more aware presently. In this awareness, you may make your choice to change this focus. You may, in connecting with essence, allow yourself to be acknowledging your impulses and not blocking yourself in impulses or emotional situations, therefore choosing to not create your geyser. (Pause) Are you wishing of more questions this evening?

CATHY: Yeah, I have one. It’s just a simple little question. You said you noticed my energy earlier. Did I notice your energy somewhere this afternoon?

ELIAS: I would be expressing to you that you have been noticing my energy for what you will term a few days.

CATHY: A few days ... hmmm. I feel like I’ve been busy in my physical focus, but I’m still trying to connect.

ELIAS: This is a widening of awareness. This does not mean that in your physical everyday life that you disconnect from that, and that you do not live your normal officially accepted life. It only means you incorporate more noticing and more awareness of more elements within you and around you. When you are more accomplished at this noticing, you will begin to incorporate these elements within all of your daily focus, and that will replace and become normal, but you are correct in recognizing my energy in connection with yourself. You only need not rationalize it away, for it manifests anyway!

CATHY: Fine!

VICKI: Well, you certainly are very accomplished at getting people’s attention, in different ways!

ELIZABETH: Oh, thank you for letting my answering machine clock go!

ELIAS: Elizabeth is not appreciating of my games! Well, I was actually leaving alone your official time, which is all, in actuality, that you expressed a desire for me to be doing! (Laughter) We are quite accomplished at playing, as I have expressed. In physical focus, you are much too serious. You would do well to play more often. This would be an encouraging element for Shynla to be practicing in your energy pushing exercises, only for playfulness, if nothing else.

CATHY: Well, it’s a tense time. What can I say? (Laughter)

ELIAS: Has this been being an expression of this individual for all of her physical developmental focus? (Vicki cracks up) I am expressing that this individual was experiencing a “tense time” from childhood! (Ron, Vicki, Jo, and Cathy all laugh) Now we will be expressing that you may release your “fun deficiency,” in Michael’s terms, and incorporate playing and it will actually be all right!

CATHY: Well, I was thinking along those lines all by myself anyway!

ELIAS: (Very exaggerated) We would not be wishing to take away from this focus or creation of reality! I am acknowledging of your own developments! (Grinning) I will be reeling this one in, too! (Laughter)

CATHY: Fine!

ELIAS: I am really not such a bad guy. (More laughter)

RON: She’s been out with worse!

ELIAS: At least I am lovingly accepting, and also exhibit a fairly good sense of humor, and I am very accomplished at playing! If there are not more issues for this evening, and Michael is not presently among us to bring up more questions, (laughter) we will be ending our discussion for this evening, and I will be sending energy with you all throughout this time before our next meeting, in “connecting.” (We end at 9:48 PM.)


(1) It will be quite apparent, after reading this transcript, that Mary was very “around” for the first half of this session! Wherever her questions were read directly, as she wrote them down, I have used her name as the person asking the question. In actuality, I asked all the questions for her, and it was rather difficult!

(2) Mary’s note: “I think Elias was getting a little exasperated with me by this point. Even I can see the redundancy of the questions now. I must admit, though, he continues to answer each question. That in itself is pretty patient, at this point.”

(3) Ron #2 tried to interrupt at this point, but Elias kept right on talking, obviously very determined to make his point.

(4) Mary’s note: “Wow! That was a profound, mind-boggling statement! I’ll think about that for awhile. Nothing larger than your essence! Wow!”

(5) Mary and Vicki’s note: Here, Elias gives us all a wonderful example of patience, and love, and especially tolerance. We could all learn to be a little more tolerant and accepting of other people’s belief systems.

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