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Wednesday, August 09, 1995

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Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), and Cathy (Shynla).

Elias arrives at 8:20 PM.

ELIAS: Good evening. (Pause) We will welcome Shynla, incorporating within our new agenda. Shall we begin with our game? (Grinning)

RON: Well, we do have a few questions. Michael would like me to ask a question. She wants to know if, by chance, Elias’ color is blue.

ELIAS: We are issuing one point for Michael for color of blue, in connection with myself.

CATHY: Jo wants to know if Minerva is purple.


CATHY: Oh, I’m sorry. I’m sorry for Jo.

ELIAS: I will express to you that Michael, in his perception of following an impulse to investigate in transcripts, was correct in interpreting clues. He has not hit the clue, but the clue is contained in my answer with Ron, for naming an infant in connection with purple. Your answer has already been given. No one has received a point, for no one has picked up on this information. Therefore, I still await your connecting of this information.

VICKI: Are you referring to laying the baby down in a dark focus?

ELIAS: No. Ron has received one point for this information previously. We are speaking in connection with purple. (Pause) Our memories are so limited!

RON: It must have been Mikaki.

ELIAS: One point for Ron! (Ron laughs)

CATHY: Is Mobowah orange?

ELIAS: Incorrect.

CATHY: Rats!

ELIAS: Orange is connected with another essence which also has not received a point, but should be quite obvious to you all.

VICKI: Orange would be connected with Paul, and also Mamandy.

ELIAS: One point for Lawrence, for orange and Mamandy. I will also be issuing one point for Elizabeth for Marshuka, which is not of female orientation; this being connected with yellow for female.

I will also express, as we are discussing our game, that you may relay a message to Kasha. Marshuka is not of female orientation. Energy feelings which Kasha is perceiving to be experiencing are developing as a mixture of essence energy and her own energy, this energy manifesting in unfulfilled desires and being expressed safely in attaching these desires to an essence, therefore allowing a continuation of non-connection and separation. She is presently continuing within the framework of being separated from all other essences, therefore feels a desire to be attempting to connect with something.

I will express to you that here is where you may enter your “danger zone,” in that you may gather information and think that you know so much, therefore believing yourselves to be so “evolved” and widened, and in this you do not express humility, which is a main expression of essence. This is contrary to connecting. It is a symptom of separation. You may also, in explanation to yourself, believe you are in great connection with your own essence and with another essence. In this, it is much easier, psychologically, to connect with imagination than with actual physical focus, this being the separation which Kasha has created presently, viewing herself to be becoming connected, and in actuality allowing herself to be more separated. This will be quite an involved subject, and if Kasha is choosing to incorporate in future sessions, I will be including more information in this direction, as it will directly be tying in with our focus on the psyche, and also be instructing to other individuals who experience similar situations.

Now, I will address to you. First, I will express an acknowledgment in noticing, to Ron and to Lawrence and to Michael, of your connections, this being also why I have given express, in depth, information concerning your connections, in allowing you to process this information, and connect and notice more. I will also express a message for Elizabeth, in acknowledgment of a new shift; whereas her interaction concerning sibling may have been similar to previous interactions or responses, the way that she chose to deal with this interaction, subsequently, was a direct resulting of a shift, incorporating more awareness and a widening of essence understanding.

I am also acknowledging of Lawrence for widening perception in incorporating the idea of connection in relation to your event of this day, for this is correct. (1)

VICKI: Wow! Cool!

ELIAS: This will be giving you an illustration that if you are noticing and you are connecting, your ability to interpret your world and those incidents occurring around you will be much easier and much more natural. I have expressed, many times, your essence is effortless. The closer you connect, the less effort you move through physical focus with. (Pause) I will address to connection of Shynla, for obviously this will be a question. I will express to you of this essence being very connected with Lawrence and Ron, but also, this being a quite recent development. Let me explain.

CATHY: Like, head cock! (Laughing)

ELIAS: This essence has been connected with Michael several times. I will express first of all that, just as in our scenario of twins, one acquires certain traits, the other acquiring other traits. Although they may be quite connected and much alike, some personality traits are divided, this being a fascination with Ron in “trading off” between the two, depending on physical focus. Michael expresses a more flighty personality, Lawrence expressing the more grounded personality. In this, they have manifest over and over, displaying the same personality traits; Lawrence being the more serious physically focused, Michael being the artistic dreamer. In this, Shynla has been connected with Michael many times in preferring this personality trait, being quite aware of Lawrence, for they are almost inseparable.

In this particular developmental focus, you have chosen to align yourself with a more grounded individual, experiencing a very directed focus but not feeling quite so grounded within yourself, therefore aligning with the individual of Lawrence, and the perception of stability of this couple of Lawrence and Ron, in order to focus yourself within your reality more directedly, expressing a desire within of still wishing to be the “free spirit,” and acknowledging a friendship with unconventional habits, but wishing a groundedness on your own terms, therefore choosing this focus to be aligned with Lawrence, and have connected yourself with these essences in recognition of the bond of fragmentation, and the closeness and the ease of this type of relationship. You have aligned yourself with essences in the past that you are close to in fragmentation, and, as I have stated, although Michael is not fragmented of Paul per se, he is fragmented in connection with Lawrence, this creating not only a bond between the two of them, but also between you and both of them.

You have chosen, until this point, as Michael has become more grounded in this physical focus, not to align with him. Your natural inclination would not be, so easily, to be so responsible. Michael would not be very good for this situation previously. Also, you share great similarities in your interaction with other individuals. In this, you would not be complimenting each other. You would be reinforcing behavior that you do not wish to be reinforcing. In essence, you have been aware of this, therefore chose not to align in this focus with Michael. Your connection presently is because Michael has initiated many unlikely probabilities in this particular focus. You will notice, in your daily lives, how intricate probabilities may be in very simple actions and interactions. Now contemplate the intricacies of probabilities involving essences. This is where we left off last week, as I moved into the explanation of your regional areas, which are frameworks of consciousness.

You are familiar, in physical focus, with only one. Your familiarity is with your Regional Area 1. Your probabilities, and your creativity, and your interaction comes from your Regional Area 2, this being the expanded area of consciousness that you may view and also tap into, but you are not consciously aware of presently. This is not to say that you may not be aware. You only are not presently. Incorporating practice, you will become aware, more and more. Your thoughts and the impulse expressions that come to your physical consciousness come from your Regional Area 2. These are processed from essence and injected into this Regional Area 2, where they are connected with all other physical probabilities, this being where you, in your consciousness, which you are not wakingly aware of, are aware of all your probable choices.

In physical waking consciousness, Regional Area 1 is where you choose your probabilities and act on them. Regional Area 2 is quite available to you. You only disregard it and ignore it. All of the information stored and created in this area of consciousness is available to your physical focus. This is the area of consciousness which is your next wider area. In viewing, as I was expressing a disc, and viewing an overlapping or transparently “moving through” in a wider direction or orbit to your Regional Area 1, is created Regional Area 2. As I have expressed, you have countless regional areas. We will concern ourselves initially with only these two, for these are what you incorporate daily into your focus. Your dream state is contained within Regional Area 2. Your impulses, your creativity, your connections, are expressed and manifest from this area to physical focus.

I am not planning on speaking with you this evening, in light of your lateness of starting, for very long. Therefore, I will allow for your questions briefly, and when we are meeting next time, I will explain more of your regional areas for you, and in that time, before our next discussion, I will be waiting to see if you are noticing your interaction, and what questions you may develop concerning this Regional Area 2. As I have expressed to you, when you are asking questions, you are thinking and you are incorporating. If you are not asking questions, you are not incorporating.

RON: I have a question. Where’s my energy going in these sessions? I find myself falling asleep a lot. I know that the information is not boring!

ELIAS: Thank you! (Laughter) In actuality, your energy is not going anywhere. Your energy is reserving and pulling in. I have expressed to you that this is a connection and illustration of the pulling in of the black hole, a pulling in of energy to essence, this creating a personal connection. It is also a recognition of my energy incorporating into your consciousness as an awareness and identification for your exercises. You are focused on connecting, therefore you have decided, within your Regional Area 2, to be present at our sessions and be drawing in of energy and information, but not necessarily in a completely waking conscious state. You are aware that you may connect informationally with our sessions through material. You are also essentially aware you may not connect energy through paper, (smiling) therefore you have chosen to use your time with a session for connection in another direction. I would not be very concerned. It is not offensive to me, for I understand what your choice is, and connecting is part of widening, and this is the point.

RON: I see. I understand now. (Sarcastically)

ELIAS: I am quite sure that you do not! (Smiling)

VICKI: I sure don’t!

CATHY: Well Ron, I could go to sleep too, so don’t feel like the Lone Ranger! (Laughter) Okay. Question time. Being that I am a tense person in this physical focus, it’s hard for me to try to clear my mind. I think I was doing better a week ago, before I got this particular project that I’m working on now. I can’t seem to remember my dreams. I felt like I was making progress. Now, I feel like I’m going backwards again, and I still try to meditate when I get time during the day. Is there anything else I can do? Because I am going to be gone for two weeks. I don’t like being gone. I feel like I’m gonna miss class four times! I need to know what I can do, so I don’t get too far behind! (Laughing)

ELIAS: You may be connecting in waking focus also. It is not necessary for you to be concentrating so intensely on meditation, or on your dreaming state. When you are concentrated so intently, you may serve to block. In relaxation and visualization, you may find it easier to connect. In this, you may choose to spend a brief time daily in relaxation. This may help in calming you. You may focus also on your chakras. In this, you may incorporate more balancing and grounding, which is helpful in feeling less tension. I will also express that you should not worry so much! Spend your time and energy in noticing. Do not worry about “cosmic things!” If you are noticing the things around you and the things within you, this ease will follow. You are having a tendency to focus too hard, expecting you should be experiencing within a certain direction. Your only direction which is necessary for you to be going in is to be noticing, for in this you validate yourself, you ground yourself, and you connect, and in connecting, you will also begin to experience much more calmness, for this allows a confidence in connection, and when you are confident within your own state of consciousness, you will flow much easier, and you will allow tension to flow out. If you are wishing of something more physical, or what you would express to be concrete, you may also incorporate a brief time daily, in that which you already know, of yoga.

CATHY: I knew you were gonna say that! I knew I should have done it when he said it a week ago. Okay, okay, okay! I have my assignment! I just have to choose to do it! (Laughter)

ELIAS: This is correct! You will also find that my energy will be incorporated also. I will also express that another connection of Shynla is a connection within our game of essences, which presently this essence has already begun initiating connection, and you will be noticing an energy as an expression of this essence in physical sensations. Therefore, you are not alone. You have much help. You are only choosing to be stoically going this alone, independently, by yourself! This is not necessary, and besides, this essence which is connecting with you is connecting anyway, whether you are physically consciously thinking that you are doing everything alone or not.

VICKI: Why do essences connect with physically focused individuals?

ELIAS: I am quite surprised that Lawrence is asking this question! (Smiling) Because they have asked! (Looking directly at Vicki)

VICKI: Oh, it’s a pretty normal question for me, though. (Laughing)

ELIAS: I would agree! (Humorously)

VICKI: Okay. I have another question. So ... this is a hard question for me to ask. This emotional expression that I had the other night, which I connected with Michael, this grief, now was this an agreement made in regional area number two?

ELIAS: This would be correct.

VICKI: An agreement between Michael and I?

ELIAS: This would also be correct. This was an expression of offering on Lawrence’s part, and the agreement to accept the offer on Michael’s part, this being not the same as an essence agreement beyond Regional Area 2, but within physical probabilities and agreements, yes, you are correct.


ELIAS: You are beginning now to notice developments of probabilities. You are aware enough to be incorporating and to be noticing, and this is why these essences are incorporated within our new agenda. I am obliging for helpfulness for all essences which are wishing helpfulness, but there are some of you who are expressing a desire beyond the simple helpfulness which I express to our group, and you now are ready. You would not be assuming this agenda in earlier times, for you were not noticing enough, or aware enough, to incorporate the information which I may offer now. I also eventually will be using part of this time for dictation. This will not be now. This will be in future, this also being an area which is not to be incorporated by all other individuals within our group.

RON: Michael and I spoke the other morning, after our last private session, about possibly protecting the transcripts. We both seem to be in agreement that it might be a good idea. Lawrence doesn’t seem to have a problem with not protecting them, but she understands our position. How would you feel about it?

ELIAS: I would express that I view this as a positive expression. I am understanding Lawrence’s trustfulness. It is quite amazing how Lawrence may be so trusting in physical focus, but not of essence! (Smiling) I would express to you that your follow-through in this issue would be quite acceptable. We are moving into a direction in which I am quite aware that this material which I have been giving to you may be used in not so positive expression. Therefore, for your own protection, as we are dealing with your physical focus, I would be in agreement. I am not quite as unaware of the workings of your physical focus as you may believe me to be! I am not so involved with the “cosmos” that I am unaware of your daily interaction, and also of the events of your present physical time period, or your country, or your world, or your city, or your politics. I am quite aware of the physical workings, and how you all interact within physical focus. I am also aware of changes since the nineteenth century! (Smiling humorously at Vicki) You will remember, all time is simultaneous!

VICKI: That’s a toughie, but yes. (Laughing)

ELIAS: Therefore, you have my acknowledgment.

RON: Thank you.

ELIAS: Are you wishing of more questions?

CATHY: I have plenty to do!

ELIAS: Then I will be expressing my good evening, and I will be interacting with you at our group session, and I will be interacting with you privately, and be anticipating your questions at our next meeting. Good evening.

GROUP: Good evening. (We end at 9:26 PM.)


(1) This is in reference to the death of Jerry Garcia.

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