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Sunday, August 13, 1995

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“Energy Centers”

Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Jim (Yarr), Jo (Joseph), Elizabeth (Elizabeth), Tom (James), and a new participant, Guin (Sophia).

Elias arrives at 6:31 PM.

ELIAS: Good evening. And Michael will be calling me long-winded! (Said in reference to Mary procrastinating in beginning the session ) We will be welcoming to our new individual. (Pause) I will begin this evening in further addressing your subject of your dream state, this seeming to be causing great confusion and concern with these individuals. I expressed, in speaking with James at our last session, that you should consider examining your belief systems in regards to your remembering your dreams. In this, I will direct you to be noticing that your belief systems express to you a continuing of separation, not only in the idea that our dream state is imaginary, but also confounding your belief systems regarding your sleep time. I offer you more information, in recognizing that the more information you attain, the better equipped you are to deal with your situation.

You, especially in western culture, are taught and raised to identify certain hours of your day with waking state and certain hours with sleeping state. You are also taught to believe that you require a certain number of hours within your sleep state. As I have expressed to you previously in early sessions, your physical body is not needing of actual sleep for replenishment. It is requiring a restful state for regeneration of energy, but the purpose of your sleep state is to maintain a connection with essence. You may find that in continuing in a belief system that your body requires eight of your hours for sleeping, you will automatically many times experience a forgetfulness of your dreaming activity, this being for the reason that you have continued your state of dreaming beyond its necessary amount of time. As there is in actuality no time, your reference point within physical focus may be one second in comparison, or one year. This creates not necessarily a block for remembering, but a natural conclusion. You will notice, if you are not carrying your sleep state to such lengths of time, your body will feel equally refreshed and you will also be remembering much easier. Earlier during your physical week, Michael was struck with an impression of himself personally, noticing a belief system involving sleep state of not wishing to interrupt his sleep state to be recording dreams, for he was believing that he would not be accomplishing re-entering his sleep state. This I will be acknowledging as a noticing of a belief system. This belief system serves as an example of those which I have expressed to you which are beneath known systems.

I have offered you much information of neurological transmissions and pathways, of expressing direction to your essence, of concentration, of focusing and of widening with regard to your dreaming. I will express also that your physical hours of sleep is affecting. I have stated to you that incorporating outside substances or chemicals may affect your dream state. I will add to this that with no outside alteration, you may affect your memory by sleeping too long. You have been conditioned by your culture and your society to believe that you require this sleep. I will say to you, this is incorrect. Your physical body may incorporate five or four hours of sleep time and be quite fine. Your communication with essence does not require even this amount of time, but within this smaller amount of time you will also notice that in your attempts to be remembering your dream state, you have all experienced trying to go back to sleep briefly to recall your dream. You also have noticed that this method does not work. The reason you do not accomplish your desire in this is that you are doing the opposite of what you need be doing. You do not need to add more time to your sleep state to recall your dream. You more need to reduce your sleep state to recall.

This also will be causing conflict with Elizabeth, in similarity with Lawrence. This involves a belief system. I have explained to you all that you have incorporated belief systems that run deeper than your religious focuses and that will be more difficult to widen and incorporate new information. Now we move to territory outside of concepts and encroach on daily living! (Humorously)

This idea involves actual living time space; your sleep time. This will be a more difficult idea to widen, although in actuality it is a less complicated idea and much simpler to act on physically, but it interrupts your accepted lifestyle. I will express that if you are experimenting with this idea, you will be surprised. You will notice that in your meditation or if you indulge in a nap, your visualizations of your dream or altered state is vivid and fresh and easily recalled. No time lapse has occurred for forgetfulness. In experimentation, you will also notice that within the time span of one half to one hour of sleep time within your day, as a nap, is more refreshing and productive than allowing yourself to be taking a nap for three hours.

TOM: Are you referring to yesterday? (Elias just smiles)

ELIAS: You may experiment for yourselves. You may wish to experiment within your sleep hours that do not require activity in your following day, this giving you the excuse and permission to allow yourself to experiment with no adverse affects or worry that you will be too tired to function the next day for your work. Amazingly, you may find that you will not be too tired anyway!

I will express an example with a connecting issue of Lawrence and Ron and Michael which occurred recently, in which Lawrence and Michael were not engaging in sleep state for eight consecutive hours in their night. Each also, refusing to be staying awake after an allotted amount of sleep time, returned to their sleep state briefly, and both were functioning fine and neither were tired or exhausted or feeling deprived of precious sleep time, even with much activity in previous night hours which should have been spent sleeping. Am I correct?

VICKI: Yes. I caught up the next night, though! (Laughing)

ELIAS: I will also express that you do not catch up! (Smiling) You connect or you do not connect. You do not make up for lost time in connection.

RON: Can I ask a quick question? (Elias, as always, says yes) I’ve had several times where I’ve had to get up before my allotted number of sleep hours and I do find that I function okay, but a lot of times it may take me the first half of the day before I feel like I’m functioning normally. Is that just a belief system?

ELIAS: This is correct. You are conditioned and taught that you will not function properly if you are not allotting a certain number of your hours within sleep state. Your physical body has been conditioned and trained to respond in this manner, although you would be surprised, in allowing this belief system to drop away, at how easily your body will adjust almost instantly.

When you are ill, your body speaks to you that it is requiring more sleep time, this being in reserving expended energy for dealing with your illness. When you are not ill, you force sleep time on your body, believing that if you do not, it will wind down like a clock and it will create an unhealthful situation. Your body is not as susceptible to this situation as you believe. You do not “catch” a cold as if it were a ball that someone is throwing at you! It begins with a belief, and from this you create a cold within your physical body. If you are not believing that you will be sick, you will not be sick. If you are believing that a lack of sleep hours will be affecting your performance in your subsequent day, then your performance will be affected. Realistically, your body is not requiring this quiet time for these many hours.

You will also find, as I will express to you now knowing that you may not incorporate this immediately, that your sleep hours being only in your night is unnatural and incorrect also. You will find a new perspective of your world and your consciousness, viewing and interacting with it, within hours preceding your dawn. Individuals incorporate ideas that they are “morning people” or “night people” or neither. This is a fantasy.

You in physical focus do in actuality incorporate a biological clock, but you have set this clock very incorrectly to its natural time. Your physical and psychological and conscious perception will be greatly altered in allowing yourself to view your world and your own consciousness within different time frameworks. (Pause) We are all so pensive!

VICKI: I have a couple of questions. Quite often when I sleep, I’ll wake up two or three or four times throughout the night, and in those two or three or four times I have no dream memory, but then when I wake up in the morning, that’s when I quite often have my dream memory. So, that is directly contradicting to what you just said.


VICKI: Well, because if I’ve been asleep for say three or four hours and wake up, if I understand what you said correctly, it would be easier for me to remember.

ELIAS: I did not express which order your hours would be going in. I expressed a time element. Therefore, I will express to you that if you are incorporating your initiating of your sleep state in later hours, allowing a shorter number of hours of sleep, you will experience the same result. I am not necessarily expressing that you may go to bed at eight o’clock and be rising at one o’clock and writing down a remembered dream. I am expressing a time element, for you are very focused within time elements. The way you choose to arrange this time element is up to you. In this also, I will be pointing out to you that if you were needing this much sleep time, you would not be waking up four or five times during your night!

VICKI: Well, that makes sense.

ELIAS: Thank you! (Grinning)

VICKI: You’re welcome! (Laughter) But it still is kind of confusing when most of your dream memory comes after your seven or eight hours of sleep. It seems ...

JIM: But that’s what you intended in the first place. You intended to sleep eight hours in the first place. If you had intended to only sleep five, then it would come within that five hour period, right?

ELIAS: Correct. You are incorporating a belief system.

RON: This is gonna be a hard one for her.

ELIAS: (Smiling) And Elizabeth, also!

TOM: A hard one for James, too!

JIM: So, you just start from the very beginning and say, “I’m only gonna go to sleep for five hours.” (Shut up, Jim! Love, Vicki)

ELIAS: I will be expecting that some of our essences in physical focus will not be experimenting very soon with this concept!

VICKI: But I do understand you correctly, in that if you have this experiment to sleep a little less, you will have greater success in connecting with your dreams.

ELIAS: This is correct. (Vicki sighs) Now, I will also express to you that if you are focusing extremely intently and thinking to yourself, “I am sleeping four hours tonight! I am waking in four hours with my clock! I am writing down my dream, for I shall remember!” you most likely may not remember! (Everybody cracks up) There will be a deliberate block! You are not allowing a natural flow. I have been expressing to you almost from our beginning sessions that you must allow a flow, first of all. If you are focusing too intently, you will be blocking. This is not a case of hitting a nail with a hammer, and the harder you hit this nail the more efficiently it will be driven into a piece of wood. We are speaking of connecting and communicating with essence, which just as with your impulses is a soft, quiet flow. They do not scream at you, as you have cited. If you are forcing your consciousness to be jumping through hoops like a seal, it will be turning off and not responding to you. If you are focusing on your experiment only to view what occurs and allowing a flow and not expecting disappointment upon awakening, you may surprise yourself. Was this answering of your question?


ELIAS: I would say I have given enough ideas for how to connect with your dreams at this point that we may write a book called “How to Connect with Your Dreams!” (Humorously, followed by laughter and a pause) We are welcoming to Joseph.

JO: Thank you. Hello.

ELIAS: Now, to deviate from our discussion of dream state and experiments, I will be addressing to our new friend and asking if you are wishing for personal information. I have, as you have noticed, cut you off before you could think! (Directly to Vicki, smiling, and Vicki laughs)


ELIAS: Very well. If in future times, in your terms, you are wishing information of essence, I am available for this information. I will give, as a gift of welcome, an essence name of Sophia.

GUIN: Thank you. (Spoken very softly)

ELIAS: You are welcome. I will allow for you to deviate, after our session last week, and choose a new element of your religious focus, if you are wishing, and we will return to your psyche later, for I am noticing that you may be “psychied out!” (Laughter, and a long pause)

VICKI: How about the subject of our bodies?

ELIAS: Very well. And where would you be wishing to direct first in this subject?

VICKI: Well, not about sleeping! (Pause, laughing) Health.

ELIAS: (Laughing) I will be asking Lawrence if he could possibly find a more general subject? Would you be wishing for how to create health, or health care, or health providers, or maybe you would be wishing lack of health? (Everybody cracks up, including Elias)

TOM: I think we better give that some thought.

RON: How about the chakras? I always wondered what role they play in the body.

ELIAS: Your chakras, as I have explained previously, are energy centers. They do play a very important role. You will find that if more attention and study was concentrated on these energy centers, there would be much less need for your medical doctors incorporating surgeries.

Each chakra affects certain areas of your body, each directing certain elements of energy, each also exhibiting certain vibrational qualities; just as within your actual color spectrum, each physical color associated with light exhibits a certain vibrational quality. All light does not vibrate at the same speed. Each color exhibits an individual speed for vibration, this being incorporated also within your physical energy centers within your body. Different parts of your body also incorporate different vibrational qualities. Therefore, different colors or combinations of colors spinning together can be affecting of different body functions.

Your strongest vibrational color, being that of purple you will notice, is your crown chakra, which is located within your head. This is not a symbolic location. This is in actuality a vibrational energy center which is directing of all other energy centers, this being the most instructional center and also being the most powerful in exuding energy; this center also being the most powerful, in receptiveness, for what you term “psychically.”

Physically, your fourth chakra, which is green, is your most healing chakra; this energy center directing its energy to maintaining your physical body functions; keeping your physical expression in tune, so to speak. When you have created a situation of illness or disease or have incorporated an accident creating bodily harm, this center of green is the center which directs attention to these areas. You may also spin this color in opposite direction and create physical maladies with its energy.

RON: What’s the proper rotation?

ELIAS: This would be, in your terms, clockwise. This should not be strange to you, for you base the proper rotation of all things in this direction, the reason being that this is the proper rotation direction. You, in what you term to be unconscious, direct your clocks and all of your rotating elements to follow this direction. You also unconsciously understand that a counter-clockwise direction incorporates the idea of “undoing” something. This idea did not just come from nowhere. An individual in ancient times did not stand and express, “I believe we should rotate clockwise,” for there were no clocks! This was a natural expression. Your planets revolve in this direction. All energy revolves in this direction in a creating manner. In an uncreating manner, or what you term as negative, the rotation is reversed; this being true of even your elements of your atoms, in expressing that your electrons are negatively charged and rotate counter-clockwise and are not creating elements within themselves. They must incorporate a positive interaction to be creating. Positive charge needs not have another element to be creating. It may be creating by itself.

Therefore, in returning to our chakras, they spin clockwise. This in actuality though is good information for you to be possessing, for you would not be wishing to be spinning your chakras consciously in visualization in the opposite direction and possibly creating uncomfortableness within yourself, although I will express to you that if you were to be visualizing your chakras and deciding to spin them, you would automatically spin them in the correct direction. Your desire would need be so-called “unconsciously destructive” to actually spin them otherwise. Chakras incorporate many elements, and I will explain to you that we will speak to these individually and collectively but not all at one time, for this also will be a subject needing of much attention. It will also be involving belief systems, and affectingness of all parts of your body. For now, I will briefly give you a small list of your energy centers and characteristics.

Your first chakra, in color of red, being the base or grounding color; this color connecting you with physical focus and grounding you to this focus. You may term this to be an anchoring energy, allowing your focus in your physical consciousness to continue to be directed singularly.

Your second chakra, in color of orange, the basic element of this color being affecting of sexual desires and implementation; this being the energy center which is controlling in physical manifestation of your procreation, and also creating your desires and physical expressions and creating mating ritual; this center being life-giving.

Your third chakra, in color of yellow, this being your emotional center, this being the most affected chakra for emotionally focused individuals, this being why they may be expressing of feelings in their “middle”; this chakra also incorporating detachment, allowing your emotional detachment of expression. It not only incorporates creating or pulling in of emotional energy, but also incorporates detaching and letting go and allowing to “fly away.”

RON: Do you have to spin it the other way to do that, or does it just spin clockwise, that color?

ELIAS: This is actually a good question; but no, you do not need to spin this consciously the other way. You will find though, that in familiarizing yourself with these energy centers and accomplishing visualization of them and learning to align them, when one -- most likely yellow -- is out of alignment, it will be spinning the other direction, or it will be spinning very slowly or sluggishly, or it will be bouncing; and also, this yellow will be your most difficult to pull back into alignment, for it is quite stubborn. It is also the color responsible for influencing you to create your shrines, yellow being a very powerful color in physical focus. Emotional focuses are very powerful in physical manifestation, and yellow controls these.

Your fourth chakra, in color of green; this being your heart chakra, this being the energy center creating of love. Distinction: not emotion; love. I am not expressing of romanticizing. I am expressing of truthful love, which does not incorporate a singular emotional expression. There is a difference. Also, this color of green is concentrated for healing; this being the energy center invoked in connection with healing disease or emotional problems or psychological problems, and all physical problems; this color also exhibiting bravery, your expression of assertiveness coming from this energy center.

Your fifth color of blue; this being the energy center controlling communication.

RON: That’s Michael’s favorite! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Absolutely! (Smiling) This being in your physical expression your most powerful tool. This chakra also exhibiting loyalty, this being where you will express your energy for loyalness to anything. In weakness of this energy center, you will find individuals who do not seem to be able to accomplish true loyalty to anything, and have problems also with communication. You may find that your inhibited individuals, that you express to be shy, are having difficulties with this energy center. This particular energy center causing many problems with physical focus individuals, this also being a difficult energy center to spin properly. It does not jump as your yellow, but its rotation does not always spin properly, therefore causing an individual to become too extroverted or too introverted. This may be affected greatly with alignment of chakras. This also being your most instrumental chakra for pulling in energy of other essences; it also being your most powerful chakra for connecting with essences.

Your sixth chakra, of indigo, this being your dark blue or navy in color; this being your intuitive chakra. This energy center is your thought focus. Your thought-focused individuals spin this chakra very well and very fast, this chakra being the least destructive of all seven in not spinning in absolute harmony with the others; this energy center also being quite affected, though, by its rotational speed, and in spinning quite slowly will be resulting in individuals whom you would deem also to call “slow,” this being where your term came from, for their energy center is spinning slow. They may not be half-witted, but they are slow. In spinning this chakra faster, you will notice that you describe your individuals as “quick-witted,” this being the expression of the energy center spinning quickly. This being also your most creative chakra. Oddly enough, you will find very few individuals who will express that their favorite color is indigo; strangely enough, this being the most creative color and energy center, being of the second-most highest vibrational quality.

Your seventh chakra, of violet or purple, being your most connected with consciousness in all forms, in all regional areas. This chakra, as I have said, is your most directing energy center of all others. It also possesses the greatest power of them all. This energy center, connected with properly, may open worlds to you. All of your intimate connection with consciousness and essence must pass through this energy center first. (These last word spoken with difficulty)

Michael is convoluting his own energy centers! (Smiling) You may express to Shynla not to worry. We have had discussions on this subject, and he is becoming quite accomplished with playing with these centers presently. They are a fascination until he figures them out, and then they will no longer be a fascination, for the next fascination will come into play.

This final energy center, being used in conjunction with all other energy centers, enhances them all. It also would be the one energy center with enough power to align yellow, this also being a complimentary color.

White connects all energy centers. In visualizing color, you may connect them all as beads on a string in alignment, with your string being white; this being incorporating of all of your color vibrations simultaneously. (Smiling)

Now I will express that we will break, and then we may continue with your questions following.

RON: Can I ask one real quick question? (Elias, as always, says yes) Is there gonna be a seventh baby in our game?

ELIAS: We will address to the game after our break! (Laughter)

VICKI: I was wondering the very same thing.

TOM: So was I.

BREAK: 7:58 PM.


ELIAS: We will continue with our game. (Smiling at Vicki) Yes?

VICKI: I kind of wondered about the answer to Ron’s question first.

ELIAS: Anticipation! (Much laughter) Yes! (More laughter)

VICKI: Okay. Michael is proposing the color of red for Mobowah.

ELIAS: Red incorporated with Mobowah; one point. Correct.

VICKI: And I will propose a connection of yellow with Minerva.

ELIAS: For Lawrence, one point for yellow with Minerva.

RON: Okay. Well, I’ll ask the question. Would Mouthful be Elias?

ELIAS: I was wondering how long it would be taking you all to be asking this question, for acquiring a point! (Smiling) One point for Ron, for Elias’ color!

VICKI: Are we still on the “one point per evening” rule?

ELIAS: This is correct. (Laughter) We are having no more perceptions from our group for acquiring points? (Pause) Joseph is busily turning the wheels! (Laughter, as Jo is studying the chart.) You may now continue with your hunt in incorporating our final essence name with indigo.

VICKI: Starting with an “M?”

ELIAS: This would be correct. I will not be giving a point for color, as obviously its color will be indigo, but you may discover the remaining name of this essence; although this does not complete our game, for you have not connected any physically focused individuals with these essences or colors. (Pause, smiling) Are you wishing of questions?

JIM: I have a question. For quite some time I’ve been experiencing a lot of vibration in the solar plexus area, and I don’t seem to be concerned about it, but I would like to know more about it.

ELIAS: I will be expressing that this will be an example of the connection of your consciousnesses, each to each other, and also incorporating myself; for instantaneously, with this question of Yarr, we are experiencing response from Michael. I will express initially in explanation that Michael incorporates a very strong belief system concerning advice or answers offered by me to other individuals concerning physical involvements of body. I will also express that your consciousnesses are so connected that the energy sent out with each of your questions directed to me is experienced by Michael. He may not be aware of your question or of my answer, but his consciousness is on guard for questions concerning conflict with his own belief systems. I will address to answering this question, though. This situation is a combination of elements involved physically. Are you prepared for this answer?

JIM: I asked for it, I suppose.

ELIAS: Out of courtesy for individuals, I ask you.

JIM: Thank you.

ELIAS: Initially, this physical sensation has been incorporated into this portion of your body as a conflict of discontinuation of physical practices involving the incorporation of certain substances; this creating an involvement of belief systems and creating conflict, this conflict arising from a belief system of certain effects that this substance was offering to you. In newly acquired belief systems, dispelling this, you have created conflict. You have tried to be focusing within yourself to be noticing and aware of your impulses and emotional expressions, also involving your previous belief system that these emotional expressions will be exhibited without continuation of this substance. This physical feeling has been incorporated within your body expression for much longer than your actual choice or decision to discontinue in this practice. This physical expression was becoming noticeable earlier, for your consciousness was already anticipating the forthcoming choice. You have been preparing for this choice for some time. You are not experiencing a heart problem. You are experiencing a conflict.

This is also involving this chakra in the fourth position of green, not solar plexus of yellow; this being your heart chakra, this also being your color for healing. This healing process was begun before the actual discontinuation of this substance. You are more aware in recent physical time, for you are not clouded in your noticing.

I will also express that there are times when you are feeling this particular physical expression in greater volume than other times, this being an incorporation of another essence in helpful connection with this particular energy center in your own healing process. Be assured that this process, focused upon positively as you term this, will be beneficial and not destructive.

Also, I will express to you, and to you all, that it would be helpful to you to investigate material available to you concerning your chakra systems, this being helpful in directing your focus to alignment of chakras. You will be surprised at how much is accomplished in simply aligning these chakras. Just as you incorporate your chiropractor for aligning your physical body and you are physically feeling better after you are aligned, in aligning your energy centers you will also notice quite a difference physically. You pay little or no attention to your energy centers. Therefore, they are “spinning all over.” In allowing their energies to be scattered, you also allow confusion within your physical body. This, without belief systems, creates conflict within your physical body expression.

I have explained that your physical body possesses consciousness. This consciousness is a collective unit which is created by the incorporation of each individual cell. They each possess their own consciousness. Incorporating all of these billions of cells that are comprised within your physical expression creates a consciousness of your body, this being also why a physical body may express movement directly after your consciousness has removed itself in passing from this physical focus to another focus, for the consciousness within your body has not removed completely until later. You believe consciousness to be such a magnificent creation that it must be a possession only of your mind. In actuality, all energy possess[es] consciousness. All matter is made of energy. All physical expression is created from energy. Therefore, everything you view possesses consciousness. Is this sufficient?

JIM: Yes, very much so. Thank you very much.

ELIAS: You are welcome. You will be expressing to Michael to be forewarned that I was speaking on this subject, although I do not think that he will be experiencing conflict; and maybe, after I am speaking on this type of subject several times, he will be relaxing a little more and trusting that I will not be leading individuals to their graves! (Laughter, followed by a long pause)

GUIN: I have a question. I wanted to know if the colors of the chakras, like all through your physical focus you have ... I remember as a child having like your favorite color, and in different times of your life, certain colors kind of dominate your life, if that is related to your chakras? And if so, is it because you’re in conflict with that particular chakra, or is it because you’re connected with it? That chakra is more aligned than the others?

ELIAS: First of all, I will express that this is correct in connection with these colors and energy centers, as influencing what you term or think of as your favorite color. This may be expressed for the reason sometimes that you feel an affinity for this particular energy center. (Pause) Welcome to Elizabeth, once again.

This may also be an expression of your consciousness that you feel within you -- not necessarily with the consciousness that you think with -- of a need for the element that this particular color and energy center focuses on mainly.

We will use Michael as an example in this area. For the majority of Michael’s developmental focus presently, his favorite color has been red, this being an expression of a needing for grounding. He will not interpret this in this manner, for he does not think of this connection and interpretation, just as each of you do not think about your favorite color and consider what it means. Michael has experienced a lack of grounding within this developmental focus. Presently, he is in the process, not completely acknowledging this, of acquiring a new favorite color after all these years, not needing an identification for grounding any longer, for he has grounded himself presently. His focus is changing to incorporate an expression not in a need, this being simply an identification with an energy color as connecting. You will find, in future, he will be more drawn to your colors of green and purple, both being colors that Michael has found distasteful within the past and has never felt a drawing to; these colors presently being a reflection and expression of his present state, being more grounded and experiencing more tolerance and lovingness and beginning to incorporate a new focus in healing, which he is not aware of yet, and also incorporating a tremendous focus in spirituality, represented by purple; this being the dominant color, for he more and more identifies with this element of spirituality.

You will find that individuals may experience a time within their developmental focus where they may have a great aversion to the color yellow, this being a pushing away of emotional expressions and not wishing to be connected, but also not understanding the principles of detachment. Detachment is not disconnection. Or, you may find an individual which changes their favorite color from year to year, incorporating new colors as they change within their focus, allowing one color to fall away as new elements are incorporated. This may be expressed in either direction; that they are feeling an affinity for these elements of the individual colors, or they are feeling a lacking of these elements and wishing to incorporate more of certain elements. Then also, there are individuals such as Elizabeth, who from a baby has incorporated one color of purple, and will continue in all probabilities throughout this developmental focus with this one favorite color. There are many individuals who may choose a favorite color or be drawn to this color, and they may incorporate it throughout their developmental focus. Many individuals do fluctuate, though. It is more common for fluctuation than for continuous incorporation of one color, such as orange. (Looking at Ron) Is this answering your question?

GUIN: Yes. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. (Pause)

VICKI: I have a question. Last week, I was experiencing quite a bit of pain in the left ribcage area, which I decided to try to work on myself, which was gone in a couple of days, and tonight it’s back. I wondered if you could give me any insight on that?

ELIAS: As we are speaking of chakras and incorporating helpfulness in healing, I will express to you to be incorporating blue in conjunction with your green. Emanate these colors to your area of painfulness. Allow these colors and their energy to be rotating and penetrating through this area. Envision, Lawrence, your water. Envision your connection in water, as your hot tub with your bubbles as blue and green, in affecting this area. This should be an easy visualization for you and also an easy connection, incorporating water. Also, I will express to you to examine yourself, for you are incorporating tension. Examine where your tension is originating from, for you are holding it there.

ELIZ: While we’re on the subject of pain ...

ELIAS: Michael is not going to like this session! (Smiling)

ELIZ: For the past week or so I’ve had really, really bad cramps, I think worse than I’ve every had, but in the last two days I got sick of them and I just really didn’t want to have them anymore, and now they’re gone. Did I do that?

RON: No, I did! (Elizabeth laughs)

ELIAS: I will be expressing my congratulations, although I will more express to you to congratulate yourself for listening to your essence, for you have incorporated in your own language of your feelings your message from your essence, and have not only noticed and listened, but have also acted.

This also, I will express for added information, was an expression of connection and alignment and identification with Lawrence, and in listening to your essence, it has expressed to you that it is not necessary to incorporate physical pain to be connecting so strongly with this other individual; although, being an emotionally-focused individual, another physically-focused individual may perceive this to be quite a complimentary expression, essence realizes it is not necessary. Therefore, I will express to Elizabeth, “Good job.”

ELIZ: (Whispering to Vicki) I knew I was connecting with you!

JIM: I have a quick question.

ELIAS: I find this quite interesting, that no one expresses that they have a long question! (Laughter)

JIM: What focus am I focused in? You know, a physical focus, like emotional, political, religious, thought. I’ve got some ideas on that, but I’d like to hear it from you, anyway.

ELIAS: I will express to Yarr that contrary to what your contemporaries were believing, you are not a thought-focused individual. You are an emotionally focused individual, this also being why you have expressed this physical manifestation of energy, affecting physical body, in response to conflict.

JIM: That’s good! It’s a good thing, because each little piece of conflict begins to resolve in many ways, and dissolve.

ELIAS: This is correct. You are working very diligently at incorporating and connecting, and I will be acknowledging of this effort. Be assured also that no energy expression is wasted. Therefore, you will receive your “pay-off!”

JIM: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

VICKI: I would be interested in that same question regarding Ron, Sophia, Joseph, James, and Shynla.

ELIAS: I will express that James would be an emotionally-focused individual. I will first explain that an emotionally-focused individual is not necessarily expressing emotional developments such as Elizabeth. Emotionally-focused individuals respond to emotions. They also are affected much more through emotions. They also may incorporate much thought and much intellectual reasoning, but they do not incorporate as well the thought process of letting go of emotions as quickly as thought focused individuals.

Therefore, I will express Joseph as being emotionally-focused, and I will also express the same of Sophia. I will express that Ron would be thought-focused, but I will also include with Ron that he has incorporated a balance of consciousness within this developmental focus, incorporating emotional understanding and not allowing thought-focus to over-dominate emotional understanding. Shynla, I will say, is a thought-focused individual, Shynla incorporating to a large degree the same type of thought focus as Lawrence and Michael; being affected by emotional expressions, but basically incorporating rationality. (Pause) Are you wishing of more questions? (Pause)

JO: One more “little” question! (Everybody cracks up)

JIM: I was reading your material from Cathy on animals. When an animal passes on, I’ve heard that they go through a lot of turmoil with their energies. Can we effectively pass on positive energy, as through a mantra, to help an animal energy? I know we can’t help, but to, I guess ... it’s a loss for me when I lose an animal, and I feel there’s something else I would like to be able to do. Is it enough just giving positive thought and wishing that animal essence well on its path, or can we indeed affect that?

ELIAS: In this question, you have incorporated several answers!

JIM: Yes, I know. You can address some later, if you wish.

ELIAS: First of all, I will express that animals are not essences. They possess consciousness and their consciousness is incorporating a higher vibrational quality than other creations, but they are not essences. You are essences. There is a vast difference!

Then, I will address to your issue that animals experience great conflict in passing from one physical focus to another. This is incorrect. Essences experience this type of conflict, for individuals in physical focus incorporate belief systems. Animals do not. Therefore, they do not experience transition, for they are not incorporating belief systems. Now, I will also say, animals do refocus. Consciousness may remanifest, and it may choose to remanifest in many different expressions. As being the consciousness of an animal, it will usually remanifest as an animal again. This is not a rule, but it is probable.

In addressing to your expression, it is not necessary for your helpfulness in expression for this animal in its passing and remanifestation as it may be helpful to an individual passing to transition, but you may experience conflict and loss at an animal’s passing, this being a natural connection with your involvement and connection and creation of nature, which an animal is a part of.

Many individuals experience grief at an animal’s passing. In this, just as I have expressed earlier to you, no expression of energy is wasted. All positive expressions of energy, in whichever form you create them, will be sent and received and incorporated universally, and will be manifest as a positive expression. All expressions of loving energy are incorporated, essentially and universally. Therefore, your direction of your energy for this animal may not be helpful for its remanifestation, but the energy expression will be received universally and applied elsewhere. Focused energy expressions of this type are positive and healing and aid in healing energy cooperations in areas which would astound you, and in actuality would be creating a feeling of great accomplishment and joy and satisfaction within yourself that this expression, motivated by this loved animal, has served to be healing within another essence. I will also express that in this, if your expression concerning a passing animal is directed not only to the animal but connected with nature, your healing energy, instead of being directed to another essence, will be directed to nature, for all is encompassed within a circle. All is life-giving to all.

I will, if you are wishing at our next meeting, elaborate on other questions involving animals which you have incorporated, and their behavior and their connection with you. Is this acceptable?

JIM: Yes, very much so. Your explanation was beautiful.

ELIAS: Then I will be bidding you a good evening for tonight, and I will also be expressing that I will be watching to see if you are incorporating our experiment.

TOM: You mean no sleep? (Laughter)

ELIAS: And I will be waiting at our next session for your results, if you have tried. I will also express to you that I will be interpreting your dreams periodically in your future, in helpfulness for you. This may also serve as motivation for your connection.

VICKI: So, just to make sure, let me get it straight! (Laughter) This exercise has to do basically with the belief system that we believe we need a lot more sleep than we really need.

ELIAS: This is correct.

VICKI: Okay.

ELIAS: I will be expressing that Lawrence and Elizabeth will be our “toughest customers!” (Humorously, followed by much laughter)

ELIZ: I’m not sure I like this belief system!

ELIAS: You do not have to incorporate it! (Laughter) As I have said, everything is a choice! (Grinning) Now I will be saying my adieu.

GROUP: Thank you. Good night.

Elias departs at 9:58 PM.

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