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Wednesday, August 16, 1995

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Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), and Elizabeth (Elizabeth)

ELIAS: Good Evening. Michael will find that soon I will be speaking and surprising him, without his waiting for me! (Laughter) (1) I have not many, but more than one issue to address to you this evening. I will first address to your dream state and your sleeping issue. First of all, I will express to you that I am not about to retract my statement that you physically do not need eight of your hours to be sleeping. Secondly, I will say to you that if you are irritated with this exercise, then you may choose not to engage in this exercise, but I am not “looming around” laughing, and saying that you are silly for not trusting yourselves! (Laughter) You are correct that you should not be buying into everything that anyone is speaking to you, but this was not a case of my playing a joke. You yourselves are waking yourselves. I am watching and interacting, but I am not waking you. You are accomplishing this through your own desire to experiment, and you have also shown yourselves that my expression was true and correct. Where you many not have remembered an individual dream, you now remember each of them.

I will also speak to you, in regards to dreams, in connection of dreams of Ron and Lawrence, of a combination of dreams which, being symbolic, seem to make no sense. I will first explain that your original “nagging” of song (2) was a prelude to following dream, directly connecting and having to do with same subject matter, this being a leading into the recent dream in which Catherine appeared, this being also connected with Ron’s dream involving his “kit”; these dreams being symbolic, but expressing of the same subject, the subject being a precognitive knowing of a choice which will be in what you term future, presenting itself into your focus, this choice having to do with interaction of another essence ... hello, kitty ... or with myself. (3)

Your song is expressive of a choice focusing with original essence. You were perceiving this song to be connected with physical focus and information. As I have stated, it also being symbolic; I being the original essence, you being confronted with another essence, or “supposed” essence, providing information which will cause conflict, and without previous knowledge and precognitive information, would be causing more conflict, this being the reason you have focused in your dream in a precognitive manner.

As to the dream, the situation of loyalties is brought up, the situation of what you perceive to be deception, and the situation of choices. Also, you have focused with you huts, which symbolize security and safety as symbols of home, this being a symbol also of an issue close to you, in you terms, “close to home.” Your issue of your fireplace, in your geographical location which is already warm, symbolizes what you view as much heat outside, being that of conflict, versus the warmth and positive feeling of your fireplace in home; this symbolizing to you a trusting of yourself as your home base, and also as it is removed from conflicting issues, this being your draw away from the conflict.

Where you have misinterpreted is in incorporating the alliance of yourself with Catherine and her new-found essence. Others will align with Catherine, and will be issuing congratulations and acknowledgments in achievement. This is because individuals in physical focus are easily swayed. You are dealing with essences, and energies, and non-physical elements. You may not prove that I exist, anymore than another may prove that an other essence exists. There is no measurement in your focus to prove these truths. I do not present myself to you in challenging you. If you do not wish to accept my presence or my information, this is your choice. I am not on a mission to prove myself. Your dream has incorporated a knowing of future conflict, of challenging in my validity.

This, I will also briefly state, when Michael is viewing this particular tape, will be causing much conflict, for he is already vacillating in not being sure of his direction involved with me, and understanding that future may encounter conflict, for this is a non-accepted focus. I am not here to gain approval I am not here to be “going along” with accepted belief systems. (To Vicki) Your scan of your books was my message in preparation for this evening. (4)

(To Ron) Your kit directly is involved with this subject, I an inner knowing of truth, and that you have been connected with this information, and energies, and me. Your understanding, or your wondering, was involving your idea that you had been the inventor. You have been a core of this interaction, therefore possess certain answers already. Therefore, the idea of your avalanche, or onslaught of conflict, does not matter, for that is not the important center issue. The issue is more aligned with the knowing of truth.

(To Vicki) You have, in previous times been, in energy, expressing information of Catherine, not verbally expressing this desire, but wondering if I have been still watching. As I expressed to you previously, I am always watching. I must say to you that her fear has driven her to now focuses which conflict with Elias.

You also symbolically incorporated within you dream the focus of the incorrect essence as dark, and the correct essence as light; this being symbolic of light versus darkness, which is a belief system, but is incorporated within symbols in your dream state; an identification from essence in something which you will understand. Although you viewed yourself moving in Catherine’s direction, that she was as cunning, and knowing, and possessing of the correct information, this was an illustration from essence speaking to you, giving you all other information of home and hearth, and warmth and safety, and light versus dark, and illustrating also to you that without trusting, you also may be easily swayed; this being the reason why Ron was not concerned with his actual avalanche, or the incorporation of conflict, but more interested and focused on the solving of the conflict, and the working of this.

You have all been exposed to enough information incorporated with me that you now may see for yourselves, and be not so easily swayed; but, as I expressed in our last private session, in speaking of Kasha, I explained to you that Kasha’s focus has placed her in a “danger zone.” I also expressed to you to notice, and take not of this situation, this also being a prelude to these dreams and these connections. Some individuals believe they have connected with an essence, or what they may speak of as an entity, for they feel that they are perceiving physical energy. There is a difference of feeling physical energy, from your own psychological standpoint, than to your own physical focus, and not to essence, and not to each other, you will not be experiencing this type of tremendous connection of another essence; this being a manufactured psychological element in satisfying a need for connection, which an individual does not seem to have the ability to make in physical focus. They perceive themselves to be very open and accepting, and in reality they are very blocked and closed by fear. These two individuals of Catherine and Kasha have created a situation of blocking out of fear, which I have been expressing for a long time.

You, in connecting, and in opening and widening, have perceived into your physical consciousness a new knowing of information. Therefore, I will be greatly acknowledging of this accomplishment. You also, in feeling within our Regional Area 2 that Michael should be aware, have projected to him a connecting image of which he could not decipher, but had enough connection with to know both heat and cold, and your stones. I have expressed in our least session that as you progressed with your interaction with your dream state, that I would be available for interpretation of some dreams. This expressing, in quite obvious and quite loudly, between yourself, and you also, (Ron) of your dream focus, seemed an appropriate time for me to interpret your first dream connection interaction; this also being an acknowledgment of your expression to follow through with our experiment of sleep state, not being what you are used to, and in your effort to connect even though you are not in agreement with Elias. My acknowledgment was to express and interpretation for you. You will see, within future times, that many of your dreams may seem strange, or inconsequential, or even silly, but many of them symbolically speak to you. You only do not understand the interpretation.

Beyond this, I will focus to our game. (Pause) We are wishing Elias to be “mind reader” this evening, and so be it! (Humorously) Therefore, first of all, in keeping you in suspense, I will express an acknowledgment for Shynla, that she has not actually acquired a point yet, but I am quite aware of her trying and you may express to her, as she may not hear me yet, that she is close. I will also change my rule of my game, only for one session, with the understanding that my game will incorporate only one point per session per individual in future sessions, but with such a great effort incorporated with our present individuals for connecting, I will express extra points for connection, for Lawrence and for Elizabeth. I will also express one point for Elizabeth for female essence. I will also express one point for Lawrence for acquiring correct name of Miranda.

I will also express to Elizabeth that our game of connecting is not so serious that you may allow yourself to become upset, as you incorporated yesterday evening, in feeling that you did not “win,” for you have won already. You have made the connection. And, you should also be aware that Lawrence’s connection automatically incorporates Michael, even in pushing energy to another individual. Michael will, in most probabilities, connect also, for they are so connected. This does not discount your connection. Not only do I acknowledge you attempting and you accomplishing, but also your desire. (Pause) Are you wishing to ask anything, other than to our Ouija board? You are already aware that I am not speaking thorough a board. I may speak for myself without the use of paraphernalia!

ELIZ: My mom and Lawrence have said that they have seen, well, they see people, but they’re not really there.

ELIAS: (Leaning towards Elizabeth) And you are wishing them to be locked up now? (Laughter) This being not very “normal!” (Smiling) They are actually presently viewing essences, this being a natural occurrence of widening; it also being an occurrence that they may not quite understand or identify with, Lawrence being more receptive to this viewing of other essences than Michael. Michael, although very connected, is still very logically focused, and is very quick to rationalize away, although I will be acknowledging of this also, that he is widening and becoming more accepting of unusual events; this essence being the same as Lawrence has been connecting with, making its presence known quite physically. Very showy, I must say! (Humorously indignant) Although, we each have our quirks! (Laughter)

VICKI: You really got my attention with the dream thing!

ELIAS: I was hoping to do so. (Grinning)

VICKI: Is there a specific vulnerability that I should be aware of?

ELIAS: Within yourself?

VICKI: I was thinking more of Michael.

ELIAS: This being a more realistic expression. I will express to you that within this connection that you two incorporate, you being the stronger in focus than Michael. In this, I do not mean to express that Michael is any less strong in will or desire, but that you have a stronger element of grounding, for this being the element that you posses more of in this essence split. Therefore, you may connect with essence, and also be accepting, and be secure in this. Michael, on the other hand, possesses, as I have expressed previously, the more flighty aspect of personality. This aspect does not have to do with rationality or intelligence. This aspect has to do with influences; Michael incorporating, to a degree more than Lawrence, the issue of personal responsibility. Therefore, this situation in which I am incorporated creates conflict within him, many times.

I will express to you that your visiting with Peter this afternoon will serve as an example. Lawrence, being grounded and knowing the connection with truth, was very nonchalant as to information offered by Peter’s aunt. Michael was not expressing of an opinion, this being for the reason that this struck what Michael expresses as his “twinges.” Another individual’s belief systems have been affected, Michael feeling personally responsible. He vacillates with this issue much. This is not unusual. He has no frame of reference, in actuality, for other individuals who have been engaged within this phenomenon. Therefore, he believes that they are very accepting and obliging all the time. He does not realize that all individuals who are in agreement with this type of phenomenon experience this same vacillation.

You must understand that no matter how widened you believe yourself to be, you still are going against accepted official belief systems, and also against belief systems within your own self, even if they are small. Therefore Michael, being the same as all other individuals involved with this phenomenon, experiences moments of not being sure, and wishing to discontinue. Eventually, this will pass. Eventually, information that I offer will be incorporated within Michael also, and he will be more comfortable. This is a very new experience. He is trying to compare himself with one individual who was not public with the information of this phenomenon until he was incorporated for three years of your time. (who?) Michael has incorporated a few months.

Also, in regard to your dream of a precognitive nature, this would naturally, in his vacillating state, create conflict, in that he would be not wishing to be creating conflict for any other individual, or be feeling responsibility for disrupting other individual’s belief systems. This dream incorporates conflict. This does not mean it is the end of the world! (Smiling) It also is, as I have said, an expression of previous viewing for understanding and preparation, therefore lessening future conflict or emotional expression.

In this, I will also express, in regard to your concern, that Michael may also be reminded that as other individuals engaged in this phenomenon possessed supportive elements around them, so does he also. He is fearful, occasionally, that this may be a temporary loyalty. I will remind him, as he will be viewing this tape; this is not a case of loyalty which may change. This is a case of connection of essences, which extends far beyond physical focus, and is not so fragile as physical focus loyalty. (Pause)

VICKI: You seem different tonight. Is it me, or is it you?

ELIAS: (Smiling) I will express to you, both. You incorporate a much wider awareness now than you have incorporated in the past. You will begin to view me differently, for you may begin to perceive me more realistically than before. (Pause) (5) And I will ask of Lawrence, how perceptive he may be in interpretation of energy sent now?

VICKI: Very serious.

ELIAS: And also?

VICKI: Very loving.

ELIAS: Very good! (Smiling)

VICKI: And, amazing. (6)

ELIAS: Are you wishing of more information this evening?

VICKI: I think you’ve done a pretty good job of shutting me up tonight!

ELIAS: I am very good at this, am I not? (Grinning)

VICKI: Yes! (Laughing)

ELIAS: If I were within a prideful focus, I would be proud of myself! I trust I have offered you enough to be thinking about this evening, within our small span of time.

VICKI: Very much so. Thank you.

ELIAS: I will be excusing myself, and allowing your connection with Michael to continue, and you may be putting Ron to bed. I always have the same affect with him! (Smiling) (7) I will bid you au revoir.

VICKI: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 10:14 PM.


(1) Elias arrived very quickly tonight, in about ten seconds.

(2) I had been waking up every morning for about two weeks, hearing a song which I couldn’t identify. The weekend before this session, I finally did identify this song, after hearing it at work. The day before this session, I had purchased this song, and finally got a chance to listen to it.

(3) Directly after the words “interaction of another essence,” Jack jumped on the table and positioned herself, nose to nose, with Elias.

(4) Included in my song purchase were five books. Two of the books not only wouldn’t scan, but also wouldn’t come up on the computer. Both were Seth books. The salesman’s comment, at the end of the thirty minute ordeal, was “These books just don’t want to be part of the system!”

(5) Mary’s note: This small part Elias said so softly that he seemed to emanate some sort of great loving energy that I’ve perceived from him once before, but I can’t remember how exactly when it was. I glimpsed again a rare but familiar look that is quite captivating.

(6) Vicki’s note: I got a real sense tonight of how very truly amazing this phenomenon really is, and more so, how amazing Elias really is, and even more so, how amazing all essence is. We really don’t have a clue how large or how important, or how loving essence really is! Wow!

(7) Ron and Elizabeth both slept through most of this session, during with I kept wondering how they could accomplish this when Elias was being so captivating. I understand not that Elias orchestrated this, just as he has done several times previously.

At Mary’s request, I am going to include a brief description of each dream. My dream, taken from my scribbled notes, started with an African adventure. I know that Debbie and Cathy were there, and possibly Mary, Ron, Jo, and Elizabeth.

We were staying in primitive African huts, but they all had nice fireplaces made out of smooth, gray stones which appeared to be polished. I remember looking at these stones, and wondering how they had made them fit together so well. I also remember thinking about how the fireplace was the only one we had to get warm, which was odd because I was also aware that we were in a very warm climate. This is reinforced by a memory of interacting with Cathy’s boyfriend, during which she was laughing, because my actions were making it obvious that I knew I had body odor and bad breath.

The scenario was that we were leaving the huts in small groups for several days at a time, and then returning to clean up and regroup. There was a black man who was the “bad guy,” and a white man who was the “good guy.” We were concerned because Debbie was siding with the black man, and none of us could understand why. It appeared as though she had turned on us. Somehow, I discovered that we had been deceived by the white man, and I realized that the black man had been working very hard to expose the trickery of the white man, and that Debbie had been instrumental in helping him.

At the end of the dream, we were all laughing about how well Debbie had played her role, and about how she was sweet, little Debbie again. We were all very appreciative of the jeopardy she had placed herself in for our benefit.

Ron’s dream was very brief, and seemingly unconnected to mine. He was faced with an impending avalanche of snow, but was unconcerned about it. His focus was on a survival kit, which he knew he had developed.

Mary’s dream was also brief. She had a visualization of the stones as being a part of a tall, unidentifiable object that had a funnel shape at the top. She thought briefly that this object may be a fireplace, but discounted the idea because she had an impression of cold. Her stones also appeared to be polished, and fit together very well.

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