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Tuesday, March 09, 1999

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“The Belief Systems of Sexuality and Emotion”

“The Big Fat Bird of Aloneness”

“The No Conflict Game”

Participants: Mary (Michael), Cathy (Shynla), and Vicki (Lawrence).

Vic’s note: I was only present at this session in supportiveness of Cathy, as she was dealing with some difficult issues and having much conflict. But the funniest thing happened right before we started. One of my cats was batting a dead mouse around the room! Ha Ha!

Elias arrives at 3:26 PM. (Arrival time is 20 seconds.)

ELIAS: Bon jour! (Grinning)

CATHY: Hello, Elias.

ELIAS: And we meet again, Shynla!

CATHY: Yep, I guess so! (Elias chuckles) So, I’m gonna start with my bird cage dream, because I think it has to do with my issue of being alone, and my underlying issue of the marriage/family thing. So, that’s what I think this dream is about, and now I’ll run the dream by you. (Elias grins)

I’m in a room, and I look up and there’s a bird cage hanging from the ceiling, and the door flies open and about 15 little birds come flying out, and one big fat bird flies over to me and is momentarily laying in my hand, and then it gets up and flies to a shelf on the side of the wall, and I turn around and I look at this bird, which I affectionately call “the big fat bird of aloneness,” (Elias grins) and then I look back to the cage, which is empty, but there are 15 birds right outside the open window, and I don’t know if they’re gonna fly back, or if they’re the same 15 birds that left just for a second and they’re coming around to go back ... whatever! That would be my dream. That would be what I interpret it to be, and if you can offer me helpfulness, I would appreciate it.

ELIAS: Very well, Shynla! You have presented yourself imagery – you are correct – in the area of belief systems. The birds within this particular cage are aspects of the belief system.

Now; first of all, let me express to you that these birds within these cages of belief systems are interchangeable, so to speak. They may be within one cage, and they may also transfer themselves into a different cage and may be applied as an aspect in that cage, as well as another cage.

In this, the bird that appears within your hand is the bird – the aspect – of family, and your association of your role as a female individual. This particular cage you present to yourself presently in alignment with this present wave in consciousness that is addressing to sexuality. In this, the aspect of family and the role of the female individual is associated with this particular belief system.

Now; be remembering that at times, it may also camouflage itself and may appear within different cages, one being the bird cage or the belief system of emotion, and another that it may appear within would be that of relationships. In this present now, you find this particular bird in this cage of sexuality.

In this, you also create imagery that the bird places itself upon a shelf away from you, but within your view. What you are creating in this imagery is your communication to yourself that at times, you may choose to be looking at this particular aspect of this belief system, but you feel unable to be discontinuing your care for this particular bird. Therefore, you are not necessarily addressing to the particular bird, but placing it upon a shelf away from yourself in a position that you may continue to view it, but not address to it and not allow yourself actual contact with it. Other birds are within your view that are also contained within this particular cage, for they are also affecting of you in many different areas.

Now; do not misunderstand what I am presenting to you, for individuals within physical focus automatically move their thought process in specific, singular directions at the mention of the terminology of sexuality. I am not offering you information that you may be questioning your orientation or your choices in this area, but that you may recognize that there are very many birds in this particular cage, in many different types of expressions.

Be remembering that the creation of sexuality is one of the two base elements of your physical creation of expression within this particular dimension. Therefore, you have created many aspects to be contained within this particular belief system that you have developed concerning all areas of sexuality. This, once again, couples itself quite efficiently with aspects of the belief system of duplicity, for there is much energy lent in the direction of doubtfulness and lack of acceptance of self concerning very many areas in sexuality.

Your aspect of aloneness also enters into the expression of this particular belief system. In this, as we have discussed previously, within this underlying element of the belief system – with family and the role of the female individual – there are expectations that you place upon yourself that shall define what you identify as your happiness and your comfort within your physical focus.

Now; what I express to you – and have been expressing to you – is that this is not what shall be creating of your freedom and of your joyfulness within your focus. I express many, many, many times – to you and to other individuals – that your key to all of your wants lies within your acceptance of yourself, which you hold an awareness of intellectually. Therefore, you hold an awareness conceptually of what I am expressing to you, but you have not translated this concept and this intellectual idea into an actual reality.

You do not allow yourself to move into the area of exploration of self, for this appears too fearful. Therefore, you continue to create your outward objective expressions and imagery, which is reinforcing of the aspects of these belief systems that you hold very strongly. These are very good examples of how affecting the aspects of belief systems may be, and how they may be creating of tremendous conflict and confusion within individuals.

In this, as you allow yourself to genuinely be examining these particular birds, you may also allow yourself to be setting these birds to their freedom, and they shall not be returning to the cage.

But the key to this action, as I have stated, is within your acceptance of self and looking to self, not looking outside of self. This is merely a distraction, and also, in many areas, perpetuates the very actions that you wish to be discontinuing.

CATHY: Okay. Well then, can you explain to me about the two TFE’s I did decide to have – they were a year apart, and the second one was, I think, in January of this year – in which I go to the place of being in a hospital room with Mary croaking, and me and Ron and Vicki on one side, and Drew and Gail and David on the other side, and Jo and Paul in the middle at the foot of the bed, and I don’t understand that TFE. I don’t understand either one of them. They’re similar, but I don’t understand those TFE’s. When I try to do a TFE, I come up with something like that, and the only thing I can interpret it as being is a non-acceptance of myself still, because in that particular TFE, I was not accepting of Mary’s choice.

Vic’s note: TFE is a term we created to replace the term of “past-life regression.” The letters stand for “trans-focal encounter.” Elias terms this as the “new game,” and encourages us to engage this action in our exploration of self.

ELIAS: You are partially correct in your interpretation of this experience.

Now; let me also express to you that you present yourself with these types of experiences purposefully. This offers you the opportunity to view these areas that are creating of great conflict within you.

Now; this particular experience also addresses to aspects within the belief system of emotion. There are other aspects that are involving themselves in this experience also, but I shall address to this particular one presently, for this is very affecting and is entering into other experiences that you are creating presently, and you are exchanging birds within these different cages presently. As to this particular element of which we speak presently, you are addressing yourself with an aspect of emotion.

Now; as with all belief systems, the belief systems themselves are neutral, and with this particular belief system, the creation of the emotions are beyond neutral, for the emotions themselves are not a belief system. But in like manner to the belief systems of sexuality, the creation of sexuality is not a belief system, but you have created very large belief systems surrounding your creations of sexuality and of emotion.

In this, you have also created, in conjunction with duplicity, many evaluations upon the expressions of emotions. You have classified certain emotions to be good and certain emotions to be bad. One of the largest aspects within the belief system of emotion is that of fear. This aspect is expressed in many different manners.

It is not the expression of fear itself, the emotion of fear itself, which is an aspect of the belief system, but what you create in conjunction with this fear. Therefore, I am designating in your words that fear is an aspect of the belief system, but I wish to be clear that in itself, it is merely an expression of emotion and is neutral. What you create in conjunction to this emotion may be quite inventive!

Now; what you are presenting yourself with is imagery that allows you to view that you hold very strong elements of fearfulness in many areas, and also that you do not allow yourself to be expressive of this type of energy, for the most part. You view the expression of emotional qualities as negative. Therefore, it is unacceptable for you to be creating – or allowing yourself to be creating – these types of expressions.

Now; as I have stated, emotion is a base element of your creation within this physical dimension. It is energy in motion. I am well aware that this is a redundant statement, but for the benefit of individuals that may be connecting with this particular information, it may be more easily understood offered in this type of terminology.

Energy shall be expressed, as I have stated to you from the onset of these sessions. Therefore, you shall be creating some type of expression of this energy in objective terms, regardless of your efforts to not be expressing in this manner.

Were you not in agreement to be experiencing the physical experiences of sexuality and emotion, you would not be manifest within this particular dimension. Therefore, it is contrary to your very manifestation to not be expressive in either of these areas.

In this, there is a creation of great conflict as you attempt to be blocking of the expression of these emotional qualities. This be one of the reasons that you find yourself continuing with your ball and your stick, moving in a circle, round and round, and grooving your ball farther and farther within this circle, for you are not allowing yourself to be connecting to basic elements of your creation of your physical manifestation.

Now: I shall also express to you that in certain areas, this is quite common within physical focus with individuals that are aligning with this family of Milumet. This also enters a bird – an aspect – of the belief system of spirituality, but we shall engage that discussion within a different time framework. Presently, we shall hold to this area which is most affecting of you within this particular now.

As you are not allowing yourself to be addressing to your own acceptance of self in the areas of these particular aspects of belief systems – one in the area of sexuality, one in the area of emotion – you are continuing to block basic elements of your expression within physical focus. Therefore, you are automatically blocking many other areas, for these particular two elements are beyond mere belief systems. Therefore, they are exceedingly affecting. This be the reason that I have offered to you, much time ago, the identification of this particular aspect and have expressed to you that it is very affecting, for you are viewing aspects of very strong belief systems.

I express that all belief systems hold tremendous strength, for they are all reinforced throughout mass consciousness, but these two particular belief systems hold affectingness beyond merely the belief systems and all of their aspects themselves, for they in themselves are beyond belief systems. They are the building blocks, so to speak, of your physical dimension. Therefore, in certain manners, they may be more affecting than aspects of other belief systems within this dimension. You have chosen to present yourself with both of these belief systems, and you have chosen to offer yourself imagery in both of these belief systems. You also, in tackling both of these belief systems simultaneously, are creating of great conflict within yourself! (Chuckling)

CATHY: I’m glad you find that so humorous!

ELIAS: For this would be quite typical of yourself, would it not, in your choice to be tackling difficult areas and in your attempt to be mountain climbing as opposed to merely scaling a small hill?

This would be another characteristic that is influenced by your choice as a dispersed essence, allowing you to be interconnected and drawing upon the energy of other essences to lend more of an ease to yourself. I express to you that you may be considering addressing to one belief system at one time framework, and this may be more of an ease in your expression and less conflicting! (Chuckling)

CATHY: Well, I DO create my own reality, you know!

ELIAS: Ah! And this is your choice! (Grinning)

CATHY: Jump in, both feet! (Elias chuckles)

ELIAS: And in this, if you ARE jumping in, so to speak, you may be very well accomplishing ... although you are not necessarily jumping in! You are merely presenting yourself with the viewing of these fat birds, but not necessarily climbing into the cage and wrestling with them! (Chuckling)

CATHY: Well, maybe not, but if I jump in the cage and I battle with the birds, I’m still gonna place a judgment on that, that it’s GOOD that I did that, Elias, now aren’t I?? (with just a hint of sarcasm)

ELIAS: Let me be expressing to you, Shynla, that this area of the belief system of duplicity may be addressed to, but this shall be your most difficult belief system to be accepting, and in this – as with many other situations within your physical focus, recognizing your beliefs and your methods and your processes – you may find that in addressing to any of these belief systems and all of the aspects that are contained within them, you may allow yourself more of an effortlessness and much less conflict in allowing yourself the judgment of good and bad temporarily, recognizing quite genuinely that you have not accepted the belief system of duplicity. Therefore, it is quite within working order!

In this, as you also recognize that you are not accepting of self yet, you may be validating and reinforcing more of your acceptance of self if you are allowing yourself to express to yourself that certain actions that you accomplish are good. I myself am acknowledging of you all continuously! This is an expression of duplicity in itself, but this also lends energy to you each in your accomplishment. The very word “accomplishment” is an expression of duplicity, but it is also a term that you understand, and it is an expression that you shall accept and that you shall allow yourself movement within. Temporarily, there is purpose in acknowledgment of self, in my expression of acknowledgment to you, in validation to yourself, in my validation to you, that you may allow yourselves to be accepting of yourselves, that you may allow yourselves to view your own abilities to be creating.

Presently, you do not allow yourselves to view your own abilities, and you are NOT accepting of yourselves. You are accepting of yourselves in certain areas that you have received validation [in] and in certain areas that you view yourselves to be accomplishing. Therefore, it is beneficial and purposeful that you acquire more areas of self that you may be validating of, that you may look to yourselves and express that they are good.

This is acceptable temporarily, for eventually you SHALL move into the expression of acceptance of belief systems and acceptance of self, and as you DO move in this direction, it shall become unnecessary to be expressing in this duplicitous manner, for you shall not need validation, for you shall KNOW your acceptance of self and you shall KNOW of your abilities.

In the meantime, in your terms, we shall continue to be validating and acknowledging and encouraging and shall be accepting of your judgments of good and bad, although simultaneously, I shall continue to be reminding you that these judgments are expressions of duplicity and shall be addressed to also eventually.

But what you lose sight of at times is that you are in actuality accomplishing in both areas simultaneously, for you are holding your awareness in both areas simultaneously. You are, in increments, allowing yourself to widen your awareness and to be more accepting of self, and your noticing of your judgments lends energy to your accomplishment and to the loosening of your hold upon all of these aspects of belief systems.

I hold great awareness that you are not allowing yourselves – any of you – to merely awake and express, “I hold no duplicitous area any longer.” This is ludicrous! Therefore, I am expressing to you acknowledgment that regardless of your judgments, which shall continue for a time framework, this is not to say that you are not accomplishing regardless. Are you understanding?

CATHY: Yeah, I’m understanding, but in my confused state, I’m very well aware that in this present now, I’m choosing to make no objective movement to do ANYTHING. I suppose I guess it’s because I put the judgment of duplicity on it, that what I DO do will either be good or bad, and that’s not how we’re supposed to be playing the game here! That’s not why you’re interacting with us. I’m supposed to be figuring this stuff out because I asked for your helpfulness, and I’m in such a state of being ... well, it feels to me, in my perception, that I’m more non-accepting, judgmental – you name it – untrusting of myself now than ever before!

ELIAS: Let me express to you, Shynla, you are correct that you have asked, and you are correct that I have chosen to be responding.

Now; beyond this statement, I shall express to you that the point is to be avoiding trauma. It matters not, in my interaction with you, that you shall be applying ANY of this information that I offer to you to yourself. I merely offer information, that you may glean from it any of that which shall be lending to your avoidance of trauma.

Therefore, it matters not. I do not offer this information to you, that you may become enlightened beings and hold the secrets of the universe! I offer this information to you, that you may offer to yourself no expression of trauma within the action of this shift. Therefore, that which offers you trauma or conflict, I offer you the suggestion that you eliminate.

In this, what I am expressing to you is, if you are experiencing conflict, examine that which is creating of this conflict, and you may be choosing a different direction of attention, and you shall eliminate your conflict. THIS is the point.

Individuals confuse themselves, for they view this information and my interaction with you as their opportunity to become spiritual, enlightened beings. Do not delude yourself in this area, for this is your own expression of objective confusion. You are already enlightened, spiritual beings! You do not need or require my helpfulness to be accomplishing of that! You are already expressing of that action.

What you have inquired of – as to my helpfulness – is merely an engagement to be lessening or avoiding or eliminating trauma that you may be creating in conjunction with this shift in consciousness, and this be the reason that I offer you information. And you, within your physical focus and your intellect, complicate the information which is offered to you. It is not as very complicated as you perceive it to be!

I have offered you your scenario of your no conflict exercise, and in that, you have offered to yourself the engagement of this no conflict exercise, and you have validated yourselves that you may be accomplishing in this. I merely offer to you other information to be validating of your own expressions, for you allow yourselves to be caught within your aspects of duplicity to the point that you become entangled within your own webs, and in that expression, you block many of your own choices and do not allow yourselves to view all of the choices that are available to you, but you may simplify many of your expressions by returning to your no conflict exercise.

What is offering you conflict? What is not offering you conflict? As you identify what creations are creating conflict within you, you may be also identifying that if you are discontinuing those creations, you shall be discontinuing your conflict!

CATHY: Well, I understand the no conflict game, but sometimes when I think about the no conflict game, sometimes I wonder if I’m just going to an area of avoidance.

ELIAS: Ah! You are incorporating your knowledge of psychology. You are allowing yourself to be incorporating your psychological aspects, and this also shall be reinforcing of your conflict, for this holds you in the expression of conflict, for you do not allow yourself movement for fear that you shall be expressing a suppression of other elements of your focus. I am expressing to you that your no conflict scenario is quite efficient.

In this, as you allow yourself to be expressing this no conflict game, so to speak, what you are accomplishing is a reinforcement of acceptance of self, a lack of reinforcement of certain aspects of duplicity, and you are allowing yourself to lessen your hold upon your own energy field. For as you are creating conflict, you are holding to your own energy field and you reinforce your conflict in many different areas, for you continue to hold very tightly to your own energy field in the attempt to be protecting of yourself.

In this, I express to you that this little game of no conflict scenario may be more healing to you than you realize.

CATHY: Okay. I understand that. That makes sense. I’ll certainly go in that direction ’cause I’m a little tired of what I’ve been creating here. You made mention of my dispersed thingy, which I knew that you were going to bring that up, ’cause I figured some of the stuff that I was experiencing had to do with being dispersed and connecting with other people’s fears or whatever.

But there is one other issue I would like to address, which I have connected to quite heavily, and that would be, among our small little core group here, the belief system of how controlling Vicki is. I would like to have some input on that because it is a mass belief within this small group, that people are unable to move in their own creation because they picture her as the person that is blocking and stopping them, and I’d like some information here because I’m tired of the energy from several of the core people in this group. Could you comment on this?

ELIAS: Very well. Let me express to you, in certain areas that are individual to Lawrence’s energy issues and creations with himself, he holds an issue of control, in which Lawrence and I have spoken many times. In this, Lawrence presents imagery to himself in a continual manner of this particular issue of control, in the expression of physical affectingness and his incorporation of his medications to be controlling of his expression. (This is in reference to epilepsy and taking medication to prevent seizures)

He also holds an awareness that in disengagement of this controlling action, he creates a different controlling action as to his interaction with other aspects of essence, but this subject of the issue, so to speak, of control is merely an issue that Lawrence concerns himself with. This issue is merely affecting of himself.

In this, it also is an aspect of belief systems, for control and the identification of control is an aspect of belief system. In actuality, there is no necessity for control of any element within your physical focus or any other area of consciousness, but you hold a belief within physical focus that there are certain elements of your focus that need be being controlled.

Now; as to the expression of other individuals, this is a very different matter. This, I express to you, is entirely the creation of other individual’s beliefs.

Within any moment or expression that any individual – and you may be underlining of this, Lawrence – that any individual is perceiving any other individual as being controlling of them, they may assuredly look to self and examine their own lack of acceptance of self in those areas, for no other individual holds the ability to be controlling of any individual.

You nor any other individual within physical focus may be controlled by anyone. This is an expression of intrusion of essence and shall not be expressed. It also is contradictory to your free will and choice. No individual and no essence may remove choice from any other individual or essence.

Therefore, the perception of control is the identification of an area of lack of acceptance within the individual, not the identification of the action of another individual. Are you understanding thus far?

CATHY: Absolutely.

ELIAS: Therefore, I express to you, Lawrence holds issues in the area of control with respect to his own focus and is aware that these shall be addressed to, and is addressing to these areas presently and has been addressing to these areas within his own focus and his own widening of awareness.

The point is to be focusing upon self, and in this, as individuals are focusing upon self, they shall also recognize that the idea or the concept of any individual holding the ability to be controlling of any other individual’s choices is ludicrous. (11-second pause)

CATHY: Well, that’s kind of what I figured you were gonna say. So, it’s the same old thing. It all turns back to self.

ELIAS: Quite. As you allow yourself to be focusing upon self and looking to the affectingness that you create within self, you also offer yourselves information as to how you may be more efficiently addressing to these situations.

No other individual is creating your reality for you. YOU are creating every aspect within every moment of your reality. Therefore, every emotion that you are experiencing, you are creating. No other individual is thrusting any emotion or action upon you. Even death, in your terms – in situations of what you term to be violence and murder – is an agreement and a choice, and may not be thrust upon you by another individual without your agreement.

Therefore, every event, every action, every thought, every emotion that is created within your focus, you are creating yourself. No other individual is creating it for you.

CATHY: As you have stated many times before!

ELIAS: Quite!

CATHY: And you will till we get it!

ELIAS: Quite, and I shall continue to be reiterating of this information to the point that it is not required any longer.

CATHY: I just bet you will! Well, I’m curious about a couple other things. I’m curious about my feeling of separateness from Ron, and I’m also curious about the fact that Greg is a splintered counterpart of Ron, and if the two things are at all related. (There are some inaudible words here)

ELIAS: I shall express to you, Shynla, once again, we are experiencing energy interference within your electrical equipment.

But I shall offer to you, in response to your questioning with respect to these two individuals, as the fragmentation has not been completed, there is partially a shared experience in offering to you helpfulness in what you may term to be a nudge, so to speak, in energy, to be encouraging you to be focusing upon inside as opposed to focusing upon outside movements.

In this, this essence lends energy to you in this experience and feeling that you hold of separation, for this shall create a situation of not reinforcing your automatic movement in the direction of looking outside to different situations and other individuals to be helpful to you in addressing to your belief systems and your own conflict, but to be looking to self and inside with your conflict, and this shall be much more efficient for you.

CATHY: Well, I guess I’m done for right now. Well, no, there’s more, but I’m done for today! (Elias chuckles) I’d like to thank you, and unless Vicki has anything she wants to address, I will be signing off.

ELIAS: Let me express to you also, Shynla, that I assure you, I am continuing to be offering energy to you, that you may draw upon in your continuation of your quest and that you may be accomplishing, and you may also draw upon this energy for elements that you do not allow yourself to be offering to yourself yet. Therefore, allow my energy to be nurturing and encouraging to you, to the point that you may allow yourself this gift and not be requiring this energy from myself any longer. Until that time period, I continue to be offering expressions to you, and am acknowledging of you in areas that you do not allow yourself to be acknowledging of yourself.

Therefore, I express to you encouragement to be engaging your no conflict scenarios, and if you are not accessing the choices to be offering you no conflict, move in the direction of the actions that offer you the least amount of conflict, and arrogantly allow yourself to be expressing that this is good and that you are accomplishing.

I offer to you great lovingness, Shynla. (Smiling)

CATHY: Well, thank you, and could you use a hammer when you’re lending me energy so I’ll know? (Laughing)

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Ah! We return to objective imagery, that you shall be requiring flickering electricity!

CATHY: Well, yeah!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) I shall see what I may be creating to be validating of you!

CATHY: Okay. Well, thanks a lot. I’m sure now that I finally did this STUPID phone thing ...


CATHY: ... it’ll be easier to do it again! (Laughing)

ELIAS: And I shall be requiring of a retraction of that statement!

CATHY: What statement??

ELIAS: Of your engagement of this STUPID interaction! Practice, practice, practice, practice, practice! Regardless that you believe what you are expressing, express it anyhow! Retract your statement!

CATHY: What? Did I say I’d never talk to you on the phone?

ELIAS: Retract your statement of STUPID!

CATHY: Oh, THAT thing! Okay ... retracted.

ELIAS: Very well, and I shall be accepting of this expression.

As I have stated, regardless that YOU are believing of this, I shall require your reinforcement of yourself to the time that you ARE believing of this ... and we shall not be engaging this terminology of STUPID! Agreed?

CATHY: Agreed! Okay, alright!

ELIAS: Very well! (Chuckling) Now you may repeat after myself: “I am a glorious being!”

CATHY: Oh, BROTHER! Are you serious??

ELIAS: Quite!


ELIAS: Ah! View how very difficult this simple statement is for you to be accomplishing! NOW see yourself, how you are so very accomplished at discounting yourself!

CATHY: FINE! I am a glorious person!

ELIAS: Very good! (Chuckling) Like knives, it shall stab at your breast! Horrors! (Still chuckling)

And Lawrence, you may be reinforcing of this, and you may be offering this statement in acknowledgment to Shynla also. Each time you are viewing of Shynla, you may be expressing, “Shynla, you are a glorious being!” (Chuckling) And in this, I shall be offering a suggestion to you, that you also be holding your shield quite efficiently before you! (Still chuckling)

Are you wishing of more questions this day?

CATHY: Oh, you mean you’re actually giving me the opportunity to go further?

ELIAS: I may be accepting of one more inquiry.

CATHY: Oh. Well, I don’t know if I want to go there. It’s pretty personal. (Pause) I’m fearful. (Pause) Hmm....

ELIAS: It matters not. This be your choice. If you are wishing to be discontinuing, this is acceptable also.

CATHY: Well, I understand that, but ... oh, what the hell! Okay, I’m going there, because I AM physically focused and I DO have my issues, you know! (Elias chuckles)

It seems to me that every time I go through this information looking for things in helpfulness for myself, a certain individual’s name pops up all the time. No matter where I go, he’s always there. I know part of my connection thing with him is that I think we have the same fear issues, and I think that’s a big part of it, and I know he could be very connected to this group if he chose to ... I don’t know. Whatever! He just seems very secretive to me, and I’m very intrigued by him, and I’m just very curious as to why.

It used to be that if I was in physical proximity of him, I would dream about him, and now all I gotta do is read something that he had an interaction with you about, and then when I go to dreamland, he will be in my dream. I actually did objectively try to contact him, just to talk to him about how he was creating his reality and that type of thing, and I didn’t actually end up connecting with him, and I just wonder if you could comment on that.

ELIAS: Very well. You create this type of imagery in connection with this individual for the reason that you both address to issues in very similar areas concerning these two particular belief systems of emotion and sexuality. Therefore, you also are creating of very similar expressions in the manner of fearfulness; you are correct.

Your objective expressions in HOW you are expressing this fearfulness are different, but they are stemming, so to speak, from very similar areas of belief systems and the lack of acceptance of self in very similar manner. In this, as you move farther into the exploration of these belief systems and addressing to these aspects of belief systems, you also draw to yourself different types of imagery that shall be expressive to you in reinforcement of the identification.

You identify quite clearly with this individual in the area of fearfulness. Therefore, it is reinforcing of your noticing each time you are presenting yourself with information that is jogging of your own fearfulness. You are creating your mirror image in action.

CATHY: Hmm. Oh well, I already knew that! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Quite! Now place this into the area of reality and not merely intellectual information! (Chuckling)

CATHY: Yeah, right!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) I shall be helpful to you.

Very well! I shall be disengaging this day, and I shall be offering to you both great affection, and anticipating our next meeting and objective interaction.

And I am encouraging of you also, Lawrence, and am aware of your slight deviation with this essence and your challenging of me, and I am expressing to you that the information that I have you offered you previously stands! (Chuckling) (1)

This is quite an interesting engagement this day, and quite fun! I shall be anticipating our continued interaction in this area!

VICKI: Yes, myself also! (Laughing)

ELIAS: (Chuckling) To you each this day, I offer great lovingness, and the encouragement of continuation in this fun! Ha ha! To you both, I bid you a very fond au revoir!

Elias departs at 4:51 PM.


(1) This is in reference to continuing comments from Elias over the last four years, all of which imply that I will have more difficulty than other folks in any one area. A few days before this session, I had challenged these comments in my head, yelling “You’re wrong!” to the air. And my statement stands also, Elias!

Here is an example of one such comment:

“Be remembering, Lawrence, although Shynla views herself to be the most physically focused point of the pyramid, I have been expressing to you from the onset that the grounded one shall be experiencing the most difficulty in acceptance.” [session 198, July 23, 1997]

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