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Friday, March 12, 1999

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“Issues of Adequacy”

“The Camouflage of Humor”

“The Belief System of Sexuality”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Frank (Christian/X-Tian).

MARY: This is too funny! Okay, I just have to say this on the tape:

Frank is now live from the New York stock exchange, sneaking out to his favorite phone booth to do a session with Elias. No one knows that he’s secretly talking to a dead guy on the phone in the middle of the trading at the New York stock exchange. Okay everybody, the secret is out! (Cracking up) (1)

Elias arrives at 11:58 AM. (Arrival time is 20 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning! (Smiling)

FRANK: Good morning, Elias! How are you?

ELIAS: As always, and we meet again! (Chuckling) And what be your concerns this morning, Christian? (Grinning)

FRANK: Okay, I guess I just wanted to pick up from the last session that we had, and I wanted to just get your opinion on how I’m doing so far with my expressing of, I guess, attention to self and personal engagement, which I needed to improve on!

ELIAS: (Laughing) And you ARE addressing to this situation, although I encourage you to continue in this area, for you are continuing, AS YOU KNOW, to be blocking of your expression many times in this area.

What you are addressing to in this situation is your own fear of self and how you shall be perceived by other individuals, for you place judgments upon yourself, and you anticipate and expect that other individuals shall mirror this to you and shall perceive the same “defectiveness” within you that YOU view within you.

FRANK: Okay, so from the last time I spoke to you, I thought I was doing okay, getting better, and then all of a sudden I got pneumonia and was very sick again. Is that all the same thing?

ELIAS: Yes. Now; look to this imagery that you present yourself, for illness is a very efficient tool to remove yourself from other individuals and interaction, and it also is quite reinforcing of your own issues in this area. You are reinforcing your own lack of acceptance of yourself in this area.

FRANK: By becoming sick, I’m reinforcing those beliefs?

ELIAS: Yes, for you hold belief systems in this area that illness is bad and unacceptable and weak. Therefore, you are reinforcing your own aspects of belief systems by creating this type of situation, and you are also removing yourself from interaction with other individuals.

FRANK: Okay. Well, I do understand that. I know I have those beliefs about illness and everything. Last time, we talked about that because I have my heart condition on top of that, it was also me, I guess, trying to get my own attention to focus on these issues.

ELIAS: Correct. Now let me also offer you another piece, so to speak, of information in this area.

FRANK: Okay.

ELIAS: As to the situation that you create with this condition of this organ of your heart, what you are creating also is imagery to yourself in the area of a lack of an emotion that you perceive in your focus. You are preoccupying yourself in certain areas with the search or the quest for a type of relationship that you view shall be fulfilling to you in this focus. This involves your emotion of love, and as you view that you are lacking this expression, you are also continuing to be creating of an affectingness or a hurtfulness in the area of your heart.

Let me express to you that any imagery that you present to yourself is indicative of more than one area that you are presenting to yourself, but as I am aware that individuals may be assimilating more efficiently one explanation within one time framework, that be what I shall generally offer to them. I have offered you one explanation already, and now you hold the readiness within you to be addressing to more than one situation which you are creating simultaneously with one expression. Are you understanding?

FRANK: Sure. So, what are they?

ELIAS: This would be, as I have expressed to you, one situation of your lack of interaction with other individuals, another situation of your beliefs in the area of physical health and masculinity and strength, another situation that you present to yourself in the area of relationship and love, and another situation of how you view yourself in certain elements, in viewing yourself to be inadequately expressing yourself.

All of these areas move together within this one expression of how you have chosen to be physically affecting yourself.

FRANK: Okay.

ELIAS: This presently is also reinforced by this wave in mass consciousness that addresses to the belief system of sexuality.

In this, I am not expressing to you that you are creating confusion with yourself in the area of how you identify yourself in the belief systems of sexuality, but how you view yourself in your own adequacy in relation to the belief systems of sexuality.

FRANK: Can you give me more detail on that?

ELIAS: Yes. This particular belief system of sexuality encompasses a very vast area and very many aspects. Therefore, in more simple terminology, there are very many birds in this particular cage.

In this, one of the aspects of the belief system of sexuality is how individuals view themselves in the area of their own view of adequacy – how they view their physical form, how they view themselves in the area of their expectations, their performances in relation to other individuals, how adequately they may be expressing their emotional qualities in the area of acceptance of other individuals, love, relationships ... there are very many aspects of this particular belief system that you do not necessarily automatically associate with the terminology of sexuality.

The belief system of sexuality addresses to how you perceive yourself and how you perceive and interact with your world, so to speak. This is a very large aspect of this belief system.

How you are interactive with other individuals and how you THINK they are perceiving you is another aspect of this particular belief system, and is very affecting. In this area, you individually align with these aspects very strongly, allowing the coupling of duplicity in this area, which reinforces your own discounting of yourself, viewing yourself to not be adequately expressing yourself in the area of your emotions and in your ability to be efficiently creating an intimate relationship.

This ALL moves back to the issue of acceptance of self. It is merely being reinforced within mass energy – alongside of your own reinforcement – as this wave in consciousness continues presently.

What I am expressing to you – that you may be viewing and paying attention to presently – is your view of yourself and how efficiently you camouflage yourself with regard to other individuals.

Now; I shall be specific in this area, in that you present a camouflage to other individuals to be protecting of yourself.

This camouflage that you present to other individuals allows you to be disguising yourself behind the mask of jovialness. You present yourself as jovial, jokingly, and creating a lightness of air about you, and in this action, you perceive that you are being protective of your expression of vulnerability, viewing yourself as needing this type of protection, for you view situations as unsafe with other individuals if allowing them to perceive the openness and sensitivity and vulnerability of yourself.

Therefore, you create certain physical affectingnesses which offer you an excuse to not allow other individuals to view you as yourself and allows you permission to be pushing other individuals away from yourself, and when you ARE allowing yourself to partially be interactive with other individuals, you continue this pushing away by camouflaging yourself with humor.

Now; let me express to you that humor may be an expression that holds great healing qualities, but this is not the expression that you individually create. You are creating the situation that you use this element of your reality to be disguising yourself and presenting a camouflage to other individuals, that they may not view yourself in your genuine expression of yourself.

I express to you that there is no element of you that is so very repulsive that other individuals may not appreciate the genuineness and the gloriousness of your expression, for you hold great sensitivity in many areas of your individual expression and may be quite interactive with other individuals and quite helpful, not merely to them but to yourself also, in allowing yourself to be expressive of your own sensitivity and vulnerability.

Therefore, I express to you that you may find, within your own expression in this focus, much more of your own value fulfillment and much less of your own conflict if you are allowing yourself to drop your own veils of camouflage in your interaction with other individuals, and open yourself to the wonders that you may discover in relation to yourself and other individuals.

FRANK: Okay. In the last session – and again in this one – you did mention the issue with humor and camouflaging, so I’ve been trying to actually cut down on that, and I’m trying to interact more with other individuals, I think, anyway. Obviously I haven’t been doing a good job, but I still feel like I’m in such a huge rut, like on the wheel, as you would put it.

ELIAS: Let me express to you, Christian, that I am not chastising you, and I am also not expressing to you that you are not accomplishing, for you are!

I am merely expressing to you an encouragement to be continuing in this area, for you shall be offering yourself much more of your own freedom and much more of your own opening to your awareness if you are continuing to be accomplishing in these situations.

FRANK: Okay, I understand that. I don’t mean to sound like I’m getting defensive here, but I think maybe I’m just frustrated in trying to un-express all that I have expressed over the last four or five years, and even probably before that.

ELIAS: Let me also express to you that this situation, as is the case with many situations ... this is not a matter, as may be expressed through your psychology, of undoing what you perceive to have been done. It is merely a situation of choosing a different choice; moving aside from the choices that you have been creating which are creating conflict, and finding new choices within yourself to be expressive of a different type of behavior.

It is unnecessary for you to be “fixing” your situation. It shall automatically, in your terms, fix itself as you turn your attention in different directions.

FRANK: Okay. That’s a lot to digest right now. In order to turn my attention in a different direction, does that just mean that I just go out and ... again, I don’t know the words, but physically engage physical interaction, direct interaction with people more?

ELIAS: Let me express to you that you may be engaging our no conflict scenario and exercise, and this may be helpful to you in your practicing.

FRANK: Okay.

ELIAS: You are quite aware that the lack of interaction with other individuals is creating conflict.

FRANK: Right.

ELIAS: Therefore, within the now, within the moment that you are experiencing conflict, you may also offer yourself another choice which shall eliminate your conflict.

In this, I am aware of the simplicity of this statement, but I shall also express to you that this action is as simple as it is expressed.

This is an easily accomplished exercise, but it is also a very affecting exercise, for it offers you the opportunity to practice your own acceptance of self, and in this practicing, it becomes more and more automatic to you.

In this, you begin to recognize more easily each time you are experiencing conflict, and as you recognize your own conflict, you also offer yourself the opportunity to move outside of your conflict. But if you are not recognizing your conflict, which many times you are not, you shall not offer yourself the opportunity to move outside of this conflict.

Therefore, I express to you to be noticing each time within the moment that you are creating of any type of conflict, and as you notice this conflict, offer yourself the inquiry as to what shall create no conflict in that particular situation, and as you identify what shall present no conflict to you, engage that action.

This may be much more efficient for you to be expressing presently than more complicated actions, for within your movement of complicating many of your thought processes, you also confuse yourself, and this many times is blocking of your own movement also.

FRANK: Okay.

ELIAS: You may be inquiring of Michael in this area, and he may also be offering you information as to the accomplishment of this particular exercise of no conflict. Lawrence also....

FRANK: Okay. Actually, yes, I spoke to Michael last night and he did bring this up and it was a very interesting topic, so I will pursue that with him.

Okay, we also spoke last time in reference to other focuses, what I would still call past lives, and we had a situation where there were many bleed-through beliefs, similar to the ones I’m holding now, also influencing me and getting expressed in that manner. Can we elaborate more on that now?

ELIAS: These aspects of belief system that I have identified to you presently are the same aspects of belief systems which are held in these other focuses. Therefore, they are reinforcing of the strength of the belief systems in this particular focus.

Now; as I have expressed to you, it may be helpful to you to be connecting with these other focuses and identifying those situations in your addressment of these belief systems within this focus. Let me offer you a small example.

FRANK: Sure.

ELIAS: You may be noticing, within any particular interaction with another individual, that you may identify certain aspects of belief systems that THEY hold and that are very affecting of them.

Now; as you are removed from their experience in being affected by their belief systems, you allow yourself to view more clearly how they are allowing themselves to be affected by their belief systems, and you may be offering advice or helpfulness in your interaction with them to be clarifying to them certain elements of their own expression. You may view this within yourself and within the expressions of many other individuals. You all are quite efficient in these types of expressions. It is easy for you to identify the behaviors and the affectingnesses within OTHER individuals.

In this, there is at times an ease in viewing another focus of your essence, for you view this to be a similar situation. It is another individual that you may be viewing. Therefore, it may be easier for you to identify the behaviors and the aspects of belief systems which are affecting if you are viewing them within another focus.

Therefore, as you allow yourself to view another focus and the interaction which is occurring and the behaviors that are affecting, you may subsequently turn your attention back to yourself and view the parallels, and this may allow you more of an ease in moving into a more efficient identification of your own actions, your own behaviors, and your own affectingnesses. Are you understanding?

FRANK: Yes, yes. I see that a lot at work, and I notice it. When you say to notice the parallels ... when somebody else does something and it’s similar to what I do, I can identify it. I see it right away, like especially the humor issue and things in that area, and I perceive it in myself and I don’t like what I see, or I see it and I feel uncomfortable about it.

ELIAS: Ah, but let me also express to you that the reason that you do not like what you see is that you do not feel yourself to be worthy and adequate and you are not liking of yourself. I express to you that this is not bad in its expression. It is merely limiting.

In this, as YOU perceive this to be bad and are placing judgment upon these types of expressions, you are also perceiving yourself to be bad. I express to you that you are a wondrous creature, a wondrous individual with tremendous creativity and much to be expressive [of] within this focus!

In this, as you view the camouflage of other individuals, you may be allowing yourself to be accepting of this and recognizing that this is merely an expression of their own fearfulness, and this also may be helpful to you in your acceptance of yourself within your own fearfulness.

FRANK: Okay, very good.

ELIAS: (Intently) Express to yourself what you would be expressing to another individual in compassion, in the recognition of their fearfulness.

FRANK: Okay, that’s very good. To get back to the issue with other focuses, is that kind of the same issue in past life focuses also? Is that why I’m so ... like, I was trying to pursue that for a long time, I guess, to identify the focuses and find them in history ...


FRANK: ... just to see what was going on there.

ELIAS: Yes. You hold your attention in this area, for you also hold subjectively a recognition of their affectingness in this focus.

This also enters the situation of your attention to certain elements – as I have expressed in this session – that you view to be lacking in this particular focus. This is the expression that you view to be missing – in your terms – your “split-apart.” This is quite common within physical focus and is creating also of many elements of conflict within individuals, yourself also, for this is another expression of inadequacy that you reinforce to yourself. For if you be adequate, you would be discovering your split-apart, but as you are not adequate, you are not finding this individual and allowing yourself the bliss of shared relationship. (Smiling)

I express to you that first of all, you shall be addressing to self and the acceptance of self, and in this acceptance of self, you shall draw to you other individuals which shall be allowing you the expression of relationship in the manner that you seek.

FRANK: Okay. (Pause) Alright. In going from the split-apart to specifically – and excuse my being transfixed on this one focus from the past – but the one who we identified as Lillian Buseau, is she a split-apart from me?


FRANK: Okay. Now, on two occasions ... on one occasion I was at a plantation in New Orleans and I heard a voice which I believe was hers, and on another occasion I had a dream, which was a very lucid dream, where we actually met very, very lucidly. My question is, did we actually meet, or is that just another one of my creations, trying to get to my beliefs? Am I creating the imagery of us meeting ...

ELIAS: No. (Smiling)

FRANK: ... in the subjective, or hearing a voice?

ELIAS: In one manner of speaking, it is a translation of imagery. In another manner of speaking, it is an actual contact, so to speak, of two aspects of consciousness, yours and the expression of another essence. You may translate this contact, so to speak, into your own creation of imagery, but this is not discounting of the actual interaction which is occurring.

What I am expressing to you in this is that within your own imagery to yourself, you may present yourself with a specific image of a specific type of individual, which is your own imagery, but this is the translation element of the interaction.

This is not to say that the interaction has not occurred or that you have merely created this singularly yourself. You have engaged the interaction, and that is reality. You merely also have created your own imagery in a physical form or type of physical form.

Therefore, I express to you that within your actions in this physical focus, you may be disappointing yourself if you are looking and searching for this particular body form, for the expression of this individual may not necessarily be manifest in that particular creation of physical form.

FRANK: Right.

ELIAS: But this is not to say that that essence is not manifest and that you do not hold the ability to draw yourself to that individual focus within this now.

FRANK: Right. Okay. At first, I didn’t really particularly feel like I was searching for that physical person in this present focus. I think I felt like I wanted to subjectively have interactions with this person on like a meditative level or a dream level, just to prove to myself that I can.

ELIAS: Quite! And this offers you also an expression of safety, does it not? (Grinning)

FRANK: (Laughing) I guess so. Very sneaky of me!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) You need not be fearful of your physical expression if you are not engaging an individual physically!

FRANK: Can you express that again?

ELIAS: You need not be fearful of your physical expression or how you may be presenting yourself to another individual if you are not engaging another physical individual. Therefore, you are creating once again a very efficient protection and safety net for yourself!

FRANK: So this is not my pursuit of my spiritual abilities or my ability to transcend myself. I’m just reinforcing my belief systems.

ELIAS: You ARE offering yourself the objective awareness of your abilities within this physical focus. You ARE allowing yourself to view your ability to be accomplishing in certain actions in connecting with other elements of consciousness. But you are also simultaneously allowing yourself a safety net, and not addressing to the physical objective interaction within this focus.

Let me express to you that you yourself, as very many other individuals in like manner, express a false sense of spirituality to yourself, in moving in the direction of concentrating your attention and your energy in the expression of exploration of other aspects of consciousness and ignoring many of your objective physical aspects of your expression.

Actual, genuine spirituality encompasses ALL of your expressions, physical and non-physical, objective and subjective, belief systems and not belief systems.

FRANK: Okay....

ELIAS: Were this not so, I would not be expressing to you or to any individual to be pursuing fun and pleasure! What shall fun and pleasure matter if the expression of spirituality is not encompassing your physical objective expression? Pleasure and fun within physical focus is the experience of physical sensations!

FRANK: Right. Alright, I guess I’ve limited myself for such a long time that that was my only outlet, and I was looking for some sort of encouragement from there, I guess, to get back out.

ELIAS: Let me be encouraging to you! And I express to you, allow yourself to break free and experience pleasure and fun, and you shall also be experiencing a great liberation!

FRANK: I will be experiencing a great liberation shortly? Or upon my action of....

ELIAS: Within your pursuit of pleasure! (Grinning, and a pause)

FRANK: Okay. I was just trying to ... like what is ... pursuit of pleasure is ... what? Just being spontaneous and enjoying myself and everyone around me?

ELIAS: Pleasure is any element, any action that you view to be offering you no conflict and a stimulation that YOU identify within your belief systems as good!

Now; there are many pleasures that are stimulations of your physical senses that you also perceive to be bad, but I express to you that if you are removing the element of bad, you may view that there are many different expressions of stimulation that are pleasurable.

You, within yourself, already hold a knowing of many, many different expressions of pleasure that you may be engaging within your physical focus. This is not to say that you allow yourself the participation in these pleasures, but if you are genuinely examining within yourself, you shall hold no difficulty in identifying pleasurable activities to yourself.

FRANK: Okay. Alright, I wanted to ask you to be specific to me on those aspects, but I guess maybe I should do that myself?

ELIAS: I have been specific with you in the area of the aspects of these belief systems that you are engaging battle with within yourself, and in this, as you allow yourself to be reconnecting with this particular session, you may be more efficiently identifying these aspects of belief systems to yourself.

Be remembering that much of the interaction that we hold together within the forum of these sessions is occurring subjectively. This be the reason that you hold difficulty in the objective remembrance of all that is offered to you within this forum.

FRANK: Okay. Alright, I think we are probably at the end – we ARE at the end – of this session. So what I’m going to do is review everything, and then just get out there and try it, and if you have any final words, I’d appreciate it!

ELIAS: I am very encouraging to you, Christian, and once again, I offer my encouragement to you and my expression of energy to you, and I shall continue to be offering you expressions of energy to be helpful in your movement. Be remembering that I am interactive with you regardless of our objective interaction within the forum of these sessions. Although I anticipate our next meeting in objective terms, I continue to be interactive with you subjectively, and allow you at times a knowing of my presence with you objectively.

As you view certain affectingnesses futurely in twinges, so to speak, that you may physically feel, you may notice this as a confirmation of my interaction with you. Therefore, you may be validated that you are receiving helpfulness from other essences, and you may be accomplishing.

I extend to you a great lovingness and a tremendous affection, and in this, I also am quite acknowledging of your continuation in your movement.

FRANK: Okay, Elias. I thank you very much, and I’ll be looking forward to those twinges and our next meeting!

ELIAS: Very well!

FRANK: Okay, thank you.

ELIAS: To you this day, Christian, I express a very fond au revoir.

FRANK: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 12:55 PM.


(1) I rarely include any pre/post session conversation or comments in the transcripts, but this one was too funny! I have transcribed Mary’s intro verbatim from the tape, but here’s a note from Frank in which he offers clarifying info:

“Mary says I’m at the New York stock exchange. I’m actually at the American stock exchange, in a phone booth directly underneath where they trade. I work at both, so IT MATTERS NOT!!”

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