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Tuesday, March 16, 1999

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“Moving Beyond The Quick Fix”

“Offer Compassion to YOURSELF”

“Objectively Choose No Conflict”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Nicky (Candace).

Elias arrives at 3:17 PM. (Arrival time is 20 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon, Candace! (Smiling)

NICKY: Good afternoon! I have a couple of questions for you. I guess I’ll just jump right into them, because the last part of the session, I just need to, generally speaking, converse with you. So, I’ll get right to it. In brief, could you give me a clarification of the phrase that you gave Mikah, on the “quick fix?”

ELIAS: This may be referring to choices that you are creating in certain situations that may be addressing to those situations in immediate terms, but are not necessarily dealing with the issues that are underlying and are influencing of the situation itself. Many times you may be creating choices objectively that may be affecting of the situations that you are participating within, but they are not necessarily addressing to the issues that you hold that have created the situation that you are within.

In this, at times you may offer yourselves what you term to be a “quick fix,” in choosing different avenues to be directing your attention within, and in those actions you may be alleviating of certain elements within your situation, but you are not addressing to the situation entirely. Therefore, you are merely creating a temporary affectingness.

Now; an example of this type of situation would be in a creation of energy that you may be allowing to affect yourself in a physical expression.

Let us express that you are creating a physical affectingness within your physical body which stems, so to speak, from an issue that you are not paying attention to. Therefore, you are holding energy in certain areas of your physical form, and you are affecting of your physical form in manners that you may term to be unpleasant.

In this, you may address to a particular energy center, which may be affecting temporarily of the energy which is creating the discomfort within your physical body, but this – in certain situations, not all situations, but in certain situations – this may be classified as a “quick fix.”

It may be temporarily affecting physically, for you are manipulating energy within a specific energy center which shall affect the area of your physical form which is within discomfort, but it shall not alleviate entirely the discomfort, for that element shall return, for you have not addressed to the issue or the underlying element which is creating of the affectingness in its expression.

Therefore, this may also be applied to many different types of expressions that you create within your physical focus. You may choose to be temporarily affecting of certain situations within yourself, but if you are not addressing to the issues or the belief systems that are creating of the situation, the affectingness shall return and shall only be addressed to temporarily. Are you understanding?

NICKY: Oh yes. As you’re talking, I’m thinking that for myself, a perfect example, so to speak, would be my asthma.

ELIAS: Correct.

NICKY: Okay, because you gave me information about the restrictions and so forth, and you also gave me information about manipulating the energy centers – and this has been, thank God, quite beneficial – but there’s still underlying issues to be dealt with, correct?

ELIAS: Correct. And in this situation, you are correct – you DO provide yourself with a very good example of this type of action.

You may be efficiently affecting within the moment of the situation of restriction in the physical action. You may manipulate your energy centers and you may in actuality affect the situation of your asthma within the moment and alleviate the discomfort, but it shall return and you shall deal once again with the repeated action of this affectingness or this discomfort, for the underlying issue has not been moved through.

NICKY: Okay. Now, I have two questions related to that directly. Number one, what would be a particular issue with Mikah – and/or myself – when you refer to him as “the quick fix?” And then number two, could you, in helpfulness, point me in the direction of one of the particular issues relating to the asthma? Because evidently, there’s something we’re not wanting to see and that’s why it’s not presenting itself, or we’re not going along the avenues of wanting to see it.

ELIAS: Let me....

NICKY: Therefore, are either one of us open enough to receive the information to help us proceed with walking through the issues?

ELIAS: Let me express to you, Candace.

NICKY: Okay.

ELIAS: You are beginning to view more fully the extensiveness of looking to self, and in this action, you are beginning to view that there are many more aspects that you involve yourselves with – and many more areas of automatic responses that you create – than you have initially allowed yourself an objective awareness of.

In this process that you engage of continuing to look to self and all of the aspects of belief systems that are influencing in the area of not accepting self, you are moving the beyond the area of “the quick fix,” so to speak, and you are accomplishing.

Now; let me also express to you that although it is possible for you to instantaneously move through an issue, I also express to you the knowing that I hold of your reality, and your reality does not present you with the working ability to be moving through issues immediately. Therefore, the reality of the situation is that you move through within a process, and this be the reason that I address to you in this manner, in moving in increments or steps, for this is how you create your reality.

I am not addressing to you singularly, for you ALL create your reality in this manner in this particular dimension. In this, as I may also address to you and I may offer you information that you in actuality hold the ability to instantaneously change or alter your physical gender – you hold the ability and it is possible – this is not to say that you shall actually create this, for this action does not fit into your officially accepted reality. Therefore, you also do not hold a process for this action.

Now; I may express to you that you may move through and address to any of your individual issues instantaneously in the same manner that it is possible for you to be creating a different gender physically within yourself immediately within this present now. You shall not allow yourself to accomplish that. Therefore, it is ludicrous for myself to address to you in this manner.

Your reality is your reality! It is real, and in that reality, you move through issues in increments and you offer yourself information in increments and you move in acceptance in steps, and this is what you are creating presently.

You allow yourself bits of information that you may assimilate, and as you assimilate each bit of information you move, and as you move you are creating your process of steps, and this is acceptable, for this is your reality!

In this also, at times you present yourself with side-steps, in which you alleviate elements of your conflict temporarily with quick fixes.

Mikah, as I have expressed to him, is viewing many different areas of his focus and his attention very singularly, and as he continues to view very singularly and concentrate his attention very singularly, he also shall create the situation, within his experience, of not viewing all of the information that is available to him and not allowing himself to view all of his creativity and all of his choices.

In this, I express to you individually differently, for you are allowing yourself to view more elements of your reality.

I have been expressing from the onset of these interactions, of these sessions, with all individuals: one of your most affecting actions is to be noticing, and if you are viewing singularly, you shall also be noticing singularly.

But if you are allowing yourself to be opening to your periphery and you are allowing yourself to be widening your awareness, you shall be automatically allowing yourself to NOTICE elements of your reality in each moment – with each interaction and each experience – that shall offer you more information in the direction of addressing to the very elements that you choose to be addressing to.

You draw to yourselves continuously imagery and information and experiences that address to the very elements that you wish to be addressing to. It is merely a situation of your noticing WHAT you are drawing yourself to and WHAT you are offering yourself within your experiences, for they are continuously presenting themselves to you, for you are continuously drawing yourself to them. You merely do not allow yourself to be noticing all of the information that is presented to you.

NICKY: Okay. Why is it I feel ... now, that’s exactly where I go too ... why is it I feel that I have a block? Because Mikah also says to me, “Ma, you draw an awful lot of information, and you’re not always taking it in.” And sometimes in my head I’m going, “Oh my God! There is so much! Which one do I focus on?” It’s almost as though I intentionally block my own awareness!

ELIAS: At times this is correct, for within your reality you have created a belief that you may be assimilating only a certain amount of information within any given time framework, and that if you are in-taking too much information in your assessment, you shall overload yourself and overwhelm yourself. Therefore, you create a processing of your own information in steps and in increments, in a manner that is comfortable to you.

You also create a judgment upon this process as you in-take information offered by other individuals and the judgments that accompany that information, and as you allow this mirroring, you create the judgment upon yourself that you are creating inefficiently or that you are not in-taking information rapidly enough, for all that you view within your good and bad also falls into the area of measurement in time and quantity. Therefore, you place judgments upon your ability to be assimilating information quickly or not quickly enough, [and] in amounts of information, that they are too small or too large.

(Intently) Let me also express to you, Candace, to be – once again – FOCUSING UPON SELF, and I shall express this to Mikah also, and to every other individual. Concern yourself NOT with other individuals’ creations or opinions or thoughts or experiences or their evaluations upon your creation of your reality, but concern yourself with your own expression of your creation of your reality, and in this, all else shall follow. Your acceptance of other individuals shall follow, your letting go of your issues shall follow, your acceptance of aspects of belief systems and the judgments that are so very affecting within them shall follow ... ALL other actions are natural byproducts of your own acceptance of self and your own trust of self, that you are creating perfectly within your intent within your focus, and it matters not the evaluation of any other individual. They may also be concerning themselves with their reality and not yours!

It is not their responsibility to be creating your reality! It is not your responsibility to be creating their reality!

NICKY: And it really is an issue with most of us, isn’t it?

ELIAS: With you ALL.

NICKY: Yeah. Boy, I see that all the time. I mean, I’m realizing that about myself all the time, how quick I am to run and jump into somebody else’s shoes and not minding my own business, you know?

ELIAS: But acknowledge yourself in this, for you are noticing, and this is the point. If you are not noticing, you may not be allowing yourself to be addressing to these situations and these aspects of belief systems, and you may not allow yourself to address to your own acceptance of self. Therefore, do not berate yourself for what you are not accomplishing. Do not berate yourself for your expression of noticing your automatic behavior. Be acknowledging of yourself that you ARE accomplishing, for you ARE noticing. Were you NOT noticing, you would not be creating movement, but you ARE noticing and you ARE creating of your movement, for you are addressing to the aspects of your own belief systems and your own issues, for you are noticing and you are offering yourself the opportunity to alter your behavior.

NICKY: Okay, I see that. Now, speaking of behavior, when we went over to visit Joanne and Paul, I experienced something a couple of times, and the two times that I’ve talked with her over the phone, there’s been the same experience. We’ve been talking about the movie “Courtesans” and courtesans in general, and how we had to have participated in that avenue, which started me thinking along the lines of how Joanne and I are connected, which Mylo had said a long time ago that he believed we were. So I’m looking towards the arena that we might have partaken in the – what would you call it? – the focus of being courtesans. Was that together, and what is it that I experience with her? There’s a tenderness. I wanted to cry when I walked into their house, and it’s not because the house was familiar. They had just moved there! It was just the general feeling of a connection, and not knowing where the connection was.

ELIAS: Let me express to you that you have shared other focuses together. This one that you single out particularly, you have not engaged together. But let me also express to you that many times you shall be experiencing certain affectingnesses emotionally in encounters with other individuals that are not necessarily an indication or a recognition of your participation in other focuses.

Now; this experience that you speak of and address to presently in conjunction with this individual is not a bleed-through of another focus and is not a recognition of connectedness with other focuses which may be shared, but this is a recognition within you, within THIS focus, of an identification of similar issues that you hold within this particular focus, similar energy expressions that you create within this particular focus, and a mirror action that you offer to each other.

Therefore, in viewing and interacting with this other individual, what you experience in feeling is a mirroring to yourself of that which you know of yourself. Underlyingly, [you] recognize how you may be accepting and expressing compassionately to this individual – who holds very similar expressions in energy as do you and holds very similar issues in this focus as do you – but you would not afford yourself the same acceptance.

NICKY: Oh my goodness!

ELIAS: And in this, there is a recognition of compassion, and you experience this feeling of nurturing and of connectedness and of acceptance of this individual, to the point that you shall feel that you would be expressive of the emotions in sobbing, and THIS is the mirror action that you are viewing – not within other focuses, but within THIS focus and THIS now – recognizing that you do not offer this same expression to yourself.

NICKY: Oh my gosh. I know, ‘cause it’s a real deep feeling, you know, and that’s why I connected it with the recognition, but what you’re saying now is even more overwhelming. I could cry again!

ELIAS: And look to this experience quite seriously, for I express to you that yourself is in actuality feeling this neglect of self, which is offered so very freely to other individuals, and is weeping within that you may not afford yourself the same gentleness. (Pause)

NICKY: Oh boy. So actually ... oh my goodness. Therefore, I guess that the interaction between the two of us would be beneficial.

ELIAS: Quite, for you offer yourselves each this mirroring of what you hold within yourselves. This is quite efficient many times within physical focus.

You are much more willing to be viewing other individuals and what they are creating. You are much more willing to be examining the actions of other individuals and identifying the issues that other individuals hold and to be offering advice, opinions, helpfulness, energy to other individuals to be addressing to the issues that THEY hold. ALL of you are quite adept at looking to outside and looking to another individual and allowing yourselves to view the issues and the belief systems that THEY hold. You are not quite so willing to look to self and identify the very same issues and the very same belief systems! Therefore, you offer yourselves the opportunity to view these issues and belief systems and conflicts by presenting yourself with interaction of another individual that shall mirror to you what YOU wish to be addressing within yourself.

Therefore, as you view the compassion that you would be extending to another individual – for you may recognize the areas within that individual that are reaching for that expression – you offer yourself the opportunity to view this mirror action and offer this expression to YOURSELF.

NICKY: Boy oh boy. That is just really overwhelming. It’s really actually very touching.

ELIAS: Be remembering, Candace, you are a glorious being! You are a wondrous creature, and why shall you not express this to yourself as willingly and as acceptingly as you shall express this to another individual?

NICKY: Oh boy. I guess there’s more to take a look at, huh?

ELIAS: And you may begin by accepting my expression of acceptance of your wondrousness and your gloriousness, and in this, you may offer yourself the same acceptance.

NICKY: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. You are not quite the distressed, hideously ugly little creature that you view yourself to be! View yourself to be as beauteous as a wondrous butterfly! You are equally as colorful and equally as aesthetically pleasing, and you offer MUCH to yourself and to other individuals if you merely allow yourself to be accepting of what you may be offering to yourself. (Pause)

NICKY: (Emotionally) Thank you.

ELIAS: (Affectionately) You are welcome.

NICKY: Mikah had a question at that same time period, of that night we were there. As we were talking and sharing and things like that, he was very aware of a presence that he felt sitting in the chair – sitting, standing, or something, but it was in the chair – and he was wondering what he was experiencing at that time.

ELIAS: And this presence would be none other than that essence to which you speak presently. (Smiling)

NICKY: That’s what I thought! I love it! And there again too, I can assume or take it for granted – whatever phrase – that in that way, the attentiveness that I’ve been picking up is also you.

ELIAS: Quite!

You may offer to Mikah also the acknowledgment of this noticing of presence, for he has offered expressions to myself many times that I am not offering him objective imagery or the knowing of objective presence, and I have expressed to him many times, he is merely not noticing, but this is not to say that I am not present and that he may not notice if he is allowing himself to be paying attention!

NICKY: Okay! I love that playful attitude he’s got! (Laughing)

Okay, there’s been something that’s caught my attention in another realm, which be the animal realm. I’ve taken note of it, whether it be on the news, or my daughter mentioned it once, or whoever is talking about it, about the animals, even a news program last night with veterinarians talking about giving their animals Prozac (Elias grins) and redoing adult behavior so that dogs and cats and animals respond differently, what animals are attacking children and people, and things like that. I’ve taken note of it. What is going on?

ELIAS: (Smiling) And would this not be a very creative expression within your creatures, in their mirroring of your own creations and your own behaviors?

And as I have expressed previously, your creatures ARE in agreement with you and SHALL BE expressing within their creations and their behaviors mirror actions to yourselves, and they shall be creating very similar situations as YOU create.

They mirror your issues and your belief systems and are quite responsive to your energy, individually and en masse. As YOU move in the direction of focusing your attentions more severely in the areas of your psychology and placing more emphasis of your attention in this direction, you also are creating an affectingness within your creatures, and they shall be creating of behaviors in this direction. As YOU narrow your acceptance en masse of what you term to be “normal behavior” – within the parameters of your psychology and what is acceptable as “good” behavior – you also place this judgment upon your creatures, and they shall mirror back to you the very behaviors, the very issues, the very energy that you project outward with them.

NICKY: Interesting! I got a hint of that when I was watching the program. I was just half-listening to it, and I thought, “Oh my God! It’s not the animals at all! They’re interpreting and they’re acting out what we are thinking!”

ELIAS: Quite!

NICKY: Yeah! And I thought, “Oh! My, my, my, my, my! I must make note of this!” It gives you a real bird’s-eye view of how up in arms things could really get, huh?

ELIAS: And be noticing, I have been expressing from the onset of this present year that many elements shall be occurring in this particular year. You have lent much energy to disturbance within this particular time framework. Therefore, you may look to what you are creating en masse in this time framework – less acceptance of deviation from what you identify as the norm, more fearfulness, more of your interaction with other elements of your creations, your creatures, your weather, your atmospheric conditions, your involvement with what you term to be nature ... your very planet responds to the energy that you project and that YOU are creating en masse collectively with each other.

NICKY: Yeah. We touched on that briefly Friday night, about just that idea, that if indeed this is what happens, then we’re viewing everything we put out there go to work!

ELIAS: Look to your weather conditions, and look to the expression of so very many multiple whirlwinds that are occurring presently and have been occurring within this particular year. Already you are creating of many of your whirlwinds that you term to be tornadoes, which are creating of great disturbances.

You are already, within this very small time framework of this particular year, creating quite dramatic affectingnesses! You are quite expressive of fearful elements – panic, distrust, questioning, worry, whirlwinds of emotion and conflict in interaction with each other – which your very weather and atmosphere mirrors.

You express to me in this questioning of creatures that move in the direction of what you term to be attacking of individuals. Look to yourselves! What are you creating within your interaction with each other?

NICKY: Really! Attacking each other! Exactly! Going for the throat! Trying to defend one’s position! I mean, there’s so much! And that’s when it came to me last night, after watching the program. I thought, “Oh my goodness gracious me! What a view! What a view of what we’re doing to each other and ourselves!”

ELIAS: You are defensive with yourselves, for you are not trusting of yourselves, and as you are not trusting of yourselves, you are not trusting of each other, and you are creating much conflict, and in this, you continue to be creating of conflict, and your whole of your reality in your world reflects this!

NICKY: Oh my goodness.

ELIAS: I have offered warning of this already, and have expressed to individuals within these sessions that this particular year holds great energy. It is your choice in which direction you choose to be moving with this energy. This is the final year of your century and of your millennium, and much energy for much time framework has been lent to this time framework, and in this, you have much to draw from in energy and much to manipulate.

In these expressions, you may be creating a reality of fear or you may be creating a reality of trust. Either direction that you are choosing, you shall be lent much energy to the accomplishment of it.

NICKY: Okay, might this be related to ... periodically I have ... you know, when you become aware of certain things and you notice certain things, I say to myself, “Oh boy. You know what? I don’t want to do this traumatic routine again. I don’t want to go there. I don’t want to participate in it.” And then I had to realize the fearfulness that I myself was holding.

ELIAS: Quite, and I express to you, if you are not choosing to be participating within drama or conflict, you hold the choice to not be participating. This is your choice, and it matters not the direction of other individuals, and if you are focusing upon yourself, you may be choosing no conflict.

As I have expressed, you hold the choice within this now to be offered EASE in your choices. You are being offered the lending of energy that has been expressed for centuries that you may draw upon NOW, and in this, you may be engaging this energy to effortlessly be creating tremendous conflict and fear, or you may be accessing this energy to be effortlessly creating acceptance and trust.

NICKY: That is my desire. That IS my desire! That is where my objective mind goes to, and then I find myself within my whirlwind and I say, “Okay, how do I do this? How do I get there? How do I, how do I, how do I?” And the more I ask how, the more I hear you say, “Address yourself.”

ELIAS: Quite, and I shall revert us to our beginnings of this forum once again, and we shall reincorporate our no conflict exercise, and I shall express to you as I have expressed to other individuals recently: As you are experiencing conflict and you are wishing not to be experiencing conflict, draw your attention objectively to the elements that create conflict within you, and OBJECTIVELY CHOOSE not to continue. OBJECTIVELY CHOOSE no conflict.

NICKY: Objectively choose no conflict.

ELIAS: This is quite simple. It requires none of your psychology. It merely requires your attention in noticing your own conflict, which you may be accomplishing quite efficiently objectively.

You hold an awareness of your conflict! You hold an identification of your conflict as you engage conflict within each experience. This is not a mystery to you!

Therefore, identify and notice your conflict within the now objectively, and merely express the questioning to yourself, “What shall you present to yourself that shall eliminate your conflict within the now?” And in that question, offer yourself your response of what shall be offering you no conflict, which is also not hidden from you and not a mystery! You shall offer yourself an answer to this question quite quickly.

You ALL KNOW OBJECTIVELY what is a conflict and what presents as no conflict. You merely confuse yourselves and create more conflict by not choosing the no conflict scenario.

NICKY: Okay, I’ve got a question for you then. Say objectively, a situation calls for, “This is the end of the conflict situation; I’m going home now.” without any thought to the result of it, to the byproduct of what’s going to happen as a result of your action. It’s just a matter of, “Okay, this is it; I stop.”? (Great question!)

ELIAS: Correct. This is your acceptance of self WITHOUT judgment. It is purely an expression of acceptance of self without placing a judgment upon your action and without the necessity for justification of your choice, for justification is merely another expression of a judgment upon yourself.

You must be justifying. Therefore, it shall be acceptable. No! I express to you that your choice is your choice. It is merely that.

NICKY: Oh my. Oh my! So very interesting! So even within myself, I notice that there are times when I go to what I call defending myself. I’ll say to Michael, “Well, why do I have to defend myself? This is it, period.” So, my tendency to want to go to defending myself is easing. It’s not as quickly there anymore, but yet, it is something that I still entertain, because I look at the result of my comment or to the finale to something. So, I don’t even have to go there, do I?

ELIAS: No, for your defense of yourself is the reinforcement of your lack of acceptance of self. Your choice to be ending or not participating within conflict is your expression of your acceptance of self. “I choose not to be participating within conflict. I need not justify my choice, for it is merely a choice, and there is no judgment placed upon my choice. It is what it is. It is my choice, and this is acceptable.”

NICKY: So it gives one an opportunity again, within that moment of decision, to view where our tendencies are to judge ourselves!

ELIAS: Quite, and in this, notice how efficient your acceptance of self is presented within this no conflict game or exercise, for you place no judgment upon yourself in your expression of no conflict.

It merely is a choice, and it is acceptable, and the reason that the choice is acceptable is that YOU are acceptable. (What a concept!)

NICKY: Okay. My tendency is that after something, I will go ... I can make a statement sometimes. I can say, “Okay, this is it. I’m done. I choose not to carry on this conversation. It’s starting to aggravate me.” And I will stop. But then I go within myself and I take a look at all the issues and all the thoughts that led me up to the point of starting to question myself after I made the statement. I get to see some of the thoughts anyway – or the issues or whatever you want to call them – of what brings me there, and it seems to be helpful in that process. Eventually, will I be able to eliminate the process? I mean, is the process just such a normal thing for me, or here in this dimension, that it seems like that’s what you go through every time you think of something?

ELIAS: The process is the method that you all present to yourselves, but I shall also express to you that the more that you practice with this noticing and with this acceptance of self and your no conflict exercise, the more you begin to be genuinely accepting and trusting of yourself and the more automatic this expression becomes, and if you are continuing in this direction, eventually you shall be expressing trust and acceptance of self as automatically as you now express doubt of self and lack of acceptance of self.

NICKY: I see. Okay, that makes sense to me.

I have one last question which just came into my mind of wanting to ask, but I didn’t write it down. Present probabilities: in this present moment, what are the probabilities that I will be moving from this location? I’m starting to pick up again a movement, and I’ve been more or less hearing – more so that it’s movement in energy – that it is movement physically. But a couple of issues have come to pass where I’m thinking, “Okay. Well, maybe I will move. I just don’t know where it is yet.” And I’ve let it go at that. But from this present moment, what are the probabilities that I would be physically moving, and/or am I just picking up a movement?

ELIAS: I shall express to you that within the probabilities that you are creating presently, you are engaging both. You are creating the probabilities and the action of movement within consciousness and within your own widening and within addressing to your own belief systems and issues, which you are experiencing a feeling or a sensing of this movement already, for you are already accomplishing in this area. You are also presently creating a probability – or a line of probabilities – that move in the direction of physical movement also.

Now; as always, I express to you that this is a probability and therefore is not fixed or absolute, but you are creating a line of probabilities presently that engages that type of action also, with actual physical relocation, so to speak.

NICKY: Yeah. I do pick that up every once in a while, and I say to myself, “I don’t want to have to move again.” Sometimes I get so tired of moving, and this has been the longest place in a while that I’ve been, with the exception of the one previous, and then that’s when it came to me. Like I said, that’s when it came to me, and I thought, “Okay, I’m just picking up movement.” And then I thought, “Well, maybe I’m connecting with someone who is physically moving.” And then I thought, “Okay, the other thing is that I might be physically moving.” And just the thought of it makes me think, “Oh gosh. No, I don’t want to do that.” But I didn’t know if I was blocking something for myself or not, and therefore, the question.

ELIAS: I am quite understanding. (Grinning)

NICKY: I am so glad you are! Thank you so much.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

NICKY: Thank you so very much, from the pits of my being!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) And I continue to be encouraging of you in your present movement, and acknowledging of you in your noticing.

And I express to you, be remembering that you may be offering this acceptance to yourself as efficiently as I may be offering it to you!

NICKY: Thank you.

ELIAS: To you this day I offer much lovingness, and express to you, adieu.

NICKY: Adieu.

Elias departs at 4:25 PM.

Vic’s note: This session really affected me, especially the part about choosing one’s least conflict scenario regardless of what one perceives as “future consequences.” I recently presented myself with a small example of this in which I played the no conflict game, made a decision, and then started to worry about what might happen as a result of my choice. I guess that’s not being in the now, eh?

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