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Wednesday, August 25, 1999

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“The Language of Perception”

“Will Elias Dictate Books?”

“In Reality, It Matters Not!”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Paul (Caroll).

Elias arrives at 2:17 PM. (Arrival time is 23 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

PAUL: Good morning, old friend! (Elias chuckles) Our conversation continues!

ELIAS: And which direction are you moving into this day?

PAUL: As you know, there are many directions I’m playing with today. I guess we’ll start with where we last left our hero when we talked four weeks ago. We were talking about orientation in regard to Joanne and myself, and some of our many differences and some of the things we’ve been exploring, so that’s where I’d like to begin today.

ELIAS: Very well.

PAUL: I guess the first question I have is, Joanne had a session two weeks ago that didn’t get recorded, and also the last fifteen minutes of our session from four weeks ago was not recorded on the tape, and I’m curious, and so is Joanne, as to why we created not having that recorded. (1)

ELIAS: This presents an interesting question, not merely for yourselves but for other individuals also, for within physical focus, many individuals move in the direction of attributing these types of actions to energy that may be interfering with your equipment which may be projected by myself, and this is not what has been created.

I express to you, as you are aware, YOU have interjected energy which has affected this recording, so to speak, of these interactions.

Let me explain to you that within certain moments, each of you holds an energy expression that becomes quite intense, and in this, as I have expressed to Tyl, what you are creating is a type of shield or an expression of what you may term to be protection.

There are areas within each of you that you each view to be quite vulnerable, and this you do not view as a positive aspect, but an aspect of yourselves and your energy that is requiring of your protection from all other individuals.

Therefore, within our engagement of the three of us, within the final expressions of that particular session, a tenseness was arising. I had engaged each of you and had begun addressing to Tyl, and this was creating a rising within her of energy in an uncomfortableness and a tension. This is not always immediately recognized objectively, but it is automatically engaged, and as Tyl engaged a rising of tension within her energy field, you also, in response, began a rising within your energy field of tension – not to the degree that she was expressing, but it was a responsiveness that you were creating in a recognition of her energy and your compliance with that energy – and in this action, you lent energy to each other in this expression of withdrawing and creating this energy shield.

Now; although you may look to certain actions within physical focus as amazing expressions, I express to you that you create these types of actions and responses in energy quite naturally and quite easily and with no thought process. This is an automatic action that you have developed within yourselves, and you may be very affecting of many different elements of your reality which surrounds you objectively.

In this, you may recognize that the energy movement of this type of equipment is involving electrical impulses. Within physical focus, you as individuals are quite adept at manipulating electrical impulses. You need not even hold a thought process as to the direction of this type of energy. You yourselves incorporate much electrical activity and may be interfering with your electrical equipment quite easily.

In this, as you were responding to her energy and as she was responding in shielding, there was created a block. In a manner of speaking, without a projection of verbalization, the communication was offered, “Stop. Enough. I wish not to be sharing any longer.” The communication was projected to myself, “Tread carefully, Elias.”

I am receiving of this in the expression that it is offered, and as you shall be remembering, I offered comforting in this area, and also expressed to Tyl the allowance to be engaging interaction between herself and myself as she felt a readiness, without an expectation of any time framework, merely acknowledging to her the energy that she has already been projecting to myself in the desire for this interaction. The desire is great, but the fear is great also.

In this, as we engaged in objective interaction, she also projected her energy in this shield to be creating of a situation that she views to be protected and allowing her the element of safety within her belief systems, that she may allow herself to be open and expressing vulnerability with myself, but this shall be an exclusive interaction and not incorporating any other individual physically.

Now; I may express to you that within the engagement of this interaction presently, you also project a similar type of energy which is already affecting and creating interference within electrical impulses, which you shall notice. Once you are objectively receiving the transmission of this session, you shall hold the remembrance that your interaction with Michael did not hold the interference that it encounters presently. (Chuckling) (2)

PAUL: Yeah, I was observing the signal or noise on the telephone line as you were delivering this information about interference and noticing that, and thank you for that.

I guess what I wanted to say next is that oftentimes when I think of my interaction with you, whether it’s privately – and there is no private within essence, recognizing that – or in a group, I often realize that I’m really, in one sense, addressing to the mirror of self, as I think of it, and that you mirror back to me other aspects of myself that I don’t normally have access to in my objective state. And so, given that, I just wanted to take the time today to at least attempt to address to some of these difficult issues that I have in the area of relationship or whatever, and at least open the door to discuss with you some of that, and whatever you have to say next will be just fine.

ELIAS: Very well. You may continue, and I shall allow you to direct this interaction in the areas that you hold concern.

PAUL: Well, as I said earlier, when we last left our hero four weeks ago, we were talking about differences, and one of the things that struck me is that I do appreciate diversity and differences, and for example, Joanne and I hold different orientations and intents and things like that, and I guess as a result, sometimes there is conflict that comes up from that. I guess we had a concern when the new information on orientation was coming out – to the extent of conflict between individuals holding different orientations or language of perception – that was basically, “Oh shit! We’re in big trouble here!” And it sort of amplified, and we started to focus on differences rather than similarities, and I know that that’s one area that we’ve been looking at ... well, I’ve been looking at from my own perspective, and I’m just wondering, in a sense ... I know you often say that we draw experiences to ourselves for our own noticing and addressing to issues and we’re in the midst of this wave of sexuality and dealing with those issues, and obviously Joanne and I have been dealing with those issues ourselves, and ... I’m not quite sure what question I’m forming. The tendency is to say, “Why am I doing this?” and yet I do have a sense, and my good friend and neighbor Vicki was very helpful, and even Mary, earlier today, talking about these kinds of creations and relationships and so forth. So I’m not sure what my next question is, so I’ll leave it up to you for the next one. (3)

ELIAS: Let me express to you initially, the reason that I am addressing to you and expressing to you that you choose a direction is for this very expression that you have offered. I hold an understanding that you hold questions, but you are also not allowing yourself to view what your own questions are.

In this, let me express to you, Caroll, you evaluate many different expressions. You watch interactions with different individuals – you watch the interaction that may be created between yourself and your partner – and you evaluate what is being presented within them; within your partner, within individuals that you identify as friends, within the expressions of all different individuals. You move in a direction of evaluating and assessing and attempting to be offering yourself an understanding of their perceptions and their movements and their creations, but in this direction of attention that you have created, you do not always offer yourself the attention to self in the same manner, evaluating what YOU are choosing, what direction YOU are moving in, what questions YOU hold, what is confusing to YOU.

You allow this to surface partially, but many times you merely allow this as a partial expression. You shall allow the feeling; you shall allow the emotion to rise and to be creating a questioning direction, so to speak, but you do not necessarily formulate an identification within your thought process of WHAT you are questioning, and in this, you continue within your confusion and frustration.

Now; I have moved in the direction with other individuals periodically, in a manner of speaking, of expressing to them to be formulating a question, and I have also expressed an explanation as I inquire of them what they wish to be addressing to, and I have expressed that the reason that I address them in this manner is that they shall understand their own question, that they shall offer themselves more of a directedness in their own thought process.

You move in an automatic direction throughout much of your focus to be translating all that you input – within yourself, within YOUR reality – into an evaluation of thought processes. Be it a physical interaction, an emotional expression – it matters not – you shall create a translation into a thought process to be evaluating of what you are creating and what you are encountering and what you are engaging.

In relation to other individuals, you accomplish this quite efficiently in attempting to be assessing their direction, their creations, their attention, their perception. As you interact with them, your attention moves more in the direction of assessing their creations than assessing your creations, assessing and evaluating their perception more than you are allowing your attention to move to your perception.

This be the reason that you objectively do not formulate a specific direction with your questioning, and you move the responsibility of the questioning, or the offering of answers or responses, to myself. You also create this type of action in your interactions with other individuals. You create this type of action with your partner. You listen, you evaluate her perception, and you shift the responsibility of the interaction to her, and in this, you quite efficiently create an evaluation within yourself that this is quite good, for you are allowing yourself an openness to be receiving information. This is a creation of deluding yourself, for you may be expressing to yourself how efficient you are creating and how very good you are expressing yourself in offering an openness to be receiving information from your partner or from another individual or even from myself, but you are not offering information of yourself.

Now; as you are aware, it is in actuality unnecessary for you to be offering myself information as to your direction. I know which direction you are moving in, and I hold an awareness of the difficulties that you are NOT addressing to. (Chuckling) I hold an awareness of the confusions that you are not allowing yourself to identify, but the point is that YOU allow yourself to view what you are confusing yourself with.

Now; in this, I have expressed previously that within acceptance in your movement within physical focus, the process that you have chosen to be incorporating – not merely you, but ALL of you as individuals within this physical dimension – is to be initially noticing – these are your steps that you engage – and once you are noticing, then you allow yourself to move into the step of recognizing and identifying, and once you have allowed yourself to be recognizing and identifying, then you move into your next step of addressing to, and subsequent to your addressing to, you begin acceptance.

Now; you have allowed yourself the noticing, for you engage quite obvious objective conflicts and confusions. Therefore, you may express to yourself that you shall be noticing regardless, and that you have created interactions that are so very obvious objectively that unless you are engaging your action of subjective motion of coma, (Paul laughs) you shall hold a noticing and an awareness of what is being created within your interactions of your relationships. Be they intimate relationships or not intimate relationships, you hold an awareness of the noticing of conflicts and confusions that are created within these.

Therefore, you have engaged your first step of your noticing. Now you have moved into your second step, but you create many obstacles in this second step, and let me express to you that this second step is the most difficult step for ALL of you within physical focus – the recognition and the identification of what you are noticing.

This is an unfamiliar area. It is also uncomfortable, and in this, there is a tremendous allowance for duplicity, and therefore you do not hold a tremendous willingness to be moving into the recognition and identification. In some of these areas you hold a recognition, but you are not entirely identifying, and this is the area that you do not allow yourself to clearly identify to yourself where your confusion and where your conflict lies. In concept and in theory, you may offer this to other individuals, but within self, you retreat and you express to yourself that there is much more ease in identifying situations and creations within other individuals than you shall afford to yourself.

This be the reason that you approach me and you do not formulate a question. I engage addressing to this specifically, for this holds importance. You may not be addressing to your beliefs and your creations and your interactions if you are not allowing yourself to be identifying what they are.

Many individuals may be noticing of many actions within their physical focus, but if they are not identifying what these actions are – how they are being created, why they are being created, what is being created – if they are not identifying these areas, they shall remain in the step of merely noticing and they shall not be addressing to the issues that they hold, and I shall express to you quite realistically, many individuals remain within the step of noticing and do not allow themselves to move into the step of addressing to, for they shall not enter the area of identification, for in this is the presentment of YOUR responsibility, and this is the most uncomfortable area for individuals within physical focus – the recognition that it is not what another individual is creating or how they are expressing themselves or how they are engaging you, but how you are receiving and your responsibility in what YOU are creating. THIS is the identification and THIS is the difficult area.

I express to you quite bluntly, it matters not what any other individual is creating within your physical focus. What shall matter is how you receive it. Any other individual may be creating of any expression within your physical dimension, and you may be engaged with them and you may be interactive with them, and they may be projecting energy in any manner that they are so choosing within your physical focus, and it matters not. What shall be the determining factor is how YOU choose to be receiving and how YOU incorporate that energy, and recognizing – key words! recognizing, identifying – recognizing that you hold choices, that you are not victim, that you are not dictated to, that other individuals do not choose for you; that YOU create your choices, that YOU create your responses, YOU create your reactions, YOU create your thought process, YOU create your emotional expressions. ALL of your physical reality is created by you and no other individual.

Other individuals may be expressing to you and may be projecting energy to you, but you ALWAYS hold the choice of how you shall be receiving that energy and what you shall be incorporating with that energy, for you hold choices in every situation, in every encounter, in every action, in every event, in every interaction. You choose how you shall be responding, or if you shall be responding, or when you shall be responding, and why you shall be responding.

THIS is the direction that I shall offer to you this day to be engaging your thought process in, for you have developed quite keenly your process of evaluation through thought. Therefore, direct your thought process to self and to this concept – that regardless of another individual’s perception, of their reality, of their interaction, of their projection, you always hold choices, and you may be creating the choices that YOU wish to be creating regardless of their expression.

I have offered an example recently to another individual that I shall offer to you also, in a slightly different direction.

You may be engaging your interaction with your partner. It matters not that you hold different orientations. It matters not that you speak different languages. It matters not that your perceptions may be very different within this particular focus. You hold choices in this area. I shall express to you also that there are no judgments upon those choices. They are merely choices. If you choose to be continuing within relationship with an individual that holds a different orientation from yourself, you may be accomplishing in this area. I express quite realistically to you that you shall engage difficulties which are obvious to you within physical focus.

If you choose to be incorporating a second physical language in addition to your native language, in your terms, you shall initially incorporate difficulties, for you need be altering your thought process and your perception to be incorporating the differences of the language and to be creating a translation. This is not to say that within your very physical terms, you may not master this second language, but initially you shall incorporate difficulties, and it is your choice as to how temporary these difficulties shall be expressed. You may be encountering difficulties for a very small time framework – a month, several months – or you may incorporate difficulties in your attempts to be mastering this second language for years, in your time framework. This is your choice, and your choice is motivated by your desire.

In this, the engagement of differences within orientation is no different. It is the incorporation of differences within perceptions and language, and I am not expressing to you that you may not master this also, but be aware of your motivation ... and we return to you.

Be aware, within your recognition and your identification of your motivation and what YOU are choosing, [of] the direction that you are moving yourself into, and why.

I express to you that if you or any other individual is moving in the direction of incorporating this other language of perception – of a different orientation – to be expressing to yourself your own accomplishment and an acknowledgment to yourself of your nobility, then I shall express to you that you within probabilities very likely shall not accomplish and shall merely encounter and incorporate more and more conflict, for you are approaching the interaction within the direction of conquest, and in this, you approach in the direction of conquering, and this motivation shall not offer you the understanding that you require to be efficiently moving in the direction of this other language. But if you are approaching this interaction from the motivation of curiosity, exploration, and a desire to be accepting, in this situation your motivation and your desire shall move you into a genuine expression of less conflict and of understanding, and you shall allow yourself to be accomplishing in this area.

Many individuals do not choose to be incorporating the energy to be learning this other language. There is also no judgment in this choice, for you create many, many focuses within this dimension, and therefore you also choose to be incorporating many interactions and many different types of relationships throughout your focuses.

Therefore, it matters not if you are choosing to be incorporating any particular type of relationship within any given focus. This is entirely your choice, but how shall you be creating a choice in this area efficiently, objectively if you are not offering yourself information as to what you desire? If you are not recognizing and identifying what your motivation is [and] which direction you are incorporating, what you shall be creating is confusion, for you are not allowing yourself to be recognizing and identifying.

Therefore, once again, I instruct you, in your direction, to be allowing yourself to direct your attention to your recognition and identification of what you are engaging and why you are engaging and what you are creating; what your confusion is created from, why you are engaging the direction that you are engaging in YOUR choices, not in the choices of other individuals. In this, let me express to you this example.

Another individual ... let us express it be your partner Tyl. In our hypothetical scenario, she may be engaging you objectively. You may engage discussion and she may be projecting energy to you, and in her expressions objectively to you, she may be projecting energy of a lack of understanding, of confusion, of irritation, of frustration, and a lack of acceptance.

Shall this matter? How shall you be responsive to this?

Hypothetically in our scenario, we may express that you may receive this energy which is projected and you may offer no response, and you may express to yourself that you are being accepting of difference and accepting of her perception, although your perception differs, and you shall allow yourself quietness.

Are you genuinely accepting, or are you merely expressing quietness?

For you do not hold agreement, and therefore you also do not hold understanding of her expression, and in this, I am not expressing to you that you need be holding agreement! You may be quite comfortably acknowledging difference without response, without comparison, and without reaction within you.

Now; as to the choice of how you shall be receiving, you may in this same scenario not be receiving in silence. You may choose to be engaging interaction and offering your perception and your opinion of the situations. In this expression, there is no judgment also, for there is no wrong in your expression of your perception.

But what be your motivation? Shall you be expressing the difference merely to be offering the difference and continuing to be accepting of the difference within her perception, or shall you be offering the difference within your perception to be convincing or to be swaying?

We three have spoken of this very action, for you both engage this action with each other, and in this, I expressed to you each, incorporate what I am offering you in information, but do not move in the direction of attempting to be swaying each other to your individual perceptions of what I offer to you, for I hold the awareness, as do you, that you each hear what I offer to you quite differently. Each of your perceptions within the very same words are very different, and in this, I am encouraging of you to be accepting of those differences and not to be moving yourselves into the expression of overriding each other’s differences with your individual perceptions.

You are correct; you have drawn yourself into this situation quite purposefully and within a time framework that is quite purposeful. You each have chosen to be moving into a direction of widening your awarenesses individually and in cooperation with each other, and in this, you offer yourselves the challenge of incorporating this acceptance with each other, that you may ALSO extend this outwardly to other individuals. I express to you, in like manner to Tyl, you each move in the direction of expressing to yourselves that you are very accepting of the differences of other individuals, and I shall express to you quite explicitly, no, you are not.

It is comfortable to hold a thought process that you are good and kind individuals, and the expression of this is to be accepting of differences within other individuals, but you are accepting of other individuals and their perceptions if they are not directly interactive with you. But once they are – in your perception – directly affecting of you, this creates an entirely different game and an entirely different scenario, and you shall not be quite so willing to be accepting in these situations.

Now; I am not expressing to you that you are not good and kind individuals, for within the guidelines of your physical focus, you may identify yourselves both as expressing in this manner. It matters not. IN REALITY, IT MATTERS NOT. What holds importance is how you shall be interactive with self, how you shall be receiving energy, and how you shall be translating in your receiving of energy and your recognition that you hold choices. There are no absolutes!

Be remembering of our projection and allowance and buffer exercise. Note the tone within the group interaction that I incorporated with these individuals in my expression of projection. Many individuals perceived that tone and that expression as offensive and intrusive; fearful. It was merely a projection of energy incorporating a specific tone with the intention of invoking a specific response.

Transcripts: find out more about the allowance, penetration, buffer exercise in session 302, July 26, 1998.

But be remembering what I am expressing to you presently, and what I was expressing to all of those individuals and to all of you in that example is that you hold choices in how you shall receive it.

It matters not that I may be – or any individual within physical focus may be – projecting energy in what you perceive to be offensive or irritating or frustrating or hurtful. This may be the intention of the individual projecting, but you need not receive that energy in that manner if you are not choosing to be, and you DO hold the choice. An individual may approach you and may physically assault you, and you hold the choice of how you shall receive this and how you shall CHOOSE to interpret this within your perception, and your perception is very influenced by your belief systems and your experiences and your issues.

This be the reason that there is great importance to turn your attention to self and to be recognizing and identifying what YOU are engaging, what YOU hold within your beliefs, what YOU are responsive to ... and why are you responsive in these manners? For you are influenced by certain beliefs and issues that you hold within YOU.

It matters not how another individual or what another individual shall project to you. You always hold the choice of how you shall receive it. (Pause)

It matters not that you thwart the intention of the other individual, and it matters not that you do not receive it within the expectation of the other individual in how you shall be receiving it. (Pause)

The point is to be focusing upon self and your motivations, your belief systems, your issues, your shrines, your triggers, your thought processes, your emotions, your perception; what you choose to be incorporating and what you choose not to be incorporating, what you choose to be allowing in influence and what you choose not to be allowing in influence, and always remembering that you create your reality. It is not dictated to you by any other individual or circumstance or action, within ALL of your reality.

Are you understanding?

PAUL: That was awesome! Yeah, you’ve given me a lot to think about, and I really appreciate you providing this information for me. It’s been a few minutes that you’ve been talking, and I’ve taken some notes and I do have a couple of questions that I’d like to ask about that, but I just want to say that it’s extremely helpful and provides clarity for what I’m dealing with in this situation, so a heartfelt thank you! (4)

ELIAS: And let me express to you one element that you may be noticing within this very now. Notice your energy. Notice your relaxation in your energy within this very now, and how you have altered the expression of energy and how you have allowed an acceptance of an allowance of input, and you are no longer interfering within this very now within electrical impulses.

PAUL: You must be psychic, Elias! I was going to ask you about that because I’ve observed for the last fifteen or twenty minutes how the interference has changed and it reflected my state, and I’ve actually been lending energy on my part to reducing that interference. (5)

I do have a question referring back to some of your comments you were making about noticing and recognizing and identifying, and it’s very ... well, it’s clearer. It’s more clear to me that in terms of my own personal relationship issues, that I’m in the second step of recognizing and identifying, and I just wanted to be clear, or more clear anyway, that coming out of that stage of the interaction ... is that when the addressing to begins? Once the beliefs are recognized and identified, then you can address to them?

ELIAS: Yes. You shall notice that as you are continuing to be recognizing and identifying, you shall also continue to be incorporating confusion and conflict, and as you move into your step of addressing to ... and this is NOT an action that necessarily incorporates a thought process or a concentration upon!

But you shall notice, in the action of addressing to these elements within your reality, your conflict and your confusion begins to lessen, and the more that you move into the addressing to, the more the conflict and the confusion dissipates, and as you move into acceptance of any aspect, you move into the genuine expression of it matters not.

PAUL: That’s very clear and helpful to me. I also have a sense that these three steps are not a linear process in terms of cause and effect, but in fact a simultaneous action. Each aspect of noticing, recognizing and identifying, addressing to, and then accepting are all happening in different layers and different parts because we’re addressing ... well, we’re dealing with so many different beliefs in these situations.

ELIAS: You are correct; you are addressing to many different aspects of belief systems simultaneously. Therefore, you may be engaging all of these steps, of which in actuality there are four, for as you incorporate the “it matters not,” you are moving into your step of acceptance.

In this, you ARE engaging all of these steps simultaneously within different layers as you address to different aspects of belief systems. You also, within ONE aspect of belief systems, are addressing to the incorporation of all of these steps simultaneously in different layers, but you are not necessarily actualizing them within your objective awareness simultaneously.

PAUL: And that’s clear. I just have a sense of different ... well, for example, I was talking to Vicki last night and using an example of saying, “There’s two hundred and fifty-seven beliefs that you’re dealing with in a situation that you’ve created, and perhaps you can notice or recognize and identify seven or eight in any particular instance, and how you DO move around that bird cage in different parts, in linear terms anyway, as you’re objectively processing the information.” It’s a struggle, obviously, at times, and there is confusion, as you’ve stated, and that is verified by my experience, but it is at least a clear framework for focusing on self and looking in my mirror of self at me and concentrating on myself, and so it was very helpful.

The other question I have in this area ... you refer to the nature of choices very often as you deliver your information, and I just wanted to mention how this is such a new and unfamiliar area for myself and so many of us too, realizing the tremendous power we hold potentially when we realize in the periphery that there are all of these choices we don’t recognize. I know Joanne and I in this situation have been exploring those things, and some of them are delightful and some of them are absolutely terrifying!

So I just wanted to state that, that it’s part of this challenge in this creation, learning that we hold a choice. We’re so used to not having the sense that we do hold a choice, that we are being dictated to in terms of government and family and businesses that we work for and so forth. So I’m curious what your comment would be on the shift that we’re experiencing, with realizing the power of choice and how scary that is for me.

ELIAS: And you are correct, and this is for ALL individuals, not merely yourself, for you are moving from the area of limitations into the area of freedoms. You are moving from the area of allowing yourselves to be dictated to into the area of choice, and these are very unfamiliar actions within your physical focus, and you DO automatically move in retreat into the familiar and you DO incorporate elements of fear and apprehensiveness in your viewing of choices.

You also incorporate much confusion, for you feel within you – you sense and you allow yourselves the movement into partial objective awareness – that you desire freedom, but you are very familiar with your confinement, and therefore, as you actualize and move into areas of expressions of more freedoms, you confuse yourselves and you do not objectively understand how to be manipulating those freedoms.

You view that you must be DOING some “thing” with your energy, with your productivity, with your time, with your creativity. You must be engaging continuously movement and action in productive manners and directing yourselves within this, and you incorporate great confusion for you are unaccustomed to directing yourselves in ANY area of your focus. You allow yourselves to be dictated to, and this offers you guidelines and directions.

And now you move into the area of freedom and directing yourselves and NOT incorporating being dictated to, and in this is created confusion, for what shall you be incorporating with this freedom? How shall you manipulate it? What shall you do with this freedom? You know not objectively, and therefore you incorporate confusion, and in this confusion you retreat once again to the familiar, for it is comfortable. You understand your limitations. You understand your obstacles. You understand being dictated to. You do not hold an objective understanding of freedom and creativity!

Within limitations and belief systems and dictations, you understand creativity – creativity is an artistic expression. Quite incorrect, but this is your identification. It is quite limited and very specifically directed, and this is what your officially accepted reality dictates to you within your belief systems, but there are FAR MANY MORE choices of expressions of creativity than merely artistic expressions!

This word of creativity is not defined merely by the incorporation of artistic expressions, but this is your identification and therefore your incorporation of limitations. If you do not objectively avail yourself of certain talents within your physical reality, you also confuse yourself, for you do not hold a definition for creativity.

This is why I offer information to you all, to open your awarenesses, that you may view that your definitions within your reality as dictated by your belief systems are very small, and much more of your reality awaits your engagement in incorporating all of your creativities, all of your awarenesses, all of your freedoms.

But I hold an awareness in our interactions that this also creates a tremendous element of fear, for it is very unfamiliar, and this be the reason that I am encouraging of you all to be acknowledging of self, to be allowing yourselves the incorporation of trust of self. Allow this as your beginning, that you may validate to yourselves initially, and this shall allow you to extend your foot into your pond and incorporate your new movement into more of your freedoms.

How shall you identify your own individual creativity if you do not identify you? How shall you actualize your own expression of freedom and creativity if you do not recognize and identify your own expressions, your own creations, your own directions, your own desires? This be the reason that I continue to be expressing to you all to be identifying, to be recognizing, to be incorporating information of self, for you shall not allow yourselves to incorporate your own freedoms if you do not know yourselves!

PAUL: I have another question, Elias. Would you say, at least in my and Joanne’s expression recently, that this would be an example – in your terms, your definition – of trauma of the shift?

ELIAS: I shall express to you that within your individual scenario [of] your creation together, and the incorporation of emotional affectingness and confusion that you experience individually and together, and [the] conflict that you experience individually within yourselves – for the conflict that rages within each of you is far greater than the conflict that you express to each other – in this, yes, I express that you are experiencing an element of trauma within the action of this shift. I have offered to you all the preparation that many of you shall incorporate this type of trauma.

I may also express to you that you do not incorporate the expression of trauma in extreme that some other individuals are incorporating, and I am not expressing in the terms that you view objectively en masse. I am not expressing of wars or disasters, in your terms. This is not the trauma that I refer to.

I am expressing individual trauma that is a turmoil and a raging conflict and confusion that is incorporated within the individual in their struggle with acceptance of self and the recognition of their reality and the vastness of it.

In part, yes, you each are incorporating an element of this within yourselves and you are experiencing your individual elements of trauma, and as these expressions are collectively experienced also, you may view the incorporation of mass events that incorporate trauma, but this all springs from the individual trauma which is being experienced.

In this, I offer to you much energy, much encouragement, and much acknowledgment, that you may be recognizing that this also is temporary and that you hold choices to be moving through this trauma and incorporating a new expression of joyfulness in a manner that you have not experienced within this focus yet, but shall be experienced in fullness and in intensity, and you hold the ability to be creating of this! It is merely a choice. (Pause)

PAUL: So presumably, there is a stage where this confusion reduces itself. I guess I have a question about these waves in consciousness that you refer to, and I have an impression. My sense of it is that this energy does bubble from within subjectively, from other regional areas, and we each are free to shape it and play with it as we will.

These waves are very powerful this year, as you’ve stated many times during 1999. I guess what I’m wondering is, what’s next in terms of waves? It seems that there’s several interleaved and interweaved together. It’s not just a single wave and it ends on Wednesday, and on Thursday the next wave starts. There’s overlapping, kind of like staring at an ocean and the waves on the water.

ELIAS: You are correct; they do incorporate this overlapping. Within this particular time framework, you are very much engaging this particular wave in energy addressing to this belief system of sexuality, and as I have expressed previously, there are many, many, many birds within this cage. There are many aspects of this belief system, and in this, you are experiencing many different types of affectingnesses within this wave. This is a very large belief system and incorporates elements of your reality that are base to your creation of your reality.

What I am expressing in this [is]: There are some belief systems that do not necessarily incorporate base elements of your reality. Therefore, as they may be engaged, you may not be incorporating as great of a time element as you may with some other belief systems. Some belief systems also may not necessarily appear to be affecting as intensely as other belief systems.

This particular belief system holds TREMENDOUS energy and is affecting of very base elements of your reality; your very perception is affected with this belief system and all of the aspects of it.

This particular belief system enters into ALL of your creations. Not all belief systems are affecting of ALL of your reality; this belief system IS. Therefore, there is much to be addressed to. There are many different aspects, and there are many different expressions of each of these aspects.

Be remembering – as we have addressed to the birds within the bird cage – you may be viewing one bird, and you may view this one bird from many different angles. What I am expressing in this is that you may be viewing one aspect of a belief system, and it may manifest itself in many different types of expressions. Therefore, these belief systems are much larger than you perceive, and this be the reason that they incorporate such a tremendous expression of energy and move a volume of energy in their expressions and why they are so very affecting.

As to your questioning of what may be next, I shall express to you, within this present now, you hold enough to be incorporating this one belief system! (Paul laughs)

I shall also express to you, as always within future probabilities, it is your choice collectively which belief system you choose to be incorporating within your next wave, but I shall express to you that you have not incorporated the overlap yet.

PAUL: I have a question, Elias, about belief systems. A while back, James asked you about belief systems, and you presented him with ten different belief systems – the umbrella concept, as it were. You mentioned duplicity, sexuality, relationships, perception, emotion, science, physical creation of our universe, truth, spirituality slash religious, and the last one ... I’m clear on all of those, I believe, but the last one you termed “certain senses,” and I’m just curious if you could elaborate on what you meant by certain senses. Does that incorporate the inner senses, etcetera?

ELIAS: I expressed that you hold belief systems in the area of certain senses, for with some inner senses, you do not necessarily incorporate the involvement of aspects of belief systems merely for the reason that you do not hold an objective identification of them.

Case in point – your inner sense of conceptualization. You do not even hold a recognition and identification of what this particular sense is or how to be engaging it objectively or what its function is. Therefore, you also do not incorporate aspects of belief systems in relation to it, for you do not identify it.

PAUL: So, when you were mentioning that we do hold belief systems ... let me try this again. You’re acknowledging that within certain inner senses, in the subjective aspects of self that use those for perception, there are not belief systems involved in that action?

A complimentary part of that is, with the objective self, the five physical senses – obviously we have belief systems around that – is that what you’re referring to in this area of belief systems?

ELIAS: What I am expressing is that yes, you do hold aspects of belief systems incorporated in conjunction with your outer senses. Yes, you do hold aspects of the belief system in relation to some of your inner senses. The belief system itself is an explanation to you objectively of some element of your reality. You have created definitions and explanations to yourselves of all that you create within your reality.

Now; I am not expressing to you that you do not incorporate the inner sense of conceptualization, but within objective awareness, you do not identify it. Therefore, you also do not incorporate aspects of belief system concerning it, but you DO incorporate aspects of this belief system concerning the other senses, inner and outer.

The belief system is the senses. The aspects are concerning all of the senses and their functionings.

PAUL: Okay, that’s very clear. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. You may be incorporating one more question, and we shall be disengaging.

PAUL: Okay, thank you for that, and I really appreciate all the information you’ve given me today. I have a question about a dream.

I’ve been listing the different focal points that I’m becoming aware of, and I’ve had a series of lucid or out-of-body experiences over the years where I image a chalkboard or a door, and there’s writing that comes. Over the years, initially I’ve had great difficulty in focusing and remembering the information being presented to myself, and in the last several years, it has gotten clearer.

I had one experience in particular in which I created a white tile. I waslooking down from a dream environment in which I was in a city, an urban setting, and I looked down from a car, and that focal point allowed me to become lucid, or project into a lucid state. This was a white tile about ten inches by ten inches square, and there were five rows of black letters, and I had to concentrate on clarity. I issued a clarity command, and lo and behold, the titles of five books appeared on that tile!

All that I remember presently is that the third one was a long title that began “In Essence” and continued with a subtitle, and that the fifth title contained three words, which I was very excited about because I remembered, and what furthered my excitement was that these were books that were written by you! And as I lapsed back into the dream state ... I typically remember these experiences or will try to remember so that when I awaken I can jot them down or speak them into my voice recorder.

So my question is about the nature of this focal point for me, and how I use that, and anything to help me continue to get information. And the second part is, did I actually tune into books that you have written, and are they most probable in our probabilities?

ELIAS: To the initial aspect of your question and your focal point, you are allowing yourself to be incorporating this to be accessing your imagery to yourself more efficiently, and also incorporating an objective remembrance within that action. Therefore, this facilitates your objective awareness in these areas of imagery within projections and also within dream state.

Now; I shall also express to you that although your dream imagery parallels your objective waking imagery, in a manner of speaking, you afford yourselves much more freedom in your expression of imagery creatively within your dream state. Your dream state imagery does not incorporate as much of an influence of absolutes as your waking imagery.

Therefore, be remembering in this that as you incorporate imagery within your dream state, you are not necessarily imaging what may be translated in absolute terms within your waking state, which moves us into the second aspect of your question and the incorporation of these books that are offered by myself.

I express to you that within probabilities, there ARE probabilities that have been set into motion already as to the incorporation of objective, physical books in which the information has been offered by myself, but it is not translated into what you have viewed within your dream imagery as an absolute, in the manner that I shall be creating these books in the format of books.

I shall not be, within this present time framework, incorporating the action of dictation and the creation of your physical books.

I have expressed previously to individuals that I shall be holding a willingness to be incorporating interaction with individuals in helpfulness if they are so choosing to be incorporating this action, but I shall not initiate this action myself and shall not be offering dictation for the creation of more of your books upon your shelves.

In this, my incorporation of interaction is to be engaging individuals and engaging their energy in objective manner. This is accomplished within groups and individually, and this is fulfilling of the intent and purpose that I have engaged in this interaction of this phenomenon.

I have not incorporated the direction of creating books. You may be creating of books. I shall be creating of interaction with individuals.

PAUL: That’s very clear, and thank you so much for that answer.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! You are quite welcome.

PAUL: We’ve been working in this area for quite some time. I have, and Joanne has also with David, and others I know. So thank you for that.

ELIAS: You are very welcome. I offer great encouragement to you this day and I express an offering of energy in helpfulness to you, that you may allow yourself to view beyond your fear and beyond your demons that are merely your presentment of obstacles before yourself ... and in reality, they shall not bite you!

PAUL: Thank you so much, old friend. We’ll talk to you soon.

ELIAS: Very well. I offer to you this day great lovingness and affection ...

PAUL: Same to you.

ELIAS: ... and bid you a very fond adieu.

Elias departs at 4:02 PM.

Vic’s note: The following footnotes were offered by Paul:


(1) You’ll notice that in Jo’s and my joint session, #433, July 28, 1999, the videotape ends before the session did. There was about twenty minutes of additional information that did not get recorded.

Transcripts: find out more about this excerpt from session 433, July 28, 1999.

I’d love to say that Elias revealed the secret of life during that time <smile>, but he’s *already* done that (“it matters not!”).

Anyway, when Jo’s next private session occurred two weeks later on August 11, 1999, Mary took extra care to double-check that there was plenty of tape before she turned on her camera/recorder. After that session, Mary checked the videotape and was upset to discover that the session hadn’t been recorded at all!

So, we were curious about what was going on... well, in Elias’ terms anyway. After all, there was a rational explanation for the first occurrence, in that Mary had recorded a preceding phone session on the same two-hour videotape, and we just ran out of tape before our session ended. But when Jo’s private didn’t “take,” it was just a bit too unusual. Unofficial information, to say the least!

(2) There was a noticeable amount of “line interference” that occurred during the first twenty or so minutes of this session.

As this had occurred in previous phone sessions of ours, Vicki had actually requested that we use different phones (than our cordless) when having a phone session because it makes transcribing easier. So, we naturally complied, and now always use the older cord phones. So, I can’t attribute the interference to my or Mary’s phone setups.

I did notice this interference as it was occurring and consciously attempted to “calm it down” as Elias was the only one speaking during this part of the session. For the first time, I actually felt that my discomfort was related to this interference, that somehow I was affecting it and vice versa. And Elias was correct: during my pre-session conversation with Mary, there was no interference whatsoever.

(3) As difficult as this topic was for me to talk about with Elias, in hindsight, I think Jo and I offered ourselves a good example of how easy it is to interpret this information in our own unique ways, coming up with completely different perceptions.

According to Elias, Jo is soft and I am common. We’ve been together for over twelve years now and thought we knew each other pretty well. It was startling to begin to believe that there could be initial conflict in intimate relationships holding different orientations, and this conflict could last for years! And who in their right mind would be masochistic enough to suffer through that? Needless to say, we stressed out over this for a while and wanted more information, which has subsequently come out in this and later transcripts.

I’d like to offer my heartfelt thanks and deep appreciation to those of you with the courage to attempt to assimilate this new information and share it with the rest of us. As Vic said to me a few years ago, “It ain’t always a bed of roses!”

(4) You’ll notice that Elias delivered over six pages of information without a break here. If you just listen, Elias will often continue to speak, but I get so excited sometimes that it’s easy for me to interrupt and interject a response or a follow-up question. But I got into this groove where there was a quality in my listening that I can only describe as aesthetically beautiful, almost like listening to soothing music with great lyrics or poetry in an altered state.

I also wondered just how long Elias would talk if I didn’t interrupt him – seriously – and the longer he went on, the more my listening enjoyment was enhanced. Needless to say, while dealing with my own personal issues, this period of listening helped me to calm down from the jitters I experienced during the opening minutes of this session.

(5) My comment, “You must be psychic, Elias!” was said with tongue firmly in cheek!

Vic’s note: Thanks for the clarifications, Paul!

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