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Thursday, August 26, 1999

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“Creating a Window Into Self”

“Lost in the Labyrinth of Fear”

“The Camouflage of Nonexistence”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Daryl (Ashrah).

Elias arrives at 3:43 PM. (Arrival time is 18 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon!

DARYL: Hello, Elias. (Elias chuckles) I wanted to ask you about two experiences that I’ve had since our last session.

One of them was a couple days after we last talked, and for a few minutes it seemed like my whole fear-system-entity-thing out there either disengaged or went away, and I felt really different because the fear was gone, and it was like the first time in my life that I’ve felt safe. But then everything came back, and it did make me quite aware of how much fear I have all the time.

The other experience was when I was having subjective interaction with you, and it was my understanding that I reached a threshold of some sort and crossed over it, and I’d like to know more about both of those experiences.

ELIAS: Very well. In this first experience that you are expressing of, what you have offered to yourself is the opportunity to view an experience within yourself of freedom and the experience of the lack of fear. You have offered this to yourself quite purposefully, for many times within physical focus, individuals hold a thought process in a specific direction that they wish to be moving into, but they do not hold the actual experience in that particular focus of WHAT they wish to be moving into. Therefore, it is very unfamiliar to them, and they do not objectively understand what they are attempting to be creating within their focus.

This creates tremendous obstacles for many individuals in physical focus, for if you hold no concept of what you wish to create, you also create many obstacles and difficulties in your actualization of that particular movement. If you have created a focus in which you have incorporated fearfulness throughout the entirety of that focus and you have not offered yourself the experience of a lack of fearfulness in its entirety, you do not hold an objective experience to move into. Therefore, you do not hold an understanding of what you wish to be creating. This many times is creating of much difficulty with many individuals in their attempt to be moving into very unfamiliar areas.

In the area of fear itself, although it may appear conceptually to be the presentment of a pleasant element and it may appear objectively that this is a desirable element that you wish to be creating within your focus, as with all other movements into unfamiliar areas, as you are attempting to be moving into an area with a lack of fear, you create more of an element of fearfulness, for you are once again moving into an area that is very unfamiliar.

Therefore, in addressing to this specific area and this specific issue within yourself, recognizing that this particular area within yourself holds a tremendous concentration of energy, you have allowed yourself a momentary glimpse within an experience of what you shall be engaging, experiencing, FEELING if you are allowing yourself to move beyond your expressions of fearfulness.

This offers you a validation and a confirmation in your ability to move into this expression of eliminating your fear, and also offers you a confirmation that as you move into an elimination of this fearfulness, you shall be offering yourself your payoff. Therefore, your effort, in your terms, shall be worth what you offer to yourself in the payoff. This also offers you a motivational factor, for if you offer yourself a glimpse of the experience, you may thusly objectively motivate yourself into the direction of allowing yourself to attain what you have glimpsed. Therefore, this has been a quite beneficial and purposeful action that you have created temporarily to spur you more into your movement through this issue of fearfulness.

As to your interaction with myself, I – as I have expressed to you previously – interact with you in encouragement and acknowledgment in your movement through this element of fearfulness, and therefore, in this interaction, I have expressed energy in conjunction with your energy to be offering you a validation that YOU were creating of this previous experience. This was not created by any other element as a gift to you. This is a gift to yourself that you have offered to yourself, and therefore [I am] acknowledging you, in my interaction with you, to be validating of yourself that you hold the ability to be accomplishing in this area.

As I have expressed to you previously, I hold a great awareness of the difficulty that you experience in this movement in this particular issue that you hold and the obstacles that you present before yourself and the reinforcement that you offer to yourself in the perpetuation of this fearfulness. Therefore, there is an awareness of the tremendous volume of difficulty that you present yourself with in your movement in this area, and in this, in my interaction with you, holding this awareness of the difficulty that you present yourself with, I am offering acknowledgment to you and encouragement to you that you ARE accomplishing.

As to your threshold or your breakpoint, this is what you have offered to yourself in this experience. You have created what we may term to be a breakpoint. You have offered yourself the creation of a window where – figuratively speaking – there existed no window previously, for all that existed was the fear. You have now created a window that you may allow yourself to move through.

This is what you may term to be your approaching of your threshold, your breakpoint, in which you may allow yourself the acknowledgment of your abilities and the recognition that you have presented this avenue to yourself, that you may be accomplishing now. This is what has shifted within you.

Previously, you were not allowing yourself to view that you held choices to be creating any other expressions than what you have been creating in familiarity. Therefore, you have enclosed yourself and contained yourself within the confines of this fear, and the fear has engulfed you in a manner of an enclosure. The energy has surrounded you to the point where it offers no escape route. But in this experience, what has shifted is that you have created this window.

Therefore, if you are to figuratively visualize yourself within the enclosure of energy, which may be visualized as a box, previously this box held no openings. Therefore, you have felt quite confined within it and have held no visible exit that you may engage to be allowing yourself to move beyond this box.

Now you have created a window within this box, and therefore you have also created an avenue, that you may move outside of the box. This is what you experience within your feelings that you have created a shift within your energy, and you identify this as your approaching of a threshold, which I express to be your breakpoint. You have allowed yourself to recognize that you may be creating the movement through this window, and therefore breaking free of the hold of this box that surrounds you. Are you understanding?

DARYL: Yes, and that’s good to know. I was hoping it was something like that, (Elias chuckles) because I would like to get beyond this. Is there anything else you could tell me that would assist me in continuing this process of ridding myself of the fear, or something that I’m not facing about it, or anything that would help me on my journey outward, out of the box?

ELIAS: You are accomplishing quite quickly and quite efficiently. I express this to you quite purposefully, for as I have stated to you, I hold an awareness of how great this element is within your focus and how very much energy you have placed in creating this particular box that confines you. The strength of this box may be compared in your terms to the strength of walls that hold many feet in thickness.

Therefore, this is, in very physical terms, no small accomplishment that you have created this window. This is to be acknowledged!

Therefore, in this, offer yourself in different moments the remembrance of the experience that you have presented to yourself of the freedom of the lack of fearfulness, and in this, as you begin to feel within any moment that welling – regardless of how slight it may begin – as you begin to move into your familiar expression and your familiar experience of fearfulness or what you may term to be anxiety – for this is merely another expression of fear – recognize your tension and visualize to yourself that as you are creating of this tension, you are also creating another layer of bricks to your walls and you are reinforcing the strength of this box.

But the window continues to exist, so be not forgetful that you continue to hold the window even though you are cementing your bricks once again and reinforcing your wall, and in this, as you visualize yourself mortaring your bricks to be reinforcing your wall, turn your attention within your visualization to your window and recognize its existence, and in this, you may allow yourself the movement in the direction of the window, recognizing that what lies beyond the window is much less fearful than what lies inside of the window, inside of the box.

Let me express to you in actuality that the darkness, so to speak, and the heaviness which is experienced within the box is, within your thought process, the reverse of what you anticipate. This may be helpful to you, for within your thought process and your underlying beliefs, your belief systems move you in the direction of viewing that outside of the window is the darkness. This is the window into self. In this, it may be quite frightening to be viewing all of the areas of self that you have not allowed yourself to view previously, but it is quite the reverse! You have confined yourself to OUTSIDE of self. Are you following thus far?

DARYL: I’m not sure.

ELIAS: You are confused. Let me explain to you.

Visualize yourself. Your box is not within yourself. Your box is the box that encompasses outside of self, and you hold your energy in that confinement outside of yourself. It is the reverse of what you are thinking.

DARYL: But I feel like I’m inside the box.

ELIAS: You are! But the box ... as you look out of the box, out of the window, you are looking into the light of yourself. This is what I am expressing, that it is the reverse of your thought process.

Your thought process moves to the automatic and the familiar. You visualize your physical body, you visualize inside of your physical body, you visualize this box to be surrounding your physical body, and you identify you as being contained inside of your physical body, inside of the box, and therefore, within your thought process, you are contained already inside of yourself, and what I am expressing is, you are contained in the box outside of self, and in this, as you are peering through the window in the darkness of the box, you are viewing the light outside of the box, and THIS is the inside of you.

DARYL: Okay....

ELIAS: THIS is where your freedom lies, is in that light in you, but you are containing yourself outside of you. This be the reason that your attention moves so very often to all that surrounds you and all of the interactions that you encounter with other individuals and it appears to be reinforcing of your fearfulness, for you are holding yourself outside of you.

DARYL: Well, part of my understanding of this is that one way I try to make myself safe is to not exist. (Brief pause) Is that kind of related to this?

ELIAS: Yes, for....

DARYL: Like if I don’t exist, then I still get to live.

ELIAS: And....

DARYL: It’s a contradiction, but....

ELIAS: Not at all! Look at your imagery. Look at your very words and what you present to yourself. If you do not exist, you may live. If you are outside of yourself and you are lost within the outside, you may appear to be invisible, and therefore you may conceptually imagine that you do not exist, and this creates your safety, for you are contained within this box outside of self, but also outside of self is where you have projected all of these elements of fear, and you become lost in the labyrinth of the fear, and therefore you also offer yourself the camouflage of nonexistence, being lost in all that is outside of self and therefore being invisible, and what I am expressing to you is that as you turn your attention to the window, you view the light and the wonder of INSIDE of self, which offers you all of your abilities and freedoms and offers all of your choices.

I have offered an analogy previously, of individuals playing a game with a stick and a ball.

DARYL: Oh yes.

ELIAS: Now; let us look to this stick and the ball and the interaction that occurs with this. Let us move outside of the analogy concerning belief systems and perception ... but the action of the ball.

Outside of yourself, as you are within the playing field and you are becoming invisible, your ball is pushed by your stick, but you are engaging your ball upon this playing field in the midst of all of the other balls in the hope that it shall not be noticed in the midst of the tremendous volume of other balls that are playing upon this field.

DARYL: That’s true! (Laughing)

ELIAS: But in this game, your ball is also being struck by many other balls, for your attention is not upon your ball. Your attention is outside of yourself, and therefore you are not paying attention to your direction of your ball, and therefore it encounters walls, it encounters ruts, it encounters holes, it encounters other balls, it is being knocked “through and to” upon the playing field, and you are watching all of the other balls directing your ball, and you are not directing your ball, for your attention is placed outside in the hopefulness that your ball shall become lost.

What I am expressing to you is that in turning your attention to the window and looking to inside and the wondrousness of inside, you begin to direct your ball through the labyrinth, and not necessarily allowing it to be dictated to by all elements outside of it.

YOU direct its movement – its direction, its speed – or its lack of movement, but you do not view that you hold this ability, for there are many elements that are beyond your control.

Let me also express to you that this is the counterpart action of the bird of control. Let us look to our bird cage and our birds within them – the aspects of belief systems – and the aspect of the bird of control.

Within your creations and within your alignment of belief systems and the aspects of belief systems, you attempt at times, momentarily, to be clutching this bird of control. But you also, contrary to many other individuals, view this bird as quite threatening, and in this, you view that you hold a great LACK of control.

You turn your attention to the counterpart bird, the bird that expresses to you that you do not hold control at all in creating your reality or in your expressions or in your abilities, that this is all dictated to you by other elements – the universe, energy, the cosmos, other individuals, circumstances, actions, reactions, responses.

All of these elements are not elements that you create. They are created for you or at you, and therefore you do not hold control in any of these areas. They are merely expressed and they are dictated to you, and you are resigned to playing the game and allowing the dictation, for you hold no control, and therefore, why shall you be fighting with this bird of control? You shall merely turn your attention to a different bird and resign yourself.

What I am expressing to you is not that you be grabbing hold of the bird of control, for this is no more efficient than feeding the bird of no control. What I AM expressing to you is to be recognizing that you hold choices and that YOU may be directing of what you create ... and you DO create it! Therefore, in this, recognize that neither of these birds need be fed and that you may choose NOT to be engaging either direction.

You hold choices, and in this, as you turn your attention within to YOU and move through your confinement, through the window into the outside of self – which is the inside of self, ha ha ha! – as you move in this direction, what you are presenting yourself with is the entirety of your universe, for it does not lie outside of you. It lies within you.

DARYL: Okay, I understand that.

ELIAS: And you do not! But you shall receive this transcription and you shall pore over it and you SHALL understand it eventually, HA HA! (Chuckling)

DARYL: Well ... okay. I wanted to ask you also about some focuses.

ELIAS: Very well.

DARYL: I got impressions of a man named Cedric who is a teacher somewhere in Great Britain. (Pause)

ELIAS: In London.

DARYL: In London? Okay, and would this be nineteenth century?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

DARYL: I also wondered if he holds the orientation of soft. (Pause)

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

DARYL: Okay, because I had wondered if interacting with some other focus who held that orientation that wasn’t blocked like I am would be helpful.

ELIAS: This may be helpful to you in offering you the opportunity to view an individual that holds a very similar perception to yourself, but moves within their focus without the incorporation of the intensity of fearfulness. You are correct, and I am acknowledging of your direction in this area. It may be VERY helpful to you.

DARYL: Okay, good. I also saw a man who had dark hair and a mustache, and I saw him in civilian clothes and then I saw him in what looks like possibly a French army uniform, and I think his name is a French name and begins with the letter “R.” (Pause)

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct. This individual holds the physical naming of Robert (French pronunciation) and is holding membership within what you term presently as the French army.

DARYL: Okay. Is this around the time of the French revolution when other people in the group were having focuses?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct. In this, you may also allow yourself to connect with this individual, and in this connection, recognize that manifestations of different directions are also merely choices in each focus. Therefore, in your investigation of this particular focus, do not be judging of the choices that this individual engages, for within the belief systems held of that particular individual, he views himself to be acting and behaving in the right within your belief systems, and is creating of actions that within this focus, you may not necessarily be in agreement with.

DARYL: Hmm. Okay. I also had an experience – this was about eighteen years ago – where several times I merged with a black man who was about twenty years older than me and seemed to be living at the same time as me, and at the time I wasn’t sure what it was, but now I wonder if that was a contemporary focus.

ELIAS: No. This is an offering to yourself that you may objectively hold memory of and allow yourself to draw upon futurely – which is now – in the engagement of your empathic sense, and this offers you a validation in clear experience that you have participated in engaging this particular inner sense, and you hold the ability to continue to be engaging this inner sense in like manner.

Now; I have referred to this particular inner sense many times in conjunction with allowing yourselves to be accepting and moving into acceptance by offering yourselves the engagement of your empathic sense, and thereby allowing yourselves to recognize the perception of another individual and also allowing yourself to be experiencing their experiences and their reality, and this offers you an avenue, that you may be allowing yourself more of an ease into acceptance in conjunction with other individuals.

Therefore, this is what you have offered to yourself, that you may draw upon this experience in memory and be recreating that type of experience now and futurely in your movement.

DARYL: So he was just an individual who allowed that mergence at that time.

ELIAS: Correct.

DARYL: Okay. That’s interesting because it’s the only time that I did feel like I was actually inside someone else’s head, and I knew what he was thinking and feeling, and I haven’t had that experience other than that.

ELIAS: Quite.

Different individuals may offer themselves this type of experience periodically, so to speak, and may misinterpret what they have created, in creating an assumption that they hold some identifiable, specific type of connection to that particular individual, and this is not necessarily the situation which is presented. Many times you merely choose to be engaging this inner sense objectively, and you move in the direction of another individual that is in cooperation with you.

I shall not express to you that you do not hold connection to these individuals, for in what we term to be within physical focus the “big picture,” you are interconnected with all individuals. Therefore, you do hold a connection with this individual as there is no separation, but in your physical terms that you identify specific types or categories of connections, no, you do not. This is a situation that you may be creating with ANY individual.

Let me also express to you, as I have expressed previously with other individuals, you may be creating this empathic mergence with most individuals. You may encounter some individuals within some moments that may block this action and may not be allowing you to be merging with them temporarily. It is a choice, and it is, in a general type of expression, an agreement, but it is not what you would term to be a formal agreement that is created between individuals, for – for the most part, generally speaking – individuals are continuously open to this type of action.

If you are encountering an individual that is NOT open to this type of action, I may express to you that – also generally speaking – those individuals also hold an objective awareness that they are blocking the interaction and the mergence with other individuals. They are intentionally blocking another individual from accessing experiences or information within them.

This be the reason, as I have stated previously, that individuals may be encountering what you identify as a psychic, and the individual that you identify as the psychic at times may not hold the ability to access information concerning the individual engaging them, and the reason is that the individual engaging them is blocking their accessing of information, and you hold the ability to be creating this also.

DARYL: Okay. I wanted to ask you also, how many focuses do I have of a similar tone in this dimension? (Pause)

ELIAS: Focuses of similar tone within this dimension, twenty-three.

DARYL: Okay, and how many altogether in this dimension? (Pause)

ELIAS: One hundred eight.

DARYL: Okay. Before, we discussed the thing I was having visually, where I would begin seeing things strangely, and you said that it was a focus in another dimension that I experience as geometric.

ELIAS: Correct.

DARYL: I’ve had an ongoing sense for a while that although I haven’t had that experience again, I have the sense that I’m interacting with that focus, and it has to do with ... that focus has an experience where there isn’t fear and where there’s a different relationship within essence and there isn’t the kind of separation there is here, and that I’m learning from that. Is that going on?

ELIAS: You are correct.

DARYL: Okay, so even though the experience in that other dimension is vastly different than mine, then I can still benefit from it.

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct, and I have expressed this previously with other individuals also. You do draw from experiences of other focuses within other physical dimensions, and you may offer yourselves beneficial elements in your creations in this dimension within this focus in conjunction with those focuses.

Let me also express once again, you ARE all of essence. Therefore, you hold the ability to draw upon experiences within every area of consciousness, and all of essence is interactive and affecting of you, and you of it, in a manner of speaking, for it IS all of you.

DARYL: It’s amazing to me still! (Elias chuckles) It’s quite a different concept of self than the mass belief systems that we were brought up with.

ELIAS: HA HA! Quite!

DARYL: Okay. Oscar Wilde came up as a discussion point on the Elias mailing list that I’m on because there was a program on him recently on television again, and nine of us made a game of guessing his family and alignment and orientation, and I would like to know what those were so I can pass them along to those who have made a guess. If you would like, I could tell you my individual guess ...

ELIAS: Ha ha!

DARYL: ... or you could just tell me what Oscar was.

ELIAS: You may guess, if you are so choosing! (Grinning)

DARYL: My guess was Sumafi family, Sumari alignment, and soft orientation.

ELIAS: And I shall offer to you, one point!

DARYL: Really?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

DARYL: Good. We’ve also been discussing orientations and trying to figure out who has what orientation, and Dale and James would very much like to know what orientations they hold in this focus. (Pause)

ELIAS: Common and intermediate.

DARYL: And that would be James who is intermediate?

ELIAS: You are correct.

DARYL: Okay. They’ll be glad to get that information. Well, I’m glad I guessed correctly on Oscar! One of the things I felt about him was that his life and the way he lived it and his trial were actually a mass event, and that was one reason I felt he held the orientation of soft. (Brief pause) Do you have any comment on that?

ELIAS: There have been incorporated mass events in conjunction with that individual, in which that individual was a participant, but the focus of the individual itself was not a mass event.

DARYL: Yeah.

ELIAS: You are correct that he has participated in mass events in the role of a focal point in that one mass event, but he is not the mass event himself.

DARYL: Yeah. Okay. Well, our time is up, so I guess it’s time to say good-bye again.

ELIAS: You hold much information this day to be assimilating and to be recounting within yourself, and in this, be remembering that upon the other side of that window is a great light that awaits you! I am continuing to be lending energy to your movement and encouraging you in your endeavor in this area, and shall continue my participation with you.

I anticipate our next meeting and I shall continue to offer to you energy in objective validations, that you may be reinforced in comfort. To that day of our next meeting, Ashrah, I bid you great affection and adieu.

DARYL: Adieu.

Elias departs at 4:43 PM.

Vic’s note: Something interesting happened at the end of the last four transcripts I worked on, which are #454 through #457. At the end of each of these sessions, the time changed from one minute to the next just as Elias was departing. I realize this is not earth-shaking information, but I thought the imagery was interesting. As I’ve said before, I’m easily entertained!

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