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Thursday, November 02, 1995

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Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Cathy (Shynla), and Christie (Oliver), abbreviated Chris. This is a private session requested by Christie.

Elias arrives at 2:50 PM.

ELIAS: Good afternoon! Hello, Oliver!

CHRIS: Hello, Elias!

ELIAS: I am not surprised to be seeing you this afternoon! (Here, Elias notices that he is sitting in a large wooden rocking chair) Ah! We must be incorporating this type of furniture! This is suiting to Elias! (He smiles, nodding and rocking, and we all laugh)

VICKI: It’s good for rocking!

ELIAS: I am pleased now! (Obviously enjoying the chair very much, and then to Cathy) So, you were also responding to the impulses you were receiving, obviously, or you would not be incorporated within this meeting. Very good! (Referring to both Cathy and Vicki’s last- minute, spontaneous incorporation in Christie’s private session )

CATHY: Thank you.

ELIAS: This is quite nice! This is reminding me of physical focus! I am remembering of a chair quite similar! (Grinning and rocking) And Oliver, are you wishing to be asking questions?

CHRIS: Well, sure! I had a question a long time ago, that possibly was answered when I wasn’t there. It was about fragmenting and splintering.

ELIAS: Our favorite subject! (Grinning, and we all laugh)

CHRIS: You had mentioned once before that one of my daughters was a fragment of mine, or a splinter of mine, of myself, and I was wondering; one of my daughters, we have the same fears. We have a fear of deep water and a fear of spiders, and we’re very much alike in that respect; and what I’m curious about, if she fragmented after I had incorporated these fears in me, and then she fragmented from that, then she would have then the same fears?

ELIAS: Absolutely. This would be an incorporation of a splintered fragment, which actually we have been discussing, which also our group has not completely grasped! Therefore, we are continuing presently with this discussion, so you are currently paralleling our information. Surprise! (Christie laughs)

This being that when you are splintering, as I have explained, this is an aspect of your personality which follows a parallel line to your own, and incorporates your own experiences. It may fragment at any given moment, through desire and agreement; but prior to this fragmentation, the individual is experiencing mirror images to your own. Therefore, they incorporate the same experiences. They will also incorporate many personality traits that are very similar, or quite the same to your own.

CHRIS: So if then I had, say, we talked about the spider bite. I was bitten once in another lifetime by a venomous spider, and then after that, therefore then I have a fear of spiders. But that occurrence happened to me, and if then I splintered off, and my daughter feels that same sort of fear, I know how, by looking at the fear itself, by looking at what happened, then maybe I can ease my fear and perhaps not be afraid of spiders. What would then be, if the occurrence actually happened to me and not her, what would then be good for her, to ease her fear? Just by explaining the whole thing, and telling her she doesn’t have to be afraid anymore?

ELIAS: The occurrence happened to you both, for there is no separation. At the moment of fragmentation, the essence incorporates its own new experiences. While it is in the process of splintering, it is incorporating your experiences as its own, also. Therefore, each element of manifestation that you incorporate, this splinter incorporates also. They may manifest slightly different circumstances, but the experiences are the same, for the essence is one. The essence incorporates all experience of all aspects. Therefore, there is no separation. You are thinking in terms of you and her, separate. There is no separation; this being the reason for the shared experience, and also for the vast amounts of similarities within personality. This, as I have explained, is one method of fragmentation; through splintering. You may incorporate fragmentation through other methods, this being only one; but this one creates fragments that are very closely related, within experience and personality, to the fragmenting essence; for they have paralleled within manifestations. (Pause)

CHRIS: I just like seeing you again, Elias!

ELIAS: Ah! And shall we be viewing your presence within our future company?


ELIAS: Thank you. (Grinning) As I incorporate no conflict in posing this question, for Oliver has initiated the probabilities to be placing himself back in Elias’ focus, therefore I have responded. You have been “kicked in the butt” enough! (Laughter)

CHRIS: Yes, I certainly have! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Now you may be focusing on the essence of Oliver, with Elias’ helpfulness, and connecting with essences to which you are incorporated with. There are many elements of information that Oliver possesses understanding of, that you may be helpful to new essences within our group. Therefore, it is an exchange. I will be helpful to you, and you will be helpful to me, in explaining and incorporating with other individuals. Fair enough?

CHRIS: Fair enough, yes. About this “cosmic kick in the butt”; is there something that I should be looking at that I’m not, that is real apparent?

ELIAS: And you may not answer this question for yourself?

CHRIS: I’m sure I can!

ELIAS: I am quite sure that you can also! What is it that Oliver refuses to be incorporating? (Whispering) Could it be Oliver? It is a revelation!

CHRIS: What? What’s a revelation?

ELIAS: The non-incorporation of Oliver himself! (Grinning) Oh, my! You have efficiently diverted your attention! Very effective! Quite creative! Now, you may be incorporating your own attention! You have accomplishments before you. You are not focusing upon your own essence, which will be accomplishing what is necessary for your widening, and also incorporating connections with other individuals also. The connecting between the individuals is equally important as your connection with me! (Pause) And now, we incorporate Rose, who is connected to you each. (Another pause, grinning and rocking) I am not offering information of new developments! (Laughter)

CHRIS: I’ve had a warm feeling for Rose, ever since I first heard about her.

ELIAS: (Smiling) I am realizing and acknowledging of this, and there are reasons, which you will be discovering soon.

CHRIS: Now; I had an interesting dream-like experience that I found fascinating, and I want to do it again, except it’s not happened again!

ELIAS: For you are not incorporating holding your focus, as similarly to each individual within our group who incorporates the same challenge! (Vicki laughs)

CHRIS: But it was such a wonderful experience!

ELIAS: Ah! (Grinning at Vicki)

CHRIS: (To Vicki) Do you know what I’m talking about? Did Mary tell you about that?

VICKI: No, I’ve just had similar experiences.

CHRIS: I went through a color field. Did you go through a color field?


ELIAS: (Grinning) Lawrence incorporates flying! Oliver incorporates viewing atoms!

CHRIS: Yeah, it was really amazing. It was just so calm and peaceful on your side, is what I’m thinking is where I was, which was kind of neat.

ELIAS: Which is also your side! (Laughter)

CHRIS: So you’re saying that being, just being focused can bring that about. I’m not exactly sure why it happened, because I wasn’t really focused on it happening. I’m assuming it was some kind of a gift, some kind of a showing, some kind of a “Look what we can do if you really want to!”

ELIAS: This initially was a “leading into,” to be attracting your attention; which I was involved within this excursion, in being helpful to you to initiate your “outing”; but it was not quite a big enough kick for you to be listening, so more probabilities have been initiated for your attention, which I have watched and only ... not interrupted. Actually, I was viewing the situation of an “OOB” as being much more favorable, as a “cosmic kick,” to painfulness; but I am only a personality essence who may incorporate a small amount of wider perception; but within physical focus, you are choosing to hurt yourself instead! (Humorously sarcastic)

CHRIS: I’m choosing to hurt myself. I really don’t understand why that is.

ELIAS: Oh, I do not believe this is too difficult to be figuring out, for you are incorporating a considerable amount of immobilization; as has Lawrence, as has Shynla, as has Michael; all for the same reason; to be obtaining your own attention! Your particular advantage is that your knowledge is great enough, and your awareness is wide enough, to be understanding why.

CHRIS: Oh. So I can’t fool you!

ELIAS: It would be quite difficult. You may try!

CHRIS: I’ve tried. It’s not working! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Oh, I am feeling that I would like to be incorporating ... (He pauses, blows at Cathy, stands and bows) I will retrieve my own drink! (He walks across the room, gets Mary’s cup, bows, returns, and sits down; very pleased with himself!) I am inspired by this chair!

CHRIS: Well, I’m glad you like my chair! That must have been the reason I got it, so many years ago.

ELIAS: Probabilities; and little did you realize, years ago, that an essence would be occupying this chair and speaking to you from non-physical focus! (Grinning, and blowing at Cathy again) Once again!

CHRIS: What does that mean?

CATHY: He’ll blow you away! (Laughter)

ELIAS: I am becoming quite efficient at this lately!

CHRIS: Well, I do appreciate any help that you had in relieving me of my pain last night, with the help of the rest of the group. It was wonderful!

ELIAS: This being a cooperation of the essences involved, who are quite connected to you, as you to they. You are all very connected! Oliver, in difference to other individuals, has been quite connected; and our individuals of our group were not quite understanding the connection until recently; but there has been a great connection from the initiation of our meeting, which you continue within this connection to a greater degree than other individuals who may not choose to incorporate themselves within our group; this being also why I have chosen to have audience with you today, as I do not incorporate private sessions with individuals regularly, but this is acceptable to our Rose. (To Vicki) Rose; make these connections! I will allow you to discuss this, as Lawrence has caught my interjection before. After I am departing, you may discuss this and be attempting to make connections. Obviously, it is not within fragmentation.

VICKI: This would also be why Sophia was so prominent in our meditation last night?

ELIAS: Obviously! These are not individual viewing impressions with no connections! Elias does not incorporate accidents! I will be quite looking forward to our connecting within our group, if for no other reason that one individual may be interacting with Elias! (Laughter) We have incorporated a group of mice!

CHRIS: A group of mice?

ELIAS: Correct. (Whispering) They are very quiet. They think very loudly, but they speak not. (Laughter)

CATHY: It’s true!

ELIAS: (Grinning) They are screaming within their thoughts, but they are verbalizing nothing; and Elias is waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and waiting; and Oliver is quite good at verbalizing!

CHRIS: Yes, I am, aren’t I? (Laughing)

VICKI: I have a quick question. Would Dimin also be fragmented of Otha?

ELIAS: Very perceptive! Dimin also incorporates a different type of connection to these individuals though; this being an energy connection that she is not quite aware of. She continues to be connecting within energy, but within her physical consciousness she incorporates such conflict with regard to me that we will be watching to see which probability she chooses. Dimin teeters. She stands on the rope, not knowing which way to tip.

VICKI: As Joseph.

ELIAS: Very close. (Pause) Also I will offer, only for trivia; John is not a Seer, and is not incorporated with Sumafi. John was an element to be initiating probabilities with Oliver; a vehicle, so to speak.

VICKI: But not a vessel!

ELIAS: Absolutely not!

VICKI: Never a vessel!

ELIAS: Ah yes, vessels! As you have incorporated damaging to this physical expression, be not thinking this is a vessel, for it is not! This body that you possess is the physical manifestation of essence! There is no separation! Focus upon this; that when you are experiencing issues physically, they are an expression, in energy, of essence. Therefore, they are speaking to you. They are speaking to you of essence, which is quite loudly now screaming at you, just as the physical expression is screaming at you! It is the same.

I will be suggesting to Oliver that you be considering your choices carefully. You may choose to incorporate your belief systems with your medical profession, but you may also be affecting without the incorporation of this profession. It is your choice.

CHRIS: So you’re saying that if I change my belief system, that this ailment that the medical profession says can only be fixed through an operation, if I changed my belief system, it could actually, I could actually heal it myself?

ELIAS: Absolutely!

CHRIS: If I had enough belief in that?

ELIAS: Trust. (Pause) I am offering you only the reality that you possess more than one choice. You are not locked to only physical choices.

CHRIS: I’ve been thinking that maybe, because I’ve had so much conflict with myself lately on my belief systems in the trust issues, that perhaps this is why this has happened.

ELIAS: One point for Oliver! (Laughter) Now you are beginning to connect, and you are beginning to see!

CHRIS: I can tell people to trust, but I have such a hard time telling myself. I mean, I do and I don’t. I do to a point, you know I do, and then I allow it to just slip away, just like, pull the rug out from under my feet.

ELIAS: This is a difficult issue; trust being your most difficult issue within physical focus, for you battle with opposing forces of trust continually, in every aspect of your life. You are taught, everywhere, to not be trusting of yourself! You automatically do not trust. Even when you are presented with elements, within physical focus, that you may not deny, you still do not trust, and rationalize and say “No!”

Even when you are presented with a little singing bird, you may still be saying “No, no, no!” (Pause, grinning at Cathy) Or eight birds! “No, no, no!” This is what you say, continually! Or aspects of self other than Tweety, correct?

CATHY: Oh!! (She’s blown away by Elias’ first admission of knowledge of, or involvement with, the birds that Jim received)

CHRIS: It’s harder, it takes more energy to hold on to those belief systems, yet if we would just let them go, it would be so much lighter, but we aren’t trying to do that.


CHRIS: We want to be complicated!

ELIAS: It is not boring! (Grinning at Vicki)

CHRIS: I’ve said that so many times in my life!

ELIAS: (To Vicki) Ah! This is such a surprise, and not a connection!

CHRIS: But I have, it’s like things get “hmm hmm hmm,” and then you have to shake up the “kch kch kch,” right? ’Cause things get boring. But we don’t have to do that!

ELIAS: You choose!

CHRIS: We choose to do that. But we could choose a different route to make things unboring, by making miracles, maybe?

ELIAS: If you are choosing.

CHRIS: A miracle would have been a lot more fun than a pain in the back!

ELIAS: And easier; but you do not trust this! You automatically trust that you may create negativity, for you have been taught that you may create negativity; for you are bad. (Grinning slyly at Christie. Here, Christie’s children enter the room, “coincidentally”)

CHRIS: Two of my children have come into the room; one who is going, and one who is probably going to stay.

ELIAS: (Taking a drink from the cup, and commenting on the straw) Very strange!

CHRIS: Allow me to introduce them. The male is Michael, my son, and the female is Cheryl, my daughter.

ELIAS: How do you do?

CHRIS: This is Elias.

CHERYL: Hello.

ELIAS: Ah! “Very strange, mother!” (Mimicking their reaction to him) I will not bite you! (Smiling) Now you are understanding where your mother is slipping off to within the night, to meet this stranger! (Pause) Are you wishing more questions!

CHRIS: (To her kids) Do you guys have a question at all? (Pause) You’re going like this, but there might be a question, huh? (Pause, during which Cheryl says “I don’t know.”)

VICKI: I have a quick one, regarding Ron’s association recently with a person he’s been associating or connecting with Dimin. He’s curious about his perception in that area.

ELIAS: Counterpart.

VICKI: Counterpart? I shall tell him. A seer?

ELIAS: A more likely, receptive counterpart, incorporating a slightly wider awareness; and this individual is welcome. (Another person walks into the room) We are incorporating a party! (Laughter)

CHRIS: And what a fine place to have a party, with a nice chair, right?

ELIAS: Absolutely! Very nice chair! (Rocking happily, and tapping his fingers on the hand-rests of the chair)

VICKI: I shall relate your feelings of the chair to Ron.

ELIAS: Very nice chair. Now that I am remembering, I will have to be imagining this into my focus! (Grinning and rocking and tapping)

CATHY: Isn’t it funny that Milus used to have that rocking chair in the house, that you couldn’t get rid of? (Speaking to Vicki)

ELIAS: Funny, funny! (Grinning and rocking and tapping)

CHRIS: Is there anything you want to ask, Cheryl? (Pause) Cheryl’s been wanting to meet you for quite a long time.

ELIAS: I am aware of this. Quite a pretty little rose! (Pause)

CHRIS: Well, perhaps she’d like to know her essence name. I would like to know her essence name.

ELIAS: You will be excusing me for one moment. (Pause, accessing his “computer”) Ah, this is the one! This essence name you will be invoking a humorous response from Michael, a slight connection, once again. This essence name is Wagga. This essence possesses physical focuses within Native American developmental focuses; also identifies with gypsy. This is what you would be viewing as relatively new essence, within your terms; being fragmented with not many physical focuses at present moment, possessing quite an interest and zest for experiences. You are welcome within this company.

CHERYL: Thank you.

ELIAS: (Smiling) I will extend an invitation to our sessions also; this essence also being Sumafi, a Seer. (To Vicki) You may also incorporate a site. Our Ron must be busy!

(To Christie) I will be anticipating your connecting, and physical viewing of yourself, individual, within my focus of my sessions; and you may bring the little one along with you also, if you are wishing; (looking at Cheryl) if you are wishing. I incorporate quite an affection for these little ones. We incorporate one other that I am quite holding an affection to also, who does not respond to Elias very well presently! Very stubborn! This would have nothing to do with her mother, who is Michael, who does not incorporate stubbornness at all. Much! (Pause) Are you wishing of more questions?

CHRIS: I can’t think of any at the moment. Perhaps I should write them down. I do feel, though, in incorporating back into the group, that perhaps I will ask questions that have already been asked.

ELIAS: This will not pose a problem; for within our recent sessions, many individuals are not understanding of my subject matter! Therefore repetition, at this point and moment, is not conflicting; and you may also be quite helpful in expressing, to other individuals, your perception of these subjects. The reason I express this is that you are fragmented of this essence of Otha. Therefore, within your awareness, you also possess a parallel to Elias.

CHRIS: That’s wonderful!

ELIAS: I am very pleased to be viewing Oliver this day, and I will be leaving you with great affection. You may call on me at your will.

CHRIS: Thank you, Elias.

ELIAS: You are welcome; (to Cheryl) and very nice and pleased to be meeting you also.

CHERYL: You too.

ELIAS: Good day!

Elias departs at 3:48 PM.

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