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Sunday, November 05, 1995

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Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Cathy (Shynla), Guin (Sophia), Tom (James), Cecelia (Sari), and arriving late, Jim (Yarr). (Vic’s note: Cecelia will be abbreviated “Celia”)

Elias arrives at 6:21 PM.

ELIAS: Good evening! (Pause, looking around) We incorporate a new energy this evening. Welcome!

CELIA: Thank you. (Whispered)

ELIAS: No chair! (Referring to his request for a rocking chair) I see I must be rocking myself! (Laughter)

RON: I’ll take care of that, Elias.

ELIAS: And a pipe would be nice!

RON: Okay! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Michael will love this one! (Pause) Now, we will incorporate our game first, for I have issues to speak with you this evening about. Therefore, you may ask your questions for our game.

TOM: How about James with diamond?

ELIAS: We have incorporated this question once before! (Grinning)

TOM: Okay. I’m sorry. Oh yeah, let me cross it off. And as for a country, Persia.

ELIAS: Correct! One point! (Grinning) I have been waiting for you to be trusting within yourself, and following the probabilities of incorporating a correct answer!

TOM: Well, your books helped a lot.

ELIAS: And are you wishing to attempt once again?

TOM: Sure. Can I see the game board real quick? Oh yeah, gods. I got a question on gods. Is that all gods of the different religions, or is it just the gods that we’re used to?

ELIAS: Any one you choose.

TOM: Anu?

ELIAS: Incorrect. Try again!

TOM: You guys keep going. I’ll be right back.

ELIAS: James will play our game, although he does not play games!

TOM: Yanka? ELIAS: Incorrect.

TOM: Ea? ELIAS: Incorrect.

TOM: Antu? ELIAS: Correct!

TOM: Thank you!

ELIAS: Which are you connecting this with?

TOM: Gods!

ELIAS: In which essence?

TOM: Well, mine!

ELIAS: (Laughing) Try again!

TOM: Okay! (Pause) I’ll pass.

ELIAS: Acceptable. (Pause)

TOM: Marshuka? ELIAS: Incorrect.

TOM: I pass. (Pause) You got me playing the game! (Laughter)

CATHY: I would like to connect the name of Karen, the physical focus name, with Ayla.

ELIAS: Incorrect. (Grinning) Now, Shynla will be crossing off and continuing with her list!

CATHY: I would like to connect the manzanita plant with indigo.

ELIAS: Correct. One point. (To Tom) Clue! (We all crack up)

TOM: What? What, Elias? Come on! I was reading! (Elias just grins, and waits patiently for Tom to connect with indigo)

RON: (To Cathy) Go for your other one.

CATHY: Someone else take a turn. I want to decide which one I want to ask.

RON: In the category of gods, I would like to connect orange with Christ.

ELIAS: One point. This was quite difficult to figure out, carpenter! (With a “hint” of sarcasm! We all laugh)

VICKI: (To Ron) Are you done?

RON: Yeah, I don’t think I have any more.

VICKI: “K.” I shall incorporate Michael’s questions. In the category of art, Michael would like to connect Elias with an impressionist painting.

ELIAS: “s.”

VICKI: Paintings.

ELIAS: Correct. One point.

VICKI: Also, in the same category, the same essence category, to connect the god of Apollo.

ELIAS: Correct. One point.

VICKI: My game question for tonight; I would like to start with an introduction of a new category. I would like to introduce the category of energy.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

VICKI: I would like to connect, in that category, Elias with electricity.

ELIAS: Correct. One point.

VICKI: In the connecting essences category, I would like to connect the essences of Shynla, Lawrence, and Michael with the animal of a horse.

ELIAS: Very good! One point. (To Guin) Three! Are you noticing?

GUIN: Yes, I noticed! I guess I’ll go. I would like to connect Athena, with the gods, with yellow.

ELIAS: Correct. One point. (To Tom) Indigo!!!

TOM: I know! I was just looking right at it! (We all crack up)

CATHY: “K.” I’m trying this new connecting physical focus essences category. I would like to connect Ron, Mary, and Vicki, in the emotions category, with love. (Many oohs and ahs from the group)

ELIAS: One point. Quite strange and convoluted, but ... (Smiling)

CATHY: I didn’t think so!

ELIAS: (To Tom) Attempt!

TOM: Oh, Antu with indigo!

ELIAS: One point! (With a “hint” of exasperation!)

TOM: And how about ...

ELIAS: (Interrupting loudly) Ah! You have incorporated your two points! You may ask next session! (Grinning at Tom)

GUIN: I would like to connect a blue-jay, for the animal, with Minerva.

ELIAS: Bird, correct; type, incorrect.

GUIN: (To Vicki) It’s that one, but I won’t ask it, because ...

VICKI: Fill in the slot!

GUIN: No, I’ll go for something else. I would like to connect the fabric of silk with Minerva.

ELIAS: Incorrect.

GUIN: Okay. Erase that one. Alright, fine! I’ll do this one. Is the physical focus name with the nick-name of Ty, Tyler?

ELIAS: Incorrect! (Laughter) But you are getting closer!

GUIN: Is it Taylor?

ELIAS: Incorrect! (Guin is expressing complete frustration!)

GUIN: Alright, fine! Is the bird a sparrow?

ELIAS: Correct! (Pause, and then spelling out) T-I-L ...

GUIN: Keep going!

ELIAS: You keep going! We will give Sophia a clue!

GUIN: No! I don’t want one!

ELIAS: One more letter.

GUIN: Alright. (Pause, while Guin waits for the clue) Was that the clue? (Elias nods, grinning) I don’t get it! I’ll sleep on it.

ELIAS: Acceptable. (Pause)

RON: For my second question, I’d like to connect the color of orange with the emotion of tranquillity.

ELIAS: One point. (Pause)

VICKI: Are incorporations of the other game separate?

ELIAS: As to your dream game?

VICKI: Yes. I have an incorporation of the dream game.

ELIAS: Connecting to this game?


ELIAS: This would be an incorporation to be placing into your city?

VICKI: Yes. I would like to introduce the language into the city, being a conceptual language; very similar to a sign language.

ELIAS: And are you all in agreement? (Looking at everybody)

TOM: I kind of see images as our language.

RON: Which would be conceptual as well.

TOM: Yeah, it would be.

RON: I agree. I think it’s gonna be a conceptual language of some kind.

ELIAS: Then you may incorporate this as done. As to your city, the interpretation of your SITE, being: Seer Intent Tacit Experience; T-A-C-I-T. This would be, within your definition presently, of understanding or knowing. (Pause) Now, as you have been noticing aspects of yourselves, and noticing yourselves, (smiling) I will speak to you of remembering. I will offer you an example that you incorporate within physical focus quite often already. You do not realize that this, in actuality, is a knowing already, for it is seemingly automatic for you to incorporate within physical focus.

If you are engaged in an activity, and a thought strikes you to move from one of your rooms to another to be accomplishing some act, and you find yourself within the next room and you have forgotten why you are there; you have each expressed this many times within your focus; you automatically reverse yourself and return to the point where the thought struck you originally. If this is not bringing a remembering to you, you will actually engage in repeating activities that you were engaged in previously to jar your memory further. Then you will stop and say to yourself, “Oh, yes, now I remember,” and you will go forward and engage in the activity as originally planned. This is an automatic knowing of what you are engaged in presently, with your remembering of essence. It is a mirror physical focus image of what you incorporate within essence.

Now I will express to you that although your perception of the events occurring around you are continuing in what you believe to be a forward motion, as you are viewing your focus, within linear moments, you do not realize that when you are retreating back that you are, in actuality, repeating time. You are creating, within your physical focus, a rerun; rewinding your time and re-experiencing it to incorporate a memory. Within this, you are physically expressing an image, physically focused, of how you remember essence. Within essence, you incorporate remembering by repeating experiences. This is not to say that you physically replay or repeat an experience over and over, for you do not; but you step to the side and view what you term past. This sparks a remembering.

Your time is all simultaneous. It is unimportant to be focusing your questions as to what events occurred previously, or what will be occurring future, for there are neither. All is incorporated now, as there was no beginning, for now is your beginning. You are creating your beginning now, each moment, for it is all occurring simultaneously. Therefore, within remembering, you are incorporating a knowing of a moving to the side. As you are viewing aspects of yourselves, you are connecting in attempting to be remembering. This has been very good attempting and very good connecting!

As to your creating of your reality, this also ties into this concept, as all things are also being created now. This room did not exist within the past, for it is only created now. Your perceptions are what deceive you. You rely upon your physical focus and your learned perception of viewing physical focus. If an individual had not “invented” momentary time within a linear focus, you would not concern yourselves now with that perception. You do concern yourselves with linear time, and you revolve your existence, quite effectively, according to this time element. As you are approaching your shift, you are learning to unincorporate your perceptions of “accepted official reality,” as you view it presently. In widening your awareness, you are beginning to accept an understanding that reality is not necessarily governed by your physical senses.

As to your physical senses, we will use an example which shall be entertaining to Shynla; we will use the example of Michael’s cup. (Cathy laughs) Before you, you see one cup, and Sophia sees one cup, and James sees one cup, and Ron and Lawrence and Sari. Individually, you each see one cup. In reality exists, upon this table within this space, six cups; for each of you creates the image of this one cup yourselves. Collectively, you have agreed on certain physical elements. Individually, you create them to your own perception.

Another example being: You may choose an object and place this object in the middle of your table. Let us be saying that this object incorporates the color of orange. Each of you will perceive this object to the specifications that you have created. You have agreed upon an object, for one individual expresses “I am putting this object on this table”; therefore the thought has been registered. Each of you then creates the image of the object. In this, one of you may see the object as yellow, one may see the object as red; the difference being your perception. Then you will engage in arguing over what actual color the object is, but within the focus of the individual perceiving the object as red, it is red. Within the focus of the individual seeing the object as yellow, it is yellow; for each of you has created the object individually. You agree on subjects. You create individually.

Your perception of each other is individually created. Within this room, each individual views six other individuals. All are reality. Therefore, as you sit and view Elias, there are presently six images of Elias, all occupying the same space; just as all things physically manifest occupy the same space. Perception is your creation of physical reality, for what you perceive is what becomes real to you.

As you are approaching your shift, and as your awareness widens, your perception widens also. Therefore, you begin to notice the realization of more. You may be very averagely sitting, as you will term this, and you may view more than one image of an individual. You will also view essences that you do not view presently. Even though you do not view them yet, this does not mean that they are not reality, that they do not exist. They do. You only do not perceive them, for you have been taught not to perceive them.

If I were instructing each of you to be looking at Elias this evening, and expressing in return to me what you are viewing, many, if not all of you, would be expressing to me that you view Michael’s image; for you do not trust enough, yet, to be viewing Elias’ image, which is quite concentratedly manifest within energy. You may experiment throughout the evening, and try. (To Vicki) Attempt; for Elias’ energy has been quite directed [during] this week[ly] period, and quite streamlined in merging with Michael, and has accumulated much energy with merging. I have acclimated much more concentratedly, and you may also visibly view. (Pause, and to Ron) Yes???

RON: Thank you. This goes back to the cup thing. I was wondering, if just one person is sitting there looking at the cup, and everybody else is in the other room thinking about the cup, is there still six cups there?

ELIAS: No. This is a good question. You are thinking about the cup, therefore you are creating a mental image; but this will be leading us also into the expression of physical form.

Within essence, you contain elements of consciousness which you physically manifest through a gland that you have created within your physical body. There are actual physical occurrences happening. Your scientific instruments are not quite sensitive enough yet to be perceiving of this interaction and expression of energy, but they will be perceiving of this soon. You create a chemical reaction within your physical body through what you call a pineal gland. This changes energy of thought. It projects thought energy outward from your physical body, as you would view a spray. This enters into your space area. This is what is creating of the actual physical object. You may choose to be not expressing a physical object, and you may be containing the thought and image of the object, therefore blocking the release of the reaction of energy. Within this, you hold to you the image, without actually creating within physical form.

Also, objects created within energy into physical form may only be focused upon and retaining their focus temporarily, only as long as your concentration holds them to their form. Your scientists view ruins, as archeologists seek the past, and they explain the disappearance of parts of artifacts by expressing that they have been eroded. Time has created their disappearance. This is incorrect. You have created their disappearance, by allowing your concentration to relax. You do not continue with your concentrated energy focused upon certain elements that you have created within your world; therefore parts of them disappear.

Your curiosity, and your desire to be always creating, creates new elements within your world, and this is how new things appear; this being a collective effort, but all within conscious energy. As long as an aspect of physical reality remains, of any element that you have created already, the reason it remains is that there are essences continuing to concentrate their focus, to keep the focus present. You do this without waking conscious thinking; just as you breathe and your heart beats, and you do not think and concentrate, and make your heart beat or make your body breathe, intentionally. It automatically performs these acts. (Pause, and to Cecelia) Yes?

CELIA: I am in awe of the knowledge that you are imparting to us, and I’m wondering if, in this human shift that we are experiencing, if we will be uniting our consciousness and therefore creating new concepts, universal concepts?

ELIAS: You will be realizing reality. You are always continuously creating. You will be aware of a wider reality. Your perception will be widened, and you will understand the reality surrounding you. You will be interacting with other aspects of reality, not only within physical focus.

CELIA: And this will be revealed to us within this lifetime?

ELIAS: You will reveal this to yourselves, for you possess this knowledge already. You will widen your own awareness, to a degree to be remembering what you already possess in knowledge. This shift has already begun within your “lifetime,” so to speak.

CELIA: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

GUIN: Elias, I have a question. So the collectiveness that we do, we do this in RA 2, correct?

ELIAS: This is correct. All of your connections are connected within your Regional Area 2 consciousness. They are manifest within this Regional Area 1, physical consciousness. I will express a very small example of your perceptions. You are taught how to perceive physically from the time you are an infant. Your perceptions, when you are small, may be a truer realization of reality, but when they are expressed, you are admonished, and it is expressed to you the “official correct way” to be perceiving. You may engage in a trip to view your ocean when you are small, and you may view your ocean within the color of purple. Therefore, it is purple; and you, as a small one, express this excitedly to your parents, and they express admonishingly to you, “Oh no, this ocean is blue!” Therefore, without thinking at all, you instantly, automatically view blue.

VICKI: I have a question. For example, Ron’s energy hall ...

ELIAS: (To Ron) Very good!

VICKI: Now, did we all create that, and only Ron perceived it?

ELIAS: This is correct. I will now also express to you a difference in perception. (Jim arrives) Good evening, Yarr.

JIM: Good evening, Elias. Good evening, everyone.

ELIAS: I am very pleased to be viewing you this evening.

JIM: I’m pleased to be here, thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome. (To group) Each of you has offered an element to your city, and each of you looks to Elias and asks, “Is this correct?” Elias responds to each of you expressing, “If you wish.” Therefore, each of your visualizations are still floating within probabilities. This visualization exists, for it is trusted and has been expressed. There has been no incorporation of doubt, therefore it has been created presently. (To Guin) Your waterfall fades in and out, not knowing whether to become physically manifest, or to fade out.

GUIN: It should. It’s very beautiful!

ELIAS: Then create it! (Smiling) I will express to you that another structure exists already also, this being your library; this being the same, as incorporating no conflict or doubt, and just being. (Pause) We will break, and I will ...

TOM: (Interrupting) Be listening!

ELIAS: ...take your questions when I return. (To Tom) Of course I will be listening! (Laughter)

BREAK 7:22 PM.


Vic’s note: Mary was feeling an imminent “pop-in” and wanted to avoid it, but everyone was very involved in conversation. She expressed her distress to Vicki, who suggested that they just close their eyes and invite Elias to appear, thus avoiding the “pop-in.” Elias arrived in less than two seconds, startling everyone by speaking loudly and immediately, and interrupting the conversation. It was pretty funny!

ELIAS: Good connecting for the essence that does not connect!

GUIN: What? Could you say that one more time?

ELIAS: Very good connecting for the essence who does not connect!

GUIN: Thank you, Elias.

ELIAS: This is a correct impression. You will not all see the same cup, but you will all perceive each other’s cup; for you are all individuals, and you all create your own physical manifestation. This cup is not only a perceived object, it exists within physical focus, for you have created it through physically manifested energy; just as I was explaining to you, each of you projects out physical energy which manifests into physical form.

This is a chemical reaction within your physical body. Actual physical elements create physical elements. Therefore, what you have projected out to be physically perceived is physically manifest. Each of you physically projects a manifestation outward. You only perceive your own creation. Therefore, you are correct that within your widening, you will perceive all of the other creations also. This is not to say that you will see six cups sitting on your table. You will see this cup sitting, and it will change. It will fade in and out, and you will perceive all of the other manifestations of the one cup. Once again, for our disconnected connector, who is still catching up!

GUIN: Yes. Do I get a point? (We all laugh, and Elias grins)

ELIAS: Oh, we will give Sophia an extra point, for connecting.

GUIN: Woo hoo! Thank you! I have to catch up!

ELIAS: You have much to catch up on with Lawrence!

GUIN: Yes! I need all the extra points I can get!

ELIAS: This is very good that this is not a horse race! (Laughter) You have much time to be catching up, in continuing to be adding categories.

GUIN: Speaking of categories ...

ELIAS: Of course! (Starting to laugh)

GUIN: Is insects a category? (We all crack up)

ELIAS: Now, we will be incorporating bugs, so that Sophia can be bugging all of the other individuals! Acceptable. Michael will be finding this category humorous! (Still laughing)

GUIN: Woo hoo! (She’s an excitable gal!)

VICKI: And we will connect Sophia with a gnat! (Laughter)

GUIN: No, I already have my impressions, thank you.

ELIAS: Now I will be accepting your questions, as you have still continued to not answer my questions!

CELIA: May I ask what is the name that you would give my physical essence, as you see me?

ELIAS: Your essence name is Sari.

CELIA: Sari. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome; (pause) this essence also being connected with indigo.

VICKI: Could I ask the correct spelling of that for my work?


VICKI: Also, am I spelling Fromasch correctly? (Elias nods)

JIM: I have a game question, in connecting indigo with the emotion of compassion.

ELIAS: One point.

JIM: Can I ask another question? I guess I can, but ...

ELIAS: Yes you may, for we have incorporated two points for each individual.

JIM: Okay. (Pause) I don’t have another question! I got all excited, and ... (He starts cracking up)

RON: Go back in the other room! (Now, we all crack up!)

JIM: I guess I’ll just hang with it here for a little bit, if you don’t mind. It will come to me. (Still laughing)

ELIAS: I am quite sure that it will! Interesting example!

JIM: Ooo, ooo ooo! For the plant with indigo, golden seal?

ELIAS: Correct. One point.

JIM: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

CATHY: I’m confused!!! Was that the plant or the herb?

VICKI: Excuse me!!! That would have to be in the herb category, wouldn’t it?

JIM: I guess that would be an herb.

ELIAS: You may choose either.

JIM: It’s both. It’s a plant, it’s a very strong healing plant.

GUIN: It’s a plant and an herb.

CATHY: But we just put a plant, I thought.

VICKI: We did!

RON: But it’s an herb!

JIM: Well then, I guess it’s an herb.

ELIAS: (To Vicki, speaking slowly) Although it may be a plant also, just as moonstone and amethyst have been incorporated into one category; but considering that Lawrence, in his organization of thought and categories, is choosing to be placing this in another category, we will accept this. Far be it from Elias to interject and accept an element into the wrong category! (Sarcastically making an “Oh brother” face)

GUIN: Elias, I think you should dock her a point! (Laughter)

VICKI: Now wait one second!

ELIAS: They are becoming vicious!

VICKI: I’ll say! (Much laughter)

ELIAS: The game is becoming very serious business! It is quite a “jungle” out there! (To Jim, intently) Clue!!! (We all lose it!)

JIM: I have lots of birds! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Some essences are quite fond of flying creatures!

JIM: I’ve always liked birds.

ELIAS: Unlike Michael! (To Jim) One moment. (To Vicki) We will also express to Lawrence that unlike within physical focus, an essence is not expressing offense to not physically incorporating a gift. It may have been helpful, but obviously Michael is not ready for this moving through! Therefore, it is acceptable. There is no incorporation of hurt feelings. (Smiling) Therefore, the gift has been exchanged to Yarr. (Pause)

GUIN: I have a question. I want to know ... As you know, Cathy and I are now reading “Oversoul Seven,” and I want to know if there’s any correlation or paralleling between Shynla and Window.

ELIAS: And this has not presented itself as obvious?

GUIN: I guess I just wanted verification.

ELIAS: Now, be connecting Sophia.

GUIN: With Proteus?

ELIAS: And???

GUIN: Oh, no. (Sighing, and a pause)

ELIAS: Lawrence!

GUIN: As a counterpart? I am a counterpart?

ELIAS: Yes, and beyond.

GUIN: Help me out! I don’t know! (With a “hint” of desperation!)

ELIAS: You may think on this. You will make your connections. You are only beginning to incorporate the information. View carefully. I will also express to Sari that she possesses a counterpart also, within the individuals that have been incorporated and connected within this group of individuals, with Dimin; although Sari may be incorporating less fearfulness and slightly more openness to exploration. Learn to not be clouded by belief systems. Some metaphysical belief systems are difficult to unincorporate.

CELIA: I thank you for these words. (She’s so serious!)

ELIAS: You are welcome.

VICKI: Speaking of counterparts ...

ELIAS: Yes???

VICKI: So, back to the lovebirds ...

ELIAS: Yes???

VICKI: So, we would have a counterpart situation there also, right? We would have the counterparts of Sophia and Lawrence, and we have the counterparts of Michael and Oliver, and we would have the counterparts of Elizabeth and Ron.

ELIAS: (Grinning) Very good connecting, Lawrence, learning to take these aspects one little step wider! Yes. I am acknowledging, for you have come to this awareness on your own, without incorporating Elias’ “pop-in” visits! (Vicki laughs) I must admit though, that it is quite difficult, at times, to be restraining myself when some of you approach so closely to your answers, but not quite! (Smiling) You are connecting very well!

VICKI: Okay. I have another question.


VICKI: The experience that Michael had with the young lady recently, with the note left in her home; would this be similar to an aspect, such as Will? (A character in Oversoul Seven)

ELIAS: This I had mentioned earlier; yes. The purpose of this was a noticing of disconnecting personal responsibility, and noticing a changing. This individual, in actuality, is a parallel; not being the same as Will, for this individual incorporates an entirety, not only a middle; but it was an illustration which may be identified with, and also incorporated a knowing of the reality, instead of an assuming of an invented reality. Michael automatically would have assumed, as he originally began, that this individual was in desperate need of assistance, the difference being that with this opportunity for noticing presenting itself, he initially viewed the situation in this way, but also initiated a detachment, and a stepping back, to view the entirety; as you would say, within your terms, “looking before leaping,” which previously he would have been “leaping before looking!” (Smiling) This was a small helpfulness in incorporating understanding, which was agreed upon within Regional Area 2. (Pause)

JIM: Getting back to the birds ... I would like to understand more about the birds that were delivered ... please??? (Laughter)

ELIAS: Please!!! (Grinning) We have been speaking this evening of remembering and creating. We have been speaking of creating your reality in actual physical terms that you may view as tangible. In this, my reason for expressing this is to give you information to allow yourselves to view this expression, of you create your reality, slightly more realistically, to your way of thinking; for although I express this to you over and over again, you do not, in actuality, incorporate this statement fully. To a degree, you do. Beyond this, you do not. Some incorporate the reality of this statement more than others. As you move through your belief systems, and as you allow yourself to view yourself, then you understand more.

I will express to Yarr that elements have been presented to be initiating a “spurring,” for you to be viewing you. If you are choosing not to be viewing you, this is your choice. There are no essences, nor individuals, who will be incorporating choices for you. You are not obligated to be making choices in any way, other than those that you choose. You are presented with information and an opportunity to view; not only yourself, but in that to also view probabilities that may manifest within the future as a sampling, therefore allowing you a clearer picture.

I do not express, to any individual, predictions; for you always possess choices, and it is always within your focus to change probabilities. Some probabilities are “more probable” than others; and if you are moving in a direction of creating those more probable probabilities, without widening and without an understanding of self, you may be re-creating more probabilities that will be unsatisfactory to your focus. I offer you the opportunity to view this ahead of time, so to speak; therefore allowing you the opportunity to make educated choices, and to view yourself. Each individual does this, according to what they are ready to view. If you are unwilling, and not feeling that you are ready to be viewing these probabilities, this is your choice. There is no one in some “cosmic heaven” pointing fingers at Yarr, expressing, “You must do this, or many disastrous things will be befalling you!” (Laughter)

You will create your own reality. I have offered you food for thought, for you have directed your thoughts and energy and attention in one direction; which is, presently, the most probable. This does not mean that it is the most effortless, or the most efficient! You have created a reality already. The reality that you have created is not a failure! It is an expression of yourself! Therefore, I have offered you the opportunity to view this; and instead of expressing to yourself that you dislike the expression, therefore mirroring you dislike yourself, I have presented the opportunity for you to view this as a creative expression of yourself that you may direct more efficiently, and you may accept and love, as you also may accept and love yourself.

You, unlike some other individuals, are needing of physical expressions to be viewing, to connect with, for your understanding; this being why you have physically projected yourself and created your reality as you have. You offer yourself a physical expression which, to your way of thinking, offers you the opportunity to physically view what you have created; and if there is an element of your physical creation that you are distressed with, or incorporate conflict with, you may rearrange it, for you view it in front of you! This is, in actuality, a quite creative expression! Many individuals express only within thought, which may become confused quite easily.

JIM: That’s neat. Thank you. So there’s an aviary in the city.

ELIAS: As you will also create within physical focus.

JIM: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very, very welcome. (Pause)

TOM: I got one, Elias. I had a dream two weeks ago, after I was here at the last session, following your guideline to view your dreams as essence, and I had in that dream ... (Tom stops talking)

ELIAS: Continue. You were incorporating within that dream ... Do not think that I do not hear what you are saying, simply as I shift my view!

TOM: Okay. In that dream, I had a dream that I had a sore throat and a cold. I woke up with a sore throat and a cold! Is that the same kind of a dream as Vicki’s flying and the sore toe that she got?

ELIAS: No. What you have accomplished is that you have viewed an aspect within your dream state. You have created a recognition of a connection, and therefore physically duplicated the expression within your waking consciousness.

TOM: So I’m trying to create the cold myself?

ELIAS: You did! (Grinning)

TOM: One other thing; a statement you made a long time ago: “Those who see a difference between soul and body have neither.”

ELIAS: Quite profound, would you not say?

TOM: I thought it was great!

ELIAS: Not quite as profound as I may be presently, but not bad for physical focus! (Grinning playfully)

TOM: A hundred years ago, that was pretty damn good!

ELIAS: Or, presently!

TOM: Or presently. You’re right. One other question. It’s from Fromasch. She gets a feeling that there’s animals on the bed, to where the bed moves; literally, the bed moves. I don’t have that feeling, and I’m in the bed with her. She also says to say hi.

ELIAS: Acknowledged. (Pause) Fromasch is experiencing many elements of widening, but blocking the awareness. She incorporates fear. Therefore, she blocks the understanding of what she experiences. She will approach a point and intersect, where she will allow herself the freedom to understand her experiences. She is only not quite there! (Smiling) Many times, individuals experience a widening and do not understand, for they do not incorporate an awareness with their widening. Therefore, the experiences seem strange and oftentimes frightening, or they become attached to belief systems, which also incorporate fear. These will be moved through.

TOM: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. (Pause) Allow me also to extend a message to Fromasch, that her mother is quite pleased at her “blinking out!”

TOM: Okay. Thank you, Elias.

ELIAS: You are welcome. I will redirect to Yarr, and be expressing that I am amused at your temper tantrum!

JIM: Which one? (Laughing)

ELIAS: (Also laughing) The continuing one! This is quite amusing that you were incorporating the feeling of separation, and also that you had not been offered such a gift, when in reality the essences incorporated in expressing this gift were quite concentrated in expressing a gift that contained more dimensions than you were viewing! Michael is correct in understanding that you were right in the middle of this all, although you did not quite understand what the middle was! Now, you will understand more clearly.

JIM: It’s seeping in.

ELIAS: Little by little. This also; within your connected viewing, within our exercise, is a connection of a shared dimensional focus, that you may identify, between yourself and Lawrence. (Pause) I must say “Quite right” to Michael, as he was speaking during your break time. I am expressing that my form of teaching, in allowing you to experience first and explaining your experiences subsequently, appears to me to be much more efficient than your physically-focused instructors, for you learn by experience. (Pause)

TOM: Elias, was there such a thing as a Kaffer religion?

ELIAS: (Pause, grinning) This, if you are expressing “Was there such a religion?,” yes. If you are expressing “Was it true?,” no.

TOM: Okay. None of them are true.

ELIAS: This is not correct!

TOM: Okay, Fungja. That’s a religion, right?

ELIAS: You are quite deep into this religious focus! I will suggest an exercise for James. Within your dream or meditative state, I wish you to connect with your counterparts, which are experiencing these religious elements for you. This is why you incorporate such a fascination and a delving into all obscure religious focuses, for you are experiencing all of these presently, through your counterparts. Therefore, you may find restfulness within yourself, if you are allowing yourself to connect with some of your counterparts.

TOM: Okay. But I don’t have a belief in any of these religions!

ELIAS: You are not understanding. You do not incorporate a belief or an acceptance of these individual religious focuses, but you do incorporate a fascination with all of these religious focuses. You do not need to be incorporating an acceptance of any of these religious elements, for you possess counterparts who do accept each of these elements, and experience them for you, with you.

TOM: (Crumpling up a piece of paper) Belief system, right?

ELIAS: Very good. View ...

TOM: But they did make one statement though, that I liked, when they said, “Life, nature, death, and ancestry, all live in harmony.”

ELIAS: Many religious elements incorporate truths. (Pause) I will express to James, first of all, do not cut me off any more, for I will speak over you! (Very firmly, and an emphatic pause) Then, I will repeat myself and express to you: View, within meditation and within your dream state, your counterparts; and they will express their experience, and you will find a rest from your endeavor and your quest with this religious element! Allow yourself the suggestion of viewing a counterpart. You will connect! You do not need to know who the counterpart is. It is not necessary for you to visualize a specific individual. They will appear to you. They will offer you information, and make their knowing known to you. (Pause) Agreeable?

TOM: Yes sir. Thank you.

ELIAS: Thank you! Are you wishing of more questions this evening?

CELIA: Eliza, I wish to have clarification of the information that you imparted to me earlier. You mentioned my counterparts here, a certain fearlessness, and also something about metaphysics. Can you clarify for me and give me more information?

ELIAS: Yes. This group of individuals has incorporated another individual not present this evening, this being female by the name of Dimin; actually, this being her essence name. Within physical focus, she is called Carole. This individual shares the aspect of counterparts with yourself. She is the type of counterpart who shares similar viewing as you do. Her interests parallel your interests, the difference lying in that Dimin incorporates great fear. She has much in the area of belief systems to move through, which block her in some of her awareness. She is quite intuitive, but she is very untrusting of herself; therefore my warning to you. Trust yourself. Counterparts may influence each other, she influencing you. You also may influence her in alleviating some of her fearfulness, by your accepting.

CELIA: I see; and then do I, as her, have similar thought systems to work through then?

ELIAS: Not completely. You are each individuals. Dimin incorporates many fear elements which bind her to physical belief systems that she holds to very dearly, in a fearfulness of change. You, in difference to this, incorporate belief systems, but do not incorporate the same element of fear.

CELIA: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. (Pause)

GUIN: I have a quick question.

ELIAS: We always have quick questions! We do not always have quick answers! (Laughter)

GUIN: It’s regarding Becky. I was wondering if my assumption or my impression was correct, that it was you that had visited her in her waking state, in her waking dream state. Is that correct to say?

ELIAS: I am understanding what you are expressing. Yes; and you may express this also; she is needing of a little “push.” I am very pushy! (Laughter) You may extend an invitation.

GUIN: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. (Pause)

VICKI: I have just a “little” question! (Laughter) I’m just curious.

ELIAS: (Speaking humorously, in slow motion) Alright, and I will be delivering an even less quick answer! (Laughter)

VICKI: My friend Danny ... is my friend Danny not a Seer?

ELIAS: No. Sumafi, but not a Seer.

VICKI: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. Not all incorporated with the essence group of Sumafi are Seers.

JIM: Last night, as I pulled out into an intersection, the light changed to a green arrow. It was okay to pull out, and I found myself pulling out very slowly, and time went very slowly; and as I got out into the middle of the intersection, a car came from the opposite direction very fast, and if I had pulled out as I would normally pull out into an intersection, we would have crashed ...

ELIAS: Incorporating a carriage accident! (Finishing Jim’s sentence, and grinning at Vicki in reference to their “carriage ride” together)

JIM: Yes! A horseless carriage accident!

ELIAS: (To Vicki) Is this not a coincidence?

VICKI: Quite! (Laughing at the memory of this unusual experience)

JIM: Even Cindy said, “What are you doing? Pull out!,” and I said “I don’t know!”

ELIAS: A prevention of automated carriage accident! I would not be wishing for this individual to be not incorporating himself this evening, for I had things to say!

JIM: Me too. Thank you!

ELIAS: You are welcome. Besides, carriage accidents are quite messy, and distressing also, although you incorporate no horses! (Elias had related to Vicki a story about a horse-drawn carriage accident that he was involved in during one of his developmental focus, in which the horse was badly injured and died. He said it was very “messy!”)

RON: I have a question. This is a subject that Sari and I have spoken of, and also Sophia and I, and Lawrence and I. It’s the phenomenon of street lights going out when we go by them. (Elias grins) It’s something that never really occurred up until the whole Elias thing started happening, not that I’ve noticed. I was just wondering what was causing that darned thing?

ELIAS: Well, this darned thing! (Indicating himself. We all laugh) I have expressed to you all, and you are still amazing me that you are still not noticing, and still incorporating questions with electricity! (Grinning, and starting to laugh)

VICKI: It doesn’t happen when you expect it to happen, either. It’s only when you don’t expect it. The street lights, I mean.

ELIAS: Well, this also should be quite obvious! (Pause, grinning)

And I will ask you also a question; if any of you have perceived, this evening, of the energy manifest which I was expressing to you earlier? (Pause) Now, you may each say to yourselves, “No!” (Group agreement and laughter) You are not incorporating trust! You do not trust your inner senses, for they perceive, and you override with your outer senses. Learn to trust your inner senses.

I incorporate myself with you continuously, affecting your outer senses for your noticing, for practice. Now, practice incorporating your inner senses. Practice with each other. View each other’s essence. See each other’s aura, or energy field, around your physical expression, and through your physical expression, and intermingled with your physical expression; and then we will try again.

JIM: I’ve been feeling strong energies here tonight. It’s real strong.

ELIAS: This is an identification. I have expressed earlier to this group that my energy is manifested quite strongly presently, for I have incorporated a more of a streamlining, and adjusted my focus more directly recently, in acclimating to your physical focus. Therefore, the energy is quite concentrated. You may feel this, and you may also visually perceive this. If you are not telling yourselves to only view visually, then you will view visually. Acknowledge your inner senses, and they will cooperate with our outer senses.

TOM: So if I’m more trusting in the good feelings that I receive from you in your short answers, or your long answers, I’d be more trusting in my vision?

ELIAS: If you are more trusting of yourself and your inner senses, then your outer senses will cooperate, and you will view! (Pause) Practice with each other, or a rock, or a leaf, (to Cathy) or a dog, (to Vicki) or a cat! All things possess an energy field, therefore it matters not what you practice with; although it is more interesting to practice with each other, for you incorporate much more colorfulness and fluctuation! (Pause) Do you wish more questions this evening?

GUIN: Yeah, I have one more, about my dream the other night, about the six old men and myself, driving the truck, finding the orange truck going underwater, meeting up with the other man, trying to decide what four were going to be in the back, or four in the front, or three in the back, or three in the front. It just so happens it came along the night of the lovebirds. Can you give me some more input on that?

ELIAS: Can you figure this out???

GUIN: Well, generally, but not specifically.

ELIAS: Four and three ...

GUIN: That part I understand.

ELIAS: ... seven total. This is an identification in connecting. You have manifested this within your dream focus in symbols that you choose, just as Rose identifies with symbols that she chooses; birds. You choose people; then you also choose a scenario, which is not necessarily important. You were expressing an identification of a knowing. The entire scenario within your dream state is not always the focal point. Many times, you do play out an entire scenario, with significances in many different symbolizations. Many other times, you are presenting information to yourself that you play through a scenario within a dream state, but the dream contains information which is quite directly singular, for it is an identification of a knowing. You play out some scenarios to experience and to understand. You play out other scenarios with a focal point, to recognize the focal point. You have done this already. Therefore, you need no interpretation from Elias, just as Shynla needs no interpretation of windows.

GUIN: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. (Pause) I will be closing for this evening, for I wish not to be overly taxing with Michael, and I will be interacting with all of you very soon, maybe sooner than you think! And, I will extend an invitation to Sari to return, if you are choosing.

CELIA: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. Au revoir.

GROUP: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 9:08 PM.

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