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Sunday, November 12, 1995

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Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Cathy (Shynla), Jo (Joseph), Tom (James), Jeri (Fromasch), and Greg (Olivia)

Elias arrives at 6:32 PM.

ELIAS: Good evening, (pause) and welcome to a new essence.

GREG: Thank you.

ELIAS: So, how have you incorporated your exercises for this week we have completed? (Looks around the room) No one is viewing of any energy fields? My, My! How are you expecting to be viewing me, if you are not viewing each other? (Silence) So much for this issue!

RON: I’ve been busy? (Laughter)

ELIAS: I suppose we should incorporate our game. You are always thinking of this! (Pause)

CATHY: Go for it, Vicki!

VICKI: Okay. I have some other people’s game questions, so I will start with Sophia. Her first game question is to connect the physically focused name of Anna with the essence of Minerva.

ELIAS: Incorrect.

VICKI: Okay. Her second game question is to connect the fabric of stain with the essence of Minerva.

ELIAS: Correct. One point.

VICKI: Her third question is to connect a spider with the essence of Marshuka.

ELIAS: Incorrect.

VICKI: Her next question ...

ELIAS: And on, and on, and on ... (Grinning)

VICKI: I made her stop! (Laughing) Her next question is to connect the physically focused name of Tily with the essence of Mikaki.

ELIAS: Spelling?


ELIAS: Incorrect.

VICKI: Her next question ...

CATHY: I thought she got satin right.

VICKI: She did. You can ask two now.

CATHY: Well, didn’t she just get the other one right ... spider?


CATHY: Oh. I should pay attention!

ELIAS: You should!

VICKI: ... is to connect the continent of Australia with the essence of Mobowah.

ELIAS: Incorrect. This was not an impression! This, you may be writing down on her paper, was a guess!

VICKI: I most certainly will. Okay. Her last one would be to connect the element of fire with the essence of Mikaki. Now, this was also Michael’s game question to me tonight, so I have a double.

ELIAS: Correct. One point.

VICKI: Shall we give them each one point? (Elias stares at Vicki) They both asked me to ask the same question! I’m confused.

ELIAS: The question has been asked. Michael must offer another answer.

VICKI: Michael’s game question for this evening, at this point in time then, shall be to connect, in the connecting essence category, in the category of insects, to connect Lawrence and Michael with a praying mantis.

ELIAS: Correct. One point; although Michael incorporates the relationship aspect of this insect more efficiently than does Lawrence! (Laughter)

VICKI: I just made an exception! Oh, and my game question for this evening. First, I would like to ask if there will be a category of vibrational tone qualities.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

VICKI: In that case, I would like to connect in that category, with the connecting essence’s category, the word Lahina, with the essences of Lawrence, Michael, and Shynla. (Laughing)

ELIAS: One point. Be noticing, Elias is not laughing! It is not a “stupid” perception. Actually, I will be acknowledging of this perception, which will also fit into our discussion this evening. Continue.

VICKI: My second game question, also in the connecting essence’s category, in the insect category, to connect Ron and myself with the ... with a centipede.

ELIAS: Almost! (Grinning, and a pause)

VICKI: And Michael, and Shynla?

ELIAS: No. Your connection of essences is correct. Your insect is close, but not on the mark.

VICKI: Okay. Well, then I shall think about that for a moment, and let somebody else go.

TOM: How about caterpillar, for the same essences that Lawrence just said?

ELIAS: Incorrect. Good guess!

TOM: It was a guess.

RON: I’d like to connect orange in the energy category, with solar energy.

ELIAS: Sun-powered; correct.

RON: I’d like to also connect orange, in the category of insects, with a butterfly.

ELIAS: Correct. One point. We might be incorporating a rule, for Michael and Ron to be attempting to be connecting outside of their own colors! (Laughter)

CATHY: Okay. I would like to connect the physically focused name of Ayla with yellow.

ELIAS: You may; one point. This was not the name that was originally incorporated within this category, but you may change this probability, as this is correct also.

CATHY: “K.” I would like to connect the flower of, or the plant, of iris with Mikaki.

ELIAS: One point. (Pause)

VICKI: Well, I’ll go back to my category. Would it be a spider?

ELIAS: Incorrect. I will inquire of Lawrence, what connection he is making between a centipede and a spider?

VICKI: I don’t know. (Laughing)

ELIAS: (Grinning) Think shape and creature. Centipede only suits lyrical purposes slightly more. (Pause)

JO: Well, I’ll ask this one for Jim, because him and I both kind of came up with it. The leather, the partial, is it buckskin instead of leather, to connect to Miranda?

ELIAS: Incorrect.

JO: Rawhide?

ELIAS: (Grinning) You may continue guessing!

JO: I’ll wait! (Laughing)

VICKI: Well, I’ll try a different category then, and work on my impression. I would like to try to connect, in the planets category, to connect Venus with the essence of Marshuka.

ELIAS: Correct. One point. (Pause)

TOM: Well, my question has been asked tonight, but I’m going to try one. I think it might be “off the wall,” by your clues you have given, but I’m going to try it anyway; amber for Minerva.

ELIAS: Incorrect. Incorporate these clues. I offer them for your connection.

VICKI: (Whispering to Ron) Oh! I bet I know what it is! (Writing her insect down on a piece of paper and showing Ron) Bet ya!

ELIAS: (Laughing) Now we will incorporate frustration! (Laughter)

RON: I got that one earlier today.

VICKI: That’s it! (For the record, she was still incorrect!)

ELIAS: I will speak to you this evening of experiences, as you learn and understand more fully through experience as opposed to incorporating knowledge through other methods. You each are experiencing. You do not always understand what all of the ramifications of your experiences are, but you now notice your experiences.

Many probabilities have been initiated. Many noticings have occurred. I will offer to you a validation of some of your experiences and noticings as of recently, as to the piecing together of the puzzle of the dream. You have quite efficiently remembered and figured this out for yourselves correctly. I will express to you that the reason that I will validate some of your experiences is to show you that you are moving within a wider awareness, and you may trust this new awareness, and your perceptions. You may also trust yourselves that you will figure out your solutions, within trusting yourselves.

Not all things are apparent at any given present moment, as you perceive them, but they become apparent within what you perceive to be your future. I do not speak to you in terms of long-term future events, for your attention is not long enough yet to be remembering and to be incorporating this information. Therefore, when information is offered to you, if the probabilities have not been executed presently, they will materialize within reasonably short periods of time, in your terms. Each of these things are to illustrate to you that you are safe, and worthy of your own trusting.

Also, I will allow Lawrence his perception of priorities to be extended to Shynla, for this is absolutely correct, and I will allow this to be expressed through you, not wishing to steal thunder, (grinning) and allowing you each to listen to each other, trusting yourselves and each other. You are not quite ready yet to be moving beyond your small group with your trusting, but you may trust here, and when you have moved a little more, and you have incorporated a little more trust of yourselves within this forum, then you may be ready to incorporate this trust in yourselves outside of this little company.

As to the experience of our most recent session evening; this is a much wider experience than you recognize yet. You are moving into a new area of awareness. Within this area of awareness, initially, many things may not be “crystal clear,” but you will begin to incorporate a knowing and a remembering; (to Ron) remembering; and you will begin, or you have begun, to incorporate a much stronger trust within yourselves. This also is the reason that you are experiencing more, recently. It is not a case that you were only not noticing previously, and that you are noticing now.

In actuality, more probabilities are being initiated for your understanding, for you have “taken a step,” so to speak, in agreement, to incorporate more understanding. This requires your own trusting of your own selves, for many experiences that you may incorporate within the future will be unnerving to you, or seem to be as fantasy. No rational individual experiences these things! You will say “I may not speak of these things, for other individuals may think me insane!” This is where you require your own trust of yourselves, for it matters not the viewing of other individuals. It matters how you view yourself.

We will speak briefly of the concept of your Seers, in preparation for “coming events!” (Big sigh from the group) I will express to you, first, that I am instructing you to be exercising one of your inner senses, one in which most of you do not exercise readily ... and some exercise too readily! (Leaning towards and speaking directly to Tom, who is totally unaware that Elias is referring to him) Hello! (Trying to get Tom’s attention, who is staring at Ron. We all laugh)

TOM: Hi! I hear you. I was watching Ron. (He was “exercising!”)

ELIAS: This would be your inner sense that you would term empathic. You focus on what you term telepathic as a psychic sense, or inner sense, which you all, to a very limited degree, may define. Empathic is your ability to feel and experience other individuals and other essences. You may practice exercising this empathic sense, and no one will know! (Laughter) It does not require speaking. It does not require thinking. It only requires identifying yourself and your connections with other essences, feeling what they are experiencing. This may seem to be not very important, but you will find that my reasoning is quite valid, within your future.

It is coupled with another inner sense, quite necessary to connect with this sense of empathic, in order to be understanding of elements which will be presented. The other sense that you may practice is your inner sense of conceptualization, this being somewhat as your visualization. Within visualization, you see images. Within conceptualization, you are offered a concept and you become the concept; just as within our game I offered the exercise and challenge to you all, and to Lawrence, to experience the vibrational connection to the categories within our game; this being the introduction to your conceptualization.

There are times when it is not enough to be offered a concept, for you may think of the concept until you can think no more, and you will still not understand, for you are using a very small portion of your physically focused brain. You need incorporate more. You possess inner senses which serve you quite well, but they are also quite rusty! It is now time to be pulling them out, and dusting them off, and shining them, and placing them in working order.

Within conceptualization, you may choose any concept. It does not need to be one of Elias’ concepts. It may be anything. Focus upon the concept, and experience the concept. Do not think about the concept over and over, for this is not the point. I will ask you, “What were you thinking during your experience with Milus?! I will answer for you; nothing! You were experiencing. You were not evaluating. You were not analyzing. You were experiencing; therefore allowing yourselves information and understanding that you would not have come to without the experience. Therefore, within conceptualization, experience the concept. Become the concept.

Michael will be acquiring, little does he know, (grinning) a new book. This book will be of philosophy. Many of these philosophies contained within this book he has studied previously, in depth. I will instruct him to be experiencing and conceptualizing the concepts. Within the area of Michael’s focus, I will be instructing him in this way as a preparation. He presently is very close to a vibrational tone, which may incorporate an experience and expression outwardly to you. He will not understand or be prepared if he is not incorporating conceptualization; therefore the frightenedness.

You are correct. You have moved into something really big, much bigger than you realize! I will give you a slight idea; your known physical universe dwarfs in comparison! (Wow!) You have asked, and now you shall receive. I will also express that there are some aspects that even I may not deliver to you, for they are wider than my focus, and your experience is approaching very close to incorporate a very, very small viewing. Your turning point, and Michael’s turning point, was the incorporation of my other focus. (Grinning widely)

Now, in preparation for this probability, which will materialize, it is only a question of when the vibrational qualities align, we will speak briefly of the Seers, for this is partially the reason for this initiation. In order to acquaint you better with the Seers, I must explain a slight background. I have offered you bits and pieces, which I will attempt to pull together a little more efficiently, creating a non-physically focused site to be offered.

At a point within the consciousness of the Universal One and Creating Whole, the energy was massive. It was contained, as you contain your energy to yourselves. Remember, I am speaking quite elementary and simply, only for a very simplified explanation. Just as you each contain an inner energy which radiates around you, which you view as an energy field, you could view this as containing the same type of “holding to its energy.” At a moment within its consciousness, a choice was make to be detaching, partially. (Pause) This is very difficult. Within this detachment, there was an expression of allowing energy to be released, for purpose of expression. (Pause)

Now, visualize what you have viewed, in pictures, of an atom. An atom may, upon impact, or also without impact, explode; and from this one atom are myriads of other elements containing exactly the same encoded elements of the original; the original still existing within another dimension, but seemingly disappearing within the dimension that the new particles appear. (Pause) I am understanding that this is difficult, but it is necessary for a better understanding.

When the Universal One created the allowance of energy to be detached, the energies dispersed from it, but still connected. Within this action, each element of energy exploded, creating individual essences. Each expression or particle of energy was focused with intent, one being the intent of knowledge. This explosion into aspects of itself created the essences of Seers. The original element, or aspect, was ... (Looking directly at Vicki)

VICKI: Rose.

ELIAS: Correct; this being the beginning of the Seers.

I have expressed that, within physical focus, the Seers were manifest once, but then I have expressed that you are Seers, this seeming to be a contradiction. It is not; for the totality of the Seers was manifest once. The aspects of the Seers continue, and have been created into their own essences, incorporating their own choices, and probabilities, and memory, and knowing, but also containing the aspect of the Seer. You all incorporate aspects of yourselves, and they all incorporate aspects of themselves, and on and on, and never-ending; and this is all individual, but all incorporated as part of the whole. You, as incorporating aspects, and being the aspects of the Seers, are Seers; for you possess all that they possess. (Pause)

This is the area which is needing of conceptualization! (Soft laughter) This concept is beyond what you will understand, within physical focus, without conceptualization. You do possess the ability to know. You must learn to incorporate a different method of knowing, which is not an intellectual knowing. (Pause) Now that you are all quite quiet, I will initiate a break. This way, you may breathe again! (Laughter)

BREAK 7:31 PM.

RESUME: 8:03 PM.

ELIAS: And we resume. (Elias looks at Cathy, who is wearing the “double site” around her head. He is grinning widely) Quite attractive, (laughter) and more realistic than you realize, a perfect “sliding into” my next section; which first, we will address to the name of Ayla, which I obviously was not making myself quite clear enough. This, in actuality, was a physically focused name, as you each incorporate many names, not just one. It was only not the most probable name to be focused upon within our game scenario, for the collective consciousness of the group was originally moving in the direction of another name, which you, (Cathy) within your connection of perception, changed. You chose to connect with another physically focused name of this same essence and offer that in expression, as it is also a physically focused name. Within the realm of the game, it must be accepted. Therefore, be noticing that you each may change the probabilities at any moment.

Next, I will incorporate Shynla once again, and offer an explanation of why your sites more adequately depict this essence. Some essences choose to focus their energy not in one essence. There are essences which are individual essences. You may say Olivia incorporates its own essence. James incorporates its own essence. Shynla incorporates its own personality energy, and focuses its essence within connection of other essences. This essence has been fragmented creating an essence of its own, and chosen to disperse its energy within many essences, therefore connected with Olivia, Lawrence, and Michael. (Pause, smiling) Welcome, Elizabeth!


ELIAS: Very nice to see you this evening.

ELIZ: Likewise.

ELIAS: I am feeling quite graced! (Elizabeth cracks up) And, I will ask a question of Shynla, which I am not needing of a response. I will be speaking with you at a later time. Are you enjoying your game of badminton?

CATHY: No, I’m not! (Laughing)

ELIAS: I would suggest incorporating croquet! You place your foot on the ball and you whack it with a mallet, initiating a point. (Grinning) I will also offer another suggestion, that you incorporate a slight alteration in thinking. You are thinking in a negative area. You are viewing your probabilities, but you are incorporating a negative outlook. Incorporate confidence and trust within self, which will enable you to move through.

CATHY: Thank you.

ELIAS: Not that you are truly wishing to be expressing thank you! (Laughter) I, you see, do practice empathic abilities; which Shynla is expressing, “Please move on, Elias, and do not be focusing on Shynla any longer, for I wish to be invisible now!” (Cathy cracks up) You may be covering your head with your clothing if you are wishing now. It is not distracting to me! (Grinning, and a pause) Like a small child, “You may not see me now!” (Elias covers his face with his hands, and we all crack up. After a brief pause, he looks directly at Jeri and says) Gray fox!

JERI: Yes. I was going to speak to you about that.

ELIAS: This being a recognition of another developmental focus, this being the name. You have aligned yourself already with the essence of Twylah, which incorporates many different Indian, or what you presently accept as Native American, focuses; this being a recognition, within yourself, of part of your own identity. Therefore, your assumption that you are allowing yourself a clue to recognizing your own widening awareness is correct, and you are also to be acknowledged for the noticing and recognition that this was not incorporated in our game. Therefore, trust your perceptions, for they speak to you correctly.

JERI: Thank you, Elias. I will do that.

ELIAS: And Joseph is very quiet this evening!

JO: You are correct.

ELIAS: Shall we incorporate conversation of crop circles? (Laughter)

JO: We already did that!

ELIAS: Or armor is nice, also! (Grinning playfully)

JO: Good and shiny, huh! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Quite, and very reflecting! (Pause) I truly will not bite you, and you truly will not destroy yourself. Energy, which is what you all are, is not annihilated, ever. It is only reapportioned in a more efficient manner. (Pause)

CATHY: I have to go make a physically focused phone call. Excuse me.

ELIAS: Oh, you are excused! (Grinning)

CATHY: Thank you. (Laughing)

ELIAS: Shall I be waiting? (Humorously)

CATHY: Oh, no! Continue (pause) without me! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Of course! I am realizing that with some of our individuals, I have initiated a little push, but some of you are needing of a little push! (Pause, grinning)

VICKI: This phenomenon you were talking about with Shynla, is that common?

ELIAS: Not very. It occurs. It is depending upon the essence desire. Some essences desire a wider array of experiences within the area of connectedness. You view this individual as being disconnected from most other individuals, physically focused, surrounding her. This is common within this particular essence design, for it is not necessary to be physically connecting with manifest individuals in a very incorporated manner, for the connection is made within essence continuously, with no interruption. These essences also experience different transition, for there is less incorporation of conflict, for they are not singularly focused. There is also an easier knowing of the wider self, or other aspects; this being why Shynla may look to her mirror and instantly view another image, for the connection is not blocked quite so strongly. This would be likened to each to you being clouds, and this essence being the wind blowing through all of the clouds; possessing its own direction, its own knowing, its own self, but passing through many others also, incorporating many connections.

VICKI: It’s really interesting!

ELIAS: We will discuss this further at a later date. (Pause) I am also acknowledging of James’ attempt to be connecting, and viewing of a portion of your energy.

TOM: Thank you, Elias.

ELIAS: These things are not to be frightened of, for they are you.

TOM: Yeah, but boy, when you see them in the mirror, the first thing that you do is, you have shock!

ELIAS: And now you understand what you are avoiding in your shift, for if you have no previous recognition and knowledge, you will be even more unnerved!

TOM: I’ve got goose-bumps now, and we were just talking about it!

ELIAS: Incorporate an imagining of viewing this within physical focus! I will guarantee you will be taken aback, as was Michael.

TOM: Well, I’m gonna call for help if it happens! (Pause)

JERI: Elias, I have a question. For many years, and currently also, when I dream, my dreams are fraught with anxiety and seldom happy, and I’m concerned about the negativity.

ELIAS: This being an expression of yourself to you to be recognizing issues, to which you identify with fear. Your essence speaks to you all, as I have stated previously, through your dreams, many times. It is calling to you to recognize issues and challenges which you are not focusing upon. Within your dream state, this element of you may be accepting of even the most terrifying experience, and continue. Therefore, it is exhibited within a safe environment. As these types of elements within your dream state continue, it is a message to you from your essence, your wider self. You are attempting to gain your own attention, to be focusing on challenges that you avoid.

I will express to you also that part of the avoidance is to focus your dream state in repeating waking hours. You dream of physically focused events that have occurred previously, within your day or your week. This is a conscious attempt to be blocking your messages about your challenges. You have incorporated a state of being, presently, where you have separated. Fromasch ... Fromasch. (Demonstrating with hands separated) Dreaming Fromasch ... Waking Fromasch. Waking Fromasch has been allowed a more powerful consciousness. It does not accept that there are not separations. This is all one; (clasping hands together) just as within waking consciousness, at the hour of three o’clock, Fromasch is not one individual, and at the hour of four o’clock, Fromasch is another individual. No. Fromasch is the same individual, passing through time.

In this same manner, you are the same self passing through states of consciousness, between waking and dreaming. It is all one, but you have fooled yourself into believing that your waking consciousness is different, therefore this being the controlling. When you are expressing messages from essence to your physical consciousness, your waking consciousness, or ego, which I do not use this word within a psychological context, immediately jumps in and is expressing, “Oh no! I am in control! This is my focus! You will not interrupt! Therefore, I will replace these images with familiar safe images!”; hence the dream of your waking time.

Now, you may try to exercise our experiment, of viewing these dreams about your waking time as dreams. View them as a dream. Think of your waking time as a dream. Therefore, you allow the other area of your own consciousness a little more power. Just as it has been expressed, “The animal that you feed the most is the one that grows the biggest,” if you are continually throwing huge slabs of meat to one, and only tiny scraps to the other, one will become weak and have little power. The other will become very big and strong and fat, and become over-powering. Therefore, balance. Allow the power to be incorporated to the whole.

JERI: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. (Pause, grinning) I am feeling emanating of Elizabeth. (Silent pause) No comment! (Laughter)

CATHY: “K.” I have a question. Is Greg a splintered counterpart?

ELIAS: I believe, within your widening and within your knowing, you may offer me this answer, may you not? And connecting to which essence? (Pause) Olivia!

CATHY: I know. I don’t have to talk. You just pull it out of my head!

ELIAS: Very perceptive!

CATHY: (With a hint of sarcasm) You can thank your appointed little interpreter over there for that! (Looking at Vicki, and laughing)

TOM: I got a question, Elias. I happened to catch a little thing on the news tonight pertaining to a comet that is now in our solar system, that will be passing by earth in the year 1997. Is that anything to do with part of our shift?


TOM: Is it going to cause any destruction?

ELIAS: No. I will, at another session though, spend some time in speaking to you of these events and these elements of your physical universe, as you perceive it, for it is not quite what you perceive it to be; but you have an official perception which you have accepted, amongst you all, which is what you view and what you create within your physical reality, but this also reaches beyond what you realize. This subject will take more time than I am ready to devote this evening, for Michael incorporates an anxiousness presently. Therefore, I will not incorporate tremendous time this evening, but I will be speaking to you of these things within the future, for they are quite interesting.

TOM: Future events. Thanks, Elias.

ELIAS: You are welcome. (To Elizabeth) Our little Olivia is well?

ELIZ: Yes. (Smiling)

ELIAS: I knew this already! (Laughter, and a pause)

VICKI: I have a question, two questions. The impressions about Ron’s dream, were they pretty correct?

ELIAS: Partially. You are correct in your interpretation. The end expression of the dream is an incorporation of personal astonishment; and also a connection, within consciousness, with Michael, in a recognition of “coming attractions!” (Grinning, and laughter) And???

VICKI: Well, why is Rose physically focusing?

ELIAS: (Smiling) For she has things to initiate and accomplish that are connected with your shift; and being what she, or it, is, she is viewing it necessary to be preparing the Seers for your new city, for inhabitation; for to this point, the reality has been one manifestation of Seers. You are incorporating the construction of the new city, to which they will be manifest again. Therefore, preparation is necessary for future, within physical focus. She is not the Messiah! (Laughing) This is not that second coming!

TOM: Speaking of second coming, will we see the second coming in this physical focus? (Elias starts laughing, and can’t stop)

ELIAS: (Still cracking up) Excuse, James. There is no second coming in the terms that you are viewing. There will be a manifestation, which will be remanifested of an incorporation of the three into one, which will be connected with your shift, but not in a religious focus. (Grinning) You are quite amusing with your fascination of religious elements, and the continuation of these; and have you encountered any of your religious counterparts?

TOM: No, but I’ve really tried! I’ve tried, but I need some help.

ELIAS: Very well.

TOM: I really do need some help on that.

ELIAS: Acknowledged.

TOM: Thank you very much. We can tear down the rest of the shrines after this is all over.

ELIAS: This would be the point.

TOM: Yes. Exactly.

ELIAS: (Grinning) I must be saying that you have accomplished quite an exquisite creation of these! This is quite an accomplishment for you personally, for some of them would be putting the Basilica to shame! (Laughter) This is quite a fascination, but it is also, as I have stated to Lawrence, an accomplishment. There are no failures. There are no set-backs. There are deviations in creation, but all are accomplishments, and all are creative. (Pause)

VICKI: Is this an appropriate time to ask Michael’s second game question? (Elias nods) Well, first Michael would like to introduce the category of places.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

VICKI: And in the, oh gosh, let’s see, (tongue-tripping) he’d like to connect the place of the pond with Elias. Would that go into the connecting essence’s category?

ELIAS: No. You may place this in your category of places, connected with blue ...

TOM: (Interrupting) What was it, Vicki? Pond?

ELIAS: (Continuing) for eventually, if your desire is great enough, you may also meet me there.

VICKI: (Whispering) I’ll explain it later.

TOM: Could you explain it later? Thanks.

ELIAS: And maybe, one day, Michael will be incorporating a painting of the pond. (Pause, and then to Jo, with affection) I am with you.

JO: Thank you.

ELIAS: I will be discontinuing for this evening.

TOM: Thank you for all the help.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

JERI: Ditto.

ELIAS: Ditto! (Grinning, and then to Cathy) I will be speaking with you later.

TOM: Thanks, Elias.

Elias departs at 8:52 PM.

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