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Wednesday, March 29, 2000

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ďA Personal Secrets SessionĒ

ďThe Original Sin SyndromeĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Secret (Identity).

Elias arrives at 1:16 PM. (Arrival time is 15 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

SECRET: Good morning, Elias! How are you, my friend?

ELIAS: As always, and we meet again!

SECRET: Yes! Itís a pleasure to speak with you once more! Iíve been feeling really good lately. Iíve been practicing with the energy centers, and I was wondering if you could shed a little light as to what my progress is, as far as that goes. I believe that Iím aligning them and I feel like Iím manipulating them, if you could just comment on that.

ELIAS: I express to you, yes, you are allowing yourself to become familiar with these energy centers. In this, you may continue your practicing in your viewing and spinning of these energy centers, and in this practicing, you afford yourself the objective ability to be noticing in those moments that one or more of those energy centers may be out of alignment, so to speak.

SECRET: Okay. Are there any presently in this now that are out of alignment that maybe I could adjust, more so than others?

ELIAS: Draw your attention to your yellow energy center, and also blue.

SECRET: Yellow and blue, okay. Not indigo, but blue.

ELIAS: Correct.

SECRET: Okay. The reason I requested this session is because I read a transcript a while ago Ė this is, I think, early on, when you first started to interact with us Ė and you asked the group to come back with something that is embarrassing or quite personal to them, and then in the next session, youíd talk to them. I never read the next session, but you said, ďDonít bring back that youíve stolen a piece of gum from a candy store!Ē So, I have something along those lines that I wish to discuss with you today.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha! Ah! Another secrets session!

SECRET: Well, I donít know how secret it is!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha!

SECRET: It has to do with ... I guess it has to do with my beliefs about sexuality because it has to do with my sex organs, so Iím just wondering about why Iím presenting this to myself. I guess itís not a problem, but it is a problem for me now, so I was wondering if you could comment on that.

ELIAS: First of all, offer to me your impression of what you have created, and offer to me also what you identify presently, regardless of how limited you view it to be, of why you are creating this situation.

SECRET: Okay. I think I have a belief that if I have any desire Ė I guess it would be lust or anything else Ė for any other woman besides my wife, that itís like a guilt thing. So, I would present this to myself or I would objectify this in order to ... so it would cause me not to engage in those practices. Itís just thoughts and whatnot. I donít want to act on them. Itís just thoughts that I have, and then I just move on. Thereís no question of who I want to be with.

Itís just ... I donít know. Iím a man, and I see other women, and you get desires, but you donít act on those. They pass by.

ELIAS: And you are experiencing conflict in....

SECRET: Right, within myself about that, and I keep trying to tell myself that it matters not, itís just a belief, and thereís nothing wrong with me. Iím not bad, Iím not good, Iím just me, and this is the totality of who I am, and I try to accept myself on all of those levels. So I guess thatís what it would be; it would be acceptance.

ELIAS: You are correct that this would be the expression that you may be incorporating to be altering of this.

I may also express to you, in this situation, it may be helpful to you to be engaging interaction and discussion of this subject matter with your partner, allowing a free flow of exchange in genuineness; allowing yourself to be expressing genuinely your experience, and also listening to the interaction which is offered to you by your partner.

Now; the reason that I offer this suggestion first of all is that this offers you information as to the identification of your feelings, the emotions that you incorporate, the thoughts that you incorporate, and also allows you to observe your partnerís response to your projection of energy.

You may notice that even within the discussion Ė or even with the thoughts that are unverbalized in the discussion Ė you shall be invoking of certain feelings and emotions in relation to the thoughts that you are attempting to be offering to your partner in conversation. Even the mere thoughts are creating of responses within you.

Now: this offers you information to familiarize yourself with self.

In this, in many types of situations, yourself and other individuals may look to any particular expression of a belief or an aspect of a belief that they objectively recognize or identify, and there is an expectation that merely within the identification of that belief, it shall dissipate and you shall alter your perception. This is not necessarily the situation.

Some of these aspects of belief systems that you hold are very strong, and they are reinforced through mass belief systems.

There are expectations that you place upon yourself concerning your behavior, and there are expectations that you receive from mass belief systems that are also reinforcing of your judgment upon self.

Therefore, regardless that you identify,ĒThis is a belief. Therefore, I hold the ability to not be responding to this belief,Ē you place yourself in situations in which the scenario shall objectively arise again, and the belief also rears its little head! (They both laugh)

Now; be remembering, there is a tremendous influence in the expectation of behavior which is exerted by mass belief systems, which IS quite influencing. For belief systems, as I have stated previously, tap into other belief systems, and all belief systems couple themselves with duplicity.

Duplicity intertwines itself within ALL of your expressions and ALL of your aspects of ALL of your beliefs, and in this intertwining of the duplicity, you lean in the direction of the familiar, and the familiar expression is to be devaluing and discounting of self.

You lean in this direction much more readily than you lean in the direction of acknowledging or validating yourself.

You automatically move into the expression of duplicity that creates the judgment of inadequacy or discounting of self Ė failure Ė that you are not accomplishing well enough. You discount your measure, you discount your worth, and you also tap into elements of duplicity which influence you within your perception in how other individuals shall view you. This holds a tremendous expression of energy!

For regardless of how often any individual may express that they do not concern themselves with the beliefs or the expressions or the opinions of other individuals, you ALL are influenced by this aspect of duplicity, in which you DO concern yourselves with the judgments and opinions of other individuals and the expectations of other individuals, and you assume those as your own, and you place the same expectations and judgments upon self.

Therefore, the challenge is not merely the recognition that you are expressing a behavior or an emotion or a response in conjunction with a belief, but also the recognition that you are allowing yourself to be responsive to outside expectation, and assuming that expectation as your own. For you....

SECRET: Okay. Thatís quite interesting, because I thought that ... I know that Iím accomplishing in accepting of myself, and I feel that since we last spoke, Iíve felt more connectedness to my essence, and I feel like Iím moving Ė not so much rapidly, but Iím moving a little bit quicker in my acceptance of self. Now that weíve discussed this, I feel like this is, like you said, a challenge. Itís a challenge to myself. Iím presenting this imagery to myself, and Iím objectively producing this ailment, I guess you could call it, to see ... I guess itís a challenge to myself, as you said, right?

ELIAS: Let me also express to you, as I have stated, beliefs intertwine with each other and they trigger each other. Therefore, as you are allowing yourself to be examining self and turn your attention inward to self, you also present yourself with many different aspects of beliefs.

This is merely one aspect of beliefs that is affecting in this situation. The one that we are discussing is that of the expectations of other individuals, and mass belief systems that you assume and incorporate into your own beliefs and comply with.

There are also other aspects in which mass belief systems project a tremendous volume of energy concerning sexuality. This is a very large expression within your physical dimension.

In this, you hold very strong aspects of beliefs, for you intertwine aspects of physical presentation of self and of your physical form. You involve aspects of performance, and the expectation that you place upon yourself in that expression, and the assumption of what is being projected to you in expectation by another individual Ė what you perceive to be their design of how you should be creating your behaviors and your performance, your interaction.

There are also aspects of worth of self and value of self. There are other aspects of responsibility.

The aspects of responsibility cross into not merely areas of intimacy and sexuality regarding yourself and interaction with your partner, but also involve your projection of yourself in your role and your image concerning other relationships, that which you perceive to be the parent, and the responsibility that you are assuming in your assessment of your role in that type of relationship, and your own expectations of the type of energy and example that needs be exerted in that type of expression.

Therefore, you may view that there are many, many different aspects of beliefs ...

SECRET: Thatís an understatement! (Laughing)

ELIAS: ... that are all incorporated into the manifestation that you are presenting yourself with.

Now; the key to all of these expressions or aspects of beliefs is not that you need be singularly addressing to each of these aspects individually, but that you may be affecting of your perception, which shall alter your reality, by turning your attention in a continued action Ė in like manner to what you have been creating Ė to self, and recognizing that the reason that these aspects of beliefs are affecting and are being very influencing of your perception is that you are holding your attention outside of self. You are....

SECRET: Okay, Iím concerned. Iím just trying to ... I donít know.

ELIAS: You are concerning yourself with the expectations of mass belief systems, of other individuals, of the designs of particular roles and your fulfillment of them. These are all outside expectations. They are not initially expectations that you place upon yourself in the acceptance of self, but they are assumed expectations that you place upon yourself as you also, more and more throughout your focus, from the moment of entry, continue to build upon your alignments with your beliefs.

Therefore, as you allow yourself to recognize that your expression within yourself is not in actuality hurtful Ė it is merely an expression of your choice, and this is not right or wrong Ė you may also allow yourself to identify your assessment of spirituality and physical expression. You view these to be upon opposite ends of the spectrum, so to speak, and they are not. They are incorporated in harmony together.

Spirituality is not a thing, and it is not outside of you, and it is not divorced from physical expression. It is the expression of all of you. That is your physical expression also, and all that you naturally create within it.

The recognition that all that you create is merely a choice in exploration of your physical reality Ė THIS is spirituality, not the lofty ideal of your higher self or god or the universe or any element outside of you that you perceive to be greater than self. Your spirituality is the expression of ALL of yourself.

Therefore, what you also challenge yourself with in this manifestation is the identification that your physical impulses, your physical choices, and your physical feelings are not wrong or base.

Let me express to you also, this once again is a tremendous expression of mass belief systems. This is an aspect of religious belief systems. Throughout your globe, there are many, many, many Ė in actuality, almost all Ė of your establishments of religious philosophies that align with the aspect of the belief that you enter into this physical manifestation flawed.

SECRET: Right. So youíre drawing a line with that, youíre saying. Iíve never considered myself ... I mean, I feel like Iíve not moved away from that, but I recognize that it is that, and I guess I still adhere to it, but I didnít really believe that I objectively aligned with that because I donít really adhere to any religion.

ELIAS: It matters not. You need not be affiliating yourself with any religion. Each time you express that you need be accomplishing ANY action at all within your physical reality BETTER, you are expressing the objective, outward mirror of your alignment with this belief that you are flawed, and that you need be learning and you need be growing and you need be accomplishing better.

This is the strength of this particular religious belief, that you enter into this physical reality flawed. You may, in your culture, identify this with theďoriginal sin syndrome.Ē Ha ha ha ha ha! Which....

SECRET: Iím running out of time here. I want to thank you. Iíve got to go back and listen to the tape. If I align my energy centers as well, will that help in the process of choosing another line, choosing something different than what Iím manifesting, choosing to go another way?

ELIAS: Yes, and you may also, in relation to your energy centers, allow yourself in the moment to notice. When you are creating this type of action or these feelings or emotions and the thoughts that accompany this in judgment, turn your attention to your orange energy center, and you shall also view how dramatically you have affected that particular energy center.

SECRET: Okay, as far as throwing it off balance?

ELIAS: Quite, and you shall inhibit its movement.

SECRET: Okay, so that means Iím blocking myself. Thatís what this all comes down to. Itís not that Iím less than; Iím not discounting myself. Iím creating obstacles for myself where I donít need to.

ELIAS: Correct, and in this, as you allow yourself to be accepting of self, that all of your expressions ARE spiritual ... and also be remembering, this may be a helpful exercise for you, to be engaging in this conversation with your partner. It may be enlightening to you objectively in many different aspects.

SECRET: Yeah, Ďcause I believe that even though my partner doesnít read this material ... Iíll tell her about it and sheíll understand what Iím saying, but sheíll say she doesnít believe it or anything. It seems to me at times that she allows herself more of a free flow than I do, (Elias grins) and Iím the one thatís ... I donít know if itís striving or what, but I concentrate so greatly on it, and she just allows more of a free flow for herself, I believe.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha! And you may be uncomplicating much of your reality....

SECRET: Yeah, thatís what I do. I do complicate myself, although I do feel, in the last two weeks or so, Iíve accepted myself more, and Iíve been adhering to more of an ďin the nowĒ type of situation, like I practiced a meditation of looking at a candle, just to concentrate on that, and I closed my eyes and I felt a very ... I donít know. I felt lighter than I usually am. I just felt very light and airy, and I donít know if you can comment on that at all.

ELIAS: This is your allowance in relaxing.

SECRET: Okay, so thatís ... I guess I question myself as to whether Iím accomplishing in those avenues. Iíll get a feeling, but then Iíll question the feeling because thereís nobody to tell you whether itís a correct feeling or itís just your imagination. I donít know.

ELIAS: (Grinning) And I am here to express to you that this is not your identification of your imagination! You have created actual experiences which are quite valid, and you are offering yourself these experiences to be validating of yourself and to allow yourself objectively to recognize that you DO hold these abilities.

SECRET: Okay, thatís great. Iím going to encapsulate what we just went through, just for my own sake, to process it in my head, so I can walk around today and adhere to it. Iím going to discuss this with my partner, and just keep accepting myself, and those would be two keys to my situation.


SECRET: Okay. I think Iíve held you a little too long, so Iím gonna get going. I want to thank you for your linear time again, Elias. Itís been most helpful. I think Iíll have this transcript published, maybe anonymously for now. I think it could help others.

ELIAS: Very well, and I shall express to you my continuation of offering energy to you....

SECRET: Iíve been feeling your energy around. The other night, when I was discussing this material with a friend, I felt you; I felt your energy in the room with us.

ELIAS: You are correct.

SECRET: Okay, thatís good! Also, my TV is flicking on and off.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha!

SECRET: It goes off, and then it goes back on. I donít know if thatís you or the cable company. Is that you?

ELIAS: This is not your cable company!

SECRET: Okay, pal, thatís good to know! I appreciate that. That lets me know, like you said, that Iím starting to actualize. Iím starting to become these concepts. Instead of just conceptualizing and processing, Iím starting to become part of this, and itís quite wonderful! Iím letting go of fear. I believe that the reason Iím manifesting what I am now is to adhere to these very situations that weíve just spoken about. So, itís an opportunity. Everything is an opportunity, I guess you could say.


SECRET: Okay, Elias. Thank you very much, and have a wonderful day!

ELIAS: You are very welcome. I anticipate our next meeting.

SECRET: As do I.

ELIAS: To you in great affection, my friend, au revoir.

SECRET: Right back to you, pal. Au revoir!

Elias departs at 1:51 PM.

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