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Sunday, December 10, 1995

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Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Guin (Sophia), Elizabeth (Elizabeth), Cecelia (Sari), and arriving late, Jo (Joseph).

Elias arrives at 6:54 PM.

ELIAS: Good evening. Welcome, once again, to Sari. (Smiling)

CELIA: Thank you. (Pause)

ELIAS: (Looking around) This evening, I will ask you to engage with me in an exercise. One moment. (Pause, during which Elias starts laughing) I will express, for the benefit of the individuals present, we will be incorporating our game later! Michael is wishing to make known that salt and pepper are reversed, in his estimation. I will allow this to stand! (Grinning at Ron)

RON: Thank you! (Laughter, and a pause during which you can almost hear Vicki’s mental objections, for this has become quite an issue)

ELIAS: (Directly to Vicki, grinning) It stands! (More laughter) Continuing, I will be asking you if you are possessing of sheets of paper, preferably with no color or lines upon these sheets of paper.

RON: We have lots.

ELIAS: I will ask you to be issuing one sheet to each individual within our group, and also a writing instrument.

VICKI: Is this big enough? (Holding up a piece of paper)

ELIAS: Acceptable. (Pause, while we get our paper and pencils) Now, I will ask you each to draw a shape upon your sheet of paper; one shape. (Pause) Completed? Now, look at your paper and express to me, where does your focus go to? (Pause)

CELIA: It goes to the shape.

ELIAS: Exactly. You incorporate the shape immediately. Now, I will ask you also, where have each of you placed the shape upon your sheet of paper?

VICKI: Mine’s at the top left-hand corner.

ELIAS: No doubt! (Grinning) Continue.

GUIN: I don’t know. Not in the middle, not on the top, not on the bottom. It’s right there! (Showing Elias her paper)

CELIA: Mine is closer to the top, and in the center.

RON: Mine’s dead center.

ELIZ: Mine’s at the top and the center.

ELIAS: Now, I will ask you also; when you are viewing this paper, you focus upon the shape, and do you notice how you incorporate the rest of the paper? (Pause) You do not, for the shape becomes your focal point. It is your point of focus. It is only one spot on your field, but it has your attention, for it has become your focus. You vaguely incorporate the field around it, knowing that it exists, but paying no attention to the surrounding field, for the focus point has been established. In this, this is you. The field is your essence, the focus point is your shape; and just as you visually focus upon one point on your paper, acknowledging the existence of the surrounding area but only focusing on one point, you likewise do this with physical manifestation. You focus your attention upon one point.

Now, think to a painting, which incorporates colors and activity; a scene. In viewing a painting, you will automatically visually incorporate points, at any given moment. Your field of vision allows you the perception of the entire painting simultaneously, but your focus narrows to points. It may be a color, it may be a form; and you may move your vision to different points while viewing one painting, but you will incorporate points, at any given moment.

When you conceptualize this same painting, your vision becomes secondary. You are aware that you are viewing, visually, an object; but your vision recedes, and your conceptualization becomes primary. In this, you transcend your physical senses and incorporate the entirety; not of the painting, but of the concept of the painting. When you conceptualize music, you are listening, and then you allow your physical sense of hearing to recede, allowing you to experience the totality of the tones. Part of your consciousness continues to incorporate a melody, but a greater part incorporates conceptualization, which allows you a greater connection with the element itself.

This evening, we will discuss “facets” of essence. This is the reason why I have begun with this small illustration, that you may view one facet of your essence as being the same as the focus point upon your field of paper. You are a facet of your essence. Each of your developmental focuses are also facets of your essence. All of your awarenesses in wider focuses are facets of your essence; this being unlike counterparts or aspects, which may also incorporate other essences.

Now, I will ask for Ron to be handing to me your silver focal point that you have created. (Smiling, holding out his hand to Ron)

RON: My silver focal point? (Totally confused)

ELIAS: Correct. (Here, Guin hands Ron the silver site)

RON: This? (He holds it up, Elias nods, and Ron hands it to him)

ELIAS: Thank you. This will be also a visual illustration that you may incorporate. Visualize this site as your essence. These parts are all facets of your essence. In actuality, you incorporate many, many more, but this will do. You see how they move. (Demonstrating the moving parts) I will allow you each to be examining the silver site. They may move in any and all directions. (Hands the site to Vicki, to look at and pass around)

Visualize a Ferris wheel that not only moves in one direction, but in all directions. Each facet of essence rotates. It is an existence. It is a reality. It incorporates personality. It incorporates very specific traits and abilities. It also incorporates its own awareness. As we have spoken of individual focuses, you may also view some of these facets as being individual focuses of your essence. They are in continuous motion. There is also periodic intersection where they are rotating through each other, and meeting at different points. In this, you may intersect with an alternate self, which is a facet. You may intersect with a developmental focus, which is a facet. You may intersect with a wider awareness, which is also a facet.

Energy, within its electromagnetic fields, moves in waves. You may visualize water waves, if it is easier for you. I would be preferring to use atmospheric waves as an example, for these move in all directions simultaneously. You may visualize yourself, in your essence, as the center of a pool to which a stone has been dropped into, this creating rings of waves. They are motions created by the center. The motion is the wave. The wave is the action, which creates an intersection of intent, which creates the particle, which is you. You are the essence particle, or facet.

Just as a fine stone, to which we have incorporated within our game, has many facets, you also incorporate many facets. Within the electromagnetic wave fields that you possess, you draw to you and intersect with other facets of your own essence. In actuality, you do this more than you are aware, for you do this quite often within your dream state. You also encounter these facets when you are viewing within your mirror. Also, you encounter facets of wider awareness when you are hearing whispers, (whispering to Ron, grinning) or when you are allowing an intersection such as this. (Indicating Vicki, spacing off into the cosmos)

Do not misunderstand when I express to you of wider awarenesses. Wider awarenesses that simultaneously exist to your focus point presently are connected with you, but are not you. You possess your own personality and focus, and they possess theirs; but they may also be incorporated essentially with you, as a facet. This may seem to you to be contradictory, as we have spoken of fragmentation, and therefore you believe that you are separate and different; but you are all encompassed within the whole. The awareness that whispers to you (Ron) is a wider awareness of your own essence, you being fragmented of this, but also being incorporated; therefore the awareness that speaks through Michael being a wider awareness which he is fragmented of, but still is incorporated. I understand these are difficult concepts, for it is difficult to not incorporate separation.

CELIA: So may I ask, I just want to know if I’m understanding. We are then fragmented parts of a larger whole?

ELIAS: First of all, I will express to you, you are the larger whole! You are fragmented of other essences, but each fragment incorporates all of the original, so to speak. This individual focus, which I am speaking of presently, which you know yourself to be within physical manifestation, is a facet of the essence. The essence is the larger whole. You are not separate! You are only the focal point, the shape on your field of paper. You may hold this paper within your hand. May you remove, with your hand, this shape that you have engraved on this paper? No; for it has become your focal point, and it is one with the paper. The same holds to your essence. It has created a physical manifestation focal point, a personality focus, which is you; but you may not remove you from the essence!

CELIA: I think I understand; so my physical self is but a part of this larger essence.

ELIAS: (Smiling) It is a focus. It is a facet and personality focus manifestation, just as this symbol that you have placed upon your paper is not a part of the paper. It is not separate. It is incorporated within the paper. It is only differentiated, for your physical vision magnates to it. Your consciousness, within essence, magnates to each focus and blocks all other focuses around it, therefore allowing you a less confused and purer individual experience. You are moving into an area where you are wishing to expand your awareness, therefore you are allowing your focus to relax. This allows you to incorporate a wider field of vision, so to speak. (Pause) Good evening, Joseph!

JO: Good evening!

GUIN: I missed something. What is the difference between a facet and an aspect?

ELIAS: (Smiling) Aspects are incorporated within all focuses, in all dimensions. I have spoken to you of no separation. Essence is not contained, in the direction that you think of. In this, aspects of your essence are incorporated within all other individuals, all other awarenesses, all other dimensions. Facets are those elements of essence belonging, so to speak, to your individual essence.

GUIN: As an example, Lawrence is an aspect of me, but not a facet.

ELIAS: Correct. Lawrence is not an aspect of you, but incorporates an aspect of you.

GUIN: Okay. Thank you for the correction. (Pause) One more.

ELIAS: Continue. (Smiling)

GUIN: (“Scrunching up” her face) So aspects can be facets, just as facets can be aspects, depending?

ELIAS: Correct. Aspects is an unnecessary term when you are speaking of facets, for this is a given, for aspects encompass all. You have wondered how you are connected to each other, or to other individuals, or to individuals you do not know, or to other focuses and dimensions, without incorporating a counterpart. Your answer to this is that you incorporate aspects in all of these. You do not incorporate facets in everything. When you, speaking as your essence, creates a developmental focus, this is not created by another essence. It is your creation; it is your viewing; it is your focus. It is also your facet. (Pause) You incorporate many alternate selves. These alternate selves are not another individual’s alternate selves. They are your alternate self, which has been created by you. These are facets. All awarenesses that are peculiar to you are your facets. (Pause, and then to Vicki) No questions, Lawrence?

VICKI: Not right now. (Still spacing off into the cosmos)

GUIN: We may be needing to incorporate knocking on the table three times for Lawrence! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Unnecessary. Lawrence may incorporate a strange appearance, but is quite aware! (Smiling, and a pause)

GUIN: Well, I’ll play Lawrence tonight! I have another question. Speaking of facets and aspects, can you give a little bit more information with the connection between Ayla, Twylah, and connection maybe with yourself or with Paul, or where that’s all connected?

ELIAS: They are, in one respect, all connected. Within our game, some of the essences are interconnected within facets. Some are connected as facets of another essence. All are incorporated as facets of Rose. Each incorporates their own individual facets also. I incorporate my own facets, which you may be connected to; but you create all of your own facets also, each moving into its own explosion, so to speak, as we have spoken of your atoms. Each focus incorporates facets, and those each incorporate a reality which may create facets of their own. Therefore, this is how I say to you; there is no beginning, there is no end, there is no time; for it is ever continuing, in a constant state of movement and becoming.

When you, as an emotionally-focused individual, choose a probability to change an emotional direction, the original direction does not discontinue. This creates a facet of you, for it creates an alternate self. Therefore, you have incorporated a facet. I will illustrate to you.

Visualize a circle. You may wish to be drawing this later for your own visual aid and conception. Around this circle, you may incorporate spokes, such as you would be viewing with a wheel; the wheel presently is stationary, the center spokes being the line of probability that you presently incorporate. As the wheel begins to move, the line, being invisible, continues to be actualized in its original position. It does not disappear. It moves off to another angle, creating an alternate self in probability. Both now exist in reality, both experiencing, both being facets of the one. (Pause, grinning) This is obviously not clearer!

CELIA: I wonder if I’m understanding this to be immortality? Will we be developing ... as we are learning and expanding, as you said, will we then be knowing how to create our next or approximate focus?

ELIAS: Absolutely. You do not lose your individual consciousness only because you move to a wider awareness. If you are choosing to remanifest, you may incorporate forgetfulness within remanifestation, but you do not lose any part of essence. You are immortal!

CELIA: Thank you for reminding us, and bringing us these lessons.

ELIAS: (Smiling) You are welcome. We will be incorporating a brief break, that Lawrence may be regaining himself, and we will continue.

BREAK 7:43 PM.


ELIAS: We continue. (Pause)

VICKI: Okay, I have a question now. So these seven facets of Rose that are incorporated in our game, why these specific seven, in this specific probability?

ELIAS: These essences are incorporated within two wider awarenesses, which branch to the seven. Both of the two are part of the seven. (Pause) Answer!

GUIN: Ryan?

ELIAS: Essences!

VICKI: Otha and Ordin?

ELIAS: Correct.

GUIN: Say that again?

VICKI: Otha and Ordin.

ELIAS: These being the two wider awarenesses who have incorporated together in answering your request; the answer being translated through Elias, and being incorporated with you through Michael; a filtering in aligning of energies. The essences have already been designated of which awarenesses align with which wider awarenesses. I am quite sure that you each may be “feeling out” this small riddle for yourselves. Ordin incorporates the essences of Twylah, and Ayla, and ... ? (Looking at Vicki)

VICKI: Mobowah.

ELIAS: Correct; Tomkin; Otha incorporating the others. Those who have drawn themselves to this company have done so in response and recognition of these essences and these wider awareness connections. Each of you are connected with one of these awarenesses. (Pause)

VICKI: And the connection you just spoke of, not always having to do with fragmentation, correct?

ELIAS: Correct. Your fragmentation is not dependent upon your placement within the game. I shall repeat to you, once again; focus upon your game, for it contains more information than you realize. It is a tool for widening your awareness and for remembering your connections, and you continue to focus upon it only in the direction of a child’s game. Even children’s games incorporate greater meaning as the child grows. (Pause)

GUIN: I’m having a hard time with something. Ayla would be a wider awareness of myself, correct?

ELIAS: Correct.

GUIN: However, I was fragmented from Twylah, correct?

ELIAS: Correct. You are allowing the issue of fragmentation, in some areas, to be confusing you, for you are not looking beyond to their fragmentation, which also incorporates ... ?

GUIN: You mean Ordin?

ELIAS: (Nodding yes) I have expressed to you, many times, that each fragment contains all. Therefore, if you are fragmented of one essence, you are the same as the fragmenting essence, essentially. You possess your own traits of personality and individual intent, but you also possess all of the fragmenting essence. Therefore, you possess all of the essence that has fragmented that essence, and so on. There is no separation. You are not little “things!” You are not individual small little grapes all connected to one vine. You are the entirety of the plant. (Pause)

GUIN: I’m just having a hard time connecting myself with Ayla being a wider awareness, but I guess I’ll get it. I’ll understand it probably more, later.

ELIAS: I will offer to you that this is a new concept to Michael also, being recently informed of this same issue. You do not understand. Each of you possesses thoughts that are so very singularly focused that until you are actually allowing yourself to be developing your inner senses, you will not understand these ideas, for that is what they are to you; ideas. In actuality, they are realities that are beyond your thoughts and ideas; this being why I have expressed to you to be developing and connecting with your senses of conceptualization and your empathic sense. Therefore, in developing these particular senses, you may incorporate a greater understanding, without being clouded by physical thought-process.

GUIN: It’s pretty foggy over here! (Join the club, Guin! Mary)

ELIAS: Then you may connect with the cloud! (Looking at Ron, and we all laugh) Do not be confused in thinking that you are separated because your wider awareness may be Ordin, and another’s may be Otha; for you are not in “separate camps!” You are incorporated together. The connections are great, and the intermingling, conceptualize the word intermingling, is great also. (Pause) And Elizabeth? Are you wishing of a question?


ELIAS: Very well. (Smiling)

RON: I have a question that might be a little bit off the subject, but I guess no question is really totally off the subject. I was wondering about the dream I had last week that was about two windows, and I was just wondering if I was connecting with Michael, in his present developmental focus. (Long pause)

ELIAS: Excuse; I was accessing. All of you incorporate so very many dreams, it is as if I would be physically incorporating my own filing system to be looking up: Olivia; dream; windows! (Laughter) This dream is significant, for this, as you have correctly interpreted, connects you with an identification of this particular developmental focus; this being different from many other dreams that you may incorporate, involving what you term to be past or future developmental focus connections. Within your terms, physically focused, another individual would view this as a psychic perception. Of course, we are understanding that you all possess this psychic perception, for this is what you are; but as you have chosen your name, in doing this you also create an actuality, this being one of the reasons why I have expressed to you to be expressing and giving yourself your own individual name; for in expressing this, you seal this, so to speak, allowing yourself to accept this as reality. In this, you actualize the action. You have actualized the action of moving, through remembrance. This is not to say that remembrance only incorporates your own physical experience, for it does not. It also incorporates a knowledge of counterparts, and of other aspects. Being also a counterpart with Michael, you then allow yourself the actualization of viewing a moment within his physical reality, widening your own awareness. No doubt Michael would be expressing much surprise at this dream!

RON: He did!

ELIAS: (Grinning) This, I will also express, will be helpful, in being validating to Michael. I am understanding that some individuals may not realize the validation that Michael requires, but his being, to an extent, paralleling splintered counterparts. This, in your terms, is quite normal for this phenomenon, but within your remembrance of a counterpart, it may be viewed superstitiously, as a psychic connection; but may also, in that, be quite validating. You may find yourself to be incorporating dreams that seem to be strange, or inconsequential, or even confusing, for they may seem to be making no sense to you, individually; but when you are expressing these, you may find you have connected with other individuals, in knowing elements of their own experiences. Michael incorporates great creativity, which also incorporates within your experience as a counterpart, to which you may physically manifest creativity through thought process, originally, and be mapping out your creation. Your counterpart allows creation with no thought, incorporating another element of the same type of creating. No doubt you have surprised yourself also! (Ron nods, laughing, and there is a pause)

ELIZ: (Hesitantly) I have a question about a dream I had that was really bizarre. This was a while ago, when everybody was having dreams with bare feet. Well, I had a dream about, you know, I was in bare feet, but basically I had to run really quick and put my shoes back on because this scorpion was trying to eat my feet, and I had to kill the scorpion. And I tried to ask Michael what it was about, and he told me to ask you.

ELIAS: I will offer an interpretation; although, (grinning) in not stealing Lawrence’s thunder, I will also acknowledge that this would be quite easy for Lawrence to be interpreting for you also.

This dream incorporates, initially, the same element as the other three, with the realization of allowing yourself to be less grounded; therefore, no shoes; but within Elizabeth’s focus, this being viewed as an undesirable, and also frightening, for we would not be wishing to be connecting too much with Michael and Lawrence! (Humorously) Therefore, grounding within Elizabeth’s focus is viewed as a positive. Ungroundedness is viewed as fearful, which is your creature attacking you, and you needing to incorporate shoes once again, and to be destroying of this creature, and feeling safe within your groundedness. I will express to you that there is no element to be fearful of, in allowing yourself to relax your issue of groundedness. You will not fly away! (Smiling)

ELIZ: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. (Pause)

VICKI: (Laughing) So, this business of the car yesterday, was this for the benefit of Michael’s validation?

ELIAS: (Grinning) I will say to you, in repetition, that connected, you possess more than you realize. I had nothing to do with your automobile! This was your own joint creation.

VICKI: For Michael’s benefit?

ELIAS: And for Lawrence’s. You often create things together which you are not quite aware of entirely, but these are in agreement, for mutual benefit. If you are wishing for your carriage to go, create it to go! (Grinning) And Joseph, you are quite silent this evening!

JO: I have a question, not for myself, for Topla. I believe the question came from something about trust. Basically, I think actually that he said that he trusts that we’ve been focused together many, many, many, many times, and specifically mentioned something about the time of sand and pharaohs.

ELIAS: Correct.

JO: But we weren’t sure of the connection.

ELIAS: You have been manifest within this time period together. Have you incorporated your exercise?

JO: Yeah.


JO: It’s something still to work on.

ELIAS: Absolutely.

JO: But it’s kind of an easy thing.

RON: Effortless!

JO: Yeah, there you go!

ELIAS: (To Ron) Thank you! (To Jo) Very good. Continue, and you will incorporate knowledge of your own self efficiently.

JO: Thank you.

ELIAS: And, invitation?

JO: Yeah? I should give that invitation? I haven’t.

ELIAS: This is your choice. I am merely inquiring.

JO: Well, I would like to.

ELIAS: It is your choice. It is acceptable.

JO: Thank you.

ELIAS: Are you wishing more questions, Sari?

CELIA: There are many questions that I have for you. I’m so excited about this, how should I put it, this knowing of you. First of all, these entities that I feel within myself, are they a part of myself? Are they a part of this essence, or are they foreign? Are they visiting me?

ELIAS: What you are experiencing are facets of your own essence. You are experiencing bleed-throughs of developmental focuses into your present awareness and reality. You may, if you are choosing, intersect with any given point of these awarenesses and focuses. You may choose, within a meditation or within your dream state, if you are wishing, to intersect with them.

I will express to you that within these altered states of consciousness, you may intersect, but your visualization may be blurred initially. This is only temporary. If you are incorporating a stronghold upon your individual focus, in identity, these encounters may become clearer, and you may visualize and interact with them. You may also be incorporating our mirror exercise, which will allow you, personally, to be viewing what others may view through you.

CELIA: This is a lot for you to give me to digest, but I’ll ponder also. (Chuckling)

ELIAS: Others may view superimposed focuses upon your physical being. They may view the appearance of another focus, which may change the physical appearance of your present manifestation. If you are viewing yourself within a mirror, you may also view these physical changes.

CELIA: Yes, I have. I found it to be very strange indeed!

ELIAS: Now incorporate one step further, and beyond only viewing, incorporate a knowing. Learn who these facets are. Just as I express to Shynla, the visualization has become easy. Now, she may move to meeting, and intersecting, and knowing these other focuses. They are not imagination! They incorporate their own reality and may speak to you, just as you speak to another individual. They possess the same elements as do you, therefore they may communicate just as you communicate, also.

CELIA: Alright. This other question seems, I have so much to think about now with this that you’ve given me, but earlier I had a question about ... we were talking about the gathering of this group, and the alignment of our energies, and I know that you have lessons for us. You’re teaching us in your discourses, and with the game, but I am wondering if we can know now, to what end is this alignment of energies going?

ELIAS: You are widening your awareness, in preparation for your shift.

CELIA: You know, I knew that before I asked you! As I was saying it to you, I realized. Thank you. Thank you for reminding me again.

ELIAS: You are welcome. Now, you may incorporate your game!

VICKI: I’m going to ask Michael’s game questions first.

ELIAS: Acceptable. Sari may participate within our game also.

CELIA: I don’t know if I understand it quite yet. I may just observe for a while.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

CELIA: Thank you.

VICKI: Michael would like to connect the wood of birch with the essence of Otha.

ELIAS: Otha; not Marshuka! (Grinning)

VICKI: I’m going to try to start incorporating essence names.

ELIAS: Very good, Lawrence. One point.

VICKI: And he also would like to connect, in the energy category, the energy of gravity with the essence of Ordin.

ELIAS: Energy; one point.

RON: I would like to ask questions for Shynla. She would like to connect the physical focus name of Amos with Tomkin. (Laughter)

ELIAS: One point. (Grinning)

RON: She would also like to connect, in the category of elements, gravity with yellow; I mean with red. I’m sorry.

ELIAS: (Grinning) Incorrect. You may express to Shynla that as she is connected with this essence, to be evaluating gravity in this area; for each of you reflects elements of these essences, and although you are connecting all of these categories to the essences, you possess elements that are aligned with these essences. Therefore, you have been connected to them. Shynla, being dispersed, would not be gravitational!

GUIN: Okay, I’ll go. I would like to connect the emotion of love with Ayla. (Pause)

ELIAS: Incorrect.

GUIN: Okay. I would like to connect the root of garlic with Ayla.

ELIAS: Correct. One point.

GUIN: And I would like to expand on the metal of gold, to make it Black Hills gold.

ELIAS: Acceptable. One point.

JO: In the categories, how about birds?

ELIAS: You are wishing to be adding a new category?

JO: Correct.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

JO: And for woods, to connect Miranda with oak.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: Okay ...

GUIN: Wait! She still gets one more point!

VICKI: Oh, I’m sorry! I thought you were done.

JO: No, I just had a category.

ELIAS: (Grinning at Vicki) We are incorporating our little flower of Impatiens! (Laughter) Continue, Joseph.

JO: In the spices, to connect Miranda with cinnamon.

ELIAS: One point.

JO: Okay Lawrence, it’s all yours!

VICKI: Okay. In the connecting essences category and the vibrational tones category, I would like to connect the vibrational tones of Rastin and Otha with Rose.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: And in the metals category, to connect the metal of silver with the essence of Otha.

ELIAS: One point. (Pause)

RON: In the category of energy, I would like to connect kinetic energy with the essence of Tomkin.

ELIAS: One point! (Smiling)

RON: That’s all I’ve got tonight.

ELIAS: (Grinning) Ron leading one horse race, and Lawrence leading the game! (To Ron) This is all?

RON: I had another one, but I forgot. I didn’t write it down.

ELIAS: (Looking at Ron with a funny face, and we all laugh) He may remember connections of counterparts, and be forgetting a game question! It is all a matter of importance, to where you focus your attention. Very well. If you are wishing of no more questions this evening, I will be allowing your interaction amongst yourselves, to be “digesting” what we have discussed this evening. You may be connecting with your own facets. I will be speaking with you quite soon. Adieu.

Elias departs at 9:04 PM.

Vic’s note: After the session, Jo, Elizabeth, and Cecelia left. Mary, Vicki, Ron and Guin remained, engaging in discussion regarding Guin’s frustration in not asking her most pressing question. We decided to continue the session for this reason.

Elias arrives at 10:10 PM.

ELIAS: You wish to continue audience?

GUIN: Briefly, just about what I’ve been talking to these guys about, about an issue that I’ve had for the last few weeks, and hoping for some explanation or some helpfulness in moving through it.

ELIAS: And what would you be wishing to be moving through?

GUIN: Not having all this conflict in the sessions, having to do with myself and beating myself up and my self-esteem, or whatever it’s called. I don’t know what the core issue is, obviously.

ELIAS: And you are evaluating this response as being connected to?

GUIN: Well, Michael connected it with the energy, the new energy in the intersection. I myself thought possibly it had to do with possibly my intent, and not really knowing.

ELIAS: Your conflict lies in acceptance, not of other energies or essences, but of yourself. In Michael’s explanation to you, he is incorrect. This response that you are incorporating, during our moments interacting, is due to a connection with Elias. Michael is not understanding of the action that he is incorporating. When he is moving, within consciousness, away from this physical focus, he not only allows the incorporation of other energy, but he also allows a greater incorporation of the energy of Elias, this becoming much wider and incorporating more intensity within this space. This also radiates outward to those present.

I have expressed to you that I have been in connection with you, more than you are aware. I have incorporated this face before! Therefore, your consciousness recognizes this connection. The energy that is being radiated is all-accepting. This creates a response within yourself of pulling away, for you are not accepting of yourself. Therefore, you have created the reaction to the energy which is being radiated in your direction.

If an individual within physical focus incorporates an action, and they are feeling negative about this action, and then they are confronted with another individual who is completely accepting of them, they will automatically pull away, feeling that they are undeserving of this. This is what you are incorporating. The more I project to you acceptance and affection, the more you pull away and express an unworthiness of self, for you feel yourself to be undeserving of this expression. It is offered freely, with no expectance. I do not offer affection or energy, to any individual, with expectation. It is a free gift. All are deserving of this, yourself included. This is not meant as a hurtful expression, but I will not withdraw my expression toward you, for eventually you will become accepting of yourself, and you will be allowing yourself to be accepting of my affection also.

GUIN: So can you give me any helpfulness on how to try to move through this?

ELIAS: In very small increments, allow yourself to be accepting of your experience. I am not expressing to you to be accepting of this experience of this phenomenon. Accept your experience of your physical focus as a part of you, as not a failure. All that you create, you create for experience, to be connecting with and jogging your remembrance, therefore learning to connect with your wider self. In this, as long as you are not accepting of your experiences, you are denying yourself. To deny your experience is to deny yourself, for they are the same. If you cannot accept your own experiences, you will not accept yourself, and in turn, you will not accept another.

You have been quite efficient at isolating your own self. You fool others by appearing to allow connections between yourself and other individuals, but within your own self, in your hiding place inside, you keep this safely hidden and locked away, that no other may touch. I touch this door. You hold the key, and incorporate distress and fearfulness that I may open this door without your permission. I would not be intrusive. I continue to offer my affection and helpfulness, but it is an offering, not an intrusion.

GUIN: Am I right to say that my intent is acceptance, and my name is Acceptance of Self?

ELIAS: This will be what you will be accomplishing. You have been moving in this direction continuously from a small child, and continue to incorporate this moving, but you must first be allowing your acceptance of your experiences. This will be helpful to you in accepting of self. Do not be afraid of other individuals who are offering and wishing to be helpful, and do incorporate the ability to be connecting with you. These individuals within this group have the ability to connect with you, if you are accepting of this; but they will not be connecting with you if you are not allowing them to be entering this door, if you are holding your keys.

GUIN: (Crying) Thank you.

ELIAS: (Smiling) You are quite welcome. If you are needing of more information, you may “dial me up!” (Laughter)

GUIN: I’ll surely try!

ELIAS: (Grinning) You may use the yellowphone! Be incorporating my “cosmic code,” previous. You may also leave a message at the “tone!” (Referring to Ron’s “energy-ball” phone, and we all crack up)

GUIN: I will chant your code whenever I need you. Thank you.

ELIAS: I offer to you my helpfulness. If you are wishing to call upon me, you need only be asking.

GUIN: I need to notice, also.

ELIAS: Chance taking these small steps, for real dragons will not consume you! (Smiling) Are you wishing of anything else this evening?

GUIN: No, I think that’s about it. Thank you.

ELIAS: (To Ron, grinning) You may not remember your question, but you incorporate our “sevens!” (Referring to the yellowphone again) Then, I will be leaving you this evening, again! Good evening.

GUIN: Thank you.

ELIAS: (Bowing towards Guin) Good evening.

Elias departs at 10:30 PM.

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