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Sunday, April 22, 2001

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“Dropping the Shield”

Participants: Mary (Michael), Frank (Christian), and Ben (Albert).

Elias arrives at 8:39 AM. (Arrival time is 33 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning.

FRANK: Good morning. Ah, [name omitted]! (Ben and Frank laugh)


FRANK: You may acknowledge Albert, who’s also here! (Laughing, and Elias chuckles) He’ll be helping me today.

ELIAS: You are quite amused with this focus!

FRANK: I wonder why. Why is that?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) And what shall we be discussing this morning?

FRANK: We’ll go in a few directions, I think. But firstly, I’d like to address my current trauma, again. It seems to be still continuing and in a different direction, maybe better or maybe worse, but I get the impression that it’s worse, from my point of view. I was kind of expecting things to change the other way, to be reducing trauma, especially because over the last three or four weeks, objectively I was having a lot of energy and thought I was making progress, in my terms. So, what am I not doing?

ELIAS: Very well. Once again, shall we explore this situation together?

FRANK: Sure.

ELIAS: First of all, be remembering that the manner in which you are creating your thought process to assess what you term to be your situation is a viewing of an on-going time framework, rather than viewing what you are creating in the moment. This is a familiar association and quite understandable, for this is the manner in which most individuals continue to view their movement – not viewing the moment and recognizing that you alter probabilities in every moment, but viewing movement in blocks of time frameworks, so to speak.

FRANK: Sure.

ELIAS: And as I have expressed many times, this is NOT how you create your reality. It is created moment by moment. Therefore, you are correct in your assessment of your movement within a particular time framework, but this is not to say that you have created an absolute and that you shall continue that type of manifestation.

Now; in recognizing that you may change your direction or your probabilities within any moment, this offers you the opportunity to be paying attention more closely to what you are creating in each moment, what you allow to be affecting of you, and what you reinforce yourself with – which you allow, in your terms, to be benefiting you. Are you following thus far?


ELIAS: This also is a quite common action that individuals within your physical dimension create. You draw to yourself certain experiences, and you create certain movements with outside associations that shall be validating and reinforcing of movement that you wish to be creating, and at times you also draw to yourself experiences that may turn that movement.

As I have stated previously, you are not in actuality walking about on your planet alone. You may be creating all of your physical reality through your individual perception, but you are also interacting with many other individuals and energy exchanges with them, and you draw certain individuals to you to be influencing or offering energy to choices that you create.

Now; in this also, let us view your movement and what you draw to yourself and what you create. Within recent time framework, you allow yourself to be more interactive with other individuals, which is reinforcing of your movement in what you view to be strengthening your energy and your energy expression, which you also associate with strengthening your physical body expression. Correct?

FRANK: Correct.

ELIAS: As you allow yourself this movement, you also project a certain expression of energy to other individuals in a type of shielding of yourself.

Now; this is significant. For as you create this shield or barrier in relation to other individuals, you also project an expression of energy which is received by other individuals, and the translation of that energy projection is concern. The shield that you present in relation to yourself and what you express objectively is that it is unnecessary that other individuals be expressing concern in relation to you. Are you continuing to be following?


ELIAS: In this, there are many expressions that are occurring in this action presently. You are disappointed with your own manifestations; you are unsure objectively of your ability to genuinely accomplish an openness with other individuals.

You recognize your want objectively in this expression, you attempt to be accomplishing that objectively, but the fear and the lack of genuine recognition of your ability to genuinely BE opening to other individuals and the fear of what you may view within yourself in relation to other individuals creates a block – and this creates the expression of the shield. And what occurs objectively, what you are creating in relation to all of these associations and movement is a projection of energy to be receiving the expression of concern of other individuals, but a rejection of the concern of other individuals.

The reason that you create the rejection of the concern of other individuals, regardless that you have projected energy precisely to invoke that response, is that as you receive the response of concern there is an automatic association of unworthiness of the other individual’s concern. For if you are receiving, genuinely, that expression from the other individual, you must allow yourself an openness and drop your shield, and you, in this time framework, will not drop this shield.

You also create a rebellion within your energy in almost an expression of anger in relation to the concern of other individuals, for you wish to be creating that openness and you are not, and you view your responsiveness within your physical body consciousness as a weakness.

You view yourself, intellectually, as strong. You express initially the question why you hold this fascination with this other focus. You view this individual to be an expression of strength, an individual that allows for the expression of confidence and interaction with other individuals without the shield, and this you view as strength. You view yourself as expressing a weakness, and you reinforce this with your physical expression and affectingness within your body consciousness.

You allowed yourself, in assimilating information that we have discussed previously, to move outwardly, but you are merely moving through the objective motions, so to speak. You are incorporating physical objective movement that APPEARS to be more interactive with other individuals. This is not what we have discussed.

You may allow yourself to be interactive with hundreds of individuals objectively, Christian; it matters not, the shield remains. You may create the motions, but the expression that we have discussed previously is an allowance for an openness of intimacy. You may be creating this with many individuals, not merely what you term to be a soul mate.

FRANK: What a mess.

ELIAS: You delude yourself in continuing to be chasing this illusive expression of “soul mate,” and as you continue to create the shield, you are not open to be recognizing any of your soul mates, so to speak.

You present yourself now with interactions with individuals that in your mundane terms, in your common vernacular, offer you an expression of safety; but you continue to express suspicion. The reason you express suspicion is not in relation to the individuals that you have surrounded yourself with and have chosen to be interactive with. You do objectively also recognize that the individuals that you choose to interact with now shall not be hurtful to you, and you hold an element of trust in relation to them. What you do not trust is you.

The manner in which you seek to create an openness is to be creating a physical expression that shall draw to you an expression of compassion, which within yourself offers you a sense of safety. But even this is rejected within you, for in actuality you despise the very thing that you create.

Let me express to you, Christian, as you present yourself with an issue of a lack of acceptance of yourself, and you move closer to addressing to that issue in its manifestation of objective imagery in your lack of acceptance of self and you do not genuinely allow yourself to view what you are communicating to yourself, you continue to increase the volume.

And I may also express to you, it is quite common within this physical dimension that individuals shall create expressions that they almost – or do – despise, for this is motivating. You have created a tremendous wall of discounting of yourself and disappointment within yourself. The disappointment is becoming extreme: disappointment in your assessment of your lack of ability to be physically affecting of yourself, therefore creating a sense of helplessness and victim to your own expressions; a disappointment in yourself in not allowing yourself a vulnerability and openness with yourself and with other individuals; a fear of what you may view within yourself – I may express to you once again, this black hole is not as black as you view it to be – a disappointment in your physical expression; a disappointment in not listening to your own communications.

View what you are creating. What is your association? Quite in alignment with mass beliefs. You express a physical configuration of young age. Correct?

FRANK: Yes, sure. Definitely.

ELIAS: Which expresses what in mass belief systems, in relation to what you are creating physically?

FRANK: Everything else!

ELIAS: That you are expressing much more of a dangerous situation, for you are not geriatric. (Frank laughs) You create a disappointment that you shall be physically affecting of your physical expression and body in the manner in which you are and the expectation of what you should be creating. But in actuality, you create, as I have stated, what you concentrate upon. You create a genuine reflection of what you view yourself to be. (Pause)

FRANK: Sounds very messy.

ELIAS: In actuality, I may also express to you, what you may term to be movement through what you are creating may be expressed much more simply than you recognize yet. (1) It requires no analyzation, merely an allowance of yourself to be paying attention to you in the moment, to be in the now, and to be paying attention to what you are creating.

I may not emphasize to you strongly enough how powerful that simple movement may be. For [in] allowing yourself to pay attention in the now to you, you allow yourself to be listening to your own communications. You listen to yourself, and in listening to yourself, you allow yourself to identify what you are creating in the moment. You may view your own shields rising. You may view your automatic expression in the moment of discounting yourself. You may view your rejection of other individuals’ expressions of energy. You may view your own fear. These are all opportunities, Christian. For if you are not viewing what you are creating, how shall you offer yourself choice? You shall merely move into automatic responses, and this perpetuates what you are creating.

But if you are viewing what you are creating in the moment and the automatic associations, it matters not that you express to yourself, “Ah, I am becoming aware of what I am creating AFTER the experience,” after the fact, in your terms. It matters not. You are noticing, and in the moment of noticing, you offer yourself the opportunity of choice. You may create one expression in one moment, and within the next moment you may recognize objectively what you have created, and in that moment you may choose another movement. That one moment passes does not eliminate your opportunity to seize your power in the next moment, for each moment contains choice. You are not locked into expressions or choices that you have created previously.

Many of you within this physical dimension inquire for information as to what you are creating to offer yourselves a clearer understanding of the movement that you are engaging within your physical focus, and once you have received the information, you complicate what you have received. I may express to you again, allow yourself the simplicity of what I am expressing to you. It is NOT complicated. Relax within your physical body expression, which shall allow you to relax your energy field. Be aware within the now of what you are creating and what you are communicating to yourself, and you shall allow yourself choice.

Perhaps, temporarily, you may allow yourself to receive my energy in acknowledgment of you, that you are not this dark creature that you view yourself to be. I shall be acknowledging of you until the point that you may allow yourself the recognition. The fear is great of what you shall view within yourself if you allow yourself an openness, is it not?

FRANK: Well, really!

ELIAS: Or what other individuals may view.

FRANK: So, over the last month or so, objectively what have I been doing to give myself all this energy that I’ve been having, which I consider positive? Is that just being playful, and in being playful there’s more of an acceptance?

ELIAS: Partially.

FRANK: And I’m letting energy through?

ELIAS: You have been allowing yourself what you may term to be your first steps, so to speak. But within your commonly held associations in this physical dimension, as I have stated previously, for the most part you all create methods, processes. Therefore, you may create several steps of movement within your chosen process. But if you continue within one step and do not move to the next step within your own process, you shall create expressions and imagery that you shall PUSH yourself into your next step.

You have created your first step. You have allowed yourself to be expressing interaction objectively, outwardly, which for a time framework was an expression of your blocks in energy, not allowing yourself ... as you may be recalling of our conversations, you within your expressions and your energy field created an isolation with yourself. You have been allowing yourself more of an objective expression of interaction, and you have been accomplishing that in playfulness in your attempt to be relaxing your energy field.

I am acknowledging of that and not discounting of the movement that you have been creating. This is not what your questioning has been this morning – not a questioning of validation of what you have been creating, but a questioning of what you are creating now and why.

FRANK: Correct.

ELIAS: You have allowed yourself this movement. Now you are moving yourself into your next step, another layer, but not quite objectively recognizing how you may move into that next step: more of an openness, more of a vulnerability, less of a shield.

Therefore, you automatically move into an expression that is familiar to you. You create a physical affectingness which you project outwardly to other individuals. They automatically are responsive in concern, but this is not the responsiveness that you in actuality wish to be receiving.

Your want is a genuine openness and a genuine exposure of yourself to yourself and with other individuals. You move in the expression of the familiar action, but this is rejected within you once you receive the response, for you immediately recognize, “No, this is not what I am intending to be creating, but how shall I express this in relation to other individuals if not through the familiar method?”

Let me express to you, as you continue to be creating in this manner, you also create more of an intensity of anger within yourself, and as you continue to create the anger within yourself, you also create more of an expression of tension, and the more tension you create and the more tightly you hold to your energy field in this anger, the more you reinforce your discounting of yourself and the more you perpetuate the physical affectingness. Thus, you view yourself to be, in your terms, in a worse physical condition.

Shall you stop presently, in this moment now, and notice the physical tension that you are expressing within your physical body form?

FRANK: Yes, I can feel it.

ELIAS: Quite!

FRANK: Sure.

ELIAS: As you allow yourself to release this tension and you practice releasing this tension, not holding to your energy field, it manifests in all of your physical muscles. Your nervous system is being affected, and you affect your respiratory system which, in your terms, in your beliefs in chain-reaction, is affecting what?

FRANK: My breathing and my heart.

ELIAS: Which you view to be your center of life.

FRANK: Right. It is!

ELIAS: And as you create that tension within your energy field and you create that tension within your physical body, essentially what you are creating is a squeezing of the organ that you view to be your center of life.

This be the reason that I have expressed to you many times, relax your energy. You are not listening. I may express to you, my friend, this one action, allowing yourself to be practicing, shall be TREMENDOUSLY affecting.

FRANK: This is relaxing on both sides of the coin, subjectively and objectively?

ELIAS: Concern yourself with the objective aspect of it. For within your orientation, you shall automatically relax the subjective aspect. (2) The concern in this situation is that you are concentrating more of your attention and expression of energy in the objective expressions.

You have created an imbalance, which we have spoken of previously, and you continue to create this imbalance. Therefore, I express to you to be paying attention to what you are creating objectively, physical manifestations, expressions and imagery that you create objectively, for this is the expression which is not in balance.

You are concentrating your attention upon objective expressions in almost what you may term to be a destruction. You shall battle what you hate in the expression of weakness by creating a demolition of yourself. This is what you are creating. And you may battle this monster much more efficiently in gentleness and acceptance, and you begin with the method of relaxing. Allow yourself to pay attention to your physical body, to your physical muscles, your fingers, your hands, your arms, your shoulders, your solar plexus. You hold most of your tension within your supportive aspect of your body: your torso, your arms, your head.

Perhaps you may also allow yourself a small exercise in noticing. Allow yourself to be noticing within different time frameworks the difference of tension within your legs and your feet, and your body and your arms.

FRANK: The very opposite, or...

ELIAS: You allow much less tension within your legs and your feet. You concentrate the expression of tension in your body, in your torso and your arms and your hands and your fingers; and as you allow yourself this exercise in noticing, perhaps you shall allow the relaxing of energy to move upward.

You may begin this day. You may begin now...


ELIAS: ...which you do not. Even in discussion with myself, you hold tightly to that shield, do you not? (Smiling)

FRANK: Yes, I can feel it. (58-second pause) Am I doing anything? (Laughing, then a 16-second pause) Are you sending energy right now?


FRANK: And am I accepting any of it?

ELIAS: Partially. (Pause) The shield is quite strong. But I also am not discouraged, and may not be deterred! (Frank laughs)

FRANK: I thank you for that.

ELIAS: Therefore, I shall also offer an interaction of energy with you in other time frameworks in which I view the shield to be less intensely expressed. Presently, in this moment, in this physical location and in your objective associations, there is not an expression of openness. You have created a tremendous holding of tension in this now, and you are quite aware and preoccupied in your objective attention with your own expression.

FRANK: Why did I do it right now? Why did I do it this weekend? Is it just to bring it to example while I was talking to you, or just part of the whole thing?

ELIAS: Why the expression of this particular time framework? Very well.

FRANK: I woke up this morning really breathing heavy, very limited, which I was a little surprised about myself, too.

ELIAS: First of all, I shall express to you, the reason that you have created recently more of this type of expression, as I have stated to you, is that you within your movement, in your terms, are ready to move into your next step.

FRANK: That would be the expectation.

ELIAS: And you are creating a pushing, in a manner of speaking, of yourself to be creating this movement.

As to your inquiry, “why have you created this expression this day,” this is directly associated with your anticipation of interaction with myself, an anticipation of uncomfortableness in our interaction and not objectively wishing to be listening to what is offered, but genuinely wanting the information regardless of how uncomfortably you incorporate it presently, that you may allow yourself a continuation in movement into your next step.

Recall our discussion of steps into acceptance. (3) In this present now, applying those steps in relation to your movement in this subject matter and what you are creating, you are presently in-between the noticing – the recognizing – and wanting to move into the addressment. But you are in-between your step one and step two on that process. You are partially noticing, you are partially identifying, but you are not continuing to hold your attention upon YOU in the now, as we spoke in our last conversation: holding your attention in the now but not upon self, or holding your attention upon self but not within the now.

As you move these two elements together, you offer yourself more of an awareness of what you are expressing, and allow yourself the choice to move in different expressions. Even within your physical expression of tension, many times you are not noticing the extent of the tension that you are holding within your physical body. You have become quite familiar with it.

FRANK: I’ve noticed the anger and the stuff that builds up in my reflection of when I see others and I reflect it out; I see it and then I get a little disturbed about that. But then I’m probably not in the now with that time anyway, so... (Sighs) I’m relaxing now, right? (Laughing) My shields going down?

ELIAS: Slightly.

FRANK: Slightly. Maybe I am too comfortable with it. I just get used to it.

ELIAS: So much so that you view it to be...

FRANK: Normal.

ELIAS: ...normal.

FRANK: Yes. (19-second pause)

ELIAS: You may incorporate these bursts of anger at times also to be an indication, so to speak, to yourself of this tension.

FRANK: Every time I do, I know it’s an indication of something that I’m not ... at least I’m reflecting myself in it, and that puts out a warning sign for me. But then I continue to do it anyway to ... it just goes to other circumstances. (34-second pause)

ELIAS: Shall we break?


Elias departs at 9:38 AM.


(1) For clarity, this has been changed from “In actuality, I may also express to you, movement what you may term to be through what you are creating may be expressed much more simply than you recognize yet.”

(2) Frank holds the orientation of soft in this focus.

(3) The four “steps into acceptance” are 1. Noticing, 2. Identifying/Recognizing, 3. Addressing to, 4. Acceptance. See Session 469, September 16, 1999, for a good concise explanation of these steps.

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