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Friday, November 09, 2001

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“Strong Counterpart Actions”

“Blinking In and Out”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Donnalie (Mallory) for Fiona (Jennifek).

Elias arrives at 4:08 PM. (Arrival time is 26 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon.

DONNALIE: Hello, Elias. How are you?

ELIAS: As always. (Smiling)

DONNALIE: I am not having this session for myself today. I am asking questions for Fiona, who is in New Zealand. So I’ll get started.

[Transcriber’s note: Fiona’s questions will be transcribed as if she asks them herself in this session.]

FIONA: Hello, Elias. My first request would have to be for my name, family, alignment, orientation, et cetera. Right now these do not feel important to me, but I may want to know this sometime in the future and may regret not asking now. Also, how many Earth lives have I manifest in past, present and future?

ELIAS: Very well. Essence name, Jennifek, J-E-N-N-I-F-E-K (JEN nah fek); essence family, Milumet; alignment, Tumold; orientation, intermediate; total numbering of focuses in this physical dimension, 461; numbering of focuses in this present time framework, five, inclusive with her focus.

FIONA: Am I currently in my final focus? I know you’ll ask if you think I am, and all I can say is that I feel it might be.

ELIAS: Correct, designated final focus.

FIONA: About five years ago, I clairaudiently received the name Xanthier, followed by the words “final teachings for planet Earth.” I believe the name is more of the name of a teacher or understanding, rather than my name. I’ve been using this name when doing writings. Recently I have not had any feelings for the name. It is as though I have moved on from it in some way. Are you in what it represents?

ELIAS: No, but it is correct that this is conceptual. In this, information is being offered by another aspect of that essence which is being translated in this focus.

In actuality, there are two actions occurring. One is a translation into this dimension in a manner in which the translation offers this individual information in association with this shift in consciousness; but as this is a communication through essence, although it is being translated by her focus to be associated with this shift in consciousness, it is also an expression of another dimensional focus of this individual. Therefore, the second action which is occurring may be likened to a bleed-through of energy concerning actions that are occurring within the dimension of the other focus.

FIONA: When I was a teenager, I was napping one afternoon and found myself floating in the air watching a dark-haired girl around my age running around a pond. I immediately thought to myself, “She’s me,” and moved down towards her and was going to enter her body through the back of her neck. At the moment of attempting to enter her body, I was immediately back in my own body in a frozen state which resolved very quickly. I assume this is another focus of mine here on 3D Earth. Can you tell me anything about this girl? (Pause)

ELIAS: This is correct; this is another focus. I may express physical identification of this small one: physical naming, Melissa.

This in actuality was a projection within consciousness, allowing herself to be viewing another focus. The action of entering the physical body of this individual was blocked, in a manner of speaking, in response to a momentary fear. This, in actuality, is not uncommon, for in projecting consciousness to other focuses many times individuals do incorporate some expression of fear in actually merging with the other focus. For in the mergence of one focus to another focus, you blur the lines, so to speak, of separation of perception, and this temporarily threatens the individual identity of one focus. In this situation, that was the expression of fear that was created momentarily and therefore the action of discontinuing the projection.

This small one is a manifestation within your country of the United States, occupies a physical location in central area of this country, time framework mid-19th century. If she is so choosing, she may be allowing herself to be investigating of this focus and allowing herself to view this individual as herself once again without the incorporation of fear, and may also merge if so choosing and allow herself the experience of this other focus.

FIONA: For 25 years I have had what has felt like a connection with a man who is a singer/songwriter living on the west coast of the USA, first name William. I do not know him personally and do not even listen to his music, but I feel there is something going on on another level here. The connection could possibly be through someone else who is connected to him, a child maybe. This is driving me crazy. At one point I felt there could have been a past life connection with him in the Americas at the time of the red Indians, as I have had some imagery that has related to something similar to this.

When I connected the images I felt a huge wave of peace come over me, but this peace only lasted about a day, then I was back to the old feeling of desperation in finding some more clues. Is the feeling of knowing this person purely my imagination, or have we interacted in other lifetimes?

ELIAS: Yes, there are shared focuses of great familiarity, and within this present time framework there is shared counterpart action which is occurring, which also lends to the familiarity of this individual. This is not another focus of this individual’s essence, and one of the present focuses of her essences does not physically interact with this individual.

But at times counterpart action may be expressed quite strongly, and in this an individual may experience tremendous draw or even associations with experiences of the other individual. An individual may experience physical sensations that the other individual is experiencing. There are many different expressions of counterpart action, and those which are expressed quite strongly, generally speaking, are created with essences that share focuses together, not merely one.

FIONA: I have had recent experience of blocking my energy. This becomes a very physical thing, almost like having an illness. When I come out of these episodes, it is like learning to fly all over again. All my life I have intermediately lost myself and refound myself again. These episodes can vary from a few hours to days or even weeks at a time. Could this be bleed-through from another focus or parallel? Or is it something I create for myself? These times can be quite ghastly. (Pause)

ELIAS: Very well. First of all, I shall express that this individual creates what may be recognized as an unusual choice within this physical focus.

I have spoken previously to other individuals concerning the subject matter of transition which may be experienced within physical focus. Generally speaking, individuals may choose to be creating this action of transition while continuing to be manifest in physical focus as an expression of slowing, so to speak, the movement of transition and also to be offering themselves this experience in actual physical imagery. Some individuals choose to be creating this action in what you identify as senility, which is much more of an intensity of this action of transition.

Now; this individual has chosen in this particular focus to be creating an action which, in a manner of speaking, has led into an action of transition. Let me clarify; this is not cause and effect. This is a choice from the onset of this individual’s manifestation. From the time of emergence, or that which you term to be birth in this physical manifestation, this individual has chosen not to be aligning with the officially accepted expression of reality in this physical dimension, choosing to be physically manifest but choosing to explore this physical manifestation in a different manner, quite similar to the action of transition, but in what you term to be younger years merely continuing a natural movement of manifestation that most small ones allow.

I have identified in explanation previously that as an individual chooses to be manifest within this physical dimension, generally speaking, for a number of years as a small one the individual incorporates a relaxed focus, so to speak, allowing more of an expression of both subjective and objective awarenesses to be expressed and recognizing them. This is the reason that small ones allow themselves to view essences, to speak with what you view as imaginary friends — which are not imaginary. They allow themselves much more of an expression of freedom in their manifestation for they are not expressing objectively the veils of separation as strongly as they may in subsequent years. This is a quite common expression within small ones. This is not an action of transition.

Now; this individual allowed this type of expression more intensely than most small ones, allowing an actual action of blinking in and out of this physical dimension awareness in a more objective manner, creating unusual experiences. At the point in which the individual moved physically into the presentation of choice to be creating these veils of separation and moving in alignment with the officially accepted realities of this physical experience, the choice was engaged to enact transition.

For the most part, individuals do not choose to be enacting transition until they are incorporating more years, within your linear time framework, engaged within this dimension. This individual chooses to be creating this action of transition directly subsequent to movement beyond the expressions of openness of a small one, therefore, in your terms, at a relatively young age.

Now; in creating this action, there is also a tremendous openness for experiences that may not be associated with this physical dimension or that allow a movement within consciousness that may appear unusual. Some movements within consciousness may in actuality translate in this physical manifestation in affectingness physically. Some actions that you may incorporate as you continue manifestation in this physical dimension are unfamiliar to the design of the body consciousness.

Projecting subjective awareness in what you may term to be far projections away from the physical body consciousness creates at times physical affectingnesses, for the subjective awareness directs the physical body consciousness. Therefore if an individual is choosing to be blinking out subjectively and objectively for extended time frameworks but continuing to manifest the physical body in what you term to be a living state, the body consciousness responds in confusion for it is no longer being directed. It may maintain temporarily in itself without direction but for a limited time framework, which I have offered information concerning previously, and this may be investigated. (1) But it is also dependent upon the type of action the individual is projecting. If you are projecting to another area of consciousness that figuratively speaking may be viewed as far removed from this physical dimension area of consciousness, the individual may experience in physical response almost an immediate affectingness.

Now; I may offer the suggestion to this individual that if she is so choosing she may be interactive with Michael and inquiring of Michael’s experience with this type of action.

I may also express that there are individuals that create extreme physical affectingnesses in blinking out, which at times this is the action that this individual is creating, in which your physicians express the labeling of this physical affectingness as a dis-ease that they term to be epilepsy. In actuality, this is an action of response of the physical body consciousness to the individual’s choice to be projecting their consciousness, their objective and subjective awareness blinking out of this physical dimension but continuing the physical manifestation. In confusion, the body consciousness responds.

Michael’s experiences are quite different but also quite obvious in relation to projection of consciousness, not necessarily blinking in and out. Although, Michael and Lawrence have allowed themselves these types of experiences temporarily and may share those experiences with this individual also.

Therefore in response of what is being created, two actions are being created. At times it is a projection to other areas of consciousness; at times it is an extreme of blinking in and out of this physical dimension. But regardless of which of these expressions is being created, it is being exaggerated in relation to transition.

FIONA: I have heard from several different sources that a lot of what goes on by the name of “channeling” these days is man-made information which is being beamed from a satellite. (Elias smiles) Apparently people can tune into these frequencies and channel the information that has been set up there. I would tend to agree with this, although I would have to blame the astral realms, or what I call globs of discarnate consciousness, for a high percentage of today’s channelings.

ELIAS: (Chuckles, and looks amused) First of all, I may express that it is quite possible and you do all incorporate the abilities to be tuning in, so to speak, to any information. In any area of consciousness, wherever you as individuals within this physical dimension perceive that you store information, you may quite easily tune your attention into any of these expressions and offer yourselves information. This is quite within your abilities. You may access information in any manner you choose.

I may express...

DONNALIE: That you’re not being channeled through a satellite?

ELIAS: No. (Both laugh) ...that although individuals may create this type of action, which in actuality moves quite in association from the types of actions which individuals now identify as remote viewing, this is merely an allowance of individuals to tap into their own abilities.

That which is identified as the action of channeling, generally speaking, is an action which is either an individual allowing themselves to tap into information which is being channeled through layers of consciousness of their own essence, or there may be an actual energy exchange between an individual physically focused and another essence, which is what is occurring in THIS phenomenon, two essences merging. In actuality, it is facilitated by more than two essences, but the actual direct interaction is occurring between two essences.

(Humorously) Therefore, in relation to the identification of “globs of discarnate consciousness” — ha ha! — this, I may express, would apply to myself!

DONNALIE: (Cracking up) You’re a glob of discarnate consciousness! That’s good!

ELIAS: For the most part, individuals that are creating this action of channeling are not channeling “globs of discarnate consciousness,” for they are channeling their own essences, which is them. (Chuckles)

FIONA: I have had the good fortune of being mother to many cats over the last few decades, many of whom have obviously departed. Have any of the departed ones remanifested in my care as new kittens or walk-in strays, or have they moved on to different lives? I would like to give the names of a couple I am curious about, which may help the connection: Tinky, Tobey, Pixie, to name just a few. They are all precious entities, who I greatly miss.

ELIAS: And I shall express to this individual, no. None of the creatures that have disengaged in this individual’s interaction of companionship have remanifest into the expressions of other acquired creatures. Each one has been a different expression.

I may express that the energy that this individual expresses is quite in alignment with the essence family that she is belonging to, and therefore she naturally draws these creatures to herself and they are naturally drawn. In this, she has created quite a variety to be interactive with and has also created an interesting expression, for I am understanding the reason that this question is being posed concerning the remanifestation of certain creatures. This individual may notice some similarities of characteristics or energy of some of these creatures, which may commonly be associated with the idea that it may be a remanifestation of another creature, but in actuality she is creating all of these creatures, and therefore is also...

DONNALIE: Creating the type of personalities that come in contact with her.

ELIAS: Yes. And recreating certain expressions and qualities that are appreciated and that are viewed affectionately and playfully. Therefore, as she creates each of these creatures, in a manner of speaking she also assigns certain qualities to be expressed but also incorporates new expressions to be exploring different types of interactions with these creatures.

FIONA: Thank you very much for your time, and I appreciate the wonderful information I have received to date.

DONNALIE: But you can’t go yet. (Laughing)

ELIAS: Very well. I may express to this individual encouragement in her exploration and also offer a playful energy, that she may allow herself an openness to in interaction with myself and perhaps in that playfulness shall allow herself a discovery of allowance of her own energy to be perceiving these time frameworks in which she is experiencing some “ghastly movements” as more of a playful game. And to her, I offer my great affection.

Session ends at 4:55 PM, and Elias continues in interaction with Donnalie in session 955.


(1) “As I have expressed to you, this would be a temporary situation, in like manner to the energy exchange that you view with this essence and Michael; for you may not be removing the subjective aspect of consciousness, within your time framework of your reality, from the body consciousness for extended periods of your physical time, for your physical body and its consciousness works together with subjective direction. Therefore, it holds no direction if the subjective consciousness is removed for too long.

“This would be an actual action within your physical time framework; that you may express to yourself that if you are removing the subjective consciousness from the body consciousness uninterrupted for a time period of more than ten of your physical hours, the body shall respond in disengaging. There must be interaction within the body consciousness of the subjective interaction.” [session 206, August 14, 1997]

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