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energy exchanges; Elias, Paul (Patel)

Paul’s note: Elias engages what he terms an “energy exchange” with a woman named Mary Ennis. This exchange is similar to what many call “channeling” but Elias says that these two actions are somewhat different. Channeling involves an interaction with aspects of one’s own essence, and an energy exchange involves a mergence and an exchange with another essence. Mary’s experience within this exchange has changed many times since the sessions began in April 1995.

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Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “Every individual holds the ability to be manifesting an energy exchange, although it is not quite as simplified as you view the phenomenon to be. Within this action occurs a cooperation. Therefore, it is not merely the choice of one individual physically focused. There are many elements that contribute to the actualization of an actual energy exchange. We have begun briefly speaking of your individual and mass value fulfillment. These actions do not occur in actuality without the creation of value fulfillment for all individuals. Therefore, if there is not to be fulfillment within value of the individuals participating and the essences participating and also a benefit within consciousness, the exchange shall not occur. Many individuals express that they engage in the action of an energy exchange, although they term this to be mediumship, or within your new terminology, channeling. Their meaning within these words, in their understanding and definition, is the same as an energy exchange, although the accomplishment of an actual energy exchange is not as common physically as you may suspect.

“As I have stated, you all hold the ability to engage an energy exchange. All essences hold the ability for energy exchange. All essences do engage energy exchange. Not all individuals engage this type of phenomenon. Individuals attain information which is beneficial to them in many different areas, this being only one. Many individuals, as has been stated, believe that they are engaging an energy exchange, when in actuality they are engaging their own belief systems. It is quite common for you physically focused to alter your perception in consciousness and not necessarily alter your area of consciousness. You may alter your perception of your waking consciousness and not be engaging another area of consciousness. You may be engaging a quietness of self in which you are allowing your own belief systems to be expressed freely. This is quite common.

“There are different types of energy exchanges which occur within physical focuses. One type is what you view within this forum, which is also relatively the same type of phenomenon that you have studied previously of another teacher, that which you call Seth. (1) There are other energy exchanges which are valid and contributing to value fulfillment, which are more aligned with a tapping of a world view. This is a complicated area, for you view the concept of a world view as individual. This is not always the case. Essences may collectively deposit energy information which is available to you. You may tap this information. This may appear to be an exchange similar to this phenomenon that you view within this forum. It is a different type of exchange. A different action occurs. It is no less valid. It is also an energy exchange. It is only not an energy exchange of essence.” [session 154, February 23, 1997]

ELIAS: “As to other actions or information which is offered within this forum, you shall be receiving at different time periods elements of information that you shall perceive to be quite inconsistent or contradictory. These shall be few, but I have stated to you that within any energy exchange, there is an element of distortion.

“Each time we enter into a new phase, so to speak, of this energy exchange, there are alterations that are being accommodated, and in this, the energy moves in a different manner. Therefore, the translation is also altered and adjusted to be accommodating the energy, and within certain time periods there shall be certain elements of distortion.

“Now; in this element of distortion, as you yourself have stated, you shall hold the ability to identify quite clearly an element of distortion.

“Many individuals, within their thought process, look to this energy exchange and many other energy exchanges in the manner of attempting to identify bleed-throughs of belief systems, which I have expressly explained to you, within this particular phenomenon there is very little of. This would not be the concern of the distortion element within this particular energy exchange, for within the agreement of this particular energy exchange, Michael [Mary] has been in agreement to be subjectively removing [his awareness] and therefore not influencing in the area of distorting through belief systems, allowing a clearness within the information. But as different aspects of this essence move in and out of the translation element of this particular energy exchange, at times you may be noticing obvious inconsistencies. This is merely an element of translation.” [session 333, October 19, 1998]

ELIAS: “The information is constant. The information is the same. The manipulation of energy into actual language and words may become distorted, for the energy, as I have stated, is not being filtered through thought processes. Therefore, it is not that the essence is ‘channeling,’ so to speak, energy through layers of consciousness, accessing Michael’s [Mary’s] physical brain, creating of physical thought processes and physical impulses within brain patterns, and then translating into words. This particular element is bypassed, for it is inefficient and also quite slow. It is merely another area of consciousness that would be engaged to be filtering through another aspect of translation, which would be incorporating of more distortion. Therefore, there are certain elements of the translation that are eliminated or bypassed to be filtering out elements of distortion, for within the intent of this essence [of Elias], it is to be presenting within the least amount of distortion.

“This be also why I have expressed to you that there is no energy exchange that incorporates NO distortion. This would not be an action that you may be incorporating in this type of situation of energy exchange. Just as within your physical languages, which is a mirror image of consciousness, you may not entirely, literally, without any element of distortion translate one language into another language, I may not translate energy into your language without any element of distortion.

“Now; it IS clarifying for you to be inquiring in these areas, for not all of these appearances of what you think of as distortions ARE in actuality distortions. Some of these are purposefully stated. There are time frameworks – that I have noticed (grinning) – with yourself, Lawrence [Vicki], that you may be engaging your transcribing, and you are holding questionings as to my choice of words in certain areas, and in certain areas those particular words have been chosen purposefully and are not what you may term to be a mistake, and are also not a distortion. But there are other time frameworks that you may notice certain aspects are less adept, so to speak, at manipulating words, and may be stumbling quite often, within one engagement of one session repeatedly, of physical words. At other time frameworks, there may be no mistakes, so to speak, incorporated at all.

“The overall expression is consistently the same, with the exception of very infrequent exchanges of certain other aspects holding an obvious difference in tone, and this shall be quite obvious to you all.” [session 333, October 19, 1998]

ELIAS: “Let me express to you that within the engagement of an activity that individuals term to be channeling, generally speaking, for the most part, an individual that engages that action is not in actuality creating an energy exchange with another essence, but is allowing themselves to literally channel information from other areas of consciousness – for the most part, other areas of information which are held within their own essence – into their objective awareness within physical focus.” [session 742, December 17, 2000]

ELIAS: “This action of channeling is precisely that. It is an allowance of an individual to channel the energy of their essence as a whole or of their essence in certain aspects, be it another focus within another dimension or another attention within a nonphysical area of consciousness or even another focus within the dimension that you presently occupy. It is an action of channeling the energy of an individual’s essence as a whole, or what you may figuratively term to be in part, from one area of consciousness into the awareness of this focus of attention that you recognize as yourself. In a manner of speaking, it is an action of funneling energy and information from one aspect or area of essence to another, allowing yourself an openness to the larger expression of yourself as essence.” [session 977, January 06, 2002]

ELIAS: “There are also influences in the energy exchange itself. Some essences and individuals choose to be engaging an energy exchange in a different manner than I engage with Michael [Mary]; some engage very similarly to myself and Michael [Mary]. But many individuals choose to be engaging an energy exchange and to continue to incorporate some awareness objectively of the exchanges that are occurring between other individuals and the essence that they are exchanging with.

“Therefore, they incorporate an awareness objectively of the conversations, to a point – not entirely, for any energy exchange with another essence does interrupt some of the objective awareness and memory – but there is an incorporation of some objective awareness. I may express to you that your definition of that type of an exchange would generally be classified as what you term to be a conscious channeler, which is in actuality quite ludicrous, for all channelers are conscious! (Laughs)

“But I may express to you that that also influences the information that is being channeled, so to speak, for there may be some element of bleed-through of the individual’s beliefs that affects the information and its transmission. But it matters not, for as I have expressed, that does not invalidate the information, and it is no less valuable and informative than any other information.

“It also matters not, for regardless of whether I choose to be offering information in the manner which I do and incorporating the least amount of distortion in what I express to you, you yourselves automatically immediately distort it. Therefore, for the most part the same action occurs whether there is distortion interjected into the information in the energy exchange itself, or whether you, receiving the information, distort it in association with your beliefs.

“This is the reason that I express to all of you so very strongly that it matters not and that it does not discount what information is being offered. It is all purposeful. It is merely a matter of which individuals draw themselves to which information, and whichever information they draw themselves to shall be the most beneficial for them.” [session 1587, July 03, 2004]

Elias “gems”

VICKI: “Well, I have a question. Why was Michael [Mary] so fuzzy tonight?

(Vic’s note: throughout this session, Elias ‘faded in and out’ quite obviously. It would be disruptive to the flow of the information to be indicating each time this happened, so I have not. I will note that in the following discourse, he appeared quite far away; and was immediately, noticeably Elias again, when speaking the last sentence.)

ELIAS: These are your instructions. I was beginning to offer you information, within our previous session, as to the alignment of energies incorporated; this being a point of intersection, dimensionally. Within this point of intersection, you will be noticing of my energy seemingly to be diminishing, which it is not; but it is moving. In this, another energy, a wider energy, will be aligning. Michael [Mary] will be incorporated with me, but will be removed, within the area of consciousness, enough to allow for the positioning of consciousness which is wider. (Pause)

In order to be allowing this intersection, Michael [Mary] will not be quite as accessible to physical focus as he normally incorporates. Your instruction is to be aware of this movement of energy intersection; and when speaking is discontinued, not paused, you may be initiating focusing on Michael [Mary]. (Pause) We will use the original sign, which Michael [Mary] will be responding to. You may... (knocks three times loudly on the table). Therefore, within consciousness, a response should be initiated. Left to his own, he may incorporate difficulty in reconnecting with this focus, without helpfulness from the individuals incorporated presently. (Pause)

This intersection is a piercing of a veil, so to speak. You may view this as moving through what you may term as a sort of warp, dimensionally. I have been in contact, and incorporated a preparation with Michael [Mary] already, but he is not quite comprehending of the actualization of this alignment. This is not an element to be fearful of! It is an opportunity for you to view a wider awareness. Within this experience, Michael [Mary] will incorporate conceptualization of what is expressed, and will be remembering of this. Therefore, he will have an understanding of what is occurring, partially. (Pause) This alignment is close. (Pause, and ‘back to normal’) Now, you may continue with your questions.

GUIN: I have a question. So are you saying, I’m a little confused on what you’re saying is going to happen. Are we going to be speaking to another essence? Is another essence going to channel through Michael [Mary]?

ELIAS: No. (Pause) You may view this, within your terms, as a future awareness of myself, as you incorporate the element of time with past and future. Within my awareness, I view this as a wider awareness of consciousness, which is incorporated with me, but beyond. Do not be expecting this to be a regular occurrence, for it will not be.

I have expressed to you, within previous sessions, that occasionally, essences who do not connect with physical focus may connect briefly. What you view to be your ascended masters, within Dimin’s [Carole’s] terms, are those essences whose awareness is wide enough to be not incorporated with physical focus, for you would not understand what they offer; I being the go-between. I am your linguist and translator. Essences within a wider awareness do not incorporate language. Therefore, it is difficult to focus a stream of energy into a narrow being, so to speak, which may be intersecting with physical focus, to your understanding. (Pause)


ELIAS: (Firmly) Be remembering of these instructions, for if you are not accommodating within this, you will be making my job much more difficult, in pulling this consciousness back within physical focus.

VICKI: Regarding the knocking ... is there a time period to be concerned about?

ELIAS: You will notice, when verbalization has discontinued, that it is not a pause. This will be your sign, within your time element resulting. Hence, if you are viewing no response within a reasonable amount of time period, which I would suggest would be no more than five of your minutes, you may incorporate physical movement. There is no danger of his not returning! There is an element of conflict and fear incorporated, which I am wishing to be avoiding of. Be also understanding that although Michael [Mary] is not presently aware of this intersection, within other areas of consciousness this has already been agreed upon. No essence presumes to be intrusive or hurtful.

VICKI: So the fuzziness would be expected.

ELIAS: Quite.

VICKI: And will only last a short time.

ELIAS: Correct.

CATHY: When we knock, does Mary come back, or do you come back?

ELIAS: It will be depending upon the intersection and the degree of the dimensional warp, so to speak, and the placement of Michael’s [Mary’s] consciousness. I may incorporate initially, but with my materialization within this form, you will also be knowing that Michael [Mary] is close.” [session 55, November 15, 1995]

ELIAS: “I will begin this evening by expressing one brief instruction: Incorporate your table this evening. Also, I will express, Michael [Mary] is not quite ready for this expression; therefore the completion of this may not be occurring this evening, but you may be needing of your knocking. Now, we will proceed. (2)

(Vic’s note: here, Elias closes his eyes, still swaying in his usual manner. He then stops moving, head lowered, eyes still closed, silent. About thirty very long seconds go by, and Ron finally knocks three times. At this point, you can almost visibly see Mary ‘re-enter’ her body, but she doesn’t seems to be ‘all the way back’ until about thirty seconds later. She immediately takes a drink, and rubs her face.)

RON: Are you okay?

MARY: (Very softly) Yeah. Can we like, take a break for a minute?

(Vic’s note: Mary jumps up and quickly walks outside. She was very upset by this experience, and had a very strong emotional reaction; a very rare occurrence for her, especially in a group of people. This emotional reaction upset her even more, causing her to feel embarrassed along with all of the other emotions; the strongest one being fear. After about ten or fifteen minutes, she insisted on engaging Elias again.)

ELIAS: And, we continue. Michael [Mary] will be fine. I was expressing to you, when we began this evening, that he is not quite ready for this interaction, although his desire is quite intense. You may each, if you are choosing, incorporate our book, which you all are familiar with, and you may allow yourselves an explanation of the experience that Michael [Mary] has just encountered. If you are reading of Seven’s experience in falling, (smiling at Guin) this would be the same; and as Michael [Mary] did not heed your advice and read this passage, he was not anticipating the experience; therefore also not allowing himself the information that Seven did recover and find himself. (Smiling) (3)

I have expressed to you that this experience would be removed from the consciousness of these individuals present, therefore his feeling of ‘aloneness’; but that it would be an interaction with essences non-physical. We have been speaking this evening of your Seers. These are what interact, within essence, in this situation. There is nothing threatening. It is only an overwhelmingness of energy. He is quite fine now.

(To Ron) Your swirl is effective. (4)

(To group) You will be noticing, when I am departing, that he will be fine. He will interact with this energy source of Seer, within your future time period, and this response will not occur.

(To Ron) I am acknowledging and expressing thanks for your compliance with instructions. (Pause)

This energy you view to be coming from, so to speak, outside or above; for within your belief systems, you believe non-physical focus to be above you. In actuality, it is within you, therefore it interacts quite strongly with you; and, within the element of consciousness, without physical body, there seems to be no space, for in actuality, there is no space! (Grinning) It is only within physical perception that you perceive space and time.

I will express also that this is also an example of your belief systems, and even, within consciousness, how affecting they may be to you. I have expressed to you that your belief systems are quite strong; and that even as you move away from physical focus into non-physical, you retain your belief systems, for a while. Therefore, an expression of energy ‘pressing down’ from above is quite logical, for the visualization is that of physical focus being underneath and connected to your ‘ground level,’ so to speak; your buffer zone hovering above this, being your protective agent; but your non-physical energies coming from universal ‘spaces’ all out here above you, for the cosmos is ‘pressing in!’ In actuality, the cosmos is ‘pushing out,’ to encompass! (Demonstrating with gesturing of hands)

Michael [Mary] was experience[ing] the feeling of being inside of the eye, this being the identification of the cyclone, the whirling energies around, and his falling uncontrollably within the eye where there is ‘nothing,’ and no direction. There is no nothing! (Grinning widely) You only do not incorporate a belief system to encompass the nothing. Therefore, it is unfamiliar, and you may only attach what you know, and this you perceive to be nothing. He will be understanding of this situation much more clearly after this evening, and I also will be interacting; and in this way, he will not incorporate this fearfulness any longer.

I will be acknowledging to all of these individuals present for their forbearance and supportiveness to him in this endeavor, for this initial experience was necessary for his moving forward. I will also express to you each that although you, within your lack of knowledge, view the unknown as frightening, and you incorporate fearfulness of (humorously) ‘psychic elements,’ there is, in actuality, nothing that is harmful within non-physical, and there is no thing to be frightened of! It is only your own physical belief systems that create this situation. No essence will be harmful or intrusive. You incorporate the fearfulness.” [session 72, February 18, 1996]

VICKI: ” ... is this also why you seem to be so different recently? Your energy?

ELIAS: I remain the same ...

VICKI: Okay, I’ve asked this question before.

ELIAS: ... you change! Your awareness is widening. Michael [Mary] also, moving very quickly, is widening awareness. In this, he is also incorporating a greater ability for acceptance. This is quite influencing of this phenomenon. The merging of consciousness, within the element of this phenomenon, increases; therefore the changes that you view.

I will also express to Lawrence [Vicki] that your interaction within our information will increase also; for within physical terms, although you may view and experience a very slow delivery of information, within consciousness, and also within the process of this phenomenon, information is processed at such a phenomenal rate that this physical brain may not assimilate all of it. Therefore you may, subsequently now, experience some gaps. Therefore, be attuned; for communication continues continuously, uninterrupted; and within consciousness, it is much vaster than what you verbally experience within our sessions.

Also, other factors enter in within this phenomenon; for as the consciousness expands and allows itself, within the subjective self, to widen and experience more, there is also more interaction and more energy exchange, which is also affecting of delivery of information. You will not experience more distortion. You may frequently experience a more retarded delivery; for to compensate physically, the brain will slow the process of information tremendously, retarding the process to assimilate, therefore compensating for the tremendous rush and volume of information and electrical impulses being received. As I was expressing previously within another session, I am not wishing to be short-circuiting Michael [Mary]! Therefore, adjustments are made. This is an allowance in preparation, and also a compliance for expansion. You possess an inner knowing subjectively.” [session 93, May 12, 1996]

GAIL: “I have a question. Actually, sort of a two-part question. I have experienced two overwhelming feelings that I can’t understand. One was last Sunday after we finished session. We were on the porch getting ready to leave, and I had this sort of wavy, euphoric, kind of funny feeling come over me, and I was wondering what that was.

ELIAS: You may experience many physical elements within the forum of these sessions. Many times, individuals experience actual physical elements within themselves, as their energy and vibrational tones align. Also, recently, with your time element, there has been a greater incorporation, physically, of my dear friend’s energy manifesting through to physical focus, which is also quite affecting within energy. There will be responses within individuals to this energy exchange; for as he is manifesting energy outwardly to you within physical focus, just as with Elias, you may experience, presently, a scattered effect.” (5) [session 103, July 07, 1996]

ELIAS: “Consciousness is highly creative. You are conscious energy, and have created these extensive dimensions of self quite creatively. They are ultimately intricate. Your scientists view your physical brains. The millions of nerve endings contained within this physical brain are dwarfed in comparison to what you create within consciousness, and the complexity with which you create each focus.

The intersections of probable selves, as I have stated, are recognized. You do not understand what you are recognizing, but they are consciously recognized. You may experience this within physical feelings. You may experience this within emotions. You may also experience this intersection within tremendous bursts of creativity. Each time you experience an inspiration, you experience an intersection of yourself and a probable self.

I have expressed that this subject will be occupying much of our time presently; for although you may think that you are assimilating this information instantaneously, you are absorbing, but you are not quite assimilating this information. It is difficult, for you view this to be quite abstract. In actuality, it is simply reality. It is continuous exchange within energy. Each action that you engage is no different than the energy exchange that you view presently within this phenomenon, for they are all action within consciousness, and all action within consciousness is an event which is a probability, which is a choice. They are all synonymous. There is no separation.

... I shall also offer another experimentation this evening for your viewing entertainment; for Michael [Mary] has moved greatly within consciousness, within what you view to be your time element of this past present year. Therefore, I shall engage him within consciousness, with your assistance, and the artist shall provide your visual aid. I shall not remove completely, only to the extent of allowing an aspect of consciousness to be incorporated within bodily function; this being to be not creating confusion within consciousness for Michael [Mary], for this obviously will be a new experiment within this energy exchange for Michael [Mary]. Therefore, you may offer Michael [Mary] your paper. I shall not speak as the engagement is accomplished, although it would also be futile for you to be speaking with Michael [Mary], for he will not be audibly hearing you, as he does not hear you within a session. I shall hear you.

VICKI: Is this going to be confusing for Michael [Mary]?

ELIAS: No. Lawrence [Vicki] may reserve his protection of Michael [Mary], in an understanding that Elias does not implement action that shall be harmful to Michael [Mary]! (Laughter)

GAIL: Cute, isn’t it?

ELIAS: We shall engage. (Here, there is a visible change. We ‘see’ Mary return, but it is obvious that she is not really here. There is a vacant look in her eyes, and she doesn’t look at any of us. She looks at the paper and pen in front of her, and after thirty seconds, picks up the pen. It takes her the next fifty seconds to complete the drawing, which she does without hesitation. Elias then ‘returns.’)

ELIAS: Accomplished. Now you may view your stairs effect, and you may also view your focus personality continuing along one line of probable events, intersecting with other probable selves which also parallel the self that you identify as you. Each probable self runs, so to speak, in parallel motion within consciousness to you, or to what you view to be your recognized, official focus of you. These probable selves interact continuously with the focused personality.

(Here, it becomes apparent that Vicki is ‘losing it.’ She is having an emotional response to this ‘experiment’)

ELIAS: More distress is incorporated within Lawrence [Vicki] than within Michael [Mary]! Be realizing that Michael’s [Mary’s] awareness has widened considerably, and may incorporate action that you presently view as periphery; unofficial action. Therefore, his consciousness can accommodate many elements within subjective and objective expression. There is no need for concern. I, as I have expressed many times to Lawrence [Vicki], hold great affection for this essence. Be not concerned. If you are wishing, I shall return him to you, that you may view personally his wellness.

VICKI: No, that’s not necessary.

ELIAS: Very well. This also may illustrate to you that although I express that within one respect, you may be identifying this phenomenon and engagement as a probable self action, it also is not; for although I have expressed to you that Elias is a wider awareness of Michael [Mary], this essence of Elias, of Rastin, (6) also holds its own individuality, which now may be apparent in reality to you. Although there is no separation within consciousness, there is what you view to be separation within individuality and personality; for this is what you understand within physical focus. Therefore, you may express to Michael [Mary] also, this information is not provided by his own consciousness within his own essence, so to speak.” [session 111, August 11, 1996]

VICKI: “So, Elias, what is the deal with all of the channeling information? I’ve done some research. I’ve read some stuff. I can personally say that if you were spouting this kind of stuff, of course I wouldn’t be here.

ELIAS: What kind of ‘stuff,’ specifically? (Humorously)

VICKI: What kind of stuff? The kind of stuff that we just read that came over the computer tonight, which I can say that I had a little bit of hope. I had a tiny glimmer, because of the way that it was arrived at, that it might be something a little bit different, something a little more aligned with what you do. But it does seem like no matter what avenue we pursue, we don’t find anything that is quite similar to what you deliver, and I’m really curious about that. What the heck is going on? You have made the statement that a lot of people are receiving information.

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: I don’t consider this information. Am I incorrect in that?

ELIAS: It is dependent upon your attention, and what you value as information that you draw to you.

VICKI: So is it basically dependent on my personal belief systems?


VICKI: So what’s really going on???

ELIAS: (Grinning) I have expressed that there are many essences that incorporate this phenomenon as an energy exchange, as do I with Michael [Mary]. You presently have not encountered these other energy exchanges, so to speak.

VICKI: There are many?

ELIAS: In your terms, but you also occupy space upon your planet with many, many, many, many, many (laughter) other individuals, as compared to many interactions of energy exchange.

VICKI: So it would be a real shot in the dark to encounter another energy exchange similar to this particular one.

ELIAS: I shall express to you, which may be obvious to you presently; within your present focus, within your society, you have encountered one.

VICKI: One other one?

ELIAS: Until what you view to be present.

VICKI: Alright. So within personal probabilities, this is not so common.

ELIAS: What you encounter within other individuals is quite common!

VICKI: So this desire to share this experience with Mary is kind of a shot in the dark in itself. (Referring to Mary’s desire to see someone else ‘channel,’ as she has never viewed the phenomenon)

ELIAS: If you are inquiring as to the probability that you may encounter another individual engaging a very similar energy exchange, you shall be reaching far beyond your pool of probabilities. If you are inquiring as to viewing an energy exchange of a type, this is quite common.

VICKI: So I guess I should have just trusted my original impression within that. I just thought that maybe we could draw that to ourselves for Mary’s sake.

ELIAS: It is possible, just as all probabilities are available to you. You have, in your terms, already drawn to you probabilities outside of your pools of probabilities, within your present focus.

VICKI: Okay. Well then, let me ask you this. I have to ask this because I just, I don’t really ... Because of the information you’ve delivered to date, I have to wonder if the reason that I’m drawn to this information is a result of my own belief systems. (Hamster wheel alert!)

ELIAS: I have expressed previously, you have drawn yourself to this information for it is an agreement. You have asked; this being independent of belief systems. Belief systems and the movement through belief systems are the motivation for changing of probabilities within your pool in this particular focus, to draw information to yourself to be widening your awareness and accepting of belief systems. It is not a resulting cause and effect of belief systems. These agreements, in your terms, understand this, were not, are not created within physical focus. Therefore, they are not incorporated belief systems. This is not to say that you do not incorporate belief systems within transition, but we have not engaged information of non-physical focus apart from, as you would view it, transition. Therefore, there is much that you do not understand presently. This is unnecessary information presently, for it would only serve for your confusion, which you incorporate much of presently! (Laughter) Quite convoluted! (Grinning)

VICKI: Okay. I have another question. Within that, were we to engage a group of strangers for you to speak with, would this be a correct action at all? And if it were, what would you speak to them about?

ELIAS: (Chuckling)) I shall speak to them of what I choose.

VICKI: So, if we were to go in this direction as an experiment, this would be acceptable?

ELIAS: Quite. This has been expressed previously as the area to which you move within our new agenda.

VICKI: Well, Cathy and I had quite a discussion about it the other day. We haven’t talked to Mary about it because it’s very recent, but when this kind of information continues to be offered, what we just read, I have to really wonder if this is even a correct direction to go in. I don’t really know.

ELIAS: Why do you incorporate wonder?

VICKI: Because most individuals are used to the kind of information that we just read. The kind of information that you deliver is a little different. I’ve had enough examples to be realizing of that, so I’m not really sure whether that’s a correct direction to go in or not.

ELIAS: I shall clarify. This information offered is very different, not slightly different. I shall also express to you, as I have expressed previously, it is of no concern as to the delivery of this information; for all individuals that encounter this information, as they create their own individual reality, incorporate the information that they draw to themselves and will assimilate for their own knowing and widening. Therefore, it is of no concern who may encounter this information; for as you have observed with the opportunity to view one other essence incorporating this type of information, it is much more far-reaching than you realize, within objective expression and within consciousness, and continues to be so. We continue the focus.

VICKI: So it wouldn’t be incorrect for Cathy and I to incorporate an action wherein you would find yourself addressing a group of strangers with no information whatsoever?

ELIAS: I address strangers never! (Smiling)

RON: So is this information that other essences are delivering, is it in trying to be helpful to them as well?

ELIAS: Yes; for within this area of consciousness, non-physically focused, these individuals or focuses of essence are also experiencing and assimilating information; this being the definition of transition. You are moving within a transitional state from one area of consciousness into another area of consciousness, so to speak. Some essences choose to focus within this area of consciousness for what you would term to be great lengths of time; this being for the purpose of helpfulness to those individuals physically focused, offering information and validation of existence beyond physical focus, so to speak.

RON: Does this information incorporate any of this bleed-through of belief systems?

ELIAS: Within the engagement of these particular energy exchanges, yes.

RON: This has to do with Michael [Mary] being a clear channel?

ELIAS: Yes. This, as we began to explain, is a mergence in consciousness; not in the respect that you view this word of mergence, as an absorption, in that Michael [Mary] will not, does not lose his individual identity, but a mergence in consciousness to be allowing a wider awareness, and an opening of consciousness to be allowing of his own subjective expression to be objectively realized, and also simultaneously connecting with and interacting with wider awarenesses. (Pause, smiling) It is amusing that you continue to seek outside, and what you seek is within your pyramid!

VICKI: Well, there are so many objective distractions out there!

ELIAS: I do not discourage your investigation. Acquisition of information is good.

VICKI: I have expressed to Michael [Mary] many times that I really feel that this is an unusual direction that we’re going in, and that it’s not so common, but I don’t know if I really believe it!

ELIAS: In connection with Michael [Mary] also; for you incorporate little information for comparison, for there is little to be offered in comparison.

VICKI: So we’re really not nuts after all?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) A relative term!

VICKI: It’s getting to be an important question! (Laughter)

ELIAS: (Humorously) You have not plunged into the depths of the water as of this present moment! I acknowledge your movement.

VICKI: When you don’t have anything to compare to, you have to question yourself. You have to, else you’re going to be talking to (name deleted), which I don’t care to do!

ELIAS: Will you? (Grinning) I see no comparisons thus far. I do not incorporate the name of (deleted.)

VICKI: But you do have to question yourself. You just have to! That’s my belief system. (Laughter)

ELIAS: Do you? (Grinning)

VICKI: Objectively, yes, although obviously there is another interaction going on, else I wouldn’t still be involved in the level that I’m involved in, and I realize that.

ELIAS: Would it not be much more effortless to trust? (Pause, smiling) But boring!

VICKI: I do think there is a lot of trust involved within this small group.

ELIAS: I acknowledge this also.

VICKI: We wouldn’t be continuing if there wasn’t, but there is also a lot of very physically focused intellectual skepticism interacting in there, and we consider that intelligent in our belief systems, and cautious.

ELIAS: Questioning is also good; for as I have stated to you, I wish not to be incorporating small Elias disciples. You are individuals, and you are intelligent individuals, and you are creative beings, and your trust shall be placed in yourselves, not ‘outside.’

VICKI: Okay. Let me ask you this. If we really want to actualize a probability in which we could meet up with another group of people that are engaged in the same direction we are, is that possible in our time span?

ELIAS: I have stated this already; although within our example of probability connections this very evening, these individuals are not quite connecting all of these probabilities placed before you.

VICKI: That’s mild! Not connecting them at all!

ELIAS: But you may. In actuality, in reality, within this focus, if you are choosing, it is within probabilities, not necessarily your pool of probabilities, but within probabilities, for you to create and actualize physically this desire.

VICKI: I would just like to try to actualize it for Mary.

ELIAS: I say once again; what you seek, you hold already within your pyramid!

VICKI: Was Mary and I meeting in physical focus an example of connecting from without the directed attention of the pool of probabilities?

ELIAS: This has been stated this evening. Yes.

VICKI: Okay. Thank you. Thank you very much for allowing me to ask you these kind of questions. It’s really important, and I really appreciate it.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.” [session 116, August 28, 1996]

RON: “Well, I just have one more question about this same subject. Concerning Michael’s [Mary’s] apparent feeling of responsibility towards this engagement ... (Strong sense here that Elias didn’t let Ron finish)

ELIAS: This shall pass also. Michael [Mary] incorporates confusion presently. Michael [Mary] has incorporated confusion for much of your time element! He is moving very quickly; this being one of the reasons of the engagement of this essence, in recognition of this swift movement. Few individuals allow the ability to move within consciousness this swiftly, and also allow an openness within this swift movement. Some individuals move swiftly but hold to their energy, for their identity becomes threatened. Michael [Mary] allows an openness, and incorporates only momentary confusion within the subject of identity, which he is, in your terms, moving beyond. In an allowance of mergence of consciousness, there is no threat to individual identity. In a desire and a recognition of the movement into an area of transition, many elements shall be engaged.

If the choice is actualized to be engaging of this essence, much helpfulness may occur, within an understanding of the translation of transition. This may be very instructional, within your physical focus, for many individuals; those choosing to remanifest, and those choosing not; but as I have stated, these are choices within probabilities that have not entirely been actualized as of this moment.

Do not be concerned, for you view quite limitedly. Your time element incorporates little time that these probabilities have been set to motion. Many individuals incorporate much of your time element to actualize these choices and agreements. Within the swiftness of movement, Michael [Mary] most probably will incorporate the actualization of energy exchange within less than a year’s time period, this being quite brief.

RON: I know I kind of went through the same thing with the Paul (Patel) thing (7), but when I was told that I would probably be engaging Paul (Patel), the probabilities were left open for other individuals to actualize the same expression. Are these probabilities also open, in this case of this essence as well?

ELIAS: Yes. As I have expressed, the desire rides only upon a recognition of the movement within probabilities, and the actualization of subjective understanding presently. This is not to say that this essence focuses singularly. This essence recognizes an ability and an openness which is differentiated from other individuals. Objectively, you express ‘Yes, I shall engage.’ Subjectively, you express ‘I shall consider.’ Objectively, Michael [Mary] expresses ‘I shall consider.’ Subjectively, Michael [Mary] expresses ‘Yes.’ This is not to say that these probabilities may not be altered, for you hold the ability to alter these probabilities and engage energy exchange at your choosing, if you wish. It is available, and you each hold the ability, within your intent, to be non-distorting and accomplishing of the so-called purpose.” [session 118, September 08, 1996]

CATHY: “I have a question. I would like to know why it appeared to Ron, during his last energy exchange with Paul (Patel), for it to be ‘different.’

ELIAS: The energy exchange was not different. The recognition of energy incorporation was different. Just as Michael [Mary] identifies one energy, in your terms, more clearly than the other, Olivia [Ron] also identifies one energy, so to speak, more clearly than the other. Therefore, this connection was an identification of the mergence of these energies, and a recognition more clearly, within the clarity of your perception momentarily, of energy that you do not always perceive as identifiable. It exists within the energy exchange continuously, for there is helpfulness in arrangement of translation. The essence that you identify with more clearly is what you would view to be less versed in this type of communication. Therefore, there is helpfulness incorporated for the action of the translation; which is, within itself, what you would perceive to be quite a process.” [session 122a, September 22, 1996]

VICKI: “What about the dream last night; Michael’s [Mary’s] dream, with the salesman and the computers?

ELIAS: Express to Michael [Mary], tsk, tsk! He is not being recognizing of his salesman! This interaction was to be delivering information to Michael [Mary], of the actions that you incorporate presently for your clarity and understanding; although I shall express an acknowledgment also to Michael [Mary], that he has accomplished remembering the information presented, for what he views to be the first time, within an engagement of Elias within dream state. His usual occurrence is to be remembering the interaction and not the information. Now, he incorporates remembering the information and not the identification!

The information has been translated into objective symbols that you may recognize. I have stated an analogy to you with regard to ‘X,’ and the urgency to be communicating verbally. I offered you a comparison of less distortion in letter-writing. Do not be confused. This is not to be compared to what you view to be automatic writing. I have expressed this scenario to you only to be allowing you to view the difference within physical focus, within your own communications to each other. Within physical focus, within your own communication, you may focus more intently upon a letter, and more carefully upon a letter, than you may within what you would term to be the heat of the moment of conversation. Within a letter, you may choose your words more carefully. You will evaluate your thoughts more carefully.

This is not to be compared with the action that you incorporate in what you view to be automatic writing, or other forms of communication in which you interpret an energy exchange to be occurring; for within these other forms of communication, you are not focused. You are not clear. Therefore, you incorporate distortion. This is not to say that you may not incorporate these actions clearly. You may engage the energy exchange in the form of automatic writing, to an extent, and incorporate little distortion; but this must also be engaged with clarity, in the same manner of action that you view to be a conscious awareness of an energy exchange occurrence. Therefore, if you are engaging these actions in the same manner that you would engage an energy exchange verbally, with an allowance, without objective interaction or interference, but consciously aware of the interaction, then you may be accomplishing the least amount of distortion, for your clarity is there.

VICKI: And this is not what you would term automatic writing?

ELIAS: It may be accomplished in the action of automatic writing.

VICKI: So what Ron does would be what you have been describing?

ELIAS: Correct, although this also involves distortion; for as Olivia [Ron] is aware, there are moments of objective interference. There is not a complete allowance of information which you view to be being transmitted. There is a questioning. At these moments that questioning occurs, there is distortion; just as you view your television. You may tune your channel upon your television quite clearly, and each time, objectively, that you question, static will appear upon your screen momentarily. This occurs little within the energy exchange of Olivia [Ron].

VICKI: So then would you term the way Oversoul Seven (8) was written as automatic writing?


VICKI: There was not a conscious awareness.

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: And this is different.

ELIAS: Correct. As you engage other actions without your own clarity and recognition of the mergence, you involve distortion. Therefore, each time that you engage your board or your writing and you are removing yourself, you are incorporating distortion. (Pause)

VICKI: Got that, Cathy?

CATHY: No, I don’t get it! (We both crack up)

ELIAS: (To Cathy) As you engage your board, are you consciously aware of a mergence?


ELIAS: Precisely. (To Vicki) As you engage automatic writing, are you consciously aware of a mergence?

VICKI: Not really, although there’s been a few times when I kind of felt that way, but it was momentary.

ELIAS: Precisely. This is not to say that you may not accomplish this action. You may. This is not to say also that you may not presently accomplish this action momentarily. You do, momentarily.

VICKI: It’s a matter of tuning in, correct?

ELIAS: Precisely.

VICKI: Tuning in to what? (We’re cracking up again)

ELIAS: To energy exchange; to engaging your periphery and allowing another channel to be viewed simultaneously to your directed attention. (Pause) I also shall express to you that the engagement of these activities is not what you would view to be an expression only of yourself. There is an allowance of energy bleeding through. Therefore, you do receive communication, although the communication that you receive becomes confusing, or seems to deliver no information. (Pause)

VICKI: So how do you merge and exchange at the same time?

ELIAS: (Stares at Cathy)

CATHY: What are you looking at me for??? (Much laughter)

ELIAS: This would be answered with Shynla’s [Cathy’s] favorite word!

CATHY: Oh, boy! Trust! (Quite sarcastically)

ELIAS: Very good! And acceptance.

VICKI: Well, I discussed this with Mary this morning, that in our definitions, those words seem to mean two different things, so there’s a confusion there with the terms.

ELIAS: Just as Michael [Mary] objectively assimilates more information as we continue, so will you also. You do not understand, truly, an action, if you do not engage an action. You do not understand, truly, the experience of an individual physically focused engaging within a violent act, unless you also experience this violent act, and therefore incorporate the thought process and emotional responses connected with the action within the experience. In like manner, you learn, so to speak, in doing; this being also what you would term to be your objective, for you choose to be engaging action of transition. You shall not understand the action of transition if you are not engaging the action. You may not view outside and understand what you view. You will understand as you experience within.

VICKI: So, why isn’t Mary consciously, objectively aware of the information that you deliver?

ELIAS: This is a choice.

VICKI: It has nothing to do with the tuning in, obviously.

ELIAS: No. This is a choice. Within a very strongly held belief system, there is a fear of objective interference. There is also a lack of trustfulness of self, that distortion will not occur. This is acceptable. Within a motion of allowance of trustfulness, there has been, and continues to be, an acceptance of trustfulness of self. If this were not occurring, Michael [Mary] would not allow himself to ‘move close,’ as he expresses. As this progresses, in your terms, for there is no progression, (chuckling) he may also choose, as he chooses presently, to not be engaged objectively. His reasoning will change. It is unnecessary for his objective awareness, for he incorporates complete subjective awareness of the interaction, and also conceptualization within this action. This reflects itself within his awareness objectively within waking consciousness, and also within dream state. These actions would not be bleeding through, so to speak, if the trustfulness was not being engaged.

I have expressed to you, within our personal session, the movement is swift. You may view objectively, consciously, this movement. He is mirroring, outwardly, the movement that is occurring subjectively. It is bleeding through. It shall be more noticeable to you within your time element. There shall be more interaction. Michael [Mary] views himself within comparison to Ruburt [Jane] (9), and does not acknowledge his own movement. He views Ruburt’s [Jane’s] movement, within consciousness, within objective focus physically, as far surpassing his own movement. This in actuality is not truth. The incorporation and manifestations are different. The movement is very swift. You may express to Michael [Mary] that within his brief interaction that he views objectively, he has incorporated the same, essentially, subjective bleed-through actions and awareness of subjective activity objectively, within this small span of your time element, in contrast to Ruburt [Jane]’s accomplishment of eleven years, to be parallel in movement. Now you may better understand the expression that I use with you, of swiftness. In this swiftness, you each follow closely. Therefore, recognize your own motion also.

VICKI: Okay. I am aware that I also hold this belief system very strongly, as does Michael [Mary], regarding the objective awareness being incorporating of distortion, if one were to actually engage an energy exchange. So is that a belief system that I just need to attempt to widen?

ELIAS: Yes. It is quite possible to be consciously, objectively aware of the energy exchange and mergence, if you will, and also incorporate the least amount of distortion. You do not acknowledge your own abilities. You are very creative, precise, immaculate beings. You are your highest expression. You are not occupying a lowly plane of existence! Physical focus is not the lowest rung of the ladder! It is a choice of focus for experience. It is not, underline, not your physical classroom, to be learning how to be moving to higher grades! You are your highest grade! (Emphatically)

VICKI: But we feel so stupid all the time! (Much laughter)

ELIAS: (Grinning) Only for the reason that you do not recognize your own multidimensionality and magnificence.

CATHY: So, does ‘Y’ have a little bit of objective awareness of what’s going on here, or just subjectively?

ELIAS: His awareness would be comparable to the awareness that Michael [Mary] has experienced recently, of a knowing of a memory, but not knowing of what. Therefore, when you ask, ‘Does ‘Y’ hold an awareness?,’ he does not hold an objective awareness of you; Lawrence [Vicki] or Shynla [Cathy] or Olivia [Ron] or Michael [Mary]. He does not hold an objective awareness of ‘X,’ although he does experience a memory, to which he does not understand the interpretation. If he is allowing himself more information, these experiences shall become clearer; for as Michael [Mary] assimilates information swiftly and holds an understanding of the information and experiences that occur, so also does ‘Y.’” [session 124, September 27, 1996]

ELIAS: “Instruction for your transcribing. Be attentive to this session and noticing of slight disconnections. You are quite correct in adjustment period presently, and there may occur some incongruous material; not that the information delivered is distorted, for there holds no distortion, but the transmission may hold variances. Therefore, if your sentence structure is amiss, you may be tuning in to this energy and I shall be helpful to you during your processing of your transcript.

VICKI: Okay. I noticed a bit in the last session too.

ELIAS: Quite. There is an intricate process of energy translation involved within the execution of these sessions, and in any alteration of the energy exchange, there may be variances in the flow. This is not to be suggesting, as I have stated, of distortion elements, but of slight disruptions in energy translation. This is what you would consider to be an involved process, this translation; which is, in actuality, an exchange involving the individual of Michael [Mary] and his adaptation to the energy variance, and also a directedness of energy from Elias. These travel through many layers of consciousness, and also what you may now perceive to be several areas of consciousness, to be received by you. Therefore, within this process, there is an acclimation period that occurs in altering the frequency. This shall be less disruptive to you than interference, though.

VICKI: I’m kind of curious how the altering of the frequency prevents the interference.

ELIAS: I have offered you little information of this focus. I have offered you little information of the reality of this area of consciousness. This area of consciousness to which I occupy, so to speak, is very diversified. I am aware of many aspects of myself. Simultaneously, I am beyond awareness of the aspects of self, for I am also actively, consciously engaged with each of these aspects. In this, each aspect flows through a variance of vibration. This is an explanation that you physically will understand, for you may understand vibrations, and differences in vibrations of waves and tones.

In this, each aspect or focus, so to speak, although they are not physically focused, holds its own vibration or wavelength. They may hold very slight variances, but each is individual. These all incorporate individual personality, which causes them differences. In this, I am focused within them all; this that you view being only one. As I hold this ability to interact and be each of these aspects of self and hold a complete awareness of each, I also hold the ability to manipulate energy within these aspects. Therefore, as we have used the example of your television, it is quite effortless for me to ‘change the channel.’ I may shift into another aspect, to focus interaction with you.

The essence in question, for Lawrence’s [Vicki’s] benefit, as it shall remain nameless as you have not chosen a name, does not hold the awareness of self to manipulate its own energy into specific channels; into its own specific areas of aspects and frequencies. It directs a scattered energy into a target area. It focuses what you would think of as the bulk of its energy in bursts, into a localized area that it perceives as its target; but within itself, it is not familiar enough with its own energy, and its own focuses and aspects, to channel this energy sufficiently and precisely within different areas; this being an advantage on the part of Elias, for I do remember, and hold the ability to manipulate this energy more efficiently.

In this, though, I shall explain that regardless of focus, regardless of awareness, focusing and manipulating energy through different areas of consciousness, and connecting and intersecting and communicating with any area of physical focus, requires adjustment. It also requires an acclimation period, for you are entering energy from fluidity into thickness. Therefore, there is resistance. In this also, as I have stated, there is an acclimation required on the part of Michael [Mary], or whomever the receiver may be. This shall not be difficult for Michael [Mary] for it is not a major adjustment, but it shall require acclimation. Therefore, I offer this information to you, that you may not be confused.” [session 132, November 10, 1996]

VICKI: “Okay, then I’m going to ask about one specific sentence. I caught myself in the middle of a sentence, and I wrote it down so I would remember. I was talking with someone about this energy exchange and my sentence started, ‘The information is not coming from an external source. It is coming from ...’ and I shut up because I realized I didn’t really know how to finish the sentence.

ELIAS: Correct. The information is not coming from an external source, but within your belief systems you may view the information as being provided by an external source, although in actuality it is not; for this would be an internal, inward action; an exchange; and as there are no separations, there is no “thing” outside of you. This is difficult for many individuals to understand. Just as we have stated previously, it is dependent upon the individual that you are speaking with also.

Essences deliver information which is all meaning the same within concept. Terminology may be chosen differently, as per the individuals present and their awareness and acceptance. Some individuals may not understand certain concepts. Therefore, they must be offered to them within terms that they may understand. I offer to you concepts that you may understand. I offer to you information that you may not presently understand, but also with the knowledge that you will understand. I do not offer information to you that you will not understand. (Laughter, as there is much that we do not understand!)

(Grinning) I am aware that you will eventually merge subjective and objective knowing, and bleed through an understanding objectively. I offer information with a knowing of subjective activity; and also, these individuals have drawn themselves to this information for they will understand.

This is not to say that all individuals upon your planet objectively will be understanding of this information. Therefore you, without or with the least amount of distortion, within your knowing of your Seer, must be evaluating of information and incorporate the confidence within yourself to be rearranging the information without distortion, to be accomplishing offering information for understanding with other individuals; this being that of which we have spoken, within your responsibility within this action of this agenda. And you view now, this may not be quite so simple!

VICKI: Not quite so simple at all!

ELIAS: But you are creative beings. You hold much ability. I have expressed this to you many times. The exchange that occurs that allows the information that I offer to you is quite complicated. The exchange that allows information to others in helpfulness of this shift by you also requires effort.

As to your explanation; within an understanding that there is no separation, this exchange is accomplished inwardly. Within an understanding that although there is no separation within consciousness and also within essence, there is distinction of identification of personality. Therefore, Michael’s [Mary’s] personality is not Elias. Elias’ personality is not Michael [Mary]. There is no outside force, but they are not the same. They are not separate, but they are not one.” [session 139, Decmber 12, 1996]

VICKI: “In reference to the last few sessions, what does feel different to Mary and I?

ELIAS: This is understandable within you both that you would hold confusion in lack of recognition. As I have expressed, you presently, in your throwing of your chalk, are not listening; therefore are not remembering and not identifying. Michael [Mary] now is experiencing along with you of energy that you may identify if you are listening. Michael [Mary] now presently allows a small influx of energy identification, to which you may view as outside energy, although it is not outside.

I have expressed to you throughout our sessions and interaction that the energy of these essences present would be becoming known. You have identified this energy once before. These energies of Otha and Ordin are very instrumental. (10) This energy of Ordin is very unfamiliar to you. In this, I shall express to you that the interaction of other energies may feel more familiar than this one, although this one is extremely interactive with you.

The energy chosen to manifest is different within tone. Therefore, it appears to be unfamiliar to you, although the essence is not unfamiliar to you. In filtering into an area of consciousness that you may identify any exchange of energy objectively, there occurs a transformation of tone. I have expressed to you that these essences of Otha and Ordin are wider. These energies do not occupy this area of consciousness. Therefore, more layers, so to speak, in your terms, must be passed through for an objective identification on your part. This may alter your recognition of tone.

It may appear temporarily to you that there is an interference or a fluctuation within Elias’ energy. This is not the case. It is only a recognition and a distraction, just as you may engage in conversation with one individual and off to your side another individual may be engaged within another conversation. Your attention primarily is with the individual to which you are conversing, but you slip into distraction of hearing bits and pieces of the other conversation. Therefore, your attention is scattered. The energy that you experience within our sessions is not scattered. It is not interrupted. Your attention is interrupted, which is unfamiliar to you, for you are used to focusing. Your attention is being diverted. Therefore, it seems that there is interruption.

This is not to say that there is not interaction which is affecting within our sessions, for within the mergence of energy which is filtered through there IS an affectingness within aspects of delivery of information. This is not the same as interference, although there is much interference occurring presently which has been explained. Do not discount this, for within mass you all hold much energy and power. Therefore, the interference of energy waves, so to speak, may be great. The exercising of energy put forth by this essence must be more concentrated to be allowing a continuation without major interference and interruption. Therefore, there is a more directed concentration. You experience within your objective witnessing what appears to you as the personality of Elias pausing, thinking, searching, concentrating. These are your interpretations. This essence is only directing energy at moments of interference more concentratedly. Be remembering of our x-ray machine. Within this example, at moments of great interference the x-ray machine must be adjusted more directly within the beam to be filtering through without the scatteredness of the energy. Now; within this also, be remembering that there is an influx of energies of other essences which are merging. This is not interference. It is a mergence which is slightly, not much but slightly, affecting of verbal delivery.

VICKI: Merging with what?

ELIAS: This is difficult to explain for your understanding. Michael [Mary], within his movement within the engagement of these sessions, has learned the action of mergence to an extent with Elias. This has been in your terms a singular action, a mergence with one energy source within these sessions which also continues outside of these sessions, although he holds no objective awareness of this action. Within the open state of consciousness within the action of these sessions now, as the mergence has been accomplished in part, so to speak, it continues with a greater influx of energy.

Let me, so to speak, back up one moment. You shall be recalling our moment of tone alignment. At the moment of tone alignment, a momentary mergence occurred of all of these energies. In this action, Michael’s [Mary’s] response was fear. It was, in your terms of speaking, overwhelming within an action of energy, to his understanding. Therefore, it was frightening. Subsequent to this alignment of tone, gradually within the process of this phenomenon, these energies have been filtering through slowly and partially accomplishing a mergence also. Eventually, in your terms also, this mergence shall be accomplished with all of these essences within our interaction. In this, they shall be one. This shall allow a greater interaction within energy within your sessions. It shall also provide more energy to be connected with subjectively by you within this forum for the accomplishment of movement within the action of this shift.

It is a process. This process has been occurring for much time, and continues. You shall continue to notice different fluctuations, interferences, differences within our sessions and without our sessions. These are all indications of the movement within consciousness of energy which is aligned with your shift. It is also instructive and instrumental within the action of transition.

VICKI: So this merging basically has to do with the intent of continuing within the action of the shift.

ELIAS: Correct. It may seems at times, to you viewing objectively, that there is incorporated confusion or scatteredness or even distortion. This is not the case. It is only a difference. You notice objectively. You do not understand the action behind, so to speak. Therefore, you may interpret in ideas that you know or that you may identify. These are not necessarily correct explanations, but as I have said, you may allow yourself to make anything fit!

VICKI: Well, that’s very interesting.

ELIAS: This process, although this is quite an inadequate word, is quite intricate. It is much more involved within action of consciousness than may be explained to you. Much action occurs continuously, although in your words I attempt to offer you explanations of this action. (Smiling)

VICKI: ... One question I have is regarding these comments that Mary made today, regarding Seth telling Jane that her body may be affected negatively by the incorporation of the phenomenon. Do you have anything to say about that?

ELIAS: This is a perception; negative. This is a correct assessment. I have reserved explanation in this area, as to not be creating conflict and fearfulness. It is, as many elements, quite complicated. Individuals choosing certain agreements aligning with energy exchanges are aware within the agreement of the probabilities that accompany, so to speak, the agreement. There are probabilities within a pool also surrounding each action that you choose to engage. Certain individuals engaging an energy exchange action choose to focus energy within many subjective.... (Here, we run out of tape because I didn’t listen to my impulse to check it about a minute ago)” [session 142, December 27, 1996]

RON: “I’m sure you’re aware that we viewed a channeler, and what I thought was interesting was that the energy was just as high in that room as any session that I’ve ever been to with you. My reaction to this particular individual that was doing this channeling was that he was possibly having some sort of an energy exchange, but I really don’t think that he was quite even sure himself what kind of an energy exchange it was, thus making it unofficial for me.

ELIAS: An observance of another phenomenon. Addressing to this phenomenon that you were witness to, an actual energy exchange does occur; although for reasons of control issues personally and elements of fear which involve belief systems of protection, the individual chooses to be guarding the information allowed to be flowing though. Therefore, there is an influence of the individual consciousness upon the translation of information delivered.

What you witness is a mixture of energy exchange and information available for delivery filtering through the individual physically focused consciousness. It is not entirely an influence of this individual’s belief systems, for the motivation is different. As there is an issue of control, the individual attempts to put aside belief systems but is guarded in the information flow. Therefore, what you witness is partial information, selective information; this being why you also experienced a break in flow of energy; for as the individual chooses to be controlling the situation, which is his choice, he is interrupting the flow of energy, as a faucet on and off. The water is allowed to flow briefly, and then discontinues, and then allowed to flow again, and then discontinues. This assures this individual, within his perception, of his control of the physical situation; and in this, he maintains his belief that he is protected against unsavory entities which might prey upon unsuspecting openness.

This, as we have discussed previously, is a belief system, but this is also a powerful belief system, and you individually may manifest quite creative inventions in line with this belief systems. You shall not be attacked by a demon, but you may manifest your own creation of a demon that you shall attack yourself with! Therefore, in an effort to avoid this situation within this belief system, a control factor is engaged. There remains an element of trust to be allowing the engagement of a partial energy exchange, although the trustfulness of the unknown is limited.

Many individuals within your new [age] religion[s] hold very strong belief systems concerning energy exchanges. Many individuals hold belief systems in what you term to be a negative direction. You yourselves hold some negative belief systems concerning energy exchanges, for you view certain manifestations as positive and certain manifestations as negative. Therefore, you view the side effect of an energy exchange as negative. Individuals within your new religion hold this belief system more intensely. Therefore, they also hold a more intense need for protection.

I shall express that you have offered yourselves a good opportunity though, to be viewing another aspect of energy exchange, in part; this being different from your previous excursion.

NORM: There has to be some sort of a connection between the essence Michael (11) and the individual that was doing the channeling. I heard that this essence has done a lot of channeling with a lot of people. Therefore, he can merge, or whatever you do, to have the ability to speak through a focused individual. He has that capability. Do all essences have a capability of doing what you do with Mary or what Michael does with this individual? Is it a common capability?

ELIAS: Every individual holds the ability to be manifesting an energy exchange, although it is not quite as simplified as you view the phenomenon to be. Within this action occurs a cooperation. Therefore, it is not merely the choice of one individual physically focused. There are many elements that contribute to the actualization of an actual energy exchange. We have begun briefly speaking of your individual and mass value fulfillment. These actions do not occur in actuality without the creation of value fulfillment for all individuals. Therefore, if there is not to be fulfillment within value of the individuals participating and the essences participating and also a benefit within consciousness, the exchange shall not occur. Many individuals express that they engage in the action of an energy exchange, although they term this to be mediumship, or within your new terminology, channeling. Their meaning within these words, in their understanding and definition, is the same as an energy exchange, although the accomplishment of an actual energy exchange is not as common physically as you may suspect.

As I have stated, you all hold the ability to engage an energy exchange. All essences hold the ability for energy exchange. All essences do engage energy exchange. Not all individuals engage this type of phenomenon. Individuals attain information which is beneficial to them in many different areas, this being only one. Many individuals, as has been stated, believe that they are engaging an energy exchange, when in actuality they are engaging their own belief systems. It is quite common for you physically focused to alter your perception in consciousness and not necessarily alter your area of consciousness. You may alter your perception of your waking consciousness and not be engaging another area of consciousness. You may be engaging a quietness of self in which you are allowing your own belief systems to be expressed freely. This is quite common.

There are different types of energy exchanges which occur within physical focuses. One type is what you view within this forum, which is also relatively the same type of phenomenon that you have studied previously of another teacher, that which you call Seth. There are other energy exchanges which are valid and contributing to value fulfillment, which are more aligned with a tapping of a world view. This is a complicated area, for you view the concept of a world view as individual. This is not always the case. Essences may collectively deposit energy information which is available to you. You may tap this information. This may appear to be an exchange similar to this phenomenon that you view within this forum. It is a different type of exchange. A different action occurs. It is no less valid. It is also an energy exchange. It is only not an energy exchange of essence.

This individual of which you witnessed taps this type of energy, which is a collective. It is information available within an energy deposit. Many individuals may allow themselves to be open consciously and receptive to this information. You may allow yourselves an openness within consciousness and you shall be receptive to this information also. This phenomenon of which you witness holds a different quality, for this is a direct energy exchange of essence; a mergence; not of energy deposit.

NORM: I agree. I read The Afterdeath Journal Of William James, which was the world view of William James, and that certainly wasn’t the quality that Seth wrote. The quality of that was certainly not the quality that we have here or the quality that Seth has, so I certainly agree with that.

ELIAS: It is different. It holds no less quality. It is different within the context of information for it is influenced by other information, just as you have availed yourself of this information of William James. This energy is connected with the consciousness of a physical focus. Therefore, it is influenced and holds a flavor of physical experience and knowledge ...

RETA: Is it deposited in Region 2? (Meaning Regional Area 2) Is that where this information is deposited that we can access?

ELIAS: No, although you move through Regional Area 2 in your accessing of this type of information.

To continue, collective information deposits may be not originated within this dimension. Therefore, you may receive information that you view to be new or language that you view to be different that you may not entirely hold an understanding of, although if you have tapped these energy deposits you shall know the validity, for it shall, in some fashion, resonate. It may not ring entirely, but as your essence is focused in many other dimensions beside this dimension, you, being essence, shall vibrate within you, within your energy centers, a knowing of the validity of information. You shall also recognize the quality or flavor which is incorporated within the information which is directly connected with physical focus. It may not be your physical focus! Therefore, you may encounter information that you rationally view as slightly off, but you also resonate and feel within you a knowing.

This is why we engage information of unofficial information, for All-That-Is (12), is not what you physically view within this one focus. You are much more expansive than this one focus. Therefore, we presently focus upon unofficial information which you receive continuously every day of your physical existence and you are beginning to notice, and continue to rationalize and continue to discount and continue to spin yourselves within your circles and express to yourselves, ‘I do not understand! I do not understand!” (Laughter) [session 154, February 23, 1997]

ELIAS: “Many of you present within this forum are familiar with another teacher, one preceding this one. (13) In this, reference has been made to an event which occurred few times within the phenomenon. The event was viewed strangely and was offered no identification. Therefore, the individuals physically focused attached their own identification to the event. Their identification was labeled Seth 2. The event was explained. The individuals receiving the information and the individuals subsequent to the initial receiving of the information did not understand the explanation. I have offered you also small amounts of information within this same area, to which you have not understood also.

Within the action of the energy exchange which occurred within this recent time period of an answering of questions for individuals, it was noted that the energy exchange appeared differently. I shall explain to you a bit of this essence, that you may more understand the multidimensionality of your own essence.

This essence is many focuses. You, for the most part, encounter one focus, which speaks to you within an energy exchange. You have come to know this focus of this essence as Elias. You view this focus as holding certain qualities and personality. You identify this focus with the experience of a certain energy which you recognize. There are myriads of focuses of this essence, all of which are interchangeable. Each holds a minutely different tone, all of which collectively create one tone.

Many of you have acquired information, through reading material, of Seven. (14) Those of you familiar with this information, think now of the action of Seven; the ability to be merged and focused in any area of consciousness and to be that focus, while simultaneously holding the identification of self. This essence focuses in many different areas of consciousness. Activity occurs within many directions. Awareness and knowledge of each of these directions is held simultaneously. Tones may be interchanged at will.

There also, within your understanding, may be an identification of an oversoul, in your terminology, which may at very limited time periods speak as what you may think of as the whole. This is not diminishing of the focus, for each focus is all of the whole. Each focus incorporates different qualities. You identify these as personality within your definition of personality, for our definition of personality is different. You recognize this personality. You also recognize the absence of this personality. This is not the absence of the essence. It is an exchange of different focus. Therefore, it may appear unfamiliar, but familiar. It shall seem different, but it shall be known as Elias. Therefore, you may experience confusion.

(Vic’s note: I sure noticed the absence of personality! I kept thinking that it was Elias, but it wasn’t, but it was. Very confusing, and not nearly as enjoyable as the Elias I’m used to!)

All of you are the same within essence. You are all multidimensional. You all not only hold the ability to exchange and interchange with all of your focuses, but you do. You merely are not aware objectively, continuously. I express this to you as you are aware at times, although you do not identify the action or the feeling as an interchange with another focus. You identify the feeling the same as you identify the difference of Elias. It is Elias, but it is different. It is myself, but I am different. This being the same action which is accomplished quite efficiently, that you do not interrupt your flow of your focus.

As to the occurrence of the previous teacher, this may also occur within this phenomenon; not to this moment presently, but it may occur. This is recognized by the lack of emotional output, for this expression of which we speak moves through layers of consciousness from total subjectivity which does not incorporate physical focus of any type. Therefore, it is devoid of elements which are created for physical focuses.

This occurrence within this recent session was a change in direction of attention upon the part of this essence. Therefore, to prevent interruption of interaction, another focus moves into alignment. In this action, there is a slight but noticeable difference. This is not what you may term the first occurrence of this event within this present phenomenon. This has occurred previously, although there are different focuses which you may think of as more removed from this one than others. They are not, in actuality. They are all the same; but you within your thought process may view them as slightly more removed within tone, therefore holding more of what you view within an objective awareness in difference.

This was not another essence identified as Seth 2. It was/is the totality of tone allowed to flow through.

It may be expressed to you within these sessions, but merely for your entertainment, many different expressions within this one essence. If choosing, it may be displayed to you weekly different tones entirely, to the extent that you may view that Michael [Mary] has retracted his agreement and established himself as his radio station! (Laughter) In actuality, there being only one transmission, but with different expressions for they are different focuses. Each of these focuses occupies different areas of consciousness and attends to different events which are all contributant to this becoming, as you presently occupy many areas of physical focuses which are contributant to your becoming. (Pause)

VICKI: So in that experience, I think you said that there was a redirection of attention. To what?

ELIAS: This focus redirected attention, allowing a different focus to be continuing within the energy exchange here, as this that you recognize completely addressed to another element within essence. If you are wishing to know of this action, I shall divulge to you, this particular focus was directed within consciousness to be interacting with another focus which you may think of in the movement stage, in your terms, of disengaging transition. In this action, helpfulness was required. Therefore, this focus engaged action with that focus in helpfulness. It is all one. It is all you. It is all I. But each is individual also, and independent.

VICKI: Could I assume then that whatever focus would be directed here, Mary’s experience would be only slightly different, as it was this week?

ELIAS: Correct. Michael [Mary] will be noticing of fluctuations in energy. As you notice a difference and unfamiliarity in familiarity, so also does Michael [Mary]; although he does not differentiate in the same manner, for the experience of energy encompasses the totality of tone. Therefore, the identification of this essence remains the same. He shall notice only a fluctuation within energy.

RON: Is that the same thing I experienced with Paul (Patel) tonight?

ELIAS: No. This being, once again, a development of manifestation for your introduction of another essence energy; this being what you each have identified for the most part as viewing feminine energy, within our game, of yellow. Each one of these essences, as has been stated many times, shall be manifesting energy to be incorporating with you, that you may identify these energies. You have been exposed, in a manner of speaking, already to your purple, and you have identified your green, and also partially your red. Very much so, your orange. Of course, blue! (15) (Grinning) Those remaining shall be offering identification of their energy, for it is a cooperative.

It is not a singular act or event which you witness, although you witness what you may term within this particular phenomenon a singular energy exchange; essence to essence; but with much mergence and input from other essences.

VICKI: So this appeared as exhibiting less emotion because the focus is less interactive with physical focus, or what?

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: And that’s just a choice?

ELIAS: (Pausing) It is an area of experience and becoming within consciousness.

NORM: Does that require a dual phenomenon between Michael [Mary] and Elias and Elias and the other?

ELIAS: It is automatic.

RETA: And did you say we may have that event ourselves? Or were you just describing the Seth 2 event?

ELIAS: Eventually, you may.

DREW: Would the information that we would receive from one of these other focuses be different in point of view or in content or perspective, or in any way different than the information we get from the focus which is Elias?

ELIAS: No; only in delivery. There may be a noticing of difference in what you view to be personality ... or the lack of! (Grinning)

VICKI: Vocal tone, I noticed.

ELIAS: This may also occur. As in your terms you think of focuses being more removed from physical focus or interactiveness with physical focus, there becomes also what you term to be a lacking of personality, which in actuality is a lacking of emotional quality; which in this, there is less affectingness of vocal tones, for within the incorporation of personality there is an affectingness of individual identification. Therefore, vocal tones are reflective of this. As the focus is removed from physical elements, it becomes devoid of any incorporation of these tones. In this, the vocal tone may audibly sound much the same as Michael’s [Mary’s] voice. No affectingness or little affectingness shall occur within physical adjustment of tone. (I wouldn’t say that the vocal tone in this session resembled Mary’s at all, but it did sound obviously different at certain points throughout the session ; a higher pitch than usual)

RETA: Would you say that this other focus, the higher plane focus, would be classified in Regional Area 4 or 5? Would that be a classification? Or is that not even in the same terminology?

ELIAS: It is not relevant.

VICKI: I always assumed that Seth 2 was a wider awareness of Seth, but judging from my experience and from the explanation just given, this isn’t really what it’s all about. It’s another focus. Is this correct?

ELIAS: It is a wider awareness, just as I have expressed that within your thinking you may classify this as the oversoul of the focuses, the entirety of essence, the wider awareness; within one essence, not another essence.

NORM: It was my interpretation that Seth 2 had the responsibility of the creation of the blueprint for this particular focus, this particular reality that we are in here. Is that a true statement?

ELIAS: This is a difficult area, for as you enter this area you also move into notions that you are ‘less than’ or that you do not create your reality for yourself. A focus is no less than the entirety. It is the entirety. There are differences within experience which is assimilated by the entirety of essence, but focuses experience different experiences. There are, within essence, elements removed from physical focus. These are difficult concepts, I am understanding; just as within our beginnings it was not accepted that you may be physically focused and non-physically focused simultaneously, for you are. There are elements of essence which are not choosing to experience any physical focus. These you term as wider awarenesses. In your terms of wider awareness, you believe these elements of essence to be more, or greater within knowledge. The experience is different. (To Reta) They are not occupying a ‘higher plane.’

NORM: Are there families of oversouls?

ELIAS: I use this word oversoul figuratively for your understanding. There are cooperations of the concept of oversouls which you may liken to your families of physical focus, although they are different.

NORM: There’s no end to oversouls of oversouls?

ELIAS: There is no end within consciousness! (Smiling)

DREW: Is this phenomenon of an alternate focus of Elias available to us this evening to interact with?

ELIAS: It is unnecessary.

DREW: For the experience! (Good comeback, Drew!)

ELIAS: (Chuckling) You may not find this exchange quite as charming as this focus of Elias, dare I say? (Humorously, grinning at Vic)

VICKI: Absolutely!

ELIAS: For this focus holds much more charisma! Although you may be so graced futurely to be witness to another focus of this essence, much to your disappointment, I am sure! (Much laughter)” [session 156, March 02, 1997]

(Vic’s note: I noticed what I would describe as a fluctuation or wobbling of energy before the break. It was a definite physical feeling, and also noticeable in Elias’ speech. I asked Mary right away what her experience had been. She said there was something slightly different, a wavering of some sort, but that it wasn’t overwhelming.)

ELIAS: Continuing; you may engage your inquiries.

VICKI: First of all, what was the little wobble thing?

ELIAS: Ah! Before you are expressing of any more information, let us investigate within this forum those who are noticing of unofficial information.

GAIL: Something was up there, over there.

DREW: A lot of people yawning.

ELIAS: I have expressed to you that this mergence, in your terms, is becoming more complete. It is, in my terms, becoming more actualized and more encompassing. In this, there is a mergence with the entirety of essence. This allows for a recognition of all aspects, and those of which you are not familiar with within identifiable energy that you recognize within physical focus.

These are subjective movements, more of an incorporation of the mergence within the energy exchange; just as we have spoken of the explanation of Seth 2 recently, and I have expressed to you that within your future time period you may be experiencing similar interaction; for as Michael [Mary] acclimates himself and allows more of this mergence to the entirety of essence, there is also an allowance of information from other aspects which are, in your terms, more farther removed from physical focus. You may be experiencing these fluctuations to a small degree prior to an actualization of communication.

The effect that you recognize of numbness, or what you may interpret to yourselves individually as being sleepy, is a response within energy of unrecognizable energy. This energy has been incorporated once previous, very briefly, and lacks emotional quality. Therefore, it is unrecognizable to you, and you hold an automatic response of removal.

Therefore, you may incorporate this information and evaluate to yourselves how you discount unofficial information by automatically offering yourselves your rational explanations of being weary. In this, you allow yourselves to slightly notice a fluctuation, an unusual response but not too unusual, and you may immediately rationalize away the response and not be accepting and delving to your unofficial information. This provides you with a very good example of your own automatic actions, which we seek to widen.

VICKI: If that’s the response, to feel tired, then why do I feel like somebody plugged me into the electric socket???

ELIAS: I express to you Lawrence [Vicki], that you are becoming quite adept at recognizing unofficial information. You are seeking this. You also have taught yourself recently to be noticing and acknowledging of all unofficial information. You may not offer yourself an explanation or understanding, but you are noticing. In this, you do not respond in this same manner, nor did William [Gail]. Many individuals are continuing to be discounting of this small, (whispering) quiet voice. In this, unrecognizable energy calls for withdrawal. You have acquired Michael’s [Mary’s] taste for jumping in with both feet and confronting this unknown activity. Therefore, your response is different.” [session 158, March 16, 1997]

VICKI: “So was Ron’s interpretation of what he felt last night, was this correct? (Ron said he felt the energy of Ayla)

ELIAS: Yes. I have expressed previously that this essence has incorporated engagement already, within energy exchange accomplished with Paul (Patel).

RON: I know when you’re talking about.

ELIAS: As this has been incorporated already, there is an openness to be allowing of the interaction of this essence. Therefore, it manifests an energy recognition with you. It is not hurtful, although it is different within energy recognition from what you are accustomed to.

RON: It’s almost uncomfortable.

ELIAS: You may be expressing terminology as oppressive. I suggest to you that this family, if you are recalling our discussions, has been quite influential within, quotes, ‘revolutionary actions.’ Clue! Therefore, if you are objectively thinking of revolutionary actions you shall associate oppressiveness, this signifying the emotional quality of this action and this family. You shall also recall, this family incorporates extreme emotional qualities ... a flair for the dramatic!

(Vic’s note: Gee, I don’t recall much drama going on around here lately!) (The essence family referred to here is the Vold family)

VICKI: Well, then I would want to ask about Paul’s (Patel’s) interaction with Kaileen [Mary Jane] and several other individuals recently, in which he was ... I didn’t really understand what he said, but he was connecting this individual of Kaileen [Mary Jane] somehow with Ayla also, and it wasn’t clear. Can you elaborate on that? (Pause) Am I just being dense?

ELIAS: No, Lawrence [Vicki], although with respect to my dear pupil, of which he is, at this time, for this one time, I choose to allow his attempting to be clarifying of himself for this is good practice, and as you are practicing he may be practicing also, for we anticipate, as I have stated, the inception to be created soon. Therefore, practice shall be beneficial for this essence, and if you are continuing to not be understanding I shall offer you a complete explanation, but with respect to this dear one, I shall allow his attempt to be explanatory himself. Be remembering of your Seven, whom had a tendency to be jumping ahead of himself at times.

RON: ... I’m confused about information that was offered last night concerning Katarina [Jeff]. (16)

ELIAS: This individual continues to be lending energy. I have expressed to you previously that this individual is instrumental within the action of the energy exchange that you engage, as likened to Lawrence’s [Vicki’s] position and influencing within this energy exchange. It is unnecessary for you to incorporate physical proximity with this individual. The energy is lent, regardless. Within recent time period this individual, subjectively and also objectively, has incorporated thought processes within this direction, lending an increased amount of energy to be facilitating of the movement of this energy exchange that you incorporate, therefore furthering this action and allowing you to be approaching your verbalization.

RON: Okay.

ELIAS: Therefore, as individuals may disengage from this forum, they have been drawn to this forum for a reason, and their interaction does not discontinue merely as they physically disengage interaction with you within these sessions. The contact has been made, which objectively creates a reality within the individuals, which serves to strengthen the lending of energy projection.” [session 161, March 31, 1997]

ELIAS: “We have discussed many functions of the physical manifestation, and the action of the occurrences within these manifestations. This is acceptable. I have offered information of diseases previously, for clarification and understanding of what is being manifest within physical focus; for your understanding within your medical profession is not very comprehensive, of the action that occurs within consciousness in many areas of disease.

RETA: This person wants to become aware of the mind/body experience and feels it’s necessary. He’s of the medical schools here, so for him to want and desire to get the mind involved too is really good, and he wants to learn enough so that he can also teach others.

ELIAS: This shall become more prevalent to your objective awareness as you move more into your shift. You shall be witness to more events, as I have stated, and also you shall witness more opening within periphery of individuals within all areas; your sciences, your medical profession, and also your religions.

CAROL: As long as we’re on that sort of subject, can you speak to us a little bit about the healing modalities that are non-medical? There seems to be so many quote unquote ‘new’ modalities coming in, and expansions on some of the ones that have been used on this plane for such a long time. I have a lot of curiosity about those that are chosen to do that, and whether there is a real difference between the energies that come in and how the healings are done.

ELIAS: If you are referring to energy exchange, yes; there is a real difference as to some actions. This is not dependent upon your method of use of tools. It is dependent upon the openness and receptiveness of the individual which is directing of the healing process.

To this point, many individuals dabble with healing processes. They do not understand the energy exchange which is occurring or not occurring. If you are availing yourself of information to be engaging an energy exchange, this is one method of healing. In your terms, this would be classified as a similar energy exchange as to what you witness presently; an exchange of essence into physical focus, directing energy. There are equally as efficient methods of conducting healing processes within physical focus, not necessarily engaging an energy exchange with essence.

Also, you may be engaging an energy exchange with your own essence; other facets of your own essence which lend energy through your physical focus. These require an openness and a mergence of the individual directing the energy and the individual receiving, understanding that you are lending energy to be instructing of the physical body consciousness to return itself to its natural state.

Many individuals enter the area of healing focus believing, within a belief system, that they are healing another individual. (Firmly) No individual, no essence, heals another essence or individual. All individuals heal themselves; but you may be influencing and helpful within an energy exchange.

Now; as I have stated, you may engage within an energy exchange of another essence, as with this phenomenon, only directing into a healing aspect; or you may tap the energies of your own essence, other facets of your own essence that you may direct temporarily through this specific focus in lending energy, then merging with the individual that you are focusing upon.

You may also, if you are trusting within self, direct your energy within this particular focus. You hold the ability completely within an individual focus, which requires no ‘extra’ helpfulness. You are ultimately powerful. Therefore, you may direct your energy and merge with another individual, and be instructive within body consciousness of this other individual; lending energy and direction for the individual to be healing themselves.

You may choose any method or tools that you deem advantageous to your focusing, but the actual exchange is accomplished solely within energy and the mergence of the individuals. When I express to you that you merge with another individual, I express this literally; mergence. You shall merge to another individual temporarily, and experience empathically their experience; therefore allowing yourself to be directing of your energy within the needed areas.

CAROL: One of things that I’ve been taught, when I was being taught to be a healer, was not to be an empath, and now you’re saying that in fact it’s good to become the empath. It was part of the protection process, that we wouldn’t take on someone else’s illnesses or problems.

ELIAS: This also is a belief system. You shall acquire another’s illness or disease or problem, as you state this, if you are believing that you shall. You shall manifest what you believe you shall manifest, and you shall in actuality materialize these. It will be reality. It is not necessary to create this reality, for it is filtered through a belief system.

If you are merging with another individual, you are not assuming the identity of the other individual. You may not! You may merge. You may not be. You may not take over and assume another individual. This does not happen! Within a mergence and trustfulness within self, and acceptance within self, you shall know within that you hold the ability to be affecting by influencing and lending energy; but you are also not obligated to be receiving the creation of another individual to be dispelling it from another individual. This is a taught belief system.” [session 165, April 19, 1997]

VICKI: “I have one question before you fly away! What is the slight interference in energy?

ELIAS: This is merely interference; or not quite interference, but mergence with other essences which are incorporating within this energy exchange. This creates a fluctuation. This would not create a fluctuation were Michael [Mary] familiar with the energy and tone, but as he is not, it becomes a distraction which you view as an interference within the exchange.

VICKI: Okay. Thank you.” [session 173, May 11, 1997]

VICKI: “I’d like to ask some questions about the energy exchange itself. Is time a factor, as in duration of a session, as far as physical affectingness with Mary?

ELIAS: In relation to the length of time within your physical framework of the session ?


ELIAS: To an extent.

VICKI: So to an extent, there’s a difference between one hour or two hours or three hours, to even that extent?

ELIAS: Within your framework, yes.

VICKI: Is this a belief system that could be moved through, or is it the reality of the exchange?

ELIAS: This is not a belief system. This is an affectingness of energy exchange within electrical patterns within energy as unrecognized within the physical manifestation, as we have spoken of previously.

VICKI: This slight extent of affectingness, were Mary to say limit sessions to one hour, would she notice a big difference in her objective reality?


VICKI: Is there a similar affectingness within how many sessions we have in a week, or if they were to occur days in a row?

ELIAS: You may answer this question for yourself, for you may suggest to yourself that it shall stand to reason that if a time factor is affecting, then the more time within physical focus which is engaged within the energy exchange, the more affecting it shall become.

VICKI: The actual symptoms themselves, would Mary have the ability to manifest those in a different way, as per her choice?

ELIAS: Essentially, yes; although it matters not. There shall continue to be an affectingness.

VICKI: I was just asking in the context that some physical things bother people more than other physical things, and wondering if it would be worth an attempt to change how the affectingness manifests physically.

ELIAS: I shall suggest to you that the choice of manifestation is less bothersome than other choices may be.

VICKI: Presently, you mean?

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: Okay ...

GAIL: I have a question. Your body, if it’s used to a certain kind of stimuli, will adapt to the intensity or as often as it happens. Your body tends to, or mine anyway that I remember experiencing, is that you adapt to it. Does Mary’s body adapt to the amount of energy that occurs?

ELIAS: Within the forum of these sessions and the energy exchange, there are certain elements that Michael [Mary] shall adapt to. These are manifestations of his choosing within his own physical developments. This may be obviously viewed objectively within the response to some sessions. There is a greater physical and emotional response to some sessions than to other sessions. In this, he shall adapt to that creation for this is his own creation and he shall acclimate himself, in like manner to what you express.

Within the actual energy exchange, the physical body does not acclimate to foreign introduction. Your physical expression, left alone, does not accept foreign energy. It recognizes your consciousness. It recognizes your tone and your essence. Therefore, it is rejecting physically of energy which is not of your tone. This creates what you may term to be physical rebellion. Therefore, physical responses are activated as the body consciousness recognizes an unfamiliar energy. There is no opposition to this action, for the subjective consciousness is removed. Therefore, within individuals which are experiencing an energy exchange in what you term to be conscious awareness, their subjective awareness continues to be in communication with body consciousness. Therefore, there is much less affectingness physically. They may experience temporary exhilaration and they may also experience temporary depletion, or what they view as depletion, of energy in response to the energy exchange. Physical elements or functions or organs are not affected, for there is no interruption of subjective communication to the body consciousness.

With this particular type of energy exchange, there is an interruption of subjective communication to body consciousness. In this, the body consciousness is left to be responding within its natural manner with no direction to the contrary. As you within objective physical events experience a transplantation of tissue physically into your body, temporarily you must be administered medications to be disengaging physical responses to the introduction of foreign energy into your physical form. Eventually, as you have stated, the physical body consciousness shall be acclimating and accepting of this foreign energy, this tissue; for you within consciousness subjectively are directing of the body consciousness and expressing an acceptance in choice of this tissue. Within this energy exchange, there is no communication subjectively to the body consciousness to be contradicting its natural response.

VICKI: That would probably be why so many people seem to prefer a conscious interaction.

ELIAS: Yes. This is not objectively recognized. The individual does not objectively think to themselves that they shall not engage this type of energy exchange for this reason, but subjectively there is a recognition, and in this they choose not to be engaging this action.

VICKI: Recently I read some information that indicated that a person who was engaging this energy exchange in the way that Mary does would not perhaps in actuality incorporate the information until they croaked, which didn’t make sense. It also went on to state that on the other hand, the person who engages a conscious energy exchange would have a greater ability or incorporate more of an ease incorporating the information objectively. Like I said, that didn’t make sense to me, and I’m just curious what your comment on that is.

ELIAS: This is an exaggeration. It is partially correct that the individual you designate as consciously engaging an energy exchange shall incorporate the information more quickly objectively. They shall assimilate the information objectively more quickly. This you may view as demonstrated also with Michael [Mary]. He does not incorporate objectively information as quickly as might you, which has been obviously witnessed within communications of my dear friend. (Paul (Patel)) He does assimilate the information quickly, and does not reserve in waiting until death! But his objective interpretation, although quite adequate, incurs more time factor than other individuals, for he assimilates subjectively. This is immediate. The translation into objective awareness requires a time factor. Therefore, in response: This statement, while being truthful, is a gross exaggeration.

VICKI: Filtered through belief systems?

ELIAS: Quite.” [session 176, May 25, 1997]

VIVIEN: “I have a question. About two years ago, I was attempting to do an out-of-body. I was in bed and it was fairly late at night, but instead of doing an out-of-body, another entirely ... well, not entirely different sensation, but a sensation that was more powerful ... the only way I can describe it is, an energy was coming up from my boots and kind of like going like a train through me, and then I felt a voice in my throat that was about to speak. I stopped it because my husband was lying next to me and I didn’t want to freak him out! But it felt like a voice. Can you tell me what that was, and if that’s what it was?

(Vic’s note: when Elias says ‘this essence,’ he is referring to himself. ‘Energy exchange’ is his term for ‘channeling.’)

ELIAS: Within the objective of attempting to be entering into an out-of-body experience, you allow yourself to enter what you term to be an altered stated of consciousness ... although it is not altered! (Grinning) In this, you allow yourself an opening objectively, within trustfulness and acceptance of self. Therefore, you allow subjective activity to be recognized objectively. Within this state, you also may at times allow more of your self in its entirety, essence, to be interacting within the individual focus. Therefore, you do not engage an energy exchange in what you view with this essence, but you allow your essence to be communicating. In this, you also allow your own validation of this interaction by allowing yourself within the focus to be experiencing physical sensation. Had you chosen to be continuing with this allowance, you are correct, you would have been experiencing verbalization of information to be offered to yourself. This would appear to be another entity speaking through you.

VIVIEN: Kind of like you are now through Mary? In that way, or not?

ELIAS: No. Within an interaction of your essence. Although within consciousness there is no separation, for the purpose of understanding within your language and your ideas and your belief systems within physical focus, I make a differentiation of this energy exchange. Within this, different tones merge to be creating of this energy exchange; that tone of Michael’s [Mary’s] essence and that tone of this essence. Within the mergence, there is an exchange. In this, in your terms physically to your understanding, you may express that Michael [Mary] removes from the objective expression, allowing the body consciousness to disengage from subjective interaction and therefore also allowing the energy of this essence to be moving into the physical space arrangement, connecting with the individual physical body consciousness. Therefore, this essence directs the subjective activity which directs this body consciousness that you view. Michael [Mary] moves to an area of consciousness that disengages all subjective communication with this body consciousness.

Within the action that you have experienced, you have allowed yourself the opportunity to be accessing your essence; the same tone; that which you may view or express as your higher self. This is not in actuality your ‘higher self.’ It is yourself, but you do not recognize all of the aspects of self, for your attention is directed to this focus objectively. Therefore, you forget temporarily, while engaging this physical focus, your own multidimensionality and the vastness of self. In this, you allowed a time period within your objective recognition of an entering into your objective awareness, within your physical body consciousness, the vastness of essence. This creates an energy surge.

VIVIEN: That’s what it felt like!

ELIAS: For within physical reality, you intentionally choose to be disconnecting with your awareness of essence for the purity of your experience while in physical focus. You intentionally forget self. You focus upon one aspect of self within an objective materialization physically of a focus. As you allow subjective interaction and that element of essence to bleed through into your awareness, you open your subjective and objective awarenesses to merge. In this mergence, you allow an intensity of energy from essence to surge within your physical form. This also, in similarity to objective feeling with Michael [Mary], is an opening to allow the intensity of your energy. Therefore, the body consciousness recognizes this surge, as a floodgate shall open. In this, the energy from essence shall appear to flood into the body consciousness.

The difference with these experiences is: Within the floodgate opening of energy within this experience that you express, your body consciousness recognizes your tone of essence. Therefore, it is accepting of this energy and shall produce an exhilarating feeling, but also shall create a response within body consciousness that your cells identify as a flooding of energy. Therefore, they are responding in reaction to energy which is not normally incorporated within the focus. Within Michael [Mary], the subjective communication is discontinued. Therefore, the energy is unrecognized within the body consciousness. In this, there is a different response to the influx of energy, in a physical rejection of unfamiliar energy.

You each have created your form from its first cell. It knows you. It lives, in your terms, as a projection of essence which is familiar with you. It knows all of your aspects. It knows all of your essence. Therefore, it is accepting of this action; this being also why I suggest to you that an essence may not be intrusive to another essence, for your form shall not accept, outside of agreement, this influx of energy. It does not in your terms belong to you, and your watchdog of your body consciousness is aware.

In this, you shall have offered yourself information which you seek, but within fearfulness an action of non-acceptance was incorporated. In this, the action was refused and blocked. You may trust futurely that this shall not be harmful to you and that you may engage this action if so choosing once again, and you may offer yourself answers to many questions that you hold, which may be more beneficial than your excursions out-of-body.” [session 184, June 20, 1997]

MIKE#1: Elias, ... what is the uniqueness of the energy of this group that sustains Mary from becoming physically ill, as apparently is usual?

(Vic’s note: Normally, Mary would experience physical symptoms from spending this much time in session – headaches, nausea, diarrhea, disorientation. She did experience some symptoms, but only slightly.)

ELIAS: This being an unusual, so to speak, situation presently, but necessary. Within this agenda, there shall be accomplished an expansion for the delivery of this information. It shall progress. It shall move forward, in your terms. In this, there are aspects of Michael [Mary], which has been explained to him, that he must be moving through and accepting for the incorporation of this expansion. He has been accomplishing quite swiftly in this movement for the furthering of this information. In this, to facilitate a moving through in certain issues, a concentration of energy exchange within this present now was chosen. As this has been chosen, it also is necessary for an agreement to be accomplished within helpfulness to Michael [Mary].

Physical aspects occur to the physical body consciousness within the accomplishment of this exchange, as Michael [Mary] chooses to be engaging this exchange by removing subjective consciousness from interacting with body consciousness. Within the break time, so to speak, of interaction of subjective instruction to physical body consciousness, there is no thing to be suggesting information to the body consciousness to not be rejecting of unfamiliar energy. This essence holds slightly different tone. Therefore, the energy is not accepted and recognized by the body consciousness.

Each cell within your body consciousness recognizes you. It also recognizes, temporarily, all of your other focuses. Therefore, temporarily you may exchange with another focus. You may not assume another focus, for you hold a slightly different tone, and the body consciousness eventually shall be rejecting of that energy; but within this exchange, this is not an exchange of other focuses of one essence. This is an interaction – a mergence and exchange of different essences. Therefore, the body consciousness within physical manifestation does not hold recognition of this tone and energy and is rejecting, as your body physically is rejecting of transplant action. In this, physical rebellion occurs. Rejection of energy occurs, which creates action within the physical body expression. It is protesting! Within this concentration of energy exchange presently, the protesting would be objectified quite intensely. Therefore, within agreement to be furthering of this information delivery and expansion, agreements have been accomplished within consciousness to be helpful in diverting energy from this body consciousness.

This is quite complicated, in your terms, for there must occur an interaction subjectively with other body consciousnesses and energy subjectively of other individuals. Essentially, energy is projected to this body consciousness, establishing a communication, which it is lacking, of its own subjective interaction. Therefore, other individuals project energy to be offering communication and exchanging energy manifestations to objectify the manifestation of the energy expression, allowing a communication temporarily – almost to be fooling this body consciousness, although it is not fooling. It is distracting of the body consciousness by offering information and simultaneously allowing the energy which would be expressed within this particular physical form to be expressed elsewhere. There are many more aspects to your physical form than you realize. It is a magnificent creation of essence, and highly efficient.

Within the exchange of these essences, as I have stated, the subjective communication is interrupted. It is removed. You each communicate every movement, every motion, every objectification of every cell within your physical form, subjectively. Your physical body consciousness does not function independent of your communication.

Therefore, as you disengage physical focus, your body also disengages functioning. It does not disengage consciousness, but it shall cease its function, for it is no longer being directed moment by moment by your subjective interaction. You may disengage subjective interaction momentarily from your physical form, but this shall be affecting. You may not experience tremendous affectingness, but you may not remove the entirety of your subjective communication without also creating much confusion within your physical form, therefore also creating much affectingness.

Within individuals that choose to be experiencing states that you may classify as catatonic or comatose, they continue partial subjective interaction with the body consciousness, therefore allowing for its efficient continuation uninterrupted; although to an extent, even the allowance of some interaction subjectively holds affectingness physically, as the entirety of the subjective awareness is not in communication with the body consciousness. Therefore, you shall witness individuals with some physical affectingness within these states if it is prolonged.

JIM: ... Elias, can you give us any more information on the entity, or whatever you want to term it, that calls itself Seth 2?

ELIAS: You view this to be a separation, also being a belief system. You view this to be a different entity from that which you recognize as your teacher. It is not. As I have expressed to you within an explanation much simplified of this essence, (Elias) there are many, many aspects of essence, countless aspects of essence. All are actualized within every area of consciousness; this being why I express to you that you may not be viewing ascended masters, for you are ascended masters! You are all things within all dimensions within all areas of consciousness, for there is no separation. Therefore, simultaneous to this attention within this lens focus that you recognize as you, you also occupy all other areas of consciousness that you create belief systems around, expressing that they occupy ‘higher levels.’ They occupy different areas of consciousness. Their experience is different.

You hold aspects of self, of essence, that have never in your terms chosen to physically objectify. Therefore, this experience is not of those aspects. This is not to say that they do not incorporate the experience as you experience this, but within the creation of the reality that they occupy, they may not be focused within their attention upon those experiences. They exist, but they do not focus their attention upon them. You do not focus your attention upon every individual hair upon your head! It exists. It experiences. It is aware of all of your experience, but your attention is not focused upon every individual hair! In this same manner, within the entirety of essence, each aspect of essence does not focus its attention upon the entirety of essence, although it incorporates the entirety of self and experience. Just as you hold the ability to access any area of your essence within consciousness, so do any other aspects hold the ability to access you.

In this, this aspect of the same essence holds attention within a different area of consciousness and experience. It is not a higher plane. It is a different experience which has not chosen physical experience, therefore is not incorporating a language that you identify with within your emotional creation of your focus. In this manner, the individual interacting with your teacher within exchange was allowing for the accessing of other aspects of that essence, in this allowing a partial communication. This is limited, for it moves through many more layers of consciousness to actualize within your language. You do not understand the communication, for it is very unfamiliar to you. It does not hold your attention, for it is unfamiliar to you objectively.

This essence that you view presently may choose to be accessing other aspects of the essence and presenting them to you within this energy exchange, but you would not listen, for this would not hold your attention, for you cannot identify presently within the experience that you have chosen within this dimension; for you have intentionally chosen to be forgetful for the purity of your experience within this focus of creation. Therefore, you experience unfamiliarity which does not hold your attention.” [session 186, June 22, 1997]

BOB: “Earlier, you commented on another channeler who had some information being filtered through his belief systems via other focuses. Is that correct?

ELIAS: Correct.

BOB: This is not the case with yourself?

ELIAS: This is a different energy exchange.

BOB: So belief systems do not come into play with Elias?

ELIAS: This essence is not and has not been another focus of the essence of Michael [Mary]. Therefore, the action of the exchange is different. There may be belief system filtration through the verbal exchange, for I am exchanging physically within energy and utilizing the awareness of the individual physically focused, and utilizing your language. Within this there is an element of distortion, for it is not possible to be offering without any distortion within the confines of your language. The information is not offered through the perspective of belief systems.

BOB: Okay. So in that context, the information that Seth provided was very much the same information, or presented in somewhat the same way, as your information is presented?


BOB: But wasn’t Jane some sort of parallel, and she was present or aware of the channeling as it happened, or not?

ELIAS: At many times.

BOB: Sometimes. Apparently, channels are cropping up all over the place as part of the shift, I would assume. Certainly, they’re varied. Are there other channels more of your nature that you are aware of, and if someone was to bring one of them up in a session, you could recognize one from the other?

ELIAS: Yes.” [session 193, July 13, 1997]

VICKI: “Well, it’s not real amusing when you’re ‘in it’ in physical focus in the place I was in, but I guess I can look back and see the amusement of it.

I just have a couple of questions for both of us. The first one is, could you explain the difference between a state of unconsciousness and what we call a coma?

ELIAS: Very well. These are areas that your sciences continue to be confused within, for they do not understand the workings of your physical brain and they do not incorporate the interaction of consciousness in relation to your physical expression. In this, in actuality, within the action, there is a difference within what you term to be an unconscious state physically and a state of coma.

Within the expression of a coma, the individual experiences a time framework of sorts, although it is quite different from your objective experience within time; this being an accelerated time framework within their perception. It is a time period of choosing, as I have expressed previously. They choose this action in not quite connecting with which probability they wish to actualize; moving into non-physical areas, or continuing within physical focus.

Within the action of ‘unconscious,’ as you term this to be, it is different, for the individual removes most of their subjective consciousness from the body consciousness temporarily in response to trauma. This is an automatic response for different reasons, depending upon the type of trauma being experienced. It is a removal of the subjective interaction for a temporary time framework.

In this, the individual, the personality, subjectively experiences no time; this being different from the state of coma which does incorporate a time element, although it is different from your waking awareness of your time framework. An individual within the state of being unconscious due to trauma experiences no time framework. They are experiencing what we term to be simultaneous time. Therefore, it is unknown to them objectively that any time passes physically. You within your perception may view this individual and they may incorporate one minute or several hours of being within this state. To them, they experience no time framework at all. Therefore, it is the same to them as you blinking your eyes. They are unaware, for they have disconnected with objective awareness. Therefore, they experience no time passing, and the objective awareness is disengaged temporarily.

As I have expressed to you, this would be a temporary situation, in like manner to the energy exchange that you view with this essence and Michael [Mary]; for you may not be removing the subjective aspect of consciousness, within your time framework of your reality, from the body consciousness for extended periods of your physical time, for your physical body and its consciousness works together with subjective direction. Therefore, it holds no direction if the subjective consciousness is removed for too long.

This would be an actual action within your physical time framework; that you may express to yourself that if you are removing the subjective consciousness from the body consciousness uninterrupted for a time period of more than ten of your physical hours, the body shall respond in disengaging. There must be interaction within the body consciousness of the subjective interaction.

Within a coma, the individual holds a continued aspect of subjective consciousness in communication with the body consciousness. Within the action of unconscious, it is the same as this energy exchange, although they are not exchanging with another energy. They are merely removing completely the subjective interaction; this being as if the individual experiencing trauma steps back and allows themselves to take a breath, and then returns to continue.

VICKI: So this removal of subjective consciousness probably would be similar to what I experience when I have a seizure also. (17)

ELIAS: Correct; this being the same. The individual experiences an element within objective consciousness that frightens them. Therefore, the subjective consciousness responds to the objective, which holds fearfulness; and in response, there is an allowance for the objective awareness to be disengaged temporarily and the removal of subjective awareness. Without subjective awareness, there is no objective awareness. You must have the subjective to be creating the objective. Therefore, in removing the subjective, you disengage the objective.

VICKI: So when people say that somebody was unconscious and then they slipped into a coma, what happened was that the subjective consciousness is again directing the body?

ELIAS: Correct, and re-establishing communication with the physical expression and directing it to be continuing, but not quite creating the choice objectively; for objective awareness is re-engaged at that point, and objectively the choice may not be completely engaged to fully re-engage the conscious objective expression with body consciousness and physical expression completely.

VICKI: So within our belief systems of fear of death, in actuality a state of unconsciousness is actually more serious in those terms than what we call a coma. (Pause)


VICKI: We kind of think about it ...

ELIAS: ... in reverse.

VICKI: In reverse, yes. Interesting.

ELIAS: In actuality, the element of subjective consciousness is completely removed from the body expression. Interestingly enough, you hold the fear of death, and in actuality, as you respond within consciousness, you hold a larger fear of life; for you shall automatically respond subjectively to objective fearfulness, and remove.

VICKI: Hmm! When doctors measure brain waves, is there a difference between these two states?

ELIAS: If they are looking, yes; for within the state of coma, there shall be more activity physically within your physical brain, for communication is established.

VICKI: Interesting. Fear of life, huh?

ELIAS: Quite!” [session 206, August 14, 1997]

DAVID: “I have a question for a friend of mine in England, London. She recently has been diagnosed with a physical ailment called M.E., something like multi-neuro deficiency or something like that. Anyway, she said that very little is known about it. The doctors really don’t know much about it. It’s quite energy-depleting, and she just doesn’t know what to do. She just wondered if there was anything she could know more about this M.E.

ELIAS: Ah, we be presented with Michael’s [Mary’s] issue! I shall be expressing to you, Mylo [David], that within this area singularly, Michael [Mary] holds tremendous issues. Therefore, in non-violation of the belief systems and issues held in this area of offering medical information, I am respectful of this; for within this present time period, this would be intrusive to this individual as in connection with this energy exchange. Therefore, this essence, within this present now, does not offer information in this direction; although there is an anticipation held that this issue and belief system shall be addressed futurely and shall be moved through, therefore offering an opening within this blocking area.

This individual physically focused has been chosen in that he allows a great opening and ability for this energy exchange without blocking in many areas in regards to personally-held belief systems, but no individual holds such clarity within energy exchange to be allowing every area to be addressed, for individuals do hold very strong belief systems in certain areas. This is a situation of beyond merely holding belief systems, but also holding tremendous issues personally. Therefore, this creates a block within the energy exchange, for essences are not intrusive. Therefore, within any energy exchange, no essence will be entering areas that are tremendously blocked by the individual physically focused which is engaging the energy exchange.”

(Vic’s note: This is in reference to Mary’s issues of personal responsibility in the area of Elias offering medical advice.) [session 215, September 07, 1997]

VICKI: “I’m just curious about ... it appears that you don’t have too much trouble understanding Spanish. (18)

ELIAS: I do not.

VICKI: I don’t understand how that works. I’m curious about how that works within the concept of the exchange itself.

ELIAS: The exchange occurs for the most part subjectively, as you are aware. Therefore, I am aware of the energy exchanged between these individuals. I do not operate from the area of thought processes as do you. Therefore, language is irrelevant. It is merely relevant for your understanding and for your connection for information, but it is basically an interaction subjectively.

The language element is understood. It is chosen not to be entering the area of accessing other languages within this energy exchange in speaking other languages, for this is inefficient for our purposes. It would be affecting of your understanding and many other individuals’ understanding. You occupy this location within this country within the basic language of that which we speak. Therefore, within the allowance of information and your transcribing, it is chosen to be focusing within this language.

It also is unnecessary to be performing parlor tricks that other individuals may focus upon and not focus upon the information itself.

But I am quite understanding of information which is being communicated within other languages. I am quite understanding of the translation which has been occurring, and offered also clarification for elements not stated; also attempting to be moving slowly within answers, understanding that within translation, if too much information is offered at once, the translation may become distorted, and also monitoring the translation carefully, that no distortion is incorporated, understanding that each of you, expressing to each other what I have stated to you, hold the tendency to be misinterpreting quite often, even within immediate time frameworks.

Another individual may approach this forum and may be expressing within translation of languages of Chinese or French or German or Italian, and I shall understand the translations being audibly expressed. I shall not be expressing to them within their native language, but I shall monitor the translation and address to it if there occurs distortion, understanding fully what is being said.

VICKI: Then it’s different from the way that we view language, correct? I mean, it’s a different thing.

ELIAS: Correct, for I do not function within this energy exchange within what you term to be thought processes. I express to you in language, for this is what you understand. You express through thought processes. I express to you each to be expressing your thought processes, for this is helpful to your own understanding – not to my understanding – of what you are attempting to be expressing, but if you are not understanding what you are expressing, you shall also not understand the answer that you receive.

VICKI: Right. So you can tap into the individual. Like when Stella was translating to her mom, you can tap into the exchange between them, and you would be knowing that there was a misinterpretation or a distortion occurring ...

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: ... from the energy?

ELIAS: Correct, which translates into language.

VICKI: Hmm. Interesting. It’s like language is imagery too.

ELIAS: Correct, but as I have stated, language also is important, for this be the method that you choose for communication. Therefore, within your language, it is also important that you are not distorting of the information.” [session 227, October 13, 1997]

VICKI: “I do have one other question I’d like to ask. You were just talking about the removal of the subjective self and that the body consciousness responds differently to that at different times. I have a really strong belief system that when Mary engages this energy exchange, it’s harmful to an extent, and that when she’s sick it’s even more harmful, and I’m curious if that’s correct or not.

ELIAS: You are correct. The engagement of this energy exchange is somewhat damaging within the choice that Michael [Mary] has chosen to be accomplishing this energy exchange and removing the subjective interaction and instruction, but it is not creating of disease. It is creating of functional complications, which in your terms is somewhat damaging to the physical body consciousness, to its functioning, and within the engagement of creating disease within the subjective instruction, it complicates the situation by removing the subjective awareness, but this also is Michael’s [Mary’s] choice. If this situation is unnecessarily ... or outside of his instruction and agreement, it shall not continue. This essence, Elias, is quite aware of Michael’s [Mary’s] movement and his investigation and his creations, and I have at times within this forum disengaged these sessions quickly for this reasoning. This is not intrusive within this present now, for Michael [Mary] is choosing. As I have expressed, he is allowing himself a window and examining this. Therefore, the creation of affectingness by the removal of subjective activity is in concert with what he is creating within his subjective direction.

VICKI: It all goes together.

ELIAS: Correct. If it were not, we would not be speaking.

VICKI: I kind of get that. So can I assume then that the engagement of the energy exchange is not what is affecting of the illness lasting for so long?


VICKI: Okay. Well, I did believe that might be true. (Still do!)

ELIAS: No. This is Michael’s [Mary’s] creation.

VICKI: Okay. That’s helpful. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. (Coughing) Once again! We shall be disengaging this day (coughing) and I express to you great affection.

JIM: Backatcha! Thank you.

ELIAS: (To Vic) And to you also. Au revoir!”

Elias departs at 3:52 PM. (and Mary arrives coughing)

(Vic’s note: Now that I’ve observed quite a few of the sessions in which Mary was ill, I’ve noticed a pattern. When Mary engages Elias, she closes her eyes, takes one deep breath, and Elias arrives somewhere between one and forty seconds. During this period of illness, Mary’s breathing was very labored, but became entirely normal within one to five seconds of closing her eyes. I find it an interesting aspect of the phenomenon that when Mary removes her subjective awareness, any obvious physical symptoms disappear. This is also quite confirming of Elias’ statement that our subjective awareness instructs our body consciousness to display symptoms.) [session 234, November 05, 1997]

(Here, Elias begins coughing and continues for thirty seconds, at which point Mary pops back in at 9:35 PM.)

MARY: (Laughing) My fault! I’m sorry! I’m sorry! (Laughter) I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I know I did that! (Cracking up and coughing at the same time)

RETA: Well, you were coughing! That’s okay, you were coughing!

CATHY: Were you playing, Mare?? She was f#&king around!

MARY: I was! I’m sorry. (Still coughing)

SUE: And we were just going to get the answer to the most important question!! (Much laughter throughout all of this)

MARY: That’s alright, I’ll let him come back! It was my fault.

RETA: I just thought you were coughing and HAD to come out of it.

MARY: No, I was f#&king around! (Still coughing and laughing)

CATHY: She was playing!

MARY: I was! Well, Donald made a suggestion to me the other day. I guess it doesn’t work! (Laughter)

CATHY: Did he get it in a meditation?? (Sarcastically, and Mary cracks up, and the coughing continues)

DREW: Wow! (Commenting on the fact that Mary is still coughing)

MARY: Oh god! I feel like I stabbed myself in the throat!

DREW: Does this have anything to do with the phenomenon? Or is that just a physical thing, that you happen to be coughing?

MARY: Well, it seems like if I get too close sometimes ... I guess ... I don’t know why it always comes through this area, but it does! (Indicating the throat area, and still coughing)

DREW: You were experimenting a little bit? (Mary nods and laughs)

SUE: Maybe ’cause the throat is what Elias uses?

MARY: Well, I’ve been like just standing in this wave for so long now, you know, and Donald made a suggestion that maybe I try to move when I’m in it and try to get a little closer to what I think I identify as Elias’ energy, so I thought maybe I’d try it. I didn’t know if I could or not. Guess I won’t! Maybe I’m not ready for that yet! Maybe I’ll just stay standing up! (Laughing, and still coughing) I really thought I could do it now. I mean, I’ve been standing for a long time! I thought maybe I was ready.

DREW: How far did you get?

MARY: Not very far! It’s like some sort of a ... I don’t know how you could describe it. It’s like a barrier or like a membrane or something that seems to be a lot tougher than I thought! (Pause) Okay. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to interrupt.

DREW: It’s okay. I didn’t mean to be ... I hope I’m not like dragging this out with my questions.

MARY: You can just go right back to ... (cracking up at something)

RETA: Go back and stand in the wave. Is it still purple?

MARY: What?

RETA: Where you are?

MARY: I don’t see anything purple. I don’t see ANYTHING.

RETA: Oh, I thought you were in a purple....

MARY: I don’t see anything at all. (Whispering) Okay. Sorry. F#&k me dead! Okay, I can do this.” (Mary closes her eyes and Elias arrives in three seconds, at 9:39 PM.) [session 260, January 18, 1998]

DAVID: A little while back you mentioned that, I’m not sure word-for-word, but you said something to the effect that this phenomenon was going to change, or something to that effect. Is that happening now?


DAVID: And what are we to expect in this change?

ELIAS: You shall not objectively view much of an alteration. It merely allows myself to focus the energy more directly.

DAVID: For what reason do you need to do this?

ELIAS: It is helpful in the accomplishment of this energy exchange, in allowing more of a clarity.

PAUL: By clarity, does it have to do with Mary/Michael’s belief systems filtering through the energy exchange in some way?

ELIAS: Partially, but to very slight extent. It merely allows me to direct my energy more clearly, and this allows me the ability to connect more clearly with YOUR energy, and allows me the clarity of viewing your energy and interacting with this more efficiently.” [session 264, February 01, 1998]

DIANE: “I want to know about my friend Dale, who lives in Florida. She is a trance channel, and for the past few years she’s been having a lot of problems with physical kinds of symptoms, and she’s just not doing well and I’m concerned about her.

ELIAS: Let me express to you: in the direction of certain types of energy exchange, there is a physical affectingness. Within the action of an energy exchange with another essence, if the physically focused individual engages the energy exchange in the manner of what you term to be unconscious – which is not unconscious – the action that is occurring is the individual is removing their subjective communication and interaction with their body consciousness. In this action, the body consciousness becomes affected, for it is no longer receiving communication from the individual.

The energy exchange creates a situation of another essence connecting with the body consciousness. Your body consciousness recognizes your energy. This is true of all individuals. You create your physical form. It knows you. It does not recognize energy of another essence. Therefore, it is partially rejecting of the energy within an energy exchange. This creates a physical affectingness. To a certain degree, in the choice of continuing an energy exchange in this manner with another essence which is non-physically focused, the affectingness is unavoidable.

DIANE: She has this problem even when she’s not channeling. It’s constant now.

ELIAS: Absolutely. Individuals lean in the direction within their belief systems of a thought process that the energy exchange as it is occurring is the time that the affectingness shall be occurring. This is incorrect, in the same manner that you may engage an action and physically injure your physical body. You may cut your finger. The affectingness of your finger cut shall not dissipate immediately.

In another respect, I shall express to you that there is an element of this type of energy exchange which is systemic. It is a continuous affectingness. The energy which is exchanged between the focus and the essence moves in a continual manner. It appears to be occurring in instances as you objectively view, but the energy is continuously present and therefore continuously exchanging. This be the reason that there is a systemic effect.

DIANE: Is there anything she can do to protect herself? She’s not doing well! She needs to do something, but I don’t know what.

ELIAS: Some individuals experience this affectingness more than other individuals. This also is a situation which is being affected by their own individual belief systems. They believe that the energy exchange may be more damaging than it is in actuality. Therefore, they perpetuate the affectingness of the exchange itself, and in this action they contribute to furthering the effect and what you would term to be the ‘damaging qualities.’ This stems not only from the held belief systems, but also from elements of fear, and also from the desire within the individual allowing the energy exchange in connection with their belief systems. Let me qualify here.

Many individuals choosing to be engaging in agreement this type of energy exchange hold the belief system that this exchange is a gift. In exercising this gift – to their belief systems – they also hold a belief system that they shall engage this gift temporarily. Now, the temporariness may be for a time framework of what you would term to be five years or twenty years, but it is a temporary situation.

The belief system that enters is that if the exchange is perpetuated in a damaging direction physically, this allows the individual a window for disengagement. It allows the individual an explanation which is acceptable to mass belief systems, that they engage an activity which is creating of physical affectingness which shall eventually lead to their demise. I express to you, within honesty, there IS a physical affectingness and it is systemic and it shall continue throughout the time framework that any individual continues within this type of exchange, but it is not necessary for it to be so affecting that the physically focused individual shall disengage physical focus. This is a belief system.

DIANE: On an unconscious level.

ELIAS: Correct. It is not objectively held, although there are aspects of this belief system which ARE held objectively.

DIANE: What would you recommend that she do? (Pause)

ELIAS: With each individual that engages this type of energy exchange, the essence that engages with them attempts to be helpful, attempts to offer information and to address to the issues that the individual holds, that they may address to their own belief systems and not allow themselves to be affecting physically of themselves. But each essence involved in this type of energy exchange also recognizes that it is intrusive to be moving into areas beyond suggestion. Many individuals perpetuate belief systems that this energy exchange is bad and hurtful, for they view the essence non-physically focused as being uncaring and non-helpful. This is incorrect. From the vantage point, so to speak, of non-physical, it is recognized that each choice is a choice, that it is not better to engage what you view as health than it is to be engaging illness. They are merely a choice of experience. It is merely your belief systems that create a distinction, but you do hold the belief systems, which is your reality. Therefore, this is real.

In this, as with the essence that this individual engages, I may merely offer the suggestion that the individual engage their own belief systems and recognize their own challenges and issues, and that it is unnecessary to be creating this situation. The essence non-physically is not creating this situation. It is being perpetuated by the individual physically focused. The acceptance of their own creation is the beginning point to the allowance of the uncreation, but as the individual chooses to continue within the belief system and project the responsibility outside of themselves, they also perpetuate the situation.” [session 274, April 18, 1998]

FORREST: “Moving on to another topic. It’s been my interest to ask of you why, on Tuesday, two, maybe three weeks ago, just prior to Michael [Mary] becoming very sick, you were not ... my first question I guess at this point is, were you aware that this was a possibility or a likelihood at that time?


FORREST: Why were you not, at the time of that session or in the process of that session, mentioning to us of that likelihood?

ELIAS: It is not for myself to be mentioning. This would be intrusive. This is Michael’s [Mary’s] choice. He holds the ability for awareness within himself. He is also in agreement to this energy exchange. I have expressed much information to him within what you term to be past, and his choice is his choice, and within essence, I am not interrupting or preventive of his choices.

FORREST: While I acknowledge that you would not be intrusive to his choices, his objective statement as to his choices is that he would wish to remain healthy and not to become sick. His objective statement, as I understood it myself being with him, is that he did not anticipate that affectingness.

ELIAS: Objectively.

FORREST: Objectively, yes. But if there’s going to be a difference of choice objectively and subjectively, then it becomes very hard to say which choice is to be the one that would be more honored than the other, both being a choice.

ELIAS: They are within harmony to each other. They are not within opposition.

FORREST: So you’re basically stating that although Michael [Mary] was stating objectively that he would rather remain healthy and not get sick in these sessions, that subjectively he chose to become sick?


FORREST: Then I may be misunderstanding you here.

(Vic’s note: I’ve misunderstood this for a long time now! To clarify, Mary’s body consciousness responds to Elias’ energy because it is unfamiliar, similar to how a physical body may respond to an organ transplant. It is Mary’s choice as to what form this response takes.)

ELIAS: Michael [Mary] has created a choice to be engaged within this energy exchange and holds an awareness of the affectingness of this energy exchange objectively, physically, within body consciousness. Michael [Mary] also holds an awareness objectively AND subjectively, in harmony, that this is a choice of one focus, and that although your belief systems magnate in the area of hurtfulness or discomfort or good and bad, there are none of these within essence, and also may not be any of these elements within your objective physical expression. It is merely the dictates of your belief systems that you comply with that create these situations, for your perception within the belief systems creates what you view to be uncomfortable or bad or unacceptable or hurtful. Within essence, there is no hurtfulness, and Michael [Mary] holds an awareness of this.

He also holds the awareness that in this CHOICE of energy exchange, that subjectively and objectively he is within harmony in that choice; although as for many of you within physical focus, momentarily in certain time frameworks you move into areas of allowing yourselves to be consumed by your own belief systems and the creation of that within them, and you may express judgments upon your own creations, for this also moves into the area of your belief systems within duplicity. These are his choices, and knowing that the choice for physical affectingness is not bad and is not good, it merely IS, and even moving into the area of disengagement is not good or bad. It merely is a choice. It merely is an action.” [session 275, April 23, 1998]

TOM: “Some of my questions are about Tiamo ... if you are familiar with this essence? That was one of my questions.

(Vic’s note: what a pleasant voice Tom has!)

ELIAS: Partially. And what be your inquiry?

TOM: My impression of this essence is that he or she is of Tumold, and I guess I was wondering about the exchanges I’ve been having with this essence, if it’s a world view or something different than that.

ELIAS: Hmm. Excuse momentarily. (Ten-second pause) Ah! Very well.

TOM: Pardon me?

ELIAS: You are correct. This essence is belonging to the family of Tumold, and you are within interaction with this essence, are you not?

(Vic’s note: Tom engages an energy exchange with Tiamo via auto-typing.)

TOM: Yes, and....

ELIAS: And being offered information. This is not a situation of accessing a world view. This would be slightly different. Let me express to you that essences at times may be available for interaction with individuals within physical focus, and if you are allowing yourself the access point to be intersecting with these essences, you may be offered much information that is held within consciousness. Now; this is not the same as accessing a world view, which is an energy deposit which has been placed in consciousness by a focus, which may be accessed by any other focus within your particular dimension. This exchange holds different qualities.

I shall express that there are different manners in which essences may be communicating with individuals in physical focus. At times they may choose to be interactive merely within dream state, which within the family of Tumold is not uncommon. They also may be choosing to allow themselves to be accessed during other altered states of the individual which is physically focused. Now, they may also present different types of imagery that may be symbolic, and may seem slightly more removed from merely outwardly expressing their information to you in what you think of as clear terms, for the information which is to be delivered from non-physical areas of consciousness into physical awarenesses must move through translations. Therefore, many times these translations appear in a symbolic language – that is if the essence is not choosing to be interacting objectively in the manner of an energy exchange, as with this type of energy exchange. Therefore, you are being offered information within consciousness, but not necessarily limited to what you may think of as a world view.

TOM: Okay. This essence has no physical focuses, Tiamo?

ELIAS: No, I am not expressing this. I am expressing that the information that you are accessing is not connected with a world view, but this essence has held physical focuses.

TOM: But none as we know currently?

ELIAS: Correct.

TOM: Okay, that was my impression there. The relationship seems strong between Patel/Paul and Tiamo. Is this a correct impression?

ELIAS: They are familiar, although occupying different areas of consciousness and different intents.

TOM: Could you give me an indication of the intent of Tiamo?

ELIAS: This would follow in the direction of the essence family that is belonged to. In this, the area of consciousness is different, for the intent is different. You may view that this essence moves closely in the area of Regional Area 3. This is not to express that this essence is within the action of transition, for it is not, but Regional Area 3 holds more actions than merely the action of transition. There are essences which choose to occupy this area of consciousness to be more closely interactive with individuals within physical focus. In this, they may be offering information and may be helpful to individuals within physical focus. The layers of translation are fewer. Therefore, the access holds more of an ease for essences moving from this area of consciousness and communicating into your Regional Area 1 of physical focus.

There are many different essences with different intents that occupy this Regional Area 3 and involve themselves with helpfulness to Regional Area 1. Within the intent of reminding physically focused essences of their natural state, this essence (Tiamo) is facilitated more efficiently occupying Regional Area 3. In this, it may offer you and other individuals information which may be helpful to you within your own intent.” [session 278, April 30, 1998]

FEMALE: “Elias, have you come to mankind in our past, or is this the first time you’ve come to help facilitate this shift?

ELIAS: Within this type of energy exchange, you are inquiring?

(Vic’s note: There is no audible answer on the tape.)

I have been manifest within this dimension physically in what you term to be previous time periods, or what you may term to be incarnations ... which are not incarnations! (Grinning) But within this action of energy exchange, I have engaged this action most previous to the action that I engage presently with Michael [Mary], but in that exchange, the efficiency of the allowance for the least amount of distortion was not as great as is allowed with this energy exchange. Therefore, those energy exchanges have been discontinued, and in this I allow myself to focus solely through this one individual of Michael [Mary], for this allows the least amount of distortion in that there is an ability to be moving aside the filtration of the belief systems held by Michael [Mary], which facilitates this exchange more efficiently.” [session 284, May 30, 1998]

NANCY: “I’ve studied under a teacher named Ramtha (19), and you seem to go beyond that, which is what I like. You talk more about how our only purpose here is to really just experience. It’s not to get anywhere else, it’s not to go anywhere else. It’s simply being and experiencing. I just wonder if you can give me some of your input on Ramtha. Is he a good thing to follow? I don’t mean follow in the sense of ... I don’t follow anything! But is he a good thing to stay connected with and try to move through some of this? I would really appreciate your personal take on my personal connection with that.

ELIAS: Let me express to you as I have expressed previously to many individuals, there is much information to be gained and much information offered by many essences, and also by many individuals within physical focus. I am familiar with this essence. This essence is belonging to a different essence family than myself. Therefore, the expression holds differences.

Let me also express to you that within different essence families, essences may be choosing to move into the direction of creating an energy exchange and offering information, and ALL of the information is valuable to you within physical focus, for you draw yourself to the information that shall speak to you and that you may implement within your sojourn in your own discovery of self, in your experiencing within this particular dimension. Therefore, I shall not express to you that connecting with information which is expressed by that essence to be (is) incorrect or wrong, for it is not. It is offering you information and helpfulness in allowing you to be widening your awareness in the most efficient manner for you.

Therefore, I am encouraging of your continuation in accessing information that that essence offers, but I shall also express to you to be remembering that within different essence families, the energy exchange incorporates an action of allowance for belief systems. This is purposefully implemented, for information is offered in certain directions in conjunction with your belief systems, that you may understand and that you may assimilate objectively and that shall attain your attention.

Myself, belonging to the family of Sumafi, my choice in alignment with my intent in energy is to be creating of an energy exchange that shall be offering information with the least amount of distortion, which creates the situation that I shall not be aligning with the belief systems held within physical focus. Therefore, in the expression of my intent, I shall not be offering you information that shall be reinforcing of your own belief systems. I shall be addressing to your belief systems and exposing them to you, and offering you the opportunity to view your own belief systems.

There are no secrets within consciousness. Therefore, all is exposed regardless, and it is not intrusive of myself to be exposing what is already exposed, which is yourself; although at times I may NOT be expressive with you or with other individuals and allow – for a time period ONLY – your own continuation within very strongly held belief systems, and I shall not be challenging of that, for that may be intrusive in offering information to you that you may not be ready for, so to speak, objectively, for your time factor is not in alignment yet. But for the most part, with each individual and with yourself also, I shall be direct and I shall be exposing of your own belief systems and addressing to your own belief systems with you, for this offers you the opportunity to view them and to address to them yourselves. You may not be addressing to your own belief systems and moving through these belief systems if you do not objectively hold an awareness of them!

THIS is my intent, to not be perpetuating the already existing and held belief systems, but to be offering information that individuals such as yourself may move into the direction of noticing and identifying their own belief systems, which IS perpetuating of this shift in consciousness and allows you the ability to move more fully into this shift in consciousness, for you shall not be actualizing this shift if you are holding to your belief systems, for the action of this shift is to be accepting of your belief systems.

Once again I shall express: this is not to say that you shall be eliminating of your belief systems, but you shall be neutralizing them. You shall continue to hold belief systems and hold opinions in regard to these belief systems, but they shall not be affecting. There shall not be any judgment attached with them. Therefore, they are neutralized. Presently, you all hold many, many, MANY belief systems, and there ARE judgments attached with them.

As you move more fully into the exploration of acceptance of belief systems, you may also offer yourself the opportunity to view how very many aspects there are to each singular belief system. They are much more complicated than individuals view them to be!

But each little bird that you allow to fly free from the cage of the belief system serves you well to be moving you more fully into the acceptance, which allows you a wondrous new freedom, a liberation from old creations that no longer serve you well and into the new freedom of the exploration of your own creativity without the binding of the belief systems which hold to you and limit your own freedom and creativity.” [session 293, July 01, 1998]

SALLY: “I have been in the belief system, as you call it, of Eckankar (20) for like 16 or 17 years now. I have had at least two past life focuses, as you call it, which have helped me tremendously in this lifetime, and at this point in my life I have been once again blown, so to speak, out of my belief systems. I had a very intense and awesome experience two years ago, 1996, which I will never forget, in which I offered myself as a coworker with the holy spirit in the Eck and had the Tibetan Eck master, who is the torch-bearer of Eckankar, come to me, and I channeled him as I offered myself because he wanted obviously to attend a seminar that was going on in 1996, and for three weeks, he was in me. I don’t understand, Elias, exactly all of what I’m saying, so please correct me, but I wish that you could give me some enlightenment, because as this happened it was a very awesome experience for me, and unlike this channel that you are now, I was very much aware of his presence. Every moment was guided, was directed. I was humbled to be able to do whatever he asked of me.

We went to the seminar, and basically he showed me in the belief system of Eckankar that many things that were being taught were not according to the holy spirit, is the best way I can say it, and he showed me that the people in this religious belief system have taken it and turned it into man-made laws, so to speak, and he showed me what was wrong, what was being taught wrong, what was being withheld to the people who are in this belief system. And then, after all of that, he left me. After three weeks he left me, and I have been, since 1996, without direction. I have been unable to soul-travel to reach him again, don’t know what direction to go in, have had my feet pulled out from underneath me as far as the belief system in Eckankar is concerned.

ELIAS: ... I shall ‘begin at the beginning’ of your addressing to me and express to you that your initial interaction with energy exchange WAS an energy exchange. There are many individuals that express that they are experiencing an energy exchange, and they are not. They may express the terminology of ‘channeling,’ which in actuality they ARE channeling. They are channeling their own essence energy through their physical focus.

But I do not express this phenomenon to be the same as what the popular belief system is within this present now of channeling, for Michael [Mary] is not channeling anything. Michael [Mary] is participating in an energy exchange with another essence, myself, and offering an allowance for this essence of Elias to be objectively expressive to individuals within physical focus.

Now; in your experience you also have allowed, in agreement, an energy exchange of another essence to be merging with you and to be expressing objectively through you, so to speak ... although it is not THROUGH you, for it is a mergence WITH you. In this, you may be acknowledging and validating yourself that you have participated in an actual energy exchange.

Also, energy exchanges may not be continuing for what you term to be long-term periods of time. Essences may choose to be interactive in a mergence in creating an energy exchange to be delivering specific information, and once this information has been delivered, they have accomplished their purpose. Therefore, it is unnecessary to be continuing.

The energy exchange that I engage with Michael [Mary] holds a different intent. The intent of this energy exchange is to be offering information to the most amount of individuals in relation to this shift in consciousness.

SALLY: And thank you so much for that!

ELIAS: I offer much other information also, but all of the information that I am offering to individuals is directly related to this shift in consciousness.

I may go in the direction of expressing to an individual information that is personally involving themselves and their own belief systems and their own issues and situations, but this also is directly related to this shift in consciousness, for the action of this shift in consciousness is to be addressing to belief systems and personal issues and allowing the acceptance of these, and in that moving each individual into the action of this shift.

Therefore, the exchange that I engage with Michael [Mary] is ongoing and shall continue to be for a time period which you may view as extended, for there are many individuals that shall draw themselves to this information, and the point is to be helpful in avoiding trauma within this shift. This is my intent, and is offered freely to you all.” [session 294, July 01, 1998]

JOANNE: “This might seem silly, but when you’re sitting there now and you’re looking at us, do you see me in the same form as when Michael [Mary] is looking at me, or do you just see energy? I’ve wondered that.

ELIAS: I do not view you in the manner that Michael [Mary] views you. Michael [Mary] views you in physical matter and within your physical form. I view energy.

JOANNE: So what does that look like?

NANCY: Do we look healthy? (Everybody cracks up)

JOANNE: Like, what does it look like?

CAROLE: Do we all look the same?

JOANNE: Yeah, do we all look the same? Does one look brighter? What is it, Elias? What do you see? (Elias is grinning throughout this exchange)

ELIAS: No, you do not all appear the same. You all appear quite different, for you each hold your individual energy signature, so to speak. In this, you create your own combinations of energy that you project as you manifest through your emotions, your thoughts, your physical feelings, all of your senses, inner and outer. There are many working elements to you, and all of these are expressed through energy.

JOANNE: Now, the reason that I was curious to ask you that question is, as you’re sitting there now in Michael’s [Mary’s] physical focus, the eye contact and everything is so ... it’s as though you were looking at me the way Michael [Mary] does. So, that’s what made me curious, because the eye contact, the gestures, the whole thing is what made me think that you saw me that way, because if you’re just seeing us as energy or so forth, it seems like eye contact wouldn’t come into play, or is that just part of what makes it easier for us to talk to you?

ELIAS: Partially. I view visually your energy, but I focus my energy in a manner that is familiar to you and that shall be acceptable to you.

NANCY: Does our energy change while you’re viewing us over the course of an hour or so, or does it pretty much stay stationary? In the sense of, can you tell when we’re more open, or when we contract and say ‘bullshit,’ you know?

ELIAS: Correct. Your energy is continuously in motion, and it is quite obvious to view which direction each of you move in and your responses and your interaction with my energy ... regardless of your verbalizations!” [session 347, December 11, 1998]

TED: “Elias, we’ve talked before about this entity of C9 who is now speaking through me. She did that for the second time this weekend. This is somewhat frightening to me, to answer questions about things that I know nothing about or cannot recall after the session. I am trusting myself and I trust this entity of C9, but I need some acknowledgment and confirmation as to the acceptability of the information she is giving me through this window that you have spoken about. I keep getting dates and numbers of focuses that people have. It never seems to say, ‘I don’t know.’ It always has an answer. Can you comment on this entity of C9?

ELIAS: Let me express to you that presently, what is occurring is an actual energy exchange, but I may also express to you that within these early throes, so to speak, of this exchange, there may be at times incorporated elements of distortion, which you may express to yourself is quite natural, for the unnatural element, in your terms, is the action itself. (Chuckling)

In this, it is quite common for individuals within physical focus to be responding to this type of interaction in the manner that you are responding. You hold strong belief systems within physical focus.

In this particular time framework, as I have expressed to you, you are also engaging this particular wave in consciousness which addresses to a specific belief system, and in that, it lends energy to the increased responsiveness in any area that you choose to be moving into.

What I am expressing is, throughout your history, many individuals have engaged energy exchanges, and in this action, all of these individuals experience very similar actions in responsiveness to yourself. They feel uncertain, uncomfortable, and they question the action itself, the information which is being presented, and they also experience inner conflicts, for this action taps into certain aspects of belief systems that are very strongly held.

But within this time framework, as I have stated previously, you are experiencing also a wave in consciousness, and you are being lent energy by all of the energy which has been expressed in the direction of this time framework. Therefore, it creates a heightened sense of these types of actions. It may facilitate more of an ease in the accomplishment of these actions, as it may with all actions that you choose presently, but it also intensifies the elements that are naturally expressed in certain aspects of belief systems. One of these aspects is that which expresses the viewing of perception and the questioning of perception of other individuals.

Now; let me also express to you that within this time framework presently, in this very now, this particular aspect of the belief system is quite surfacely being examined by many individuals, for what this taps into is your evaluation, your measurement of your worth within your physical focus. Although you may not necessarily in those terms question yourself, it is an underlying aspect of uncomfortableness and fearfulness that is experienced regardless of your thoughts in that direction, for you assess your measurement of your worth and your validity, in part, by how you view other individuals perceive you. If you view that other individuals are perceiving you to be a fool, this shall be quite impacting in the direction of your measurement of your value and your worth and your expressions.

Therefore, if you are participating in an energy exchange – which as I have stated, in physical focus is an unnatural action – you are incorporating an action that is unfamiliar to yourself and also unfamiliar to other individuals. Unfamiliar actions and behaviors and events are viewed many times through the perception of peculiarity and are questioned. Therefore, as you hold an awareness objectively of this, you automatically are also responsive within yourself and become apprehensive in the engagement of this type of exchange.

It also taps into another aspect, and that aspect is the bird of control. All of you hold a very strong inclination in the direction of favoring what you believe to be control within yourselves. Many of you extend this outwardly also, but you also view that this is an element that is vital within yourselves, that you must be in control of your expressions.

In this, you view an energy exchange to be a lack of control, for your physical form is engaging in an action that you view to be beyond your control. This be the reason that many, many individuals choose to hold an objective awareness of the energy exchange.

Now; let me also express to you another element of this type of action, for within an energy exchange or within the action of channeling energy of one’s own essence into objective communication of information, for the most part individuals choose to be engaging this type of action holding an element of objective awareness.

Now, this is not to say that you may objectively hold an entire memory of what has occurred within the actual time framework of this action, but that you do hold some element of objective awareness throughout the engagement of the action, or you may express this to be ‘the phenomenon.’ This offers you slightly more energy directed in the aspect of control. It also offers you what you may term to be as a safety net, for if you are experiencing uncomfortableness, you may disengage objectively within any moment. I may express to you also that even within the type of exchange that Michael engages, what you term to be control still may be exercised, but it is exercised in a different manner. But there is no forcefulness or intrusiveness with any essences in this type of phenomenon.

As to the information, as I have expressed, in this initial engagement, there are elements of distortion which enter into the communication, so to speak, that are introduced by yourself automatically. This is not bad and it is not wrong. It is merely an automatic action which occurs, for the translation of energy is unfamiliar and you are participating in the translation of energy. Therefore, there is area in that movement of translation in which you may be interjecting your translation of the energy which is projected into language that you understand. Thus far, are you following?

TED: Yes, I follow very closely. I understand everything you’ve said so far.

ELIAS: Very well. Now; in this, be understanding, this is not an action that you hold a thought process within. It is an automatic action, for all of you automatically translate all that you encounter into physical terms that you understand, but not all energy which is projected to you holds an adequate translation. As I have stated previously to many individuals, there are certain areas of certain subject matters that I do not engage discussion with you within for this reason, for I may offer the energy through these layers of consciousness, but it shall automatically be translated into your language and what you know, and there are certain elements of consciousness that do not translate into your physical dimension accurately.

As to the action of always holding an answer (chuckling) to your questioning, why shall this be of great surprise to you? I have been expressing to you all from the onset of these sessions that you all hold all of this information. You may inquire any question to yourself, and you hold the answer to this question. Why shall any other essence not hold the answer also?

TED: Okay, I understand that. Thank you. I kind of figured you were going to answer that way.

ELIAS: HA HA!” [session 447, August 17, 1999]

ELIAS: “Good afternoon, Lawrence [Vicki].

VICKI: Good afternoon, Elias. (Pause)

The main reason I want to talk to you is that observing Mary getting sick the other night was really very difficult for me, and I thought maybe if I talked to you about it, you could offer me some ways to look at it differently perhaps, or maybe offer me an explanation of what is happening with these group sessions and with Mary getting so sick, and is it worth it, and all of that stuff. It’s hard for me to even talk about because it affects me emotionally a lot.

ELIAS: I am understanding of this. (Pause)

As you are aware, belief systems en masse are extremely strong in areas in which you view certain elements to be positive and certain elements to be negative in physical affectingness of individuals.

Also involved in this situation is the element of relationships, for at times, you all shall allow yourselves less affectingness of yourselves individually if you are viewing choices of another individual that you do not hold a relationship with. There is more of an allowance within you for other individuals if you are not engaging a relationship with them. You continue to hold elements of beliefs concerning physical effects – illness, dis-ease – but you allow within yourselves more of an acceptance, for you view that this is not affecting of yourself.

I shall offer you an explanation of what is occurring in this situation, but I also shall express to you, as you are aware, it is not the choice that the other individual is creating that is so very affecting of you. It is YOUR wants, YOUR beliefs within yourself that is so very affecting, especially in areas that you view that you shall create your reality much differently.

In this, be remembering of all of these discussions that we have engaged recently with many individuals. Perception is being addressed more intensely presently. This is not to say that you within this experience are responding in different manner than you may have been previously, but you shall also notice that you have not drawn yourself to that experience previously ... objectively.

All of these elements, as you are very aware, move together, and there are no accidents.

In like manner, many other individuals are creating what they view to be extreme situations and affectingnesses presently, which they also may have created previously or engaged previously and held the same response previously, but they are presenting these elements to themselves NOW, and in this, you are allowing yourself to identify your behaviors, your choices, and the recognition of the areas in which you place judgments upon another individual’s choices.

Now; I am understanding that what you are requesting is a ‘method’ of how you may be moving through this process and turning your attention to the elements that you already objectively know. I need not be explaining to you the belief systems that are being viewed presently, for you hold an objective awareness of all of this already. But you, in like manner to Michael [Mary] and other individuals, feel yourself to be stuck, for although you may identify which aspects of the beliefs are being viewed, you do not view the choices that you hold in addressing to these aspects of beliefs.

In this, with you individually, I shall offer the explanation, and partially this shall be helpful, for within your method of movement, you have created a belief that if you are holding an explanation or a partial understanding of any action, this creates an ease within you, for you allow yourself more of an ease in viewing certain situations and choices. Therefore, I am understanding that partially this shall be helpful to you, but it shall not be entirely helpful to you, and I hold this awareness also, for even though you may allow yourself some ease within the explanation, you continue to view that these are not choices that you would engage, and therefore, as you would not engage these choices, there is a lack of understanding in why Michael [Mary] shall engage these choices.

You assess within yourself that Michael [Mary] expresses similarly to you objectively. Michael [Mary] objectively expresses dislike and discomfort in these situations, and therefore, as he is expressing this, your assessment and your evaluation of the situation appears clear: If you are experiencing discomfort and if you are disliking of this action, discontinue this action! And this would be what you think you would choose, and for the most part, I shall express to you, in the probabilities that you create, generally speaking, you would be moving into that direction.

Michael [Mary] does not move in that direction. His choices shall continue to be his choices, and I shall express to you presently, in the direction of probabilities that Michael [Mary] is creating now, it is most probable that Michael [Mary] shall continue to engage this action regardless of the physical affectingness.

Now; as I have stated to you many times, and shall continue throughout the engagement of these discussions, as you are aware, there are no absolutes, and therefore, there are possibilities that this may change. But those possibilities shall be actualized within probabilities in Michael’s [Mary’s] choices, not within your choices or other individuals’ choices.

And be remembering, you may be influencing ONLY as another individual allows the influence. You may be projecting energy and they may be allowing themselves to be receiving that energy, but they also may reconstruct that energy to be benefiting of themselves and not in the expectation that you project.

(Grinning) And once again, we return to our word holding much negativity – ACCEPTANCE. (Chuckling)

VICKI: The ‘A’ word! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Now; in this, let me explain to you the action which is occurring now.

In one element of the energy exchange, as I have stated previously, Michael [Mary] has incorporated an allowance of this mergence, and in that action, he has also allowed more of an incorporation of energy.

Therefore, in one aspect of this energy exchange, what he has incorporated, figuratively speaking, is an opening of this (fingers four inches apart) to an opening of this (fingers ten inches apart) to incorporate a volume of energy, incorporating the energies of all of the essences which facilitate this energy exchange.

Previously, as I have expressed, he has incorporated this (fingers four inches apart) and allowed the direction of energy of this one essence [of Elias].

This is not to say that Michael [Mary] shall be creating of what he terms to be his ‘radio station,’ (21) (grinning) for this has been his choice, and he shall not incorporate that action. But he IS allowing the volume of energy to increase, and this allows much more efficiency in the exchange itself, in the offering of the information.

It may appear at times, to you as the scribe, that this incorporates more confusion, for you objectively are noticing differences in communication, differences in speech, in language.

You ARE interacting with the same aspect of this essence. This is not a continuous changing and moving of different aspects in this exchange, but there is an influence in the communication objectively, as there is an incorporation of many other different energies.

This is affecting of the translation, but it also is affecting of a facilitation action, in an allowance of more information to be translated.

Now; let me be explaining this also, for the information may not objectively appear to be more. But as there is an incorporation of all of these energies which are representative of all of the nine families in the exchange, there is a greater allowance for the information to be transmitted to more individuals aligning with and belonging to other families.

You shall notice, within the movement of this forum, it appears objectively to you that there is a heavy influx of Sumafi, more than the expressions of other families. In the incorporation of the allowance of the volume of energy of all of the essences that facilitate this energy exchange, there is also a projection of energy through these layers of consciousness into Regional Area 1 that expands, and there is an allowance for more individuals belonging to and aligning with other essence families to be drawn to the reception of this information.

Now; therefore you may view, in one area of this energy exchange, within your belief systems and your assessment, you may express to yourself that this is beneficial and this is efficient, and even, this may be good. In another area, you view this is not beneficial, this is not efficient, and this is bad, for this is creating a physical effect within Michael [Mary].

Now; the other element in this is that it is not merely the incorporation of the volume of energy. That alone within itself is not what is creating of the physical affectingness.

In the allowance of this incorporation of volume of energy, Michael [Mary] moves differently also, for Michael [Mary] pulls his energy and his element of consciousness – subjective consciousness, very figuratively speaking – farther away from the body consciousness.

VICKI: During the exchange, you mean?

ELIAS: Yes, but I shall express also, this process engages prior to the energy exchange itself. He is engaging an action prior to the energy exchange, of preparation of this energy exchange. Therefore, he is already removing elements of his subjective communication. He is already affecting of the communication between the subjective awareness and the body consciousness.

VICKI: And this is why he’s been getting sick prior to the exchange?

ELIAS: Yes, at times.

VICKI: And why ... is this just part of the action? I mean, is this a necessary thing?

ELIAS: Necessary is relative.

VICKI: Okay....

ELIAS: Michael [Mary] has chosen a particular action in his involvement in this energy exchange. He chooses to be removing his subjective awareness and objective awareness from the body consciousness. As you are aware, many individuals do not choose this action.

Therefore, ‘Is this necessary?’ is quite a relative question. This is dependent upon the individual and their choice of facilitating an energy exchange.

In belonging to the Sumafi family, it is quite understandable that this is Michael’s [Mary’s] choice, for this facilitates the intent.

VICKI: I understand that part. I guess I’m curious why there’s a new action of starting to remove subjectively, so to speak, prior.

ELIAS: As I have stated, the volume of energy is greater. Therefore, in the energy exchange itself, Michael [Mary] pulls farther away, for this creates more of an ease in his interaction with the energy.

As you have viewed objectively previously, as he moves closer to the energy in its movement, he destabilizes. It becomes more difficult for him to continue the engagement.

As the volume increases, he also moves farther away, in a manner of speaking, from the action which is occurring. This allows him more of an ease to be engaging that action.

As to the expression of prior action before – in your terms – the energy exchange itself is occurring, in the translation, there is a subjective awareness of the closeness and the movement of the energy ... in very like manner to his expression for much time framework in the initial throes of the engagement of this energy exchange. As he expressed to you and to other individuals, and you physically allowed yourselves to view, he became disoriented, or in your amusing terms, quite ‘fuzzy,’ and this action occurred prior to the energy exchange.

As he became aware of the movement of energy – be remembering, these are all quite figurative terms – closer to him physically ... this is his interpretation. In actuality, he would be allowing himself an awareness of the energy in its movement through layers and in its translation and its movement into or its insertion into Regional Area 1, which there is a movement prior to the actual vocal communication.

In this awareness, there is an action in which Michael [Mary] begins, PRIOR to the actual session, he begins his movement away.

Previously, in the engagement of one essence and the energy of one essence, he experienced ‘fuzziness.’ He also was not incorporating the intensity of movement previously that he engages now, for he engages a different volume. Therefore, his pull away is stronger. There is a farther movement – there is a stronger movement – and it continues longer prior to the engagement.

In this, in the knowing subjectively, not entirely objectively yet, but in the subjective knowing of the action of movement and opening to this greater volume, he also incorporates a greater volume of influx of other individuals’ energy prior to the actual exchange.

Therefore, in like manner to previous engagements of this exchange, and creating his buffer to be, in a manner of speaking, blocking the energy of outside individuals, he has increased that action, and how he has increased that action is to be removing elements of his subjective awareness prior to the engagement of the energy exchange.

Now; he is not removing the objective yet. The objective is not removed until the point of the engagement.

But the subjective, now, already is moving away, and in the movement of the subjective moving away, the body consciousness becomes confused. The body consciousness continues to be interactive with the objective awareness, but elements of the subjective are removing, and this is confusing to the body consciousness.

Let me also express, this is not an absolute action in which there is a defining movement, so to speak, in which Michael [Mary] is consistently moving in one direction. He is removing the subjective, but he is also ‘moving back’ prior to the engagement, and in this movement – for he holds an awareness that it is not necessary yet to be entirely disengaging the subjective interaction – as he creates this movement back and forth, so to speak, it becomes more confusing to the body consciousness, and it responds.

Each time he is moving away, figuratively speaking, prior to the actual session, he is allowing an influx of other energy.

VICKI: Of other people?

ELIAS: No; other essences in this mergence. He is allowing small influxes of energy, which is affecting of the body consciousness, as you are aware. Subsequently, he moves back, within his subjective communication, and the energy of the other essence moves away, figuratively speaking.

This is his new ‘method’ of incorporating the influx of this tremendous volume.

What I am expressing to you is that this is temporary. He shall adjust also in this. This is his new method of accepting this volume of energy. Therefore, the engagement of the physical affectingness prior to the energy exchange is temporary. That shall discontinue as he allows himself more of a familiarity in how he shall be creating his movement.

Now; the affectingness subsequent to the energy exchange may not necessarily alter, for he has removed his subjective communication so entirely and so far from the body consciousness that he has allowed the exchange and the influx of more than one essence in energy.

His physical body consciousness, in part – not entirely, as you are aware, but in part – has, in a manner of speaking, adjusted itself to one essence’s energy. It now incorporates many essences’ energies.

The physical body consciousness does not incorporate this action.

You have created a physical reality very precisely, and in this preciseness and this perfection of its function, you have created a physical form to be incorporating of one energy – YOUR energy.

Within the exchange of one essence in repeated action, the physical body consciousness may allow an adaption to one energy, for it recognizes the incorporation of one energy. Although it is not the energy that belongs within it, in a manner of speaking, it continues to be one energy, and therefore, there is a partial adjustment, so to speak; not entirely, but partially.

This is the action that Michael [Mary] experiences as he expresses to you and to other individuals, ‘I have adjusted to the energy exchange, and it is not physically affecting of me now.’ In certain time frameworks, this is correct objectively, for the physical body consciousness has allowed a certain element of adjustment to the exchange.

Your physical body consciousness is not designed, in a manner of speaking, to be incorporating multiple energies. It allows for one. It is designed and functions for one. As it is allowed to be incorporating multiple energies, it becomes quite confused, and it becomes quite rejecting of that action.

In this, as to the affectingness subsequent to an energy exchange of this type, the most probable probability shall be that this shall not discontinue; that as Michael [Mary] chooses to be engaging this action, he shall continue to be incorporating physical elements.

Now: this also is an element which involves the volume of energy of individuals within physical focus, for as the volume of energy of individuals within physical focus [who] engage the energy exchange [increases], Michael [Mary] moves farther, for there is a greater influx of energy which is allowed to be incorporated in the exchange itself ... in the first element.

As Michael [Mary] engages one individual, the volume of energy is not as great, for it is unnecessary. The information shall be the same; the facilitation of the information shall be the same; the interaction of all of the essences in facilitating the information shall be the same. But the action of the engagement of the individuals and the energy which is PHYSICALLY projected – we are not speaking of the information – the energy which is physically projected is different.

In the engagement of one individual, it is unnecessary to be moving a volume of energy into a physical expression. There is an engagement of merely one individual. Therefore, the energy is directed to one individual. In the incorporation of many individuals, there is a greater allowance of volume into Regional Area 1.

Objectively, one individual is affecting of themself and of a limited amount of other physical individuals – objectively, not subjectively. Therefore, the energy is projected to the potential of the objective affectingnesses of that one individual, and themself.

Very figuratively speaking, I express to you, you may view one individual that is incorporating interaction with the energy exchange, and the volume of energy that shall be projected to that one individual incorporates themself and the potential of one hundred other individuals that they may physically be engaged with, and therefore the energy that may be affecting of that number of individuals.

In the incorporation of many individuals, the volume of energy which is projected through the energy exchange is increased, for it is directed to be incorporating each individual that is objectively participating and the potential of all of the individuals that each of those individuals shall be affecting.

VICKI: Objectively.

ELIAS: Objectively.

VICKI: That’s interesting! I would have never thought about the potential of the objective interaction of the person after their interaction as having anything to do with it at all.

ELIAS: Quite, and this is the expansion. (Staring at Vic)

VICKI: Oh! Hmm....

ELIAS: And in this, as there is an awareness of this exchange and the movement of the exchange – or the ‘workings’ of the exchange, in your terms – Michael [Mary] allows this volume in his movement away.

In the incorporation of one individual, his movement need not be as far, and he holds a subjective awareness of this also, and therefore his movement is not so very far. Therefore, the energy exchange is also not as affecting.

I shall also express to you, the physical time element is another factor, so to speak.

In the engagement of individuals – one individual within one session – Michael [Mary] has created a situation of no conflict with himself in creating a limit. He expresses a definition of time framework. This more so eases his exchange and lessens the physical affectingness.

Michael [Mary] allows more physical time framework within the incorporation of many individuals. This removes the subjective communication to the body consciousness for more time framework, and this becomes more affecting.

Therefore, as you engage these different elements collectively, this is the action which is created.

Now; I am not expressing to you that this is an absolute, as you are aware. There are different engagements of energy exchanges that create different actions and less physical affectingness, but this is not the choice that Michael [Mary] has engaged. He has quite specifically chosen his direction.

I may also express to you, as you are aware, this is also quite his choice, to be engaging or not engaging of this energy exchange, and as he is allowing, it continues, and this is an agreement that you ALL have participated within, not merely himself.

VICKI: Yes, I understand.

ELIAS: You ALL desire to be participating in this energy exchange, and therefore you all have created this agreement.

VICKI: So, then I could look at his choice to continue doing group sessions as a reflection of his subjective choice to engage more of an expansion, basically?

ELIAS: Correct.

Let me express to you, Lawrence [Vicki], a very strong motivating factor in Michael’s [Mary’s] choices is his agreement with this intent and this action. He holds agreement with the direction of this information which is offered. This is a very strong motivating force, so to speak, within him. His agreement is not merely with the information, but the affectingness of many individuals in allowance of expansion.

I shall speak to you individually presently.

You hold an awareness that you BOTH have been resistant to the movement of expansion objectively many times. There also is a tremendous motivating element within you both in agreement with the expansion. You hold difficulties in objective expressions of that movement, each of you, but your agreement with the principle, so to speak, in your terms, is the same. This creates a tremendous motivating force in you each, to be continuing and to be expanding. (20-second pause, staring at Vic)

VICKI: (Mumbling) I do understand about the motivation. (HA HA!) It really bothered me, seeing Mary get sick, and I would like to understand that, but I think I’m starting to understand....

ELIAS: Objectively. Allow yourself to be reminding yourself of that which we have spoken of recently. Other individuals’ choices do not dictate to you your choices. Your emotional expression is a choice. It is not a cause and effect.

VICKI: Intellectually, I get that.

ELIAS: Let me also express to you, your actual expression of affection, of love, of supportiveness is just as great regardless of your emotional expression. Your genuine energy exchange between you both, in your objective expression of lovingness and affection and caring with respect to each other, is not diminished as you may allow yourself to choose not to be incorporating affectingnesses within you. The amount of your supportiveness does not change. The method in which you choose to be expressing that may change and may be quite different, for you do hold choices.

But in your underlying beliefs, you believe very strongly that if you are affecting of yourself, this is an outward expression to another individual, of supportiveness and of lovingness and of affection.

VICKI: So you’re saying that quite often, when I have an emotional expression in an intimate exchange with another individual like Mary or anybody else, there is an underlying belief that this is offering more love and compassion or whatever.

ELIAS: Correct.


ELIAS: And there is an underlying aspect of beliefs that expresses to you, if you are not engaging these emotional expressions, in your very physical terms, you are also not caring.

VICKI: Well, in that, then why do I hate emotional expressions so much? (Laughing) I mean, I don’t like to have them! I usually go off by myself to have an emotional expression.

ELIAS: Quite, and this is another element, for you view this as negative and weak. This is quite a strong mass belief system. The expression of emotional qualities in any form of extreme – which is measured entirely by the individual’s perception – but in that, you view those expressions to be unacceptable. You view less emotional expression to be good, and more to be bad.

VICKI: Well, it’s confusing, tying it in with the element that a lot of times we exhibit these emotional expressions to objectively convey something....

ELIAS: It is appearing as a contradiction.

VICKI: Yeah! (Laughing)

ELIAS: But this is the action of many of your beliefs.

VICKI: Yeah.

ELIAS: They are conflicting with each other, and many times within your physical reality, you are creating these types of conflicts in which you hold different beliefs simultaneously that conflict with each other, and you express them all.

VICKI: So, could I ... in like manner, could I assume that emotional expressions at times – I’m speaking of myself individually here – are in actuality a manipulative tool?

ELIAS: At times.

VICKI: Hmm. I’ve always applied that to other people, not me! (Elias grins) It’s different with me, of course. (Laughing)

ELIAS: HA HA HA HA! Of course! (Chuckling)

Yes, you are quite correct, and it is an efficient manipulation tool at times. At times, it is not, (smiling) and this many times is not an objective thought process.

But as I have stated many times, these beliefs are very strong and are very automatic. You need not hold a thought process in relation to many of them, for you shall automatically express them as easily as your breath. But as you allow yourselves to become more aware objectively, you also allow yourselves more choices. You move your awareness from the automatic expressions into choices.

VICKI: Okay, I don’t want to take up a lot of time here, since time IS an influencing factor in this whole thing. I do have one brief question for Bobbi. She would like to know the orientation of her husband. She’s confused. (Pause)

ELIAS: Orientation of this individual, common ... and once again, orientation is not the ONLY factor in interaction with individuals that is influencing of relationships!

VICKI: I think I understand that.

ELIAS: You may hold the same orientation, and you may also create conflict.

VICKI: Actually, I have to say, the fact that you used myself and Mary and Cathy as an example in that one session, that was very informative to me because I know all three of us! So, it was really very helpful to me personally, that analogy. I understand a lot more than I would have.

ELIAS: This was quite purposeful, for all three of you choose to engage interaction continuingly with this phenomenon, and in this, you also all three present yourselves objectively before many individuals. You allow yourselves to be seen, so to speak, objectively, and this offers an easy example for many individuals.

This is a confusing area, for you hold very strong belief systems in these subject matters, and it may be very difficult and confusing to many individuals, and I hold an awareness that analogies and objective examples may be helpful to many of you in allowing you a clearer understanding of what you are creating, and this is the point, for this is what you have asked for!” (Grinning) [session 476, September 24, 1999]

BEN: “Well, the first question I want to ask is, in the 20s we had Hester Travers Smith, and then in the 60s we had Leslie Flint, both claiming to be speaking for Oscar [Wilde]. What’s the difference between those situations and what we’re doing now?

ELIAS: Let me express to you that within the engagement of an activity that individuals term to be channeling, generally speaking, for the most part, an individual that engages that action is not in actuality creating an energy exchange with another essence, but is allowing themselves to literally channel information from other areas of consciousness – for the most part, other areas of information which are held within their own essence – into their objective awareness within physical focus.

Now; at times in this type of action, an individual may be tapping into the energy deposit – which we term to be the world view – of a particular individual or focus of attention.

Now; one of these individuals – the first individual that you have identified – actually allowed an opening of awareness and moved into that tapping of information which is held within the world view of the focus. Therefore, that particular individual channeled information and energy from that area of consciousness through other layers of consciousness into the physical focus objective awareness, and allowed a presentment of some information in relation to that world view of the focus.

Each focus holds an energy deposit which is the world view of their manifestation, which also holds information beyond their individual experiences which have been explored or created within their individual manifestation within physical focus.

Now; this is not an actual interaction, so to speak, with the essence itself that has created that focus of attention that you identify as that individual of Oscar. It is an energy deposit of the essence concerning that one focus of attention.

The other individual of which you are speaking was not tapping into the world view of that particular focus, but rather allowing information and energy to be filtered through layers of consciousness of that one essence – their own essence – and in that action, [there] was created a perception by the individual that the information and the experience felt or seemed to be resonating with a quality that may be associated with that individual of Oscar as it was manifest within physical focus. Therefore, this action was created differently from the first action, for this was an interpretation and a translation in association with the individual’s beliefs.

Now; recognize that the first individual also filtered some information concerning that world view through their own belief systems and associations. But in actuality, there is less of that affectingness with the first individual than with the second individual. Are you understanding?

BEN: Yes.

ELIAS: In this energy exchange that is occurring presently, I am not presenting myself to you as this one focus of attention of Oscar. This is one manifestation of this essence that you are speaking to. I am not presenting to you that particular focus of attention. There are many, many, many focuses of attention of each essence, as you are aware, this being merely one focus of attention. What you interact with in this forum is another aspect of the essence that also has created that particular physical manifestation of that individual. But as you are aware – as you have been privy to our recent conversation with Colleen [Edward] – this is not a singular manifestation, exclusive, so to speak, to one essence. (22)

Therefore, other individuals lay claim to an exchange and an interaction with the actual focus of attention which has disengaged, as dictated through their beliefs and their physically focused associations of those beliefs.

In this, I have offered information that that is one focus of attention of this essence, but this is not the aspect that engages interaction with you within this forum. Are you understanding?

BEN: Yes.” (Grinning) [session 742, December 17, 2000]

FRANK: “Lately I’ve thought – and I guess over the years I’ve thought about this quite a lot – but I know that you have expressed in the past that, I guess, theoretically at least anyone can engage in the type of energy exchange that you and Michael are involved with. I’m curious to know how much success I could have doing that and what direction I should go to to try to develop that ability. Am I working on this already subjectively?

ELIAS: Express to myself, what is your motivation in moving into this particular direction?

FRANK: Oh, I guess pretty clearly I wish I could have the conversations I have with you every day on a regular basis. That’s really what my motivation is, not to be a sort of a public person that does it the way Mary does, but just more for personal information is all.

ELIAS: I may express to you, my friend, that there are aspects of your essence which occupy other areas of consciousness that you may be accessing and allowing yourself this type of interaction, so to speak, or offering of information. In this, it is unnecessary to be engaging an energy exchange with another essence, for you may be accomplishing the same action in allowing yourself to access other aspects of your essence.

But I may also express to you that in actuality the movement in allowance for either of these directions or actions is very similar, for the manner in which you shall allow yourself to accomplish this type of action is to be allowing yourself an openness that shall facilitate the movement of energy to be received within your physical expression.

In actuality, the most significant requirement, so to speak, other than an openness within your individual focus is trust. This is the greatest factor, in a manner of speaking, that allows for the channeling, so to speak, of energy into your focus through other layers of consciousness, be it with another aspect of your essence or in an energy exchange with another essence.

FRANK: Is it easier to connect with your own essence?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes, within your physical dimension. For there are two elements that may be quite affecting in this particular type of action – one is the expression of familiarity, and fear. For in the engagement of your individual essence, you incorporate less fear for the energy is familiar. Therefore, there is less resistance in actual physical expression. There is more of an acceptance of energy in relation to your physical body consciousness. There is less interruption of your movement individually in different expressions concerning your physical focus, and therefore you may more easily allow yourself the openness and the relaxation to accept the expression of energy which you allow to filter through.

In the engagement of an energy exchange with another essence through layers of consciousness and mergence with you in your physical expression, there is much more of a resistance in relation to the physical body consciousness, for the energy is being merged with your focus in this physical dimension; and as you may not separate your physical body consciousness from other expressions of consciousness that you incorporate within your physical dimension – for your physical form is also another expression of you – there are specific designs of body consciousness which, in a manner of speaking, are geared to the expression of your energy signature. In this, the exchange with another essence is resisted by the physical aspects of your consciousness expression within your particular focus.

Therefore, yes, it is easier in your terms, or less difficult, to be engaging aspects of your individual essence and less affecting in a physical expression.

FRANK: Given that, can you give me any advice on how I can develop the two qualities that you talked about, openness and trust? Any advice on how I can develop those with regard to this particular issue?

ELIAS: I may express to you to continue in the movements that you are already presenting to yourself in exercises in trust. Allow yourself to be relaxing.

You may experiment and practice with allowing yourself brief projections. This may be engaged in playfulness, and as you allow yourself to trust that movement more, you also shall dissipate the expression of fear in relation to reception of other aspects of your essence. For the energy may appear to you – although subjectively familiar – objectively it may seem unfamiliar, and this may at times trigger an automatic response of uncertainty and fear.

Therefore as you allow yourself to practice with an activity such as projection, you allow yourself a validation of your ability to be moving more freely than you are accustomed to within actual objective physical movement, and you also allow yourself to encounter other expressions of energy. And as you practice, you validate to yourself that as you encounter unfamiliar energies you need not express an association with threat with regard to other energy expressions. This reinforces your expression of trust. For I may express to you, my friend, many individuals experience momentary allowances within an individual physical focus in which there is an expression of filtering other aspects of their essence into your layer of consciousness within your physical dimension.

Now; these momentary allowances are recognized but they are also many times discounted, for they are viewed as suspect or as an expression of imagination and therefore in your assessment not real, and engaging that allowance again is resisted by the individuals for this is the automatic expression on a lack of trust. Even individuals that have allowed themselves an objective recognition of engaging other aspects of their essence and channeling that energy into their movement and recognition within Regional Area 1, or individuals that recognize objectively that they engage an energy exchange with another essence, for the most part create challenge and struggle within themselves in the expression of their own trust in continuing that action, for there is expressed a consistent doubt as to the validity of what they are engaging.

Therefore, I express to you, trust is in actuality the greatest factor that shall allow or not allow you to engage this type of action.

FRANK: Again, just to make sure I understand, by trust you mean just trust that what I’m receiving is in fact a communication from my essence or some other essence, and not something that I’m making up.

ELIAS: Correct. The lack of doubt and questioning, allowing yourself an openness and the ability to relax to be receiving the energy transmission, so to speak, and not discounting of this and not expressing to yourself that this is an expression of your imagination and therefore invalidating what you are receiving.

And in this, you may practice in the expression of trust by allowing yourself to be engaging projections in simple exercises, perhaps allowing yourself to be engaging in games that other individuals within this forum have participated within in projecting their attention to physical locations that they may objectively verify, so to speak, and therefore validate themselves that they are in actuality accomplishing and [that] this is not what you define as merely your imagination but actually a genuine movement and accomplishment.

As you continue to validate your own movement and your own openness to that movement, you also reinforce your trust of yourself, which allows you to relax and allows you to express more of an openness in this expression of accessing other aspects of your essence.

FRANK: I will try that, then.

ELIAS: Very well!

FRANK: As you know, things are going quite well, relative to our last conversation. I assume that I’m making some pretty good progress with the belief system that I need to engage in struggle in order to achieve my goals.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha! And offering yourself yet again another validation concerning relaxing and the efficiency of that one action.

FRANK: Yeah, I think I’m finally starting to figure that out! (Laughs)

ELIAS: This is much more affecting than many individuals realize within your physical dimension. For merely the action of allowing yourself to relax allows for much less thickness in energy and allows much more of an ease in your own individual movements, which in actuality also creates a natural by-product that most of you view to be positive, for you also quicken your movement – and you view moving more quickly as better!” (Frank laughs and Elias chuckles) (Grinning) [session 877, August 08, 2001]

INGRID: “... I have been in a spiritual group for more than 20 years. I had a spiritual Master, and somehow I see now that it was – probably I decided myself to be like that – but I took everything that he said as an absolute. You know what I mean?


INGRID: I took everything that he said as an absolute, and when I left this group ... actually, I had to leave this group. Because shortly before I left, I made a decision. I was reading a book from Kryon (23) – I don’t know if this means something to you; this is a being which is channeling through someone – and somehow I came to the point that I wanted to live the purpose of my life no matter what it was, because I had the feeling I am somehow stuck there. So I wrote down that I really wanted to live the purpose of my life and also I wanted to help other people if I can. Also I wanted to ascend, because in this book it was written much about ascension. I wrote this down and I was reading this loud to the universe, and about two weeks later I was out of the group in a very dramatic way.

Because at the same time, I think two or three days after I have been reading this, I started to open myself for channeling and it was so interesting for me. This channeling part is no part of the program of this spiritual group; it is something which is completely avoided. Somehow, even if I knew all this, I just had to do it. It felt like part of myself or my guidance, however I should call it, as if I am pushed in this direction. At least it felt to me like that.

When I did it, opening up for channeling, I was in big, big trouble afterwards. I heard voices all the day. Whenever I woke up, I heard voices all the day, and I had no idea how to deal with all this kind of things. It was sometimes very threatening. These voices said that they are such and such, and in reality they were not such and such. They gave me all kind of instructions and things that I followed, because I was so unknowledgeable about these things. I had no idea how to deal with this, and it was a deep, deep trauma for me. It was so strong that I had to talk to the head of this spiritual group and tell them, and then I had to leave the group because they said it is not possible to stay there.

So I left this group, went to my family, and then I could not talk to my family about it, at least I thought I could not talk about it. So I left Germany, because I am German, and came to an island here in the Atlantic Ocean and started a complete new life. It was very, very hard for me in the beginning, because I did not know how to deal with all these kind of things.

I made again a few times an attempt with channeling, and every time it was a disaster. I started hearing voices again. I could feel, when I deal with this voices, when I go on this level of these voices, it felt like they took over my life. I don’t know if you understand what I mean? As if my identity is threatened by this, like you expressed it in one of your sessions. At least, that’s what I experienced. I felt as if I am not alone in my body anymore, and all these influences from different kinds of beings or whatever they were, it’s really threatening me. The only thing I could do then, I stopped this whole thing completely. So could you comment on that, please?

ELIAS: Very well. First of all, let me express to you a caution. I am understanding of your method in which you allowed yourself to move into new experiences within your direction in association with your desire to become intimately familiar with yourself and therefore become intimately familiar with essence and your movement, and in this you are moving quite in alignment with this shift in consciousness. Therefore, initially allow me to be encouraging to you in that movement and acknowledging of you in your allowance of that movement.

Now; let me also offer you some explanation concerning what you have generated, and a caution in the movement that you are creating now. The caution concerns incorporating information without allowing yourself to recognize that the information that you are connecting to, so to speak, is not absolute and also is influenced by beliefs.

INGRID: I did not get the last word. Is influenced by...?

ELIAS: Beliefs.

INGRID: Beliefs, yes, thank you.

ELIAS: Now; let me clarify and express to you that ALL information that you may present to yourself shall be filtered through your beliefs. But some information that you may offer to yourself may be quite in alignment with certain belief systems, which merely reinforces certain beliefs that you incorporate.

Now; let me also express to you that this is not bad, per se, but if you are not recognizing your own movement and the movement of this shift in consciousness, you may quite easily reinforce certain beliefs which may create greater challenge in movement into acceptance of beliefs. For as you reinforce certain beliefs, you also create a thickness in which you almost solidify those beliefs.

Now; first of all, I shall address to information that you have presented to yourself in relation to that which is being offered by this essence of Kryon. In this, be aware that the information is quite laced with reinforcement of existing mass belief systems.

Now; you have purposefully drawn yourself to this information to allow yourself an avenue of movement to be moving away from, in a manner of speaking, teachings or concepts and beliefs that you strongly associated with for many, many years, as you are aware. Therefore, it has been beneficial to you to be incorporating this information of that essence.

But there are pitfalls, so to speak, for what is familiar to you is to be incorporating information and, once assimilating that information, moving it into an association of absoluteness and as truth. And in actuality, as I have stated many times, actual truth of consciousness appears to you within your physical dimension to be insignificant. For you seek truth within beliefs, and beliefs are not expressions of truth.

Now; in this, you have incorporated this information from this other essence as a steppingstone, so to speak, which has served you quite beneficially in your movement into a new direction of exploration of self. Therefore, do not misunderstand. I am not discounting of the value of your allowance in drawing that information to yourself. I am merely cautioning you to be aware that that information does incorporate distortion.

Now; in this, as I have stated, you have incorporated this action as a steppingstone. In this, in this time framework that you are referring to, you have allowed yourself an opening to self as essence. As I have expressed to you, you have allowed an expression of communication and tapped into yourself as essence, which you have chosen to incorporate in an action of what is termed as channeling.

This action of channeling is precisely that. It is an allowance of an individual to channel the energy of their essence as a whole or of their essence in certain aspects, be it another focus within another dimension or another attention within a nonphysical area of consciousness or even another focus within the dimension that you presently occupy. It is an action of channeling the energy of an individual’s essence as a whole, or what you may figuratively term to be in part, from one area of consciousness into the awareness of this focus of attention that you recognize as yourself. In a manner of speaking, it is an action of funneling energy and information from one aspect or area of essence to another, allowing yourself an openness to the larger expression of yourself as essence.

But I may also acknowledge to you that if you are not understanding the action that you are incorporating objectively, this may be quite challenging and quite confusing and may even, in that confusion, spark expressions of fear.

INGRID: Yes, I never in my life have been experiencing so much fear as in the last four years.

ELIAS: Quite, for you are engaging what you perceive to be unknowns, experiences and expressions that are objectively quite unfamiliar to you, and [you] have not offered yourself adequate objective explanation concerning what you are engaging.

This, my friend, is one of the experiences that I speak with individuals concerning, in relation to the tremendous potential of experiencing trauma in the action of this shift in consciousness. For the action of this shift in consciousness is to be widening your awareness and moving into new expressions of reality, redefining your reality, and therefore altering your objective physical reality in this physical dimension. This is quite an unfamiliar action, and therefore there is tremendous potential for the experience of trauma in relation to this widening of awareness and opening to essence and the expression of it within your physical dimension.

Now; in this, recognize that in a manner of speaking your objective is to widen your awareness objectively. But this is not an expression of movement to a higher plane of consciousness, for there are no higher planes of consciousness. It is an opening of self, which is a natural expression of consciousness and essence. This is the action of consciousness and essence, an opening and continuous folding in of self as consciousness to be exploring and expanding in that action of becoming, which is the folding in and exploration of self. What you are incorporating now is a new action of discovery in that becoming, in association with this shift in consciousness.

Prior to the initiation of this shift in consciousness, you all within this physical dimension have been objectively exploring the physical aspects and manifestations and creations that you express within this physical dimension. You have, in a manner of speaking, exhausted that exploration. Therefore, you have collectively chosen to expand your exploration within this physical dimension and incorporate new movement, which allows for an awareness in an objective capacity of subjective expressions and of consciousness and its beingness, therefore incorporating a genuine intimacy and power and freedom within self.

And this incorporates an action of directing yourself and discontinuing the action of allowing other individuals or situations or circumstances or manifestations or even philosophies to dictate to you what your choices shall be or what your direction shall be, for you are moving into the action of acknowledgment of self and the recognition of your own abilities and the allowance of yourself to be directing of your choices yourself.

Now; in this, you have also continued your movement in presenting to yourself avenues which shall be helpful in facilitating your desire to be accomplishing this action of widening your awareness and becoming intimately familiar with yourself and your abilities. Therefore, in the steps that you have incorporated in your individual method, you have moved from directing your attention in incorporating information in relation to this other essence and have moved now in the direction of offering yourself more information to be validating of yourself, and have drawn yourself to this forum. Do you view how you have incrementally moved your attention to less and less distortion?

INGRID: Yes, but still, for example when I come home from work at lunchtime and I lie down and rest a little bit and I relax, I feel some voices coming through me. Actually, it’s two different energies, two children who are calling for their mother. One child is kind of happy and the other child is kind of sad. I don’t know what this is. Can you comment on that?

ELIAS: These are other focuses. You are allowing yourself to be incorporating the action of transition in this time framework and also movement in association with this shift in consciousness, which I am understanding at times may be quite confusing.

INGRID: (Laughing) Yes!

ELIAS: In this, I may suggest to you that if you are allowing yourself merely to relax and not to be forcing your energy or pushing against these experiences that you are allowing yourself, and [are] merely accepting what you are presenting to yourself, you may recognize that you shall incorporate much less anxiety and much less of an expression of fear, for you are merely presenting to yourself an objective recognition of different aspects of yourself.

All of the focuses of attention that you incorporate as essence are present within you. They merely appear to be separated from you by time and space, but in actuality they are all you, and therefore they are all present within you and in actuality occupy the same space and time as yourself. For time and space, in a manner of speaking, although they are reality, they are also an illusion for they are the presentment of perception.

Now; within your physical dimension they are quite real for your perception projects them as a reality, but in a manner of speaking they are quite an expression of projection. As I have expressed previously with other individuals, they are a type of projection which you within your recognition in this time framework may similarly identify as associated with holograms. In the moment that they are being projected they are quite real, but in association with consciousness and essence they are a projection. Therefore, they also incorporate a quality of illusion, and in this the illusion becomes quite solid, which creates an expression of separation, which prior to the movement of this shift in consciousness has been quite purposeful.

But as you move into objective insertion of this shift in consciousness in this present century, that separation is being disregarded, and you are allowing yourselves more of an openness and less of an expression of separation in the desire to be intimately familiar with yourselves as essence and therefore incorporate an objective recognition in genuineness of all of the abilities that you incorporate within your physical expressions.

In this, as you allow yourself to relax in these experiences, you shall also allow yourself to be understanding information that you are offering to yourself. It is not an accident that you are choosing to be viewing and experiencing other focuses of your essence, of yourself, and it is not an accident and is quite purposeful that you allow yourself to be opening within your awareness to different aspects of yourself as essence in many different capacities.

In the time frameworks in which you are presenting to yourself these voices that you may identify as particular individuals, you are allowing yourself to tap into other focuses of attention of yourself. In the time frameworks in which you are experiencing energy that you translate to yourself as another entity but you do not quite recognize that as a specific individual, you are correct, it is not a specific individual, it is not even an actual entity. It is another aspect of you as essence and a different quality of energy that you incorporate, and you are presenting that to yourself to allow yourself to become familiar with your own expressions of energy.

As you remind yourself that these are all aspects of yourself, you may allow yourself to relax and not incorporate fear, for you shall not be intrusive to yourself with these experiences. You are purposefully allowing these bleed-throughs, so to speak, for your desire is to be intimately recognizing all of your expressions as essence. For once you allow yourself to become familiar with the energies and once you allow yourself to relax in the incorporation of these voices or even visions, so to speak...

INGRID: Or even touches, sometimes.

ELIAS: Correct.

INGRID: Because I was lying on the couch, I was covered with a blanket and had my eyes closed relaxing, and suddenly I could feel that the blanket was moving. I was thinking it was the dog that came over to me on the couch, and then I opened my eyes and saw the dog in the other corner of the room. But I know completely, I was sure that there was a movement of the blanket, and at the same time some voice said to me, ‘I did not want to scare you,’ and when I heard the voice then I even was scared. Before I was not so scared.

ELIAS: Correct, and these experiences are quite real...

INGRID: Yes, it was very real.

ELIAS: ...but they are not threatening, and therefore you may allow yourself to relax in these experiences, incorporating the knowledge that they are not threatening and they are not hurtful, and you are not experiencing lunacy.

INGRID: I am not?

ELIAS: No. You are merely allowing yourself to be opening and widening your awareness. It is merely your beliefs that express to you through your thought process that you are incorporating some expression of insanity, which you are not.

INGRID: Or schizophrenic or I don’t know. All kind of things go through my mind. (Elias laughs) It is much less now. It’s much less than it was before.

One question I have regarding the children I hear speaking. They always ask me, ‘Mammi, do you love me?’ and I never know if I should answer that or should I just watch this. How should I behave in this situation?

ELIAS: It is your choice, and if you are so choosing you may incorporate experimentation and respond.

INGRID: I can?


INGRID: Because one time I think I was reading in one of the sessions where you said one should not be intrusive in these kind of things, and then I did not know how to interpret this exactly.

ELIAS: I am understanding. I have offered that information specifically to individuals that incorporated an action of attempting to alter the experiences of another focus of attention of their essence. In this, what occurs in that action – for you do hold the ability to be incorporating that action, for all of the focuses of essence are you, but each focus of attention incorporates free will and incorporates choice – and in the action of attempting to alter the choices of another aspect of yourself, you deny choice to that aspect.

Now; this in actuality may be viewed as a much more complicated subject matter than I am offering in information concerning yet. I may express to you that essences are not intrusive to each other, but there is the potential for an essence to be intrusive with self, as you are aware; for even within your physical expression you may recognize that you may be much more intrusive to yourself than you may be in any expression with another individual. In actuality, you may not be intrusive to another individual, for this would be an expression of creating another individual’s reality and you may not create another individual’s reality. Therefore, you may not be intrusive to another individual, but you may be to yourself.

At a point within a future time framework I shall be discussing this subject matter more fully and more explicitly with individuals, offering explanation of the manner in which this type of action may be incorporated and the reason that it is expressed to not be incorporating that type of action, for it is in actuality hurtful to yourself. But this is a different subject matter than what we are incorporating presently.

In this action that you are expressing, you shall not be intrusive to be interactive with these other focuses. Being interactive with other focuses is a temporary action, and it is not intrusive.” [session 977, January 06, 2002]

TARA: “I’ve been doing automatic writing since I was seventeen, and I wanted to know what sparked this, because it was almost sudden. My mother had been reading Seth for many years, and I had like a fear of doing it. So I have a couple of questions. First, what incited this, and how can I make the connection a little clearer?

ELIAS: What initiated this action was your openness to yourself. What is being expressed is an aspect of your essence. It is not another essence.

TARA: That was actually what I was going to ask you.

ELIAS: This does not invalidate any of the information, for your essence is no different from any other essence and incorporates all of the same information.

How may you facilitate more clarity? Allow yourself to relax and allow yourself to trust that there is no harmfulness that shall occur in your allowance of your own vulnerability.

TARA: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.” [session 1116, June 16, 2002]

LETTY: “Are you familiar – and I don’t know if anybody has asked, I don’t remember reading – with a channeled essence by the name of Abraham? (24)


LETTY: So, can you tell me what his family...? I read a little bit about him and I had difficulty with it. I just wondered. Was I paying too much attention to interpreting beliefs systems into it?

ELIAS: I am understanding, and there is a filtration of beliefs that are expressed the information. But this does not invalidate the information that is being offered.

LETTY: Because it’s individually the way I read it, too.

ELIAS: Correct. Be remembering, different individuals draw themselves to different types of expressions of information, but this is not to say they are not valid and that they are not helpful to different individuals in their movement of shifting. Therefore, it matters not.

LETTY: Yeah, just curious. Well, thank you very much, Elias. I think I’m going to stick with you! (Elias laughs) We have a bond.

ELIAS: We have established a friendship.


ELIAS: Which is a valuable commodity!” (Laughs) [session 1204, December 09, 2002]

DON: “I’ve become more curious about the phenomenon of the energy exchange that allows me to interact with you objectively like this. A small question first – I wonder, can you be offended during a session, this particular aspect of yourself?

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! No!

DON: But you can be amused.

ELIAS: That is an expression that I incorporate to allow a comfortable interaction with each of you, and to also be expressing in a manner that you understand.

DON: I know you’ve talked about in other sessions, and we have a little bit, about your using an aspect that is able to incorporate emotion to facilitate our understanding.

ELIAS: Correct.

DON: I’m wondering if that, in your estimation, leads to any more distortion of your material than if you were using that aspect which did not incorporate emotion.

ELIAS: No. In actuality, it facilitates understanding with each of you. It facilitates your assimilation, for it is an expression that is familiar to you. This allows you to engage your inner senses also in conjunction with the information.

DON: Oh, is that right? Because it’s more familiar we naturally allow ourselves more?


DON: I’m curious about the role of the other essences involved in this energy exchange. I’ve read that you’ve spoken of a session as being a mergence between yourself and Michael [Mary]. I wonder, are all thirteen of you merged during this session, say? Thirteen, including the twelve of you and Michael [Mary].

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, although the energy that I project in association with Michael [Mary] is the strongest.

DON: Do they each have specific roles that they play, or is it all just a matter of lending energy?

ELIAS: It is a matter of offering a supportiveness in energy.

DON: I discussed with you one time a mergence I had with Jene, where I felt that I could, while I was in normal waking consciousness, I felt that I could translate her energy, the energy that I received, into words, and did for a couple of sentences. Would you call this an energy exchange, even though obviously it’s much different than what happens with you and Michael [Mary]?

ELIAS: Yes, it is a type of energy exchange.

DON: Qualitatively different, then, and not just a matter of degree – not just that it’s not as strong as what you and Michael [Mary] are doing.

ELIAS: Correct. It is a different type of energy exchange, but nonetheless an exchange. I may express to you that all of you engage that action as a natural movement. You all engage energy exchanges with each other, and in this, you offer yourselves experiences and communications and interactions with each other in association with what each of you are projecting in energy.

DON: So though you use the term ‘energy exchange’ to describe the phenomenon of your interaction with us in these sessions, it’s really a very general term. This is just one type that you’re engaging in.

ELIAS: Correct. The reason that I express that type of terminology in explanation of this phenomenon is that it is a different action than is commonly identified as channeling. For the most part, individuals that incorporate this action that you term to be channeling, what they are engaging is precisely that – they are channeling different energies and different aspects of their own essence.

DON: I see. If they were doing that with the energies or aspects of another essence, you would call it a type of energy exchange.

ELIAS: Correct, for that is an exchange between more than one essence.” [session 1437, September 17, 2003]

MIKE: “... Actually, I do have another question from Serge, who channels Kris.

ELIAS: Very well.

MIKE: He channels Kris, and Kris gives information very similar to yours. But at times it’s different, and there are people who like to compare them and think that in order for it to be valid the information has to agree completely. Serge was wondering if you could comment on that.

ELIAS: I may express to you that each essence offers information in association with their direction and what may be viewed in your terms as their interest, which once again, in your terms, would be likened to an intent. It is not quite actually an intent, for that would more be associated with your reality, but it would be a similar expression. Therefore, the information shall vary.

I may express to you, for the most part any essence that is offering information in this time framework is expressing in generally a similar manner, but the specifics of the information that they offer may differ. That is associated with the different preferences and directions of each essence, what is the interest of each essence, and what point each essence is expressing in information.

I have offered explanation of what my point is or what my intention is in interaction with all of you. Generally speaking, any other essence does likewise, and their intention is not necessarily the same. Therefore, the information may differ and the exchange may be different, which may influence different information. This is not to say that the information that any essence is expressing is not valid, for it is.

MIKE: Would who they’re speaking to also be an element? We have another friend who channels an entity named Tobias. His channels seem in general content to be saying much of the same thing as yourself and others, such as Kris. However, the way that they’re presented is very much more in line with the religious thinking that’s more common in our mass consciousness.

ELIAS: I am understanding.

Now; there are several factors that are in play in all of these situations. One is how the energy exchange is being presented or how it is being interacted with, one is what the intention of the essence is, and one is what you would term to be what the drawn audience is. For, for the most part the direction of any essence in this time framework that is engaging an energy exchange with an individual within physical focus is to be offering information to be helpful with this shift in consciousness.

Now; not all individuals shall be drawn to one essence, for all of you incorporate tremendous diversity. In that diversity, your interests and your curiosities are different, and you are drawn to different expressions. Individuals that are drawn to interaction with myself are drawn to the information that I offer in the manner in which I offer it, for they are drawn to less distortion. That is an important and significant factor to the individuals that interact with myself. That may not necessarily be an important factor to other individuals. There may be other factors that are more important to other individuals, that other essences express more so than myself.

I do not offer information in a manner which reinforces expressed beliefs. Therefore, it encourages individuals to be engaging exploration and expanding their awareness in a manner in which they shall not necessarily be continuing to express judgments of good and bad concerning their individual beliefs or mass beliefs.

Another essence may be more in alignment with their information with beliefs, religious or otherwise. Other individuals may be drawn to that information for that may be less overwhelming in their widening of awareness. It may be more important to other individuals to approach an acceptance of their beliefs, in a manner of speaking, through the expression of them and not moving around them, in a manner of speaking. Are you understanding thus far?

MIKE: I believe so, yes.

ELIAS: Some individuals may incorporate more trauma within this shift if they are engaging my information and perhaps misunderstanding, and thusly moving themselves more strongly into an expression of discounting themselves for incorporating beliefs. Therefore, the factor of distortion would not be an important factor for some individuals. It may be more comforting for the information to be presented to them in a more familiar manner, one that may be easier for them to objectively assimilate and comprehend.

Some information individuals offer themselves not in association with another essence that is engaging an energy exchange. Many individuals incorporate their information concerning this shift in consciousness through religious establishments. Therefore, it is not to be discounted, any information that is offered. There are merely differences in what is offered and how it is offered.

There are also influences in the energy exchange itself. Some essences and individuals choose to be engaging an energy exchange in a different manner than I engage with Michael [Mary]; some engage very similarly to myself and Michael [Mary]. But many individuals choose to be engaging an energy exchange and to continue to incorporate some awareness objectively of the exchanges that are occurring between other individuals and the essence that they are exchanging with.

Therefore, they incorporate an awareness objectively of the conversations, to a point – not entirely, for any energy exchange with another essence does interrupt some of the objective awareness and memory – but there is an incorporation of some objective awareness. I may express to you that your definition of that type of an exchange would generally be classified as what you term to be a conscious channeler, which is in actuality quite ludicrous, for all channelers are conscious! (Laughs)

But I may express to you that that also influences the information that is being channeled, so to speak, for there may be some element of bleed-through of the individual’s beliefs that affects the information and its transmission. But it matters not, for as I have expressed, that does not invalidate the information, and it is no less valuable and informative than any other information.

It also matters not, for regardless of whether I choose to be offering information in the manner which I do and incorporating the least amount of distortion in what I express to you, you yourselves automatically immediately distort it. Therefore, for the most part the same action occurs whether there is distortion interjected into the information in the energy exchange itself, or whether you, receiving the information, distort it in association with your beliefs.

This is the reason that I express to all of you so very strongly that it matters not and that it does not discount what information is being offered. It is all purposeful. It is merely a matter of which individuals draw themselves to which information, and whichever information they draw themselves to shall be the most beneficial for them.” [session 1587, July 03, 2007]

MARKUS: I’m sometimes dealing with other nonphysical entities. Mostly I’m deriving my knowledge and information from Seth and from you, and now I’ve started reading Kris sessions and also I’ve listened to Abraham, which all together blends into each other quite nicely. But sometimes I get references from friends who come across other nonphysical entities, and my understanding is that they are basically countless.

One of the more well known or more popular entities calls himself Michael, and it’s known in the U.S. as Michael’s Teachings. I’m actually asking this question because a friend of mine who had come across your material and subsequently across Seth’s material had previously been dealing with the Michael material for many, many years, or at least the Michael material through a German channel.

In Michael’s teachings, there is sort of a system of levels, which from your and Seth’s teachings I understand don’t exist, like physical plane, astral plane, causal plane, Akashic records, and then mental plane, messianic plane and buddhaic plane, and all of that flows into the Tao. Also, the system is really strongly based on the number seven. They have a system of personalities which is based on seven types, sort of like the Enneagram, which is based on nine.

She asked me if I could ask you how that would fit into the broader picture or in the picture which you are presenting which does not have planes and which falls into the nine families of consciousness and not into seven types of something. Basically, that’s the question she has or wants you to comment on.

ELIAS: I may express to you as I have expressed to other individuals previously, there are different essences that incorporate exchanges with individuals within your physical reality, and their intentions may be different, their direction may be different. Their general direction is generally in alignment with this shift in consciousness, and they offer information in association with that. But the information that they offer may vary, and this is purposeful. There is no competition, so to speak, in association with those differences of information that is offered by different essences, for individuals incorporate differences, and in those differences they generate different interests and are drawn to different information.

Much of what that particular group of essences expresses is filtered through and associated with much of your religious beliefs. But there are many individuals that are drawn to that type of information, for it does not challenge their religious beliefs, which in a manner of speaking serves its purpose also. For the point is not to be forcing energy in opposition to your beliefs, which I have expressed many times, but rather in shifting, allowing yourselves to be accepting of your beliefs and therefore incorporate the ability to manipulate more efficiently and to generate more of a freedom in choice.

Therefore, some individuals are drawn to information that is more in keeping with their expressed beliefs. Some individuals are drawn to information that is incorporating less distortion, and some essences incorporate the intention and direction of offering information with less distortion. Some essences do not concern themselves with the element of distortion for that is not their direction, and therefore, they also may incorporate an exchange with individuals that is not concerned with the element of distortion. Therefore, it matters not with that particular essence that the individual that may be participating in the exchange filters some of the information through their beliefs also. But it matters not, for it does not invalidate the information.

Some essences offer information which is more associated with your physical reality and offering information concerning how to be generating more efficient movement in creating what you want, such as myself. Some essences do not concern themselves with that type of information and may offer information concerning other areas of consciousness or other physical realities. Some individuals are drawn to that type of information, and therefore it is available.

But regardless of what information is being expressed, I would not express to any of you that it is invalid or that it is wrong, for it is not. It may not necessarily be associated with your physical reality, but that does not invalidate it.

MARKUS: That was sort of the first impression I had when I read more closely about that material, that this essence is offering material which helps to sort of build a bridge between traditional Eastern beliefs and what we now call our New Age beliefs and a wider awareness, but offering to people who are not so willing or able to just throw everything overboard in one movement and who want to move in that direction step by step.

ELIAS: Correct. Also, I may express to you that in the incorporation of information concerning other aspects of consciousness, that also serves its purpose, for what it generates in association with all of you within your physical reality is a recognition that there is much more beyond this one physical reality, that there are many areas of consciousness, that there are many realities, and that what you have previously associated with being imaginary and not real may in actuality be quite real, and that whatever you can imagine is some expression of consciousness and exists.

MARKUS: Through the action of imagination.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARKUS: I have just recently come into contact with someone else who is also dealing with New Age things and also with channeling. This person is associated with a corner of the New Age movement who sees the Earth being helped by a galactic federation, and the planet of Sirius having sent people here, changing ideas and energy with other stars and that stuff. Even if it’s not real in the physical sense, all that becomes real to those people, and becomes even more real the more they begin to deal with that and offer impressions and ideas and move with each other.

ELIAS: It is real in their reality, and that IS the reality.

MARKUS: Yes, that’s what I figured out through the few mail exchanges or exchanges in the public online forum that I had with that person so far. It is absolutely quite real, and he doesn’t doubt it. These are the guidelines along which he organizes his life.

ELIAS: They may not be real within your reality, for you are not creating that. But within the other individual’s reality, it may be quite real, for that IS what the other individual is creating.

Now; there are also situations in which an individual may be tapping into some information and may be filtering that information through their beliefs and offering information that is not actually accurate. But it matters not, for each of you shall draw yourselves to whatever type of information that resonates with you to be incorporating a supportiveness in your movement in shifting.

MARKUS: Yes, that’s probably the case with that person. Now he has drawn himself to another forum where people are seeing things in a bit of a different form, and maybe he’s using that as the next step in what he intends to do, to somewhat alter his reality in accordance with that shift.


MARKUS: One last question, since we mentioned other nonphysical teachers. I’m listening to audio recordings of Abraham from time to time. My impression regarding that kind of teaching is that this teaching is very much aligned with the family of Tumold. Would that be true?

ELIAS: Yes.” [session 1629, September 18, 2004]

PAUL H: “Elias, I’d like to ask, from your perspective, this essence of Kris who is channeled by Serge Grandbois, his belonging to or however you would categorize his intent of this essence of Kris? (Pause)

ELIAS: The grouping of which may somewhat be associated with a belonging to may not be associated with these essence families, therefore would not be relevant to this particular physical dimension, for it is not a grouping of participation directly with this physical reality. That does not discount his choice to be participating in communication with individuals within this physical reality.

I may express to you that you may inquire of that essence what his intent is in association with his interaction with you within physical focus. That essence is quite capable of explaining itself and offering information as to its direction and its participation.

PAUL H: I have asked that and that’s on the record in the Kris Chronicles. (25) As a follow-up then, you’ve talked earlier about pools of consciousness. Would you then characterize Kris’ native focus of intention as – belonging to is maybe relevant to my question – but belonging to a pool of consciousness that is different from that that is focused in this dimension as these nine families?

ELIAS: Yes. I am aware of the choice to be defining as a cluster (26), which it is merely a difference in terms and it matters not. It is merely not associated with these particular nine families, which are not actually families either, which I have explained. But that is the choice of term that I have incorporated.

PAUL H: So as he engages the energy exchange with Serge, the translation of that energy does take on a characteristic of those nine families. He has said that, and I don’t remember the exact affiliation that that is...

ELIAS: I am understanding.

PAUL H: ...but that holds then, as that energy exchange occurs into this dimension through Serge, it takes on that characteristic within that nine of some sort?

ELIAS: I am understanding. Which is understandable, for any essence that chooses to be engaging an energy exchange with an individual participating within physical focus chooses a manner of configuring energy and filtering that energy through layers of consciousness that shall be compatible with you and with what you know, and shall generate qualities of energy that are recognizable to you and understandable to you. For if they did not, you would not pay attention or you would incorporate no draw to interact. Therefore, it is a facilitating method to configure the energy in manners that are palatable to your physical reality and that also incorporate some qualities that you incorporate and that you understand.

As I have expressed with myself, within consciousness, within nonphysical areas of consciousness, emotion is unnecessary. Therefore, it is not expressed. Emotion is associated with your physical reality as one of the basic blueprints of this reality. It is a quality that you all express, and it is also associated with the incorporation of an objective perception.

There is no objective perception within nonphysical areas of consciousness, but there is within your physical reality [and] there is an incorporation of emotion. As you are aware, I have incorporated an interaction with a small group of individuals previously in which I presented an aspect of myself devoid of that expression. (27)

... And none of the individuals participating in that particular interaction understood the information or remembered any of the information and were not pleased with the interaction.

... That was offered as an example to the individuals participating, that within nonphysical areas of consciousness emotion is not an expression that is expressed and that this is a filtration. My incorporation of emotion with you or humor with you and the manner in which I present myself to you is purposeful, for it is a manner that you understand. It has been your request that I be interactive with you, and therefore the choice is to incorporate the most efficient manner to be responding to that request, that you will understand and that you may generate a relationship with.” [session 1695, January 15, 2005]

End Notes:

(1) Paul’s note: Jane Roberts engaged an energy exchange with an “energy personality essence” named Seth from December 1963 until her passing in September 1984. Seth/Jane produced over 40 books of material during that time that now forms a body of the perennial philosophy called the Seth Material. (The Early Sessions, Books 1-9 are now available, [sessions 1-510].)

Digests: find out more about Seth/Jane Roberts.

(2) Paul’s note: Elias refers to the use of three knocks on the table top, mentioned previously, to help Mary refocus after he “adjusts” the energy exchange. This particular “adjustment” shows that Elias occasionally needs to “align” the manner in which his focus intersects with Mary’s. This episode reflects just how dynamic engaging an energy exchange of this type is.

Mary described the sensation to me as similar to actress Jody Foster’s trip through the “time warp” in the movie Contact. In fact, when Mary saw Contact with her friend David Tate during the summer of 1997, she was blown away at how closely the special effects designers had simulated her own experience in the movie – the feeling of her consciousness being “squeezed,” “pushed,” and accelerated at a tremendous, dizzying pace. Then being quite disoriented afterward when she refocused in her body.

Also notice that this “adjustment” occurred three months after Elias first discussed it in mid-November of 1995, some seventeen sessions later. So it was an ongoing process that culminated in this session with this particular experience.

These adjustments to the energy exchange appear to be ongoing.

(3) Paul’s note: Oversoul Seven is the name used for the lead character in a series of “fictional” books written by Jane Roberts; The Education of Oversoul Seven (1973), The Further Education of Oversoul Seven (1979), and Oversoul Seven and the Museum of Time (1984.)

The passage Elias refers to here is found in The Further Education of Oversoul Seven, Chapter 11, Oversoul Seven Journeys to the Undersides of the Universe. In this episode, Seven goes wandering through the universe trying to get away from everything he knows. In the process, he becomes quite “dispersed,” loses his sense of “I” and “here,” and falls into a disoriented state. Later, his teacher Cyprus helps him to understand that there is always a “here” associated with an “I” or self-awareness. There literally can’t be no-thing, because even nothing is something, and wherever “you” go there you “are.”

(4) Paul’s note: Elias refers here to the picture Ron drew to help visualize Mary’s “adjustment” experience.

(5) Vic’s note: Elias often refers to the essence of Paul (Patel) as “my dear friend.” Paul (Patel) was introduced by Elias as an essence that had much relevant information to deliver, and would most likely, deliver it through Ron via “automatic writing.” Patel is the essence name and Paul is a focus of Patel’s that Ron connect’s with very strongly. Hence, we often use both names to describe this essence. Elias occasionally uses only the name Paul or Patel but they refer to the same essence. Ron began this energy exchange on June 10, 1996.

For the most part, Paul (Patel) delivers information that is similar to the information that Elias delivers. However, it seems to be of a more personal nature than the information offered by Elias. Most of the exchanges are either in response to specific questions asked, or are a complement to the concepts presented in the information offered by Elias.

Digests: find out more about Paul (Patel).

Also, early on in our sessions, Elias explained this scattered effect. He said:

“We operate on a different frequency of vibrational qualities than your physical existence. The energy can be compared to your x-ray machine. You focus an x-ray through a machine. If the energy ray is not directly focused, it will scatter through the machine. If it is directed, it will emit a single stream. Michael’s [Mary’s] body would be compared to the machine. My essence would be compared to the energy x-ray. In not being acclimated yet to the physical apparatus, the energy was not as directed. It scattered. This is very complicated, and involves much cooperation and agreement with Michael [Mary].”

(6) Vic’s note: Elias’ essence name is, in actuality, Rastin. This is how he first introduced himself to us. Mary, however, was more comfortable with the name Elias. In her objective perception, she first encountered this essence [of Elias] about four years ago in a past-life regression. In this regression, she experienced a “lifetime” in which she was very close to a person named Elias. She feels that this person of Elias is a developmental focus of Rastin, and expressed a desire to call him Elias from the beginning. He graciously agreed to this, saying that names were only important in physical focus; and so we have always called him Elias. In a similar manner to Paul (Patel), we could refer to him as Elias/Rastin but for whatever reasons, feel comfortable with just Elias.

(7) Paul’s note: see endnote 5.

(8) Paul’s note: referring again to the book character named Oversoul Seven.

(9) Paul’s note: Ruburt is the essence named used by Seth and Elias to refer to Jane Roberts, the woman who engaged a similar energy exchange with an energy personality essence named Seth.

Digests: find out more about essence names.

(10) Paul’s note: a reference to two of the essences that help support the energy exchange between Mary and Elias; Ordin and Otha belong to the Sumafi essence family.

(11) Paul’s note: a reference to the Michael phenomenon, “channeled” by a woman named Holly Coleman.

(12) Paul’s note: Seth/Jane Roberts’ term for expressing the concept of God as an action of eternal becoming, inseparable from and contained within Everything, incomprehensible in Its Totality.

This information was first introduced in The Seth Material, Chapter 18, The God Concept – The Creation – The Three Christs, (1970), sessions 426-428, (no date given.)

Elias initially used the term “Creating Universal One And Whole” to describe the same Reality. This was subsequently replaced by “all of consciousness.”

Digests: find out more about Creating Universal One And Whole/all of consciousness.

(13) Paul’s note: referring again to Jane Roberts who engaged a similar energy exchange with an essence named Seth.

(14) Paul’s note: referring again to the book character named Oversoul Seven.

(15) Vic’s note: Referring to the essences that help support the energy exchange between Mary and Elias; Ayla represents yellow, Ordin represents purple, Otha represents green, Tomkin represents red, Patel represents orange, and Elias represents blue. These colors each represent an essence family in the educational game.

Digests: find out more about the game.

(16) Vic’s note: Katarina is the essence name of a very nice fellow named Jeff who attended sessions last year for a while. Elias said then that Jeff would be instrumental within Ron’s energy exchange with Paul (Patel).

(17) Paul’s note: Vicki had some form of epilepsy and was on daily medication to prevent seizures. Elias also offered some insights about her situation.

For more info see session 370, March 09, 1999.

(18) Vic’s note: this session has two participants who speak Spanish, Stella and her mother Rosalba. Rosalba speaks Spanish and has a limited understanding of English. Stella speaks both English and Spanish fluently, so she translated Elias’ answers/comments to Rosalba into Spanish. Elias appeared to understand Spanish, which I found interesting because I didn’t think Elias could understand a language unless Mary did, so I asked a few questions about this at the end of the session.

This session has been on hold for over two years, as I didn’t want to release it until the translations were put into writing. Many thanks to George DeMello, Professor of Spanish Linguistics at the University of Iowa, for offering his time and expertise in the accomplishment of these translations.

(19) Paul’s note: Ramtha is an essence who offers information through an energy exchange with a woman named J. Z. Knight.

(20) Paul’s note: Eckankar was introduced as a modern-day religion in 1965 by Paul Twitchell.

(21) Paul’s note: when the phenomenon was first developing during 1995, Mary stated that she had no intention of serving as a “radio station” for other essences. In other words, she didn’t wish to channel anything or anyone else except Elias.

(22) Vic’s note: reference session 737.

(23) Paul’s note: Kryon is “channeled” by Lee Carroll.

(24) Paul’s note: Abraham is channeled by Ester Hicks.

(25) Paul’s note: The Kris Chronicles are the website where the Kris transcripts are available. See

I was curious to see if Elias would offer essence “belonging to” information for Kris, and it’s interesting that he simply deferred to what Kris had already offered. Also, someone held a private session in 2004, that is unpublished as of this writing (2005), in which they allegedly asked if Kris “belonged to” Sumafi and Elias answered, "No." However, no follow up question was asked to see just what Elias would say his “belonging to” actually was.

Finally, Kris has given both Taaj and Gaura cluster names for his essence families. The three “aligning with” are aspects of Taaj – Sumafi, Sumari, and Milumet. While the three “belonging to” are aspects within Gaura: Hardoor, Umill, and Zeteer.

See endnote 26 for more info on clans/clusters according to Kris.

(26) Paul’s note:

Kris introduced the clans/clusters of consciousness in a group session on March 22, 2004. In the context of this new material, he stated that his own awareness consists of sixteen or so “essence bodies.” Keep in mind that the use of the word “body” is not ontologically the same as a human body, but more like the nested “bodies” of the Buddhist kayas and “sheaths” of the Hindu koshas.

Put another way, it’s as if Kris is attempting to point out that his awareness consists of a complex “chord” of personality tones that extends into a much wider awareness than what we may conceive of as ourselves as “essence.”

The following is an overview of Kris’ clans/clusters of consciousness presented to date (January 2005):

1. NEBU = 3-5 core families, but surges up to 100 (!) It’s always changing, not static like our clan (#5)

2. DANTANNAMU = @100,000 families (!!!) WAY BEYOND anything we know.

3. AMOOL = nonphysical (no essence families? Not clear.)

4. MYR = 12 families

5. TAAJ = 10 families (our multiverse, Seth and Elias’ same nine, plus Dulvar, not a subfamily, but an emergent tenth family)

Kris’ “aligning with” in TAAJ: 1. SUMAFI (primary), 2. SUMARI (secondary), 3. MILUMET (tertiary).

6. ULAL = 27 families

7. ANARRUU = @15 families, overall purpose = to serve as “gardeners, sending “seeds” that bring forth unity, and help focuses recognize the greater scheme, consciousness into matter, very nurturing action.

8. ELDARAA = 23 families (added June 2005).

9. UNRU = 27 families, overall purpose = to inspire invention and innovation to promote with the creation of social systems (added July 2007).

10. GAURA = 1,700 families, give or take.

This is Kris’ source cluster or “home.” Kris’ essence root (“belonging to”) in GAURA: 1. HARDOOR (primary), 2. UMILL (secondary), 3. ZETEER (tertiary).

12. NEERAN = 12 families (Watchers, observers)

15. KUUMARA = “very few” families (Revitalizers)

Coinkidinkily, the clans/clusters are ontologically similar to Seth’s pyramid energy gestalts.

Essay: find out more about Seth's pyramid energy gestalts.

They are also ontologically the same as Elias’ pools of consciousness.

Digests: find out more about pools of consciousness.

(27) Bobbi’s note: Elias is probably referring to session 155, February 24, 1997. That emotionless aspect was discussed further in session 156, March 02, 1997.

Digests: find out more About Elias.

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