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Saturday, June 29, 1996

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A thought to ponder: Occasionally, we regard the input of others in a way so as to relinquish the feeling of gratitude, by overtly compromising the fact that all notable responses are truly redirected into the present. Presently, we tend to want to fulfill our current desires by thinking of ways to promote realistic endeavors. In this, we are not listening to ourselves; rather to what we deem to be the quickest response. The best is not always the quickest, so to speak. From this point on, I shall refer to matters in your terms, without qualifications.

In response to the question, “Why do we create our reality?,” we have answered this question many times before. Nothing is evoked without constant monitoring. Everything is common to trial without jury. Getting involved with your own existence is the most efficient way to get involved with your persona. We will try to hold a wedding for the masses, including a funeral for the brave! Every line uttered, every word spoken, every thought reflected, is a creation in essence. Not a single thought is missed. You believe that all things are instant. This is an understatement! All things are much more than immediate; they are now! These terms are quite limiting to us, quite inappropriate in explanation.

Some here in physical are beginning to understand the concepts presented, some only are thinking that they do; while in actuality, which is also a very limiting term, you all understand everything. This is a difficult idea to formulate, unless you incorporate the hidden language that you all possess in essence. Try looking back to your early sessions, where you were told of many things that you did not understand. Now, these things are quite evident to you. You did not learn them through language, in your terms. You learned them within a place of non-physical. This place is totally accessible to you in physical. All places are accessible to you. Welcome to the real world, so to speak!

Listen carefully to sounds that enter you through other channels, so to speak. Hiding somewhere inside is a verbalization skill that has been forgotten or ignored from the beginning, terminology, of time. Lost is the reaction that was so evident in the time that you do not remember. This is not to say that it is lost for all time. It is only misplaced; for the answers lie within the dark place you term consciousness, a place that you do not fully, but are beginning to glimpse, understand.

Michael, within his effort to widen, has partially seen the expression of the openness. Lawrence, within his effort to facilitate Michael, has closed off the transmission. To reopen this line of communication, he must allow Michael to experience. The twin scenario is not as cut and dried as you perceive it to be. All avenues are left open. All choices remain fluid. All interaction is left up to interpretation. Therefore, no situation is so powerful that it cannot be molded and manipulated into what you are expecting to see.

This is why we have expressed many times, over and over, that the reality created by you is just that; the reality created by you! It is not predestined. It is not chosen for you; it is chosen by you. This is why we say that no situation is out of your control. No experience is manifest to involve you in a way so as to be harmful to you. You have the ability to rearrange your way of thinking, to enable you to look at matters in a way to avoid any feeling of conflict; thereby opening you up to more important, so to speak, perceptions.

We in non-physical are here to guide, but not to form. We are here to teach, but not to initiate. We only regard the nature of personalities; we do not shape them. In this, you have been given a great opportunity to expand your inner thinking, to include your thinking without. Most of you would think of these concepts in reverse. In actuality, there is no reverse, but if a term had to be placed upon it, this would suffice.

I have only briefly mentioned remembrance of lost, so to speak, knowledge. Little is known of this; however, much is to be known. I can only give you a framework to work within. There is no set pattern; there is no bottom line. Until you realize this, you will continue to revel in your emotions and neglect the business at hand. Also, be aware of many other individuals who will be coming to you, physically, for your thoughts of reality. If you choose to incorporate them within your existence, you must first have an understanding of basic doctrines that have been offered to you, and have not as yet been incorporated. Realize that all things are interpretative.

Nothing is set in stone; but there is a natural order of progression to follow which is not, in actuality, a progression, for nothing progresses, but a flow that can either flow uphill or downhill. This is your choice. The probabilities are in the favor of a downhill choice. The terrain is only a bit hilly. Pay close attention to the downsides. Down, in your terms, usually denotes negative. In our terms, it is a very efficient direction in picking up speed, making the upsides much easier to navigate.

Reaction is formulation. Incorporation is experience. Freedom to involve choices is a right that is never withdrawn; right being only used as a term. Remembrances are the keys to all doors. Intuition forges all keys.


A continuance has presented itself, in that the essence of Olivia has now begun to open, to a certain extent, to allow the exchange of information.

Looking to what we were speaking of, the reason for allowing the removal, so to speak, of thoughts of imminent change, is to resubmit the idea to yourself that all things come from within. This cannot be expressed strongly enough! We reemphasize this, in order to perpetuate an ongoing interaction with you, to you. Listen to the words. The language is not nearly as important as you make it. To understand, all you must do is listen. Listen with openness to those thoughts that seem to imply a movement; for in that, they will move!

Pay close attention to everything that you say to yourself, for if you do not, you will only succeed in confusion. Hold to your impulses, but do not hold them. Listen to your thoughts, but do not take action; for the action will be taken. Let the action be taken. Experience the freedom to allow the action to be taken. In this, you make the most efficient choice. In this, you incorporate effortlessness.

Each time you listen to your essence, you expand your layering; you widen your perception. Each time you listen to yourself and take an action that is thought out and rationalized, you hamper the flow; you create your uphill situations. For all things to flow accordingly, fear must be put to one side and allowed to manifest into its own experience. Together with this, and a knowing within that all things manifest into probabilities, you may look to these fears and release them to manifest on their own, without being held within a state of animated suspension.

Regardless of your intent, your desires will manifest. Frustration, as you think of it, is formulated within your desire. Turbulence is only there to notice, not to be pulling you under! If you decide to listen to what you have been saying all along, there is no turbulence strong enough to capsize you!

I feel this transmission weakening, and rational incorporation interfering. I will close for now. Ta!

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