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Monday, July 01, 1996

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Vic’s note: This session appears to be a response, or continuation, of our session with Elias last night. This is the first time that this interaction has occurred with another person in the house. This was confusing for Ron in that initially, he was focusing on the distraction of the other individual, and arguing with himself as to whether or not he “could” interact with Paul under these circumstances. Finally, he did allow himself to respond to the impulse; or, within his terms, he allowed Paul to “push” him into it.

PAUL: Greetings to all. I shall preface this interaction with a small retraction and apology, which has presently been delivered to my dear friend Elias. A leading to misinterpretation was neither intended nor realized. An explanation of terms is also in order. The term presented previously was correct. The time period, so to speak, was incorrect. This term has been introduced many years ago, in your terms. Initially, it was used to denote a teaching or instructional term. It has been adapted to religious connotation in present terminology, this being an oversight. We shall be getting used to, so to speak, this form of communication, and choosing this terminology more carefully, presently. (The term is “doctrine”)

Now, regarding Lanyah: She is beginning to realize the importance of the meaning of trust. In that, she will look at others and see the helpfulness that they hold within themselves, and she will look to herself and not see the same helpfulness she holds within. As she begins to move through this conflict, she pulls back into herself, giving rise to a thought of untrustingness. Every time this happens, she removes herself from her essence. Only in trusting will she be able to view the same in physical as she views in non-physical.

Opening to self is opening to essence. Trying is blocking; feeling is flowing; for when you try, some thoughts are held to you and flow is impeded, for this thought is held in place, struggling to break free of this bondage, so to speak. It will grow, just as a blockage within your physical body. A swelling occurs, creating a greater effort to unblock. Within these times, so to speak, we can only react to ourselves as the impulse strikes us. The trick, so to speak, is to allow the reaction to evolve to permit, so to speak, the flow of thought. All remaining thoughts will follow in this progression we have spoken of.

We will continue presently, as this communication is being interrupted by Olivia, in rationalization and lack of removal from other physical essence. (Meaning the other person in the house)


In continuance: Initially, these concepts were taken as not entirely concrete. Determining the validity of these rationalizations was impeding to the flow. We have already spoken of fears that tend to limit to one area; the expression of the thought. Within blocking with the fear, a tendency to remove to another layer of consciousness is evoked. This is a device, so to speak, used to buffer the thought process, and retain the interaction within consciousness. The interaction, however, is altered by stepping sideways, so to speak. The connection is still clear, although the physical action has changed, just as the currents in your ocean. Your ocean, from appearance, remains unchanged. The currents, however, are ever- changing. Within this expression of realigning, so to speak, a future probability is enacted; future being now. If this thought is allowed to manifest untethered, it will run, so to speak, freely through to join other untethered thoughts, and engage them and accompany them within the process we call widening.

This will be all until later, so to speak.Ta!

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