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Saturday, July 06, 1996

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Vic’s note: This session came about in a different way than the others, in that Ron was aware of a desire to engage Paul the previous evening. He verbally stated this desire, and his intention to follow it the next day. He began by putting himself into a meditative state, during which he felt a definite “shifting of perception.” He then went to the computer, and this is the result.

Considering the acclimation process, this question may not be totally answered to your satisfaction. These queries resemble the questions asked at sessions many months ago, so to speak. We have been answering these for quite some time.

Regarding the question of futility of listening to one’s self, the most efficient method is not always the easiest method; for you tend to think in terms of the fastest being the easiest and most efficient. This is not the case. In understanding the process, you will begin to understand the method. Try putting yourself into the position of starting, so to speak, your first grade of school. You intuitively have a knowing of subjects to come; however, you have been led to believe that outside influences are more knowledgeable than you are. Not so! If you would have listened to your intuition from the beginning, so to speak, this conflict would resolve itself.

Concurrently, this resolution may be affecting every other aspect of your experience. In not listening, you open yourself to “outside interference,” which impedes movement. It is, however, “never too late” to listen intuitively. Each time you shift your perception from outside to inside, you “loosen the wrapping” of your intellect. The tighter the intellect is wrapped, the “harder” it is for intuition to seep in. Only you can accomplish this.

Conflict is generally created to further a thought process involved within the intellect. Your intellect “thrives” upon conflict; for without it, there would be no reason to deduce. Deduction is the process by which your intellect formulates ongoing theories to validate creations. In this, the intuition is invalidated, for there has to be a “reason for everything,” in your terms. The intuition merely accepts that experiences are an occurrence, and merely that; an occurrence. If you try to place a rational explanation upon every experience, you will have no “time” to spend within this experience!

Justification is not necessary to actualization. Qualification is not important for realization. Whether or not you incorporate these “methods” of movement is also not important. Any method is appropriate. However, one is more efficient than another. You may attempt to utilize one, while actualizing another. It makes no difference, in essence; for in essence, as we have stated, you move accordingly, regardless. However, in physical, your movement in one area may feel “slower” than movement in another area. This would be your choice. These choices would always be your own, as we have spoken of frequently.

“Society” makes judgments upon itself constantly, and rationalizes these judgments; releasing liability from itself to others. What is never realized is that the others are themselves. Within knowledge of intuition, rationalization becomes realization. Action becomes indication. Indication becomes known; although knowing is not always, in actuality, what you may consider in your terms knowing. Knowledge, in terms of essence, is an intuitive expression; an inner knowing, so to speak. Physically, knowledge is gained through physical action, such as reading, interaction, physical experience. This is not totally incorrect; however, these actions also “trigger” an inner learning mechanism physically. This mechanism is not always put into action; thus allowing intellectual knowledge to be absorbed, so to speak, but not incorporating the intuitive expression.

As we have stated previously, these terms are quite limiting for explanation purposes. The terminology is not incorrect, by any means. It is only expressing a much, much smaller impression to you than, in actuality, these terms represent. If your interpretation of these terms is too literal, you may find yourself accepting concepts which have only been explained to you partially; for our explanation of concepts is only a minute portion of the entirety of any idea, or concept, or “doctrine.” Only playing, my friend! These concepts must be taken in at this present time, within your present understanding, to the intellect; and the intellect must be allowed to trigger the intuition, allowing a full circle of thought, so to speak; this full circle being a continuous flow of information to assimilation, to actualization, to creation.

This vertebrae, as Lawrence refers to it, was an offering of an illustration of connectedness, showing the impression of separation; but, at closer scrutiny, the lack thereof. Within your perception of connections, there are separations between action and reaction. Quite to the contrary! In actuality, there is no separation at all. All things are connected, as we have expressed previously, many times. Only in physical terms are there separations. Whenever thoughts are incorporated within physical, separations are incorporated as well. These are beginning to be understood and widened. This process, however, in your terms, is not a quick one. These ideas are “hard put to use,” so to speak.

When beliefs are introduced into the thinking process, “frequency of transmission” is lessened. To accomplish “maximum reception,” all areas of consciousness must be opened to this transmission. Beliefs tend to block, as you well know by now! Some beliefs, being not as strong as others, may tend to give a “false” sense of accomplishment. These “weaker” beliefs allow partial reception. However partial it may be, it is still just that; partial. These transmissions may seem to you to have been fully received, and you will fool yourself into thinking that you have widened within this area; when, in actuality, you have only partially incorporated. In “fooling yourself,” you “relax” your focus upon this area of concentration and allow the blockage to reinstate itself, unbeknownst to you.

This is why we impress upon you to be listening to your inner voice; your intuition; for in this, you may hear yourself telling yourself that this block is not totally dealt with, and to be “on guard” for reinstatement. Once blocks are partially moved through and then allowed to remanifest, they will remanifest more strongly, so to speak. In that, the resources that were utilized to widen these perceptions, to allow the block to be shifted to the side, implementing the flow, are given less thought; and in this, the blocks are able to regain a “better foothold” than was available initially.

Learning to listen, and to keep listening, is an important part of this widening process that is difficult to understand, but very easy to incorporate. You listen to yourself constantly. You only do not always act upon the impulse that comes from this listening that you do. If you take an example of a flightless bird, he is led to believe, throughout his life, that he is indeed a flightless bird; until one day, he decides to listen to himself and not allow the block to interfere. Suddenly, he flies! You have the same ability to listen to yourself and not incorporate these blocks; and you too may “fly to your mountain,” or wherever you choose, without the aid of outside interaction.

This is not to say that outside interaction is not beneficial. It is, to a certain extent; for thoughts are occasionally spurred from outside sources. Incorporating and acting upon these outside expressions can be, however, impeding to the widening process, in that these expressions have been manifest within an area of consciousness that is not fully aware of essence, and not fully connected to individual essence; this also being not to say that all things are not equally connected, for they are; this only being the closest terminology available at this time, so to speak.

Consider, if you will, a characteristic of fearfulness of incorporation of non-physical essence. Olivia has been employing this fear for some time, in your terms. Only in allowing herself to listen, within an intuitive perception, has this action been actualized. Initially, this listening was perceived, but only perceived within an intellectual area of consciousness. “I can let this happen, for if I do, I will become more knowledgeable and wider.” This is not efficient; for when she “stopped” listening in this manner, she was able to open other “channels” of communication to herself, and thereby listened with an intuitive ear.

The thoughts of widening are important. The action created within these thoughts is also important, but for a different reason. The thoughts themselves “set up” the groundwork for this action. They create a base to build upon. The action of the building is quite necessary. However, within this action, care must be taken to allow the action its own course; for within consciousness, the action has already been initiated. If action is also incorporated within physical, confusion ensues. The action does not follow the thought; for as the thought is manifest, so also is the action, simultaneously. Additional, intellectually-based actions serve only to confuse and to “slow” the “natural” flow or progression, this being an example of intuitive acceptance; disregarding of rationalization, and allowance of incorporation of intuition.

Also, be aware that these terms used herein are limiting, as we have stated many times. However, they may be “better understood” if you allow yourself to interpret intuitionally. The meanings are accurate, to a point, when interpreted intellectually. However, when allowed to be perceived within intuition, these terms take on a much broader meaning, giving a much wider field for interpretation. By allowing a wider field for interpretation, you allow a broader range of subject matter to be offered. These limitations of terms “stand between” a partial awareness, and a much wider and fulfilling awareness. This is all dependent upon your listening.

Vic’s note: The rest of this transcript was received the following day. It is being included because it all seems to go together. Ron was aware that Paul was not finished on Saturday, but his physical feelings were becoming uncomfortable, and he chose to stop. The two transmissions occurred roughly twenty-four hours apart. It is interesting, within the time frame involved, that the next three sentences are an ending to the previous paragraph.

You have allowed yourselves to move to a point where listening has become much easier than it has been. Your perception is aligning with your thoughts. Your intuition is aligning with your intellect.

Presently, two things are of issue. How do you move through conflict, and how do you move through it without affecting others?

Firstly, the movement is becoming “second nature” to you, in that letting the flow take its own course is allowing less distraction from the widening. You think that if you are distracted, you may let go of trying so. In actuality, the distraction influences your thoughts, to a point where you will rationalize the distractive thought and allow it to influence the “natural,” flowing thoughts. You have moved. Let this action be actualized, for it has already been initiated. No additional thoughts within this area are required. All you need is to sit back, so to speak, and let it happen.

Secondly, other essences will always be involved within your choices to widen. All other individuals will also be very helpful, as you will be to them. Within this expression, there are many choices available to you, and many probabilities to be tried, so to speak. All choices are correct. All probabilities are actualized. You only will physically encounter one, so to speak. You have the ability, presently, to view all choices. However, you choose not to!

Within mass agreement, all choices are manifest. All probabilities are incorporated. Other essences have the same choices as do you. These are their choices, within agreement. The affectingness comes from lack of trust of self, and agreements within this trust, or lack of. You will never be harmful to another essence, without agreement with this other essence. This would not be your fault, in your terms. It is agreed upon. Therefore, any choice to widen will be affecting. Any incorporation of movement is made through agreement. All affectingness is planned, so to speak, by you! Ta!

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