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Tuesday, July 09, and Thursday, July 11, 1996

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There is a (*) to indicate where Tuesday ended, and Thursday began.

Greetings to all! I will begin by expressing that no two essences are alike; no two personalities resemble so closely as to be confused. Perception is strongly influencing this issue. Each individual is connected to each other individual, in that essences intertwine in such a way as to give the appearance of no definition. In certain instances, this can be misleading; for if there were no definition, there would be no individuality. This individuality “sets us apart” from each other individual personality essence. Please do not misinterpret the terminology “set apart.” We each have an individual intent, aligned with the mass intent, which is aligned with the source intent, so to speak.

Individuality is the basis for all physical expression. Each individual has a specific expression, and holds to this expression. Once the expression held to is acknowledged and recognized and engaged, the movement accelerates, so to speak. This expression is partially of an objective nature, partially of a subjective nature. Your expressions are manifest subjectively, and actualized objectively. If the expression is (*) not realized initially, it will not be actualized presently. Actualization is respondent to your “personal frequency.” You have forgotten responses that were initially instilled within your beginning, so to speak. All individuals reclaim a certain amount of remembrance as they move. The remembering is automatic. The action is instantaneous; from this present now to your “future” now.

You will become aware of changes happening throughout your existence. Many individuals may not be so aware of these changes. It will be up to you, who have previous information, to prepare them, so to speak. These individuals, although equally, in our terms, connected, will be experiencing certain difficulties interpreting “new” perceptions. Only through interaction, within and without, will they be able to understand.

As we have said, no two individuals are alike. No two individuals respond to interaction alike. No two individuals accept interaction alike. Therefore, care must be taken to incorporate your own awareness within interaction, allowing a “melding” or “merging” of consciousness within this interaction. Even the exchange amongst this small group must be carefully administered, so to speak; this being due to incorporations of misinterpretations within this widening process. Many of you, while engaged within widening, may perceive verbal exchange in one manner, while incorporating this in an entirely different manner. By connecting within consciousness, you may defer this tendency to misinterpret.

Partial awareness is becoming evident, even to Shynla; who is having many doubts about her connectedness. Be assured that she is moving quite efficiently, within the flow of this small group presently. She is only refusing to listen to herself. To interact within outward expression is seeming to her, at this time, to be a more comfortable method of movement. What she is not realizing is that within outward movement, “progress” will be made. However, this movement is tending to be slowed, in your terms, by thickness of physical expression. Within consciousness, no thickness is incorporated; thus allowing a “friction-free” movement to take place.

Shynla is feeling that by physically removing herself for a period of time, she has “missed out” on important information and interaction, this being not the case; for within experiences encountered from this “distance,” in your terms, she has been able to interact within an inward expression that has not been available, to the same extent, so to speak, to others connected within this forum. This is not to say that she is objectively aware of this conscious interaction. However, subjectively, she is quite aware! If she will take a few moments, so to speak, to listen to her inner knowing, she will be quite surprising of herself; and in this, will have a quite “calming” affect upon herself.

It is unnecessary to be beating one’s self over the head with a bat to obtain attention! Attention is always quite focused. You will always have your own “undivided” attention. You express, “But every time I try to listen, someone is yelling into my ear so I cannot hear!” This being you yelling into your own ear, telling yourself to not listen; for if you do, you may change your relationship with yourself, irreparably; this being not the case!

Within listening, this relationship will only be strengthened; just as if you were having a relationship with a friend, so to speak. You may speak to this friend, many times about many things, for much of your time. If you are constantly speaking of the weather, or how the favorite baseball team is doing, no subjective interaction will be taking place; and this is felt, within you, as an emptiness of interaction or unsatisfactory communication, so to speak. However, if exchange is upon a “deeper level,” in your terms, the conversation will be much more satisfying.

Your interaction with self must incorporate this “deepness,” allowing a connection; for within surface, in your terms, information is exchanged sparingly, not wanting to get “too close,” so to speak. What is not realized is that closeness to self is as effortless as closeness of feet to ground, within your physical terminology. Connection to the “individual within” will open doors to connection to all individuals; although “all individuals” would be a misleading term; all individuals being all one.

If you will trust enough to speak to another individual with frankness, then you may surely be “able” to speak with your own essence, with no self-conscious intervention, so to speak. This movement is within progress. This may be viewed as a quite efficient and effortless movement, or it may, in physical, be viewed as a “snail’s pace”; this being your choice; to speak to self of “inner feelings,” or to speak to self of weather!

Trauma may be greatly lessened within. You are only needing to be noticing this. You all are aware, at this point, of a feeling of trauma, and a feeling of “no trauma.” You notice the trauma more, and it makes an impression upon you within objective consciousness. You notice the “no trauma” not at all, for you are having nothing to deal with, so to speak. Within this no trauma scenario, the no trauma is passed over and allowed to fly away; while the more trauma is noticed, thought about, held, and quite neatly tucked away within the subjective self.

These two situations are equally important, for they form a balance within objective and subjective. Without this balance of noticing, your “free flow” is shifted to one side, making movement more difficult; in that first, you must move back to the center of your flow, then you may once again move forward, so to speak.

This noticing extends to all things. If you are noticing all of the “bad” things and “passing by” the “good,” this influences your balance; balance being an important expression; for without balance, you may fall over! Ta!

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