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Monday, July 15, 1996

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Vic’s note: There seems to be a pattern developing, of interaction with Elias being immediately preceded or followed by interaction with Paul. It will be quite interesting to view the progression of events!

Greetings! I shall begin by expressing a great affection for you all, and for my dear friend Elias; for without all of you, this and all other transmissions within this forum would not have been probable, to this date. This has been a collective agreement, within essence, that has “taught” us all a little more of ourselves, and of all other essences connected within consciousness.

We spoke previously of widening, within your framework of inner knowledge. This is the starting point, so to speak, of all widening. Without inner knowledge, you have no “basis” for understanding all other aspects of widening. In this, you give yourself a foundation to build upon. As we have stated, you have this knowledge presently. You only hold to the belief that if this information is incorporated too quickly, it will confuse you. Not so! You all have the capability to incorporate and assimilate at “speeds,” so to speak, that within your limited way of thinking, would astound you! Already, you have gotten a glimpse of this “quickness”; Michael, within his viewing of his clouds; Olivia, within her engagement of myself; Shynla, within her dream state, which she is still not totally aware of; Lawrence, within his interaction with other individuals, and his beginnings of acceptance of self. You may not feel that these examples are adequately expressing “speed” of incorporation. However, within consciousness, this information is very quickly becoming very helpful to you.

This grounding that you speak of is quite understated by you; for in actuality, this would be a very important element for Michael to focus upon within this widening, for he has a tendency to “fly off the handle,” so to speak, within his confusion, only adding to this confusion! If he is focusing upon grounding, this tendency will not have the power, so to speak, to manifest. This is not to say that this flying is a “bad thing,” but it also is necessary to allow a balance within widening. This must, however, be done with conscious awareness, so to speak. As it is now, Michael only “allows” this action to take place, with no understanding of how or why. Within keeping his feet on the ground, so to speak, and examining this experience from “another perspective,” he may acquire a better understanding of the action from a more steady position. It is “easier” to focus from a solid vantage point, than from within turning and tumbling and trying to steady one’s self! Each time that you are viewing these “outer limits,” you are allowing yourself to increase, so to speak, your understanding of this shift.

Participation within these exchanges will be a progressive process, so to speak. We speak of quickness, which at this present time seems to you as not so quick! This is incorrect, for within the forum of this small group of yours, there is much knowledge and understanding; this being the reason for this alignment within physical, as well as non-physical. We have much to offer you, as do you to offer yourselves. We have been preparing, so to speak, for much of your time, for this actualization of this “merging.” You all have an “idea” of what this is all about. You all have a small inclination towards the same “goal.” This is becoming realized very rapidly within consciousness, as well as within physical.

Each of you has begun to “see” certain things that, to this point, have been rather confusing to you. These things are becoming less confusing, as you interact with others within this group and relate experiences. These interactions make connections. The connections make for understanding. The understanding leads to awareness. The awareness becomes knowledge. The knowledge is widening. This widening creates your shift.

William will be greatly influencing within this widening process, in that he is quite inwardly connected within this group of individuals. In that, he will be helpful within the noticing of connections. You have presently become aware of this helpfulness. You only are not viewing this as helpfulness. This is an interesting occurrence, in your terms. This is a great gift to yourselves, in our terms!

William has shown you inward connections that in no way can be rationalized physically. You have shown yourselves, to a certain extent, the same types of expressions. However, these not being so evidently concrete, you tend to discount. This is not to say that all experiences have been discounted, for they have not. This is only to say that incorporation of this essence into this forum has been, and will be, quite helpful; for within this “short time” of incorporation, he has given much noticing, has he not?

All other individuals within this group, within reversal, so to speak, shall also be quite helpful to William; in that although he is quite connected inwardly, he is still within a certain amount of conflict without. Your helpfulness within his outward expression will also be of helpfulness to yourselves. This will aid in this groundingness that we have spoken of; for although this groundedness must be incorporated within, it also must be manifest outwardly, initially; this being the balance between objective and subjective.

Your understanding of these concepts will become apparent to you, within your noticing of each other individuals’ expressions. Within their own widening process, noticing outwardly enables an easier noticing inwardly, so to speak.

You create your reality. In this, you must notice what you have created; for if you are not noticing, you are not listening; and if you are not listening, you are not incorporating; and if you are not incorporating, you are not widening, to your perception.

As I stated, you are moving at what you would term to be a rapid pace. Many changes are taking place within your focus. Many more are taking place within consciousness. Many connections are being made that you will become aware of within this process, within not much of your time. Be noticing of these changes, but do not hold to them too tightly; for by holding to them, you may be taking on a heavy load, so to speak. These changes are best put to use within allowing them to “circulate” amongst other individuals for their experience. If you are holding these expressions to yourself, you are not allowing the full potential of these changes.

As my dear friend Elias has stated many times, all things are energy. Energy is never stagnant. Energy is ever-changing. If allowed to manifest untethered, energy will manifest to its fullest potential; although there is no “fullest!” If held, this energy will not be as accessible to other individuals. I emphasize “as accessible,” for all things are accessible to all. If allowed to become readily accessible, this enables the flow; thus permitting the friction-free scenario that I spoke of.

You are all, this being every individual, embarking upon a great journey, so to speak, that will take you to places that you never dreamed possible. You have choices to make, and experiences to accomplish. This will be done. How it will be for you, is up to you! You have already been given much information regarding this movement. You have already begun to assimilate much of this information. These choices and probabilities are your choices and probabilities. How you incorporate these will determine the ease with which you move through these choices. Elias and I are here to make this transition as effortless as possible. Whatever the case may be for you, we will be at your beckoning, so to speak, throughout. We are pleased to be within the company of these essences, and are honored to have made your acquaintance. We are much looking forward to many, many encounters together. Ta!

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