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Saturday, July 20 1996

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Greetings! We will begin this day with a brief lesson of curiosity. The former expressions of these essences, previous to this, were only made to represent certain aspects of this reality that you incorporate now; these expressions being that information offered to other individuals within this group may be inefficient, in the fact that their understanding of this information could be misinterpreted and misused. This is not necessarily the correct way of perceiving this statement. We have stated previously that all information is important. All information has its appropriate place, so to speak. Therefore, information given at any particular time must be perceived as viable, but not necessarily to this present now. This explanation may seem to you to be inadequate at the present time. However, I shall attempt to clarify.

Whenever information is offered up from one individual to another individual, certain agreements are made within consciousness as to how this information is to be interpreted. When the interpretation is “settled upon,” it is then processed back to the objective self in such a manner as to be allowed to manifest within physical. Occasionally, this information also is “shared” within the subjective consciousness, giving way to other interpretations of the same information. When this other interpretation is manifest within objective, many times the perception is clouded, for the reason that two interpretations have “crossed wires,” and even though this was the same information initially, it has been distorted to represent an entirely different concept; this not being a cause for concern, for all information, as was expressed, is pertinent. This may only not be pertinent to the individual who is receiving it as was initially intended; just as your mass belief systems are originated, so to speak, within a single thought, and as this thought is accepted by more and more individuals, the thought is “reconstructed” to form a different thought pattern.

You may have noticed, recently, a seemingly different presentation of the information offered to you; this being that you are beginning to more efficiently understand these concepts presented to you within our meetings. We have begun to examine the understanding and to not limit, so to speak, the expressions. This is not to be misinterpreted by thinking to yourself, “I will have too much information now, for the information I have received thus far is not being understood by me.” This is not the case, for the information offered thus far has been absorbed, so to speak, and will be assimilated presently. Already you have become aware of these “ideas” becoming clearer to you, within your subjective consciousness and within Regional Area Two. If you were having too much input, these transmissions from us would be seeming even more different than they do to you.

This confusion that you incorporate is a resulting of an assimilation of new “ideas” and perceptions within consciousness. Your widening has allowed these perceptions to blossom, so to speak, and to become. The becoming of perception is as the becoming of the individual; and as the becoming of all things, always in motion, ever changing, never stagnant. By understanding these concepts, you will allow an opening of consciousness and an acceptance of reality, of creation of reality, and a reality of reality!

I shall incorporate a small story, if you will. Once upon a time, so to speak, individuals were allowed to express their beliefs without judgment from other individuals. These beliefs were the foundation of what you refer to as your present now. When, in fact, these beliefs were being initially formed, they had no other beliefs attached. They were, so to speak, free-flowing thoughts. As these beliefs circulated out and were incorporated by other tribes, they were realigned to suit the “needs” of these other tribes; and thus the distortion began. This has been true throughout the existence of your planet, as you know it. As these beliefs became distorted, they would make way for other beliefs that had been presented as the few, so to speak, beliefs that affected this expression initially. These had only reinstated themselves as “new.”

No one individual is free from belief, as you are aware at this point. As we have stated, you presently hold a better understanding of how beliefs operate; and why, within this physical focus, they are necessary. No one belief is common to another. No perception is without belief. These are necessary to your understanding presently, for your incorporation of beliefs allows for your incorporation of your physical body.

All things that you draw to yourself are a direct resulting of your beliefs. This has been stated previously. You believe that you exist physically; therefore, you do. As has also been stated previously, existence of consciousness is an accepted truth; therefore, it is not a belief. Once a belief is accepted, it becomes truth. Once the truth is actualized, it becomes a part of you and compliments your existence. Just as all beliefs are connected, so also are all truths. Just as all essences are connected, so also is all consciousness.

Statements given within your “past” have been only a prelude to these “new” concepts being delivered. Your incorporation of these concepts, which may at this present time not seem so new to you, will determine the trauma that you will choose to instill upon yourself.

This information is intended to expand your awareness to incorporate these beliefs that you hold, and to be helpful in understanding the process of these beliefs, and to widen them to include a “letting go” of these strongly held beliefs. The term “letting go” is not to be giving the impression of casting them off, but rather to be widening them to the extent that they will allow “room” for all beliefs within one area of consciousness; thus allowing these beliefs to merge together into one, and be as it was initially. As the merging occurs, certain ideas within these beliefs “drop off,” so to speak; and by and by, are able to become the “single thought” that created all beliefs once again.

This has been a difficult acceptance of energy for Olivia this day, as she has incorporated her belief of “work focus,” as she terms it; this being also only a belief! An essence may only do what an essence may do! Alas! Poor Olivia! Until our next meeting, ta!

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