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Tuesday, July 23, 1996

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Vic’s note: This is in direct response to a question asked by Vicki.

Greetings! I will begin by saying that essences are not intrusive, as you know and have just spoken of. This is not to say that there is no intrusiveness; for in physical, it does exist. It is, however, self-inflicted, so to speak. You believe that you have been intruded upon, and so you have. In actuality, there is no incorporation of this action that cannot be moved through, if only allowed to be noticed from a subjective standpoint. Little is known by you about the subjective self; less is known of essence. Within blocking, even less will be evident.

This essence of Qi-r-e has incorporated many blocks for much of your time. He is unaware of inner expressions, and holds to beliefs that once noticed, and allowed to widen, would manifest into a great love of self; or should I say, a great trusting of self. At this point, he is holding to many “doubts” of self, not believing that he is capable of accomplishing; therefore projecting these fears to closely connected individuals with whom he may feel safe. Within expressing this in this way, he is able to validate and strengthen these beliefs, and allow them to acquire this foothold that we have spoken of previously. Within his “closed thinking,” he is not allowing this free flow of thought to manifest, and not allowing for widening.

Many individuals within this shift will be experiencing these similar responses to “outside” stimulation. In a small way, this stimulation is invigorating, in that it is stimulation within blocking the allowance of widening. Individuals may delight in this form of stimulation, in that the blocking creates conflict. Although the conflict is unpleasant, the stimulation is still required within physical focus, thus the incorporation of this expression of irritability; not necessarily being the expression of subjective choice, but being an expression, and objectively “feeling” that an expression must be made to satisfy the subjective need to express.

These expressions will “evolve” into less conflict expressions as the shift progresses and the widening occurs. Within this, much more conflict will be incorporated before less is actualized! Even within your most effortless expressions, in your terms, you will experience a certain amount of conflict. Only by listening to what your inner voice is telling you, will you be able to “step aside” and allow these expressions of conflict to be moved through.

You need not fret, for this essence is quite aware of this inner voice! He is only not listening to the words. This will come in time, so to speak. Until we next speak, ta!

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