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Saturday, July 27, 1996

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Vic’s note: This session was done in two parts; the first in the morning while Ron was alone, and the second in the evening, with three other people present; Mary, Vicki, and Cathy. Interestingly enough, the second part is directly related to conversation between these three people. There is a (*) to indicate the approximate eight-hour break.

Greetings! Today, issues will be addressed regarding questions raised by individuals concerning these transmissions. We have chosen this medium for its ease of translation. You may not understand this statement at this point; however, I shall attempt to clarify.

This “method” of communication affords a flexibility, in offering a more refined visual interpretation of the information; this being mostly, but not exclusively, for the benefit of individuals not able to attend sessions. By incorporating the written word, innuendo is not given the opportunity to be misinterpreted.

Within this format, wording is used as a “tool” for interpretative suggestion. These suggestions would be your suggestions to each other individual, in the form of discussion leading to agreements of interpretation. These agreements are important in that they offer a platform for debate, if you will, concerning this material. Having discussed the material and reached an agreement as to the definitions of concepts allows for a widening of your perceptions.

This process involves your intuitive sense more than you realize; for within the discussion, more than one idea is offered, and all of these ideas are considered. After consideration, concepts are formulated and shared with other individuals (these other individuals being the four incorporated within this pyramid we have spoken of) as an “educational device” for your understanding, and for helpfulness within offering interpretations to others. By involving yourselves within these discussions, you bring forth many arguments as to the meanings of these statements offered up to you; giving practice, so to speak, in exchange of ideas.

These ideas, when being expressed verbally, are “usually” incorporated within the subjective self, and to a point, understood by you. The initial interpretation is subjective. Conversely, when these ideas are presented within this written expression, they are firstly digested, so to speak, objectively, which allows for a physical interaction with the material initially; thus offering a situation whereby the thought process may be directed from Regional Area 1 into Regional Area 2; this being a balance between the subjective and the objective selves.

There were many choices available to us regarding which “method” to be employing within this exchange of energy; this one being the most appealing for Olivia. Other forms of exchange may be chosen within your future. However, this means seems to be quite effective at this present time, so to speak.

Michael shall be having a more difficult time, so to speak, with this type of expression, for he is more “attuned” with the subjective input and must spend more time, in your terms, “thinking out” (quotes) the objective information; this being why we have chosen to deliver information in this way.

Michael is moving at a great pace, so to speak, within consciousness, incorporating the information offered within our sessions. These concepts are being “taken in” and formulated quite readily. Objectively, however, Michael is having a harder time listening. This is why we have initiated this other means of dialogue. This is not to say that Michael will be the only individual benefiting from this exchange, for he is not. All individuals involved within these discussions will receive helpfulness, within understanding, by incorporating the diverseness of thinking within physical. This, as was stated earlier, will be helpful to all other individuals.

This information has been offered, for the reason of explanation, to individuals incorporating difficulty perceiving some of these concepts offered. This material will become clearer to you as the widening process ensues; the widening will become easier once the material is better understood. These two ideas sound conflicting or opposite to one another! However, within the concept of simultaneousness, these ideas will work hand in hand, so to speak, and be helpful simultaneously.

Another question has been recently redirected regarding the “relationship,” so to speak, between my dear friend Elias and myself. This expression just stated is lending itself to confusion, as are many expressions in physical terms, as the term relationship itself denotes separation, in your terms. Within-non physical, as we have stated many times, there is no separation. This explanation may either prove to be helpful, or it may prove to be more confusing to you; this being offered as yet another opportunity to employ discussion.

As has been stated previously, these two essences, so to speak, of Patel and Rastin have been incorporated for much time, as you would term this. Consider an ocean, such as your Pacific Ocean. Also consider your Atlantic Ocean; each being its own individual ocean, so to speak, yet both being incorporated within the same larger body of water that surrounds your earth. Just as the molecules of water within these oceans are connected, so are the molecules of consciousness within these essences.

As we have stated, all essences are connected. However, certain essences are brought together by agreement, as has your small group. Interaction takes place more frequently, and exchange is accomplished more readily; this being because of a similarity of vibrational tone which is affecting of closeness of connection. Elias has stated that these tones are the “basis” for existence, forming your essence and allowing thought to project. The tones, slightly altered, may seem to perception to be the same, for when perceived, no difference is noticed. These differences, however, are what create individuality. Only a very very slight difference of tone has been manifest between my associate and I. These differences may be obvious within our delivery; however, our thought patterns are nearly the same.

These energy expressions were formed, so to speak, from the same initial energy expression which also was instrumental in allowance of exchange between Michael and Lawrence, Olivia, Elizabeth, and Shynla, and to a certain extent, all other essences within this group, along with many others; many more than you could count within your lifetime, so to speak; (*) this energy being connected to all other energy within consciousness, all other individuals being connected within energy.

No two things are separate; no two things are the same. In any situation where two essences are in disagreement with the other, the agreement has already been made; whether it is to be agreeing or to be disagreeing. Receiving transmissions, so to speak, from another individual may be influencing within initial impression. This impression will be absorbed into the subjective consciousness and realized within Regional Area Two, then remanifest into the objective, not necessarily patterned within the same framework. (1)

I shall, in regard to statements issued by Michael, use as an example Elizabeth. Although Elizabeth has been physically removed for quite some of your time, in your terms, she has been just as incorporated within this group as was Shynla. Perhaps she has not been noticing as was Shynla; irregardless, she has been connecting. This connection has been made within subjective, not allowing for objective interaction. Even though this information has been incorporated, the actualization has not been allowed to manifest within the objective. She is quite aware of this information, as she is quite aware of these connections. In not incorporating the information within discussion, a complete understanding is not incorporated. Within physical focus, information must be equally expressed between subjective and objective. Elizabeth’s openness will play a great part within her comprehension of these “new” ideas presented within her absence, as you term it. This information has been incorporated within subjective, and in turn, will allow for a “quicker” assimilation within objective, in that the focus will be more directed within the objective.

As Michael and Elizabeth reinstate their “relationship,” so to speak, these concepts will be expressed and will be put up for discussion. These discussions will lend themselves to agreements. The agreements will lend themselves to assimilation. The assimilation will lend itself to actualization, and the actualization will lend itself to awareness. This is not to say that the awareness is not already within action, for it is. It is only to say that the awareness will be noticed and listened to; for the subjective self will allow for an acceptance of information, once the information has been expressed physically.

This has been an interesting “experiment” for Olivia, as she has done quite well within this second portion of our exchange, in spite of the “verbal commotion” (quotes, for Shynla) incorporated within this evening. Olivia is beginning to accept this exchange, and to incorporate a comfortableness within this exchange also, within the company of her dear friends. As I have expressed, I, as is my dear friend, am quite looking forward to a very enjoyable interaction within your future, and a joyfulness within helpfulness to you all. Until we next speak, ta!


(1) The word “realized” in this sentence was originally expressed as the word “rationalized.” In the next transmission, (session 11) Paul addressed to this as a misrepresentation on Ron’s part. Therefore, it has been replaced, in a continuing effort to incorporate information with the least distortion!

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