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Monday, July 29, 1996

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Greetings! We will begin by expressing that Olivia is presently experiencing a “new” expression of widening, in that she will presently be engaging her dynamic intuitive; this being that which is held within the subjective consciousness and given to subtle expressions of insight, so to speak. These expressions are, as you would term it, precognitive. Small viewings have been offered to this individual as an expression of noticing. These viewings will become more evident as they are allowed to manifest, and to be actualized within the objective. Presently these expressions are incorporating confusion to a certain extent, for they are only being partially noticed by Olivia. Within a small amount of your time, these “visions” will be accepted and experienced upon a more conscious “level,” so to speak.

Michael also is beginning to engage within this same expression, only this engagement is being manifest within a different manner. His awareness is being engaged by “thinking” that his “time” is being encroached upon by other individuals wanting to be interacting, thus creating a sense of separateness to allow this viewing within solitude. This expression, as was stated previously, would be termed by you as a “temporary” condition. As this expression is engaged and allowed to manifest, these “feelings” of need for separation will reverse themselves; for within this expression, helpfulness will be offered to other individuals through interaction of understanding of this manifestation.

You all are beginning to realize this same expression and to engage it. You are only not to a point, so to speak, to which this action may be expressed verbally, for only a slight understanding is incorporated as of this present now. Within your time element, little of your time will pass before these allowances of viewing will become evident. Within your recent past, there has been an agreement made, within consciousness, to engage this expression for your better understanding of this phenomenon. By allowing an opening of awareness, this viewing will become “directable” by you, and these expressions will become quite helpful to other individuals that are unsure of recent expressions, within consciousness, that have been engaged by them; this also being quite helpful to you, in that aligning with these expressions will allow a “closer” involvement with essence.

These expressions are real. Do not let yourself be fooled, so to speak, into thinking that these are “made up” (quotes), for they are not. As you already know, all thought is reality. This is not a concept; this is a truth. Acceptance of these expressions, of these viewings, is an allowance to be altering the effects of your trust, or lack thereof. Before trust may be actualized, a certain knowing must be incorporated within this objective expression which you term to be physical existence. This knowing already exists within consciousness, which has been stated many times previously. It is only needing to be manifest “without,” so to speak. By incorporating these “tools” that you have offered to yourselves, much knowledge of self and also trust of self will ensue.

Yarr also recently, within your terms, has experienced this engagement of this widening process, by listening within and allowing a manifestation without. Be noticing subtle changes within perception, for these may not be nearly so subtle as you tend to think. Yarr will be expressing that he is understanding these concepts, and to a certain extent, he will be. He only is not listening within a non-rational expression; for within actuality, he is manifesting these expressions within the objective. He is manifesting these expressions. However, he is not noticing where these are coming from. He is needing to refocus, so to speak, his attention to expressions within. He is doing a very good job of focusing upon self, only his focus is predominately upon the objective self. As the focus is turned inward, a balance may be reached and the full actualization may be incorporated. This is not to say that he is doing “wrong.” It is only to say that he has created a block within his own widening; therefore not allowing this cycle of consciousness, so to speak, to be completed.

This expression of blocking, in actuality, is incorporated by all individuals within this group. It is only manifest into different actions and actualized within different physical expressions. This also will become apparent to you within your near future, as you incorporate this information that we have offered, and as you incorporate the information that you offer to yourselves. These concepts will discontinue to be concepts and will begin to become truths, for you will gain an understanding of what, up until now, so to speak, has only been words on paper.

Olivia may be wishing to incorporate investigation into this woman in the red robe, for it will be noteworthy within your physical expression of media. Discount no thing!

I must add here a note of explanation to misinterpretation of terminology within our last transmission. This term of “rationalized” inserted within this last communication was, in actuality, a slight misrepresentation by Olivia, in that she was rationalizing within her own abilities at the time of this exchange, as she had conflicting thoughts concerning rationalization and realization; these two terms being quite closely related, within your terms; a fine line, so to speak. (1)

This would be an example to you of the ease in which misinterpretations may be actualized, although you have had many examples of this and have, to this point, “learned” a great deal within this subject. These examples will continue to present themselves to you for your noticing. If you are noticing, then in turn, you will be engaging these examples and be translating them to yourselves and to others. Acknowledgment to Shynla for her noticing, and expression of this noticing.

As you connect with these concepts presented, you also connect with other individuals; for connection to concepts thus becomes connection to truth. Connection to truth thus becomes connection to self. Connection to self thus becomes connection to other individual selves. Connection to others thus becomes connection to essence. Connection to essence thus becomes connection to consciousness. Connection to consciousness is connection to all. I hope that this was enjoyable for Lawrence! Until we next speak, ta!


(1) The word “rationalized” has been replaced with the word “realized” in session 10 (page three, third paragraph).

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