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Thursday, August 01, 1996

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Vic’s note: This is in direct response to a question asked by Mary.

Greetings to all, and a special greetings to my dear Michael this evening, within his conflict. We have been aware of this conflict and have been incorporating helpfulness within this situation, unbeknownst to him. These issues are very delicate, so to speak; for within physical focus, you tend to inflate these probabilities to an “over-expanded” proportion. Within what you would term to be your reunion, you have already established what you view as your outcome. This is not necessarily the expression that will ensue; for, as you may not know, we have been within interaction with this essence of Elizabeth for the entire “time” that she has been engaged elsewhere. This is not to say that she is totally aware of our “presence” objectively; although subjectively, she is.

Elizabeth, as you know, has been within interaction with myself, so to speak, for many of what you term “lives.” This is a true statement, for these words have already been spoken previously. This interaction, however, is not so simple to explain within physical terms. This essence of Elizabeth would be what you would perceive to be an “old soul”; older, so to speak, than my own. In this, much of what you term to be “knowledge” which I have received has been due, in large, to this essence; this being the closeness that you have interpreted between this essence and myself. This term “myself,” as you know, is a quite limiting expression, for it does incorporate separation. There is no separation. Therefore, within this “relationship,” there has been a certain closeness. However, this closeness may be misinterpreted by you, in that this closeness has been expressed by all within non-physical focus. Within physical focus, many experiences have been shared. These experiences have manifest as what you would view, for the most part, as a “parent-child relationship”; the essence of Elizabeth being the parent, for the most part, and the essence that you refer to as Paul being the child.

As to this conflict that you experience at this “time”; picture a waterfall, if you will. The water “finds” its way to the mouth of this waterfall, and within reaching the mouth of this waterfall, this water accelerates to great speeds. This water has no choice in this matter, for it cannot slow itself within its own physical expression. As the water falls, it continuously joins and unjoins with other molecules of water on its way to the bottom. These molecules are seemingly separate, and within turmoil as they make this descent. However, as the water comes to a “halt” at the bottom, the molecules once again are joined within a “peaceful” harmony and flow. This is how all things physical are within movement. There is, for the most part, a harmonious flowing of energy.

However, occasionally there will be turmoil, only to eventually reinstate itself within a harmonious flow. This situation of turmoil at this present time would be the most probable expression. This choice, however, would be up to you, so to speak; for within consciousness, these two essences of Michael and Elizabeth are as one, within consciousness. These two have very little difference, so to speak. Therefore, the thinking process is quite similar. As you have been discussing recently of vibrational tones, these tones of these two individuals are very closely aligned. Therefore, this choice that is available to you at this point will most surely be the same, for the most part, as Elizabeth’s. Elizabeth is quite aware of this choice to be made, and is quite aligned with these perceptions that you, Michael, have of not wanting to “rock the boat,” so to speak. This expression is also shared by Elizabeth.

Within these past months, as you term them, you have moved through many areas of belief that before, were a way of life, in your terms. As you have moved, so also has Elizabeth; just as have all other individuals incorporated with you, as have many, many others. This reincorporation of Elizabeth physically is not to be viewed as a matter of concern; for as you have grown within this particular physical expression, so has Elizabeth. You only may need to be reminding her of the incorporation of these expressions of awareness. She will be most receptive to you in that she is, within this particular focus, extremely eager and willing to incorporate helpfulness; helpfulness from other individuals within the form of information to be remembered.

As we are sure you were already aware, this choice will be made by you, and also by Elizabeth. The only offerings of advice, so to speak, that we may offer to you would be to experience and notice your choices; for only in that will you be accepting these choices and actualizing your essence connections.

This situation has been created by you for your noticing and for your widening. You have the ability to incorporate whatever outcome that you choose. You have the information to incorporate whatever area you wish to enter. You have the support of many, many friends, so to speak, to move through any amount of conflict that you may choose for yourself, and you have the love of a daughter who only wishes the same for you as you have wished for her; these being physical expressions. However, you must not underestimate the influence of these expressions; for, after all, you are only human, so to speak.

Warmest regards to Michael, and reassurance of success within his endeavor to be avoiding this particular “bout” with conflict. Lovingly, ta!

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