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Tuesday, August 06, 1996

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Greetings! This day, we shall be offering an expression of affection and information to the essences of Elizabeth and Michael. This information shall be viewed as perceptions already incorporated within consciousness, and also partially within the objective consciousness as well. These concepts have only to be remembered within the objective expression.

As they are aware, we have been within interaction with them for the entirety of Elizabeth’s absence, within physical focus, from the proximity of this group of individuals to which she has aligned herself. Within this interaction, she has received expressions of helpfulness concerning conflict of reincorporation within this group. These expressions have been offered with much lovingness, and have been received with much gratitude. This information will be offered as only a reminder of awareness presently in action.

Within physical expression, Michael has been creating much conflict concerning interaction with this essence of Elizabeth. This conflict has manifest itself physically within the form of physical pain. Within consciousness, Michael is well aware of this situation and the implications involved. What Michael is not objectively aware of is that Elizabeth is aware of this manifestation as well. Connection within consciousness is quite strong, so to speak, and incorporates much understanding between essences. Outwardly, however, this expression is not quite so obvious.

Agreements have already been made, within the subjective consciousness, for acceptance of choices. In this, the expressions have been put to action. For these expressions to be fully actualized, however, this agreement must be made objectively as well; therefore creating the balance we have spoken of previously. In creating this balance, these two essences of Michael and Elizabeth may better understand these expressions of helpfulness offered. Within this particular physical expression, these agreements are necessary to provide a continuous, harmonious flow of energy between essences. Barriers, so to speak, have been put in action between these two physical expressions. Only within incorporation of physical verbal interaction will these barriers be moved through.

This is not to say that if left to its own time, this conflict would not resolve itself, so to speak. This is only to say that a more efficient and expedient process, in your terms, is available to you, if you are choosing. You may think that this would be a difficult choice. However, this would be quite to the contrary. Although the most efficient is not always the most effortless, in this case the most efficient is the choice that will incorporate the least effort.

Be remembering of this story of your saplings that my dear companion, so to speak, (for there is no separation within consciousness, Lawrence) has offered to you; for within physical, within the present now, these two essences incorporate certain elements of this twisted tree. If left to manifest unaided, these saplings will evolve, so to speak, upon their own volition. This agreement must be made, however, from each to each, in order for this action to take affect.

These concepts, as was stated, are familiar to you each, and within action already within consciousness. Therefore, realizing these objectively should be a “piece of cake!”

With much affection to you each, and warmest wishes for a harmonious flow, I bid you good day. Ta!

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